CHRIST THE KING CHURCH Saturday, November 15 4:30 pm Vigil

Saturday, November 15
4:30 pm Vigil Mass Larry Hand, Miller-Hand Families, Eve &
Geoffrey Landry, Paul Falletta, Leah Falletta, Anthony A.
Panepinto, Sarah Legendre, John T. Brooks III, John & Lois
McGarry, Stephen Hartman, Lorraine Stephens, Darren Harris
Family, Suffering Souls in Purgatory, Bernard Kihnemann, Sr.,
Marilyn Mossy, Frank A. Fradella, Jr.
6:30 pm Spanish For the People of the Parish
Sunday, November 16
8:00 am Edgar Daigle, Ralph Bertheaud, Kris Nielsen, Vera
10:30 am Anthony DiGerolamo, Donnis DiFranco, Martha
Nguyen, Beverly O’Rourke, Deceased Members of Ho-Vu Family,
All Souls, Thanksgiving for Vu Family
2:00 pm Filipino Mass OPEN
5:30 pm Mass Rita Guillot, James Guillot III
Tuesday, November 18, Dedication of the Basilicas of Sts.
Peter & Paul, Apostles; St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, Virgin
9:00 am Mass John T. Brooks, III, Tracie Eiserloh, Poor Souls
Wednesday, November 19
6:30 pm Mass/Holy Hour Sacred Heart for Special Intention
Thursday, November 20
9:00 am School Thanksgiving Mass Adriana Braganza,
Joseph Braganza
Friday, Nov. 21, Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
6:00 pm Vietnamese Mass Sick of the Parish
In your prayers, remember those members of our
parish who are in need of the Lord’s healing
mercy, especially … Sherri Aguilar, Trudy Ali, Ruben
Arevalo, Raymond Alleman, Manuel Barquero, Mary Bavido,
Elliana Marie Belew, Diana Bertacci, Mae Bertheaud, Robert Beyer
III, Pauline Billiot, Earnestine Bird, Stephanie Boudreaux, Brian
Bouzigard, Renee Bouzigard, Noah Bracey, Max Braganza, Katie
Brewer, Gail Burns, Mike Candies, Susan Casey, Milton & Gloria
Chaison, Frank Connelly, Luke Cooney, Raymond & Margaret
Cooney, Sr. Judith Coreil, MSC, Anna Mae Cosse, Margaret
Coulon, Bonnie Daigle, Luis Davila, Ana deCastro, Sr. Aloysia
Doleac, Evelyn Dyer, John Egan, Mary Lee Elston, Joey Falgout,
Bobbie Fasic, Oliver Felix, Mickey Fitzgerald, Doris Flood, Mary
Foley, Regina Fresneda, Gayle Gagliano, Elwood Gonzales, Alice
Goodin, Joseph Griffin, Jo Hand, Charlotte Havens, Jerry Haynes,
Dale Hebert, Pat Heinemann, Joyce Hernandez, Marie Herty,
Scarlett Hoffman, Dale Hymel, Jo Johnston, Boylan Joia, Bill &
Netsy Judson, Noreen Kipker, Patrice Lawson, Carroll & Carole
LeBlanc, Loann Ledet, Pearl Ledet, Louis Liljeberg, Betty Lilly,
Donna Litwinowicz, Maury Magill, Mike Mayor, Ada Meilleur, Dee
Melancon, Joe Miller, Harold Logrande, Joan Molaison, Loretta
Mooney, Alan Mossy, Ernest Mueller Sr., Ne Nguyen, Abdon
North, Diane Norton, Linda Ochoa, David M. O’Keefe, Benny
Owens, Mary Panepinto, Benny & Carol Peranio, Linda Perrone,
Theresa Pham-Lan, Raymond Phillips, Douglas Poche, Edward
Puyau, Pat & Harley Rabig, Jeanette Rashtie, Angie Rigney,
Dennis Rule, Jeff Sampson, Amy St.Germain, Carol & Roland
Schaubhut, Prissy Scoriels, Carla Schuelke, Lolita Schulze,
Cynthia Schwehm, Betty Sellars, John Shaddinger, Clinton Sonier,
Luis & Conchita Sosa, Socorro Sperier, June Stanley, Raylyn
Stenger, Merline Tauzier, Anastasia Taylor, Lisa M. Taylor, Russell
& Sheron Templet, Joseph Treuil, Cherry L. Undag, Jesse &
Veronica Vedros, Patsy Vezina, Joy Wappler, Howard Williams,
Jean & Henry Wirth, Jackie Wright, Kathy Yeoman
May They Rest in Peace
Remember in your prayers & masses Tracie Hebert
Eiserloh and Frank A. Fradella, Jr., who recently
entered into the kingdom of our Father. Ask God’s grace
that their families and friends may find peace and
comfort in their faith.
