Outlook The Voice of Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce November 2014

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November 2014
The Voice of Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce
Table of Contents
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Friends of Washington Crossing Park and Streamline Payroll, LLC welcome LBCCC • Business Card Exchange
held at Sam’s Club • LBCCC Ambassadors • Why I'm a Chamber Member
Advertisers’ Web Sites..................................................................................................... 6
Events & Committee Calendar........................................................................................... 7
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Member Fates & Happenings.......................................................................................... 10
Business Briefs................................................................................................... 11, 13-14
Focus Now................................................................................................................... 12
Technology, Computer Consultants & Supplies and related industries
Spotlight on Univest Bank and Trust Co............................................................................. 15
LBCCC Officers & Executive Committee
Because that’s the nature of our
most important relationships.
Board Chair, Denise M. Bowman, Hill Wallack LLP
Chair-Elect, Kathy Zelenka, The Gormley Furlong Group @ Stifel
Treasurer, Robin M. Connor, E. W. Kaufmann Company
Immediate Past Board Chair, Brian Jeter, Comcast Cable
Counsel, Jon Pavlovcak, Hill Wallack LLP
Tobi Bruhn, Bucks County Community College
Suzy Buehler, McCafferty Auto Group
Brandon McFadden, PNC Wealth Management
Dreaming, planning, growing, day after day, year after year. It takes a lot of
energy. It takes a lot of determination. And often, it takes something more . . .
Board Members
You need the support of a friendly neighbor — and a powerful financial
institution. At National Penn, we’re one and the same. Whatever the future
holds, you can count on us to be right here by your side.
We’re in this with you —
ready to help.
Member FDIC
The Voice of Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce
Cover Description
Pictured from left to right: Kyle Davis, Newtown Board of Supervisors; Jeff
Schweitzer, president and CEO, Univest Corporation; Louis Spinelli, executive
vice president and director of consumer strategy and delivery, Univest Bank and
Trust Co.; Dana Rose, assistant vice president and manager, Univest Newtown
Financial Center; Michael Gallagher, Newtown Board of Supervisors
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409 Hood Blvd., Fairless Hills, PA 19030 
Phone: 215.943.7400 • Fax: 215.943.7404 
E-mail: [email protected] • Web site: www.lbccc.org
Outlook Copyright© 2014, is published by L.B.C.C.C.
Editorial content and advertising is limited to Chamber members. Editorial coverage does not imply or indicate Chamber endorsement of members’ business,
products or services.
LBCCC Outlook • November 2014
Peter Adamo, Lower Bucks Hospital
Paul Bencivengo, Visit Bucks County
Ron Davis, PARX Casino & Racing
Theodore D. Dorand, PECO
Kathie Jankauskas, KJanStudio
Bill Koelewyn, 225 Lincoln Properties LP
Amy Murray-Hyde, CBDI, Inc.
Kevin Ody, Bucks County Technical High School
Kevin Roddy, National Penn Bank
Jessica J. Sweeney, First Federal of Bucks County
Mike Taylor, Sesame Place
Brian Tierney, Streamline Payroll, LLC
Cathy Windland, Inner Spa
Professional Staff & Contractor
President – Dan Bates – [email protected]
Publications and Web Site – Kim Bloemker – [email protected]
Professional Development and Leadership
– Susan Harkins – [email protected]
Marketing and Public Relations
– Nicole Mandel Kelliher – [email protected]
Membership and Finance – Stephanie Ripka – [email protected]
Special Events – Toni Yonce – [email protected]
Board Chair’s Message
Denise M. Bowman
olunteerism and the Workplace: A Win-Win for All
The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge phenomenon has not only
exponentially raised awareness of ALS and more than $100
million dollars for ALS research, but it has also highlighted the
many benefits of incorporating volunteerism into the workplace.
Those who took the challenge did so for altruistic purposes, but
many of the businesses that participated may also have reaped
valuable benefits - whether they realize it or not.
As we all know, employee engagement is key to achieving and
sustaining success in any organization. It not only dramatically
increases employee satisfaction and retention, but engaged
employees are also known to be more highly productive.
Interestingly, there is a direct correlation between incorporating
volunteerism into a business culture and increased employee
engagement. Companies that are active in their communities
and/or provide volunteer opportunities for their employees
tend to experience higher than usual employee morale and
greater productivity. Employees who are engaged take greater
initiative, meet deadlines, and provide better customer service.
These same employees also tend to be more loyal, and thus,
less likely to seek out other employment opportunities. As
many business owners are painfully aware, the loss of even
one talented employee can be detrimental to the bottom line,
especially for a small business.
In addition to increased employee engagement and reduced
attrition, volunteerism in the workplace tends to yield other
ancillary benefits, including, for example, generating additional
revenue. Supporting non-profits and charities increases visibility
in the local community. Also, more and more, businesses
who embrace the notion of corporate social responsibility are
choosing to do business only with others who hold the same
Similarly, a business culture that incorporates volunteerism will
likely attract more talent as the number of those entering the
workplace seeking socially responsible employers remains on
the rise. Internally, incorporating volunteerism into the business
culture will provide increased opportunities for business owners
to identify and develop future leaders of the organization.
