W Breathe Easier At Home

Breathe Easier At Home
How to Fight Infections and Clear the Air
hen the mercury drops in late fall and people start spending more
time indoors, that’s when germs can spread faster than you can say
gesundheit! Short of staying quarantined until spring arrives, you
can’t completely avoid exposure to viruses and germs. However, you
certainly can reduce the likelihood that you will catch a cold or the flu by taking a
few precautions, including outfitting your home to boost respiratory health.
The best defense against respiratory infections is to get your annual
flu vaccine and to wash your hands regularly. Improving indoor air
quality also can help you fight off infection.
A furnace or heat pump can make your home nice and toasty,
but it also removes moisture from already dry, cool air. Drier
air parches your throat and nasal passages, leaving you more
vulnerable to infections. Dry indoor air
also can increase your sensitivity to
indoor allergens like dust and
pet dander.
One solution to minimize
dryness is to use a portable
humidifier or vaporizer to return
moisture to the air. Humidifiers can
keep your mouth, nose and sinuses moist,
helping you breathe easier, especially at
night and when you have a stuffy nose.
Tabletop models are small and easy to handle, but humidify only one room.
Console models are larger and more cumbersome but can generate enough
moisture for multiple rooms. Both require you to change the water and filters
frequently to prevent growth of bacteria and mold.
Respiratory Health
Healthy Conversations
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6 p.m.
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Breathe Easier
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Try these other strategies to breathe easier and
avoid catching the next round of viruses:
Neti pot. Often called a nasal cup, a neti pot can
be an effective way to restore moisture to driedout nasal passages. Using salt water, a neti pot rinses
your sinuses and may help alleviate annoying congestion. Saline nasal sprays provide similar benefits.
Air filters. If you have allergies or asthma and are
very sensitive to dust, try a high-quality
HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air)
filter in your return-air vent. This can
reduce the dust load in your home—and
reduce the risk of asthma attacks. These also
filter out a large percentage of virus particles.
Air purifier. This gadget cleans and circulates the air in a room, eliminating airborne
germs and bacteria, along with allergens like
dust, pollen and pet dander. Using an air
purifier can help prevent asthma attacks.
Disinfecting cleaning supplies. Soap and
water helps to remove grime and some
germs, but it won’t kill them. Use products
approved by the EPA to disinfect items you frequently touch,
like TV remotes, computer keyboards, and doorknobs. n
How to Quit Smoking
Without Gaining Weight
Many people notice their weight inching
upward after they stop smoking. Suddenly,
their ability to taste and smell food improves, making it harder
to resist many tempting treats. Smoking may suppress appetite, so kicking the habit can sometimes lead to overeating.
The good news is you’re not doomed to pack on pounds
once you stub out your last cigarette. You can maintain your
weight and reap the benefits of being smoke-free with some
planning. The key to successful weight management is to exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet, and develop habits that keep
your hands out of the cookie jar.
These tips can help:
Carry a water bottle. Having water handy is a no-calorie way
to satisfy the urge to put something your mouth. Bonus: You’ll
stay hydrated.
2 H2U.com
Easing Congestion
On a Sick Day
If you still wind up with a cold or
other virus, these items can help ease
your symptoms.
Nasal spray. Saline nasal sprays can
loosen congestion, but when symptoms
are really bad, a spray decongestant
may be a better solution. Remember,
do not use spray decongestants for
morethan three days as that can cause
symptoms to rebound.
Peppermint. Inhaling the scent of peppermint can temporarily
relieve sinus congestion. A couple of drops of peppermint oil in
the water of a humidifier might help thin mucus and calm a sore
throat, though some experts caution peppermint can irritate sensitive nasal passages. Or, try steeping a teaspoon of peppermint
leaves in hot boiling water for a soothing tea.
Chicken soup. Your grandma was
right—chicken soup really can help
when you’re under the weather.
In addition to providing hydration and protein to boost Energy,
chicken soup has mild antiinflammatory properties. n
Chew gum. Avoid consuming excess
calories, chew sugarless gum or suck on a
mint or sugar-free hard candy.
Anticipate and deflect cravings. When
you know you’re
going to crave a
cigarette, plan
an activity
that doesn’t involve snacking. For example, schedule
a workout in the morning
when you crave a cigarette with
your coffee.
Knit or crochet. Take up a habit that will keep your hands
busy so you won’t be tempted to reach for a cigarette … or a
handful of potato chips.
Brush your teeth. Keep your mouth healthy and fresh by
using mouthwash or brushing your teeth right after you eat.
