Day I Registration Welcome Introduction to CESI

Day I | Sunday, 16th November 2014
08.30 – 09.15
9.15 – 9.40
Conference Hall
Dr Monica Gupta, Convenor CESI 2014
Introduction to CESI
Professor Renu Nanda, General Secretary, CESI
Release of Conference Abstracts and Notebook
Dr Shashi Tyagi, Principal, Gargi College, DU
Dr Ranjana Mahna, Director, Institute of Home Economics, DU
Conference Theme
Dr Jyoti Dalal, Co-convenor, CESI 2014
9.40 – 10.40
Keynote Address: Situating Education in Political Space and Neo-liberal Times
Professor Gopal Guru, Centre for Political Studies, JNU
Chair: Professor R Govinda, Vice Chancellor, NUEPA
10.40 – 11.00
Presidential Remarks
Professor Geetha Nambissan, President, CESI
The Conference Programme
Professor Poonam Batra, Vice President, CESI
Vote of Thanks
Dr Manish Jain, Joint Secretary, CESI
11: 00 – 11: 30
11: 30 - 13: 15
Plenary Session
Teachers, Educational Practice and Social Change | Chair: Professor Maitrayee Chaudhuri
13: 15 – 14: 00
R. Govinda
Anurag Behar
Poonam Batra
Vice-Chancellor, National University of
Educational Planning and Administration
Vice Chancellor, Azim Premji University
Professor, Central Institute of Education,
University of Delhi
Conference Hall
Day I | Sunday, 16 November 2014 | 14:00 - 15:45
Invited Panels
Politics of Higher Education Policy and Reforms | Chair: Professor N. V. Varghese
Conference Hall
Pankaj Chandra
Rajan Gurukkal
Kuldeep Mathure
Padmini Swaminathan
N V Varghese
Professor, Department of Hindi,
University of Delhi.
Professor, Indian Institute of
Management, Bangalore
Professor, Centre for
Contemporary Studies,
Indian Institute of Science,
Former Professor,
Jawaharlal Nehru
University, Delhi
Professor, Tata Institute of
Social Science, Hyderabad
Professor, Tata Institute of
Social Science, Hyderabad
Globalisation and the Politics of Education:Transnational Contexts | Chair: Professor Karuna Chanana
Conference Room 1
Prachi Srivastav
Nina Asher
Marie McAndrew
New Global Philanthropy in the New
Moment of the Politics of Education
New Global Philanthropy in the New
Moment of the Politics of Education
Language Policies in Education in an Era of
Globalization Comparing the School Integration of
Immigrants Students in Quebec and Catalonia
Governance and Education Policy in India | Chair: Dr. Divya Vaid
Conference Room 2
Anuradha de
Divya Vaid
Kiran Bhatty
Yamini Aiyar
Problems with Education Data and its
Policy Implications
Monitoring Education Policy in India
A Comparative View
Fixing Accountability for the Right to
Education: Implications for the Policy
Tracking Funds within the Education
Education of the Scheduled Tribes: ICSSR Studies | Chair: Professor K. Sujatha
Conference Room 3
Sashmi Nayak
Ramdas Rupavath
Navin Doundiyal
J. C. Patel
Professor, NISWASS, Bhubaneshwar
Assistant Professor, Department of
Political Science, School of Social Sciences,
University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad
Professor, Centre for Public Policy, Doon
University, Dehradun, Uttrakhand
Professor, Department of Sociology,
School of Social Sciences, Gujarat
University, Ahmedabad
Day I
ISunday, 16 November 2014 | 15:50 - 17:30
Caste and the Idea of Justice | Chair: Professor Geetha Nambissan
Parallel Sessions
Conference Hall
