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Benefits Overview
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For 2015, TASC will offer comprehensive, competitive benefits that help
support all aspects of your and your family’s physical, emotional and
financial well-being. You’ll be able to elect valuable medical, vision and
dental insurance, as well as options that support your financial security
through disability, life insurance and other voluntary benefits.
2015 Benefits Overview
We will maintain our plan structure, keep plan costs stable and rely on our
same medical benefits providers. Specifically, for 2015, TASC will:
•Continue to offer two consumer-directed health plan (CDHP) options for medical and prescription
drug benefits, including the higher-deductible CDHP-Basic and lower-deductible CDHP-Plus
•Continue to offer — and contribute to — health savings accounts (HSAs) for those who elect one of
our CDHP options
•Continue our relationships with our current medical providers, including UnitedHealthcare
(UHC) and Kaiser Permanente
•Keep biweekly contributions the same — meaning no cost increase — for those who elect
UnitedHealthcare CDHPs
•Continue to provide access to comprehensive dental coverage through Delta Dental, and provide
enhanced vision coverage through Vision Service Plan (VSP)
•Support your financial security through our disability and life insurance programs, offered by the
same providers that supported us in 2014
TASC also will continue to provide supportive options such as Health Advocate, Teladoc and our
Employee Assistance Program, which you can learn more about in this brochure.
Your next step: Learn more
The key to getting the most out of your benefits is to use all the tools and resources available to you
so you can make the right decisions for you and your family. You can start today with this brochure,
and visit our TASC Benefits site at
Your benefits are an important aspect of your employment at TASC. We encourage you to use the
many resources available to learn about your benefits so that during open enrollment, you are
informed and ready to elect the benefits that best support your health and well-being.
John P. Hynes Jr.
President and Chief Executive Officer
Open Enrollment 2015
Open Enrollment for 2015 Benefits is
Oct. 27 – Nov. 12, 2014
Open enrollment is the time of year when you can elect or make changes to your health benefits, including
medical, dental and vision benefits, as well as other benefits such as flexible spending accounts (FSAs), life
insurance, AD&D, disability and legal benefits.
Unless you experience a “qualified life event” — for example, if you get married or have a child — you
won’t be able to make changes to your medical, dental, vision, legal or FSA elections until the next open
enrollment period in the fall of 2015. You can make changes to other benefits any time of the year.
Getting Started
Review this highlights brochure.
This benefits highlights brochure serves as your “benefits field guide”
to help you understand the benefits available to you. This guide is by
no means an “end all” to your benefits information. In fact, you have
a variety of resources available to you to help you make informed
decisions about your benefits choices. We encourage you to read
through this brochure and visit, where you can
find more detailed information, including full plan summaries, a
downloadable pdf version of the 2015 enrollment guide and other
information about TASC’s benefits offerings.
Register with the
upgraded Benefits
Service Center website.
We upgraded the site to be easier
to use, especially during open
enrollment. As a result of the
upgrade, you may need to register
as a new user the first time you try
to log in. If you haven’t logged into
the website since June 2014, you will
need to click on “First Time User”
on the login screen to set up a new
user name and password. Even if you
aren’t making changes, taking this
action now will make it easier
in the future to log in and review
your benefits or make a change due
to a life event.
Look back at the health care services you (and other covered family
members) have used so far this year.
They may be a good indicator of the services you’ll need in 2015.
If you’re currently enrolled in a UHC medical plan, log on to to see your 2014 medical claims summary and log on
to the Express Scripts website to see your
2014 prescription drug claims summary. If you’re currently enrolled
in a Kaiser medical plan, log on to to see your 2014
medical and prescription drug claims summaries.
Estimate your anticipated medical and prescription drug costs for 2015.
The Plan Cost Estimator on gives you an easy way to estimate your costs
under TASC’s CDHP-Basic and CDHP-Plus options, based on the health care services you think you and your
family will need for 2015. See which plan makes the most sense for you and your health care needs. You can use
your 2014 claim summaries as a guide.
Use the HSA calculator tool.
This tool, available at, will show you how much you can save in your HSA for
2015, in addition to the tax-free contribution from TASC. HSA contribution elections don’t carry forward. If you
want HSA contributions to come out of your first paycheck in 2015, make sure you make an election during open
Determine if you want to participate in one of the Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) for 2015.
Remember, current FSA elections don’t carry forward from one year to the next, so if you want to enroll in 2015,
you will need to take action during the open enrollment period.