The feel of a clean mouth will squelch the urge to take one
more bite or to light up an after-meal cigarette. n
Components of a plan
Make an Asthma Action Plan
Asthma is a chronic disease that
inflames and narrows the airways
in the lungs, often causing bouts of
wheezing, tightness in the chest,
shortness of breath and coughing,
according to the National Heart, Lung
and Blood Institute. Asthma can range
from mild to severe. And while many
people are diagnosed in childhood,
it’s possible to develop asthma as an
adult, often after a serious upper
respiratory infection.
If you are diagnosed with asthma,
you should have a written action plan
for dealing with potential trouble.
Work with your doctor to develop a
personal management strategy.
Start by determining your peak air
flow rate. If you have moderate-tosevere asthma, a handheld device
called a peak flow meter can measure
how much air you can push out of your
lungs. Jot down your rates each day.
Results can indicate when an asthma
attack is coming, even before symptoms appear.
Don’t Bite Your Nails!
Plus 5 More Ways to Prevent Colds and Flu
Flu shot—check.
Consistent hand-washing—check.
Sneezing into your elbow—check.
Congratulations! You’ve got the
standard flu-prevention habits down
pat. Here are some less commonly
known ways you can fight infections
this winter.
Do some yoga poses. Or
find another way to unwind and reduce
the harmful effects of stress, which
can suppress your immunity. Deepbreathing exercises are a great way to
calm anxieties—but find a spot where
there aren’t people coughing and
sneezing nearby.
Clean your desk. Is your
workspace littered with crumbs,
crumpled notes and other debris? If
so, it’s time to clean up! Because you
spend a lot of time there, desks can be a
breeding ground for germs.
> Basic personal information
> Emergency contacts
> Doctor’s name and contact info
> Description of illness, including
severity and triggers
> Your best peak air flow rate
> “Green zone” plans: Medication dosages and actions for times when your
air flow is above 80 percent of your
personal best.
> “Yellow zone” plans: Instructions and
medication doses for times when you
are having asthma symptoms like
coughing, wheezing and tightness in
the chest.
> “Red zone” plans: What to do when
peak air flow dips below 50 percent
and you’re having a lot of trouble
breathing. This should include
infor- mation on signs that it’s time
to call an ambulance.
Give a copy of your plan to loved ones
or coworkers so they will be able to help
you in the event you experience a serious asthma attack. You can find links
to form for asthma action plans on the
CDC website: www.cdc.gov/asthma/
actionplan.html. n
Get a manicure. No, you don’t
have to head to the nail salon, but keeping your nails clean and resisting the
urge to gnaw on that hangnail can keep
germs out of your mouth and eyes.
Snooze more. Seven to nine
hours of sleep a night is ideal for most
adults. If you get less, your immune
system won’t function as well, making
you more vulnerable to infections. When
you don’t get a good night’s sleep, grab a
short nap during the day.
Phone a friend. People with
well-established social networks seem
to be able to fend off viruses and germs
better than loners. Now is a great time to
check in with friends and family. n
Calendar of Events: November
Nov. 2 - Daylight Saving “Fall Back an Hour”
Nov. 4, 6 p.m. - Healthy Conversations”Grandparents Raising Grandchildren”
Nov. 6, 10:30 a.m. - Book Club
Nov. 7, 11 a.m. - Bunco
Nov. 11 - Happy Veterans Day
Nov. 19, 11:30 a.m. - Chat N’ Chew—
So Delicious
Ogden Regional Medical
Center Exercise Classes
Wasatch Fitness
Exercise Classes
Social Activities
5475 S. 500 E.
5349 S. Adams Ave., Suite A
Body Ball Yoga
Smooth Cardio
Thursday, Nov. 6, 10:30 a.m.
H2U Classroom
This month’s read is Mr. Pip by Lloyd Jones.
December’s read is I is Another, The Secret
Life of Metaphor by James Geary. This
book deciphers the subtle implications
embedded in advertising slogans, familiar
slang and government double-talk, and
their influence in every aspect of our lives,
from art to medicine, psychology to the
stock market. 4.5 out of 5 Stars.
9:30 - 10:30 a.m., Oak Room
$5 per session
Bring large stability ball.
Tuesday and Friday
9:30 - 10:30 a.m., Oak Room
$5 per session
Tai Chi
9 - 10 a.m., Oak Room
$5 per session
4:30 - 5:30 p.m.
5:30 - 6:30 p.m.
Monday and Friday
8 - 9 a.m.
8 - 9 a.m.
8 - 9 a.m.
Smooth Movement
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Nov. 20, 1 - 3 p.m. - Foot Services
Nov. 22, 2 p.m. - “How The Grinch Stole
Christmas” - Capitol Theatre
Book Club
Chat N’ Chew
Wed. Nov. 19, 11:30 a.m.
