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DuWayne “Dewey”
Newsletter 2014 Edition
Geri Schlender
Denise Rocha
“Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps, down new roads,
armed with nothing but their own vision.” Ayn Rand
"I am very encouraged by the number of Ray Hempel Fellowships that have been awarded. The reception by clubs and
individuals has been very promising and it is my hope it continues to be a valuable tool in their award arsenal. This past
year the first progressive Hempel’s were also awarded. A Hempel Fellowship not only honors the recipient but also the
memory of Lion Ray Hempel, the originator of Lions Camp." ~ Chairman Dewey
Sam Kochel*
Bill Donaldson
DuWayne "Dewey" Carl*
Beverly Carl
Geri Schlender*
Denise Rocha*
Norb Neumeyer
Charlie Kolb
Mike Lisle
Lynn Mastalir
Karla Harris
Steven D. Schlender*
Rob Taylor
Jamie Taylor
Patrick Pflieger
Herb Schneider
Larry Braunschweig
Art Marson
Jo Marson
Dave Leppin
Greg Pryor
Larry Testa
Ronald L. Rhode
Lowell Laper
Jimmie Stellmacher
Merle Strelow
Jordan Chadwick
Tom Feyen
Mike Reichling
Shane L Resch
Earl Schrader
Fred Rawson
Charles Miehe
Debra Knudsen
Timothy K Lambert
Shirley Kozey
Phillip Bickley
Michael Arnold
Paul Albright
Nancy Grothe
Mike Quigley
Ron Henschel
Fellows are listed in chronological order as awarded.
*Indicates Progressive  Indicates Awarded Posthumously
Marlyn "Boots" Brandt
Wayne "Jerry" Johnson
Stanley Cottrill
Greg Maccoux
Nancy Edison
Keith Edison
Charlotte Stewart
Sue Laskowski
Tom Waldera
Tom Clausen
Willard Kiefer
Roland Hendrikson
Lyle Fechtelkotter
Richard Ziemann
Jerry Wille
Kay Zornow
Nancy Edison
Keith Edison
Tom Waldera
Wayne Ness
Mary Ann Morrow
Bernie Stuttgen
Jim Schiferl
Helmer Lecy
Mark Trojanowski
Lynn Manthe
Sue Doell
Eugene Doell
Ralph Schneider
Gayle Andre
Peter Andre
Tom King
Sandy King
Mike Costello
Al Sabel
Mel Germanson
Rich Mousel
Julie A Steg
Randy Thurs
Robert J Henning
Lori Marg
List current as of 8/11/14
32 more Hempel Fellowships waiting to be named or awarded
Dear Friends,
Lions Pride Endowment Fund of Wisconsin Inc. continues to be my mission and
passion. I was pleased to be able to present the Wisconsin Lions Foundation
with a check this camping season to provide a life altering camping experience
for 59 children with special needs. It is gratifying to see that each year as the
endowment grows with the help of our donors we are able to expand our
financial support to Lions Camp and other WLF projects.
I have had a busy year sharing the Lions Pride vision
and goals on both the district and state level. Our Board
is working diligently bringing their expertise to bear on
growing the endowment. My fellow LPEF Board Members
and I look forward to continuing to grow the endowment,
ensuring our goal, to preserve, protect and provide for
the legacy that began with the vision of Lion Ray Hempel
in 1956.
I am extremely happy with the growth pattern
of our largest fundraiser; the Lions Pride
Sporting Clay Shoot it is on. This unique
event is supported by Lion and non-Lion
shooters, sponsors and volunteers, who
share our mission to provide an enduring
legacy for Lions Camp and all WLF projects.
I truly appreciate the folks from the
Friendship 100 Ride. This was their
5th year and they continue to see the
value in being a part of “today’s help,
tomorrow’s hope.” Each year they
grow both in participants and
enthusiasm. This group of non-lions
clearly recognize the importance of
securing the future of Lions Camp
and all WLF projects. It still baffles
me that we have Lions and Lioness who have yet to identify with the
importance of our goal and what it will mean to future generations of
children and adults with special needs.
These two fundraisers and Lions Pride itself
would not be successful without the support
of our donors, sponsors and volunteers. We
are blessed to work with all of them as we
move our efforts forward.
Thank you for supporting Lions Pride.
Together, we are "Today's Help,
Tomorrow's Hope."
