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Equestrian Trails, Inc.
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Volume 14, Issue 11
Pg 3-4
November 2014
Inside this issue:
Here come
Julie Sandona, Corral 15, preparing for the flag ceremony at the 2014 Antonovich Ride in October.
Pg 8
Jr. Ambassador
High Point Show
Corral 65 Arena
Trail Trial
High Point
Show Clinic
2014 LA City
Day of the
Photo Corner
How to do a
Trail Trail
Jr. Ambassador’s 24
on Parade
Corral News
High Point Shows
Trail Trials & Rides
See pages 5-6
Dedicated to Equine Legislation, Good Horsemanship, and the
Acquisition and Preservation of Trails, Open Space and Public Lands
ETI Contact Info
[email protected] (661) 309-7371
1st VICE PRESIDENT: Keelie Buck
[email protected] (805) 207-0218
2nd VICE PRESIDENT: Sarah Williams
[email protected] (213) 400-2168
[email protected] (818) 401-9089
[email protected] (818) 262-0315
Macdonald [email protected]
(661) 946-1976
Area 3 (Corrals: 2, 3, 15, 35) Dottie Hilliard
[email protected] (626) 335-7112
Area 4 (Corrals: 66, 70, 88, 103) VACANT
Area 5 (Corrals: 14, 65, 83, 99) Patty Hug [email protected] (818) 367-2056
Area 6 (Corrals: 22, 36, 54) Ivy Murrillo
[email protected] (626) 318-2503
Area 7 (Corrals: 10, 12, 20, 34, 38, 210) Terry
Kaiser [email protected] (818) 262-0315
Area 8 (Corrals: 37, 57, 118, 126) Stephen
Alvarez [email protected] (805) 625-3027
Area 9 (Corrals: 6, 43) Tom Kirsch [email protected]
gmail.com (310) 871-9458
Area 11 (Corrals: 9, 21, 77, 86, 138, 777 )
Karen Dagnan [email protected]
(661) 268-8771
Area 12 (Corrals: 8, 357) Rick Balthaser
[email protected] (949) 439-2414
Area 13 (At-large members) Irene Scott
[email protected] (818) 744-1582
Equestrian Trails, Inc.
P.O. Box 1138
Acton, CA 93510
(818) 698-6200
(661) 269-2507
Office Hours: 9:00 am—4:00 pm
Monday—Thursday (closed Fri)
Debbie Foster — Office Manager, Web Master, Insurance, Jr. Ambassador Chair & Queen of All Things
[email protected]
Michelle Kraut — Membership/Office Manager
[email protected]
Sarah Williams - Magazine [email protected]
National Elections Nominees
Coming Events Calendar
Drought Information
National Holiday Party
Jr. Ambassador High Point Show
Corral 65 Arena Trail Trial Challenge
Is Your Horse Ready for Evacuation
High Point Show Clinic
2014 LA City Day of the Horse
Photo Corner
Jr. Ambassador “How to do a Trail Trial”
Jr. Ambassador On Parade
Kid’s Corner
Corral News
Are You & Your Horse Prepared for an
42 National Programs
43 Announcements
44 Equestrian
Trails Foundation
Volume 14, Issue 7
Trainings geared toward the MAU/Posse teams. Of
course, any of these trainings are open to all ETI
membership. We did offer an MAU/Posse water
ssafety training last year that included how to resspond to water emergencies by horseback.
Bob Foster
(currently President)
Elections for Equestrian Trails Inc. will
be held this November.
This includes
National as well as
Corral positions. I have
ve been your President for the
last two years and will seek re-election. I want to be
part of this organization and have been encouraged
by my wife and friends to give it another term. I am
also encouraged by the direction ETI is going.
Our membership has been averaging around 1500
for the past two years, and we added a new Corral
(Corral 3).
National sponsored two horsemanship clinics focused
on the youth. The Junior Ambassador Program had
a clinic on how to ride a “Trail Trials” and the High
Point Program had a “Showmanship in Hand” clinic
that was taught by Walter De La Brose.
We reinstated committees, made up with of corW
rral members, for High Point, Trail Trials and for the
Equestrian Trails Foundation.
For our annual yearly Convention, National offered
new classes for Mules.
I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with and
speak with many of our membership, either on rides,
judging trail trials or even competing, and I’ve always
been impressed with the ideas and suggestions given me. Despite some differences of opinion, I have
always walked knowing ETI is a wonderful organization made up of a vast experiences and knowledge
levels of horseman/woman.
ETI is an evolution. Every
year we must
recognize the
needs of the
National Board Meeting
November 18 at 7pm
Foothill Trails District
Neighborhood Council Office
9747 Weatland Ave.
We have 4 MAUs riding the county parks. I have
of Wheatland & Sunland)
been asked by the County Parks to help with their Continued on
annual trainings, and ETI will also sponsor National page 4
Join us!
ETI MOUNTED ASSISTANCE UNIT: Coordinator: Bill Naylor (213) 399-5309 [email protected]
2014 CONVENTION (July 24-27): Bob Foster (661) 309-7371 [email protected]
CONVENTION GYMKHANA: Tracy Boldroff [email protected]
2014 JIM HESTER RIDE (April 25-28): ETI Office (818) 698-6200 [email protected]
2014 SPRING RIDE (June 8-14): Kelli Land [email protected] /Jeanne Gonzalez [email protected]
2014 DEATH VALLEY RIDE (Nov. 2-8): Tom Kirsch (310) 871-9458 [email protected]
ETI TRAIL RIDER AWARD PROGRAM (TRAP): Carol Elliott (760) 963-8209 [email protected]
ETI TRAIL TRIALS PROGRAM: ETI Office (818) 698-6200 [email protected]
ETI HIGH POINT SHOW PROGRAM: Kim Estrada (818) 522-7048 [email protected] / Darian Binkley
(805) 338-3532 [email protected]
ETI HIGH POINT GYMKHANA PROGRAM: Tracy Boldroff [email protected]
Equestrian Trails, Inc.
National, along with each of our corrals, are always
looking for leadership to keep this organization focused on the finish line. The elections are open to
any member in good standing and willing to dedicate
themselves to the cause of aiding this organization
forward. Do not apply if you think you have to, but
only throw your hat in the ring if you really want to.
Bob Foster
Sarah Williams
(currently 2nd Vice
I’ve been happy to serve
as your 2nd Vice President for the last two
years. With Keelie stepping down, I’ve been
asked to move into the 1st Vice President slot...if
elected, of course!
I regret that I didn’t have a chance to visit more
Corrals over the last two years. I will attempt to do
better during the next two.
For any new members who don’t know me, my first
contact with ETI was in 2001 when my sister and
I had a vendor booth for our brand new non-profit, Dusty’s Riders, at ETI Convention. I met Mary
O’Brien who roped me in, and soon, I was a member
of Corral 38. My progression began as I became a
board member, then secretary and newsletter editor
and now as the ETI National magazine editor. I am
currently an At-Large member.
I may not have a long history with ETI in the show
ring or on trail, I will fight for our right to ride anywhere and everywhere we can and to live side by
side with our equines. I have no allegiance to any
discipline of riding and will be an equal
opportunity board member. I promise to
do whatever is necessary to make a fair and knowledgeable vote. Thanks for your consideration.
Thanks for your consideration,
Sarah Williams
(Corral 12 member)
Jeanne Gonzalez is off to
ride Morro Bay with Corral
12 and didn’t have time to
send us her information.
So, here is why Debbie
Foster believes Jeanne is a
great choice for 2nd Vice President.
I am writing a little info about my friend Jeanne Gonzalez who is running for 2nd Vice President of ETI
National. I have known Jeanne for about 15 years
and am so amazed at how much time she spends in
the saddle. We used to tease her that she is going
to wear a hole in it. She attends the National rides,
Corral rides and is a member of The Galloping Gourmets riding group.
What is so special about Jeanne is? She is an extremely hard worker and is always there to lend a
helping hand. She retired a few months ago, so we
snatched her up to fill this position. She is very loyal
to ETI and its cause. She will be a great addition to
the board.
Volume 14, Issue 7
Equestrian Trails Inc.
