STREIFBANDZEITUNG*: the dispatch solution for small shipment volumes. Send individual copies and small

STREIFBANDZEITUNG*: the dispatch solution for
small shipment volumes.
(*wrapper-packed newspaper service)
Send individual copies and small
volumes easily and affordably.
2 Wrapper-packed newspapers | Services
(wrapper-packed newspaper service):
simple, quick and affordable.
The affordable and
Shipping items
flexible solution.
– simplified threefold.
Value for money.
Whether an order for an individual issue, dis­patch
of sample copies or forwarding to a vacation
destination: If you are a contract partner of
Deutsche Post Press Distribution or a commercial
institution of press distribution and wish to send
POSTVERTRIEBSSTÜCKE (preferred periodicals)
or PRESSESENDUNGEN (standard periodicals)
individually or in small volumes, the STREIFBANDZEITUNG (wrapper-packed newspaper service) is
the inexpensive solution for you.
Simple packaging and addressing.
The permitted format for your STREIFBANDZEITUNG
(wrapper-packed newspaper) is between 9cm x
14cm and 25cm x 35.3cm, a maximum height
of 5cm high and a maximum weight of 1,000g.
Protect your magazine from falling out by putting
it in an envelope or wrap a banderole around it.
Above the recipient address, write “Streifband­
zeitung” and the press product ID (ZKZ) of your
press product. Now your shipment is a STREIFBANDZEITUNG (wrapper-packed newspaper).
Your STREIFBANDZEITUNG (wrapper-packed newspaper) is delivered with the letter mail. Recipients
in Germany will therefore receive them by the
next working day. The GT&Cs DOMESTIC MAIL
(AGB BRIEF NATIONAL) shall apply for the delivery.
Simple franking.
You have the choice: Use the FRANKIT franking
machine, IT franking, the franking mark or the
franking service for franking your STREIF­BAND­
ZEITUNG (wrapper-packed newspaper). Or order
shipping labels from the electronic outlet, which
you simply stick to your STREIFBANDZEITUNG
(wrapper-packed newspaper) like a postage
stamp. In any case, you receive an invoice which
shows the VAT.
Individual copies, as with any shipment volume,
can be sent as STREIFBANDZEITUNG (wrapperpacked newspaper).
You can find more information on franking
marks at:
Simple posting.
The easiest option is to use a shipping label: simply
stick it to or print it on the envelope for your item
and send it from the nearest Deutsche Post mailbox.
Services | Wrapper-packed newspapers 3 STREIFBANDZEITUNG (wrapperpacked newspaper) checklist
What happens if ...
Requirements for dispatch:
■ Usage exclusive to contract partners and com-
... the recipient is traveling, has moved or is
If a valid redirection request exists, the STREIFBANDZEITUNG (wrapper-packed newspaper) item
is redirected automatically. Sender’s instructions
that include “Do not redirect” or “If addressee
has moved, return with new address” will also be
mercial institutions of press distribution services
■ The minimum format for postal newspapers
and standard periodicals is: 9 x 14cm
■ Maximum format: 25cm x 35.3cm (B4)
■ Height: up to 5cm
■ Weight: up to 1,000g
■ Packaging: in an envelope or with a banderole
which completely surrounds the magazine;
shipping of rolls is not permitted.
■ Specify the type of shipment “Streifband­
zeitung” and the press product ID (ZKZ)
above the recipient’s address (see figure).
■ Don't forget the sender information
Sender information
Joe Bloggs
Postfach 10 00
26000 Nordhausen
Franking* and posting either this way ...
■ Franking with Frankit, IT franking,
FrankierMark or franking service
■ At download a
posting list, fill it in and print it out
■ Pack the shipment in letter trays and hand it
in at your nearest retail outlet or bulk mail
acceptance office (for more than 500 items,
always the bulk mail acceptance office)
If the address cannot be identified on the basis
of a redirection request, the item will be sent
back to the sender.
Tip: Benefit from the advantages of electronic
address information. For detailed information
visit us at
... not all requirements have been fulfilled?
Closed items may be opened for checking purposes.
Acceptance can be refused if the STREIFBANDZEITUNG (wrapper-packed newspaper) item does
not meet dispatch requirements. Items which
have already been posted can be returned to
the sender in order to rectify defects.
Please see the section “Special charges in the
event of non-compliance with the GT&Cs Domestic
PrD” in the relevant applicable Press Distribution
price list.
or this way ...
■ Order shipping labels from the electronic
outlet (
■ Stick on the shipping label and post items
in a Deutsche Post mail box
Any questions? All answers on STREIFBANDZEITUNG
(wrapper-packed newspapers) will be provided to
you by our:
Business customer line
0180 6 555555* (within Germany)
* There is an overview of prices in the respective valid “Deutsche Post
Press Distribution – Prices” brochure.
Mon. - Sat., 7 a.m. - 8 p.m.
(*20 cents per call from German landlines; max. 60 cents per call from
German mobile networks)
Benefits of wrapper-packed
Flexible franking
Simple posting
Short transit time
Forwarding and return
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Product Management Press Distribution
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