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Gig music for Solo Cello -Why Split the Fee ? (SC1-2) -$12.95 each
Volume 1 (SC1)
Bach Arioso
Schumann Traumerei
Clarke Trumpet Voluntary
Volume 2 (SC2)
Franck Panis Angelicus
Corelli Adagio
Beethoven Ode to Joy
Traditional Amazing Grace
Gounod Ave Maria
Handel La Rejouissance
Why Split the Fee? Vol. 3 (SC7) -$12.95
Pachelbel Canon in D
Handel Air from Water Music
Bach Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring
Dvorak Songs My Mother Taught Me
Carols for Solo Cello – (SC3) - $8.95
Bach Air in D Mendelssohn Wedding March
Joy to the World
O Holy Night O Come All Ye Faithful
Mouret Rondeau
Silent Night What Child is This? God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman
Suite of Encores for Solo Cello (SC4)- $12.95
Original composition written by Edward Laut. Professional level repertoire.
Prelude I Dropped My ice Cream Cone
Ballad Waltz BeBop Rondo
The Beauty and the Beast (SC5) - $10.95
Original composition written by Edward Laut. Professional level repertoire.
“Beauty’- Short Piece
Suite No. 7 by J.S. Bach (It’s about time for another one!) (SC6) - $12.95
BMV 147,806, 1066, 988, 243, & 1068 Transcribed by Edward Laut.
A to Zipoli CD recordings of volumes 1 & 2 (REC1 & 2)- $9.95 each
A to Zipoli (CD1-10)-$16.95 each
A progressive (from novice to advanced level) collection of music for student solo and teacher accompaniment
Volume 1 (CD1)
Volume 2 (CD2)
Volume 3 (CD3)
Laut-Renyer Agile A String Adventure
Laut-Renyer Dexterous D String Duet
Laut-Renyer G Whiz
Laut-Renyer C Voyage
Laut-Renyer C Song
Traditional Mary Had a Little Lamb
Purcell Rigaudon
Beethoven Ode to Joy
Traditional Old MacDonald Had a Farm
Laut-Renyer Genial G
Traditional Yankee Doodle
Traditional Sweet Betsy from Pike
Laut-Renyer D Light
Traditional Chopsticks
Traditional London Bridge is Falling Down
Traditional The Bear Went Over the Mountain
Traditional Amazing Grace
Brahms Lullaby
Laut-Renyer G-ology
Schumann Melody
Ward America the Beautiful
Traditional Danny Boy
Traditional Chopsticks (complete)
Laut-Renyer D-essert
Brahms Sunday
Humperdinck Evening Prayer
Laut-Renyer F-ervescence
Traditional Home on the Range
Rubinstein Melody in F
Laut-Renyer B Flattery
Traditional Polly Wolly Doodle
Bach “Minuet” from Partita #1
Handel Where’er You Walk
Tchaikovsky Trepak
Dvorak Songs My Mother Taught Me
Bach When You Are Near
Bizet “Habanera” from Carmen
Gluck Dance of the Blessed Spirits
Greig In the Hall of the Mountain King
Traditional Greensleeves
Godard Berceuse
Marie La Cinquantaine
Gounod Ave Maria
Volume 4 (CD4)
Volume 5 (CD5)
Volume 6 (CD6)
Schumann Traumerei
Alleter Petite Gavotte
Laut-Renyer G-Gnome
Tchaikovsky Chanson Triste
Laut- Renyer C-Scape
Laut-Renyer Hip Bouree
Bach “Bouree” from Suite #3
Beethoven Fur Elise
Breval Sonata in C Major
Schumann Piece in a Folk Style #2
Saint--Saens The Elephant
Faure Sicilienne
Schumann Fantasy Piece #1
Saint Saens The Swan
Vivaldi Sonata #5 in E Minor
Bach Arioso
Corelli Sonata in D Minor
Debussy Reverie
Saint Saens Allegro Appassionato
Volume 7 (CD7)
Volume 8 (CD8)
Eccles Sonata in G Minor
Massenet “Meditation” from Thais
Boccherini Concerto in B Flat – 2nd movt.