(818) 698-6200
Fax (661) 269-2507
P.O. Box 1138, Acton CA 93510
Email addresses:
[email protected]
[email protected]
November 2 - 8
53rd Death Valley Ride
Contact: Tom Kirsch (310) 871-9458
[email protected]
Due to circumstances beyond our control,
we will not be hosting the 2014 Death
Valley Ride this year. We look forward to
having you join us in 2015.
2014 Season
High Point Shows
For High Point Show info
Contact: Kim Estrada (818) 522-7048
[email protected] or Darian Binkley
(805) 338-3532 [email protected]
All ETI High Point Shows are PAC
approved. ETI High Point website can be
accessed from: www.ETInational.com
November 2/Corral 37
High Point Show, Conejo Creek Equestrian
Park, Thousand Oaks 8:15am reg Contact:
Sharyn Henry (805) 795-6493
[email protected]
November 16/Jr. Ambassador
High Point Show Thousand Oaks
Contact: Debbie Foster (661) 309-7371
[email protected]
2014 Gymkhana
High Point Season
High Point Program through Oct.
Chair: Tracy Boldroff (661) 607-5178
[email protected] or
[email protected]
Season over for 2014
Coming Events Calendar
Individual Corral
Circuit Shows
Corral 6, Circuit Open Shows
Laramore Arena; Mira Loma, Jurupa
Call Gina (951) 681-4456 or
[email protected]
Corral 8/Rolling Hills Estates
English only. Held at Ernie Howlett Park.
Contact: Dan [email protected]
(310) 530-5618 www.eticorral8.com
Corral 35/Glendora
Belt Buckle Series Arena Challenge
(best two of three scores) Contact:
Jean Chadsey (909) 967-2065
[email protected]
Corral 37/Thousand Oaks
Red Hat Cowgirl Buckle Series - 5 Shows
-8:15am registration Contact: Sharyn
Henry [email protected]
Corral 57/Ojai
Open Shows at Ojai’s Soule Park arena
Contact: Rhonda (805) 798-1713
Corral 118/Simi Horse Shows
SVAC Western & English Shows.
Terry Simon (805) 522-3346
[email protected]
Corral 36 Riding Classes
Wed @ 9:30am Agoura Equestrian Center
with Karen Curtis Contact: Jeanne Wallace
(818) 222-2560
Corral 43/Riverside Rancheros
Gymkhana Call Nicole (909) 809-0789
Corral 777
Gymkhana Series, Agua Dulce Contact:
DeBora Akin-Townson (661) 965-5864
[email protected]
Corral 210
Monthly play days third Sunday of each
month, Gibson Ranch, Sunland Contact: Jeanette Provolt (818) 472-6537
[email protected]
November 2/Corral 54
Trail Trials – Marshall Canyon Contact:
Mary Kaufman (818) 326-5772
[email protected]
2014 ETI Trail Rides,
Drives, Events
When a Corral plans a
ride at Vasquez Rocks,
as a courtesy, please call
the Rangers
(661) 268-0840
November 1/Corral 138
Mescal Creek Ride and 50/50 raffle.
Contact: Elaine Macdonald (661) 946-1976
[email protected]
November 2 – 7/Corral 14
Death Valley Wagon Train Contact: Norm
Noftsier (661) 270-1161
November 2/Corral 37
High Point Show, Conejo Creek Eq
Park, Thousand Oaks Contact: Sharyn
Henry (805) 795-6493
[email protected]
November 2/Corral 54
Trail Trials – Marshall Canyon Contact:
Mary Kaufman (818) 326-5772
[email protected]
November 2/Corral 57
Open Shows at Ojai’s Soule Park arena
Contact: Rhonda (805) 798-1713
November 2/Corral 65
Greenhorn Summit, Unal Trail Contact:
Alberta Dougherty [email protected]
November 7-9/Corral 103
Lake Perris Ride Contact: Craig Bost
(760) 964-5020 [email protected]
November 8/Corral 357
Trail maintenance day at O’Neill Park.
Meet at the Nature Center 8:00am.
Contact: Jim Iacono More info
Equestrian Trails, Inc.
Equestrian Trails Inc.
November 9/Corral 6
Training Horse Show Laramore arena, Mira
Loma Contact: Gina (951) 681-4456 or
Stacey [email protected]
November 9/Corral 43
Horse show, Riverside Contact: Nicole
Gunkel ( 909) 809-0789
November 15/Corral 20
Angeles National Golf Course, Ride and
lunch, Sunland Contact: Nikki Ahten (818)
273-4384 [email protected]
November 15/Corral 66
Trail ride Red Rock State Park-Cantil
Contact: Beth (760) 255-4767
November 15/Corral 357
Imperial Beach Ride. Leaves 7:00am/
return late afternoon. Contact: Rich
Gomez [email protected] or Terry Roberts
[email protected]
November 16/Jr. Ambassador
High Point Show Thousand Oaks
Contact: Debbie Foster (661) 309-7371
[email protected]
November 23/Corral 22
Trail Ride Simi Valley Trail Boss: Tom
Smart Contact: Sharon Richardson (661)
268-0754 [email protected]
December 6/Corral 20
Ho Ho Ride, Shadow Hills Contact:
Linda Fullerton (818) 352-3693
[email protected]
Coming Events Calendar
December 13
National Christmas Party
December 21/Corral 22
Trail Ride Christmas Ride, Griffith Park
Trail Boss: Paul Jacques Contact:
Sharon Richardson (661) 268-0754
[email protected]
November 8/CA WDAA
Western Dressage Show, Creek
Hollow Ranch, Ramona Contact:
[email protected]
December 14/CA WDAA
Western Dressage Show, Hansen Dam
Equestrian Center Contact: (818) 2566080 [email protected]
AVDR Gymkhana
Antelope Valley Desert Riders
Contact: Doug (661) 944-6133
[email protected]
Carousel Ranch
Therapeutic Riding Program
(661) 268-8010
Compton Jr. Posse - Mayisha Akbar
Compton Jr. Posse Youth Eq.
(310) 632-1247 www.jrposse.com
Dusty’s Riders
Horse program for at-risk kids
(323) 876-3079 www.dustysriders.org
Therapeutic riding program
(310) 403-966 www.elsainc.org
Hi-Desert Horsemen’s Assoc
Open Horse Shows Contact: Jean (661)
943-6132 [email protected]
Head’s Up Therapy on Horseback
Nancy (818) 848-0870
Ride On Therapeutic Horsemanship
program for disabled riders
(818) 700-2971 www.rideon.org
Shadow Hills Riding Club
Therapeutic Riding Program
Contact Johnny: (818) 352-2166
Team Sorting at Gibson Ranch
2nd and 4th Saturdays Sign ups at 3:30,
$15 entry fee Contract: (818) 951-4335
Pretty Blue Roan Appaloosa Miniature Horse Mare. Seven years old.
$400.00. Marsha (661) 944-1308
Classified ads:
3 lines for $10
Send information to:
[email protected]
Volume 14, Issue 7
According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, 82 % of the
state of California currently falls in the "Extreme
Drought" category.
The years-long dry spell has tapped groundwater reserves and left reservoirs
at record lows. Shasta Lake and Lake Oroville are both down to 30% of full
capacity, exposing steep shorelines that were formerly under hundreds of
feet of water. Getty Images photographer Justin Sullivan traveled to a number of these reservoirs last month and captured dramatic images, evidence
of the severity of the water crisis in California.
As the severe drought in California continues for a third straight year, water
levels in the State's lakes and reservoirs is reaching historic lows. Lake Oroville below is currently at 32 percent of its capacity. (Justin Sullivan/Getty
--via email 9/21/2014, Norm Dyche.
We thank Stephanie Abronson, Corral 36, for this information.
Equestrian Trails, Inc.
Come on Down to the
ETI National Holiday Party
Induction of ETI National Executive Board Officers
Bring your Friends and Family
9th Annual
Date; Saturday, December 13 , 2014
Time: 5:30 pm
Place: Heritage Junction in William S. Hart Park
24151 Newhall Ave.
Newhall, CA 91321
*Contests for Corral with most members in attendance,
Furthest distance traveled and Holiday Sweater Contest
PLEASE RSVP BY: November 28, 2014
to the
ETI Office, P.O. Box 1138, Acton, CA 93510
(Vegetarian items available)
No Attending: Adult
Includes Soda, Water, Coffee
Corral #
Pmt. Type: Check #
Adults $15.00 Children 12 & under $10.00
Amount Included: $
Credit Card: Visa
Card Holder Signature:
**Questions: Call Debbie ETI Office 818 698-6200 or email: [email protected]**
Volume 14, Issue 7
Equestrian Trails, Inc.