Rinki Chokhani
Kishore Darak
Mona Sedwal
Divyanshu Patel
Mary Rajnee Toppo
Schooling and Inequality: A Study
of Musahar from their Perspective
Letters on the Dalit Slate:
Understanding Schooling through
Dalit Narratives
Participation of the Scheduled Caste
Children and Teachers in School
Education: A Review
Daliton-pichadon ke Shaikshik Vikas
ka Rajnaitik Sandarbh: Ek Aitihaasic
Caste, Gender and Regional
Discrimination in Educational
Institutes in India
Day I | Monday, 16 November 2014 | 15:50 - 17:30
Parallel Sessions
Teacher Beliefs, Teacher Experiences | Chair: Professor Anita Rampal
Conference Room 1
Payal Aggarwal
Simran Luthra and Nandini Manjreka
Suzana Brinkmann
Vivek Vellanki
Becoming a Teacher: Understanding
Issues of Social Justice During Field
Teaching in an Elite Private School in
Urban India: A Gender Perspective
The Role of Teacher Education
in Challenging Teachers’ Beliefs:
Towards a more Equitable Society
Social Movements and Education:
Teacher Experiences from
Childhood, Pedagogy and Curriculum | Chair: Dr. Monica Gupta
Conference Room 2
Charu Sharma
Ritesh Khunyakari
Roopak Chauhan, Praniti
Maini and Smriti Sharma
Savitri Bobde and Melissa
Children’s Perceptions of Gender
Inequality and Discrimination: A
Developmental Perspective
Unleashing the Understanding of
Child and Childhood through Cultural
Content Analysis of Advertisements
in Children’s Channels
Children’s Representation in
Educational Research: How
Household-based studies Matter to
the Pursuit of Education for All in India
Gender Equality and Education | Chair: Professor Uma Chakravarty
Sonia Kumari
Making of Children’s Literature
Conference Room 3
Shivangi Nigam and Pooja
Vikas Saharan
Manvi Arora
Asmita Aasaavari and Sushreeta
Bhumika Chauhan
A Comparative Study of Domestic
Violence among Urban and Rural
Women in Relation to the Level of
Education and their Coping Strategies
Education, Social Change and Gender
Education: Gendered and
Beyond the Gender Binary:
Exploring classroom Experiences of
Womens’ Studies, the Movement
and the University: The Case of
Krantijyoti Savitribai Phule Women’s
Studies Centre
Historical Perspectives, Educational Policies and the State | Chair: Professor Bhupendra Yadav
Conference Room Environmental Studies
Nidhi Seth
Ata Mallick
Sam Nesamony
Mandakini V.Jha
Rachel Philip
Women’s Education in Nineteenth
Century Bengal: Challenges and
Santhal Education and Missionary
Endeavour in Colonial India
Envisioning Teachers in Nineteenth
Century Travancore: Role of
Nagercoil Seminary-cum-Central
English School
The Educational Predicament:
Colonialism, Orientalism and
Deconstructing ‘Talent’: An Analysis
of India’s Oldest Nationwide Talent
Search Programme
Day I | Monday, 16 November 2014
Conference Hall
CESI General Body Meeting
17: 30 – 19: 15
Conference Hall
India’s Secular Traditions in Poetry and Music Professor Subhendu and Group
19:15 – 20: 30
Dining Hall
20: 30 – 21: 30
Day II | Monday, 17 November 2014 | 09:30 - 11:15
Invited Panels
Engaging with the Education of Teachers: Critical Voices | Chair: Professor Nargis Panchapakesan
Jyoti Gautam
Manisha Wadhwa
Wadhwa nee
nee Dabas
Sukhesh Arora
Suneeta Mishra
Journey of Being a Teacher:
Continuing Influence of the B.El.Ed
Teacher Education with a Difference.
