General Faculty Committee Membership 2014 - 2016

General Faculty Committee Membership 2014 - 2016
Committee on Committees (3) (to be elected from 2014-2018)
Yochi Cohen-Charash (Psychology)
Meir Lubetski (Modern Languages)
Morris Schwartz (Statistics & Information Systems)
Committee on Committees (3) (for a four-year period 2012-2016)
Greg Chen (School of Public Affairs)
Christopher Hessel (Economics & Finance)
Rebecca Merkin (Communication)
Committee on Collegiate Athletic Activities (3)
Marc Edelman (Law)
Andrew Sloin (History)
Michael Waldman (Library)
Committee on Ceremonial Occasions (5)
Angela Anselmo (Seek)
Cory Evans (Philosophy)
Rebecca Merkin (Communication)
Valerie Schawaroch (Natural Science)
Vilna Bashi Treitler, Chair of Black and Latino Studies
Committee on Educational Technology (6)
Debra Caplan (Fine & Performing arts)
Joseph Hartnett (Newman Library)
Elizabeth Heath (History)
Kannan Mohan (Statistics & Information Systems)
Barry Rosen (Marketing and International Business)
John Yu (Modern Languages)
Joint Committee on Research (2)
Vincent DiGirolamo (History)
Guillaume Haeringer (Econ & Finance)
Faculty-Student Disciplinary Committee (6)
Sarah Harney (Mathematics)
David Hoffman (SPA)
Harry Rosen (Management)
Geanne Rosenberg (Journalism)
Shigeru Suzuki (Modern Languages)
Robert Wagner (Law)
Committee on Financial Aid (7)
Greg Chen (SPA)
Mingcherng Deng (Accounting)
Stephan Dilchert (Management)
Samuel Johnson (Psychology)
Rita Ormsby (Newman Library)
Shigeru Suzuki (Modern Languages)
Gloria Penn Thomas (Marketing)
Committee on Undergraduate Honors Program
Weissman School of Arts and Sciences (4)
Isolina Ballesteros (Modern Languages)
Stefan Bathe (Natural Sciences)
Vincent DiGirolamo (History)
Susan Tenneriello (fine & performing arts)
ii) Zicklin School of Business (4)
Michael G. Carew (Econ & Finance)
Daniel Higgins (Accountancy)
Jared Peifer (Management)
David Rosenberg (Law)
iii) School of Public Affairs (2)
Frank Heiland
Rachel Smith (School of Public Affairs)
Committee on the Library (6)
Ruth Adler (Modern Languages) -Chair
Anna Boozer (History)
Michael G. Carew (Economics & Finance)
Cory Evans (Philosophy)
Elizabeth Heath (History)
Andrew Sloin (History)
Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Awards (4)
Cory Evans (Philosophy)
Peter Gregory (Mathematics)
Rebecca Merkin (Communication Studies)
Chris Tuthill (Newman Library)
Secretary of the General Faculty (1) (for a three year period)
Arie Harel (Statistics & CIS)
Baruch's delegation to the University Faculty Senate
Full Senators (three year terms from 2014-2017
- Jana O’Keefe Bazzoni (Communications Studies)
- Katherine Pence (History)
- Jay Weiser (Law)
- Terrence Martell (Econonics & Finance)
Alternate Senator:
- Theodore Henken (Black & Latino Studies; Sociology & Anthropology)