Tchaikovsky Andante Cantabile
Schubert Ave Maria
Sammartini Sonata in G Major
Debussy Clair de Lune
Goltermann Etude Caprice
Volume 9 (CD9)
Volume 10 (CD10)
Rubinstein Melody in F (complete)
Bach Air
Brahms Opus #32, Allegretto, Hungarian Dance #1
Faure Apres Un Reve
Mendelssohn Song Without Words
Tarrega Capricho Arabe
Reger Largo
Popper Hungarian Rhapsody
Zipoli Suite in B Minor
Showstoppers for Cello Duo (CD11-13, 20 &22) - $16.95 each
So many great pieces, we had to put them into multiple volumes.1st and 2nd parts advanced level & equally difficult.
Volume 1 (CD11)
Volume 2 (CD12)
Volume 3(CD13)
Brahms Hungarian Dance #1
Rimsky –Korsakov Flight of the Bumblebee
Bach “Prelude” from the G Major Suite
Debussy Clair de Lune
Cassado Serenata Espagnola
Corelli Adagio
Beethoven “Moonlight” Sonata
Massenet Meditation from “Thais”
Popper Hungarian Rhapsody
Faure Au Bord de l’Eau
Volume 4 Granados Favorites (CD20)
Volume 5 “Tarancelli” (CD22)
Andaluza , Orientel
and Intermezzo
Popper Tarantella
Rossini La Danza from Tarantella Napoletana
Excerpts from Famous Sonatas (CD 14-15) - $16.95 each
Helpful accompaniment for when the pianist isn’t around. Intermediate to advanced players.
Volume 1 (CD14)
Volume 2 (CD15)
Corelli Sonata in D Minor
Schumann Fantasy Piece #1
Sammartini Sonata
Vivaldi Sonata #5
Brahms Sonata in E Minor- movt. 2
Valentini Sonata – Movts. 1 & 2
Cello Macabre: Halloween Music for Two Cellos (CD16) - $12.95 each
Frighteningly fun duet! Student solo & teacher accompaniment. Contains easy and difficult arrangements.
In the Hall of the Mountain King
Danse Macabre
Funeral of the Marionettes
The Erlking
Funeral March
Christmas Season Music (CD17 & 18) - $12.95 each
Volume 1 (CD17): “Scenes from a Winter Season for Two Cellos”
Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming
In the Bleak MidWinter
Still, Still, Still
Volume 2 (CD18) : “Traditional Carols for Two Cellos”
O Holy Night
The First Noel
We Three Kings
O Come, Emmanuel
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Scale Book for Two Cellos (CD19) - $9.95
Volume 1 (CD19) “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Music!” – Scale Duets for the Novice Cellist
“Openings”- Duet for Beginner Solo and Teacher Accompaniment (CD21) - $9.95
Cello Music written for String Orchestra or Quartet
Cello Sonatas arranged for orchestra (CO1 & CO2)-$20.95 each
Volume 1 (CO1): Corelli Sonata in D Minor
Volume 2 (CO2): Vivaldi Sonata Number 5
Cello with Other Instruments
Cello & Guitar CD recording “Harmonic Fusion”(RECM1) - $14.95 each
Works by Faure, Brahms, Debussy, Chopin & others
Duets for Cello and Guitar (CDM1-4) - $14.95 each
Volume 1 (CDM1): “Conversational Spanish for Cello & Guitar: Part One” Volume 3 (CDM3): “Chopin Dances for Guitar and Cello”
Albeniz Rumores de la Caleta and Granados Oriental
Waltz op.34, no.2 and Mazurka op.17, no.4
Volume 2 (CDM2): “Conversational Spanish for Cello & Guitar: Part Two” Volume 4 (CDM4): Laut’s “First Flight for Guitar and Cello”
to commemorate 100th anniversary of the airplane