Every business is different, and certainly incorporating
volunteerism into the workplace is not a one-size fits all
proposition. What one company takes on as a project will not
be a natural fit for many others. However, given the potential
benefits, not only to your business but to the community at large,
investigating your options would be more than a worthwhile
Denise Bowman participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
along with Chamber President, Dan Bates, and other members
of the LBCCC Board of Directors. Denise also participated in the
challenge on behalf of Hill Wallack LLP. To view the icy cold event
organized by Hill Wallack LLP, please visit www.hillwallack.com.
Advertising Rates
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LBCCC Outlook • November 2014
Your Chamber
Friends of Washington Crossing Park and Streamline Payroll, LLC welcome LBCCC
Many LBCCC members headed out to the Washington Crossing Visitor Center for the Bucks Business Connect
meeting in September.
hristopher J. Reif (St. Mary Emergency Medical Services)
spoke to the LBCCC membership about “Community Service &
Heros: Emergency Medical Services and Healthcare Reform.”
t Janet Crum
played the
dulcimer as
a tribute to
those who lost
their lives on
September 11.
t L ori Hoppmann (Edward Jones Investments/BBC Chair),
Brian Tierney (Streamline Payroll, LLC/Sponsor),
Denise Bowman (Hill Wallack LLP/LBCCC Board Chair),
Joseph Capone (Friends of Washington Crossing Park/Host),
Christopher J. Reif (St. Mary Emergency Medical Services/
Speaker), and Dan Bates (LBCCC President).
Business Card Exchange held at Sam’s Club
There is always networking galore at the Business Card Exchange that is held at Sam’s Club each year.
my M.B. McKenna (Bucks County Bank/BCE
Chair) welcomed Mike Yeager (Yeager Insurance
Incorporated), Peter Sepe (FASTSIGNS of Fairless
Hills), Kevin Finucane (American Heritage
Federal Credit Union), and Mitchel Goldberg
(Guest) who attended their first Business Card
u Thank you to Sam's Club staff, Neosha, Pam,
Keith, Fatima, and Valdon for hosting the
Business Card Exchange in September!
LBCCC Outlook • November 2014
my M.B. McKenna
(Bucks County Bank/BCE
Chair), along with Chris
Stevens (Scappa Brick
Oven Trattoria), and
Beverly Dimler (Penns
Trail Self Storage).
Your Chamber
eated, Tom Dingwall
(Mr. Solution), Emmet
Markin (EHM Web
Solutions), and Jeff Miller
(Creative Advertising
Specialties, Inc.).
Standing, Kim Romani
(Streamline Payroll, LLC),
Rhonda Okamoto (Legal
Shield), Jackie Garber
(WBCB Radio Station
(1490 AM)), and Isabel
LBCCC Ambassadors
An Ambassador is an active Chamber member who participates in
Chamber and community events. They attend grand openings and
ribbon cutting ceremonies. Ambassadors visit our members to provide
constant and personal communications in order for our members to
gain the greatest value from their membership.
Being an Ambassador provides you a unique opportunity to meet
with Chamber members, decision makers and community leaders,
while helping our Chamber meet its goal of personally contacting
each member to ensure membership satisfaction.
Grand Opening at ShopRite of Yardley
LBCCC President Dan Bates recently attended the grand opening at the new
ShopRite of Yardley in August.
Share Your Expertise
LBCCC is looking for members to join our Speakers Bureau.
If you would like to be included on the list, please contact
Susan Harkins at [email protected]
LBCCC Outlook • November 2014
Please Visit Our
Advertisers’ Web Sites
225 Lincoln Properties LP
Angelmark Associates, Inc.
Avanti Benefits Corp.
Bucks County Bank
Bucks County Technical High School
First National Bank
& Trust Co. of Newtown
Haldeman Lexus of Princeton
M.E.I. Catering, Inc.
Moofwd Mobile Solutions
National Penn Bank
Prestige Color
Task Complete
Tyrol Insurance Agency
Univest Bank and Trust Co.
All paid advertisers were
contacted for the opportunity
to be listed in this section.
Share Your Enthusiasm
by posting photos from Chamber
events to your Facebook page,
sharing Chamber Facebook posts,
retweeting Chamber tweets, and
live tweeting when you are at
Chamber events.
Feeling Social?
Why I’m A Chamber Member
I believe that being a member of your local Chamber of Commerce is extremely
valuable both personally and professionally. To those that live in the Lower Bucks
County area, we are fortunate to have a wonderful resource in the Lower Bucks
County Chamber of Commerce. The most important thing to remember is that it isn’t
enough just to become a member, you’re really not going to get anything out of being
a member unless you actively participate in events and take advantage of what the
Chamber has to offer.
