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Issue 27
13th Nov 2014
Dear members of the Mount Carmel community,
If “leadership is any action which leaves the world we touch a better place”
then our Year 10 Leaders have certainly earned their title. I would like to
sincerely congratulate these girls who, in the busy-ness of their final year at
Mount Carmel and whilst preparing for exams, have committed themselves
to the charity Days4Girls. As previously mentioned in this newsletter, this
not-for-profit organisation helps girls, communities and nations to have
access to sanitation, while bringing greater understanding to communities
of the value of education for girls. The organisation provides washable
feminine hygiene kits to girls and women who would otherwise go without,
enabling them to have full-time access to schooling. You can read more
Our students got behind this charity by hosting our own “touch of pink”
days. We went “girly” with coloured ribbons and nail polish for a couple of
days, hosted our own “touch of pink” retro fashion parades, and held a silent
art auction. What an incredible level of support we received from staff too!
Some donated art works or offered to model; the event really grew as more
donations were pledged. Proudly, we have raised approximately $1500
towards this charity. This support goes directly to efforts to keep girls safe,
happy and in school. What an amazing contribution our staff and students
have made!
Term Dates 2015
Year 7 Familiarisation Day
Wednesday, 4th February
Term 1
Thursday, 5th February — Thursday, 2nd April
Term 2
Monday, 20th May — Friday, 3rd July
Term 3
Tuesday, 21st July — Friday, 25th September
Term 4
Monday, 12th October — Tuesday, 15th December
Friday, 14th
Friday, 14th
Wednesday, 19th
Thursday, 20th
Friday, 24th
Thursday, 27th
Friday, 28th
Primary Music Tuition Recital
STCPSSA Primary Athletics
Year 10 Study Day
Year 10 Exams Commence
Kinder – Grade 6 Orientation
P&F Meeting
Year 10 Community Service
Kindergarten Open Afternoon
Year 10 Community Service
Please note the following change
of dates for December:
Wednesday, 3rd Grade 6 Assembly
Friday, 12th
Activities Day
Friday, 12th
Primary Nativity Play
Tuesday, 16
Last day of Term 4 for
The prayers of the Mount Carmel College
community are with the family of Abigail
Adams of Grade 1. Abigail’s great
grandmother, Yvonne Woolley, passed away
Our hearts go out to you as we pray that God
will welcome Yvonne into His loving arms and
that precious memories will be of comfort to
those left behind, knowing that her love will
live in their hearts forever.
On Tuesday we hosted a very special lunch for staff and students in Years 6-10, again to highlight the disparity
between the privileges many of us take for granted, and the reality of life in the global village. Staff and students
randomly received a card upon entry to the hall, which contained a message allocating them to one of the following
You represent part of the 6% of the global village who has significant wealth. You have access to luxury housing,
transport, an elite education, and everyday privileges such as clean water, a balanced and nutritious diet and hygiene
products. You will enjoy the privileged position of being able to experience fine dining today at the ‘lucky table.’
You represent part of the 14% of the global village who is well nourished and has adequate housing. Everyday luxuries
such as clean water, a balanced diet and hygiene products are yours. You will enjoy the privileged position of being able to
experience a healthy balanced meal today.
You represent part of the 80% of the global village who live in sub-standard conditions. It is likely that you are unable to
read and more than likely that you suffer malnutrition. If you are a girl, you do not have access to sanitary products, and
during menstruation, you will be forced to miss the opportunity to go to school, disadvantaging you significantly. Today
you will receive a bowl of rice. In the global village, this would possibly be your only meal for the day.
Yes, some of our staff and students may have finished lunch hour still a little hungry, but our practical exercise
enabled them to see in very real terms how fortunate we are in Australia and the responsibility we have to support
those less fortunate.
Thank you again to our Year 10 Student Leaders: remarkable, visionary, confident and committed to leaving their
imprint on the world, to creating a better future world. You have made a difference this year and we are grateful for
your presence and your legacy.