Volume 14, Issue 7
13 & UNDER
Date of Birth
Walk/Trot 10 & Under E/W
Walk/Trot 11-13 E/W
Walk/Trot 14-18 E/W
Walk/Trot 19 & Over ATR
(Parent or guardian if under 18 years of age)
1 E/W 2 E/W 3 E/W 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 E/W 14 E/W 15 E/W 16 E/W 17 E/W 18 E/W
19 E/W 20 E/W 21 E/W 22 E/W 23 24 25 E/W 26 E/W 27 E/W 28 E/W 29 E/W 30 31 32 33 34
35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 E/W 54 E/W 55 E/W
56 E/W 57 E/W 58 E/W 59 E/W 60 E/W 61 E/W 62 E/W 63 E/W
Number of classes entered
P.O. BOX 1138
ACTON, CA 93510
Paid by: Open Check #
Closed Check #
Cash $
Equestrian Trails, Inc.
Kern Equestrian Riders
Corral 65
Sunday November 16 , 2014
Rancho Rio Stables 5320 Peacock Lane, Bakersfield
Sign up 8:30 am Event starts at 9:30 am
CLASSES: $20/class
1. Youth In -Hand: 14 & under as of 1/1/14
The Arena Trail Trial Challenge is open to all riders.
2. Trail In-Hand: lead your horse thru the obstacles; for a
Completed Waiver & Release required with entry
young horse or first Ɵme compeƟtor
The ETI Trail Trial rules apply.
3. Youth: 14 & under as of 1/1/14
4. Novice: New to sport; never won 3rd place or beƩer
5. Open: RIDER/HORSE COMBINATIONS IN Classes 1-4 may enter also
The events are judged but not Ɵmed. There will be an
overall Ɵme limit for the course.
Boots or riding shoes with heels required. Helmets
required for youth riders.
QuesƟons: Call Mary Jackson 661-703-2080
or Alberta Doughtery 661-808-8595
Complete this form; submit with payment to ETI Corral 65, 8816 East Wilson Rd, Bakersfield, CA 93307 By Nov 1
Rider Name _________________________________ ETI Member _________
Corral # _______________
Rider Address __________________________________Horse Name ________________________________
Phone _________________________ E-Mail __________________________________________________
Emergency Contact Info ______________________________________Phone ________________________
$10 One Day ETI membership (includes insurance) required for non-members
Youth In Hand_______ Trail in Hand _______ Youth _______ Intermediate _____ Open ____
Form of Payment & Amount:
Cash ______ Check # ____________ Amount __________ Contestant # ___________
Volume 14, Issue 7
Are You Ready?
by Stephanie Abronson, Corral 36
Is your horse trailer ready for evacuation?
How about your horse identification?
1. What will you do when the next fire comes roaring our way and you need to evacuate your horses?
2. Is your horse trailer sound?
3. What if your horse has been evacuated, and you can’t find him or her?
4 Is your horse a plain bay or chestnut?
5. Does your horse have a brand or other very distinguishing marks?
6. Do you have photos of his or her markings, and you with your horse as proof of
ownership? Maybe that will work – a photo – but with digital cameras so handy, who
says that someone wants your horse and quickly takes a photo with him in the shot
with your horse?
7. A micro chip could prove that person is a thief.
We hope you will give this some serious thought, and not wait for disaster to strike.
I take my horse trailer in for yearly service at the beginning of each year, usually when
it’s raining, so that I’m not tempted to put off this vital event. So I know that it had the
brakes and wheel bearing taken care of, my tires rotated, the undercarriage inspected,
and all the batteries and lights worked.
So why would I take my trailer to a free inspection by the CHP?
Four months down the road, here’s what happened to me:
At the inspection, two of my required red running lights had quit working and my 8-yearold tires were cracking. On the way to an event on the freeway eight years ago, one tire
completely shredded, not the tread but the sidewalls gave out…thank God for tandem
wheels on a horse trailer that weighs empty at 4300 pounds, plus my mare, her carriage
and all the accoutrements for a competition away from home.
The very next day after the CHP inspection, my tow vehicle boasted a new rat nest under
the hood, and the little sucker disassembled my horn and my head lights. All fixed now.
Set a rat trap under the hood of my truck and caught what turned out to be a big Norwegian Rat.
-Stephanie Abronson
Pony Cross Farm Monte Nido
Equestrian Trails, Inc.
Photos from the High Point Horse Show clinic on October 5. Thanks to Walter De La Brosse for
the valuable information.
Volume 14, Issue 7
Photos taken and submitted by Margaret Scott from Shot In Time.
Equestrian Trails, Inc.
2014 Los Angeles City Day of the Horse
by Lynn Brown
The L.A. Equine Advisory Committee (EAC) was created by City Council. Each City Council member appointed
one representative from their district to the Committee. It is a historic first as Los Angeles has never had official
representation to City Council. The EAC has done Day of the Horse Celebrations at L.A. City Council for several
Many in the general public, as well as City bureaucracies, have the impressions that “equestrians” are just rich
old white people. The Equine Advisory Committee has worked hard over the last few years to change that public
This year the Day of the Horse was organized by Lynn Brown, V.P. of the L.A. Equine Advisory Committee and
also V.P. of ETI’s Corral 38. Mary Benson, Board member of the EAC, organized many of the attending groups
as well.
Our theme for this year was "Youth riders of the Future.” We had 17 youth groups, with over 100 attendees for
the Day of the Horse, who filled one whole side of seating in City Council Chambers downtown.
Our point was to demonstrate what a diverse group of youth riders we have, of every ethnic background and
ability. The photos tell the wonderful story of this very successful event.
There were too many groups present to name each one individually. ETI was represented by ETI President
Bob Foster who brought Jr. Ambassadors Megan Kitcko, Chance Leatherman and Aeslin Cameron and Corral 20
Shadow Hills members Nikki Athen with her 3 daughters Natalie, Alia & Annie. Also present were the Special
Olympics World Games equestrians for 2015 (which will take place at LAEC), various groups that serve handicapped and disadvantaged riders, plus Pony Club riders, Compton Jr. Posse kids, Dusty’ s Riders, Horses in the
Hood, and the USC Equestrian Team just to name a few.
Tom LaBonge hosted this event this year, and Lynn was there in the turquoise shirt. Tom was a very gracious
and accommodating host…he made it fun for the kids.
For ffurther
this event,
the EAC website
th photos
h t off thi
t please
i it th
b it at:
t h
tt //
Volume 14, Issue 7
A group picture of those attending
with Councilman LaBonge holding
the declaration of “Los Angeles City
2014 Day of the Horse”.
Jr. Ambassador’s proclamation
from the City of Los Angeles
Equestrian Trails, Inc.
A b
A li
Cameron, Megan Kitchko
and Chance Leatherman
with Councilman LaBonge
and Bob Foster, ETI President.
Representing Corral 20
was Natalie, Annie and
Alia Ahten with Councilman LaBonge.
Volume 14, Issue 7
Photo Corner
Walnut Creek and Bonelli MAU staging
for the San Dimas Western Days Parade
held on October 4. Photo submitted by
Mindy Miracle, Bonelli MAU
Sunset in Paso Robles…taken while riding.
Photo taken and submitted by
Cadie Farnsworth, Corral 3.
Do you have a photo you‛d like to share? To
submit, please send photo and credit info to:
[email protected]
Equestrian Trails, Inc.
Jr. Ambassador “How to do a Trail Trial.”
by Debbie Foster
On Saturday, October 21, at Vasquez Rocks, the Jr. Ambassadors had a fun activity to learn
how to do trail trials for all youth. We also made it a costume party for Halloween, and we had
some great costumes. We hope that the effort we put forth in our how to, allows for more
youth to compete in trail trials.
We set up some obstacles that may be found in Trial Trials competitions. With the help of
friend Nell Faulkner, the Jr. Ambassadors and youths who attended learned to complete the
bridge and gate correctly.
