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701 S. College Avenue
8:00 & 10:45 AM Services of Holy Communion Newark, DE 19713
Sunday, November 16, 2014
Our readings during November speak of the end
times. Zephaniah proclaims that the coming day of
the Lord will be filled with wrath and distress. Paul
says it will come like a thief in the night and urges
us to be awake and sober. Jesus tells the parable of the talents, calling
us to use our gifts, while we still have time, for the greater and common
good. In a world filled with violence and despair, we gather around
signs of hope—word, water, bread and wine—eager to welcome the
good news of Christ's coming among us.
Welcome to our journey in Christ! Thank you for joining us in
worship this morning. Hear the parable about talents; receive God's
blessing; and at the table be strengthened to become an ever more
creative and faithful servant in God's kingdom.
Please sign your name in the Fellowship Pad located in the black
folder in your pew. If you are a visitor, please give us a way to contact
you so that we can thank you for being with us today. You have
enriched our worship with your presence this morning!
Children are welcome to worship with us. Worship boxes with
crayons, stickers, and other ―kid stuff‖ are available in the narthex
(lobby). Just ask an usher.
A Nursery with supervision is provided during worship for infants and
toddlers through age five in Fellowship Hall. This morning we will also
provide an activity center for elementary-age children who might not be
able to sit through the length of this service in the Blue Room. Ask an
usher for directions.
Hearing Assistance Devices are available in the narthex.
Abide in me as I abide in you;
those who abide in me bear much fruit. John 15:4, 5
The flowers in the chancel are given to the glory of God
in memory of her father, Walter J. Hoppenstedt, by Virginia Rundell,
in thanksgiving for family birthdays by Lorraine Osmick,
and in memory of Annette Gruber by her family.
SERVING THIS MORNING—Twenty-third Sunday after Pentecost,
November 16, 2014
8:00 AM Service
Assisting Minister
Lay Reader
Prayer Partner
10:45 AM Service
Assisting Minister
Isaac O’Neal, Jennifer Evans
Ping-An Tjoa
Dewey Smith, John Krick,
Roy & Barbara Palo
Linda & David Grund, JoanMarie Powers
Heidi Burch
Kathy Kazmar
Lay Reader
Prayer Partner
Ashley Fox
Kathy Palmer
Jay Bergstrom, Chuck Maass,
Herb Pedersen, Debra Berke
Kaye Tyson
Debra Berke
Loretta Peterson
Bread Provider
Altar Guild
Coffee Fellowship
Nursery Care
Patty Munzert
Barb & Mike Mayers
Cheri Simons, Dianne Walters
Amanda Taylor, Judy Runkle
From Sundays and © 2014 Augsburg Fortress. All rights reserved.
Reprinted by permission under Augsburg Fortress Liturgies Annual License #44257.
New Revised Standard Version Bible, © 1989, Division of Christian Education of the National Council
of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. Used by permission. All rights reserved.
Reprinted from Book of Common Worship © 1993 Westminster/John Knox Press.
Used with permission. All rights reserved.
In the principal service of Christian worship, the Holy Spirit gathers people
around the means of grace—the saving Word of God and the sacraments.
From the table of communion where Jesus Christ comes with forgiveness, life, and
salvation, God sends us out to share the good news and to care for those in need.
P Presiding Minister
A Assisting Minister
L Lector
C Congregation
Worship begins with God who takes the initiative and calls us into being.
We gather at the Holy Spirit’s invitation and assemble as the community of faith
on the first day of the week, the day of Christ’s resurrection.
Upon entering the sanctuary, the people pray silently or engage in quiet
meditation allowing the music to focus their attention on God and God’s
kingdom. The sanctuary doors will be closed as worship begins with the prelude.
Please stand, as you are able.
Verse 3:
Verse 4:
Verse 5:
O God, Our Help in Ages Past
Men and Boys
All in Harmony
Women and Girls
P Beloved, remembered by God
and remembering both the call and the promises of God:
the everlasting love of the Father, the gift of the Son,
and the strength of the Holy Spirit be with you all.
C And also with you.
ELW 632
Glory to God, We Give You Thanks
Let us pray.
Righteous God, our merciful master, you own the earth and all its
peoples, and you give us all that we have. Inspire us to serve you
with justice and wisdom, and prepare us for the joy of the day of
your coming, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.
Be seated.
 WORD 
God speaks to us in scripture reading, preaching, and song.
Zephaniah 1:7, 12-18
A reading from Zephaniah:
Be silent before the Lord GOD!
