HEIGHT: 5’9” • WEIGHT: 140 lb. • HAIR: Brown • EYE COLOR: Brown
Hysteria (Ep. #1 ‘Pilot’)
Revolution (Ep. #215 ‘Dreamcatcher’)
Co-Star (Arthur Parret)
Co-Star (Palak)
Universal Television / Amazon Studios
NBC Universal / Bad Robot Productions
Lead (Marshall)
Lead (Lalo)
Supporting (Patron)
Lead (Zach)
Supporting (Evil)
Lead (Gary)
Lead (Henry)
Principal (Aaron)
Principal (Waiter)
Supporting (Bruce)
Principal (Charlie)
Principal (Nick)
Lead (Kierkegaard)
Lead (David)
Lead (Nick)
Dir. Dino Maglaris
Dir. Jorge Ulises Corona
Dir. Craig Elrod
Dirs. Kelly Ota / Gabriel Ribeiro Alfredo
Dir. Hugo Vargas-Zesati
Dirs. Jared Watson / David Gil
Dir. Carley Marissa
Dir. Kelli Horan
Dir. Hugo Vargas-Zesati
Dir. Carley Marissa
Dir. Craig Elrod
Dir. Craig Elrod
Dir. Benjamin Moses Smith
Dir. Benjamin Moses Smith
Dir. Benjamin Moses Smith
Lead (Michelangelo)
Supporting (Green Lantern Corps)
Lead (Son)
Supporting (DJ J-Bob)
Supporting (Various)
Principal (Enra)
Comedy Central (Promo)
DC Comics / Sony Online Entertainment (Developers)
Joel Henderson (Director)
Nathan Efstation (Director)
KingsIsle Entertainment (Developer)
Devolver Digital / Flying Wild Hog (Developers)
Lead (Goat Gentleman)
Lead (PR Rep #4)
Lead (Commuter Man)
Supporting (Employee)
GSD&M: Idea City
Dir. Shane Metcalf
Dir. John Trahar
Dirs. Ben Hurst / Dave Thomas
Principal (The Blacksmith)
Supporting (Gaffer)
Supporting (Director)
Dir. Hugo Vargas-Zesati
Dir. Tyler Burdenski
Dirs. Anthony Bromberg / Ray Rosales
Cabin Crew
+/Green Battles Benny
Come Out Ahead
A Kiss Before You Go
Wind & Rain
Boy Friends
The Space Between Us
The Man From Orlando
Petting Sharks
Mighty Mutant Mollusks
David and the Fish
A Spooky Saturday Evening
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
DC Universe Online
Security Services Federal Credit Union
Megan & Dan
Shadow Warrior
Austin B-Cycle
SafeAuto Insurance
Trail of Dead: “A Lie Without A Liar” Video
Veneer: Artist Portrait Series
Cooler Than You (Ep. #2)
The University of Texas at Austin - B.S. Radio/Television/Film
Emphasis on Production, Acting, & Screenwriting
iO - Chicago
iO - Chicago
In the Moment Acting Studio
The Physical Actor
Improvisation 101 & 401
Improv Levels 1 & 2
2012 Summer Intensive
Cesar Jaime / Bill Arnett / Rance Rizutto / Brett Lyons / Jeff Griggs
2012 Training Center Workshops
Miles Stroth / Jet Eveleth / Lyndsay Hailey
Meisner (Ongoing wkly. since Sept. 2011)
Laurel Vouvray
Animation & Commercial V.O. Workshops
Lainie Frasier
University of Texas Department of Theatre & Dance
Fran Dorn
Texas State University
Michael Costello
Merlin Works/State Theatre School of Acting
Shana Merlin
Coldtowne Theater
John Ratliff / Rachel Madorsky
Cannes Film Festival (2014) - Cannes Court Métrage (Showcase) - Molly
Los Angeles Film Festival (2014) - Short Film Competition (In Competition) - Molly
South by Southwest Film Festival (2014) - Texas Shorts Showcase (In Competition) - Molly
St. Kilda Film Festival (2013) - Melbourne, Australia Best of SXSW 2008-2013 (Showcase) - BOY FRIENDS
Prends ça Court (2013) - Montreal, Québec, Canada World Short Films Series (Showcase) - BOY FRIENDS
South by Southwest Film Festival (2013) – Midnight Shorts Showcase (In Competition) – BOY FRIENDS
Lone Star Film Festival (2012) – Narrative Features Showcase (In Competition) – The Man From Orlando
Cincinnati Film Festival (2012) – Narrative Features Showcase (In Competition) – The Man From Orlando
South by Southwest Film Festival (2010) – Texas Shorts Showcase (Jury Award Winner) – Petting Sharks
Austin Film Festival (2009) – Shorts 1 Showcase (In Competition) – Mighty Mutant Mollusks
Cinema Texas (2007) – No Budget Award (Winner) – David and the Fish
Trumpet, Guitar, Singing, Whistling, Accents, Swimming, Basketball, Bowling, Frisbee, Bicycle, Billiards, Chess, Licensed Motorcycle Rider, Great with Children