November God moment: as pictured below. Staff and students from Grade 6-Year 10 participating in global village
Susan Ryan
School Fees
Thank you to all those families who have already paid their school fees
for 2014. All school fees are due to be paid by 30th November, with the
first account for next year being sent out on 1st February, 2015.
If you are experiencing problems with payment of your fees please
contact me on 62167902, or the Principal on 62167905.
Mrs Kerrie Loveluck, Business Manager
Business Manager
Mount Carmel College
Issue 27, 13th November, 2014
Primary and Secondary Sport & Co-Curricular Photos 2014
All these photos will be included in our Fides magazine for this year. However, we are offering a new opportunity for families
to purchase these photos. If you would like to do so please log on to the K&K Photography website: www.kkphotos.com.au
or orders.kkphotos.com.au and the Shoot key: SMVDBG7E.
These photos will be available online until Monday, 1st December. All groups are $10 each (8x10 inch photo). Orders placed
by 1st December will not incur a postage fee, as all orders will be collated and delivered to the College in one batch.
If you have any further enquiries regarding this service please contact Shannon Thomas, Office and Production E:
[email protected]
Year 10 Exams
Year 10 exams commence on Thursday, 20th November and conclude on Thursday, 26th November. Students will be given
detailed information about attendance protocols for this exam period. The Year 10 Study Day has been rescheduled to
Wednesday, 19th November not Tuesday, 18th November as published on the printed calendar sent to all families in 2014;
however, this update has been reflected in the online College Calendar on our website. Where a student is unwell and
therefore unable to attend an exam, parents are asked to follow the usual protocol of phoning the College Office by 9am.
The main purpose in conducting these exams is to provide our students with an opportunity to learn exam strategies including
the preparation required, exam procedures and time and stress management. The additional assessments these exams
provide contribute to our ongoing assessment of students’ learning and do not alone determine students’ results.
The girls are encouraged to eat, sleep and exercise well during this time. There is no doubt that during an exam period of this
nature students experience a degree of stress. With good planning, self-care and support, the pressure of exams can be put to
good use to motivate students to do their best! We wish all our Year 10’s well for the exam period.
Final weeks for Year 10 Students 2014
Thanks to the thorough organisation of Mr Anthony Chapman all Year 10s will complete two days of Community Service on
Thursday, 27th and Friday, 28th November. On Monday, 1st and Tuesday, 2nd December, Year 10 students will have a
modified timetable which provides an opportunity for them to complete the writing of their Pathway Plans as well as
rehearsing for Thanksgiving Mass, Celebration Evening and their Graduation. Attendance is essential on these days which
also provide an opportunity for Year 10 Clearance Forms to be signed off, indicating that all money owed has been repaid and
all library books and other school resources have been returned. The completion of this form is necessary before Reports and
References can be collected. On Wednesday, 3rd December there is an Orientation Day at Guilford Young College to
introduce students to the staff, structures, processes and layout of their allocated campus. This Orientation Day also provides
a valuable opportunity to ease students into their chosen courses and to adjust any of their chosen courses. All students must
be in their full College tracksuit. On this date students who are attending other Secondary Colleges next year are encouraged
to make contact with their respective Colleges, to also support their orientation and transition process for 2015.
On the morning of Thursday, 4th December at 9.30am parents and family members of Year 10’s have been invited to join the
College community for the celebration of the Year 10 Thanksgiving Mass, followed by morning tea. The Year 10 students may
leave the College after final preparations for Graduation are completed.
On Friday, 5th December the final Year 10 Assembly will be held with students and staff. Due to the seating capacity of our
Hall, only students and staff attend this final assembly. The Year 10 students may leave the College at the conclusion of this
assembly at approximately 11.30 a.m.
