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NBC eyes live staging of ‘Few Good Men’
Victoria Gotti back for
‘Growing’ retrospective
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In order to celebrate the occasion in a
befitting manner, it has been decided to have
a Book Exhibition wherein the books of
overseas Indian writers are to be kept for the
benefit of the participants during the PBD 2015. All Indian associations, Indian writers
are encouraged to participate in the Book
Exhibition. Taking this opportunity, the
Embassy seeks greater participation and
support to the event and those interested
may register by logging-on to the website at the earliest.
Nov 19
TIES events schedule: Ladies Night:
Your Child’s Health: by Dr Asmaa Farag.
Ladies and children are encouraged to join
Dr Asmaa Farag for a live Q&A on “Child
Care: Myths and Truths”. Learn to distinguish between fact and fiction when it
comes to the health and wellbeing of children. Wednesday, Nov 19 @ 6:30pm
(Ladies and children only).
Basics of Islam for New Reverts: by
Sharaf Al-Nisaa, Educate yourself in
important life issues. This weekly class for
new reverts covers important Islamic
guidelines in all aspects of life. Students
will also learn and improve Quran recitation with tajweed of short chapters essential for prayer. Every Thursday in
November @ 5pm (Ladies Only).
Islam 101: by Hassan Bwambale. If you
are interested to know more about Islam,
join the TIES Center for information,
iscussion, and a chance to ask any question
about Islam regarding Muslims’ beliefs,
acts of worship, Quranic verses, and the
Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) life. Every
Thursday in November @ 7pm.
English Speaking Class – by Tony
Braun: Come and practice speaking
English. Don’t be shy. Tony, who is the
facilitator, will make it very easy on you!
You will be able to read the conversation if
you get stuck. This class will help you
increase your English speaking skills.
Cost: 15 KD – Stop by or call to register
Every Sunday at 6 - 7 pm
Gulf Cooking Course - by Aisha AlFarsi
Join Kuwaiti chef Aisha Al-Farsi for a
cooking course that will teach how to mix
your own spices and sauces, how to make
your own yogurt, how to prepare salads,
fish, chicken and meat dishes with rice, as
well as local desserts. Of course, you will
get a chance to share the prepared food
after class. Seating is limited.
Cost: KD 30 - Stop by or call to register
Every Sunday for 6 weeks starting Oct
19 @ 6-8 pm
The TIES Center is the social and educational hub for English Speaking Muslims
in Kuwait. For more information, please
call 25231015 or e-mail
[email protected] or visit
Enlightenment into Islam courses:
Enlightenment into Islam announces free
courses for ladies from Nov 3 to Nov 17,
every Monday on the topic ‘Rights of the
Holy Quran upon the Muslim in Different
This photo provided by Blizzard shows a scene from the video game, ‘Overwatch.’ (AP)
‘Assassin’s Creed’ one of the top-sellers globally
‘Unity’ dives into French Revolution
new installment of blockbuster video
game “Assassin’s Creed” makes its
worldwide debut Tuesday, allowing
players to wield deadly skills on the
streets of Paris during the French
“Assassin’s Creed: Unity” is the latest
installment of the annual, history-based
action franchise from French gaming
developer Ubisoft.
“I was surprised how realistic it could
be,” Ubisoft chief and co-founder Yves
Guillemot told AFP at a major E3 video
game tade show earlier this year.
“From the street names to how it was
before compared to how it is now, you
are really more into the details when it is
your own city,” he said.
“From the street names to how it was
before compared to how it is now, you
are really more into the details when it is
your own city,” he said
Billed as the most “dense and immersive” version of the hit franchise ever
created, “Assassin’s Creed: Unity” casts
players in the role of a young man who
grows into a master assassin and helps
shape the fate of France.
“We have been working with lots of
people to try to get the spirit of the
French Revolution — what happened
and why it happened,” Guillemot said.
Languages’. For details contact: 97743327.
