NEWSLETTER Week 6 11/11/2014

Week 6
Term 4
Upcoming Events
P&C Meeting in the Staffroom 7.30pm
PSSA Cricket Junior – North Ryde RSL Oval
PSSA Cricket Senior – North Ryde Oval
PSSA Softball/T-Ball – Morrison Bay
Year 6 Cake Stall
Stage 3 Science Incursion All day
Stage 3 Science Incursion All day
Music Information Evening 6.30pm in Hall
Wednesday 12 November
Friday 14 November
Friday 14 November
Friday 14 November
Tuesday 18 November
Wednesday 19 November
Thursday 20 November
Tuesday 25 November
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Principal’s Desktop
Mrs Anne Thompson Retiring: Mrs Anne Thompson, one of our classroom teachers has announced that after
over 30 years of service to Denistone East PS she will be retiring from teaching on Friday 28 November. On behalf
of the teachers, students and Denistone East community, I would like to wish Anne all the very best in her
retirement years and thank her for all her hard work, dedication and commitment to the school over the many,
many years she has worked here. Anne has made valuable contributions to the lives of many of our students and
to the school over the years and will be sadly missed. I am sure you will join me in wishing Mrs Thompson all the
best for her impending retirement and the challenges and adventures that lie ahead.
The school will be hosting a farewell for Anne on Friday 28 November.
Enrolments 2015: If you are aware that your circumstances have changed and you will not be joining us for the
2015 school year could I please request that you contact the school office this week to inform them of your
changing circumstance. As we have already commenced our ongoing planning for the class structures, room
allocations and teacher appointments for 2015 it is vitally important that we are aware of any students who may not
be returning to Denistone East. Your support in keeping us informed is greatly appreciated.
High School Selective Applications - Applications close 17 November 2014: A reminder that High School
Selective Application Forms for Year 5 students for placement in 2016 is open. Parents must apply online at Applications close 17 November 2014.
Community Thank You Breakfast: On Tuesday 2 December from 8.00am – 9.15am the staff in conjunction with
the Student Representative Council will be providing a thank you breakfast to our school community. This is a small
gesture of thanks for all the support received over the past twelve months from the community in so many different
ways. We look forward to seeing many of you on the morning.
Remembrance Day: Each year Australians observe one minute’s silence at 11 am on 11 November, in memory of
those who died or suffered in all wars and armed conflicts. This morning, our students participated in a ceremony to
recognise this important event led by our school leaders and supported by the SRC with the laying of poppies. I
would like to thank Corporal Raccosta, one of our Defence Force parents, for his attendance at the ceremony.
Semester 2 Reports: Teachers are in the process of writing the K-6 reports. Reports will be sent home on Friday
12 December.
Tania Bogdanovic, Relieving Principal
Award Recipients
The Gold Badge Award Assembly will be held in Week 9, students will be published in the school newsletter in
Week 8.
