* 26 years of ministry 1989 - 2014 *
1. Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands.
2. Serve the LORD with gladness: come before his presence with singing.
3. Know ye that the LORD he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his
people, and the sheep of his pasture.
4. Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and
bless his name.
5. For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.
Psalm 100
The A R M
of the LORD
News from and about Albany Rescue Mission, Inc.
November 2014
604 North Monroe Street
Albany, Georgia 31701
Vol. XXVI No. 11
Thrift Store
616 West Roosevelt Avenue
Albany, Georgia 31701
Prayer Requests
Please join us in prayer for
Celebrating our 26th Thanksgiving and Anniversary
Mr. Earl Dixon Prays for Earl Dixon Sr.
Mrs. Mary McKibben Prays for our country
Linda Hodge Prays for the end of hunger
Mr. James V. Davis Prays for Jean B. Davis & Himself
Phil Carter Prays for himself and his children
Bennie & Clara Hall Prays for our nation
Patti Crawford Prays for World Peace
Mrs. Judy Willis Prays for our nation
Elsie H. Stewart Prays for L.J. & Venice Roberts
Mary Sagendorph Prays for Mr.& Mrs. Melvin Durham
Mary F. Greene Prays for Our leaders
Carlene & Willie Corbett, Jr. Prays for their health
Barbara J. Bush Prays for Donna B. Kellogg
Barbara Caldwell Prays the sick everywhere
Mgy. Sgt. William (Ret.) & Mollie Hamby Prays for active duty marines
Mrs. Annie M. Kessinger Prays for all those who are grieving
Steve & Patricia Shellhaas Prays for The parents of Hannah Graham and missing children everywhere
Anonymous Prays for Albany Rescue Mission & their current financial situation
Louie A. Moore Marshall Prays for all of the mean, hateful and selfish people of the United States
Mr. & Mrs James A. Rigsby Jr. Prays for Pat Rigsby’s Back Problems
Michael & Pam Amos Prays for those in authority to have Godly wisdom
Donald & Gloria Smith Prays for their family, our country, and troops
Mrs. Jimmie Nell Davis Prays for Gaynelle Jacobsen’s salvation
Mrs. Juanita Lawson Prays for Mrs. Barbara Wright-who is paralyzed from the waist down
Kenneth & Pamela Florence Prays for Rosevelt Gaines & Family
Mr. & Mrs. James I. Davidson, Jr. Prays for Patricia Murdock
Linda & Samuel E Smith Sr. Prays for themselves & Family
Mr. & Mrs. Enos C. & Kathlene R Ney Prays for all our military, their families, our police, and all our
elected officials
Gloria Adams Prays for Nell Copson, Stacey Adams, and Pam Sterling
Laverne K. Croft Prays for our country
Mr. & Mrs. Oscar L. Jackson Sr. Prays for Oakridge Baptist Church
Ricardo & Lorene Thomas for Shelter in The Storm Prays for the salvation of the people of Albany
Mr. & Mrs. Charlie M. Sapp Prays for Samuel Mays, Andrew Daniels, Albert, Anthony, and Dwayne
Agape S. S. Class of Sherwood Baptist Prays for the Homeless
Sue Bedenbaugh Prays for all caregivers
Richard & Josephine Tyson Prays for James N. Mann
Kenneth E. Thornton Prays for Kenny Thornton, Jr.
Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2
If you have a prayer request that you would like to have published in the newsletter,
please make a clearly written note on your reply card or mail us a letter.
* Donation receipts update*
Dear Friends, We plan to mail out reciepts for your gifts dated in September and October by the end of
November. Thank you for your generosity and your patience!
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~ Giving thanks for God’s faithfulness during 25 years of ministry ~
Dear Supporters & Friends,
Let me take this time to thank all of you that support and pray for this ministry.
Without your support we could not provide all the services we do to all those in need.
We praise the Lord for all the good that happens here. Because of the Lord’s amazing
grace many lives have been changed. Again, thank you for caring.