For the day of the LORD is at hand;
the LORD has prepared a sacrifice,
he has consecrated his guests.
At that time I will search Jerusalem with lamps,
and I will punish the people
who rest complacently on their dregs,
those who say in their hearts,
"The LORD will not do good,
nor will he do harm."
Their wealth shall be plundered,
and their houses laid waste.
Though they build houses,
they shall not inhabit them;
though they plant vineyards,
they shall not drink wine from them.
The great day of the LORD is near,
near and hastening fast;
the sound of the day of the LORD is bitter,
the warrior cries aloud there.
That day will be a day of wrath,
a day of distress and anguish,
a day of ruin and devastation,
a day of darkness and gloom,
a day of clouds and thick darkness,
a day of trumpet blast and battle cry
against the fortified cities
and against the lofty battlements.
I will bring such distress upon people
that they shall walk like the blind;
because they have sinned against the LORD,
their blood shall be poured out like dust,
and their flesh like dung.
Neither their silver nor their gold
will be able to save them
on the day of the LORD's wrath;
in the fire of his passion
the whole earth shall be consumed;
for a full, a terrible end
he will make of all the inhabitants of the earth.
The word of the Lord.
Thanks be to God.
PSALM 90:1-12
Sung in unison
Tone 1
Lord, you have | been our refuge
from one generation | to another.
Before the mountains were brought forth,
or the land and the | earth were born,
from age to age | you are God.
You turn us back to the | dust and say,
"Turn back, O child- | ren of earth."
For a thousand years in your sight are like yesterday
when | it is past and like a watch | in the night;
you sweep them away | like a dream,
they fade away suddenly | like the grass:
in the morning it is | green and flourishes;
in the evening it is dried | up and withered.
For we are consumed | by your anger;
we are afraid because | of your wrath.
Our iniquities you have | set before you,
and our secret sins in the light | of your countenance.
When you are angry, all our | days are gone;
we bring our years to an end | like a sigh.
The span of our life is seventy years,
perhaps in strength | even eighty;
yet the sum of them is but labor and sorrow,
for they pass away quickly and | we are gone.
Who regards the power | of your wrath?
Who rightly fears your | indignation?
So teach us to num- | ber our days
that we may apply our | hearts to wisdom.
SECOND READING 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11
L A reading from First Thessalonians:
Now concerning the times and the seasons, brothers and sisters, you
do not need to have anything written to you. 2For you yourselves
know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the
night. 3When they say, "There is peace and security," then sudden
destruction will come upon them, as labor pains come upon a
pregnant woman, and there will be no escape! 4But you, beloved, are
not in darkness, for that day to surprise you like a thief; 5for you are
all children of light and children of the day; we are not of the night or
of darkness. 6So then let us not fall asleep as others do, but let us
keep awake and be sober; 7for those who sleep sleep at night, and
those who are drunk get drunk at night. 8But since we belong to the
day, let us be sober, and put on the breastplate of faith and love, and
for a helmet the hope of salvation. 9For God has destined us not for
wrath but for obtaining salvation through
our Lord Jesus Christ, 10who died for us, so that whether we are
awake or asleep we may live with him. 11Therefore encourage one
another and build up each other, as indeed you are doing.
The word of the Lord.
Thanks be to God.
Please stand.
Alleluia! Lord and Savior
Matthew 25:14-30
Response after the announcement:
C Glory to you, O Lord.
For it is as if a man, going on a journey, summoned his slaves and
entrusted his property to them; 15to one he gave five talents, to
another two, to another one, to each according to his ability. Then he
went away. 16The one who had received the five talents went off at
once and traded with them, and made five more talents. 17In the same
way, the one who had the two talents made two more talents. 18But
the one who had received the one talent went off and dug a hole in the
ground and hid his master's money. 19After a long time the master of
those slaves came and settled accounts with them. 20Then the one
who had received the five talents came forward, bringing five more
talents, saying, 'Master, you handed over to me five talents; see, I
have made five more talents.' 21His master said to him, 'Well done,
good and trustworthy slave; you have been trustworthy in a few
things, I will put you in charge of many things; enter into the joy of
your master.' 22And the one with the two talents also came forward,
saying, 'Master, you handed over to me two talents; see, I have made
two more talents.' 23His master said to him, 'Well done, good and
trustworthy slave; you have been trustworthy in a few things, I will
put you in charge of many things; enter into the joy of your master.'