As a Trenton Thunder employee, we
are encouraged to be active in our
local community and chambers are a
great way to do that. At first, I attended
a couple of LBCCC events here and
there, but didn’t really get involved
too much beyond that. I didn’t feel I
was getting much out of going to an
event once every few months. When
a new group, the Young Professionals,
started, I decided to attend their
first networking event. I enjoyed
networking on a smaller scale and
when I learned that they were
looking for committee members,
I checked out the committee
and was enthusiastic to pursue it
further. Through being on the Young
Professionals Roundtable, I felt more
involved in the Chamber and started
to feel more comfortable at other
networking events such as the Bucks
Susanna McGrogan
Business Connect and Business Card
Exchanges. That year I ended up
attending the first ever Bucks County Ball which led to joining that committee for the
second annual one this past year.
Becoming a more active member through attending more events regularly as well as
helping plan events through committees, I was able to form closer relationships with
other Chamber members as well as staff. I was then asked to become a co-chair of
the Women in Business Roundtable which is getting a fresh makeover this year and
I am very excited for this new endeavor. I feel that this experience will not only help
integrate the Thunder into the Lower Bucks community but will also help me grow
personally in the business world.
Making the Most of Your Chamber Membership
Market your company by sponsoring a Chamber event. It allows your company
to be more visible within the Chamber while utilizing your membership as well.
Search for Lower Bucks County Chamber
of Commerce, click "Like"
Search for @LowerBksChamber
Search for Lower Bucks County Chamber
of Commerce
Search for Lower Bucks County
Chamber of Commerce
LBCCC Outlook • November 2014
Chamber Etiquette
Always carry business cards with you – you never know when you’ll make a
business connection.
LBCCC Mission Statement
The Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce is organized to
advance free enterprise by providing leadership to enhance the
economic climate of the business community.
Committee Calendar
Outreach Group
Business Networking Activities Group
4th Tuesday @ 8:30 a.m.
Co-Chairs: Amy Murray Hyde, CBDI, Inc. & John Tyrol,
Tyrol Insurance Agency
2nd Wednesday @ 9:00 a.m. (July, Oct., Jan., Apr.)
Chair: Suzy Buehler, McCafferty Auto Group
• Connections - 4th Tues. @ 8:30 a.m.
Co-Chairs: Isabel Menichella & Sam Griga, RICOH USA
• Member Benefits - 3rd Monday @ 8:30 a.m.
Chair: Kevin Wiener, Advanced Merchant Group
• Get Acquainted with Your Chamber/New Member Business Fair
Chair: Tom Dingwall, Mr. Solution
• Business Card Exchange - 1st Thursday @ 8:30 a.m.
Chair: Amy M.B. McKenna, Bucks County Bank
• ECONference 2015 - 3rd Thursday @ 9:00 a.m.
Chair: Cathy Tomcho, Univest Bank and Trust Co.
• Business Showcase
Chair: Sharon Bordak, Sparkle Professional Cleaning Corp.
• Bucks County Ball - 3rd Wednesday, 9:30 a.m.
Co-Chairs: Max Buher, Sheraton Bucks County Hotel
& Pat Dunleavy, headstrong hair salon & make-up studio
• Golf - 4th Tuesday @ 8:30 a.m.
Co-Chairs: Brian Tierney, Streamline Payroll, LLC
& Brian Zavodnick, Process Plus Legal Services, LLC
• Speed Networking
Professional Development/Leadership Group
Marketing & Technology Group
• Business Education Partnership - 1st Friday @ 9:30 a.m.
Chair: Donna Mancuso-Scalzo, Bucks County Bank
• Paths Taken Program (Class/Expo) • Youth Leadership • Internships
• Marketing Strategy - 1st Tuesday @ 8:30 a.m.
Chair: Jessica Sweeney, First Federal of Bucks County
3rd Friday @ 8:30 a.m. (Aug., Nov., Feb., May)
Chair: Kathy Zelenka, The Gormley Furlong Group @ Stifel
• Educational Programming
Chair: Jennifer Schultz, RecruitmentQueen
• Bucks Business Connect - 1st Wed. @ 10:00 a.m. (Sep., Nov., Feb., May)
Chair: Lori Hoppmann, Edward Jones Investments
• Adult Leadership - 3rd Friday @ 9:30 a.m.
Co-Chairs: Pradeep Kohli, Univest Bank and Trust Co.
& Ted Millard, Good Friends, Inc.
• Adult Leadership Alumni - Meets: Immediately following Adult Leadership
Chair: Jessica Sweeney, First Federal of Bucks County
Economics & Government Group
1st Friday @ 8:00 a.m.
Chair: Bill Pelosi, Litchfield Cavo LLP
• Legislative Debates • Manufacturers Forum • Economic Forum
• Advocacy - Co-Chairs: Ed Dixon, Fulton Bank & Brian Jeter, Comcast
o-Chairs: Kevin Roddy, National Penn Bank
& Jessica Sweeney, First Federal of Bucks County
• IT (audio/visual) - 3rd Friday @ 8:30 a.m.
