letter News Term 4:

Yr 5 Healthy Breakfast
Term 4: 19th November 2014
Our Principal’s News
By Mark Creevey
Dear Parents,
Many events and activities are heralding the proximity of the end of the school year. We have the Graduation
ceremonies for the Year 6 and 7 students scheduled for the 26th and 27th of November. We also have also a
number of other activities being enjoyed by different classes so I invite you to join in with as many as possible.
These are all listed on the school website for your convenience and advanced planning.
Today we thanked our many volunteers with a morning tea and prayer. We are blessed with so many generous
parents who contribute to the learning of the students in so many different ways. A special “Thank You” to all of
our volunteers, even if you were not able to be present today. Your regular contributions of time and expertise
are most appreciated by both staff and students. Our community are all the richer because of your presence
within our school community. Well Done!
One of the activities that we are currently embarking on is the Christmas Collection for St Vincent
De Paul. Children are invited to bring an item along to school and we will present these to the
SVDP society in the last week. It is interesting that in Matthew’s Gospel which will be shared at
Sunday’s Mass the message is closely aligned with what we are doing here at St. Benedict’s.
“Come, you whom my Father has blessed, take for your heritage the kingdom prepared for you
since the foundation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me food; I was thirsty and you gave me
drink; I was a stranger and you made me welcome; naked and you clothed me, sick and you visited me, in
prison and you came to see me.” Then the virtuous will say to him in reply; “Lord, when did we see you
hungry and feed you; or thirsty and give you drink? When did we see you a stranger and make you
welcome; naked and clothe you; sick or in prison and go to see you?” And the king will answer, “I tell you
solemnly, in as far as you did this to one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did it to me.”
This week I announced Mrs Burke’s news of her appointment as Principal at St. Joseph’s
Bardon. We wish her well in her new challenge next year. I have currently invited
Expressions of Interest for the vacant Acting APA position here at St. Benedict’s. This
process will be conducted next week. Next year Mrs Lund will be going on Maternity Leave
early in the New Year and Mrs Ruth Sharman has been engaged to fill the position. Mrs
Sharman has been working at All Saints Catholic School and has been in the same role at
previous schools. We congratulate and welcome Ruth to our team in 2015.
Wednesday, 19th November 2014
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Our Principal’s News continued
By Mark Creevey
I had planned to have report cards out to parents this
Friday but it is more likely to be Monday as I have 610
reports to read and sign. It is a very busy time of year
as we wrap up the current school year as well as put in
place staff, policies and changes for 2015.
With Advent just around the corner, the thought for
the week: “Love came down at Christmas, wrapped in
the birth of the infant Jesus.”
Have a great week!
This Weeks Principal’s Awards
Matthew Doyle
Amaya Lauina
Ashley Cavanagh
Blade Miller
Chloe Barnes
Georgie Reed
Jackson Nucifora & Matthew Ponce
Ben McKay
Jasmine Harvey
Kailen Klaas & Cooper Reed
Tadhg Leslie
Dominic Cunynghame
& Jemma Rogers
Patrick Dowd
Dominique Hayes
Bailey Nikl & Jacob Convey
Charlotte Holmes
Jack McInnes
Jack Mulvihill & Emerson Gale
Jessica Corkeron
Isabella Baptista & Rebecca Iselin
Café News Term 4
The last day of Café online/paper bag orders for
the year will be Friday 28th November but
Wednesday 3rd December will be a $1.00 day
with only over the counter items sold. This will
include hot items, chips, drinks and ice blocks.
Order via
Uniform Shop News
Holiday Dates
15th, 16th and 27th January 2015.
8.30 till 2.00 all 3 days
For any urgent enquiries please contact
[email protected]
Benny's Greenies (students from Year 4-6) are collecting all paper and cardboard waste
from around the school so it can be recycled. Each morning bin buddies visit the
classrooms collecting the paper. We now have a super size enclosed collection bin to
allow for ease of collection. Stay tuned for more sustainable practices this year.