Elementary Teacher Education:
Reflecting on Experiences
Exploring issues of Gender,
Identities and Language:
Using Image Theatre Techniques
with Student-Teachers
Being and Becoming a Teacher
Violence and Schooling: Social Conflict and the Everyday | Chair: Dr. Nandini Manjraker
Conference Room 13
Anu Salelkar
Jyoti Dalal
Manish Jain
Yamini Agarwal
Shame, Silence and Sexual
Violence: The Everyday Experiences
of Adolescent Girls in Mumbai
Violence in the Everyday Life of Children:
Reflections from an Ethnographic Study
of a School
Conflict, Violence and Education in
Education of Survivors of the 1984
Anti-Sikh Violence: An Exploratory
Study in Delhi
Education of the Scheduled Castes: ICSSR Studies | Chair: Professor S. Srinivasa Rao
Conference Room 2
Basanta Kumar Mallik
G.G. Wankhede
Naresh M. Chauhan
S. Irudaya Rajan
Discrimination at the Educational
Institutions of Odisha
Educational Status of Scheduled Castes
in Maharashtra: Attainments and
Challenges (Higher Education)
Educational Scenario Among
Various Groups of Schedule Caste
And non-Schedule Caste In Gujarat:
Barriers in Higher Education System:
Performance of Scheduled Castes
in Kerala
Educational Achievements of SC
Children in Karnataka: A Study
on Access, Participation and
Discrimination in Upper Primary
Higher Education and Caste | Chair: Professor Satish Deshpande
Conference Room 3
Amardeep Kumar
Amman Madan
Archana Diwate
Kshirod Dash
Parul Singh
Understanding Problems and
Constraints in Accessing Higher
Education: A Study on Mahadalit
Students in Gaya District of Bihar
Unpacking Intersectionality: Conceptual
Explorations of the Convergences and
Divergences of Class, Caste and Gender
in Higher Education in the 66th NSS
The Intersect of Caste and
Political Power: Growth of Private
Medical Colleges in Karnataka and
Maharashtra Statel
Cultural Capital and Educational
Participation: Analysis of System of
Education in India
Understanding different Models
of Higher Education explaining
Inequalities in the Context of
Scheduled Castes and NonScheduled Castes Population in
Day II | Monday, 17 November 2014 | 09:30 - 11:15
Invited Panels
Conference Room Environmental Studies
Early Childhood Education: Immediate and Sustained Impact | Chair: Professor Janaki Rajan
Aparajita Bhargarh Chaudhary
Purnima Ramanujan
Renu Singh
Readiness for School: Impact of Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education: Fulcrum of Learning and Equity
Early Childhood Education and Long Term Impact: Lessons
from Young Lives
11: 15 – 11: 30
Day II: Monday, 17 November, 2014 |11:30 - 13:15
Parallel Sessions
Curriculum, Knowledge and Social Change | Chair: Professor Kumkum Roy
Conference Hall
Disha Nawani
Karen Haydock
Kusha Anand
Navodita Pande and
Devender Kumar-Bhargava
Rupamanjari Hegde
Simrita Kaur
Social Change through
Curricular Effort
Stated and Unstated Aims of
Social Science Education,
According to NCERT
Ideology and Politics
in History Education: A
Comparative Study of
Secondary School Textbooks
in India and Pakistan
‘Lok Vidya’ as Reinterpretation
of Proletarian Knowledge:
A two-Stage Theory Perspective
Textbooks and Constructions
of Citizenship: An Analysis
of the NCF 2005 Curriculum
and Changing Epistemological
What is the Big Picture:
Widening the Scope of
Learning Objectives and
Exploring Alternate Pedagogies
Mathematics Education: Perspective and Politics | Chair: Professor Farida Khan
Bindu Thirumalai
Jayasree Subramanian
Praveen Chaurasia
Social Justice and school
mathematics: A conceptual
and empirical investigation
Politics of Knowledge:
Whose Interest Does
Primary Mathematics Serve?
Relook on National
Mathematics Curriculum
Framework: A Comparative
Conference Room 1
Shweta Shripad Naik and Tuba Khan
Developing Mathematical
Practices: Building
Teachers’ Capacity to Solve
Mathematics Problems
Vandana Mishra
Realistic Mathematics
Education: Experiences with
a Democratic Classroom
Transactional Methodology
Higher Education, Politics and Reform | Chair: Professor Amman Madan
