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October/November 2014
Hello to all of our wonderful friends and supporters. Its with great joy
that I bring you an update on what God has been doing amongst us
over the past couple of months .
Other news includes the addition of another 12 churches ( 8 in Tanzania ,
1 in Sudan, 2 in Malaysia) and 1 in Bangkok) Additionally, Eric Aygemang
our International Missions Coordinator is travelling to Singapore this week
to plant another church. We have many church plants planned for 2015 .
And many new and exciting things planned as God leads.
Firstly, I am preparing for an extensive ministry trip to India, Pakistan,
Greece and finishing in Ireland, I leave in just 18 hours! Wendy is
madly sorting out my things and we are trying to fit 3 cases of clothes
into one. I will be going into very hot weather and extremely cold
weather, what a challenge!
Caribbean Jesus Week: We are very excited about Caribbean Jesus week,
which is being held in the Bahamas in 2015 and is fast coming up! We
encourage you, if you are serious about Missions and Evangelism to jump
on to and register for this fabulous, life changing
week of Fire in the Nations! (See ad below)
Our University students in Karachi (all 250 of them ) will be graduating
during my visit to Pakistan and I will be having meetings in our Living
Faith Churches in Karachi, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, New Delhi and
Hyderabad India, then finally on to Athens and Ireland.
We have posted lots of pictures for you to enjoy! WE love you and we are
very thankful for your interest and support of Yvonne Hale Ministries
International. Its been one awesome year!
Much Love Yvonne
We are considering relocating to Northern Ireland and setting up a
Ministry office. Our desire is to initially establish two churches , one in
Dublin and one in Newry. We will also be commencing an extensive
tour across Europe during 2015, conducting revival meetings and
planting churches as we go! We will arrive in Ireland on the 16th of
December and stay for Christmas and new year. WE will use this time
to relax and survey the land (so to speak) My Personal Assistant
Wendy and our Operations Manager Ken will be coming along too. I
have a strong call to Europe and have been praying on it for some 2.5
years now . I feel God is saying ...its time! Do pray for us as we launch
out into the deep. Or should I say launch out even deeper! WE are
looking at late March 2015 for the relocation!
On another note, we held our third Wildfire TV LIVE revival event in
October, the presence of God was incredible. If you want to watch the
footage, here is the link.
Yvonne Hale Ministry International - Team Members
We are on a MISSON, we have been COMMISIONED, we are NOT MOVING OVER,
Wendy Donaldson
Personal Assistant
Pastor Ken Chance
Operations Manager
Angelia Hemer
Admin Assistant
Pastor Dheeraj Shinde
Director YHMI South Asia
& Living Faith Children’s Church
Mumbia - India
Rev Eric Aggemang
YHMI - International
Missions Coordinator
Pastor Philips Hansel
Living Faith Church
Karachi - Pakistan
John Roberts
International Intercessor
Pastor Robin Simmons
Itinerate Minister
Pastor Suneeta & Samuel Sunil
Living Faith Church
Rawalpindi - Pakistan
Pastor Drake Brenham
Living Faith Church
Ajjaram - India
This is THE DAY, this is THE HOUR,
this is THE DAY,
this is THE NOW
Joel 2.28
Plus 24 Living
Faith Churches
in Africa
astor Roberto & Hazel Solidum Pastor Godfrey & Rebecca Tinka Pastor Bramwel & Quinter Wasike
Living Faith Church
Living Faith Church
Director YHMI
Pastor Sultan Sardar Bhatti
Chairman & Principal
YHMI Uni—Karachi
Madam Saher Emmanuel
YHMI Uni—Karachi
Pastor Javeed Gill
YHMI Uni—Karachi
Living Faith Church
Sardar Masih
Rector & Vice Director
YHMI Uni—Karachi
Pastor Moses & Christine Ochola Pastor Jackson Torkolan
Living Faith Church
Living Faith Church
Pastor Daniel Riasat
Dean & Teacher
YHMI Uni—Karachi
Pastor Arnest John Gill
YHMI Uni—Karachi
Wildfire TV Global Network - Our Third Live Filming & Streaming
Living Faith Church
Evg Kiran Lukes
YHMI Uni—Karachi
Mrs. Noreen Francis
Teacher & Pastor
YHMI Uni—Karachi
Photos to come
Pastor Sanen E J Mall
Security In charge
YHMI Uni—Karachi
Thank you for your prayer & support
Sean Grogan
Pastor John Makan
Cody Samuels
Pastor Madeline Yan-Teo & Worship Team G-Trip
Yvonne Hale International University of Pakistan
Living Faith Community Church Moses Blah - Liberia
Pastor Jackson Torkolan – Liberia
has established a new Living Faith
Community Church in
Moses Blah – Liberia
Please pray for Pastor Torkolan
and the new church as they seek to
raise the funds to purchase Land &
Build a Church for the people of
the Moses Blah Community.
If you would like donate you can,
via Direct Debit
please mark your donation
Moses Blah LFCC and deposit to
Account Name: Yvonne Hale
BSB: 036082 ACCOUNT: 402509
Please prayer for November - December 2014 Ministry Events in
India - Pakistan & Athens (Greece)
Our first graduate missionaries
from our GLOBAL PLACEMENT PROGRAM left the shores of
Australia for Cambodia during October.
This missions trip was an awesome success with many
salvations, healings and other wonderful blessings were
experienced by all who went to Cambodia.
Colin and Elisha Cassidy from Living Faith Community Church
Western Australia headed up this team.
Another group of six gradates are leaving the shores of
Australia for Africa in just two weeks! They will planting a
Those called to the ministry after their formal education has been
new church in Kampala Uganda and Vikki Godwin from Living
completed often find that the opportunity to attend a college or
Faith Community Church Perth WA and Pastor Godfrey Tinka
seminary requires financial responsibilities that are difficult to
our Africa Director will head up the team.
meet, especially with a family. With the understanding that
The team will also travel to Kenya for our Africa 2014 Holy
ministerial training is needed, we have partnered with a major
Fire conference. WE are expecting around 400-500 Pastors
international Bible College to provide the Certificate In Ministerial
and Leaders to from LFCC Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya and
Studies (CIMS), a non-traditional training curriculum, that provides
other regions. Pray for these events.
an opportunity for every minister to receive ministerial training in a
Distance Learning Centre or via personal or Internet study. The
Certificate In Ministerial Studies (CIMS) consists of 20 courses,
offering 35 credits.
For more information go to
There’s so much to do, so many needs, so many demands, so many to reach
and help. If you would like to become involved in this growing and vital
ministry, please contact us today.
For all enquiries,
please contact
We have so many financial needs too!
Yvonne Hale
Perth -Western Australia.
With volunteer staff, and a personal relationship with all those we want to
help, you can be sure, that any financial assistance you want to contribute will
go wholly and directly to the project itself. Corporate Sponsors will be
promoted wherever appropriate, and with this growing worldwide ministry,
you can be sure of wide coverage.
Contact us to discuss sponsorship packages,
or make your donation to our bank account:
Name: Yvonne Hale BSB: 036082 ACCOUNT: 402509
e: [email protected]
P: +61 407 387 140