Granados Intermezzo and Tarrega Capricho Arabe
Gig Music for Violin and Cello – If You Must Split the Fee! (CDM 5-7)- $14.95 each
Volume 1 (CDM5)
Volume 2 (CDM6)
Volume 3 (CDM7)
Bach Arioso
Schumann Traumerei
Clarke Trumpet Voluntary
Franck Panis Angelicus
Beethoven Ode to Joy
Amazing Grace
Gounod Ave Maria
Bach Air in D
Bach Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring
Handel La Rejouissance
Massenet Meditation from”Thais”
Debussy Reverie
Schubert Ave Maria
Handel Hornpipe
Mouret Fanfare
“It Takes Two”- Tango for Cello and Piano (CDM8) - $12.95
Cello Ensemble
Music for Cello Trio
Volume 1 (CT1) Arcangelo Corelli Trio Sonatas Number 1, 2 & 3 –$20.95
Volume 2 (CT2) Antonin Dvorak “Adagio ma non troppo” from Concerto in B Minor -$18.95
Volume 3 (CT3) J.S. Bach Goldberg Variation No.25 - $16.95
Volume 4 (CT4) Bruch Kol Nidrei - $17.95
Volume 5 (CT5) Laut Tango a Trois - $16.95
Exquisite Collections for Cello Ensemble- prices listed below
Some pieces were meant to be heard in the “all cello” setting. Solo line contained in 1st cello part.
Volume 1 (CE1): Faure Elegy - $18.95
Volume 2 (CE2): Dvorak“Largo” (8 celli)-$20.95
Volume 3 CE3): Bruch Kol Nidrei -$18.95
Volume 4 (CE4): Popper Requiem (6 celli) -$20.95
Volume 5 (CE5): Dvorak Silent Woods -$18.95
Volume 6 (CE21): Tchaikovsky &Chopin’s Nocturnes -$19.95
Volume 7 (CE22): Mendelssohn Song Without Words & Dvorak Songs My Mother Taught Me -$19.95
Volume 8 (CE23): Popper Edition: Hungarian Rhapsody & Elf Dance -$20.95
Volume 9 (CE24): Massenet Meditation from “Thais” & Debussy Clair de Lune - $19.95
Volume 10 (CE18): Halloween Edition: Part One – Moussorgsky Night on Bald Mountain -$20.95
Volume 11 (CE29): Halloween Edition: Part Two - Saint-Saens’ Danse Macabre -$20.95
Volume 12 (CE33): “Birdsong”: Casals’ Song of Birds & Saint-Saens’ The Swan -$19.95
Volume 13 (CE34): Brahms “Andante”Concerto No.2 Op. 83 (5 Celli) –$20.95
Volume 14 (CE35): Faure Cantique de Jean Racine (5 celli) -$19.95
Volume 15 (CE36): Schumann Fantasy Piece No.1 & Rachmaninoff Vocalise - $19.95
Volume 16 (CE37): Saint-Saens’ Bacchanale from Samson & Delilah - $20.95
Wedding Music for Cello Quartet (CE27 & 28)- $20.95 each
Volume 1 (CE27)
Purcell Trumpet Tune
Wagner Bridal Chorus
Handel Hornpipe
Handel La Rejouissance
J.S. Bach Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring
Volume 2 (CE28)
J.S. Bach Air in D
Clarke Trumpet Voluntary
Pachelbel Canon in D
Mendelssohn Wedding March
Franck Panis Angelicus
Orchestral Excerpts for Cello Ensemble (CE11 & 12)- $20.95 each
Volume 1 (CE11)
Mozart “Haffner” Symphony(4th movement)
Debussy La Mer
Wagner Tristan und Isolde
Beethoven Symphony #5 (2nd movement)
Volume 2 (CE12)
Brahms Symphony #2 (2nd movement)
Brahms Symphony #3 (3rd movement)
Beethoven Symphony #9 (4th movement)
Beethoven Symphony #8 (3rd movement)
Verdi Requiem
Tchaikovsky Symphony #6 (2nd movement)
Student Concertos for Cello Ensemble (CE20 & CE30) $19.95 each
A forum in which young artists can feel the full orchestral effect with a cello accompaniment.