Chair: Kevin Roddy, National Penn Bank
Special Roundtables
• Women in Business - 3rd Tues. @ 8:30 a.m.
Co-Chairs: Theresa Derderian, REMAX Properties - The Theresa Derderian
Team & Susanna Hall, Trenton Thunder Baseball Club
• Young Professionals - 4th Thurs. @ 4:00 p.m.
(Aug., Oct., Dec., Feb., Apr., June)
Co-Chairs: Joel Perkins, Bucks County Council, Boy Scouts of America &
Mike Taylor, Sesame Place
• b.o.s.s. (Business Owners: Support & Strategies) - 3rd Thursday @ 8:15 a.m.
Chair: Dave Dixon, Cost Segregation Services, Inc.
ilitary Personnel Business Advisory and Support
2nd Wed. @ 12:00 noon
Chair: TBD
LBCCC Events
Register for events online at www.lbccc.org and click COMMITTEES & EVENTS!
Bucks Business Connect
Business Card Exchange
Champions of Commerce
Second Thursday, 8:00 – 9:15 a.m.
4:30 – 6:30 p.m.
Wednesday, November 19
@ M.E.I. Catering, Inc.
(Heritage Hall)
6:30 – 9:30 p.m.
Thursday, November 13
@ Washington Crossing Visitors Center
November 13
@ Bucks County Technical High School
December 11
@ Sheraton Bucks County Hotel
5:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Wednesday, December 3
@ Dave & Busters Grand Sport Cafe
(Joint BCE with Greater Northeast
Philadelphia Chamber)
HR Summit
8:30 – 11:30 a.m.
Thursday, November 20
All events are at the Chamber unless otherwise indicated. Times and dates are subject to change.
Events are scheduled as of October 25. Call the Chamber to confirm.
LBCCC Outlook • November 2014
Bucks Business Connect
You are invited to the Monthly Morning
Meeting where you can ...
Inform yourself about developments
within your Chamber
Network while enjoying refreshments,
compliments of our Host & Sponsor
Educate others about yourself and your firm
Host & Sponsor Location
Bucks County Technical High School
610 Wistar Road
Fairless Hills, PA 19030
 Speaker
D. Michael Kiley-Zufelt, Southeastern Pennsylvania
Chapter of the American Red Cross
Thursday, November 13, 2014 • 8:00 – 9:15 a.m.
“An Ounce of Prevention”
and Citizen CPR
D. Michael Kiley-Zufelt is a graduate
of the University of Delaware with
a major in sociology. Mike has
taken Graduate level courses at the
University of Delaware as well. In
addition to his formal education, Mike
has many years of experience as an
educator for non-profit organizations
in the areas of adult & youth disaster
D. Michael Kiley-Zufelt
preparedness, youth safety, and HIV/
AIDS. Mike has also worked as a corporate trainer and as an
independent consultant. For the last twelve years, he has
been employed by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter
of the American Red Cross in various positions. He currently
serves as the Regional Manager for Individual and Community
Preparedness. During his time at the Red Cross, Mike has
designed, implemented, and delivered curricula on disaster
preparedness for youth and adult audiences.
LBCCC Members – No charge to attend. Prospective Chamber Members are welcome to attend this event one time.
PLEASE REGISTER IN ADVANCE as a count must be given to our host. You can reserve by e-mail to [email protected],
fax 215-943-7404 or online at www.lbccc.org by 12:00 noon the preceding day. (No phone reservations.)
Host & Sponsor
LBCCC Outlook • November 2014
Business Card Exchange
Wednesday, November 19, 2014 • 4:30 – 6:30 p.m.
You are invited to a Great Networking
Opportunity where you can ...
Join us for this exciting and
Meet great people, make valuable
connections, exchange your business
cards and grow your business as you
enjoy the complimentary food and
dynamic facility thanks to our host
and sponsors M.E.I. Catering, Inc.,
Avanti Benefits Corp., Task Complete
and Tyrol Insurance Agency!
Meet prospective customers and vendors
Network with business colleagues
Distribute your business cards
Enjoy complimentary refreshments provided by
our Host & Sponsors
 Host Location
M.E.I. Catering, Inc.
Heritage Hall
2425 New Falls Rd., Newportville, PA
 Sponsors: Avanti Benefits Corp.
Task Complete
Tyrol Insurance Agency
LBCCC Members – No charge to attend. Prospective Chamber Members are welcome to attend this event one time.
PLEASE REGISTER IN ADVANCE as a count must be given to our host. You can reserve by e-mail to [email protected],
fax 215-943-7404 or online at www.lbccc.org by 12:00 noon the preceding day. (No phone reservations.)