On completion of all obstacles, Jamie Webber, mother of Little Miss Sarah and Jr. Princess
Emily, took the group on a short trail ride with Bob Foster bringing up the rear. While they
were on the trail, Eric Webber BBQ‛d burgers and hotdogs, and with all the wonderful side
dishes, we had a great lunch.
Thank you to Michelle Kraut for baking treats and helping with the set up. Thank you to
John Fink, Eric Webber, Emily Webber, Jamie Webber for all your help with the set up and
clean up. Thank you, Jr. Ambassador families, for the great food and help. Thank you Little
Princess Aeslyn Cameron‛s brother Aremis for taking all the pictures and assisting wherever
Emily, Sara and Olivia listen intently to learn the obstacles.
Volume 14, Issue 7
“How to do a Trail Trial...The Bridge.”
Carly Bertonneau
Chloe Siebles
Emily Webber
Kate Aparicio
Olivia Reschke
Equestrian Trails, Inc.
“How to do a Trail Trial...The Gate.”
Chance Leatherman
Taylor Umland
Volume 14, Issue 7
“How to do a Trail Trial...Costume Fun.”
Aeslin Cameron
Chance Leatherman
Rosalee Kraut (Future Jr. Ambassador)
Equestrian Trails, Inc.
Queen Madison, Jr. Miss Megan
and Little Miss Sara ready to lead
the way.
The Jr. Ambassadors rode in
the Agua Dulce Country Fair
Parade on September 20.
Queen Madison and Jr. Miss Megan
Volume 14, Issue 7
The court riding pretty!
Last, but definitely not least...
Queen Mum, Debbie Foster!
Looks like Michelle (hiding)
needs to give Bob some waving
Photo Credit:
Equestrian Trails, Inc.
The complete Trail Trial Guide
From planning to Set Up to Implementation to
Judging and, of course, including . . . How To Win!
Instructional DVD filmed at a Trail Trial Clinic
Learn how to maneuver through obstacles encountered at Trail Trials!
Everything you wanted to know about Trail Trials but were afraid to ask!
Included with the DVD are entry forms, tally sheets, judges
scoring sheets and completed samples
This DVD explains how to interpret Trail Trial rules.
To order mail $23.00 to: ETI National, P.O. Box 1138, Acton, CA 93510
Produced by Cynthia Shaheen , for a preview go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=epNGL1pikHo
Volume 14, Issue 7
We are in a major drought!
THIS SEASON -- When you drive past the Fire Dept Forestry Unit on Las Virgenes Rd. and notice that the warning
sign says “HIGH FIRE DANGER”, take special notice!!
Join ETI Today!
Want to be a new member?
Become part of an equine organization that covers all disciplines
& has TONS of fun.
Family atmosphere
with events
for all ages!
We are at risk! Our children are at risk! Our
animals are at risk! Our homes are at risk!
Hell’s Bells! The mountains are DRY. BE
Get out your copy of “What Do I Do With
My Horse In Fire, Flood, and/or Earthquake?”
Every inch of this booklet is helpful whether you own a
horse or not. If you can’t find your copy, then go to the
Equestrian Trails, Inc. national website, www.etinational.
com, heading for Disaster aid, and download a copy for
yourself and maybe even one for your neighbor, too!
Call the ETI
office for a
Corral contact person
or check out
News to find a corral that suits
your needs.
“D” is for... Dandy Brush.
A stiff brush used to remove dirt from a
horses‛ coat. Some call this a rice-roots
Glossary terms thanks to Charlotte Brodie and
United We Ride $3.00
ETI Bell logo
Small 3” x 4” for inside
vehicle window $3.00
8” X 10” for gate or trailer
Contact the ETI office for
(818) 698-6200 or
[email protected]
Got Trails?
Stickers $5.00
Available in White
or Black
Equestrian Trails, Inc.
Kids Corner
Volume 14, Issue 7
Kids Corner
Equestrian Trails, Inc.
Corral News
Bonelli MAU
and cover the materials on the LA County certification exam.
After training rides (open to certified and non-certified
teams) begin after arena clean-up and a brief lunch break.
Bonelli MAU is looking forward to participating in a multi-unit
sensory training to be held at Marshall Canyon on November
15, 2014.
Mounted Assistance Unit
Bonelli MAU has been enjoying the continued warm, dry
weather while patrolling the trails at Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park through early fall. Per the County of Los Angeles
Parks and Recreation 2012 Memorandum of Understanding
(MOU), “The MAU is a volunteer organization under the supervision of County of Los Angeles Department of Parks and
Recreation Volunteer Program. The purpose of the MAU is
to patrol the trails on horseback and to ensure the safety of
all users by reporting any hazards or dangerous situations
found in the park or on the trail system. The MAU also assists park visitors in their efforts to enjoy their leisure time
during their visits.”
New Members
Bonelli MAU is pleased to welcome its newest members,
Leslie Lollier and her mount, Pheisty, and Rochelle Burgess
and her mount, Wylie. Leslie and Pheisty are MAU Certified
members, and Rochelle and Wylie are beginning the certification process. Welcome! To learn more about the certification process or joining Bonelli MAU, please visit our website
at www.bonellimau.org.
From the Bonelli MAU website, “Yes, there are requirements
to join and to remain a member of the Bonelli MAU. Each
member must complete an orientation ride, process the
proper paperwork, certify on their horse as a Team. Once
certified, there are requirements to remain a member of our
unit. Members must participate, attend meetings, patrol a
required number of hours per month, participate in training,
participate in group rides, maintain a current ETI membership, current First Aid & CPR certification, and a current LA
County ID.”
Bonelli MAU held a regular monthly training and after-training ride on September 21. The next monthly training will be
held on November 8 in Bonelli Park MAU West Arena. You
must be an MAU certified or probationary member in order
to participate in the training. Anyone is welcome to come
observe. Members participating in the training should arrive by 8:30am to help stage the arena and training begins
promptly at 9:00am. Trainings last four hours
Group Rides
Group rides and quarterly rides provide an opportunity for
our membership (and guests) to practice riding in larger
groups and with a variety of horses. Bonelli MAU held its
third quarterly ride of 2014 on the afternoon of September
20. Bonelli MAU’s fourth quarterly ride of 2014 will be held
on November 22nd. Trail boss, staging time and location
TBD at our November Meeting.
In addition to our Quarterly Rides, Bonelli MAU actively participates in the Semi-annual Antonovich Trail Dusters rides.
The most recent pre-ride was held October 11 and the Semiannual ride was held at Marshall Canyon on October 25 and
On October 4, the Bonelli MAU and Walnut Creek MAU joined
forces to participate in the San Dimas Western Days Parade
held in downtown San Dimas, CA. Five mounted riders and
seven ground volunteers represented our volunteerism and
stewardship to the LA County park and trails system. We
look forward to even greater participation and future parade
or community outreach events.
Monthly Meetings
Bonelli MAU membership meets at 7:30pm on the first Tuesday of each month (except December) at the Frank G. Bonelli
East Shore RV Park Recreation Center at 1440 Camper View
Road in San Dimas, CA 91773. Visit our website for driving
directions and more information.
Bonelli MAU is honored to have so many eager, qualified
volunteers to lead our unit. We look forward to announcing the results of our biennial elections and welcoming our
new officers for the 2015-16 term. We would like to issue
a heartfelt “thank you!” to the following 2013-14 officers for
their hard work and dedicated service these past few years:
Jean Chadsey, President; David Hatch, Vice President; Win-
Volume 14, Issue 7
nie Gilbert, Treasurer; Rose Dickinson and Mindy Miracle,
Secretary (split term).
Please come enjoy our trails, join us on a ride, and see why
we are so excited to volunteer and serve in Frank G. Bonelli
Regional Park.