Silver Badges: Esther C, Shirley K, Sofia P, Jack E (KP), Myra M (KR), Daniel C (1H), Lindsay L, Robert P (1J),
Zara J (1O), Stanley L, Rikesh G, Tom B (1P), Ryan L, Holly T (1S), Aarish M (2B), Paulina L, Shireen M, Timothy
C (2E), Stephanie K (2R), Jack L, Michael H, Noah C (2T), James M, Grace R, Kelly L (3B), Mila A (3L), Emily C
(3M), Ryan V (3S), Madeleine I, Darren Y (4B), Subin H, Imogen D, Laynie L (4H), Mia P, Zak D, Ryan C (4K),
Elisa Y, Mallory L, Christina C, Dillon L, Maggie L, Evelyn H, Royale C (4M), Andrea T, Elena K, Nixie N (4RB),
Eddy W (5C), Justin L (5J), Matthew T (5R), Lily W (5T), Briony K (6B), Anaya M (6K), Will C (6T)
Bronze Badges: Elliott L (KP), Junyi L, Sophia K, Elizabeth Y, Abi R, Sophia L (KY), Eliot W, Sienna S, Joy K
(1H), Fatimah S (1J), Ellie H, Seraphina L, Nathan T (1M), Harry L (1O), Iris H (1P), Rex Z (1S), George X, Ryan
C, Ashwin T (2B), Angelo M (2E), Jeffrey L (2H), Isaac L, Tarun S, Dylan Z, James C (2R), Ben M, Maya U (2T),
Jake I, Jimmy M, Anthony I, Ethan O, Macey K, Anabel L (3B), Patrick C, Natasha G, Matthew L, Angus K, Owen
J, Hamish I (3L), Simon Z, Spring L, Austin H, Emily X, Andrew B, Charlie P, Seojun J (3M), Sevana J, David M,
Aryaman S (3S), Thomas L (4B), Charlie L, John D (4H), Andre E, Noah C, Matthew M (4K), Jack A, Alyssa M,
Lucas V, Nadine K (4RB), Abraham A (5C), Lily A, Jayden T, Lucas E, Nathan N, Harrison N (5J), Joanna K,
Nathan L (5R), Brian M (5T), Meg J (6B), Nicolas F, Eugene K (6S)
Australian Mathematics Competition 2014: In the 2014 Australian Mathematics Competition the following seven
students were awarded a High Distinction: Ethan, Maggie, Jason, Mallory 4M, Matthew 5R, Bryan, Kai 6S.
Another fifty-two students received a Distinction: Alicia 3M, Joanne 3B, Austin 3M, William 3M, Angie 3M, Anisa
3M, Jonathan 3B, Brian 3B, Joshua 3S, Edlyna 3M, Sunny 3L, Lachlan 3M, Danny 3M, Christina 4M, Sally 4B,
Selina 4M, Peter 4K, Melissa 4M, Elissa 4M, Harry 4M, Liam 4M, Winston 4M, Angela 4M, Kayleig 4M, Darren 4B,
Sarah 4M, Daniel 4K, Dillon 4M, Royale 4M, Brandon 5R, Luca 5R, Raymon 5R, Justin 5J, Isabella 5R, Yi Ming
5R, Vaheeson 5R, Angus 5R, Joanna 5R, Melissa 5R, Christopher 5R, Tiya 5R, Nathan 5R, Isabella 5R, Eugene
6S, Tiffany 6S, Stella 6S, Tara 6S, Briony 6B , Hera 6S, Sarah 6S, Chris 6S and Oneli 6S.
A special congratulations to the following students who received a prize for achieving a near perfect score: Emily
3M, Patrick 3M and Sriram 4M. These students will receive their awards at the end of year Presentation Day on the
12 December 2014.
Kindergarten Enrolments: Any parent who is yet to complete an enrolment form, or who is required to submit
further documentation should contact the school office to finalise enrolment requirements.
PBEL Focus: Congratulations to all the safe, respectful, learners who have
earned their bronze, silver and gold certificates, and bronze and silver badges
this week. It is great to see so many students modelling and practising our
school core values. The PBEL focus for week 6 is ‘Before school’. Be safe by
staying seated until the bell rings, play appropriate games and remember to
wear a hat or play in the shade. When playing games in the morning, be
considerate of others, share the space and play only with small balls. When you
arrive at school, drop your bag off in your designated area, and when you hear
the music, move to lines and get organised for the day ahead. Teachers will be
awarding strives to those students who are demonstrating these core values
before school this week.
Lucy Besson, PBEL Coordinator
PBEL: Could you please find the time to access the school website in the next
week and follow the link to the PBEL parent survey. The links that has gone out
via school email and in the newsletter do not let you bypass the school server
but accessing it through the school website will work.