Host & Sponsors
M.E.I. Catering
M.E.I. Catering
x Elegant weddings
223 North Sycamore Street
Newtown, PA 18940
Phone: 215-579-9000
Fax: 215-579-7313
x Elegant weddings
x Corporate events
Insurance for your every need:
Personal and Commercial coverages offered through over
x Corporate events
80 catering
carriers • Home, Auto, Life, Boats, Recreational Vehicles,
x Full serviceUmbrellas
• Liability, Workers Comp, Property, Auto, Bonds,
x Full service catering
Professional, Business Life & Health
215 364 2130
A Professional Agency with Personal Service
215 364 2130
Elegant weddings
x [email protected]
events [email protected]
rooms including
Three banquets
Medicare Open Enrollment
Full service catering
Starts on Oct. 15th
364 2130
Twining Hall
can help with
Medicare and Obamacare!
4900 E. Street Rd
2425 New FallsYTC_Chamber
ad_Layout 1 10/3/14 12:18 PM Page 1
4900 E. StreetNewportville,
New Falls Rd
Trevose, Pa/ 19053
Pa.Call Bob or Linda Ziff at (215) 428-9500
[email protected]
Trevose, Pa/ 19053
Newportville, Pa.
anquets rooms including
Heritage Hall
2425 New Falls Rd
Newportville, Pa.
Personal Errands
Senior Services
Home Organizing
LBCCC Outlook • November 2014
Member Fates & Happenings
If you have some exciting news to share, send your information to Kim Bloemker at [email protected] Only LBCCC members in good
standing will be featured. All submissions & photos are subject to editing.
On an annual basis, Independent Community Bankers of America
(ICBA) highlight’s the most productive lenders in the banking
industry. Of the approximate 6,800 Banks across the country, over
5,000 are members of ICBA. Quaint Oak Bank has been ranked in
the top 100 lenders of their membership for 2013 at 55th place
– Nationwide! “This is a momentous event for us as a Company
that could not have been achieved without the hard work of our
Team Members and the trust of our customers. Each of us shares
in the pride of such an accomplishment because we have all made
a contribution to this achievement,” states Robert T. Strong,
President & CEO of the $132 million-asset community bank.
Timothy J. Duffy
Hill Wallack LLP Partner Timothy J. Duffy has
been appointed to the Executive Committee
of the Bucks County Republican Committee.
Mr. Duffy will serve as an Executive for District
8, which encompasses Upper Makefield
Township, Wrightstown Township, New Hope
Borough and Solebury Township. Mr. Duffy
is a member of Hill Wallack LLP’s Business
& Commercial, Real Estate, Land Use and
Construction Industry practice groups.
CFRE International has recertified Mae O’Brien as a Certified
Fund Raising Executive (CFRE). O’Brien, Executive Director of
HealthLink Medical Center, joins over 5,300 professionals around
the world who hold the CFRE designation. “HealthLink has become
the ‘medical home’ for those in the community who may have
otherwise fallen through the cracks,” says O’Brien. “More than half
of HealthLink’s patients suffer from chronic illnesses like diabetes.
Without our clinic, these local hardworking adults would not have
the means to manage their health. It’s for these members of the
community that I make the commitment to continuing education
in fundraising.”
Inner Spa is pleased to announce that owner Cathy Windland is
now a wellness advocate with dōTERRA® essential oils. Additionally,
five of Inner Spa’s therapists, Doreen Reardon, Audrey Carmasine,
Celeste Williams, Donna Jarrett, and Cathy Windland, have
completed the certification training for the AromaTouch Technique,
a clinical approach to essential oil application. According to Cathy,
“We are always looking for ways to help our clients achieve healthy.
Over the past few months, I’ve learned so much about the power
of essential oils that it seemed right to start sharing them as part of
what we do at Inner Spa. I am so excited to share information and
to be offering the AromaTouch service at the Spa. It’s a therapeutic
way to help clients achieve restored balance and vitality.”
Habitat for Humanity of Bucks County is pleased to welcome an
AmeriCorps member who has joined their dedicated staff and
volunteers to help in Habitat’s work to build and repair decent
and affordable housing. Andrew Meyer has committed to serve
full-time with Habitat Bucks over the next year filling the position
of Construction Crew Leader. In this role, Andrew will increase
the number of families they can serve through new, rehab and
repair home construction projects. “As we combine forces with
AmeriCorps, Andrew’s presence will help boost our construction
capacity so that we can touch even more Bucks County residents
with stable, safe and revitalized housing,” said Florence A.
Kawoczka, Executive Director, Habitat Bucks.
From left: Connie Barna,
First Federal Mortgage
Loan Officer & Bucks County
Housing Group Board
Member; Tracy Mellor,
Executive Director of Bucks
County Housing Group; and
Jeane Coyle, First Federal’s
First Federal of Bucks County delivered a gift of $2,500 to the Bucks
County Housing Group. Jeane Coyle, First Federal’s President/CEO
along with Connie Barna, First Federal Mortgage Loan Officer and
Bucks County Housing Group Board Member presented the check
to Tracy Mellor, Executive Director of Bucks County Housing Group
at the banks Administrative and Loan Center in Yardley. Jeane
stated: “We’re pleased to be able to offer both financial and Team
Member support to the Bucks County Housing Group. In today’s
economic environment the work that Tracy and her agency are
doing is more critical than ever.”