Wednesday, 19th November 2014
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APA News
By Fran Burke Assistant Principal Administration
Dear St Benedict’s Community
It is with great sadness that I say goodbye to this
beautiful community at the end of this year. I have
been truly blessed over the past 7 years working with
you in partnership as together we have journeyed in
your child’s education. There are many abundant
blessings I take with me from my leadership
experiences and incredible memories that will guide
me in my future endeavours as a leader. I am very
excited to be appointed Principal at St Joseph’s at
Bardon. I really look forward to this new chapter in
my leadership journey and look forward to creating
many new memories with the Bardon community. I
would like to extend my deepest gratitude and thanks
to our students, staff and parents. On our weekly
assembly I am constantly promoting how wonderful St
Benedict’s is to be part of and I mean this with great
sincerity, this community will always hold a very
special place in my heart and I thank you for walking
with me on my journey.
Best wishes, Fran
Term Dates to Remember
Thursday 20 November - 2015 New Families
STARTS 25 November - Scholastic Book Fair
in the Library
Wednesday 26 November - Testing for 2015 Jr
Band, Yr 6 Graduation
Thursday 27 November - Yr 7 Graduation
Friday 28 November - Last Day Swimming
Lessons, Last Ordering Café Day
Monday 1 December - Prep Christmas
Wednesday 3 December - Carols on Assembly,
Yr 1 Extravaganza, P&F Meeting, $1 Day at
the Cafe
Friday 5 December - LAST DAY SCHOOL,
Farewell & Litergy Celebration @ 11,
Finishing at 12 noon
See the School Calendar on our website.
Orientation for New Families
On Thursday 20 November, we welcome 20 new students who will be joining St Benedict’s in 2015. These
students will be coming for the afternoon session beginning at 1.30pm. As Mark and Brett address the parents of
these new 2015 students, the students will join their cohort for the afternoon session to meet some friendly
Student Council
This Friday 21 November at first break will be our “Break Up Pizza Party” for our Semester 1 and 2 Student
Council. These students play an incredible part in our school. The student council committee are responsible for
many Social Action and Justice initiatives as well as many student social events. This committee gives our
students a voice to contribute further to the life at St Benedict’s. I would like to extend an enormous thank you to
Mrs Helen Hickey and Mr Jason Lay for supporting the leadership of this committee.
Our Junior Band performed for our Years 2 and 3 students in the hall last week. Notes were sent home
to all of our Year 2 and 3 students, where parents and students were able to nominate an instrument
they may like to learn next year. This note is due back to school by this Wednesday the 19th of November. Our
Band coordinator Mr. Donald Smith will then be conducting instrumental music testing with these interested
students on Wednesday the 26th of November. We look forward more students joining the Junior Band in 2015.
Wednesday, 19th November 2014
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APA News continued
By Fran Burke Assistant Principal Administration
Year 6 Leadership Shirts for 2015
In 2015 we will have Year 6 leadership shirts available
for parents to purchase as a celebration of their child’s
final year of primary school. Next week, our current
Year 5 students will be able to try on samples of shirts
for sizing. A note will then be sent home next
Wednesday where students will have filled in a box
with their chosen shirt size for parents to check and
then return their order form next Friday. The cost of
this shirt will be $35.00.
Bennies Bright Stars
Many thanks to the Bennies Bright Stars and
our wonderful Miss Lonzar for their
fantastic presentation at assembly today.
Student Achievements
Congratulations to
Alyssa, Oscar,
Mattheis and Zaiidyn
who competed in the
International Tennis
Schools challenge.
They all played really well as a team against
some strong schools including St Paul's and
Clayfield College. What a great way to
represent St Benedict’s.
Well done to Maicey Lynch who
is off to the Little Athletics State
Relay Championships at the
States Athletics Facility (old
QEII Stadium) at Nathan on the
13th December. She has been
selected to compete in the
4x100m Relay, 4x200m Relay,
Long Jump and High Jump.
Good luck Maicey!
Congratulations also to Morgan
Lynch who broke the Bracken
Ridge Little Athletics Club
record for the Under 6 Boys
200m. He is just a little bit
proud of himself!
Please note: Bennies Bright Stars has finished
practising for the year. No more Thursday rehearsals.
See you in 2015.
Wednesday, 19th November 2014
Netball Congrats to Maddison Jones.
Maddison was successful in being selected
for the Pine Rivers Netball Association U12
Representative team for 2015. This was a
fantastic accomplishment after having to
progress through 3 phases of the selection
process. Well done Maddison!