Thank you, PBEL Team
Cake Stall: Year 6 will be holding the final cake stall for 2014. The stall will be next Tuesday 18 November. The
proceeds will go to the Year 6 fundraising instead of Wakakirri. They will still be eligible for the grand prize. So get
baking as we can't wait to sample the treats from the final Cake Stall this year. Chriss Roberts
MINI-FETE: The mini-fete is 2 weeks away! This year the annual mini-fete for the students of Denistone East will
be held on: Thursday, Week 8 27 November 2014 10:10am – 11:25am
As with every year we will be raising funds for Stewart House, so we encourage everyone to get involved! (Visit for details)
All Students: Keep saving your coins so you can bring plenty of change to spend at the mini-fete… remember that
you will be able to buy lots of wonderful things, play some fun games and support a great charity at the same time!
4-6 Students: We have received nearly all of your green mini-fete stall plans and, so far, we are very impressed!
It’s great to see so many groups coming up with creative ideas to help ensure that this year’s fete will be the best
one yet! Thank you and well done on your efforts so far! If you are yet to submit your stall plan then please be
quick: We’re starting to organise your stall locations today!
The Mini-Fete Team
This week’s bell song Party in the USA was chosen by Mrs Marsic
Sport News
2015 Swimming Carnival: We have managed to secure a booking at Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre for the 2015
Swimming Carnival in Term 1. This means that it is no longer necessary to hold the carnival in Term 4. The date
will be Thursday 5 March. More information will come at the start of next year.
Lucy Besson, Sports Coordinator
Softball: The softball teams played Truscott Street. Ji-su took a good catch and Eleanor did some good fielding.
Sousada also did some good pitching. Our hitting was unstoppable with a special mention to Isabella, Sarah and
Brianna. We won 17-3. A great result! Player of the Match goes to Eleanor and Most Improved to Sarah.
Olivia W - co coach
The boys had a very close game against Truscott Street. Unfortunately the opposition had a very strong third
innings and beat us 5-3. Kai had a great fielding game and is awarded Player of the Match. Most improved goes to
Liam! Lucy Besson
T-Ball: Last Friday the Junior Boys and Junior Girls T-ball teams played Truscott St at Meadowbank Park. In a very
closely contested game the boys tied 13 all. Even though the boys batted and fielded extremely well, the students
from Truscott St fielded extremely well and kept the scores close. Player of the Match was Ethan.
The girls continue to improve especially Charlotte who was named Player of the Match. The final score was
Denistone East 14 to Truscott Street's 4. Well done to all. Deb Ricketts
Cricket: Junior boys played an excellent game of cricket against Truscott St Primary. The score went to our boys;
59-28. Player of the Match was Cooper; the Skills Award went to Sriram while the Sportsmanship went to Sam P.
Well Done boys under difficult conditions.
The senior boys had a very close game this week. Some outstanding fielding and an unnerving attitude by our boys
sealed the game at a very close 1/52 to 3/50. Player of the Match went to Steven, the Skills Award went to Max
and the Sportsmanship Award went to Denzel. Lee Magri
P&C Update
Save the Date: P&C Meeting: Wednesday 12 November at 7.30pm
The next P&C Meeting will be held THIS Wednesday 12 November at 7.30pm in the staffroom.
Please come through the office doors and through the door on the right.
Please note: This is the last P&C meeting for this year
All welcome 
WRAP UP!: DEPS Annual Moonlight Market Night Again thank you to
everyone for such a great night. We did quite well considering we were
down a few regular stallholders who couldn’t make it this year.
Bigger and better next year then! To date the profit from the
Market night sits
just over $16,800!! Woohoo!!
We would like to take the time to thank those who volunteered
their time and effort leading up to and on the night. Many people worked
very hard to make this night a success.
Set Up: Justine E, Rowena H, Kelly H, Maria H, Gracie P, Dave I, Steph V, Michelle M, Sarah A, Ping H, Melissa
N, Margaret Z.
P&C stalls – gift baskets, glow products, info stall etc: Thank you to Rebecca W, Yan, Gabrielle S, Lin,
Elizabeth B, Sue H, Jeremy F, Shirley, Ying, Michelle A, Justin D, Naushad M, Joan, Sophie H, Ivy R, Frances D,
Jane Q, Nancy G, Joanne C, Jo T, Jenny Z, Dena F, Nancy K, Jono E, Kate C, Jo C, Yanping, Louli C, Shilpi S,
Ashok, Muna I, Jane Q, Michelle M, Grace K, Dale B, Megan C, Samit K, Josephine L, Dee C, Cathy T, Ke Z, John
H, Rae L, Penny Z, Neal S and Paul R. If I have forgotten anyone, please accept my apologies.