Conference Room 2
Antra Singh and Seema Singh
Meera Subramanian
Neeru Snehi and Ankita Verma
Priyanka Banerjee
The Impact of Government Reforms
on Higher Education in India: A
Study of Engineering Education
Developing Mathematical Practices:
Building Teachers’ Capacity to Solve
Mathematics Problems
Governance of Academic Staff/Faculty
in Indian Higher Education: Impact of
Policies and Reforms
Issues and the Need for Reforms in
Higher Education in India
Day II | Monday, 17 November 2014 | 11:30-13:15
Parallel Sessions
Globalization, Higher Education and the Market | Chair: Dr. Saumen Chattopadhyay
Conference Room 3
Deepti Kavathekar
Disha Singh
Shaswati Pramanik
Nivedita Sarkar
Subir Maitra
Putting the ‘Class’ on the Table:
Dynamics of Academics of Higher
Education in the Era of Neoliberalism
Entrepreneurship Education: a Study
of Challenges in Self-Employment of
Unorganized Sector
Educational Inequalities in India:
Exploring through Kuznets Curve of
Participation in Higher Education
in India: Role of Household
Characteristics and Labour Market
Economic Liberalization and
Higher Education
Conference Room Environmental Studies
Nationalism, Identities and Education | Chair: Dr. Arshad Alam
Abdul Matin
Anshu Singh
Mohamed Rafeek KP
Swaleha Sindhi
Tripti Bassi
Towards Inclusivity and Social
Change through Education
among Muslim Minority: A Case
Study of Al-Ameen Mission of
West Bengal
Islamic Conception of Education:
Changes Through the Times in India
Education and Social Change:
Operation of Social Identities and
Inequalities in India
Education of Muslim Women: An
Impact Assessment of Education in
Rural Gujarat
Religiously Socializing: Looking at
Notions of Religious Identity and
Gender in a ‘Sikh’ School in Punjab
13: 15 – 14: 15
Day II | Monday, 17 November 2014 | 14:15 - 16:00
Parallel Sessions
Conference Hall
Language, Identity and Politics | Chair: Professor Apoorvanand
Mukul Priyadarshani
Priyanka Goswami
Sartik Bagh
Shib Roy
Sonali Chitalkar
Looking through the Lens of
Popular Culture and Language
School Education in the Era of
Globalisation: Vernacular versus
English Medium
Challenges to Mother Tongue
Education: A Study of Educational
Inequality in the Schools of Napaam
Village, Sonitpur (Assam)
Social Identity, Language
Politics and Education Policy
in Jammu and Kashmir: A
Case study
Conference Room 1
Repositioning Education Policy in India | Chair: Dr. Ravi Kumar
Anjali Surehatia
Ankit Saraf
Monika Banerjee
Educational Policies Response
to Cultural Diversity in School
Neoliberalism, Policies and
Education: A Critical Analysis of
Quality and Equality
Education Policy and the State:
Politics of Community Involvement
in Education in West Bengal
Mrinal Kranti and Arobindo
Teacher’s Work and Right to
Education Act: An Experience from
Sayeeda Jenifa Zahan
Re-reading Education Policy in
India: Learnings from Australia
Day II | Monday, 17 November 2014 | 14:15 - 16:00
Conference Room 2
Teacher Professionalism and Accountability | Chair: Professor Janaki Rajan
Habibullalah Shah
Jennifer Star
Sujatha Rao
Vaishali Narula
Teaching Matters: Strategies
for Making the Teaching
Profession More Attractive in the
Contemporary Era
Comparative Perspectives of Teacher
Professionalism in Australia and India
Control Regimes and Professional
Commitment: The Tension between
Accountability Oriented Policies and
Teachers’ Professional Work
Teachers Accountability in Higher Education:
Discursive or Incursive: A Narration of Teachers
View and Perception
Conference Room 3
Initial Teacher Education: Status and Concerns | Chair: Professor Namita Ranganathan
Firdous Ahmad Sofal
Exploring the Notion of Inclusive
Education among B.El.Ed Preservice Teachers
Teacher Education in the State
of Jammu and Kashmir: Present
Status, Recent Initiatives and Future
Indrajeet Dutta and Sonal Chabra
Self-Financing Teacher Education
Colleges: A Reflection of the Political
Economy of Teacher Education
Savita Kaushal
Smriti Sharma
Issues in Teacher Management in