On Monday, 8th from 1.00pm - 3.15pm all Year 10 Celebration Evening Dance students are to attend a further full dress
On Thursday, 11th December Year 10’s (other than dancers and musicians) are to meet their Home Room Teachers at Wrest
Point at 9.30am for the Celebration Evening rehearsal day. Graduation practice will conclude by 3.20pm. All Year 10 students
need to be at Wrest Point by 7.10 p.m. on the evening of Wednesday, 11th December for Celebration Evening and the Year 10
Lyndal Tewes
Mount Carmel College
Issue 27, 13th November, 2014
Well, November has certainly started with a bang! All secondary classrooms are buzzing with industrious fervour as
students (and teachers) dig deep into their respective curricula to expand their thinking, refine their ideas and
demonstrate their new learning.
I remember, back in the day, when the classroom was the only place for learning to occur - and only academic or
curriculum-based learning, at that. Granted, we occasionally went outside to gather materials to take back to the science
lab, or even less frequently, sat outside to read our shared novel, but the move to a different environment was simply
that. These days, especially at Mount Carmel, the numbered classroom is simply one of the environments where our girls
are able to experience rich, authentic and enduring learning.
And this is particularly true for our Year 9 students, who have just returned from a very busy but rewarding immersion
tour of our nation's capital. Last week, they shared in the very moving Laying of the Wreath ceremony for one of our
fallen soldiers at the War Memorial, dropped from a significant height at Questacon, gazed - awe-struck - at dozens of
amazing artworks at the National Gallery and vigorously debated the Conscription Bill at Old Parliament House, just to
name a few of the experiences.
But wait, there's more! Next week, all Year 9 students will deepen their knowledge and understanding of different ways
that people grieve and honour those who have passed away, with a visit to Cornelian Bay Cemetery and Turnbull’s Family
Funerals. This day is another incredibly rich learning experience that complements and enhances what has been explored
in the classroom.
Also next week, the class of 9 Gold will visit Ogilvie High School to hear The Hon. Tanya Plibersek, MP Federal Member
for Sydney; Deputy Leader of the Opposition; and Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs & International Development, and
Senator Lisa Singh speak to student members of the Alliance of Girls Schools. Again, this privilege will enrich our girls'
education and, hopefully, both inspire and empower them to pursue their own future path with confidence. After all, as
Dr. Seuss’s famous Cat in the Hat once proclaimed, “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can
steer yourself in whatever direction you choose!” I am confident that with all the additional stimulating learning
experiences and environments the girls at Mount Carmel College are regularly exposed to as part of their education, we
will enjoy a very bright future.
Giovanna Padas
Eliciting Evidence
Unquestionably it is very important that teachers are clear about what they want students to learn. Learning intentions
must be aligned to the curriculum, accessible to the learner and linked to success criteria. Assessment for learning occurs
when teachers use evidence of learning to adapt instruction according to the needs of the students.
Gathering evidence of learning is absolutely essential if teachers are to understand where students are now. There is no
single way to collective formative evidence. However, whatever method teachers use it should yield information that is
actionable by them and their students.
At Tuesday’s staff meeting teachers shared the huge array of tasks and activities for eliciting evidence of student learning.
The diversity of ideas was simply astounding and most inspiring. When organised into groups five primary routines for
eliciting evidence emerge:
Elicit evidence through pre-assessments
Elicit evidence through classroom discussions
Elicit evidence through questioning
Elicit evidence through students’ written work
Elicit evidence through student observation
It is on the basis of this evidence that teachers are able to provide quality feedback in order to move forward and bridge
the gap between where they are now and where they need to go.
Caroline Wilson-Haffenden
Mount Carmel College
Issue 27, 13th November, 2014
Primary Staffing 2015
Even though there is a considerable time remaining this year, planning for the 2015 school year is well under way.
Orientation Afternoon will take place on Monday, 24th November when we will welcome new students to the College and
current students will have the opportunity to get to know those girls and boys a little before next year.
Most staffing arrangements have been finalised and are listed below:
Kindergarten – Mrs Anne Haward
Prep – To be confirmed
Grade 1 – Miss Ida Saracino
Grade 2 – Mrs Michelle Wall
Grade 3 – Mrs Norma Cooper
There will be three Grade 4/5 Classes – Mrs Sharon Himson and Mrs Crawford will share responsibility for one of those
classes, and Mrs Renee Doust and Miss Melanie Sluyters will teach the other two classes.