Contact the TASC Benefits Service Center at 1-877-248-8519 with questions.
Help is available from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern, Monday through Friday.
Get Prepared
CDHP Medical coverage
The major components of the UHC CDHPs will stay the same, and there will be no increases to
your per-pay-period contributions. Additionally, TASC will introduce a new wellness program
that will give UHC members the opportunity to earn an extra $250 HSA company contribution
(see page 6 for more details). The major components of the Kaiser Permanente plans will also
remain the same, although there will be increases to the Mid-Atlantic, California and Hawaii
per-pay-period premiums. The Kaiser Colorado premiums will not increase.
TASC will continue to offer two core medical plans for 2015: CDHP-Basic through
UnitedHealthcare and CDHP-Plus through UHC and Kaiser.
Kaiser benefits are similar to the in-network benefits available through UHC CDHP‑Plus. Benefit
differences are primarily related to prescription drug coverage. There are also no out-of-network
benefits with the Kaiser plan. The TRICARE Supplement Plan and UHC Global Plan (for overseas
employees) will also be offered, with continued coverage and benefit levels as those in place today.
The table below shows you the key features of the CDHPs.
CDHP —Basic and CDHP —Plus at a Glance
Plan Feature:
Preventive care
• Individual
• Family
What the plan pays for
most services
Out-of-pocket maximum
• Individual
• Family
(includes deductible)
TASC HSA Contribution
(annual, all coverage
tiers, pro-rated for 2015
new hires)
no deductible
no deductible
after deductible
after deductible
after deductible
after deductible
“Dual Coverage” Restrictions with an HSA
If you have coverage with TRICARE (any plan), Medicare (Part A or Part B) or other health coverage,
you can enroll and also have coverage through a TASC CDHP in 2015. If you choose to carry “dual
coverage,” the IRS may restrict your ability to make and receive contributions to an HSA. This may
also be the case if you have dual coverage with a spouse’s medical plan that is not a qualified highdeductible health plan (HDHP) or a spouse’s Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) in 2015.
Get information on HSA eligibility at (Publication 969). You can also learn more about
dual coverage on our benefits website
CDHP Medical Coverage
Prescription Drug Benefits
Prescription drug benefits are the same under UHC CDHP-Basic and the
Prescription drug benefits are provided through Express Scripts.
The table below shows prescription drug benefits under the UHC CDHPs.
Prescription Drug Benefits Under Both 2015 UHC Medical Plans
Preferred brandname
(not subject to
100% after copay
Maximum cost
per prescription
at the pharmacy
for 30-day supply
after deductible
Maximum cost
per prescription
through mail
order for 90-day
supply after
For this
type of drug:
Benefit after
you meet the
Regardless of which CDHP you choose, most prescription drugs are subject to the deductible.
The deductibles are combined for medical and prescription drug expenses. This means the
prescription costs you pay are applied to the deductible with your medical costs, and once you
reach the deductible, the plan pays prescription benefits. The exception under the UHC plans are
“preventive” drugs.
Preventive prescription drugs are covered at 100 percent under both UHC plans and are not
subject to the deductible.
“Preventive” drugs are those intended to help prevent chronic conditions such as certain high
blood pressure and diabetes medications. To view a complete list of the preventive prescription
drugs, visit Kaiser CDHP-Plus Prescription Drug Benefits
If you choose the CDHP-Plus through Kaiser, prescription drugs will be provided directly through
Kaiser, and there are some differences in benefits from those shown in the table above. Preventive
prescription drugs are subject to the deductible and copays with Kaiser, and the cost of prescriptions
after you meet your deductible will differ from the chart above. Complete information on each of the
Kaiser plans is available on
Prescription Drug Benefits
Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
You can make tax-free contributions into your
HSA during 2015.
IRS HSA contribution limits for 2015
When you enroll in TASC CDHP medical coverage
If you enroll just yourself
and activate your HSA, you can make tax-free
for medical coverage*
contributions into your HSA. You can then use
your HSA savings to pay for a variety of health
If you enroll other family
care expenses. TASC will also make a tax-free
members for medical
contribution to your account ($750 for CDHP-Basic,
$500 for CDHP-Plus) in January 2015. New members
*Employees 55 or older can contribute an additional $1,000 to
the figures above.
will need to establish their HSA with either Optum
Bank (UHC plans) or Healthcare Bank (Kaiser plans)
before TASC can make its contribution. If you set up your account in 2014, no separate action is
needed. Instructions on how to open your HSA are at
You must update your 2015 HSA elections during open enrollment to have deductions start with
your first paycheck in 2015.