Community Involvement in Initial
Teacher Preparation
Conference Room Environmental Studies
Assessment in School: Perspective and Practice | Chair: Dr. Disha Nawani
Geetika Datta
Kriti Srivastava
Rita Mishra
Vivek Kumar
Trans-formative Assessment: A
Critical Perspective
The Continuous and Comprehensive
Evaluation (CCE) Scheme: A Critical
Continuous and Comprehensive
Evaluation in Schools: Shift in Focus
from Measurement to Learning
A Study of the Implementation of
CCE in Secondary Education in Delhi
Schooling in Uganda: Learning,
Teaching and Assessments
16: 00 – 16: 15
Day II | Monday, 17 November 2014 | 16:15 - 18:00
Conference Hall
Education Choices and Incentives: Perspective and Impact | Chair: Professor JBG Tilak
Begum Zareefa Islam
P.S Raju Vetukuri
Tamal Krishna Kayal
Tasha Agrawal
Uttam Bhattachrya and P.P Mitra
Educational Choices of Muslim
Families of Gobindapur Area of
Goalpara District of Assam: A
Gender Analysis
Incentives for Girls in Secondary
Education: A Case Study of NSIGSE
School Incentive Schemes in India: A
Microeconomic Analysis
Economic Perspective of School
Choice: A Case of Girls Education
Voucher Scheme in Delhi
Exploring the Scope of Education
and Skill Formation for the Junior
Workers in India
Day II | Monday, 17 November 2014 | 16:15 - 18:00
Parallel Sessions
Conference Room 1
Transformative Education and Social Change | Chair: Dr. Jayshree Mathur
Gitanjali Prasad
Mallika Kanyal, Paulette Luff ,
Christine Such and Linda Cooper
Engaging with Inequality:
Field Notes from a Case
Study on Collaborative
Learning and Pedagogy
Children’s Perceptions of
School Experiences in India and
England: A Comparative Analysis
Monica Gupta
Nidhi Sabharwal
Sadhna Sharma and
Vaibhav Chauhan
Vivek Sharma
Education for Individual
Transformation and Social
Change: Learning from Sri
Aurobindo and the Mother
Education for Civic Learning,
Democratic Engagement and
Social Change
Contemplative Pedagogy:
Facilitating Social Change via
Raising Consciousness
A Study of Educational and
Social Transformation among
Schedule Tribes in Jammu
Region of Jammu and Kashmir
Conference Room 2
Education, Gender and Social Change | Chair: Dr. Nandini Manjrekar
Asha Menon
Ashtami Rajan
Avinash Kumar
Dilip Tanwar
Sangita Dey
Barriers to Girls’ Education and
Gender Equality: Primary School
Teachers’ Perspective
Student Perceptions of Gender
Gender Parity in Indian Schools
Changing Equations
Shiksha: Gender Aadharit Asmanata
ka Auzar
Problems and Constraints in School
Participation, Performance and Health
among School Going Girls Due to
Menstruation in Rural Area of Haryana
Conference Room 3
Schooling and Inequality | Chair: Dr. Kiran Bhatty
Anupama Raj
Gayatri Panda
Juhi Singh
Khushbu R.Gupta
Sonia Sawhney
Reproduction of Social
Inequalities: A Case Study of
an International School
Unequal Schooling Experience:
Exploring the Tenacity of Tacit
Markers of Middle Classness:
Transformation and
Continuities, A Study of
Dhanbad in Jharkhand
Involving Disadvantaged
Children in Elite Spaces:
Conflict, Dilemma and Way
Inclusive Education for
Social Justice
Conference Room Environmental Studies
Social Identities, Inequality and Education | Chair: Dr. Arvind Mishra
Divya Padalia
Heeral Chhabra
Shreela Misra
Sujata Paul
Suman Sachdeva
Victims or Agents? The
Dilemma in Interpreting
Responses to Stereotype
Understanding Eurasian
(Anglo-Indian) Identity
through Education
In-Group Favoritism or Out-Group
Derogation? Inter-Group Attribution
in an Educational Institution in Delhi
Role Played by Education in
creating Social Identities of
Tea-tribes in Assam
Teacher Development in
the Context of Marginalized
Conference Hall
Dining Hall
Haan, Main Savitribai Phule
A Play by Sushma Deshpande
18: 15 – 19: 30
19: 30 – 20: 30
Day III | Tuesday, 18 November 2014 | 09:30 – 11:15
Parallel Sessions
Education and Social Transformation | Chair: Professor Poonam Batra
Conference Hall
Tamo Chattopadhay
Subitha G.V
Karthik Venkatesh
Barkha Sharda and Sujata
Azeem Badroodien and Rajevulu