DuWayne "Dewey" Carl
Lions Pride Chairman/CEO
Lions Pride
Endowment Fund of WI, Inc.
Board of Directors
PCC DuWayne Carl
[email protected]
Vice President
John Suby
[email protected]
PDG Tom King
[email protected]
Lion Charlie Kolb
[email protected]
Lion Kevin McPherson
[email protected]
PDG Jim Schiferl
[email protected]
PDG Rod Rommel
[email protected]
WLF Representative
PDG Gary Stewart
[email protected]
Council Representative
DG Pat Sandness
[email protected]
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Lions International "Checklist for Personal Safety" and where to find it,
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What do Lions Pride and Leprechauns have in common,
First Lions Camper, 27B2 DG Fred Sanderson's story.
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for those served by the Projects of the Wisconsin Lions Foundation
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13-14 Annual Report
"Today's Help, Tomorrow's Hope"
What does that mean?
Today's Help
Donor designated interest earnings provided a camping experience for
59 children for the 2014 camping season.
Tomorrow's Hope
The promise of Lions Pride Endowment Fund of WI, Inc.; to preserve,
protect and provide for Lions Camp and all WLF statewide projects.
Includes all commitments as of 8/12/14.
Assets - Gifts & Pledges
Deferred Gifts - Bequests
Grants & In-Kind Gifts
Special Event Proceeds
All donations are deposited into the endowment fund; no donor dollars are used for operating expenses
Donors of $500 or more are
recognized in our Annual Report
Sharon and I started donating to the Lions Pride
Endowment Fund five years ago. We wanted to do
more so I researched the matching gifts program
offered by my company and we were able to double the
value of our donations. If your company offers one it is
a great way to increase your contributions to Lions
Pride Endowment Fund supporting Lions Camp and all
WLF statewide projects. We will continue to donate to
the Lions Pride Endowment Fund and use my company's matching contributions
to enhance our annual donation to Lions Pride. ~ Lions Kurt & Sharon Mueller
When it came to make our donation for Lions, we
chose Pride. It was not a difficult decision to make
because a gift to Pride is a gift that keeps on giving.
It is a gift that secures the future for those special
need campers, it is a gift that will continue to
provide eyeglasses and hearing aids for those that
cannot afford to purchase them, and a gift to Pride
continues to provide for all the projects that our Wisconsin Lions Foundation
supports. Remember that no gift is too small when done with gratitude. ~ PDG
Larry & Lion Mary Braunschweig
In 1989, my husband Lion Bud Hyland and I met Lion
Dewey Carl, who was to become our Council Chair for the
1990-1991 Council of Governors. When Dewey told us
about his vision to PROTECT and PRESERVE Lions Camp
by providing funds from what was called the Lions Pride
Endowment Fund we were all behind him 100%.
When my husband PDG Bud passed away we requested all
donation's go to the Lions Pride Endowment Fund. I will always be a
supporter of Lions Pride. ~ Lioness Toby Hyland
When Lions Pride began Dan said, "I knew some way,
somehow, we had to do something; costs are still going
up and Lions Camp is important." The Williams made
their donation to Lions Pride in a unique way; through a
gift of Stock. Lion Dan contacted his Financial Advisor,
she called the Lions Pride Office and we took care of
the rest. A direct gift of stock to the Lions Pride
Endowment Fund gives the donor the advantage of not
having to report a gain on the sale of the stock or
mutual fund and it's easy to do. ~ Lions Dan & Sue Williams
You can view our
Annual Report on-line at
www.lionspride.org, click on the
News, Views and Events tab
to find the link to the Annual Report.
Limited copies are also available
from the Lions Pride Office.
Every year a group of riders come together for what is
aptly named “The Friendship 100”; the cost $100, the
objective; to raise money for Lions Pride, designated
specifically for Lions Camp.
There is swimming, boating, fishing, crafts, a mud pit,
climbing wall, archery and a whole lot more. Individuals
attending “Lions Camp” are blind or visually impaired, deaf
or hard of hearing, mild cognitively disabled, and children
with type I & II diabetes. And, although their dreams and
desires are similar to their peers and classmates, their needs require additional
considerations and attention.
What’s truly amazing is this experience and all its services are available to the
campers free of charge, thanks to donations. Hence, our reason for being there
and supporting Lions Pride. ~ Sue Grich, Friendship 100 Rider