At this time, our ministry is full. The Men’s Program Division is packed. Our
Women’s & Children’s Shelter is at capacity. We also had a graduation service for
several men and women. We are continuing to serve more than 7,500 meals a month
to our residents and to the public.
We are still in need of help to gear up for the holidays. Any help would be
appreciated so much. As we observe Thanksgiving, we praise the Lord for how He
has provided for our need. We are preparing for our annual Thanksgiving week
events. We plan to serve special holiday feasts to many people here at the Mission.
We also will be providing some of Albany’s most needy families with food bags and
turkeys for the holiday. Our ministry will be busy taking food bags and meals to many
people unable to get out to help themselves.
“How can you help?” Get involved in our canned food and non-perishable
item drive. We also need turkeys and hams. You can drop off your donations at 604
N. Monroe or call 229-435-7615 to arrange a pick up. Monetary donations
should be mailed to 604 N. Monroe St., Albany, GA, 31701.
During the next two months, we need to raise enough funds to carry us for
several months into 2015. During this holiday season, we pray you will
remember the needs of the least, the last, and the lost as we minister to
them. May the Lord bless you and your family.
Saved to serve,
Bro. Larry Hample
Canned Food Drive
For I was an hungred, and ye gave me
meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was
a stranger, and ye took me in:
And the King shall answer and say unto
them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye
have done it unto one of the least of these my
brethren, ye have done it unto me.
Matthew 25:35, 40
You can help feed the hungry! . . . Just purchase the items on the list below, fill a grocery
bag, and give it to the Mission. We’ll distribute the food to those in need. To participate and obtain
materials, or to arrange for a pick-up, please contact us at 435-7615.
Please deliver food bags to the Albany Rescue Mission Office at 604 N. Monroe St., Albany,
GA by Monday, November 24th, 2014.
Let’s Feed a Family of Four
4 cans of vegetables
4 cans of meat (tuna, beans, chili, etc.)
4 cans of fruit
4 cans of soup
1 package of pasta, rice, etc.
1 package of dry beans
1 package of cereal or grits
1 box of crackers
1 jar of peanut butter
1 jar of jelly or jam
1 bar of soap
Holiday Meals
Each year we have special holiday meals for the needy and
homeless of our area. We need your help! Your gift of any
amount will help provide the things needed to feed our city’s
forgotten and neglected children, women, and men.
Please complete, clip, enclose your check or money order and mail to:
Albany Rescue Mission
604 N. Monroe St.
Albany, GA 31701
YES! I want to help with the holiday meals!
Name _________________________________
Address _______________________________
State___________ Zip __________________
□ $20 – 5 meals
□ $25 – 7 meals
□ $50 – 15 meals
□ $100 – 30 meals
□ $500 – 150 meals
□ Other $ _______
In Honor
Louise E. Wangen in honor of Sandee Ortega
Mary Brown in honor of Margaret Young
Irene Bowers Murphy in honor of all service men & women
Mr. Raymond M. Edwards in honor of Donnie Edwards
Mr. & Mrs. James I. Davidson, Jr. in honor of Linda Bowdoin
Mrs. Annie M. Kessinger in honor of Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ
Mrs. Vivian Chambless in honor of Mrs. Jimmie Nell Davis
Alice & Charles C. McKissack Jr. in honor of Jesus Christ
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M Pate in Honor Of Mrs. Harvey J. Pate
Donald & Gloria Smith in honor of Albany Rescue Mission
Glenn & Deborah Zuern in honor of Robert L. Zuern
Charlie & Frances Mathis in honor of Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ
Mary M. Sagendorph in honor of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
Mr. & Mrs. Charlie M. Sapp in honor of Bro. Larry & Sis. Catherine Hample
Dr. & Mrs. Carl Findley, Jr. in honor of Carol Hollomon
Bennie & Clara Hall in honor of Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ
Benny & Pat Porter in honor of all marines
Mrs. Jimmie Nell Davis in honor of Mrs. Norma Hogg
Mrs. Vivian Chambless in honor of Mrs. Vicki C. Jeffreys
Sue S. Bedenbaugh in honor of care givers
Aubrey & Dorothy McClain in honor of Lloyd & Betty Mears
Kenneth & Pamela Florence in honor of Rosevelt Gaines
Mr. & Mrs. James B. Melton in honor of David Campbell
Abigail S. S. Class of Sherwood Baptist in honor of feeding the hungry
In Memory
Roy & June Staines in memory of Maj. Larry C. Hancock, Jr. (Ret.)
