Seaming Tool Rental Agreement

Seaming Tool Rental Agreement
Thank you for placing your standing seam order with Central States Mfg. As you know, the panel you
have ordered requires a seaming tool for proper installation. We would like to give you some basic tips
in processing the seamer rental agreement that will help ensure a timely and efficient delivery.
Tip 1:
Tip 2:
Tip 3:
Tip 4:
Tip 5:
Tip 6:
Tip 7:
Tip 8:
Tip 9:
Tip 10:
Tip 11:
Tip 12:
Please make sure you complete your Seaming Tool Rental Agreement in full. Any information
not provided may cause a delay in the shipment of your seamer.
When complete, please sign and date where indicated and return to your sales representative.
Agreements without a signature will not be scheduled.
Please allow a minimum standard lead time of 10 business days from the day the agreement is
received by Central States until the date required on job site. It is advised that the seamer
agreement be turned in with the panel order to ensure a coordinated delivery.
We realize there will be occasions when a less than 10 day lead time is required. In those
extreme cases, we will do everything to try and accommodate the request, however, we are
limited to availability based on the date required. Your Central States sales representative must
review availability before we can commit to your request.
Rental charges begin the day a seaming tool ships and continue until the day that seaming tool
is returned/received at Central States. Please make sure you do not incur additional charges by
returning it immediately after use.
Central States does charge freight in addition to the rental charges. Freight charges apply to
each individual package shipped.
Standard delivery time is two business days from the day the seamer leaves the Central States
The tools are shipped in a locked box and the combination is on the rental form.
Return instructions are included on both the outside and inside of the box.
When multiple seaming tools are being returned, please insure that all equipment is in the
correct box. All boxes and equipment are labeled with a unique identifying number.
Please return the seaming tools in a clean and working condition. Additional charges will be
incurred for the repair of damaged and/or abused equipment and shipping boxes.
Although you are solely responsible for managing the rental time frame, we may contact you
on a periodic basis to insure that your project is progressing and that you are still in need of the
seaming equipment. This is a friendly reminder to keep you from incurring additional cost on
your project.
Our seaming tools are shipped on a first come, first served basis. Please take the proper steps on the front
end of your order so we can satisfy your seamer needs.
Thank you for your order and for taking the time to read these tips. We hope it helps you in your future
requests for seamers. Our goal is to provide you with a pleasant rental experience. Your feedback is
encouraged and appreciated.
Revised 2011
Seaming Tool Rental Agreement
Ship To
Name: _______________________________
Address: ______________________________
Phone: _______________________________
Email: _______________________________
Address: ______________________________
Contact: ______________________________
Phone: _______________________________
Email: _______________________________
By accepting delivery of rented item, customer agrees to all terms and conditions of this Rental Agreement. Customer assumes FULL
RESPONSIBILITY for rented item, including the safe and proper use, operation, routine maintenance (as specified in the Seamer Specification and
Maintenance Section of the Field Seaming Tool Manual), storage, transportation, and return to Central States Manufacturing. Customer is responsible
for all loss, damage or repair.
Warranty Disclaimer: Central States Manufacturing makes no warranties of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose
or any other warranties expressed or implied.
Printed Name: ____________________________________________________ Date: _______________________
Signature: _____________________________________________________________________________________
Office Use Only - Do Not Write in this Box
Customer Number: ______________________
Material Serial Numbers
Job Number: ___________________________
Customer P.O. Number: __________________
Bill of Lading: _________________________ Seamer Machine: _______________________
Hand Tool: ____________________________
Date Required on Job Site: _______________ Seamer Box Combination: ________________
Anticipated Return: _____________________
Kit Contents
Hand Tool
Declared Value
Date Shipped: ________________________
Date Returned: _______________________
Rental Fee
Weekly Rate: $150
#___Weeks x $150 x # of kits___________
Freight ___________
Total Charges In the event that the seamer is used for a longer period of time than stated in this agreement, the customer will be charged and agrees to pay any additional charge(s).