Bridging the Social Divides: A
School-based Model from India
Transformative Education
and Social Change: a
Theoretical Analysis
Education for Liberation – Mahatma
Phule’s Work in Education
Using Philosophy and Critical
Pedagogy for Transformative Change
within the Schooling System in Goa
The Mandela Legacy and
Teacher Education
Disability Education and Sensitivity | Chair: Dr. Anita Ghai
Kavita Choudhary
Pratyasha Sahoo
Educational Experiences of
Persons with Disability
Disability, Identity and
Education: Perspectives of
Youth with Disabilities in
Conference Room 1
Rossi Dsouza
Sheetal Sharma
Upali Chakravarti
Ableism and Disability
Oppression through Schooling
Inclusive Education, Social Justice,
Equality and Learning Disabilities for
School Going Children: Conceptual and
Measurement Issues
Invisible Walls: Educating
Children with Disability
Education in Diverse Communities | Chair: Professor Marie McAndrew
Conference Room 2
Mallica Mishra
Mary Ann
Roma Ranu
Santosh kumar Sharma , Sushant
Anand and Daniela Tort
Being and Becoming a Tibetan
in India
Student Police Cadet: The Popular
and the Ordinary as Strategies of
Risk, Vulnerability and
Education: Reflections from
a Fishing Community in Coastal
Parental Attitudes Towards
Education: A study in Genjvi
Panchayat of Udaipur District
Takehiro Hirayama
Type and Contrastive Characteristics of
Schools in Bhutan in the Pioneer Days of
Modern School Education
ConferenceRoom 3
Higher Education In India | Chair: Professor Salil Mishra
Sangeeta Angom
Shivali Tukdeo and Chetan B.Singai
Sumit Kumar
Swati Patra, Monika Misra and Suhas Shetgovekar
Higher Education in North East India: Current
Status and Challenges of Undergraduate
Where have all the Girls Gone?: Vocational
Education in India and the Tangled Puzzle of
Socio-Economic Context of Migration for
Higher Education
Promoting Social Equity: Role of Distance
Education in India
Teachers Work and the Educational Agenda | Chair: Professor Farah Farooqui
Madhu Gupta
Richa Shrivastava
Managing Mentoring: An Insider’s
The Educator’s Persona and
School Ethos
11.15 – 11.30
10.00 – 13.00
Conference Room Environmental Studies
Rima Kaur
Reconstructing Aunty Gauba: Life
history of a German Educator in New
Delhi (1903-1984)
Shikha Takker
Sonika Chauhan
Bridging the Gap Between
Research and Teaching through
Sensitive Research Methodologies
Reading Paulo Freire:
Reflections on Educators
Polling for CESI EC Elections
Day III | Tuesday, 18 November 2014 | 11:30 - 13:15 Parallel Sessions
Perspective and Challenges of Quality Education | Chair: Professor Avinash K. Singh
Conference Hall
Dibakar Chatterjee
and Rabindranath
Richa Goswami
Sakshi Kapoor
Sheetal Paul
Sunita Chugh
Elementary Education in Rural
India: An investigation in Quality of
Decoding Quality
Education in the Context
of Indian School System
Production and Management
of Quality in School Systems in
The Hidden Curriculum: Is it
Schooling of Children Living in
Slum Areas: An Analysis of Selected
Households from Hyderabad and
Education and Social Justice | Chair: Madhulika Banerjee
Conference Room 1
Abhinav Kumar Mishra
Anthony Joseph
Education and Social Justice: An
Reflexive Pedagogy: Towards Crafting Discourses of
Professional Knowledge, Practice and Engagement
for Social Justice
Sharad Jain
Suman Lata
Idea of Justice in Education, Education
from Being ‘Niti’ to ‘Nyaya’
Judicial Activism and Schooling in
India: Some Case Studies
Language and Access to Knowledge | Chair: Dr. Shobha Sinha
Conference Room 2
Gargi Gayan
Jaya Kumari
Pooja Bahuguna Tort
Shesha Giri
Representation of Different Linguistic Groups
within Assamese Language Curriculum
Role of Mother Tongue in Education and the
Politics of Knowledge
Developmental Perspective
of Literacy
Democratizing Access to Knowledge:
Developing Reading Resources for the Teacher
Youth Aspirations and Choice | Chair: Professor Nina Asher
Ananya Dastidar and
Soumyen Sikdar
Occupation Choices of High
School and College Students :
Does Socio-Economic Background
Matter ?