Congrats to Georgie
Reed (1W) who
recently placed in the
top 5 at the
Queensland Junior
State Finals for
Physical Culture.
Georgie will now
compete at the
Nationals in Sydney on
Sunday .
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APRE Reflections
By Brett Kitchener Assistant Principal Religious Education
Dear Parents,
On assembly this morning Year 5B shared a wonderful prayer on the theme of Compassion and made the link to
our annual St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal. As I mentioned to the students we are not assisting people in
our local community to purchase toys and electronic devices like many children receive, rather we are assisting
children and families to have sufficient food to eat over the Christmas season. This is very hard for our children to
grasp as they very much take having sufficient food for granted and thankfully so.
On Monday I talked to the children on assembly about doing a task for you at home prior to being given an item
of food from your pantry to bring along. In this way the alms giving we are committing to is accompanied by
generational learning in our children. Please continue to support this important appeal next week with food items
and donations of Eco storage bags if you are able.
Carols at Assembly
Last week I also mentioned that at our Carols event on the final Wednesday of term, December 3rd, the
children will be encouraged to come to school dressed in Christmas colours of red and green. In the past some
of the students have put tinsel in their hair and other appropriate accessorising. On this day, if a gold coin can be
brought along for the privilege of dressing in this way, this money will support the Annual Catholic Campaign in
their important work. The Annual Catholic Campaign gives us the opportunity to act together as one Church
family to support ministries and services that no individual parish or school can offer.
Farewell and Liturgy Celebration
On Friday December 5th the final school day for the year it is most important as a Catholic school community that
we finish the year in a prayerful way. We will be having a liturgy and celebration starting in the hall at 11am.
This annual occasion provides us with the opportunity of farewelling students, family and staff leaving our
community of which there are many this year and recognising their contribution to our community. Parents are
most welcome to join us at this important time.
Christmas Eve Mass
In addition to our school Carols Assembly, our Parish will have carols at 5.30pm on Christmas Eve in the hall
here. There will also be a nativity re-enactment and most importantly a Mass from 6pm. If you are at home at this
time of year, the parish community would love to have you involved in this wonderful expression of community.
This morning we recognised parents and grandparents who have generously assisted our school community this
year in many varied ways. We recognise that some parents who work full time are unable to be at school as
regularly as they would like and thank these parents also for their support of what we do. We hope those who
were able to attend the morning tea this morning realised our appreciation for your kind and generous efforts this
year. We extend once again our sincere thanks.
On behalf of the St Benedict’s community we would like to offer prayers, support and congratulations for Dominic
our seminarian in the Holy Cross Parish. This week Dom will celebrate his ordination to the diaconate. Dominic is a
wonderful man who brings the joy of the Holy Spirit to all he meets. We wish Dom well.
I wanted to acknowledge finally the achievement of my colleague Fran Burke for her appointment to Principal in
2015. Fran is excited at the prospect of leading a new community. I wish her every success and happiness.
Peace be with you and your families at this busy and often emotional time.
Wednesday, 19th November 2014
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Pastoral Coordinator News
By Helen Hickey
St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal
Our final Playgroup and Christmas break up will be
tomorrow 20th November 8.45am – 10.15am. Come
and join in the fun. Please bring a plate of goodies to
share. We thank Sandra Price (OSHC) for providing
the opportunity on a Thursday morning for our little
ones to have some fun and our parents time to chat
and relax for a little while. Play group will continue
in 2015 on a Thursday morning from Week 3 – 12th
February. All pre-school age children are most
welcome. It’s a great opportunity for our little ones
to meet new friends that they might then share
school days with.
Come to the LAST
St Benedict’s Playgroup
of the year.
Please continue to give generously to our St Vincent de
Paul Christmas appeal. Non-perishable items are
being collected in all classrooms. Our appeal will close
on Tuesday 2nd December.
Non-perishable food items include:
 Christmas puddings
 Tinned fruit – peaches, pineapple, apricots
 Baked beans, spaghetti
 Jatz biscuits, rice crackers
 Cashews, mixed nuts
 Fruit & nut mix
 Muesli bars
 Packet lollies, marshmallows (no chocolate)
 Pringles, pretzels
 Milo, Drinking chocolate
 Pancake shaker mix
 Breakfast cereal
 Rice, pasta
Please do not send any chocolate items along as they
won’t cope with our present heat wave!