Todd Buch, President of the McCafferty Auto Group in Langhorne
and partner in McCafferty of Mechanicsburg announced his
retirement upon transferring his interest in the business to
Chris Scott and Fred Beans. Todd has been with McCafferty for
30 years, 21 years as President. In Langhorne, Chris Scott, the
current Vice President of Operations and General Manager will
become the Managing Partner with Fred Beans as the majority
shareholder. Chris has been with McCafferty for 33 years. “This is
a great transition plan for all concerned. Our team members have
continuity of leadership and brand. Chris Scott has the opportunity
to lead the team, along with Fred, and enact the vision for the
future” says Buch. “This is a logical transition.” Buch plans to reside
primarily in Palm Coast, Florida with his wife, Cathie and his two
daughters, Destiny and Morgan.
Bob Cormack recently celebrated his 25th year at the Bucks County Economic Development
Corporation in August! The Board, Staff and close colleagues honored Bob with a Cocktail Party at
the Washington Crossing Inn.
From left, Tom Keiser, Terry McGlinchey, Mike Renner, and Bob Cormack.
LBCCC Outlook • November 2014
Business Briefs
7 Reasons to Give Thanks for Your Small Business
Running a small business isn’t easy. Here’s a reminder of seven things
every small business owner should be thankful for this Thanksgiving:
1. You’re Doing What Others (Literally) Dream Of
A recent study by The UPS Store found that nearly half of
Americans who have never owned their own business dream
of becoming their own bosses, while 21 percent are confident
they’ll own their own companies someday. Since your “someday”
is now, that’s worth celebrating. “Have fun,” says Gillian Christie,
founder & CEO of ChristieCommunications in Santa Barbara, CA.
“Life is a game and meant to be played with full vigor. There will
always be challenges- confront, handle, learn!”
2. You Are Guided by Your Passion
Many small businesses grow out of the founder’s passion,
whether you sell handcrafts or do business coaching. And
the good news is passion equals revenues. According to the
American Express OPEN Ages Survey, Gen Y small business
owners who were motivated by passion to start their businesses
are more likely to have experienced higher revenue growth over
the last three years (37 percent) than Gen Y overall (24 percent)
or Baby Boomers overall (10 percent). Seems the old saying is
true: If you do what you love, the money follows.
3. You Control Your Time
There’s an old joke about entrepreneurs: “The best thing about
running a small business is you only work half days—and get
to choose which 12 hours it is.” While small business owners
usually do work long, hard hours, being able to choose those
hours and chart your course is something few would give up.
There are few greater feelings in business than being your own
4. Small Is the New Large
In days past, many small businesses would try to give the
impression they were larger than they were. Things like
software-as-a-service and social marketing now enable the
small businesses to have access to the same capabilities as the
largest enterprises and tap into markets around the world. In
fact, in an era of social media marketing, the personalization
that has always been the hallmark of small business marketing
is a key selling point. And those larger enterprises are now trying
to mimic you.
5. You Can Have an Impact On the Community
“Owning a small business gives you a chance to express your
own flair and put your signature on a community,” says Terry
Streete, head of ThinkTerry Consulting Inc. “In this day and
age, it sometimes feels like the old-school values and the value
of relationships are being lost,” he says. “As a small business
owner, you have a chance to support causes that are important
to you.” If you want to bring your customers into the process,
you can ask them to vote on, say, which three local causes to
give a portion of your sales to that month.”
6. You Create Employment for Others
Small businesses are the economic engine of America, and you
should be proud that you provide jobs for others. Small firms
accounted for 64 percent of the net new jobs created between
1993 and 2011, according to the Small Business Administration
(SBA). “By employing others, you give them a chance to pursue
their dreams, and that in itself can be a motivation to get out of
bed in the morning,” Streete says. “It’s also a way to motivate
yourself to sustain and grow your business.”
7. Your Customers Love You
Nearly nine in 10 adults have a favorable view of small businesses,
according to the 2012 Public Affairs Pulse Survey. Fifty-three
percent have a very favorable view of small businesses. At
the same time, just 16 percent of people say the same thing
about large corporations. Overall, more than half of the survey
respondents believe small-business owners tend to exhibit
honest and ethical behavior, unlike CEOs of major corporations.
So give yourself a pat on the back—everyone else is.
Source: http://adsolutions.yp.com/small-business-marketingcenter/small-business-marketing-articles/7-Reasons-to-GiveThanks-for-Your-Small-Business
No Time to be Active in the Chamber?
In less than two hours, you can…
• Introduce yourself and your company to over 100 people and hear an informative speaker by attending Bucks Business
• Attend a “Get Acquainted with Your Chamber” meeting and meet new members who may be potential customers!
• Learn to help your business grow at a Workshop, Seminar or Class.
• Attend a committee or roundtable meeting and meet potential new clients.
In less than one hour, you can…
• Write a news item about your company which can be published in the “Member Fates & Happenings” section of Outlook.
• Stop by a Business Card Exchange, have some refreshments, and make new business contacts.
