Name____________________________________________ Date_____________________ Period__________________  Integumentary System Project 

Name____________________________________________ Date_____________________ Period__________________ Integumentary System Project You are a physician (dermatologist) that has diagnosed a patient with a skin disorder. You and a partner are responsible for providing your patient with information about the disorder, including a review of symptoms, prognosis, and possible treatment options. Objective: To create an informational brochure or pamphlet that would be found in a doctor’s office informing patients about a skin disorder. You must use at least one visual in your final product. ***ALL Projects are due on November 10th*** All Projects will be graded using the following rubric for each of the categories listed below. Point Range Points Explanation
10 4.0 Complex content‐ Includes all information listed below in detail. All information is accurate and up to date.
8.5 3.0 Target goal‐ Includes most of the information listed below. All information is accurate and up to date.
7.5 2.0 Simple/Foundational‐ Missing important information or information is inaccurate or out of date.
6.5 1.0 Partial content‐ Missing most of the information and information is inaccurate or out of date.
5.5 0.0 No Success
Method of diagnosis‐ include all tests and samples, etc. that are necessary for confirmation Symptoms‐ include all possible symptoms Description‐ Common locations on the body, types, severity Cause or mode of infection‐ bacteria, virus, cancer, UV radiation, etc. Prevention‐ any possible prevention strategies Treatment ‐ discuss options and possible results Epidemiology‐ describe affected populations, statistics Sources (3) – turned in (typed, APA format!) with this page. The source for sources is limited to,, mdeline and Others must be explicitly approved. Visual‐ photographs, sketches Organization‐ final product is easy to read Possible Topics
Basal cell carcinoma
Malignant melanoma
Male pattern baldness
Alopecia areata
Acne vulgaris
Squamous cell carcinoma
Decubitus ulcers