You can change or stop your contribution at any time during 2015, but it defaults to zero at the start
of each plan year. TASC’s contributions into your account will count towards the IRS limit. It is your
responsibility to ensure you do not exceed the IRS limits.
There are three types of FSAs available to employees
for 2015.
There is the standard Health Care FSA, the LimitedPurpose Health Care FSA and the Dependent Care FSA.
The Standard Health Care FSA lets you save up to
$2,500 in 2015.
You can use a health care FSA to reimburse yourself taxfree for eligible, out-of-pocket medical, dental and vision
FSAs are a “use it
or lose it” type of
Any money left in your FSA,
regardless of its type, not used by
Dec. 31 will be forfeited for that year.
Claims must be incurred by Dec. 31,
although you will have until March
31, 2016, to submit your claims for
The Limited-Purpose Health Care FSA lets you save
up to $2,500 in 2015, but has limitations on what you
can use it for.
You can use this account for eligible dental and vision
expenses only. If you enroll in a TASC CDHP, you will have access to an HSA and will only be
eligible for a Limited-Purpose Health Care FSA (to prevent issues with IRS rules on dual coverage).
Keep in mind, many of the eligible medical, dental and vision expenses are also reimbursable
under an HSA.
The Dependent Care FSA lets you save up to $5,000 in 2015.
Dependent Care FSAs can reimburse for out-of-pocket dependent day care expenses for eligible
children and adults. You can participate in this FSA regardless of your 2015 medical plan selection.
New for 2015 — employees can save up to $5,000, regardless of salary level.
You will need to actively enroll in an FSA during open enrollment. Elections from last year do
not roll over.
HSAs and FSAs
Coming in 2015
Wellness and Biometric Assessments
Starting Spring 2015, if you elect to take an online health-assessment
questionnaire and participate in a biometric screening, TASC will
contribute an additional $250 to your HSA — above and beyond our
regular HSA contribution.
As with all health information, the assessment and biometric screening will
be absolutely confidential, and will give you valuable insight into your risk
and treatment options for preventable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease
and hypertension. More information will be available in 2015.
Reproductive Resource Services
Starting Jan. 2015, TASC will offer enhanced infertility benefits under our
UHC CDHPs. To receive coverage for infertility benefits, members will need
to enroll in UHC’s Reproductive Resources program. Once enrolled, you
will receive coaching and guidance and access to our enhanced benefit. The
new lifetime maximum benefit is $35,000; $25,000 for medical and $10,000
for prescription. This is an increase from the current lifetime maximum of
$15,000. Out-of-network services will no longer be covered. If you are in the
middle of services, UHC will contact you to discuss transition of care.
If you enroll in a TASC medical
plan, you will have access to Health
Advocate. Registered nurses and
benefits experts can help you
understand benefits provisions and
resolve insurance claims, as well
as answer questions about complex
medical conditions and treatments.
Just call 866-695-8622.
If you enroll in a UHC CDHP plan,
you will have access to Teladoc.
Teladoc gives you 24/7/365 access to
U.S. board-certified doctors through
the convenience of phone or video
consults for common conditions.
Teladoc physicians can even send
prescriptions to the pharmacy of
your choice. Just call 1-800-Teladoc.
Additional Benefits
In addition to medical and prescription drug benefits, TASC employees can elect to enroll in or, in some
cases, are automatically enrolled in additional benefits. For a complete list of additional benefits available to
you, visit
Dental Coverage
TASC’s dental plan is administered by
Delta Dental. For more information
on coverage and services, contact
Delta Dental at 1-800-237-6060, visit or see the
2015 Benefits enrollment guide.
Updated Benefits: Vision Coverage
The TASC Vision Plan is provided
through Vision Service Plan (VSP).
There are some updated benefits
under this plan for 2015, and they
come with slight rate increases. The
frame allowance has increased from
$120 to $150, and the contact lens
allowance has increased from $105 to
$130. Visit for more
information, or contact VSP at or 1-800-877-7195.
Legal Plans
You have two legal plan options: the
Legal Services Basic Plan and the
Comprehensive Plan through Legal
Resources. Different coverage levels
apply to each. Enrollment in the legal
plan can only be done as a new hire
or at open enrollment.
Life Insurance and Accidental
Death and Dismemberment
(AD&D) Insurance
TASC provides benefits-eligible
employees with basic life and AD&D
insurance at one times their annual
salary, insured by Prudential.
You also can choose to purchase
additional life insurance coverage
for yourself, your spouse, or your
children, or additional AD&D
insurance for yourself or your family.
Short- and Long-Term Disability
(STD and LTD)
All benefits-eligible employees are
automatically enrolled in shortterm and basic long-term disability
insurance through Cigna. These
benefits replace your income if you
are out of work for a period of time
due to an illness or disability. You are
automatically enrolled in the STD and
Basic LTD benefit at no cost to you.
TASC also offers two levels of buy-up
choices of optional LTD that you may
enroll in.
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
All employees have access to
TASC’s EAP, a confidential, no-cost,
information and counseling service
that can help you or family members
deal with personal problems or stressrelated situations, including family
conflicts, stress, grief, and drug and
alcohol problems. To find out more, see (access
code TASC) or call 1-866-374-6061.
Additional Benefits
open enrollment quick view
• The open enrollment period for 2015 health benefits is
from Monday, Oct. 27, through Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2014,
at 11:59 p.m. ET.
• Benefit changes or new elections become effective on
Jan. 1, 2015.
• The first paycheck in which you will see deductions for your
2015 benefit elections is Jan. 2, 2015.
Before enrolling (recommended):
Visit to review your
current elections or call the TASC Benefits Service Center
at 1-877-248-8519. Use this overview and the information on to determine the right plan for you and
your family, both in terms of coverage and affordability.
To elect/change benefits online:
• Log into the TASC Benefits Service Center website at
• If you created your account after the launching of the new
portal (June 2014):
– Enter your user name and password.
– On the benefits home page, select “Enroll” and follow
the steps.
• If you have not created your account or are a new hire:
– Select the “First Time User” link.
– Enter credentials requested.
– Click “Go”.
• You can revisit this page at any time to elect, make changes
or make updates to your elections until 11:59 p.m. ET on
Nov. 12, 2014.
To elect/change benefits by phone:
• Call the TASC Benefits Service Center at 1-877-248-8519
(domestic) or 1-801-559-9557 (international).
• Select the option for open enrollment.
Consider changes to other benefits TASC offers (recommended):
• Basic Life Insurance and AD&D: You can change your life
insurance elections at any time throughout the year.
• Long-term disability: You can elect additional LTD in addition
to the company-provided amount.
• Beneficiary designation: Select a beneficiary (ies) for your
Basic Life and AD&D insurance, even if you do not elect
voluntary coverage.
Print your statement:
Be sure to print a copy of your confirmation statement for your
records, even if you make no changes to your benefit elections.
TASC will also mail a copy of your election statement to your
home in late November.
Plan costs: Some health plan costs are increasing in 2015. Make
sure to review your options and actively select the benefits and
coverage levels that are right for you and your family.
• Life insurance and AD&D rates will not increase. However, if
you move into a new age bracket in 2015, the cost of your life
insurance may increase.
“Passive” enrollment except for FSAs and HSAs:
• If you make no changes or new elections for medical, dental,
vision, life, AD&D, disability or legal benefits, you will
automatically be enrolled in the same programs with the
same coverage levels as you currently have.
• If you want to participate in Health Care or Dependent
Care FSA in 2015, you need to actively enroll during
open enrollment.
• If you want HSA contributions to come out of your first
paycheck in 2015, make sure to make an election during
open enrollment.
Dependent eligibility: Make sure that all your covered
dependents are eligible to participate. If you add a dependent,
you will be required to provide proof of eligibility before
coverage can be effective.
Qualified life events: If you miss the open enrollment period,
you cannot change current or elect new health benefits unless
you have a qualifying life event, such as change in marital status
or addition of a child to your family. See for a
list of qualifying life events.
• You will be defaulted into your current medical coverage for
2015, if you do not make changes during open enrollment.
• If you are not currently enrolled in a TASC medical plan,
your default for 2015 will be no medical coverage. The
Affordable Care Act requires you to have health coverage in
2015. If you do not enroll in a TASC medical plan for 2015,
you’ll need coverage from another source. Otherwise, you
may have to pay a tax penalty to the federal government.
• FSA and HSA elections do not carry forward from
year to year. You need to actively enroll and make
contribution elections.
• For all other coverage, if you do not take action during open
enrollment, your current elections will carry over to next
year and any 2015 cost increases will apply.
Contact the TASC Benefits Service Center
at 1-877-248-8519.