Happy Trails,
Mindy Miracle, Secretary
Bonelli MAU
Whittier Narrows MAU
Mounted Assistance Unit
Corral 2
Pasadena/San Gabriel/Altadena
Pres. Thomas Lockhart
(626) 794-7797
Corral 3
Walnut Creek
Pres. Cindi Hawkins
(909) 354-1613
Corral 6
Windville Riders
Riverside/Norco/Mira Loma/Corona/Jurupa Valley
Pres. Michael Frederick
(951) 688-3122
Corral 8
Rolling Hills Estates/Rancho Palos
Pres. Susie Lytal
(310) 488-4389
Corral 9
Littlerock Trail Blazers
Pres. Ray Drasher
(661) 944-4359
Well, we had two successful rides since I wrote last. The
first was the Lake Lopez ride which I was not able to attend
due to horse and hitch problems. I have heard all that went
had a good time between the beach and the hill riding. We
also put together a progressive dinner ride at the last minute
and had 15 riders attend plus a number of non-riders that
drove from stop to stop and all had a good time and great
food. I guess from the turn out on this event, we may have
to put one on the schedule for next year. We are putting to-
gether the schedule of rides for 2015 now, so get your ideas
in to the board. Till next time, keep those saddle pads wet,
and the hoofs down on the ground.
Ray Drasher
Corral 10
Lakeview Terrace
Pres. Pam Miller Mitchell
(818) 262-2846
Corral 12
Sylmar Vista Del Valle
Pres. Patty Hug
(818) 367-2056
Our next trail ride will be the annual Turkey Ride on Saturday, November 22. We’ll ride from Placerita Canyon near
the Nature Center up over the mountain and down the other
side to the Olive View staging area off Bucher Street at Olive
View Drive in Sylmar. This is a shuttle ride, so transportation of rigs will need to be coordinated in advance of the
ride. More details will be available in the November Corral
12 newsletter.
On Saturday, December 6, Corral 12 will join Corral 20’s
HoHo Ride or at least the brunch.
Later that same evening will be Corral 12’s holiday party, potluck dinner, and gift exchange at Dave and Diane Riniker’s
We plan to attend the ETI National holiday party on Saturday, December 13 (details tbd).
Our first Corral 12 ride in 2015 will be on Saturday, January
10, at Griffith Park.
We will hold a Driving Playday at Stetson Ranch in Sylmar
on Saturday, January 24. There are those who predict that
since we’ve scheduled a driving playday, rain is almost ensured. To all of you we say, “You are very welcome.”
Jeanne Catron-Gonzalez
Corral 14
Western Wagons Mojave
Pres. Norm Noftsier
(661) 270-1161
Equestrian Trails, Inc.
Corral 15
Marshall Canyon MAU
San Dimas/LaVerne area
Pres. Darlene McGrady
(909) 592-6477
Thank you to everyone who made the Antonovich
Ride a success! Weather was great, horses were
great, food was wonderful. Thank you, Bonelli
Park MAU, Walnut Creek MAU and Whittier Narrows MAU, for participating in the event. L.A.
County did a wonderful job preparing the trails for
us; Graham Brothers from Victorville brought 21 horses for
rent which were wonderful trail horses.
Supervisor Antonovich honored the LA County Trail Crew after the ride.
Our next training will be November 15 at the Fred Palmer
Equestrian Center, open to all MAU’s. Camping will be available for the weekend.
Marshall Canyon MAU is actively looking for new members.
We train at the Fred Palmer Equestrian Center in Marshall
Canyon, plus we have many beautiful, tree-covered trails to
ride. For information, please contact Darlene McGrady at
(909) 592-6477 or email at [email protected]
If you would like to join our group or visit us, we meet the
first Monday of each month at the Bonelli Park Conference
Center in the campground at 7:00pm.
Thank you,
Julie Sandona
Corral 20
Shadow Hills Rough Riders
Pres. Becky Borquez
(818) 352-3634
Volume 14, Issue 7
Corral 21
The Gipson’s were fantastic hosts, providing great areas to
park the trailers, clean water for the horses and corrals for
camping. Shevawn is not in the pictures, because she was
so busy getting all the yummy Lasagna and garlic bread
ready for hungry riders and fellow diners who came to remember Sandy.
Gymkhana Season 2014 has ended. It was a great season
at Oak Creek Corral where we welcomed many new riders.
Our families are looking forward to the Awards Banquet
where we will give out incredible prizes, enjoy a delicious
meal, and play fun games.
Sharon was there to help register people but had to go home
with a sinus infection…hope you are feeling better! Special
thanks to Dwayne and Shevawn for working so hard to make
everything so good!!
Newhall Trail Riders
Castaic/Canyon Country
Pres. Kristy Apodoca
(661) 714-7550
Corral 21 Star
Performer: Kayla
She is so little and
young, yet she is so
dedicated to her pony,
Suzie, and to learning as
much as she can about
riding. She does the
patterns correctly and in
a trot…for a six year old
that is awesome. She is
also very kind and caring for all the horses she
rides, and she shows
responsibility in tacking
and un-tacking.
She also did an awesome job with the flag salute for the last
Way to go Kayla!
Rita Shuster
Corral 22
San Fernando Valley Riders
Pres. Sharon Richardson
(661) 268-0754
The weather was perfect for the Sandy Hendrick’s Memorial Ride hosted at Dwayne and Shevawn Gipson’s ranch in
Palmdale. We had only 6 riders, but we all had a blast as
Dwayne led us through dry gulches, a water crossing and
past huge electrical towers which were being built as we
rode, with helicopters hauling workers harnessed to cables
over our heads. Very interesting!
He arranged for a refreshment stop with lots of water for
the horses and soda and beer for riders. Everyone started
talking about Sandy and their memories of her, laughing and
even singing a few of her more noteworthy songs, most of
which I can’t repeat…LOL!
Equestrian Trails, Inc.
We were fortunate to have fantastic weather and a big
turnout of 17 riders for our Mojave Narrows weekend ride.
All enjoyed the lush green grasses, shade, sand and water
crossings peppered throughout the trails. As folks rolled in
Friday evening, we assembled around the makeshift camp
fire (a battery operated lamp) and started our first of two
pot-luck dinners. We hung out till dark, when Billie McGuire
and Paul Anderson sparked a real fire in the fire pit. The
ride Saturday morning was led by Billie’s friend, James, who
knew the trails better than most. We had a great first half
of the ride, stopped at a well-shaded area for lunch and
then headed back towards camp. On our way back, we unfortunately encountered an angry swarm of wasps that not
only split our group into two but also stung a few riders and
even some of the horses and a mule. Later that day, things
settled back into the usual fun-filled activities of food, drink
and even some unexpected local guests. All in all, it was a
fabulous time, and we hope more will join us next time!
The Mulligan Stew Ride and Silent Auction was our biggest
event of the year! It was held on September 27 at Gwen
Allen’s beautiful ranch in Acton. We had a nice turnout of
22 riders. The success was due in part to all the hard work
put into this by Corral 22 members. Sharon Richardson, Eric
Swain and Rachel Swain pre-rode. Bill Pollard and Tina Pollard set up the auction. Chuck and Susan DuBay, Red Hannah, Pam Patterson and others worked the auction which
was a tremendous amount of work. A very special thanks
goes to Bill Pollard for doing the organizing. Chuck and
Susan DuBay worked the sign-ins. Chefs John Richardson,
Walt Connor, Jim Renze and Susy Ellinger prepared the delicious stew. Tina Pollard prepared the salads, and Susy
Ellinger made the garlic bread and supervised. Dwayne Gipson, John Richardson and Bill Bartlett ran the Goody Wagon
and did a splendid job! Thank you, Sharon Richardson, our
trail boss, and Kat Ungamrung, Billie McGuire and Craig Tognazzini, our drag riders. Thanks to Joe Tubbs who helped
us out when we encountered a closed trail and needed help
to re-route the ride. Joe knows these trails well and was
able to head us in the right direction. Just goes to show you
that even with a pre-ride, unexpected things can happen!
November 23rd: Challenger Park Ride in Simi Valley. This
will be a 4-5 hour ride with moderate inclines/declines, some
singletrack trails and beautiful views. Horses should be in
shape. Please pack a lunch and bring a halter. For directions, please visit our website. Please contact Kathleen Ungamrung with questions ([email protected] or 626-5906972).
December 21st: Griffith Park Christmas Ride. More information to follow next month.
If you would like more information about our Corral or upcoming rides and events, please visit our website www.corral22.com.
Happy Trails!
