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November 2014
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Blanketing Info:
It’s not quite time yet for those blankets, sheets, and hoods, etc. to make an
appearance. However, when it’s time, here are a few things to remember:
Put your horse’s name on ALL items of clothing in an obvious place (big bold print, permanent mark
or metal name tags). This makes things a lot easier for the guys at home and at shows, in order to
keep the right clothes with the right horse, as many wear the same size and color.
Make sure everything fits correctly! Make sure all leg straps, belly bands and chest straps are secure
and fit properly.
There will be a monthly blanketing fee added to your board bills for each horse, as this is a very
time consuming and dirty job!
All horses in the barn under the lights MUST be blanketed as we don’t allow them to grow their
winter coats.
Remember, it is not mandatory for your horse to be blanketed - it is your choice as they can cope
without blankets. It is only a requirement if they reside in the barn under the lights!
There appears to be a need to highlight some important reminders. Please see me if you have any
questions or concerns... PLEASE be respectful of the following:
• If you are going to sit and watch, as well as chit-chat with friends, please keep the noise levels down so that the
person taking a lesson (and paying for it) can hear their lesson.
• Do NOT interrupt Jackie during lessons for “silly” questions that can wait until after lessons are done and/or
are non-emergency issues. You can always leave Jackie a note in the tack room “mailbox” or on the clipboard.
• If you are riding and you are NOT in the lesson, the lesson-rider has the priority/right-of-way in the arena
space. Please stay out of their way and do not park your horse in front of the bleachers while you get a drink or
Arena lights MUST be turned off by 8:00PM. Turn them off as you cool down your horse so you don’t forget.
As you know, you are welcome to visit your horses at any reasonable time, including on holidays. However, some
of you are pushing the limits! Please be polite and do not visit after 9:00PM nightly!
• Please do NOT call/text me before 7:00AM or after 8:30PM unless there is an emergency.
• Also, while you are riding, lunging, hand-walking or grooming, please don’t talk or text. It’s not only
dangerous because you are not concentrating on your horse, but it is also distracting to the other riders around
you. Please leave cell phones in your trunks!
THANK YOU! ~ Jackie
Specializing in Arabians and
Half-Arabians, although, all
breeds welcome!
Royal Salute
28440 N. 53rd Street
Cave Creek, AZ 85331
Phone: 480-585-6318
Email: [email protected]
Offering training in dressage, working
hunter, jumper and sport horse.
Lessons and training from beginners
to advanced riders for over 20 years!
All American Cup Championship Show @ Westworld
Note: Dressage, SHUS, SHIH, last time for “old” dressage tests
Entry Help Session for Desert Classic Horse Show @ 6pm
Entries for Desert Classic due to Jackie
Entry deadline for Desert Classic All Arabian Horse Show
Set up and move horses to WestWorld for Desert Classic show.
Desert Classic (formerly Saguaro Classic) All Arabian Horse Show
Entry Help Session for Scottsdale All Arabian Horse Show @ 4pm.
Entries for Scottsdale All Arabian Horse Show due to Jackie
Entry deadline for Scottsdale All Arabian Horse Show
Scottsdale All Arabian Horse Show
New Dressage
Tests Effective
The new tests are available
on the USEF web site.
We will be using these tests
at the December show, so
start learning them now!
Sport Horse In Hand Practices are
SATURDAYS @ 2PM ($10.00)
If you are planning to show SHIH, then you MUST practice!
Be ready to go at 2:00pm.
Have on good running shoes.
Have correct bridles on your horses.
Come prepared to work!
Note: If your horse is in training or partial training with
Jackie, the $10 fee is waived.
Gearing up for Show Season...
Entry Help Sessions:
These are where Jackie will be able to answer any
questions, help you with your entry forms and/or
Understand the fees, etc. The pre-scheduled group Help
Sessions are free. If you can’t make the group time, you
will need to schedule your own private time with Jackie.
DO NOT interrupt other people’s lessons for help with
your entries. Individual/private “Help Sessions” will be
billed as a lesson.
When entries are due, please be sure to bring copies of
registration papers, membership cards, credit cards or
checkbooks, parental signatures and your completed
entry forms!
To participate in the above Arabian shows, you will need to
have current memberships with the following:
USEF (calendar year Dec. 1-Nov. 30)
AHA (valid 1 year from join date, so check your expiration)
VSAHA (local club - you can also join AHA through this)
If you do not want to join, you will need to pay non-member
fees. However, once you get to Regionals and beyond, you
MUST become a member!)
Coggins Testing:
All horses entering the shows at WestWorld will need to
have a negative Coggins Test completed. Only a vet can
test for Coggins. The test (valid for one year) will be
scheduled by Jackie with Dr. Dan ASAP for those horses
that require it.
Dear Royal Salute Clients:
Please be advised that with the beginning of November now here, there will be as many as 6 new
horses arriving this month. As a result, many lesson horses and “antiques” will be moved to the pony
pens. This means there will be horses on the south side of the arena.
Also, there will be changes to the turn-out schedule in order to accommodate all the turn-out needs.
I will be adding another turn-out “shift” from 2:00-4:00PM.
Finally, the weather is meant to cool off this weekend (finally!), so the horses that are under the lights in
the barn (not growing winter coats) will need their sheets. Please bring them and place them on the
strings by your horse’s stall doors.
Thank you!
~ Jackie
Royal Salute wishes Rhiannon Deremo a speedy recovery and
Get Well Soon wishes as she appears to be battling Lyme Disease.
Rhiannon Deremo
4173 E. Rancho Caliente Dr.
Cave Creek, AZ 85331
Congratulations to Kelley
Long, who now the officially
owns “Teddy,” the 1/2 Arab
bay gelding that she has
been showing for the last
couple of years!
Congratulations to Dianna and
Lauren Smith on their new
Anglo-Arab, 2yo filly, Juliette!
Welcome to Royal Salute!
Lexi and her 5yo paint barrel racing mare, “Sinnder.”
Adele and her Shagya Arab mare “Sherry” and gelding “Raja.”
Melissa and her Thoroughbred gelding “Dutch” and super cute pony “Magical Pony.”
American Cup
Championship Show
Nov. 7-9 @ WestWorld
Competing this year:
Susan Girard & Chico
Diana Vance & Ali Baloo
Paula Nelson & Oliver and Victor
Miho Schoekkter & Rumba
Christina Schultz & Beauty
Cheryl Brock & Ben
Maddy Jahns & Magic
Good luck to all of you!
DECEMBER 4-7, 2014
We have a new name but are still the same fun, get in the Christmas spirit horse show that the
Saguaro Classic was. Yes, I will be needing lots of volunteers to make all the classes run smoothly.
There will be a sign up sheet on the tack room door by November 1st or you can email me at
[email protected] to sign up. Here is a class overview:
Thursday Dec 4 7:30 AM Hunter / Jumper~~~~~~Gate & Ribbon presenters
*Friday Dec 5 8 AM Sport Horse Under Saddle ~~~~~~Gate & Ribbon presenters
*Friday Dec 5 1 PM Sport Horse In Hand ~~~~~Paper Handler, Runner, Scorer, Bookkeeper &
Cross check & hand out ribbons
Saturday Dec 6 Dressage~~~~~~Scorers, Runner (AM & PM)
Sunday Dec 7 Dressage ~~~~~~~Scorers, Runners (AM & PM)
*Please note on Friday that there are 2 different types of classes - one starting at 8 AM and one
starting at 1 PM
Thank you so much for volunteering.
Remember that no experience is necessary as we do on the job training.
~ Diann Wuttke
Drawing by Kelley Long
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