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November 11, 2014 - EA Sports BC Soccer Premier League Cup Finals take place in Coquitlam on the
November 15/16 weekend.
Hosted by Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC, and taking place at Coquitlam’s Town Centre Park, the BCSPL
League Cup Finals will feature the top two teams from the last 2 months of round robin, quarterfinal
and semifinal play. In the previous two seasons, 2012 and 2013, the League Cup Final matched the
phase 1 (Feb to June) winner against the phase 2 (Sept to Nov) winner. However, for 2014, an
enhanced format was created to ensure all teams maintained a player development focus while still
having an opportunity to compete throughout the fall and into playoff rounds.
In 2013, the BCSPL League Cup Champions went on to face the Washington State Champions from
their High Performance League (RCL) in December. That inaugural event was hosted by Washington,
with the BCSPL winning 6 of 8 matches against their US counterparts. This cross-border special event
will continue in 2014 with the BCSPL League Cup Champions hosting the Washington Champions on
the Dec 13/14 weekend. Here is the 2014 BCSPL League Cup schedule:
Saturday, November 15
Town Center East
10:00am – U15 Boys: Surrey United SC vs Coastal FC
12:15pm – U13 Boys: Coquitlam Metro-Fords SC vs Surrey United SC
2:30pm – U14 Boys: Coastal FC vs Mountain United FC
Town Center West
10:00am – U16 Boys: Coquitlam Metro-Fords SC vs Surrey United SC
12:30pm – U17 Boys: Surrey United SC vs Mountain United FC
Sunday, November 16
Town Center East
12:30pm – U13 Girls: Coastal FC vs Fusion FC
3:00pm – U15 Girls: Coastal FC vs Surrey United SC
Town Center West
12:30pm – U14 Girls: Surrey United SC vs Mountain United FC
3:00pm – U17 Girls: Mountain United FC (97) vs Surrey United SC (98)
Rules of Play
Duration of Play
All games will be played to regulation time as per the details below. In the event that teams are tied
at the end of regulation time, the teams will play two (2) equal halves of extra time. There is no break
at half time of extra time.
Age Group
Regulation Time
2 halves of 45 minutes
2 halves of 40 minutes
2 halves of 40 minutes
2 halves of 35 minutes
2 halves of 35 minutes
Extra Time
2 halves of 15 minutes
2 halves of 10 minutes
2 halves of 10 minutes
2 halves of 10 minutes
2 halves of 10 minutes
In the event that the teams are still tied at the end of extra time, the winner shall be decided by the
taking of kicks from the penalty mark, in accordance with the FIFA Laws of the Game. Please note that
only those players on the field at the end of extra time are permitted to take penalty kicks; further,
these players may not leave the playable field to the sidelines or team bench in order to remain
eligible to take a penalty kick.
Payment of Match Officials
For the League Cup Championship matches, Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC will pay the referees in full in
cash for all games. Teams are responsible for bringing half the referee fee in a cheque payable to
Substitutions Rule
Under 13 – Unlimited substitutions with no re-entry in the same half.
Under 14 to Under 17 – Seven (7) substitutions within open play of a match with no re-entry within
the same half, but with unlimited at half time.
* In the event of extra time, you can be subbed out in the first half of extra time and then be brought
back on at half time or in the second half of extra time.
Any rule infractions will be dealt with by the BC Soccer Premier League General Manager in the same
existing format as league games. Red card suspensions or ejections from League Cup matches will be
dealt with by the League GM and may result in a carry-over suspension to 2015 BCSPL play. As all of
2014 phase 2 fall play is considered the League Cup, cards carry over through all League Cup matches.
Each club must have a minimum of 14 players and a maximum of 18 (except for 20 allowed in the U17
division) per team dressed in uniform, present, and eligible to participate in each match. All players
must have ID cards available for referee inspection.
Permitting of Players
A registered BCSPL player is eligible to play for a BCSPL team in an older age division, subject to the
league’s underage player policy. No permit is required. The player must have their player card and be
properly added to the match day roster of the older team. A player should not play in more than one
League Cup final.
The BCSPL shall grant a BC Soccer player registered with a team outside the league permission to play
for a BCSPL team of his/her true age group or older age division in the League Cup, contingent on the
player receiving the consent of the team and the approval of the Youth District with which he/she is
Players under suspension shall not be eligible to play under permit.
A permit is valid only for the team, day, and match stated on the permit application form.
An approved permit form for the permitted player must be presented to the match official prior to
the start of the match. Any player with a permit must also present a valid BCSID card to be eligible to
play. In the case of Under 12 players being permitted, and without BCSID cards, only the permit is
Team Officials on the bench
There may be no more than 5 Team officials on the bench, who are either a: head coach, assistant
coach, manager, goalkeeper coach, trainer or authorized Club official (eg. Club Technical Director).
Northwest League Champions Cup
The BCSPL League Cup Champions in each age group will represent the BCSPL in the Northwest
League Champions Cup on the December 13/14 weekend, taking place in BC.
This is an event where the BCSPL League Cup Champions will play one match against their
Washington counterpart from the Regional Club League, Washington’s HPL equivalent.
About the BCSPL
The EA SPORTS BC Soccer Premier League was designed by BC Soccer, the Vancouver Whitecaps FC
and soccer community representatives, to create a new high performance level of competition and
support player development at the provincial, professional and national team level. It will simplify
scouting of top young players, provide an elevated level of competition and increase the chance for
players fulfilling their potential and creates a dynamic new commercial property at the pinnacle of
youth soccer in BC.
Eight founding franchises were announced in February 2011, with the first full season of competition
that began in February 2012, and continues through November each year. It features male and
female divisions at the U-13, U-14, U-15, U-16, U-17 and U-18 levels, equating to approximately 1,500
players. For more information on the league: