November 14 Club Meeting

Next Meeting: November 21, 2014
Opener: Paul Lenihan
Program: Jim Marpe – State of the Town
Greeters: Freedman, Phillips, Flug
Place: Bobby Q’s
November 21, 2014 / Volume 25, No. 21
Sunrise Rotary Club of Westport ● P.O. Box 43 ● Westport, CT 06881-0043 ●
Russo became a political activist
November 14 Club Meeting
congresswoman Bella Abzug (who
better?) for three years as an
undergraduate political science major
at George Washington. “Every piece
of legislation Abzug passed she
congresswomen who supported her.”
In 1992 a group including Brooks
Marshall showed a model of the 900
and Congresswomen Rosa DeLauro
storm-strengthened core shelters for
and Nancy Johnson concluded “We
families in need that YPDR build in
need a campaign school for women
partnership with Polish Humanitarian
or we’ll never get to parity.”
They marched into the office of Yale
Janis Collins opened on the theme of
Law School Dean Guido Calabrese
Patti Russo on Getting
and asked for his support. “It’s easier
to say ‘yes’ to Rosa DeLauro than
Women into the Game
‘no.’” Calabrese said yes and offered
a one-year try out. “We’ll give you a
Marshall Mayer, Speaker
week in June.”
Karen Kleine, guest of Mark Mathias
The result? The school just
Irene Moser, guest of Jeff Mayer
graduated its 20th class this June,
Phil Sharlach, guest of June Getraer
Yale Law School continues as its
host, and it now receives about 400
applications for its 80 seats from
around the US and from many foreign
comprehensive” five days, covering
all the skills and techniques a
Patti Russo, Executive Director of
candidate needs to run an effective
the Women’s Candidate School at
campaign - “nuts and bolts, not
Yale Law School told Sunrise Rotary
theory” - how to dress, create a
at its November 14 meeting, about
message, give a dynamic and
the school and about the realities of
effective speech, hire staff, hire
running for a political office as she
consultants, budget, fundraise, and
entertained the group with some
how to build an effective Get Out The
inside stories.
Vote program.
Marshall Mayer co-founder and Chief
WCS is a “non-partisan, issue
Russo called fund raising the key.
neutral political training program for
Operating Officer of Young Pioneer
“We don’t have an old boys network
women interested in running for
Disaster Response (YPDR) a non(and) women are better at raising
public office and in managing political
profit, non-governmental organization
based in the Philippines spoke about
themselves.” She underscored the
It has a “fabulous, strong Westport
how the organization started and it’s
point by saying when she dials for
Its founding spirit was
work in providing disaster relief for
dollars for one of her charitable
Andrée Brooks, George Dean was a
interests she’ll get $100 from a
victims of last years typhoon in the
woman. “Put her husband on the
discriminate against men”) and Ann
phone and I get $1,000.” So one full
Sheffer has long been involved.
District 7980 Governor: Mukund Nori • Club President: Dennis Wong
day is dedicated to fund raising.
The WCS also holds one-day
workshops. They recently ran a
session in New York, with 30 women
- 16 Democrats and 14 Republicans to talk about making the decision to
run, and tell prospective politicians
what they need to know and do
before they decide.
Women are more conflicted about
the decision than men. It never
occurs to a man that he can’t do it.
Men figure they’ll figure it out. Women
bring a different mind set.
Russo has convinced a lot of
women not to run - “My husband says
I can run as long as I’m home at six
o’clock to put dinner in the table.” Her
response - “I’m gonna save you
$1,500. You’re not coming.”
Russo called women “natural
nurturers,” and added they need to
“take that out into the public to get
things done for the greater good.”
When they do “They get Americans to
work together. We get stuff done.”
“When women run they win - or the
bug bites them, they run again and
they win… if Diane Farrell had run a
third time she would be your
congresswoman. I’m convinced of it.”
She emphasized that “It’s really
hard work to run for public office. It’s
a bear.” Women see Barbara Boxer,
Susan Collins or Rosa on C-SPAN
and think, “That looks like fun. I want
to be that.” “Not so,” Russo
commented. “There’s no such thing
as being off duty. You’re on 24/7. You
go to the supermarket, you bump into
20 people who are mad at you. ‘What
took you so long to pick up a quart of
All together, Russo was a realist.
“There aren’t enough women in
politics… We need a culture shift…
We have not been good to each
other… (Politics) is not for the faint of
heart. It’s a brutal business.”
In addition, she seemed to be a
strong part of what gives the school
its prominence, as den mother,
alumnae secretary and mentor, for
graduates including Diane Farrell,
Gayle Weinstein, Kirsten Gillibrand
and Gabrielle Giffords.
