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Meridian Relocation Services Corp is a national relocation company whose goal is to market your home / property to our qualified clients. Each prospect
is pre qualified to determine their financial ability and character, and to determine if their situation and capabilities meets the needs and criteria of the
homes / properties we are currently marketing. Meridian only collects a marketing fee when we have procured the property owner a qualified tenant and a
lease is executed. Meridian will never charge the property owner any upfront fees.
This agreement is made between Meridian Relocation Services Corp and the Owner(s) of the property listed below:
Owner(s) Printed Name ______________________________________________________________________________________________
Owner(s) Printed Name ______________________________________________________________________________________________
Property Address __________________________________________________________________________________________________
City __________________________________________________________________________ State__________ Zip ________________
The Owner(s) of the property listed above enters into this agreement with Meridian Relocation Services Corp to use their best efforts to procure a
qualified Tenant for the listed property on the following terms:
1. SERVICES PROVIDED. Meridian Relocation Services Corp will market the listed property to its clients in addition to providing the following services:
Conduct a complete background check on all potential Tenants including credit,
criminal, and rental checks.
Execute a lease agreement between Owner(s) and Tenant meeting all local applicable laws and statues.
Collect first month's rent and security deposit from Tenant, and disperse funds to
Property Owner(s) after Meridian's fees, discussed below, are deducted.
Provide Property Owner(s) all executed original documents for their safekeeping.
Additional services such as Property Management, and others are available, and will be provided with a separate
2. MARKETING FEES. Owner of the listed property will be required to pay Meridian Relocation Services Corp a Marketing / Procurement Fee upon
successful execution of a lease agreement between the property owner and the qualified Tenant. This fee will be equal to Ninety Per Cent (90%) of the
first month's collected rent. This fee is based upon a lease of 1 year. Leases less than 1 year, (if approved by owner), will have a fee of Sixty Per Cent
(60%) of the first month's collected rent. Leases of 2 years or greater will have a fee of One Hundred Fifty Per Cent (150%) of the first month's collected
3. REALTORS. If homeowner is currently under contract with a local Real Estate Agent, certain steps must be taken to complete this agreement.
Realtor must sign an addendum to this agreement, stating that they are aware of the agreement between Meridian Relocation
Services Corp and the Property Owner, and that a fee split between Meridian and the agent has been agreed upon.
Marketing / Procurement fee is increased by Ten Per Cent (10%).
4. PAYMENT TERMS. Meridian will not collect fees directly from the Property Owner. Meridian will collect the Tenants Security Deposit, and first months
rent and deposit into our Trust Account. Our Marketing / Procurement fees will be deducted from these funds and the remaining balance will be forwarded
to the Property Owner(s). Future monthly payments will be collected by Property Owner. Meridian offers Property Management services for an additional
5. TERMINATION. This agreement may be terminated by either party with a 3 day written notice. However, if Meridian Relocation Services Corp has
procured a client and a lease has been executed, the Marketing / Procurement fee shall be paid.
6. HOLD HARMLESS. Property Owner(s) shall indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Meridian Relocation Services Corp from and against, and
Meridian Relocation Services Corp shall not be liable to Property Owner(s) on account of, any and all costs, expenses, liabilities, losses, damages, suits,
actions, fines, penalties, demands, or claims of any kind, including reasonable attorney's fees, asserted by or on behalf of any person, entity, or
governmental authority arising out of or in any way connected with either (a) a failure by Property Owner(s) to perform any of the agreements, terms, or
conditions of this Agreement required to be performed by Property Owner(s); (b) a failure by Property Owner(s) to comply with any laws, statutes,
ordinances, regulations, or orders of any governmental authority; or (c) or the performance of any of the duties, obligations, powers, or authorities herein or
hereafter granted to Meridian Relocation Services Corp.
7. Authority. The individual(s) signing below agrees and certifies that they possess the authority as the Owner or Owner's Representative (with
documentation) to execute this Marketing Agreement. It is also agreed that Meridian Relocation Services Corp may use the listed property in
advertisements and marketing materials, distribute information about the property, and feature the property on our web site.. The property's Owner(s)
personal information will be held strictly confidential and will never be disclosed without consent of the Property Owner(s) until the time a lease is to be
executed, or at agreed upon showings of the property.
Property Owner(s) __________________________________________________________________________
Property Owner(s) __________________________________________________________________________
Meridian Relocation Services Authorized Representative