Volume 1 (CE20): Bach Concerto in D Minor BWV 1043 (originally for two violins)
Volume 2 (CE30): Vivaldi Concerto for Two Cellos for cello quintet (Two Cello -Solo and 3 Cello-Orchestral)
Intermediate Collections for Cello Ensemble-$20.95 each
Music for the “not so serious” of cellists. Solo part is equally distributed throughout, so everyone sees a piece of the action.
Volume 1 (CE6): “Fun for Cello Ensemble”
Volume 2 (CE7): “Highlights from the Four Seasons”
Tchaikovsky Humoresque
Haydn Serenade
Mozart “March” from the Marriage of Figaro
Joplin The Entertainer
Vivaldi“Summer” Concerto – movt.1
Vivaldi“Spring” Concerto – movt.1
Vivaldi“Autumn” Concerto – movt.1
Vivaldi“Winter” Concerto – movt.1
Volume 3 (CE8): “Christmas Collection”
Volume 4 (CE16): “A Collection of Joplin Rags”
Leontovich Carol of the Bells
Tchaikovsky Waltz of the Flowers
Tchaikovsky “March” from the Nutcracker Suite
Vivaldi “Winter” from the Four Seasons
Elite Syncopations
The Maple Leaf Rag
The Easy Winners
The Entertainer
Volume 5 (CE17): “Contemplative Cello Works”
Volume 6 (CE19): “Fun for Cello Ensemble:Pt .Two”
Humperdinck Evening Prayer
Handel Largo
Mozart Ave Verum Corpus
Bach Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring
Delibes Pizzicato Polka
Bizet Habanera
Offenbach Can Can
Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture
Volume 7 (CE26): “Contemplative Works: Pt. 2”
Volume 8 (CE25): “Early Sacred Music”
Bach Wachet Auf
Pachelbel Canon in D
Vivaldi Largo from “Winter”- 4 Seasons
Bach Bist du bei Mir
Victoria O vos Omnes
Palestrina Sicut Cervus
Victoria O quam gloriosum
Volume 9 (CE31): “Fun for Ensemble:Pt 3”
Volume 10 (CE32): “Contemplative Cello Works: Pt. 3”
Delibes “Flower Duet” from Lakme
Verdi La Donna e Mobile
Mozart “Allelujah” from Exultate Jubilate
Vivaldi Concerto for 2 Mandolins
Faure Pie Jesu
Albinoni Adagio in G Minor
Mozart Lacrymosa
Chopin Prelude in C Minor
Victoria Ave Maria
Hassler Dixit Maria
Novice Collection for Cello Ensemble - $19.95 each
Music tailored for the newcomers. Parts equally distribute solo line and share difficulty.
Volume 1 (CE9)
Volume 2 (CE10)
Beethoven Ode to Joy
Elgar Pomp and Circumstance
Ponchielli Dance of the Hours
Shaker Tune Simple Gifts
Gounod The Funeral of the Marionettes
Traditional Irish Danny Boy
Gluck Dance of the Blessed Spirits
Mouret Fanfare
Bach Sheep May Safely Graze
Handel Aria
Volume 3 (CE13) “Majestic Marches”
Volume 4 (CE14) “Christmas Carols: Volume 1”
Handel March from Scipio
Chopin Funeral March
Bizet L’Arlesienne from” Farandole”
Bizet March of the Toreador
Schumann Soldier’s March
Silent Night
In Dulci Jubilo
Adoramus Te
The Holly and the Ivy
Away in the Manger
Volume 5 (CE15) “Christmas Carols: Volume 2”
Beautiful Saviour
Deck the Halls
Angels We Have Heard on High
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
O Come Emmanuel
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Music with other Instruments
Christmas and Halloween Music
Gig Music
Great Ensembles
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