Many thanks.
The last St Benedict’s Playgroup of 2014 will
take place on Thursday 20th November at the
OSHC (Outside School Hours Care) building from
8.45am – 10.15am.
All are most welcome. Please bring a plate to
share for our end of year celebration.
Lost Property?
Please be mindful: With a school consisting of over 600 students,
property is bound to get mixed up or lost sometimes. If you label your
child's property clearly, it is quickly returned to students when it is
found. Unclaimed ‘lost property’ is donated at the end of each term.
Oops, that’s not my hat?
You may have accidently taken home someone else's school gear.
Please check your gear at home and return any ‘lost property’ to
the school office. Thank You! Parents are welcome to check
through our orange ‘lost property’ baskets in the office any time.
Wednesday, 19th November 2014
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Resource Centre & Curriculum News
By Amanda Bradford Curriculum & Resource Support Teacher
Library News
Just a reminder that this week is RETURNS ONLY to the library. The end of year is a very busy time for all, but
particularly in the library where returns are in the thousands! We would appreciate the quick return of items to
the library to help this process.
Overdue notices will be issued shortly. Please check for all outstanding library books and home reading books.
Unfortunately books that are not found, will need to be paid for.
Last week students received a note about the option of borrowing books over the Christmas period. To be eligible
for Christmas borrowing students must not have any overdue books. Students have the option of borrowing up
to 10 books for the holidays. Please return these notices ASAP. Holiday borrowing will happen in the last week of
Did you know that when students don’t read over the long summer break they are likely to fall behind when they
return to school in the New Year? We call this the ‘Summer Slide’. Make it a priority to keep your child’s mind
sharp and active. Encourage them to read for at least 10 minutes everyday during the break to avoid the
‘Summer Slide’. What better way to beat the ‘Summer Slide’ than visiting our St. Benedict’s Scholastic Book Fair
and purchasing some new books for the holidays!
Another great reading opportunity is from the State Library of Queensland, who
is hosting a ‘Summer Reading Club’. Visit http://www.summerreadingclub.org.au
to find out more.
Wish Lists:
By now you should have all received the note that was
distributed last week about Book Fair, as well as a brochure
showing you some of the items that will be available for
purchase. On Friday 21st November and Monday 24th
November, students will visit the Book Fair with their
buddy classes and have the opportunity to create a wish
list of books that they like.
Payment Options:
Preferred payment is via online details on the back of the
wish list (see below). Alternatively, there will be cash sales and EFTPOS facilities.
Online Payments:
You have the option of completing the back of the wish list form. Once the back of this form is completed, it is
essentially like a gift card. Your child can bring this back to school, choose the books they like and use this form to
purchase the items. If you are unable to make it to the book fair, this is our preferred method of payment, as it is
safer than your child carrying money to and from school.
Wednesday, 19th November 2014
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Resource Centre & Curriculum cont
By Amanda Bradford Curriculum & Resource Support Teacher
Updated Fair Times:
Monday 24th November - Afternoon 2.45-3.30pm.
The Book Fair will be available for VIEWING ONLY. No
purchasing will be done on this afternoon. But it
allows all families the opportunity to come and view
the books on offer.
 Tuesday 25th November Morning 7.45-8.20am Afternoon 2.45-3.30pm
 Wednesday 26th NovemberMorning 7.45-8.20am Afternoon 2.45-3.30pm
 Thursday 27th NovemberMorning 7.45-8.20am Afternoon 2.45-3.30pm
 Friday 28th NovemberMorning 7.45-8.20am Afternoon 2.45-3.30pm
 Monday 1st December – Pending on sales
 Tuesday 2nd December – Pending on sales
For each purchase at the Book Fair (over $10), you will
receive a raffle ticket to go into the draw to win a $50
Book Fair prize.
Colouring Competition:
There is a colouring competition this week. The
student from P-2 and 3-7 that completes the best
colouring will win a $20 voucher for the Book Fair.
Entries close Friday 21st November. Colouring
competition can be collected from the library.
Curriculum News
ATTENTION YEAR 4 PARENTS 1:1 Devices – 2015
Many thanks to all the current
Year 4 parents that attended last weeks 1:1 device
night. The information made available on this night
will be distributed to you shortly via e-mail.