Pravasi Bhartiya Divas 2015: The
Government of India has decided to hold
the next Pravasi Bhartiya Divas (PBD2015) at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar,
Gujarat in January 2015.
The effort would be to have more
meaningful and interactive sessions that
would address the issues and concerns
Initially launched in 2007,
“Assassin’s Creed” has sold more than
78 million units worldwide, making it
one of the top-selling video game
lines worldwide.
It is Ubisoft’s most popular franchise,
with a new installment released each
year. “‘Assassin’s Creed’ is certainly one
of the annual powerhouse franchises,
and it has quite a following,” said game
industry analyst Scott Steinberg of technology consulting firm TechSavvy.
“Partly because it manages to capture
the imagination.”
Admittedly, putting out a new version
of the game each year stretches the overarching storyline, which features modern-day descendants of assassins whose
genetic memory is being mined to solve
a bigger mystery.
“That is one of the challenges with an
annual franchise, you are constantly pushed
to one-up yourself,” Steinberg said.
“It is similar to what happens with
sequels to movies or television shows.
Sometimes the story isn’t that successful, but there is always next year.”
Steinberg credited “Assassin’s Creed”
with inspiring other games, such as
“Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor,”
recently released by Warner Brothers
of the overseas Indian community effectively. Since 2015 marks the hundredth
anniversary of the return of the greatest
“PRAVASI” of all, Mahatma Gandhi
from South Africa, it is desired that
PBD-2015 would be celebrated in a
grand way.
The detailed programme of PBD-2015 is
being prepared and will be uploaded on the
Embassy’s Website in due course.
More detailed information on Pravasi
Interactive Entertainment.
The analyst referred to “Assassin’s
Creed” as a “tent-pole” franchise for
Ubisoft when it comes to revenue.
The company reported last month that
sales topped expectations in the first half of
its fiscal year, bolstered by success of its
new “Watch Dogs” game and a “firm back
catalogue,” including “Assassin’s Creed
IV: Black Flag” released a year ago.
The prior version of “Assassin’s
Creed” put players in the boots of a bold
pirate and tapped into mobile devices to
expand play.
The new installment of the game also
lets people expand play to smartphones
or tablets using “companion apps.”
“Ubisoft is one of the more forward
thinking publishers when it comes to
pushing things in new directions, like
mobile,” Steinberg said.
“Assassin’s Creed” protagonists have
included a Renaissance Italian, a 12thCentury Syrian and a Native American
during the colonial period.
The franchise has grown to include
novels, comic books, mobile games and
It immerses players in a believable
experience inspired by historical events
and has set its games in Italy,
Constantinople and even colonial
Bhartiya Divas (PBD-2015) can be
accessed at the Ministry of Overseas India
Affairs’ website (
AWL registration: If you would like to
join the American Women’s League
(AWL), please call 99039723 or 94067999
or email: [email protected] All
American women and wives of Americans
are welcomed.
NEW YORK, Nov 9, (Agencies): It
seems like only yesterday, or could it be a
decade, since “Growing Up Gotti” was
lending an ear to the fortissimo life of
mobster daughter Victoria Gotti and her
three boisterous lads.
Now A&E is bringing back the family for
a one-hour retrospective, “Growing Up
Gotti: 10 Years Later,” inviting viewers to
revisit the Gottis’ Long Island manse for
reminiscing and vintage clips from the
series (which aired in 2004-05). The new
special airs Monday at 9 pm EST.
Mom, now 51, is still the dolled-up
matriarch while sons John and Carmine
are all grown up and no longer so reliant
on hair gel and swagger. (But domestic
drama remains: Youngest son Frank, 24,
blew off the retrospective taping, claiming illness, according to the network.)
“We laughed! Boy, did we laugh,”
Gotti tells The Associated Press, describing their collective reaction to those clips.
She still considers herself a writer by
trade — she is a best-selling author and
was a columnist for the New York Post —
but her wayward career has also found
her competing on “Celebrity Apprentice”
and starring in an off-Broadway musical.