Chinese Food Stall: Helena and Carmen, Isabella H,Faith Y, Lili C, Phyllis F, Lina Q, Iris P, Connie L, Amy W, Mei
R, Nancy C, Kwan L, Amy P, Lisa N, Michelle M, Diane C, Penny W, Emily K, Tracey C, Shih mei L, Jian R and
Michelle L.
Korean Food Stall: Soojin L, June K, Melissa S, Sun Hye P, Elise K, Sung Mi S, Sally S, Namju K, Mihyun S,
Seung Eun L, Mina N, Hyun Jeong Kim, Julie Y, Annie J, Hyewon J, Ellen K, Hyo Kyoung J, Joo Young L, Man
Keum S,
Young K, Yu Mi K, Eun Mi B, Sunhee K, Ldyia P, Youngae Y, Sarah M, Sally S, Hyo Kyoung J, Soojin L, Min Sook
K, Seung Lae S, Ae Ran C, Esther Y, Cecillia C, Suk Kyung C, Catherine C, Yu Mi K, Namju K, Sandra L, Hye
Kyoung K, Yujung L, Ellen K, Mi Young L, June K, Ki Young Kelly Y, Lydia L, Sylvia H, Kipil L, Sung Hee K,
Sohyun P, Jungmi K, Heekyung K, Annie J, Celina C, Jung Min K, Julianna L, Lydia P, Claire K, Seung Lae S,
Mihyun S, Eunah P, Jin B, Sarah M, Ae Ran C, Sang Sook L, Jonghee L, Hyun Jung K, Ji Hyun C, Jin B.
Sri Lankan Food Stall: I am so pleased to let you know that this year’s Sri Lankan food stall at the moonlight
market night was a great success. I would like to convey our sincere thanks to following wonderful Sri Lankan
families at Deno. Ms.Vehalle, Mr. & Mrs.Kamarage, Mrs.Tompoe, Mr. & Mrs.Vithanage, Mr. & Mrs. Gunasinghe,
Karu Pallegedera ,Mr. & Mrs.Vijekuma, Ms. Liyanage, Mrs. Deva, Mrs.Sanjayan, Mrs. Suresh Kumar ,Mrs.
Kumaran, Mr Nagarajah , Mrs.Siva Vishnu and Mrs.Perera. I could not have done this without your generous
support. You all helped, make this possible and a great success!
Priyanka Pallegedera (Sri Lankan Food Stall Co-ordinator)
Indian Food Stall: To Seema M and all her helpers on the night. Please send a volunteer list so I can include in
next week’s newsletter.
Last but not least I need to thank those of the P&C who have put in a lot of time and hard work not just for the
Market but throughout the year:
Cindy L, Michelle M, Anna P, Bron P, Carmen C, Helena Y, Jo T, Jenn C, Jane C, Tammy S, Suzanna H, Elizabeth
B, Des C, Chris G, Naomi M, Rachel Y, Evelyn L and to those I have forgotten to thank in this newsletter.
Sincere thanks again to all of our volunteers, including our school executive, admin and teaching staff from set up
to clean up.
We did it!!
Kathleen Pedersen 0408 722 317 [email protected]
News: School Kiss and Ride/Drop off and Pick up Areas
A ‘Kiss and Ride Zone’ or ‘Drop-off and Pick-up’ area utilises existing 'No Parking'
zones around schools.
In these areas, drivers may stop to drop off or pick up children, however No Parking rules
Maximum stop time is 2 minutes
Driver must remain in or within 3 metres of the vehicle
Vehicle must not be left unattended
Fine Level: 3, Rule 168 (1)
Penalty $173 + 2 Demerit Points (School Zone)
Updated fine / penalties as at 1.7.14.
