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19 November 2014
Volume 10.2.5
Message from the Head of Primary
Dear Parents,
Last week was a whole school Spirit Week. Students were given an opportunity to dress up with various themes and to
bring money to participate. Almost all the money raised went
to the charity, Habitat for Humanity. On Thursday, money
brought to school by the Primary students went to the Primary
Student Council who now have the enjoyable job of deciding
how to spend the IDR 1.3 million they raised. Thank you to
Secondary students, Rachel, Ajino, Molly, Nadiya, Kiara and
Flora for the hard work they put into the organisation of this
morale-boosting fundraiser.
Monday 10th – Thursday 27th
Primary classes have been practising for the up-coming productions which will be held at the end of this term. The Early
Years and Year 1 and 2 classes are presenting Santa Lost His
Hat and the Year 3 to 6 classes will perform Sulky Santa. All
students are involved in many different ways and a number of
different curriculum areas have been incorporated into the
preparation of these extravaganzas. More information regarding the dates and times of the productions will be sent home
shortly, but prepare to be impressed by your talented children!
Friday 28th November
On a smaller, lighter note, this morning it was great to see our
younger students making use of the river that runs alongside
the walkway between the campuses. The Early Years classes
are inquiring into various aspects of rivers and spent time exploring and observing our local environment. It was exciting
and informative for them.
KS3 Art Exhibition, Library.
Friday 21st November
Primary assembly, Year 3C,
MFH, 1.45pm.
Bake sale: Year 4.
No School, Teachers’ Professional Development day.
Friday 5th December
No assembly, Production
Bake sale: Year 5.
Birthdays This Week
20 Nov
22 Nov
24 Nov
25 Nov
From the Admissions
We extend a warm welcome to
our new students this week:
 Hudson
: 2J
 Charli
: 4M
Canggu Community School
telephone number
Phone: 0361 - 8446391
Warren Bowers
For emergencies:
0812 3917 6778 and
0361 - 5523639
Canggu Community School, Bali, Indonesia
ACER International Schools’ Assessment – Science Results
In September and October, students in Years 5, 7 and 9 took part in the ACER International
Schools’ Assessment. They completed written assessments in Reading, Writing and Mathematical Literacy. Year 9 also took part in an online Science assessment. Due to this method
of assessment, the results and data for the Science assessment have quickly and efficiently
been prepared.
We are proud to share with you the success of our current Year 9 students in this area. For
the second year running, students from CCS have a higher mean score than ‘all other
schools’ (the collective mean score of the results of all other schools who took part in this assessment).
Academic Year
Canggu Community School
‘All Other Schools’
Mean Score
Mean Score
Congratulations to all of the Year 9 students and to the CCS teachers who continue to provide
a world class, inspiring education for our students!
Gemma Cass
Assessment Leader
* Please note, it is anticipated that the results for the Reading, Writing and Mathemat-
ical Literacy assessments will be available in January.
Thank you
Last week was Spirit Week (see photographs on the last page of this newsletter) and the
money raised from Character Day on Thursday was given to the Primary Student Council to
fund some of our small projects we are working on. Just from one day of you dressing up, we
raised IDR 1,335,000! So thank you so much! The first thing we will do with the money is
purchase a rack and make some dressing up clothes for you to enjoy during your snack and
lunchtimes. We will let you know when it is ready!
This is Rocco and George in 2C who
counted all of the money.
George -It was really long and fun!
Rocco – It was quite exciting!
By the Primary Student Council
Canggu Community School, Bali, Indonesia
KS3 Exhibition
Last term, Key Stage 3 produced some wonderful pieces of Art, most of which is currently on
display in the library. In Year 7, the students learned about Line, Shape and Pattern and created fantastically decorated observational drawings. From these, they designed a motif which
was developed as a lino print, repeated multiple times. Year 8 students learned how to draw
realistic butterflies and bugs and morphed these with accurately drawn animals, to create a
collection of weird and wonderful black and white ‘Anisects’. Year 9 explored Pop Art and, using famous iconic people of their choice, worked with paint and spray paint to create some
very bold, colourful work.
The children are rightly very proud with what they have achieved. The exhibition will be up in
the library until November 27th. Please come along and have a look!
Susannah Crook
Canggu Community School, Bali, Indonesia
Counsellor Corner
Samantha Brossette
“Do as I say not as I do!” That is what my mother used to tell me when I would
question her antics- or I wanted to do something which she was doing- but I knew
she would not be amenable to the idea of my participation in the given activity. Unquestionably and (at times unfortunately) parents are children’s greatest role models. Indeed, they come into this world with their own unique little (or sometimes
big!) personalities however, the influence we have upon shaping them into the human beings they will inevitably become is indelible. I am sure we can all agree that
being a parent is life’s greatest gift and simultaneously life’s greatest challenge. It
is no simple task to produce a good, caring, hard working altruistic (fill in your own
values) human being. After all, they don’t pop into this world with an instruction
Dear parents, please take into consideration little eyes are always watching everything you do! When you jump onto a motor bike with no helmet, even though you
don’t allow it for your children, you are sending a message; when you don’t stand
up for yourself or set boundaries to protect yourself, you are sending a message;
when you treat people with kindness, dignity and respect you are sending a
Be encouraged. Of course none of us are perfect however, when possible, mindfully
choose the higher path as our children, our greatest treasure, ultimately receive the
message “do as I do.”
Canggu Community School, Bali, Indonesia
FoCCS are currently reviewing proposed local charities to support for the year 2014/2015.
Last year, FoCCS donations totalled IDR 94 million. That included IDR 12million to Safe Childhoods Foundation and IDR 6 million to both Ajar & Solemen.
One of the organisations have given us feedback in the letter below and we look forward to
sharing more in the next coming week's newsletters.
Dear Andrew,
I’ve been meaning to send this short report back to
you. Basically, with the money given to us by FOCCS it
has been used to support a weekly class for children from
around the Canggu area. We are finding that throughout
the year, the schools have a lot of programmes (including
on Saturdays), so we have done a class to help them with
Numeracy and Literacy every Sunday. It looks like the attendance is really good around the school holidays (and
pieters out during the exam months.)
We have paid for the teachers’ time and bought some materials, books and equipment for the classes. We still have
spent about 7 million and still have about 6 million rupiahs.
As I mentioned, it’s still a tiny effort but at least something
fun and educational for some of these kids.
Canggu Community School, Bali, Indonesia
Spirit Week