Nonetheless, she spent life before
“Growing Up Gotti” chiefly known as a
daughter of John Gotti, the late “Dapper
Don.” So, a decade ago, she allowed
cameras into her home in an effort to
recast her identity.
But once the first round of filming was
complete and the premiere date loomed,
“I became physically ill,” she recalls.
“The apprehension, the anxiety! I
remember thinking, ‘Just let it come out.
One, maybe three episodes will air. It’ll
be a complete flop. Three people will
tune in. Then we’ll be done!’”
It didn’t turn out that way, of course, and
when instead the series was an overnight hit,
she asked herself, “Now what?”
What happened was, she sums up, “a
blast! I think it’s one of the better decisions I’ve made, and I got to work with
my kids. What better job for a working
single mom?”
The series also fulfilled Gotti’s goal of
presenting herself not as the daughter of a
legendary wiseguy, but as a liberated
woman who was raised by a devoted dad:
“He and my mother, they were great!”
Victoria Gotti is a personality who
doesn’t hold back, as reflected by her frequent reminder: “What you see is what
you get.”
But one thing you don’t see suggested by
her public persona: her professed preference
for dressing down. She’s no committed
glamour-puss, she insists, despite at that
moment being swathed in mink with her
platinum tresses spilling nearly to her waist.
In its pursuit of audience-grabbing
event programming, NBC is said to be
eyeing a live staging of Aaron Sorkin’s
play “A Few Good Men.”
The Peacock is in the early stages of
working out an agreement with Sorkin to
mount a live telecast of the play that put
him on the map as a writer when it hit
Broadway in 1989. The 1992 feature starring Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson and
Demi Moore was a hit for TriStar
The story revolves around the courtmartial case against two Marines accused
of killing another serviceman. The film
helmed by Rob Reiner earned four Oscar
nominations, including best picture and
supporting actor for Nicholson.
Producers Craig Zadan and Neil
Meron are involved with the NBC
effort, as is Sony’s TV division. The
idea is that Sorkin would do another
pass on the play to tailor it for the TV
staging. It’s understood that Zadan and
Meron suggested the possibility of
doing “Few Good Men” to NBC
Entertainment chief Bob Greenblatt,
who got the ball rolling over the summer with Sorkin. The sides are still
hammering out the basic details so
there’s no word yet on casting or a
director or a target premiere date.
He’s baaaack!
Jay Leno made his big return to the
“Tonight Show” on Friday by hazing his
replacement Jimmy Fallon.
This was Leno’s first formal guest
appearance on the NBC latenight talkshow after ending his 22-year run as
“Tonight Show” host in Feb of last year.
His return gave “The Tonight Show With
Jimmy Fallon” its highest Friday rating in
eight months. The episode averaged a
3.3, 8 share in Nielsen’s metered-market
Leno teased Fallon by sharing a conversation they once had in which the new
host asked Leno for car advice. The car
connoisseur told Fallon not to buy a classic car if he couldn’t handle working on
its engine.
A familiar Marvel character is headed
to “Agent Carter.”
“The Americans” baddie Costa Ronin
will play Anton Vanko in the upcoming
ABC series. Vanko’s storyline was first
introduced in “Iron Man 2,” where he
played Howard Stark’s business partner.
Vanko’s son Ivan grew up to be Whiplash
(played by Mickey Rourke in the film),
a deadly threat to Tony Stark’s titular
The elder Vanko, portrayed by Evgeniy
Lazarev, made a brief appearance in the
film. Ronin will play a significantly
younger version of Anton on the highlyanticipated TV show.
