King & Queen Parish News Thursday, November 13, 2014

Christ Church, Chaptico King & Queen Parish News
Thursday, November 13, 2014
In the Episcopal Diocese of Washington
‘There Is Something Each of Us Can Commit To’
During our Stewardship Season, you’ll be hearing from parishioners about their connection
to Christ Church. Beth Fitch will speak on Sunday, Nov. 16. Brad Reeves spoke this past
Sunday, Nov. 9. Here are his remarks.
’ve been considering what I wanted to say for several weeks about how I feel
about Christ Church and pledge campaigns. Over that same time I’ve listened to
Reverend Mariann and several of the points she has made during her sermons.
I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the lesser Looney Tune
character the “Tasmanian Devil,” or noticed the commercial that shows why some
people shouldn’t have energy drinks. At that point he takes off in his whirlwind manner and destroys everything in sight.
Well, to prepare for this, I started a little like “The Taz” by
trying word association. The real problem got to be one word led
to another and another until I was going to have an hour-long lecture. That wouldn’t do. I liked the word association, though.
One of the first was commitment. We are approaching Commitment Sunday. Commitment . . . that’s a good word . . . but file
that away toward the end.
Brad Reeves
Pledge is another. It’s one that has already been mentioned
from this chancel several times. A pledge is very personal, not something I should
make a judgment on or tell you what your commitment should be.
Commitment, there’s that word.
The next word I associated was guarantee, then dedication, enthusiasm, eagerness and
excitement. I was using the synonym function on my computer way too much.
Finally, I ended up with community. Community may seem a strange place to
end when the first word was commitment.
Christ Church, Chaptico is a community of Christians. We as a community
(a group, a neighborhood, a population - more word associations) have traveled
through a difficult 12 months. Three different clergy people over 12 months, each
having their own concept or perception or sense of what we as a congregation/
community needed.
I’m going move a little off point for a moment.
Think of faith and being Christian as a cube. There is up and down, left and
right, and there is forward and backward. We speak of being “CHRIST” centered. I
can only work to keep me away from the edges and hope I’m close to the center.
I will share with you another image I have: fog. Sometimes a sermon phrase . . .
a reading . . . or something will hit me just right and I think I can almost see clearly!
And sometimes, it’s just “pea soup.”
Now for the pledge part . . . the personal part . . . the real commitment part.
The powers who think this stuff up call it Time, Talent and Treasure.
I could not and would not stand here and say anyone is not doing their part.
The beautiful, contemplative space
that is Christ Church
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Sunday Services
Sunday, Nov. 16, Readings
8:00am, Morning
1st Lesson: Judges 4:1-7
Prayer / Holy Eucharist Psalm: 123
Epistle: 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11
10:30am, Organ &
Choir / Holy Eucharist Gospel: Matthew 25:14-30
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Rev. Babnis may also be
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Sunday, Nov. 23, Readings
1st Lesson: Ezekiel 34:11-16, 20-24
Psalm: 100
Epistle: Ephesians 1:15-23
Gospel: Matthew 25:31-46
8:00am Holy Eucharist, Rite I
LEM: Keith Loker
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Lector: John MacBryde
10:30am Holy Eucharist, Rite II
LEMs: Herbie Redmond
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Lector: Clare Whitbeck
Refreshments: The Wright Family
A Tribute To Our Dearly Departed
Dana Woodward McGarity ~ July 6, 1941 – November 2, 2014
Memorial Service at Christ Church on Saturday, Nov. 29, at
11:00am. Reception to follow at the Parish Hall.
Pray for Parish Members: Clare Whitbeck, Thelma Fuller, William Mattingly, Caroline Baldwin, Bo
Saunders, Lucy Richardson, Dorothy Pecson, Bill Edger, Diana Donahue, Lewis Morgan, and Margaret
Also pray for: Richard Griffith - Colton; Ginny Zenefski - Donahue; Bill Armstrong - Baldwin; Marvin Miller,
John Richards, Jamie Augustine - Penk; Henry & Melba Lauver, Chrissy Cliff, Brenda Williams, Ray
Faulkner, & Belinda Tauber - Moore; Kay DesMarais – Edger; Wayne Pettit – Cooper; Junior Farrell, Noah
Merrell, John Depta, Peach Burch - Sirk; Yamamoto Family, Atwood Family - Fitch; Patricia McWilliams
- McWilliams; Antonia Stine, Brian & Ann Marie Tucker, Barbara Ganderton - Wright; Worthey Family –
Dollins; Kim Cullins – Nelson; John White –McQuilkin; Linda Hanson – Mike Oliver; Karletta Magura, Kenny
Halso –Smith; Loic Jaffres, Pensacola Jefferson - Hiebert; Edward B. Harrell, Doug HudenSchmidt,
Archie Weeks – Schuhart; Frank Bell - Babnis; Jeffrey Chapman - Whitbeck; Scott Peabody - Heflin; Juanita
Gass - Reeves; Kay Pugh - Kauffman; Mikey Burton - Burton; and Rhodie Quade - Burch.
Recently Departed: Dee Brooks - Friend of Greg Penk; Rt. Rev. Mark Dyer - Babnis; Gene Seabolt –Cooper.
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Parish Announcements
‘Something We Can Commit To’ From Page 1
This is that real personal part that you have to figure out for
Many of you know I was treasurer for many years, taking over
for Herb Redmond while he was attending Christ Church, La Plata.
It may have been even earlier, BD (Before Donna). One of those early years for me, the Vestry conducted an every member pledge campaign . . . which I was part of . . . to get 100 pledges for $100.