Then the one who had received the one talent also came forward,
saying, 'Master, I knew that you were a harsh man, reaping where you
did not sow, and gathering where you did not scatter seed; 25so I was
afraid, and I went and hid your talent in the ground. Here you have
what is yours.' 26But his master replied, 'You wicked and lazy slave!
You knew, did you, that I reap where I did not sow, and gather where
I did not scatter? 27Then you ought to have invested my money with
the bankers, and on my return I would have received what was my
own with interest. 28So take the talent from him, and give it to the
one with the ten talents. 29For to all those who have, more will be
given, and they will have an abundance; but from those who have
nothing, even what they have will be taken away. 30As for this
worthless slave, throw him into the outer darkness, where there will
be weeping and gnashing of teeth.'
Response after the conclusion:
C Praise to you, O Christ.
Alleluia! God Is Speaking
Al - le - lu – ia! God is speak-ing, speak-ing to our hearts a – gain;
In the age- less Word ex-pound-ing God’s own mess- age, now as then.
God the First and God the Last.
Be seated.
Al – le – lu – ia.
A – men.
The Reverend Doctor David Grafton, Pastor, and
Director of Graduate Studies, and Associate Professor of
Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations at the
Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia
Please stand.
Lord of Light
ELW 688
Apostle’s Creed
Let us confess the faith of our baptism, as we say:
I believe in God, the Father almighty,
creator of heaven and earth.
I believe in Jesus Christ,
God's only Son, our Lord,
who was conceived by the Holy Spirit,
born of the virgin Mary,
suffered under Pontius Pilate,
was crucified, died, and was buried;
he descended to the dead.
On the third day he rose again;
he ascended into heaven,
he is seated at the right hand of the Father,
and he will come to judge the living and the dead.
I believe in the Holy Spirit,
the holy catholic church,
the communion of saints,
the forgiveness of sins,
the resurrection of the body,
and the life everlasting.
Our responses to praise and petition:
A Bless we the Lord.
C Thanks be to God.
Lord, in your mercy,
hear our prayer.
The peace of Christ be with you always.
And also with you.
The people greet the ministers, each other, saying,
Peace be with you.
Be seated.
At this time, please sign the Fellowship Pad (the black folder) found at
the end of your pew and pass it to your neighbor.
 MEAL 
God feeds us with the presence of Jesus Christ.
In response to God’s love in Jesus Christ, we offer our gifts for service
and mission.
―Offertory‖ – Beck
8:00 AM: Matins & Sanctuary Choirs
For the Fruit of All Creation
ELW 679
8:00 AM: Please stand, as the gifts are presented. Sing Verse 1 of the
Offertory hymn as the table is set with the bread and the wine.
10:45 AM: Join in singing the Offertory hymn. Please stand and sing
Verse 3 as the gifts are presented and the table is set with the bread and
Let us pray.
Merciful God, as grains of wheat scattered upon the hills were
gathered together to become one bread, so let your church be
gathered together from the ends of the earth into your kingdom,
for yours is the glory through Jesus Christ, now and forever.
P It is indeed right, our duty and our joy, that we should…
praise your name and join their unending hymn:
Holy, Holy, Holy
You are indeed holy, almighty and merciful God.
You are most holy, and great is the majesty of your glory…
For as often as we eat of this bread and drink from this cup,
we proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes.
P Remembering, therefore…all honor and glory in your holy church,
now and forever.
Lord, remember us in your kingdom,
and teach us to pray:
Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name,
thy kingdom come, thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread;
and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us;
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory,
forever and ever.
Come, taste the joy prepared for you.
The reign of God is at hand.
Lamb of God
Lamb of God, you bear the sin of all the world a – way;
Lamb of God, you bear the sin of all the world a – way;
Lamb of God, you bear the sin of all the world a – way;
e -
suf - fered death our lives to save: have mer-cy now, we pray.
set us free from guilt and grave: have mer-cy now, we pray.
ter - nal peace with God you made: give us your peace, we pray.
Be seated.
We believe that Christ is truly present in this sacrament. All baptized Christians
are invited to commune. Those who are not baptized, and younger children who
are not yet communing, are welcome to come forward for a blessing. Those
wishing to be blessed may stand with arms crossed to indicate they do not wish to
commune. If you would like to receive communion in your pew, please notify an
Two chalices are used to administer communion: one for pouring, the other as a
drinking chalice. If you come to the altar with a glass, wine will be poured for
you. If you come to the altar without a glass, you will be offered the drinking
Non-alcoholic grape juice is available upon request. If you desire to receive grape
juice, please take an empty cup and as you do so, request that grape juice be
poured for you. Gluten-free communion wafers are available upon request.