Rangers are about – Keep it Safe and Keep it Legal.
Walking Wednesdays: All kids are reminder to WALK to school EVERY
WEDNESDAY and put up your hand for the class tallies. Don’t forget to SLIP, SLOP
Active Kids = Healthy Kids.
P&C Traffic Committee - Jenn Clifton 0412 172 450 [email protected]
Save the Date: Family Portrait Fundraiser – LAST CHANCE THIS Sat 15
Only a short time left to take advantage of this amazing offer!
BOOK NOW and pay only $20 for a 15 minute sitting including 3 separate
poses with a professional photographer and receive a complimentary framed
10” x 13” portrait.
Convenient on-line booking system, go to: before it gets booked out
Karen Cokely
[email protected]
News: Trivia Questions (prepping for camp)
1. Which composer was able to write in spite of becoming almost totally deaf in later life?
2. To which family of musical instruments does the bassoon belong?
3. La Boheme, The Marriage of Figaro, Rigoletto and Aida are all examples of what?
(Answers further down)
Yes, the End of Year combined item is “Happy” from the “Despicable Me” movie soundtrack. Individual at
home practice starts NOW, and combined rehearsals start at Music Camp.
Camp also involves tutorials, main ensemble rehearsals, Conducting classes, music composition workshops,
combined item rehearsals, organized craft and sport with a Trivia Night on the Saturday evening!
Joining the Music Committee in 2015 There are many parents involved in the music committee who support the
coordinator and please consider joining the music committee in 2015. Roles available include: a liaison parent for
each ensemble / musical instrument coordinator / library / newsletter / events / music camp / School liaison.
No musical expertise is required for these roles. Contact Naomi Maslen ASAP
We still have many performance opportunities coming up in Term 4 which need volunteer help: Music
Information Night (25 Nov), EOY performance night (4 Dec) and DEPS’s first ever “Carols by Candlelight” (12 Dec)
Volunteers needed urgently for these events.. Please email Naomi if you are able to help with any/all of these
events. – thanks!
Music Camp: Saturday and Sunday 22-23 Nov Namaroo Conference Centre, Lane Cove
Music Info concert: Wednesday 19 Nov 9.30am Training Band + SB helpers
Save the Date: Music Information Night: Tuesday 25 Nov 6.30pm.
“Have fun making music together as a team”
Our ‘Music Information Night’ will be held at Tuesday 25 Nov 6.30pm start in the school hall (for
new students/parents)
We welcome all students from years 2 to year 4 to try out instruments and meet some of the tutors.
We are keen for more students to join our music teams next year.
2015 Ensemble auditions:
Monday 1 Dec 9.30am – 11am (all yrs 2-5 band players)
Tuesday 9 Dec 8am - 9am (all strings) in the Mandarin Room
School Scripture Christmas Service: Tuesday 2 Dec 9.30am combined Senior Band and Grainger to
accompany school singing of carols.
End of Year Performance Night: Thursday 4 December 6.30 pm in the school hall (all bands, strings, guitars and
Sri Lankan drummers involved)
DEPS Carols by Candlelight: 12 December - Senior Band/ Intermediate Band, Grainger and Sculthorpe String
ensemble and James Ruse HS students with singing by DEPS school students and special guests The Edge
dance school show team.
(1. Ludwig van Beethoven. 2. Woodwind. 3. Opera)
Naomi Maslen [email protected]
Christine Pringle 0411 516 139 [email protected]
CASUAL FRIDAY GARDENING CLUB (CFGC): On Friday we completed laying mulch on the
Lovell Rd garden bed, a big thank you to all of the families who have helped with planting,
watering and mulching this garden, it is looking
This week
We will be weeding, watering and mulching the
gardens near the office building, please meet
at ‘The Globe’.
What to bring:
Please bring, garden gloves, garden tools, buckets,
water bottles and an afternoon snack for children.
All children must be supervised by their parent or carer.
SUSTAINABILITY - Schools E-waste Challenge
This week we are undertaking the Schools E-waste Challenge.