Worldbook Online Login
St Benedict’s has a whole school subscription
to WorldBook Online. Everyone in our school
community can access this fantastic site! Our
subscription allows us to access the three
areas within the site – Early World of
Learning, Kids and Students.
They now have available a mobile version of
the website, too!
The website content is updated daily and has
topics on almost anything and everything you
can think of. It is a fabulous resource and I
encourage families to use this as regularly as
It is particularly handy for homework,
assignments or research. It could also be used
just for enjoyment and a bit of fun. Jump on
today and have a look.
Our School User Name: stbh
Password: st4509
Do’s and Don’ts for Library Lovers:
I am a library book
Treat me with care
So I can be passed on
To others and share
My contents can be read
From cover to cover
Please turn my pages gently
So I can recover
Don’t leave me open
Just in case I am broken
Please use a thin bookmark
As a reminder token
If by chance
Should I need repair
No sticky tape please
Pass me to a Librarian for care
I trust in you
To care for me
So I can be read
– Jeanette Moore
Wednesday, 19th November 2014
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Teaching & Learning News
By Michele Lund, Christina Mitchell & Pam Sweeney
Pam Sweeney Guidance & Counselling
[email protected]
Offensive or Illegal Content on the Internet
Children and young people may not deliberately seek out
inappropriate content. Children can inadvertently access
disturbing or illegal content while undertaking online
searches or by clicking on unknown links. Offensive or
illegal content may include topics, images or other
information that are prohibited in Australia or could be
damaging to young people online.
This is content that may:
 Include footage of real or simulated violence, criminal activity or accidents, promote extreme political or
religious views or be sexually explicit and can include illegal images of child sexual abuse.
 Promote hate towards individuals or groups on the basis of race, religion, sexual preference or other social/
cultural factors, promote crime, violence or unsafe behaviour, like bomb or weapon making, anorexia, drug
use, gaining unauthorised access to computers, fraud or terrorist activities.
What Parents Can Do
Be aware of how your child uses the internet and explore it with them. Discuss the kinds of sites that are ok
to explore and those that are not.
Consider using parental controls such as filters to help manage your child’s online access.
Remind your child not to open spam email or click on pop ups, prize offers or unfamiliar hyperlinks in
Help your child use search engines to locate websites. Consider developing a list of favourites for younger
children. Enable safe search options.
Reassure your child that access to the internet will not be denied if they report seeing inappropriate
content to you.
Remind them not to respond if they are sent something inappropriate and that they should leave a website
immediately if they feel uncomfortable or worried.
Report content that you think maybe prohibited to ACMA’s online hotline: acma.gov.au/hotline
Going On Holiday? Sick Kids?
If you know your children will be away from school for longer periods
of time please let your teacher know in person, via note or email.
Please remember to call the St Benedict’s absentee line 3481 4688
to report absent or sick children to the school.
Wednesday, 19th November 2014
Page 9
By Nikki Sawatzki Coordinator
Last Day of School
As school finishes at 12pm on Friday
the 5th December, could you please
indicate via email or phone call
whether your child/ren will need care
on the last day of the school term. The cost for the
afternoon will be $22 and children will need to supply
their own lunch, however as normal, afternoon tea
will be supplied as the service will remain open until
The Summer Vacation Care program is now
ready for viewing!
Please complete the booking form (http://
and return to OSHC via the red message bag or
directly to the OSHC office by no later than Friday the
28th November.
Should the service not receive an adequate amount
of enrolments for the afternoon the service will
CLOSE, therefore it is imperative that bookings are
made ASAP to avoid disappointment.
Email [email protected] or phone
3293 4507 for bookings and further information.
Wednesday, 19th November 2014
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School Related News
St Benedict’s College
21 St Benedict’s Close, Mango Hill
Food Technology Visit for St Benedict’s
Primary Students
Uniform Shop News
Holiday Dates
15th, 16th and 27th January 2015.