Ladies, if you’re interested, follow
this link to learn more about the
Roy Fuchs
First Selectman Marpe will
speak at November 21st
Westport’s First Selectman Jim Marpe
will address Sunrise Rotary at its
November 21st meeting. Marpe who
was elected one year ago along with
Second Selectman, WSR’s Avi Kaner,
is himself a Rotarian with the
Westport Rotary Club
Nick Notes
By Nick Clarke
Although I am still on
vacation in the UK
please note my devotion
to duty.
It has rained practically
every day since I've
been here. However, it didn't stop me
from nipping up to London and
visiting the National Portrait Gallery
and the Tate Modern. You know all
about these famous galleries, of
course. It must be in that book
`Places to Visit before you Kick the
I am now ensconsed in my brother's
country seat at Burgess Hill, Sussex.
Despite, or because of the drizzle,
Sussex is one of the loveliest places
in Britain with a history going back to
prehistoric times. More recently, the
nearby town of Lewes is the site of
the famous battle between Simon de
Monford and Henry the Third (1264).
Simon won, of course, but you knew
that, didn't you? Lewes is also the
site of the execution by burning at the
stake of seventeen protestant martyrs
Apart from that dismal aspect, the
town is like one of towns from Harry
Potter. Just magic.
So now I am returning to historic
Westport, loaded with Christmas
pudding, Colemans mustard, custard
powder and other victuals essential to
the Englishman abroad. - See you Friday.
Photo Gallery
Jeff Cohen hands a $2,500 check to
Janis Collins to benefit The Refinery,
an accelerator program based in CT
designed to assist women led start-up
ventures by leveraging local financial
and intellectual capital.
Club Announcements
► Dennis Wong – End Polio Now:
Congratulations Last year 2013-14, In
our District 7980, we were the fifth
highest contributor (out of 61 clubs) to
the PolioPlus Fund with $2,917.
District total was $52,398.
February 13-24, 2015 to Delhi, Agra
and Jaipur, India. This journey will be
a landmark event. It may be the last
chance to give the two drops of a
polio vaccine to a child that will
change his/her life. This experience
will combine participation in India’s
National Polio Immunization activities,
interaction with local Rotarians and
their projects while visiting some of
India’s most extraordinary sights. 12
days - $2,099 per person, double
occupancy. Airfare is not included.
For more information, see Dennis
Wong or go to
District 7980 Positions Open: If
you have any interest in being
involved in Rotary at the District level,
please contact our Area 2 Assistant
Governor Arisleyda Riehl. Her email
address is [email protected]
Westport Sunrise Rotary “ Service
Above Self ~ Student of the Month”
► Joe Hawley – Student of the
Month: Please join us Friday,
11/21/14, as we present Ben Rogers
to our entire club membership. Ben
was nominated by Elaine Schwartz,
his Staples Counselor. Following
being involved with other clubs Ben
was looking for a bigger “Service
acknowledge Ben’s Summer Tutoring
at Caroline House. Ben’s goal was
The Crier – November 21, 2014 - Page 2 of 3
have his love of math and personality
be engaging, fun, and motivate the
young children to learn. Ben planned
fun lessons that would use his
engaging sense of humor and love of
math to play games with his students.
In addition to his work at Caroline
House Ben is involved with: Service
League of Boys, Staples HS Jazz
Band, Tri-M Music Honor Society,
Staples Players Pit Orchestra, Varsity
Baseball Player, School Ambassador,
HS Basketball Team Manager.
Respectfully submitted, Joe Hawley +
Nick Clarke
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Club meetings on a rotating basis. If a
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date, it is essential that he or she find a
replacement and submit the name to:
November: Freedman, Phillips, Flug
December: Adams, Jaffe, Keenan
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International Convention in São Paulo,
WSR Board of Directors
President: Dennis Wong
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Past President: Bob Galan
Secretary: Rick Jaffe
Treasurer: Jeff Cohen
Sgt. at Arms: Roy Fuchs
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January 23: Eric Zielinski
January 30: Jane Ross
December 5: Harold Levine Neighborhood Studios, Bridgeport
December 12: Vincent & Nancy, Bill
Derry - Westport Library
December 19: Mat Gibson –
Kurdistan, The Moving Piece in the
ISIS Puzzle
Gillespie Center Schedule
On the first Saturday of each month, two
Rotarians are assigned to deliver and
serve meals to the homeless at the
Gillespie Center. Please contact Mildred
Bunche [email protected]
December 6: Garten & FuchsLuscombe
The Westport Sunrise Rotary Club
7:30AM every
Morning at Bobby Q’s Restaurant,
42 Main Street in Westport.
Meetings are open to all Rotarians
and their guests.
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Photographer Hal Levy
Roy Fuchs
Nick Clarke
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