It was a long time ago.
As young fellow I was surprised when one of the pledges was
$1,000. That one individual gave 10% of our pledge campaign goal.
Again, what you commit to in “time . . . talent . . . and treasure” is very important.
When Reverend Jessee Neat was here he wanted the vestry to
attended several retreats over several years . . . in the middle of the
winter. We drove back from Virginia in a snowstorm one year . . .
and another time to the College of Preachers at the cathedral in some
really yucky weather.
It was there after an evening and most of the next day, with a
facilitator’s prodding, when we went around the room and unanimously concluded our mission, or at least what we felt clear about,
was to be a church community open to everyone and to reach out to
those who needed comfort and support.
To be able to walk into this building at any time and feel the
comfort most of us feel when we sit quietly and feel the Christian
presence. This was what we felt committed to.
Now as you may recall in the beginning, commitment was the
first word and community the last.
There is something each of us can commit to.
That is to stay active, engaged, and reach out to each other to
help your friend or neighbor feel more or a greater part of this community. Reach out to those who are searching for a community to
commit to. They may not even know they are searching or what they
are missing. Our best effort going forward needs to be to build the
congregation/community of Christ Church.
As a “Christian” community of 30 or 40 families we are a
strong small parish. As a group of 60 or 70 the load on each of us
might be lighter . . . by half?
As a “Christian” community of 100, in the vernacular of
Pledge Commitment Enthusiasm Dedication
Excitement Community
Thank you.
— Brad Reeves
Bless Your Blessings
6 feathers spoken for, only 19 left!
Christ Church youth group is
excited to bring you the turkey of blessings! A turkey (like the one above) is
hanging at the back of the church. The
turkey begins featherless, and one by
one, feathers are purchased, dedicated
in thanksgiving of, or in honor of a
loved one, or something you’re thankful
for this holiday season, and then hung
on the turkey. Including your name on
the feather is optional. Feathers can be
found at the back of the church.
Rev. Mariann will bless the turkey on Sunday, November 23, and a
picture will be taken for the weekly
Feathers are $5 each. Pay by
cash or check. Feathers are accompanied by a slip which you’ll include with
your payment in the offering plate.
A fun and unique way to share and
express what you’re thankful for.
Hurry, only 10 more days before
Rev. Mariann blesses our turkey!
Looking for A Few
Good Vestry Members
Have you ever considered adding
your talents to the management of our
parish? If you have, now is the time to
step up! We need to install three new
members at our annual meeting in January — one to complete the last year of a
term and two to serve three-year terms.
Contact Rev. Mariann or any
vestry member for more information or
to express your interest.
Parish and Community Events
Friday Night Sunday School
(FNSS) 6:30-8:00pm
FNSS, also known as youth
and adult bible study. The next session will be held on Friday,
Nov. 21. All are welcome!
Family and friends are welcome! Contact the office @ 301-884
-3451 for further information. No
fee! Click here for the full program schedule.
2015 Annual Meeting Date Set
Mark Your Calendars!
Search Committee Prayer
The annual meeting of
Christ Church will be held
Sunday, Jan. 25, 2015, at noon in
the Parish Hall. We'll meet to review the year, hear reports from
the wardens and officers,
elect vestry members and
delegates to the Diocesan Convention, and discuss any new business
that needs to be brought to the
attention of the congregation. Potluck luncheon, too!
O God, let your Holy Spirit be with us in this time of
transition. Give guidance
and clarity to the members
of the search committee, vestry, and all in
Christ Church as we seek your will for
us as a congregation. Send us a new
rector who will challenge, guide and
minister with us as we seek to serve you
Mark your calendars for
this important event!
Santa is Coming to Christ
Attention all children of
Christ Church (and those young at
heart): Santa Claus is coming to the
Christ Church Parish hall on Sunday, December 14, 2 to 4 PM.
Drinks & snacks will be provided.
A special joint event sponsored by
the Country Lakes Homeowner’s
Association and hosted by Christ
Church. Christ Church parishioners
wishing to contribute food, drinks,
or other items, may do so.
Free and open to all Christ
Church parishioners, residents of
Country Lakes, and their families
and friends. Bring your camera!
For more information, contact Monty @ 240-434-2883 or
e-mail: [email protected]
Health Tips
November is American
Diabetes Month. Diabetes is one
of the leading causes of disability
and death in the United States.
Nearly 30 million people in
the U.S. have diabetes and another
86 million are at high risk. Diabetes
can cause blindness, nerve damage,
kidney disease, heart disease and
other health problems.
What should I do?
People at risk for developing diabetes can cut their risk in
half by eating healthy, increasing
physical activity, and losing
For information on ways to
help prevent diabetes in your community go to:
Christ Episcopal Church
25390 Maddox Road
Chaptico, MD 20621
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P.O. Box 8, Chaptico, MD
Office Phone: 301-884-3451
We pray through the Father,
Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.
Zumba at 6:30pm
Flaunt at 7:35pm
$6 per class or $30 for six classes.
Click here to view the full schedule.
Call Lisa Martino at 240-925-4153.
Yoga with Lynn Burton
Two morning sessions!
Gentle yoga on the mat
with Lynn at 9am. Class ends at
10:30 following a period of meditation/relaxation that will leave you
feeling relaxed, refreshed and renewed.
At 10:45am there is a chair
exercise/yoga class. It is designed
to stretch the entire body from
head to toe.
Lynn accepts donations.
Parish Hall Office Hours
Tuesday-Friday: 9am to 4pm
[email protected]