A prayer station is available in the hallway during communion for those who desire
confidential prayer about any subject. A prayer partner will pray with you and
offer anointing if you wish it. You may come at any time before or after you
DISTRIBUTION SONGS Please join in singing:
You Are Mine
I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light
Remain seated after all have returned to their places.
ELW 581
ELW 815
A Strengthened by the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ
and kept in his grace, let us pray.
O God, the host at every meal, at this table you spread out a feast
for all peoples, the bread of life and the cup of salvation. Send us
from this banquet to invite others into these good things, to let justice
roll down like waters, and to care for the least of our sisters and
brothers; through Jesus Christ, our Sovereign and our Savior.
C Amen.
God blesses us and sends us in mission to the world.
Please stand.
The blessing of almighty God, the Father of glory, + Jesus Christ
our peace, and the Spirit of truth, be upon you and remain with
you always.
C Amen.
Light Dawns on a Weary World
Go in peace. Christ is with you.
Thanks be to God.
ELW 726
Linked with the reading from 1 Thessalonians and Psalm 90, Jesus' parable of the
talents invites a full-hearted response to God's lavish gifts of faith and purpose:
"Use 'em if you've got 'em!" The people of God are meant to be engaged, alert, and
ready to share what we have received from our prodigally (wastefully) generous
God. While the parable has sometimes been interpreted in the context of judgment,
a careful reading also spotlights the beauty of the faith-generated response to God's
lavish grace.
One word for this is stewardship. Presented in light of God's gift of faith and
purpose, this "churchy" term can today be transformed to new understanding in the
proclamation of the gospel text. Instead of the weight of obligation and duty we so
often associate with religion, we are invited today to another way: What does it
mean to be awake to the grace of God?
On the surface Jesus' parable is a simple premise: the contrast of workers who
please and workers who disappoint their master. Psalm 90 sings to us to carefully
treasure our lifetimes, for there is something at stake. First Thessalonians is a letter
reminding people they have exactly what they need to survive and thrive.
What does it mean to be awake to the grace of God?
In a time in history when so many people are discouraged with work, home, life,
and church, a word from Jesus' parables may be healing, enriching, and startlingly
attractive. The gospel text today is an opportunity to remind the people of God that
there is a depth to faith that is sustainable. In fact, beneath the parables of Jesus is a
depth it will take a lifetime to unpack.
The soul is like a housewife who has put all her household in good order and
prudently arranged it and well disposed it; she has taken good care that nothing
will damage it, her provision for the future is wise, she knows exactly what she is
going, she acquires and discards, she does what is proper, she avoids mistakes, and
always she knows how everything should be. So it is with the soul: the soul is all
love, and love rules in the soul, mighty and powerful, working and resting, doing
and not doing, and all which is in the soul and comes to the soul is according to
Love's will. For it is Love's power that has seized the soul and led it, sheltered and
protected it, given it prudence and wisdom and the sweetness and the strength
which belong to love. Like the fish, swimming in the vast sea and resting in its
deeps, and like the bird, boldly mounting high in the sky, so the soul feels its spirit
freely moving through the vastness and the depth and the unutterable richness of
—Beatrice of Nazareth, trans. Eric Colledge, in Medieval Women's Visionary Literature,
ed. Elizabeth Alvilda Petroff (New York: Oxford University Press, 1986), 204
Next Sunday is Turkey Day!
Please bring frozen turkeys, boxed mashed potatoes and filling, canned
vegetables, and the fixings for pumpkin pies to the Fellowship Hall
between services. St. Paul’s Youth will take all your contributions to
the Hilltop Lutheran Neighborhood Center at 11 a.m. Cash donations
are also accepted. Please see Janet or Eric Mease. Thank you!
Youth and Family Event
Do you enjoy handwritten letters and handmade cards? We believe
handmade cards never go out of style and add a personal touch! Youth
and Family would like to invite everyone to create handmade
Christmas Cards today, Sunday, November 16, after the 2nd service!
These cards will be placed into the Christmas gifts collected for Hilltop
Children during Advent. We will provide a light snack and drinks.
Everyone is welcome to participate! Please contact Stacy Onizuk
(302-379 2174 or [email protected]) with any questions.
Interfaith Thanksgiving Service
The Interfaith Community Thanksgiving Service will be hosted by
First Presbyterian Church, 292 W. Main Street, Newark on Tuesday,
Nov. 25, 7:30 p.m. All are invited to attend. An offering will be
received to support the Newark Empowerment Center. Participants
may also bring non-perishable items.