• Promote your business by offering a discount on your products or services through the member-to-member discount program.
The small amount of time you invest in the Chamber will pay itself back to you and your business!!!
LBCCC Outlook • November 2014
Focus Now
Technology, Computer Consultants & Supplies and related industries
Angelmark Associates, Inc.
Angelmark Associates, Inc. has been helping our clients thrive in a
competitive market since 1996. Whether you're looking for costeffective advertising opportunities, eye-catching graphic and web
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At MooFwd, we build workflow-specific, enterprise-class native
solutions for mobile. Whether you are extending an existing desktop
application to mobile or creating new solutions integrating with your
backend data, the end result will be highly productive and ready
to work on all of today's popular smart devices. Our commitment
is to be as flexible as our clients need us to be while delivering a
high-quality product based upon your vision. We make it easier for
your customers to do business with you and your employees to do
business for you. We are MooFwd.
www.moofwd.com | (855) 2-MOOFWD x110 | [email protected]
S ..C
W..I H
Each month, this section of Outlook highlights specific businesses. Each member firm that advertises has the opportunity to
write an advertorial containing a description of their company services.
LBCCC Outlook • November 2014
Business Briefs
Don’t Just Think About Retirement — Plan For It
Just a generation ago, planning for retirement was simple. By adding together company pensions and Social
Security benefits, most employees could figure out how and when they could retire comfortably.
Today, retirement planning is more complex. It’s also more
For example, we are all keenly aware of the well-documented
shortfalls in Social Security and the disappearance of company
pensions. As we look forward to retirement, we must also
consider longer life expectancies and a rising cost of living. For
these and other reasons, many of us are compelled to assume
more and more responsibility when it comes to ensuring our
own retirement goals. For many of us, retirement stands as one
of our most important financial objectives.
So whether you’re nearing retirement or simply planning ahead,
you’ve probably asked yourself the same question that so many
other individuals have asked themselves: “Am I saving enough
to enjoy my retirement years?”
By planning now and planning wisely, you can take the steps
necessary to finance your retirement. The following six-step
process can help you plan for a secure, comfortable retirement.
1. Determine Your Retirement Needs and Goals.
Whether it’s financial security or realizing lifelong dreams,
attaining your retirement objectives requires a bit of foresight.
Perhaps you hope to travel. On the other hand, perhaps you’re
happy to stay at home, spending time with family and friends.
Depending on your plans, your financial needs could range
from 70 to 100 percent of your current income to support your
2. Choose the Right Time to Retire.
While most of us hope to retire early, many of us set unrealistic
goals. To adequately finance your retirement, you may need
to work longer than you would like. Your needs and goals will
determine how long you must work to finance your retirement.
If you hope to retire at age 50, for example, you might forgo
the purchase of a second home. If you retire at 60, that second
home might be included in your retirement goals.
3. Estimate Your Current Retirement Benefits.
By analyzing your current retirement benefits, you can estimate
how much income you will receive from Social Security and
company pension plans. Such income will help offset the
amount of money you need to save for retirement. Of course,
you should make sure your estimates are reasonable and not
based simply on current benefit levels.
4. Review Your Current Retirement Savings.
Preparing a net worth statement can help you adequately
assess how much you’ve already saved for retirement. Such a
statement is simply a listing of what you own (assets) and what
you owe (liabilities), with the difference representing your net
worth. Preparing such statements on an annual basis will help
you evaluate the progress you’re making toward long-term
goals. Also, when reviewing your retirement savings, you should
review your other financial needs for the future.
5. Develop Your Retirement Savings Plan.
To develop a plan, start by estimating how much the retirement
lifestyle you envision would cost today. Now, adjust these
amounts for inflation. This should give you an idea of your total
capital needs at retirement. Next, determine how much you
need to save on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.
6. Review Your Retirement Plan.
By reviewing your retirement plan annually, you can evaluate
your progress. This process also will allow you to make any
needed changes to your plan.
Kathleen Zelenka is a Financial Advisor at Stifel, Nicolaus &
Company, Incorporated, a member of the Securities Investor
Protection Corporation (SIPC) and the New York Stock Exchange,
Inc. She can be reached by calling (215) 504-1665, or via e-mail
at [email protected]
Article submitted by: Kathy Zelenka, The Gormley Furlong Group
@ Stifel
E-mail: [email protected]
Source: http://adsolutions.yp.com/small-business-marketingcenter/small-business-marketing-articles/7-Reasons-to-GiveThanks-for-Your-Small-Business
Share Your Enthusiasm
by posting photos from Chamber events to your Facebook page, sharing Chamber Facebook posts,
retweet Chamber tweets, tweet when you are at Chamber events.
LBCCC Outlook • November 2014
Business Briefs
10% to 20% of Revenues Go Down a Sinkhole —
Here’s Where They Go
Based on studying thousands of companies over decades of time and cross-checking with data from
insurance companies, the Labor Department, the Commerce Department, the F.B.I., the security industry,
Department of Justice, Bureau of Labor Statistics, the National Federation of Independent Business,
and others, we found the following comprise the sinkhole:
1) Sickness of workers.