Conference Room 3
Bhageshwari Sharma
Gaurav Pathania
Radhika Menon
Sona Rai
The Use of Social Networking Sites
by Youth as a Device of Political
Education in a Democracy
University as a Site of Critical
Thinking: Understanding the
Contemporary Student Politics and
its Critique to the ‘Dominant’ Culture
The World Beyond the School:
Experiences of Disadvantaged Youth
from Delhi
Higher Education at the Margins:
An Analysis of Student and Teacher
Narratives in a Provincial College of
Conference Room Environmental Sudies
Issues and Concerns about Education | Chair: Professor Renu Nanda
Geeta Bahl
Karnica Vyas
Pamela Dasgupta
Shiny Bharadwaj
Vandana Gupta
Factors of School Effectiveness in
Relation to the Leadership Styles
of the Principals: A Comparative
Study of Government and Private
Schools of Delhi
Brain-Based Learning: A Pedagogy
of Change and Shift from
Conscious to Non-Conscious
Learning Climate
Academic Supervision in Kendriya
Vidyalaya Sangathan Schools
Rethinking the ‘Truth’: Viewing
Knowledge and Research in the
Political Context
Effectiveness of School Based
Intervention Programme against
Bullying and Victimisation
13.15 – 14.15
Day III | Tuesday, 18 November 2014 | 14:15 - 16:00
Parallel Sessions
Gender and Higher Education | Chair: Professor Indu Agnihotri
Conference Hall
Nandini Manjrekar
N Mythili
Gobinda C Pal
Pradeep Kumar Choudhary
Entanglements of Mobility: Working
Class Women and School Teaching
in Mumbai
Women in School Leadership in
India: A Case Study of a Few Select
Women Heads from Different
Social Identity, Inequality and
Exclusion: Tracing Trajectories in
Higher Education
Gender Discrimination in
Employment and Earnings of
Engineering Graduates in Delhi,
Vijender Beniwal, Bulbul DharJames and Jyotsna Tomer
Looking for Women in Indian
Universities: Issues and Concerns
Science Education, Technology and Society | Chair: Professor Amitabha Mukherjee
Aswathy Raveendran and Sugra
Himanshu Srivastava, Karen
Reflections on Bringing in Social Justice
Concerns into Science Education: A Study of
Higher Secondary Students Negotiating a Socio
Scientific Issue
Environmental Issues in a Few Secondary
Science Classrooms: Do Larger Questions
of Political Economy Enter? Should They?
Conference Room 1
Mamta Singhal
Sangeeta Malik
Shruti Chopra
Representation of Nature of Science
in the Teacher Education program
Is a Smart Board a Smart
Reorienting Education for Sustainable
Development: Exploring Issues
of Integration of Science and
Environmental Education
Human Capital, Skill Formation, and Education | Chair: Professor Rabindranath Mukhopadhyay
Rashmi Ahuja
Anuneeta Mitra
Arpita Ghose
Foreign Capital Inflows, Skill Formation
and Skilled-Unskilled Wage Inequality : A
Theoretical Model
Education and Earning Linkages: Examining
through Augmented Mincerian Equation
The Input-Oriented Technical Efficiency of
Elementary Education in India: Evidence from
Non Parametric Data Envelopment Analysis
Conference Room 2
Vithika Alda and Ganesh Manjhi
Human Capital and Economic Growth in
India: A Panel Cointegration Approach
Conference Room 32
Education in Colonial India | Chair: Dr. Parimala V. Rao
Ajayan T Nair
Kaushalya Bajpayee
Ranjana Das
Kerala Education Act-1958
Medical Education in Colonial India: The
Politics of Knowledge, 1916 - 1933
Culture, Power and Education: The Secondary
Education Bill and Construction of Communal
Identities in Bengal
Mathew Anthony
Mridusmita Singh
Murari Jha
Univeralisation of Elementary Education
in India: Saga of Missed Targets, Un-kept
The Right to Education Act and It’s
Implementation for the Children of Disadvantaged
Section of Society in Delhi Schools
Exploring and Promoting Pluralism in
the School
Rajshree Chanchal
Market, Right to Education Act and Private
School Providers: Some Preliminary Reflections
from a Field Study
Valedictory Address
Political Economy of Higher Education in India: Democratic Dividend or Disaster? Professor S. Thorat, Chairperson, ICSSR
Chair: Professor Sadhna Saxena
Dean and Head, Central Institute of Education, University of Delhi
17.30 – 18.00
Masked Imitation: Munshiram’s tryst with an
Arya ‘National’ Education
Conference Room
Conference Room Environmental
Contextualizing Right to Education | Chair: Professor Nalini Juneja
16: 00 - 17: 30
Vikas Pathak
Conference Hall