Coffee Anyone?
We are in need of servers and snack providers for Coffee Fellowship.
Please consider signing up, as we can’t do it without help. Committees
and Small Groups are encouraged to pick a Sunday to serve coffee and
showcase your group; it’s a great way to get the word out and get new
members. Any questions please call Cheri Simons (302-731-8571).
Epistle Deadline
Yesterday, November 15 was the deadline for the December/January
Epistle, so, if you haven’t gotten your submissions in, please send them
to [email protected] today. And remember, this is a two
month addition, so make sure you think about your January events!
Small Group Ministries at St. Paul’s
The next gathering of the St. Paul’s Quilters will be
Saturday, November 22 from 9 AM to 12 noon in
Fellowship Hall.
WELCA invites YOU! Monday, December 8 at 7pm in the Blue Room
Attention all women of St. Paul's! You are warmly welcome to our
Monday evening meeting as we take time to celebrate the real reason
for the season! Our program will consist of a series of seasonally
inspired short stories interspersed with favorite carols - sung a capella.
Think how coming out for just an hour or two will increase your focus
as we prepare for the coming of our Savior. Always feel free to invite a
relative, friend or neighbor to come with you. The more the merrier!
Questions? Please speak to coordinator Linda Grund (302-738-5491 or
[email protected]). Need a ride? Please speak to Kaye Tyson
(302-828-0618 [email protected])
Casserole Brigade
There are times when a little thing like a nice meal can mean a great
deal to someone. A new committee is forming as an outreach to St.
Paul’s congregation and community families that could use a little
help. These families may have had an illness, surgery, a new baby – or
any life event where they may find that they could use a little extra
help. If you like to cook and enjoy helping others, please consider
helping the Casserole Brigade by
preparing a meal for families that could use a little extra help. If
interested in this committee, or if you know of someone who may need
help please contact Pastor Jack Little (410-755-6648 or
[email protected],) Sherri Clark (302-731-9971 or
[email protected]) or Fran Verrigni (302-668-3392 or
[email protected])
Pastor Peterman is away 11/16 through 11/24. Our guest preacher and
presider today is Rev. David Grafton from Lutheran Theological
Seminary. We welcome you today, Pastor Grafton!
Feedback Form about Pastoral Candidates
On the Information table in the narthex you'll find a half sheet
Feedback Form from the 10/26 Transition Workshop. As St Paul’s
gets ready to launch a Call Committee, this feedback sheet gives you
an opportunity to put some things in writing that you’d like to pass on
to that Committee through the Transition Team and the Ministry Site
Profile about a new Senior pastor. We’ll consider any feedback that
comes to us on a signed form. Place in the offering plate or get to the
church office. Deadline is 11/23.
All sessions in the Blue Room, 9:30-10:30 AM, unless noted otherwise.
A summary of last week's class on Islam is available on the information
table in the narthex.
This series helps us to prepare for the Newark Interfaith Thanksgiving
worship service.
11/16 - Islam: Seeing the many faces of Islam (a visual experience) and
hearing about the intra-Muslim conversation on ISIS, both
nationally and internationally, with Professor David Grafton,
who also will be the preacher of the day. Rev. Grafton is a
Lutheran Pastor and Director of Graduate Studies, and Associate
Professor of Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations at
the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia.
11/23 - Judaism: speaker from Temple Beth 'El (Reconstructionist) in
11/25 - Newark Interfaith Thanksgiving Service 7:30 pm at First
Presbyterian Church in Newark.
While offered in series of classes, each adult ed class is a complete session in itself.
You are welcome and encouraged to come whenever you are able.
After two weeks we have 91 pledges for a total of $354,811.
Thanks to everyone who completed and submitted their commitment
cards already. If you haven't done so, it’s not too late! Please ask an
Usher for a pledge card if you need one.
Angel Tree Volunteers
Thank you to all who signed up to help with the upcoming Angel Tree
Party on December 6. We still need a few volunteers to help at the
Angel Tree card table in the narthex on Sunday November 23 before
and after both services. Please email Carol Keiffer
([email protected]) if you are available. Thank you.
Claire’s Gourmet Food Orders
If you have placed an order for St. Paul’s School fundraiser with
Claire’s Gourmet Food, your order should be picked up on Monday,
November 17th between 11 AM and 6 PM in the Fellowship Hall.