Ivy Murillo
Volume 14, Issue 7
Corral 37
Corral 34
La Tuna Canyon
Pres. Jeanette Provolt
(818) 951-2360
Conejo Riders, Thousand Oaks
Pres. Ken Young
(805) 499-4970
Corral 35
Corral 38
Oak Canyon Riding Club
Pres. Dottie Hilliard
(626) 335-7112
Griffith Park Equestrians
Pres. Diana Hoch
(818) 841-6422
Corral 36
Mountain Ridge Riders
Agoura/Calabasas/Malibu/Monte Nido
Pres. Vikki Siemons
(818) 400-0909
Pierce College Parade of Breeds
Corral 38’s Christmas Caroling Ride will take place on December 21 on Sunday. Decorate your horses and yourself
and join us. Non-riders welcome, trucks will be available for
their transportation. We will meet at 1 pm, on Allen Street,
next to Bar S Stables. Bring donations of canned or packaged food to collect for Burbank Temporary Aid.
Our High Point Winners for 2014 will be announced soon.
The Day of the Horse, an annual event organized by the L.A.
Equine Advisory Committee (EAC), took place in downtown
City Council Chambers on October 22. The L.A. Equine Advisory Committee (EAC) was created by L.A. City Council.
Each City Council member appointed one representative
from their district to the Committee. It is a historic first
as Los Angeles has never had official representation to City
Council. The EAC has done Day of the Horse Celebrations at
L.A. City Council for several years.
40 or more different breeds
of equines and their relations
at the Pierce Equestrian Center! You just might get to
see some unusual “equids”
as well!
Corral 36 members sharing in the Parade of Breeds
and Katrina Britner;
also Pierce student
Katya Lapins who has
worked with Stephanie and Pony Cross
Your scribe, Lynn Brown, is the V.P. of the Equine Advisory
Committee. She organized this Day of the Horse event with
help from Mary Benson, Boardmember of the EAC. Mary
Benson and Sarah Williams were a great help in bringing
Youth riders to be honored at the event. It was a huge success, with 17 Youth groups with over 100 attendees.
Please see this issue of ETI magazine for more photos and
information on the Day of the Horse.
Farm’s Welsh Ponies and
Cob since the age of 14.
The Headworks project, between Tunnel 7 and Tunnel 8 is
nearing completion and is soon to be filled with water from
Silver Lake reservoir. There is a Federal Mandate that all
drinking water sources must be covered. The last work to
be done is hooking up the pipes that will carry water into the
Headworks building. Upon completion, the concrete building will be covered over with dirt, and native plants will be
planted over it.
Stephanie Abronson
Equestrians have been promised a trail within the Headworks
area. There is a possibility of diverting some water
from the L.A. River to create a wetlands habitat for
Equestrian Trails, Inc.
birds. The 134 Freeway is along what is known as the Pacific
Flyway, a waterfowl route. This trail is a couple of years off,
as the second tank will begin construction.
The second tank will be built at Headworks. However, it will
be farther to the west, and construction should not be an
issue with the current horse trails.
Martinez Arena will be closed for a couple of weeks in November. L.A. Recreation and Parks will be grading and resanding the arena. It is much needed maintenance. Also,
more new trees are planned to be planted there as well. It
will be an inconvenience to riders and people turning out
their horses as it will be shut down completely for a short
while. However, it will benefit all horse owners once the
work is done.
Corral 38’s Vice President, Lynn Brown, has been appointed
to serve on the newly created Griffith Park Advisory Board.
There were a large number of applicants for seats on the
Board, and she is the only equestrian in the group.
Lynn Brown
Corral 43
Tri Valley Riders
Pres. Melinda Huber-LaVallee
(951) 780-1251
Corral 54
Rocky Hill Riders, Chatsworth
Pres. Mary Kaufman
(818) 326-5772
As the holidays approach, everyone gets so busy they don’t
even remember what they are all about. Take a few minutes
when you’re riding in the hills to look around and see the
wonders of nature. On top of a horse is the best place to be
while taking it all in.
Corral 57
Sespe Riders, Ojai
Pres. Linda Dezeeuw
(805) 205-4816
Corral 65
Kern Equestrian Riders, Bakersfield
Pres. Helen Ordway
(661) 201-8152
Corral 66
Route 66 Riders, Barstow/Hinkley
Pres. Beth Uzonyi
(760) 255-4767
Welcome to our newest members, Deanne Nevarez and
Theresa Eddy. Deanne has been riding with us since last
year on her mustang gelding Lumpy. Theresa just moved
to Barstow with her three appaloosas and joined us on the
Peggy Sue ride on Doc. They are both a welcome asset to
our club.
October 25 was our annual Peggy Sue Charity Ride. Our
chosen charity this year was the Barstow Humane Society.
We had 24 riders, and the weather was great. We ended it
with a great lunch at Peggy Sue’s Diner in Yermo, right before the wind came up. We’ll have the donation tally in the
next newsletter. Four of our riders were endurance riders,
so they rode to the ride, went on the ride, then rode all the
way home, probably about 25 miles in total…Hats off to Lyn,
Nick and AJ Schwartz, and Beth Brockman.
November 15 will be our last trail ride of the year at Red
Rock State Park in Cantil, near Mojave. It will be about a
four hour ride of varying terrain. There are bathrooms at the
staging area, but no water. Bring a lunch. We’ll be riding
out at 10am. For more details, call Beth at (760) 255-4767.
Our November general meeting will be nominations and
elections for the 2015 officers. Any questions, call Beth at
(760) 255-4767 or see our Facebook page.
We will have had our Trail Trial by the time the magazine
comes out. I hope many of you attended it. We staged it in
a new place, and we hope it will go well.
Our Christmas Party will be on December 5 at Rancho San
Antonio (Boys Town) in Chatsworth. The dinner is $20.00
per person with a RSVP and $25.00 at the door. Please call
Marilyn Ruzicka at (818) 882-7724 to make reservations.
Hope to see you on the trail.
[email protected]
Corral 70
Cross Road Riders
Lucerne/Apple Valleyv
Sue Purbaugh
(760) 953-8556
Volume 14, Issue 7
Corral 77
Saugus Saddle Club
Pres. Liz Ekeberg
(661) 297-7669
means a $10.00 tie up fee for non-residents. Seeing deer
and elk out there is OK, but let’s hope there are no close-ups
with bears as there have been a lot of sightings over there
Looking forward to cooler riding weather ahead!
Corral 83
Tehachapi Mountain Riders
Pres. Carolyn McIntyre
(661) 822-9533
Our Deer Creek/Pipeline trail ride on October 9 was a fun
blend of challenge and relaxing with nature. The challenging
part was crossing Chanak Creek in four different places that
get progressively more difficult. The more inexperienced
horses try to “cheat” by stepping on stones to get over each
crossing and in some cases even try to jump, however, we
managed to get everyone across with no mishaps. As this
creek runs steadily all year round with recycled water, it’s
one of the few places in Tehachapi where we can practice
this skill. After getting past the creek, we encountered the
next challenge of a beautiful bull elk on the trail. He seemed
to think that the trail was his territory, so we weren’t going
to argue with him and took a small detour.
Carolyn McIntyre
President, Corral 83
Corral 86
Vasquez Vaqueros
Aqua Dulce/Canyon Country/Acton
Pres. Irving Blank
(661) 268-0098
On October 6, we had our planning meeting for our 2015
rides and camping trips. We are looking forward to a funfilled year with some of our popular annual rides, some new
events including a beach ride, and a repeat of our “mountain man” ride which was resurrected this year but will have
more challenges next year. We hope you can join us for
some of these events.
Larry and Sharon Van Loon
[email protected]
Corral 88
Tri Community Horsemen
Phelan/Pinon Hills/Wrightwood
Pres. Eileen Martin
(760) 447-2069
At our October potluck, we voted to donate funds to United
Pegasus Foundation, Second Chance Ranch and the Oak
Creek Wild Horses…All worthy horse rescues and causes.
The Oak Creek Wild Horses are Tehachapi’s own wild herd
who live out in the vicinity of the wind farms and appear to
have descended primarily from Morgans. Trainer Jeremy
Dunn is championing these horses, and some are pulled
from the herd and trained each year to be put up for sale.
The drought has resulted in an increased need for purchased
hay as grazing has been so poor.