Lots of people sick on Monday mornings, either don't show up or
show up sick (hung over). Lots of workers who eat no breakfast
or just donuts and coffee. No wonder they are spaced out. Lots
of office workers with chronic coughs. Some bad backs. Lots of
colds all the time. Forbes Online reported this costs employers
$4,300 per year per worker.
2) Workers comp.
A couple phony comp. claims, some threats of phony claims, a
couple real injuries not too serious. Some time in court fighting
phony claims. OSHA and insurance reports. According to Liberty
Mutual the indirect costs of workers comp. incidents run five
times the direct insured amounts. This includes rehiring,
retraining, bad PR, loss of customer, effect on other workers’
morale, damage to equipment, managers’ time in depositions,
reports. And once in a while a horrible life-changing accident
that could have been prevented.
3) Theft by employees.
About 30% of employees steal all the time according to the
US Chamber of Commerce. Even if it is not a major heist it is
demoralizing and destroys the family company feeling the
management wish to build and it is no fun for the honest
employees because they put up with it under intimidation.
4) Outside theft and vandalism.
When these things happen it is very disruptive and it is never
on the calendar or To Do list as something anyone allocated
time to deal with but then must be handled on all-consuming
emergency basis.
5) Threats or physical violence.
Can be rare at some companies, common at others. When it
happens it is memorable. There are 2,000,000 such acts at the
workplace reported to police each year.
6) Lawsuits for slip and falls, real or phony.
Depositions, loss of managers' time, insurance reports. Also
public liability for injury to children who trespassed onto the
grounds and got seriously injured. Can result in millions in
liability. There are 9,000,000 slip and falls per year.
7) Auto and vehicle accidents on the property or off.
LBCCC Outlook • November 2014
8) Embezzlement and fraud.
This is a big one. Most people either had it happen or know
someone it happened to.
9) Arson is not a leading problem but does strike 31,000
businesses per year.
Most victims, though insured, are out of business within 2-3
years following the event.
What happens when these things happen? How does it feel
to the owner? One company owner came in Monday morning
and saw how teenage vandals had destroyed every piece of his
custom machine shop machinery. He had a heart attack and
died on the spot.
People have come to learn too late that insurance doesn't cover
lots of things. Recurrent below-the-radar, below-deductible
thefts are not covered. Many thefts are undetected so of course
those are never covered. Insurance may replace equipment or
a burned-down office but downtime, consequential damages,
loss of customers' business while the company can't operate
--- these are not covered. When it is a major loss --- ask any
insurance agent --- future rates may double or triple.
"Research indicates that 80% of businesses that suffer a major
incident will never fully recover their pre-loss trading position
and some of these will cease operating entirely." (Source:
Chartis Insurance —world's largest commercial insurer)
If a company could convert even a quarter of the above losses
into recovered profits it could double or triple the company’s
profits (depending on industry and its profit margin).
Article by: Ken Hantman, Perimeter Protective Systems, Inc.
E-mail: [email protected]
Source: http://adsolutions.yp.com/
THE NEW Univest Financial Center
creating a new way to deliver the financial center experience that
In August, Univest broke ground on an office in Newtown that will
would engage our customers in a meaningful way.”
be the first of their financial centers to feature a new banking
experience. The unveiling of this new prototype represents
Dana Rose, Assistant Vice President and Manager of the Newtown
Univest’s commitment to the customer experience. This innovative
Financial Center explains, “The Newtown Financial Center will be a
model has been in the works for more than two years in response
welcoming location to visit when life decisions like getting a loan or
to the changing ways consumers prefer to do their banking. With
saving for retirement need to be
this new approach, visiting a
financial center remains relevant “...we focused on creating a new way to deliver discussed with a personal
the financial center experience that would
banker, but it will also serve as a
by providing a customer-focused
experience that combines the
engage our customers in a meaningful way.” convenient place to take
advantage of technology-based,
latest technology with
personalized service – striking a balance between the convenience
self-service options for simpler transactions. Being in the
relationship business, we strive to earn trust and loyalty with each
of technology and the value of a face-to-face interaction.
interaction, and this newly designed financial center will allow us to
According to Louis Spinelli, Executive Vice President and Director
do that while delivering an experience that differentiates us from
of Consumer Strategy and Delivery for Univest Bank and Trust Co.,
“Industry trends show that consumers are visiting the local branch
The new financial center will allow visitors to view product demos,
less frequently than they did in the past, but research also shows
that even the most tech-savvy customer still has a need for
explore mobile banking options and learn about an array of
integrated financial solutions including home loans, insurance,
assistance with complex financial matters. There are certain
wealth management and investments. The Newtown Financial
transactions where people want a personal experience such as
Center will be located at 15 Swamp Road and is slated to open in
getting financial advice, opening accounts, or applying for a
business loan or mortgage. With that in mind, we focused on
lbccc outlook november 2014
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