So Delicious, 1853 W 5600 S., Roy
$9 - $15—So Delicious Japanese Wasabi
offers teriyaki and hibachi specials. They
also offer noodles, sushi, and soup & salad.
RSVP by Nov. 17 to Trudy Peterson at
Foot Services
Thursday, Nov. 20, 1 - 3 p.m.
H2U Classroom
$15—Foot service includes: foot soak,
toenail trim, nail smoothing, corn/callus
buff and foot massage. The provider is
unable to perform this service for those
with a diabetic condition, foot wound
or vascular disease. Appointments are
required. Call Jeanne at 801-645-4111
H2U Walking Club
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:30 a.m.
Newgate Mall
H2U Mall Walkers meet at Newgate Mall
Food Court. Participants will receive an
H2U Pedometer to help track their steps
each day. Please contact Trudy Peterson at
801-479-2075 for more information.
4 H2U.com
Broadway Across America Shows
“How The Grinch Stole
Christmas” The Musical
Saturday, Nov. 22, 2 p.m.
Capitol Theatre
$70 per Ticket
Deadline: Oct. 20
The Grinch discovers there is more to
Christmas than what he bargained for
in this holiday classic. The mean and
scheming Grinch tries to steal Christmas
from the cheerful Whos of Whoville. Does
he succeed? You and your family will find
out in this holiday favorite.
“Mamma Mia”
Saturday, March 14, 2015, 2 p.m.
Kingsbury Hall
$66 per ticket
Deadline: Feb. 9, 2015
On the eve of her wedding, a daughter’s
quest to discover the identity of her father
brings three men from her mother’s past
back to the island they last visited 20 years
ago. You will be enchanted by ABBA’s
timeless songs in this tale of love, laughter
and friendship.
Saturday, April 11, 2015, 2 p.m.
Kingsbury Hall
$66 per ticket
Deadline: March 2, 2015
An enchanting tale of a Dublin street
musician who’s about to give up on his
dream when a beautiful young woman
takes an interest in his songs. As the
chemistry between them grows, his music
soars to powerful new heights. “Once” is
an unforgettable love story about going for
your dreams.
For more information or to order tickets,
please call 801-479-2075
Upcoming Travel
Rose Parade Tour
Dec. 29 2014 - Jan. 2, 2015
$1,685 per person double occupancy
($600 deposit)
Round-trip airfare from Salt Lake, grand
stand parade seating, post-parade float
viewing, first-class hotel, scenic stops,
Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive and many more.
Fully escorted.
New Zealand/Australia Cruise
Jan. 24- Feb. 9, 2015
Round-trip airfare from Los Angeles
($900 deposit)
$4,165 per person dbl occ Inside Cabin
$4,455 per person dbl occ Window Cabin
$4,765 per person dbl occ Balcony Cabin
17-day luxury cruise, Broadway style
shows, Sydney, Hobart Tasmania, Dunedin
Auckland, Bay of Islands, plus much more.
To sign-up for H2U travel please mail or
bring deposit to:
Ogden Regional H2U
Attn: Trudy Peterson
5475 S 500 E
Ogden, UT 84405
New to H2U—
Knight Tours and Cruises
H2U is proud to welcome Knight Tours
and Cruises to the H2U family. We look
forward to working with a local company
with years of travel experience. Watch
for new and exciting upcoming travel
opportunities in 2015.
The Tobacco Body. Have you ever wondered how tobacco affects your body?
Beyond raising your risk for lung cancer, heart disease and many other illnesses, smoking
affects the skin, eyes, hair, nails, reproductive system and more. Take a tour of tobacco’s
effects on the body by visiting http://tobaccobody.fi.
The Art of
Beat It
This little red root is full of folate, a key
nutrient for preventing heart disease.
Beets also are very easy to prepare. Simply
wash, peel and grate for a crunchy salad
base. (Protect countertops when preparing
raw beets; the juice can stain.)
Not into raw beets? No problem. Wash
the beets, then boil, steam or roast them
with the skin on to preserve flavor and
color. The skin slips off easily once cooked.
Then add a little olive oil, cracked pepper
and Feta cheese and enjoy.
Crunchy Raw
Beet Salad
Try th
½ lb. beets
1 Tbsp. olive oil
3 Tbsp. orange juice
1 Tbsp. lemon juice
4 cups Romaine lettuce, shredded
¼ cup feta cheese
¼ cup chopped walnuts
Salt and pepper to taste
Directions: Scrub beets, then peel and
grate. Whisk together olive oil, orange and
lemon juice, then toss with the beets. Place
Romaine lettuce in a salad bowl and top
with the beet mixture. Sprinkle with feta
cheese and walnuts. Finish with salt and
freshly ground pepper. Serve immediately.