November 16, 2014
Sunday, November 16
Women’s Club Money Tree Raffle tickets sold at all masses
Children’s Liturgy of the Word 10:30 am Mass
Filipino Celebration 1:00 Rosary 2:00 Mass Social follows
Monday, November 17
Cub Scout Pack Meeting 7:00 pm Parish Hall
Timon 7:30 pm Large Conference Room
Charismatic Prayer Meeting 7:00 pm, 724 Mystic Avenue
Tuesday, November 18
Choir Practice 7:30 pm Church
Youth Gathering 6:30 pm in Church- social follows
Wednesday, November 19
Holy Hour following 6:30 pm Mass
Thursday, November 20
Home & School Meeting 7:00 pm Parish Hall
Knights of Columbus 7:15-Rosary 7:30-Meeting KC Home
Friday, November 21
Spanish Rosary 8:00 pm
Saturday, November 22
Parish School of Religion 9-10:30 am – Para-liturgy practice
in church until 11:30 am
Altar Servers Meeting 10:30 am Large Conf Room
3:30 pm Confessions
3:45 pm Divine Mercy
4:00 pm Rosary
4:30 pm Mass
Spanish Children’s Liturgy of the Word 6:30 pm Mass
Sunday, November 23, Feast of Christ the King
Children’s Liturgy of the Word 10:30 am Mass
CTK Feast Outdoor Celebration 10:30-1:30 pm
KC’s selling religious calendars after all Masses
Campaign for Human Development collection at all Masses
Stewardship of Treasure
Weekly Goal $10,800.00
Offertory November 1-2
Debt Reduction
Capital Building Campaign
All Saints
$ 8,070.93
$ 1,864.00
Prayer During Hurricane Season
June 1 – November 30
Let us pray to the Lord that through the intercession of Our
Lady of Prompt Succor, our city and region may be spared
from loss of life and property during this hurricane season.
Prayer During Archdiocesan Synod
April 15, 2014 – April 15, 2015
That during our Archdiocesan Synod, we may be open to
the guidance of the Holy Spirit and come to know God’s
vision and priorities for our local Church.
Christ the King Fair Sponsorships are still available. Pick
up a form from the back of church and ask your family,
friends & businesses throughout the community to help
with sponsorships and donations.
RED ZONE Cards are available from school families or from
the school and church offices. Each card costs $20 and
provides the purchaser with over two dozen opportunities to
save money at local businesses plus online savings. CTK
School earns money for every card sold.
Do you know any adult living in our parish
area that is unbaptized or of another Christian
Faith and is thinking about becoming a
Catholic Christian? Are there any adults
among us that have not completed their
Sacraments of Initiation with Confirmation or Holy
Communion and seeking spiritual growth? We may have
some answers and a special place for you in our family of
Christ the King. Call the parish office for more information
or complete the form in the back of church.
Christ the King
Feast Day Celebration
Sunday, November 23, 2014
Following 10:30 Mass until 1:30
pm. Weather permitting, the event
will be outdoors.
There will be lots of food and drinks
and games for the kids. Come join in
the fun! There is no charge – FREE for
Society of St. Vincent de Paul Annual Report October
1, 2013 – October 1, 2014
Enroll Deceased Loved Ones In Book of Life
Throughout the month of November, our Book of Life
is located in the back of church. Please enter your
deceased loved ones names (if you have not done so
in previous years) to the book and they will be
remembered in our monthly Mass for All Souls.
Prayerbooks are now on sale. They are $3.00 each
and can be found on the book rack in the back of
church or from the church office.
Women’s Club $100 Christmas Money Tree
Raffle Ticket Sale Women’s Club members are
selling raffle tickets after all masses this weekend for
a chance on their beautiful Christmas
Tree decorated with 100 $1 bills.
Chances are $1 each or 6 for $5.00. The
drawing will be held Sunday, December
14, 2014 (winner need not be present).
Proceeds go toward helping them with
their care of the church and refreshments for church
Next weekend’s collection for the Catholic Campaign for
Human Development needs your help. CCHD was
founded to end the cycle of poverty in the U.S. by funding
organizations that help people help themselves. With the
tradition of improving education, housing situations, and
economic development, CCHD continues to make a
positive impact on communities nationwide. Your
contribution will defend human dignity and help those living
on the margins of our society.
Greenwood Funeral Home is encouraging families to
elect to have the funeral service of their loved ones in
their own church. They feel it seems appropriate that the
church where the deceased was baptized, worshiped and
centered their Christian life is the appropriate setting for the
final ritual of their Christian Life. As an incentive they are
offering a $650 discount to families that elect to have the
service at their parish church.
Poor Box/Envelope collection
Donations from our Members
Fund Raising Proceeds
Total Income
To the needy we serve
To Ozanam Inn
To SVDP Free Pharmacy
Solidarity (Dues)
Other (CTK, Ins, & Bank fees)
$20 998
Total Disbursements
Person-to-Person Visits
Total People Helped
Food Boxes Delivered
Service Hours
Non-cash “In Kind” Goods & Services
(Value of food, clothing, furniture, etc)
The Society is deeply appreciative to all parishioners for their gifts of
prayers, food and money throughout the year. We ask for your
continued prayers and support.
If any parishioner is interested in assisting the poor in our Mission of
Charity, please contact the Parish Office especially if you’re retired and
have some spare time during weekdays.
---Don’t Be Left Out …
Join in the FUN
Christ the King Parish
Saturday, December 6, 2014
7:00-10:00 pm
New Orleans Ladies Ballroom, 1771
Stumpf Blvd
Tickets $43.00 per person
Available from the Church Office
or by calling Mack Ledet 367-3736.
Buffet, Open Bar, Music,
Singing, Dancing, Fun!
Join us in this One Great Celebration!