Grade 6 Navy – Mrs Caroline Wilson-Haffenden
Grade 6 White – Miss Clare Scallon
I will be taking 12 months leave to teach full time at Dominic College, a monumental change for me after a very rewarding
and joyful time at Mount Carmel College.
In other staffing news, Mrs Sharon Himson will be taking six weeks of leave to undergo surgery for a herniated disc in her
spine. We wish her a speedy and full recovery, and thank her for her outstanding work with the Grade 3 class this year. We
are very fortunate that Mrs Anne Crawford will step into the role of full time Grade 3 teacher until the end of the school
Therese McDevitt
Last Monday, 3rd November, Year 9 students and seven teachers arrived at Hobart Airport bound for Canberra. The
Australian War Memorial was the first of many significant places and visitations of the busy and diverse four day field trip.
After a guided tour around the temporary World War One exhibit, students laid red poppies in remembrance of fallen
Australians and participated in the daily rendition of the Last Post where two students laid a wreath by the pool of
reflection on behalf of Mount Carmel College. After check in and dinner at the Canberra Central YHA, and then an evening
of recreation including swimming, walking and kicking the football, the first day of the tour had come to an end.
The next day, Tuesday, 4th November, students engaged in the wonders of science at Questacon, visited Old Parliament
House exploring the National Museum of Democracy, had a guided tour of National Gallery of Australia and explored
Australia’s floral diversity at the National Botanic Gardens to learn about the diversity and unique adaptations of
Australia’s native flora. This day, rich in learning and engagement was capped off with a trip to the Cinema for the
evening’s entertainment.
Although somewhat weary from the previous evening’s activities, on Wednesday, 5th November, students engaged with the
democratic and parliamentary process underpinning the nation’s governance during another busy day touring Parliament
House, travelling to the top of Mount Ainsley to enjoy the view of the City and consider the beauty and symmetry of architect
Walter Burly Griffin’s city design and visited the Australian Electoral Commission to learn about our robust democracy, the
voting system and their rights and responsibility to participate in the electoral process in this country. Students then explored
the Australian National Museum before capping off the day’s activities with some much anticipated retail therapy at Canberra
Central. The evening’s activities included a guided tour of the Australian Institute of Sport complex and an intense hour of
sporting and challenging activities in the institute’s interactive sport facility.
Mount Carmel College
Issue 27, 13th November, 2014
Thursday, 6th November was an early morning for all, and the students’ organisation, maturity and cooperation in packing up,
cleaning out and departing their accommodation by 7:30am was commendable. A long bus trip back to Sydney airport and
the flight home to Hobart concluded the trip.
The significant contribution of the seven teachers attending the Canberra Field trip is a testament to their interest in and
commitment to student learning. Without the participation and work of Mrs Sue Beck, Mrs Diana Buddle, Mr Anthony
Chapman, Ms Angela Green, Miss Virginia Jacobs and Mrs Giovanna Padas, this wonderful opportunity could not be provided.
Mount Carmel College acknowledges the Australian Government’s financial contribution to the Field Trip under the
Parliament and Civics Education Rebate (PACER) programme. This contribution enables such a rich and valuable opportunity
for students by reducing the overall cost of the trip to parents. We would like to thank the Australian Government for its
support of this program.
Stewart Bennett
Canberra Trip Coordinator
Mount Carmel College
Issue 27, 13th November, 2014
Results are only published for teams who have reported their results to the Sports
Administration Officer prior to lunch time on Tuesday each week. Failure to report
results will also impact on ladder placings for SSATIS sports – any team not
reporting their score within a week will not receive the points for that game.