Makes 4 servings.
Nutrition Information (per serving):
Calories 142, Total Fat 10 g, Carbs 10 g,
Protein 5 g, Sodium 602 mg, Sugars 7 g. n
H2U National Office
P.O. Box 1300
Nashville, TN 37202-1300
6 H2U.com
If you’ve lived long enough, you know
it’s easier to make mistakes than to make
amends. Extending a heart-felt apology is
usually the first step, but knowing what
to say after “I’m sorry” can be tricky.
To master the art of the sincere apology, remember the three Rs: Regret,
Responsibility and Remedy.
Express Regret: Acknowledge the hurt
or damage that you caused, and
express regret for your actions or words.
Take Responsibility: Don’t blame
someone else or make excuses. Take
responsibility for your own actions and
accept the consequences.
Propose a Remedy: This is the time
to offer some kind of solution. You
can’t undo the past, but perhaps you
can take action to offset some of the
damage caused.
Here’s an example: “I feel terrible
about what I said earlier. I shouldn’t have
Collect Your Family
Medical History
Holiday gatherings can be a good
time to start that family medical history your doctor is always asking about.
Heart disease, cancer and diabetes can
run in families, along with rare diseases
like hemophilia, cystic fibrosis and sickle
cell anemia. Knowing your history can
help you figure out how to reduce risks.
This month, gather the following
information from your blood relatives.
Begin with “first-degree” relatives (parents, siblings and children), then expand to nieces, nephews, half-siblings,
(800) 771-0428
said that, and I understand why you’re
angry. I promise to think before I speak
in the future and choose my words more
A genuine apology tells others we
regret hurting their feelings and want
to repair any rifts in the relationship.
Once you’ve apologized sincerely, then
what? The hard reality is that you can’t
know if you’re going to be forgiven
right away or not. Give the person
time and space. Don’t rush through the
In the end, apologizing can mend relationships and help reduce the stress you
feel after hurting someone. n
grandparents, aunts and uncles.
> Age or date of birth
> Conditions like heart disease, diabetes, asthma or high blood pressure
> Serious illnesses like cancer or stroke
> Age when illnesses developed
> Pregnancy or childbirth problems
> Family origins (Some genetic diseases occur more often in certain
> Birth defects, learning problems or disabilities like Down’s syndrome
For deceased relatives, ask family
members about illnesses, cause of and
age of death.
Keep your history in a paper file or in
your computer, or use the U.S. Surgeon
General’s website to manage your health
history at familyhistory. hhs.gov. n
[email protected]
This newsletter is not intended to
provide advice on personal medical
matters, nor is it a substitute for
consultation with a physician.
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Healthy Conversations
Tuesday, Nov. 4
6 p.m., Oak Room
Lisa Warner
id you know there are more
than 2.5 million grandparents in the United States
each year raising their
grandchildren because of addiction
issues? Substance abuse can lead to
many other problems, including child
abuse and neglect, incarceration, and
even death of a parent.
Lisa Warner, LPC SSW, specializes
in trauma, loss, complicated grief,
depression and anxiety at Red Cliff
Counseling and Wellness.
She will discuss:
• Adjustment phase
• Physical and emotional health
• Positive discipline skills
• Creating a safe environment
• Creating shared activities
Participants are encouraged to
ask questions freely. Enjoy light
refreshments and linger after the
presentation to speak with presenter.
Watch for directional H2U signs leading to the event on the SW or rear of
the hospital.
Walking With Dinosaurs
8 H2U.com
H2U at Ogden Regional Medical Center
5475 South 500 East
Ogden, UT 84405
H2U Coordinator: Trudy Peterson
Affiliate Manager: Linda Thomas
For more information
on H2U programs,
visit www.h2u.com or
call (800) 771-0428.
Photos: Thinkstock
Thursday, Jan. 8, 2015, 7 p.m.
Energy Solutions Arena
$40 per ticket
Walking with Dinosaurs is a live theatrical show. This is the closest you and your family
will ever get to experiencing what it was like when dinosaurs roamed and ruled the earth. Watch them walk. Hear the roar.
Be there as they fight for survival and supremacy. From the ripple of their skin to the glint in their eye, you will know the
dinosaurs really are back.
Don’t miss this family spectacular. There is no violence but some kids (and adults) may be momentarily taken by surprise
by the impact of sound and lights used to simulate dinosaur roaring, earthquake rumblings and volcanoes erupting.
For more information or to order tickets call 801-479-2075.