Thank you for your support of St. Paul’s Lutheran School, and enjoy
your goodies!
Harvest Feast
There have been some questions raised lately regarding the Harvest
Feast. Unfortunately, we will not be having one this year. Presently,
there is no one to take the lead on the event. If you feel called to serve
on Auxiliary Services to help make next year's event a success, please
see Pastor Peterman or Eric Watt. Thank you.
Senior Horn Recital
Lillian Kinney, who has played French horn for many festival services
and concerts for us while a student at UD, is giving her Senior Recital
today, November 16, at 5:30 PM in Gore Recital Hall in the Roselle
Center for the Arts on campus. She invites the members of St. Paul's
to celebrate with her and enjoy an outside reception afterwards
(weather permitting).
In the Gospel story of feeding the 5,000, Jesus turned a couple of fish
and a few loaves of bread into enough food to feed the entire crowd. In
November we’re going to turn that tale inside out by making bread for
FISH! Not the kind of fish that swim in the sea – I’m talking about the
families who receive food from our monthly FISH distribution. Each
year at Thanksgiving the members of St. Paul’s generously donate their
time and energy to make small loaves of cinnamon, cranberry,
poppyseed, etc. bread that are given away to the clients of the FISH
program. We wrap them in aluminum foil or plastic wrap, label each
loaf so that the recipients can select types they like (and avoid the ones
they might be allergic to), then bring them to church by 7 P.M. on the
Wednesday before November’s FISH distribution (this year that’s the
19th.) If you would like to donate two or three (or more!) breads,
please call or email Keith Bart (302-345-6107 or
[email protected]) – we need an idea of how many to expect
and the count is very important. Thank you!
Life Line Screening
Life Line Screening will be at Life Community Church on Thursday,
November 20, 2014 offering safe, painless, non-invasive preventive
health screenings that are typically not a part of a routine physical. To
be more proactive about your health and to live longer for yourself,
your family and your community, please register for these potentially
life-saving tests today. Please refer to the attached flyer to get more
info about how you can sign up while receiving $10 off any package
priced above $129. For only $139 (regularly $149) you can learn your
risk of having stroke or vascular disease. There is no time like the
present to take action!
8:00 AM Service
Assisting Minister
Lay Reader
Prayer Partner
10:45 AM Service
Assisting Minister
Lay Reader
Prayer Partner
Bread Provider
Altar Guild
Coffee Fellowship
Nursery Care
Harrison Dalton
Gale Paul
Keith & Cindy Bart, Jeff & Nancy Evans
Lorraine Fett
David Peterson
Mary Beth Bergstrom
Rick & Kris Cassar, Mary & Robert Boord
David and Linda Grund, Virginia Rundell
Linda Grund
Susan Merkel
Lynn Deschere
Heidi Skopowski
Pat & Lorraine Fett
Amanda Taylor, Judy Runkle
Thanksgiving Baskets for the
Hilltop Lutheran Neighborhood Center
Sunday, November 23rd
Please bring your donations of frozen turkeys, boxed mash potatoes and
stuffing, canned vegetables, gravy, and the fixings for pumpkin pies to the
Fellowship Hall between services where members of St. Paul’s Youth Group
will accept your offerings for delivery at Hilltop. Cash donations are also
accepted. Thank you!!
7:30 AM
Matins Choir
Sunday, November 16
8:00 AM
Service of Holy Communion
Angel Tree sign-up
9:30 AM
Christian Ed/Sunday School
Twenty third Sunday after
10:00 AM
Sanctuary Choir
10:45 AM
Service of Holy Communion
12:00 PM
Youth and Family Event
6:00 PM
Prayer Group
Tuesday, November 18
6:00 PM
Children’s Choir
7:00 PM
Church Council
7:00 PM
Scout Meeting
7:00 PM
Contemporary Ensemble
Wednesday, November 19
7:00 PM
Scout Meeting
Hope Dining Room
1:00 PM
Busy Hands
Thursday, November 20
6:30 PM
Handbell Ensemble
8:00 PM
Sanctuary Choir
10:00 AM
Friday Morning study group
Friday, November 21
2:00 PM
9:00 AM
Saturday, November 15
12:00 PM
UD Football Game
7:30 AM
Matins Choir
Sunday, November 23
8:00 AM
Service of Holy Communion
Angel Tree sign-up
9:30 AM
Christian Ed/Sunday School
Christ the King Sunday
10:00 AM
Sanctuary Choir
10:45 AM
Service of Holy Communion