Betsy Walden in memory of Claire Phillips
Betsy Walden in memory of Gloria Gates
Terry Grinsted in memory of Virigina Moore
Dr. & Mrs. Carl Findley, Jr. in memory of Mrs. Helen Zuern
Walter & Elaine Blankenship in memory of Helen Tackett Zuern
Mr. Earl Dixon in memory of Earl Dixon Jr.
Jack Perryman in memory of Mrs. Helen Zuern
L.H. & Millie Valis in memory of Earl Smith & Don Shellhaas
The Parks Family in memory of Mrs. Helen Zuern
Barbara J. Bush in memory of Donna Bush Kellogg
Larry & Sheila Jones in memory of Larry R. Jones
A. Douglas & Jane Calhoun in memory of Bob McGarity
Rosalyn T. Jones in memory of Ernest C. Jones, Sr.
Kenneth Thornton in memory of Helen Thornton
Billy & Hazel Hughes in memory of Mabel & Julian Logue
Mr. James V. Davis in memory of Jean Bennett Davis
Steve & Patricia Shellhaas in memory of Donald Shellhaas
Johnny M. & Linda L. Arnold in memory Donnie Carter
Mr. Raymond M. Edwards in memory of Mr. James E. Fore
Billy & Judy Temples in memory of Vera Irvin
Michael & Pam Amos in memory of Garland & Loraine Sheeks
Linda & Samuel Smith in memory of Sikes & Margaret Smith
Phillip & Patricia Ragsdale in memory of Mary Young
Charlie & Frances Mathis in memory of Mrs. Florine Mathis
Tony & Kathryn Rigsby in memory of Bob Kenney
Mr. & Mrs. Charlie M. Sapp in memory of Mary Battle
Betty Solomon in memory of Giles Solomon
Dr. & Mrs. Carl Findley, Jr. in memory of Carol Hollomon
Grant & Barbara Jansen in memory of Zella Lyon
Dr. & Mrs. Glenn A. Zuern in memory of Helen Zuern
Mary Lewis Brown in memory of Larry Brown
Roger T. & Judy C. Davis in memory of Alan Bullock
Juanita Gilmore in memory of Dr. Henry Gilmore
Anonymous food donations in memory of Donnie Carter
Thomas L. Crowder, Jr. in memory of Kathy Crowder
Mr. & Mrs. B. Gerald Sadler in memory of D.S. Hautman
Mrs. Louie A Moore Marshall in memory of Mrs. Emma Cox
Donald & Gloria Smith in memory of Austin & Eunice Smith
Kenneth & Pamela Florence in memory of Rosevelt Gaines
Roy & June Staines in memory of CSM (Ret.) David Laviner
Sue Bedenbaugh in memory of fallen soldiers
Mr. Raymond M. Edwards in memory of Gerald Edwards
Brantley, Jr. & Jackie Harrell in memory of Johnnie Lee Harrell
Pete Pine in memory of Donnie Carter
Mrs. Jimmie Nell Davis in memory of Howard Fowler
Carlene & Willie Corbett, Jr. in memory of Doris A. Corbett
Bettye W. Johnson in memory of Mr. & Mrs. John Whitaker
Juanita G. Lawson in memory of H.B. Lawson
Nelle Rowe in memory of Lillian Rhodes
Individual Cases
Professions of Faith in Christ
Emergency Aid
Mid-Day Chapel Service
Emergency Food Bags
Men’s Program Division
Misc. Donations
Women’s Program Division
Free Clothing: Hundreds of individual pieces. Over 7,500 meals served.