Our next Corral ride will be in Bear Valley Springs on November 6, led by Carol Hellyer (661-821-0361). Bear Valley
Equestrian Trails, Inc.
Corral 99
Tulare Country Joy Riders
Tulare/Kaweah/Three Rivers/Visalia
Pres. Karen Tuttle
We had our Fall Ride at Lake Kaweah on Saturday, October
18, with 6 riders. Unfortunately, we were not able to have a
barbecue this year as we didn’t have anyone to do the barbecuing. The six riders brought sack lunches, and the corral
provided the drinks and dessert. It was a 2½ to 2¾ hour
ride over hill and dale with some dirt road riding. There was
water in the river, and we were able to let the horses drink
and play in the water at the turn-around spot. The lake is
low this time of year, especially so with our drought conditions. The hillsides were dry. We had been warned to watch
for snakes, but luckily we didn’t see any. Our weather was
perfect, a little chilly in the morning, but warmed up to about
80 in the afternoon.
Our next event will be a talk on equine nutrition to be given
by Heidi A. Rossow, PhD, who is an Assistant Professor of
Ruminant Nutrition Management at the University of California Davis, Veterinary Medicine Teaching and Research
Center in the auditorium at 18830 Road 112, Tulare CA at
1:00pm on November 15. Any questions or for directions,
call Karen Tuttle at (559) 688-8871.
Karen Tuttle
Corral 103
Hesperia Happy Horsemen
Hesperia/Apple Valley
Pres. Craig Bost
(760) 964-5020
Corral 118
Simi Valley
Pres. Dan Mayer
(805) 581-3150
The last show is all rolled up and done! What a great ending to another horse show season! Congratulations are due
to everyone who worked so hard to put on our shows, who
worked so hard to show up and show off, who enjoyed their
horses through it all! Remember to appreciate all the successes and accomplishments along the way, however big or
small! Not all “wins” are posted on a card or chart, but they
are just as important! And if you did get a ribbon or prize,
we are all so happy for you! We want you to come back next
season too!
Everyone can check our website at www.eti118.org for final
horse show point tallies and placings for all the classes and
divisions. We will celebrate those lucky winners at our annual party, also known as the “Year-End Awards Banquet” in
early 2015. Details will be announced soon!
In true Corral 118 style, the Horse Show Committee dug in
their spurs and galloped straight on into next year! They
threw their loops and dallied up quick to wrangle us some
prime horse show dates! So tack this list up on the barn
2015 Horse Show Schedule
April 12 - Season Opener
May 17
June 7
June 12 - Rain Date (rain?!?!)
August 30
October 4
Volume 14, Issue 7
All shows are single-day events held on Sundays at the
Gateway/Arroyo Equestrian Center in Simi Valley.
Nominations are closed!
The annual nomination period for Corral 118 Officers is
closed. We found many robust volunteers to “walk the talk!”
They have something to say and good ideas to share!
We strive to be responsive and love implementing ideas and
changes that serve the best interests of our membership.
So don’t just stand on the sidelines! Join in! Consider one
of our committees - we love the help! And there is always a
place for you as a volunteer at the horse shows!
We love volunteers! We love volunteers!
Talk is cheap but work is . . . well, uh . . . FREE!
We only pay in the currency of camaraderie, satisfaction and
pride. But those are riches indeed!
Honoring our Veterans on November 11
Happy Thanksgiving! November 27
Here’s to golden miles and miles of...
Good riding until next time.
Beth Haney
Corral 126
Santa Clara Valley Equestrian Riders
Fillmore/Santa Paula
Pres. Danelle Williams
(805) 644-7094
Corral 138
Barrel Springs Riders
Antelope Valley/Palmdale
Pres. Kimberly Dwight
(661) 478-2770
Corral 138 Rides
Many of our Corral members participated in the “Area” ride
October 19 hosted by Area director Karen Dagnan. We saw
a deer on the two hour ride through rolling hills and had
lunch in the staging area below her house near Agua Dulce.
We plan to do this again next year.
Our third or fourth Halloween Poker ride was well attended
on October 25. It’s the first official event we were able to
hold under our newly completed shelter.
November 1, we’ll go to Llano for a ride in the desert. This
popular ride attracts members from several adjacent Corrals.
Enjoy Thanksgiving and do your Black Friday Christmas
shopping so you can meet us at Sweetwater Movieland in
Agua Dulce to play on their obstacles on Saturday, November 29. Contact me for details at [email protected]
December 9 is our EIGHTH annual Christmas Toys for Tots
ride. We’re meeting at LaCabana restaurant at 9:00. Bring
an unwrapped toy and stay for lunch if you like.
Kimberly Dwight
ETI Corral 138 Barrel Springs Riders
Corral 210
Sunland Riders
Sunland/Gibson Ranch
Pres. Jeanette Provolt
(818) 951-2360
Corral 357
Saddleback Canyon Riders
Trabuco Canyon/Orange County
Pres. Rick Balthaser
(949) 439-2414
Saddleback Canyon Riders wrapped up the summer season
and galloped into Fall with a very busy, if not im-pressive,
October. Historically, our club participates in October trail
maintenance in O’Neill Park; located right in the heart of
Trabuco Canyon, home of corral 357. This year, we found
ourselves in O’Neill Park on the first Sat-urday, but not for
trail work…That is being rescheduled. The park’s annual
“Acorn Day”, an event focusing on the outdoors, nature,
wildlife, and a glimpse into life outside in years gone by
found ETI Corral 357 with a table featuring equestrian living
and how horses enhance our lives. We had a game table for
the children visitors complete with prizes. I don’t think I’d
be exaggerating if I said we were one of the most popular
tables at the event. Our club and our membership cherish
the opportunity we have to enjoy so many beautiful trails in
O’Neill and always seize the opportunity to give back. Please
see our November newsletter on our website to read more
about Acorn Day. A big thanks to our own Karen Hopkins
Balthaser and her crew for all their efforts in making this a
huge success.
We also enjoyed the last Play Day of the year with the coveted silver buckle awarded in the youth and adult di-visions.
I think I speak for the entire club when I say watching our
youth enjoy such a fun day with friends, family, and horses
makes it one of the best events we put out there. It’s fun
to watch the big kids, too. We also had a ride to Imperial Beach scheduled for Octobe,r but that was rescheduled.
There is still time to join us for a ride along the California/
Mexico border and ride along the shoreline on Saturday, November 15. Go to our website at www.
Equestrian Trails, Inc.
saddlebackcanyonriders.com for more information and to
sign up! We wish everyone a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.
Debbie Kelly
Here are our corral events:
Saturday, November 15: Imperial Beach Ride. Leaving at
7:00am and return late afternoon. Contact Rich Gomez
[email protected] or Terry Roberts [email protected]
Saturday, November 8: Trail maintenance day at O’Neill
park. Meet at the Nature Center at 8:00am. Contact Jim
Iacono for more information at www.fontissolutions.com.
November 23 month end ride is canceled.
Patti Gomez
Secretary, Corral 357
Corral 777
Sweet Water Rough Riders
Acton/Aqua Dulce
Pres. Richard Villasenor
(661) 810-8971
Volume 14, Issue 7
Equestrian Trails, Inc.
ETI National Programs
Gymkhana High Point Series
was initiated in 2010. The program is based on CA Gymkhana Assoc. (CGA) rules. Open
to all age riders in all Corrals.
Chairperson is Tracy Boldroff
([email protected]).
Contact her to join the High Point Gymkhana
Program or to have your Corral hold a High Point
Gymkhana or become the chair.
Horse Shows ETI has a National High Point
Circuit. High Point Chairs are Kim Estrada [(818)
522-7048 or [email protected]
com and Darian Binkley (805)
[email protected]
gmail.com. Non-ETI members can
participate in our ETI High Point
Shows. But to be a part of the
National High Point Circuit you must be an ETI
member and sign up for your classes. You may
sign up any time. Your points will only be included
once you have joined the High Point Circuit. The
new circuit starts February 3.
The Junior Ambassador Program is open to
all ETI youth age 7 to 21. Boys are welcome for
the Prince and King category. Applications for the program may be obtained by
calling Debbie Foster at the
ETI Office (818) 698-6200
or [email protected] The completed
forms are due back in the office in May 1st with
all fees, sponsors, autobiography and pictures.