 When: Monday 10 November - Sunday 16 November.
 Where: Our collection bin is inside the DEBASCA building.
 What: You can drop off your old computers (see list below) that
you do not want which can be collected and recycled.
The items:
If you have any of these items in your home or work place that you want to
dispose of please drop them off at DEBASCA this week.
Fax Machines
games / toys
Gardening & Environment Committee
New Uniform Store: Opening every Thursday afternoon 3-4pm and Friday morning 8.30-9.30am during the term.
Second Hand Uniform Store: Term 4 Opening Hours:
Week 6
21 November
8.30am to 9.30am
Week 8
5 December
8.30am to 9.30am
Located in the stand alone building behind the demountables on the Henderson St side of the school.
Canteen News
Year 6 School Leavers: Reminder if you are leaving primary school at the end of the year and you have a munch
monitor account please remember to use up all your remaining money before you leave as you cannot take it with
you to High School. If you have siblings remaining at DEPS your account will remain with them. Remember to
delete your “profile” out of the system when you leave DEPS in a few weeks.
Volunteers: A reminder the Canteen dinner is on Saturday 29 November, 7.00-7.30pm arrival (at Fedele’s Pizza in
East Ryde). Please RSVP by Friday 21 November. All Canteen helpers are invited.
Wednesday 12 November
Thursday 13 November
Friday 14 November
Monday 17 November
Tuesday 18 November
Wednesday 19 November
Thursday 20 November
Friday 21 November
Monday 24 November
Tuesday 25 November
Wednesday 26 November
Thursday 27 November
Friday 28 November
Noriko Pearson, Carmen Lam
Helen Yu
Elizabeth & Silvana Bignucolo
Leanna Robinson, Maria Sanna
Cindy Parry, Lorraine Cronin
Lisa Lia, Caroline Chanelian
Suzanne Hayes
Louli Caramanes, HELP NEEDED
Jo Toms
Linh Lieu, Jo Campisi
Kathleen Pederson, Michelle Moore
Sue Hirst, Joanne Craig
Julia Duda, Maria Sanna
Thanks for all your wonderful help in 2014. Don’t forget to RSVP for our dinner by 21 November and also RSVP for
2015 Rosters.
Community News
Exercise Class: Every Friday morning during term 9:20 - 10:45 at DEBASCA.
Everyone is welcome to join the stretching and toning as well as the (optional) aerobics.
Please bring a towel or mat. The class is "toddler friendly".
$2 contribution to the school P&C.
2014 College Tours
Ryde Secondary College will be conducting College tours throughout the year as follows:
Wednesday 19 November 3.30pm
Tours run for approximately an hour and a half starting from the school office. Enter via Malvina Street gate and
follow the path to the office. Please phone 9809 4894 to book. Also please advise the office if you need to cancel
your booking.
Parents/Guardians and children are welcome.
Single with Children A non-profit social group operated by the Single Parent
Family Association
Are you a Single Parent?
Every week Single with Children provides fun and exciting activities especially for
single parents and their children (many activities are subsidised or even free).
It’s a great way to meet and get to know people in your area.
To find out more and get a FREE copy of our social calendar, contact us today.
Call 1300 300 496 or visit website:
On December 6, 2014 Friends of Old Government House, Parramatta are holding
community Carols by Candlelight in front of Old Government House.
Carols by Candlelight at Old Government House, Parramatta (Parramatta Park)
Saturday 6 December 2014
Time: 7.00pm to 9.00pm Gates open 6.0 0pm
Start the festive season with a night of carols played by NSW Police Band. Enjoy Model
Farms High School students as they sing favourite contemporary Christmas songs and
enjoy a visit from Santa Claus.
Entry is via a gold coin and all funds raised go to support Old Government House and
Experiment Farm Cottage (two of our most precious heritage properties)
There will be a sausage sizzle, candles, drinks and several Christmas Hampers as a raffle.
Please bring rugs or low chairs for seating at the front of Old Government House.