All rosters and results for secondary SSATIS sports can be found at:
Secondary Touch Football
Grade 7 Gold defeated Fahan Orange 6-4
Grade 8 White defeated Collegiate White 3-2
Grade 8 Navy defeated Fahan Navy 3-1
Grade 8 Gold defeated Fahan Orange 5-4
Grade 7 White defeated SMC Green: 6 Rubbers – 0
Grade 7 Navy defeated SMC Brown: 4 Rubbers – 2
Please visit the following website for up to date rosters, results and ladders for
these sports:
Tennis - www.satis.com.au/sports/tennis/
Touch Football - www.southerntouch.com.au
Junior SSATIS Carnival a great success for all!
The Junior SSATIS Carnival was held last Friday at the Domain
Athletics Centre. The weather was perfect and, despite the nerves,
the team performed exceptionally well. Most girls received a first,
second or third place ribbon in at least one of their events, with
other girls certainly performing their best and having a great day.
The 100m runners in particular experienced exceptional results with
the practice on Thursday seeming to pay off!
A special mention must go to Felicity Wilson-Haffenden in Grade 3
who had an outstanding day. She competed in six events, the first
of which was the 1500m Invitational. This was against runners from
all grades, the majority of which were Grade 6s. Felicity finished
2nd, and immediately went on to finish 1st in the long jump with a
record breaking jump of 3.53m. Moments later she was back on the
track breaking the 400m record by half a second! She followed this
with 1st in her 100m and 200m events, with her day finishing with a
2nd place ribbon with her shuttle relay team. A remarkable day for
an amazing young athlete!
Mount Carmel College
All players are reminded that they
need to supply their own transport
to games after school, and are to
ensure they have transport
arranged for a prompt departure
at the end.
Coaches and parent supervisors
are not responsible for providing
this, although they may be able to
help if prior arrangements can be
All teams going well
Both the secondary and primary
Touch Football rosters are in full
swing and all teams are
experiencing plenty of fun and
success. The Grade 7s are
undefeated at this point and
sitting equal first on their ladder.
Keely Lamprill (8 Navy) is doing a
great job coaching the Grade 5/6
team, with them winning in their
first game of the roster, which for
many of the players was their first
game ever! Keep up the positivity
and enjoyment levels girls!
experienced some interruptions to
their roster, being hit by bad
weather, the Science and
Engineering competition and
Canberra trip. All the Grade 7 and
8 teams have now played at least
one round and are learning very
quickly about the ins and outs of
team-based tennis. Keep working
hard, girls.
Issue 27, 13th November, 2014
This Friday, 14th November
The second and final Primary Athletics Carnival will be held this
Friday once again at the Domain. This competition is against other
Catholic Primary schools from around the south of Tasmania, and is
another fun day of participation and enjoyment. Please ensure your
daughter has returned her permission slip, and is prepared for the
day. A reminder that only school uniform items may be worn, and
socks must be plain white.
Secondary and Primary
The Secondary and Primary Schools Triathlon Challenge will be held
next week at Bellerive Beach on Thursday, November 20th and
Friday, November 21st respectively. Entry forms and permission slips
have already been sent home and returned, and reminder notes will
be sent home in the coming days. Please contact me if you have any
queries or concerns regarding these events.
I encourage anyone in the College community to contact me with
any significant sporting achievements of which you are aware so that
we may share and celebrate with those students.
Olivia Hogarth
Sports Administration Officer
[email protected]
Club Netball Clinic – An invitation from OHA Netball Club
OHA junior netball clinic to be held on Sunday, 16 November at
Creek Road courts at 9.45am-11am. Catch up with friends, meet new
people and learn skills and play games. The clinic will be conducted
by Katie Stanford development accredited coach and senior club
members. This is for all aged 9-17 years old (members and nonmembers).
Please email Katie on: [email protected] if you are
interested in coming to this free clinic. This will be held on the
outside courts and if weather conditions are not good on the day a
cancellation message will be posted that morning by 8am on the
Wrest Point OHA Facebook page.
(Please note: Mount Carmel College has no affiliation with any
netball club and is simply passing on this invitation.)
Mount Carmel College
Issue 27, 13th November, 2014