This is a great way for our youth to represent
their Corral and ETI. Participants volunteer their
time at several mandatory events as well as many
horse shows; trail trials, parades, trail dedications,
quarterly dinner meetings and fun events just for
the Junior Ambassador Court such as the retreat!
Contact Debbie or any of the girls who have participated for more info on the fun activities.
Trail Rider Award Program
(TRAP) keeps computerized logs
on how many hours members are
riding. In this day and age, when
trails are giving way to housing
developments, it is crucial that records be kept on trail usage. ETI Corrals in all areas are finding themselves having to defend their
riding areas more and more against encroaching
civilization. On several occasions, TRAP records
have been instrumental in maintaining trail access.
ETI TRAP acknowledges hours in the saddle with
shoulder patches & pins that can be attached
almost anywhere. The fee to join TRAP is only
$12.00 (you must maintain current ETI membership); then the TRAP membership is maintained
each year for only $6.00. You will start by receiving the TRAP main shoulder patch and your
log sheets. As you achieve the hour goals additional patches will be sent to you. Carol Elliott is
the TRAP chair. Please contact (760) 963-8209 or
[email protected]
Trail Trials: An ETI Sanctioned Trail Trial consists of a trail ride, usually averaging between two
and three hours, with trail obstacles along the way. Obstacles are natural, or simulate
naturally occurring conditions
for the horse and rider to negotiate. We now have a DVD
from a clinic demonstrating obstacles and tips to
compete or put on a Trail Trial. It is important
to remember that the people doing the judging
at sanctioned Trail Trial event are volunteers following the rulebook and are doing thwe best they
can. Safety, control, and common sense are the
number one priorities for all ETI sanctioned Trail
Trials. Trail Trials are open to ETI members and
Non-members. There are three divisions: Juniors
for youth 14 years (as of Jan. 1st) and under;
Novice and Open. Please contact the ETI office
at (818) 698-6200 [email protected]
Volume 14, Issue 7
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ETI Members
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Classified (three lines) $10
Special discount rates for Full and ½ page with 12 month contract (4 printed issues& 8 digital issues) Payment in full required. Call office.
All insertion rates are costs PER ISSUE and are due at EQUESTRIAN TRAILS (ISSN 00139831) 178160 is published bi-monthly by
time AD is submitted (unless a contract is signed for the
Equestrian Trails Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to the Acquisi3X or annual rate).
tion and Preservation of Trails, Good Horsemanship, and Equine Legislation.
Organized in 1944. Office of the publication is located at 2880 Sacramento
Ave Acton, CA 93510. Printed by Wright Color Graphics, Sun Valley, CA.
Periodical postage paid in Glendale, California and at additional mailing offices. All rights reserved. The editor, staff, and board of directors of EQUESTRIAN TRAILS are not responsible for opinions and statements expressed
in signed articles, unsolicited mail or paid advertisements. These opinions
are not necessarily the opinions of the editor, staff, and board of directors of
We are publishing ONLINE every month.
this publication. Unsolicited material may or may not be printed depending
Checklist For Membership Application Cards
on space and content. Reproduction of any article in whole or part, or any
Be sure to use the standard cards and not paper forms. If artwork or graphics, is by permission of this publication or author/artist only.
you need more cards please let us know.
DEADLINE: All material (editorial or advertising) must be received no later
Please Check Cards For Completeness And Legibility. than the tenth of the month preceding the date of issue. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Send old address as well as new one to ETI ~ P.O. Box 1138 Acton,
Oftentimes the information on the cards is hard to read.
CA 93510. Change must include zip and Corral number. Change must be in
Membership fees are due on the member’s anniversary
the office by the 10th of the month to assure delivery of the next month’s isdate. Please notify members a month in advance of their
sue. The post office will not forward copies unless you provide extra postage.
anniversary date and send them a Membership Application
card to complete and return to your Corral. If they renew If change is not made with the ETI office, your magazine could be delayed
late, 90 days or more, their anniversary date will change. getting to your new address for three to six months. POSTMASTER: send address changes to Equestrian Trails Inc. P.O. Box 1138 Acton, CA 93510.
Anyone who does not have current membership must pay
Ad rates are for camera-ready artwork. Any setup
will be charged at $35 per page, ½ tone of pictures
are $10 each. Commercial advertisers, use 85 linescreen. Please submit using paper print or paper
print and disk. Email Sarah at email above.
single event fees at events.
NOT RECEIVING YOUR MAGAZINE? 1. Please check with the ETI Office to
make sure your membership is current. 2. Change of address, see above.
3. If the Office says you are not current, check to see if your Corral has
processed your membership and has sent it in. 4. If this is all correct and
Basic membership amounts are Family $50;
the Office is printing a label for you, please check with your local Post Office.
Senior $35; Junior $30. At Large Memberships Since we mail “periodical” (second class), the Post Office can hold this mail
are Family $70; Senior $50; Junior $45. Some from 3-5 days. Since we are newsprint, sometimes we get mixed up with the
Corrals charge additional amounts. Please
weekly supermarket sales flyers. It helps to let your Postman or the Post Ofcontact a Corral or send to ETI, P.O. Box 1138,
fice know that you are not receiving your mail.
Send cards in A.S.A.P. Don’t hold them. For Single
membership, list only the person applying for membership
and no one else.
Acton, CA 93510.
Name (last):___________________________ First__________________ Corral_______ *
Mailing Addre ss:______________________________________Spouse:______________
City: ________________________________________State : ________Zip:____________
Phone :___________________________ O ccupation:______________________________
Email Address: _____________________________________________________________
______ Junior (unde r 18) Birthdate _____ _____ _____ Dues Paid_______________
______ Adult (ove r 18)
Due s Paid_______________
______ Family Sr “ ________ Jr. # ________
Dues Paid_______________
Ne w ______ Re ne w _______ or Changing from Corral # ________ to Corral # ______
Signature : ______________________________________________Date :______________
Parent’s signature if Junior only membe rship-unde r 18
Ple ase send me information for a Corral in my are a. ETI (818) 698-6200
All ETI rides and events require that
participants complete both sides of the
ETI Waiver and Release.
Non members must complete a
Single Event form and pay $5.00 for an
individual for the day or weekend-camping membership. $3.00 of this is to be
sent with the forms back to the ETI office. A family membership for the event
is $7.00; $5.00 goes to the ETI office.
The Waivers/Release as well as Single
Event forms need to be received at the
ETI office within two weeks of event.
Mark Your Calendars!
Is there someone in your corral
who always goes beyone the call of
duty? Shines above the rest?
Consider nominating them for
“ETI’s Star Performer”.
Just send an email stating why they
deserve to be recognized to:
Due to Special Olympics at
the LAEC, ETI’s National
Convention & Horse Show
will be one month earlier!
See you
June 25 - 28, 2015!
[email protected]
Make sure to “like”
us on facebook!
Search for
“Equestrian Trials,
Equestrian Trails Foundation
Equestrian Trails, Inc. is a non-profit organization, but not a 501(c)(3), public benefit corporation. What this
means is that donations to ETI are not tax-deductible as charitable contributions. Businesses who “donate” are
actually advertising or doing business promotion, which they may deduct as an ordinary business expense.
When ETI was originally founded during World War II, it was a public benefit corporation, but over the last 50 years or
so, the organization evolved until the IRS re-classified us as non-profit social club like a Masonic lodge, or a Chamber
of Commerce.
In 2004 a new corporation was formed called Equestrian Trails Foundation with additional board members,
Robert Foster and Katie Twohy. On June 9, 2004, we received approval from the IRS as a 501 (c)(3) organization.
Initially, the Foundation will handle primarily educational and trail preservation issues. We are now accepting donations.
If you have any questions about donations to the Foundation, please leave a message for me at the ETI office (818)
698-6200 and I will return your call as soon as possible.
Anyone wishing to make a donation toward building the horse camp in Reagan Equestrian Campground may do so at
this time. Please make your check payable to ETI Foundation and send to the ETI Office: P.O. Box 1138, Acton, CA
93510. If you want your donation to be used only for the campground, please write “Reagan Equestrian Campground”
on your check.