8.30 till 2.00 all 3 days
For any urgent enquiries please contact
[email protected]
On Wednesday 12 November the Food
Technology Department opened its doors and
welcomed St Benedict’s Primary School in to
share our fabulous kitchen facilities. Year 5R
with their teachers Mrs Kris Clancy and Miss
Sophie Morris and four parent helpers came
along at 7.20am to prepare a healthy breakfast
for the class. They have been studying a unit
titled “Breakfast is cool”. While studying this unit
students have learnt all about the human body,
healthy food options and why breakfast really is
the most important meal of the day. When it
came to put all their theory into practice the
students were so very excited. They had an
opportunity to come and visit the Food
Technology room on the Tuesday before their
cooking lesson to learn about hygiene and
safety and how to work in a high school
classroom. The following morning they all
arrived ready to prepare their healthy breakfast.
Amazing smells came from the kitchen as the
class prepared breakfast muffins with bacon,
eggs, tomato and cheese and chilled fruit
smoothies. Not only did the class have the
opportunity to eat their healthy breakfast but
they also learnt new skills from using a range of
different types of kitchen equipment. Year 5
certainly had a fun morning and we hope to see
them again before the end of the term as we
organise a Christmas surprise for them to
prepare in our kitchen.
Opening Hours Mondays 2:30pm to 4:00pm
and Fridays 8:00am to 9:30am
We do receive regular updates regarding the
Moreton Bay Rail project mainly because of it’s
general proximity to St Benedict’s and our
community. You can find regular updates at
Drive slowly and safely
in our car park PLEASE.
Places are still available in Years 7-10 for 2015,
with applications also being invited for 2016 and
2017. Please contact our office for further
information – 3385 8888 or
[email protected]
Wednesday, 19th November 2014
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School Related News
Holy Cross Parish Mass Times
Finance and Fees
Term 4 School Fees accounts need to be
finalised immediately - unless alternative
payment arrangements have been put in
place. If you did not received your account
statement or would like an up-to-date
statement emailed please contact Nerrida on
3481 4600.
[email protected]
Christmas Eve Mass at St Benedict’s
Catholic Primary school hall December 24.
Mass starts at 6pm
Carols from 5:30pm
6.00pm Saturday at Holy Cross, Kippa Ring
7.30am Sunday at Mary Queen of Peace,
Woody Point
9.00am Sunday at Holy Cross, Kippa Ring
9.30am Sunday at St Benedict's, Mango Hill.
Childrens' Liturgy is held the first and third
Sunday of each month.
5.00pm Sunday at Holy Cross, Kippa Ring
Confessions 5.00pm Saturday at Holy Cross
Holy Cross Parish 3293 0800
If you have any questions regarding the SEQ Bus
Network Review please contact TransLink External
Affairs by email at [email protected]
au or phone 07 3338 4438.
Wednesday, 19th November 2014
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School Related News
Parents & Friends of St Benedict’s
There will be NO P&F meeting
in December. See you in 2015.
P&F Electronic Mail
If you would like to receive all P&F
correspondence directly into your Inbox, please
join our Mailing List. No more digging through
school bags for P&F notes! Join our Mailing List.
Look Out Volunteers are needed!
In our Drive Through, St Benedicts operates a
highly efficient, effective and safe, after school
pick-up program (2:45—3.05pm), developed by
the QLD Government, called Look Out.
Volunteers are essential to the program. Please
contact the School Office if you can spare 20
minutes of your time to support our school.
[email protected]
Thank you to those parents who donate their time
to support our Look Out pick-up program!
By Michelle Kramer - Kindergarten Teacher
3204 8452 or 0498 393 334
[email protected]
Wednesday, 19th November 2014
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Community News
Tennis News
Clubs in our community.
Term 4 Tennis Coaching will finish on Monday
1st December, Thursday 27th November &
Friday 28th November.
Term 1 , 2015 Tennis Coaching will commence
during the week of 2nd February.
I hope you have all enjoyed your Tennis lessons
and we will see you back again next year. All
new Tennis enrolment forms will be distributed
when school resumes in 2015.
Wayne Hampson Tennis Coaching 0438 195 723
[email protected]
Wednesday, 19th November 2014
Held at St Benedicts on Saturdays from 10.30am to
11.30am. All ages are welcome. Please phone Daisy or
Damian on 3886 0967 or 0438 860 967. Sign up
for two months and receive a free uniform. All classes
are supervised by an instructor with a Blue Card.
Page 13
Community News
Clubs in our community.
Our children are precious!
Please be mindful of our school entry
and parking lot speed zones. Do not
be a danger to our school community.
Wednesday, 29th October 2014
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