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The Yemen 06:45 Star Trek Into Darkness
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06:00 Barbie As The Island Princess 08:00
Kong Return To The Jungle 10:00 A Cat In
Paris 11:30 Krazzy Planet 13:00 Kong
Return To The Jungle 14:30 Ploddy Police
Car 16:00 Dragon Hunters 18:00 A Cat In
Paris 20:00 Niko 2: Little Brother, Big Trouble
22:00 Ploddy Police Car 23:30 Dragon
Hunters 01:00 Kong Return To The Jungle
Good Morning America 03:00 The Killing
04:00 House Of Cards 05:00 Good Morning
America 07:00 Emmerdale
05:30 Umagang Kay Ganda 7:05 Red Alert
7:40 Filipino Ka, Sabihin Mo 7:45 Goin' Bulilit
8:25 Matanglawin 9:00 Citizen Pinoy Your
Tanong, My Sagot 9:35 Kris TV 10:45 It's
Showtime 12:30 Singing Bee 13:00 Bistado
13:30 TV Patrol Live 14:55 TFC Connect Aft
15:05 Mukha 15:30 Be Careful With My
Heart 15:55 Hawak Kamay 16:20 Pure Love
16:45 Bet On Your Baby 17:20 Kris TV 18:20
Singing Bee 19:00 TV Patrol 20:10
Forevermore 20:45 Two Wives 21:15 Hawak
Kamay 21:45 Pure Love 22:15 Aquino &
Abunda Tonight 22:30 TFC Connect Eve
22:40 It's Showtime 0:40 Bandila 1:30 Be
Careful With My Heart 2:00 Forevermore
2:30 Two Wives 3:00 Hawak Kamay 3:30
Pure Love 4:00 Bet On Your Baby 4:40
Aquino & Abunda Tonight 4:55 Mukha 5:20
TFC Connect Am 5:30 Umagang Kay Ganda
06:00 Something Borrowed, Something New
06:25 World's Worst Mum 07:15 What Not To
Wear 08:05 Secret Eaters 08:55 Say Yes To
The Dress 09:20 Say Yes To The Dress 09:45
Cake Boss 10:10 Jon & Kate Plus 8 10:35
Little People, Big World 11:00 Toddlers &
Tiaras 11:50 Say Yes To The Dress 12:15
Say Yes To The Dress 12:40 World's Worst
Mum 13:30 The Next Great Baker 14:20
Borrowed, Something New 15:35 Cake Boss
16:00 What Not To Wear 16:50 Jon & Kate
Plus 8 17:15 Little People, Big World 17:40
Toddlers & Tiaras 18:30 Something
Borrowed, Something New 18:55 Say Yes To
The Dress 19:20 Say Yes To The Dress 19:45
World's Worst Mum 20:35 Cake Boss 21:00
The Undateables 21:50 Breaking Amish: The
Shunning Truth 22:40 Long Island Medium
23:05 Mob Wives 23:55 Hoarding: Buried
Alive 00:45 The Undateables 01:35 Breaking
Amish: The Shunning Truth 02:25 I Didn't
Know I Was Pregnant 02:50 Mob Wives
03:40 Long Island Medium 04:05 Say Yes To
The Dress 04:30 Say Yes To The Dress 05:00
Toddlers & Tiaras 06:00 Something
Borrowed, Something New
Asia Business Report 0:45 Sport Today 1:00
Newsday 1:30 Asia Business Report 1:45
Sport Today 2:00 BBC World News 2:30 Asia
Business Report 2:45 Sport Today 3:00 BBC
World News 3:30 Asia Business Report 3:45
Sport Today 4:00 BBC World News 4:30 Extra
Time 5:00 BBC World News 5:30 World
Business Report 5:45 BBC World News 6:00
BBC World News
02:45 Niko 2: Little Brother, Big Trouble
04:30 Ploddy Police Car 06:00 A Cat In Paris
OSN Movies Premiers HD
06:00 The Music Never Stopped 08:00
Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You
10:00 Lakeview Terrace 12:00 Parental
Guidance 14:00 Despicable Me 2 15:45
Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You
17:30 The Great Gatsby 20:00 Peace, Love
& Misunderstanding 22:00 Killing Them
Softly 00:00 The World's End 02:00
Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You
04:00 Despicable Me 2 06:00 Lakeview