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1. Dr. Neha Sisodia
Chairperson Faculty Papers
Dr.Vipul Choudhary
Associate Professor
Jaipur Dental College
[email protected]
Chairman Scientific Committee
Dr Deepak Raisingani
Prof & Head
Mahatma Gandhi Dental College & Hospital
Email:[email protected]
Evaluation of Validity & Reproducibility of Various Diagnostic
Methods In Non-Cavitated Pit And Fissure Caries Lesion & It's Impact
On Restorative Decision Making
PGIMER And DR RML Hospital, New
2. Dr. Saurabh Gupta
Ultrasonics (Zara Hattke………) In Endodontics
DAV Dental College, Yamunanagar,
3. Dr. Poonam Bogra
Access For Success
DAV Dental College, Yamunanagar
4. Dr. Ravindra Kotian
Annealing Heat Treatment of Ti And Ti-6Al-4V Used For Dental
Manipal College of Dental Sciences,
5. Dr. Laxmishputturmallya
Pattern of Radiographic Referrals Among Junior Residents During
Manipal College of Dental Sciences,
Endodontic Treatment: A Survey
Barriers To Restorative Dental Care Among Rural Women Associated
With Self- Help Groups In Mangalore Taluk, Karnataka, India: A Cross
Sectional Questionnaire Study
Manipal College of Dental Sciences,
7. Dr. Deepti Pupneja
Endodontic Management of Type IV Canal Pattern In Mandibular
Central Incisor Using MTA Fillapex Diagnosed With CBCT: A Case
Post Graduate Institute of Medical
Education &Research, Chandigarh
8. Dr. Premlata Takhellambam
Endodontic Treatment of Dens Evaginatus With Large Periapical
Lesion: A Case Report
Dental College, RIMS Imphal
9. Dr. Sangeeta Talwar
Success And Failure of Post Endodontic Restoration: A Clinician’s
Maulana Azad Institute of Dental
Sciences, New Delhi
10. Dr. Seema Yadav
Platelet Rich Fibrin As A Bio Fuel For Tissue Regeneration: A Case
Report Of Two Different Clinical Applications
Maulana Azad Institute of Dental
Sciences, New Delhi
11. Dr. Sarika Chaudhary
Endodontic And Periodontal Management of Extensively Mutilated
Tooth With Endocrown: A Case Series
Maulana Azad Institute of Dental
Sciences, New Delhi
12. Dr. Humaiftekhar
Endodontic Management of Non-Vital Immature Teeth By Different
Treatment Modalities: A Case Series
Dr. Z. A. Dental College, AMU
13. Dr. Syed Mukhtar-Un-Nisar
Observation of Fracture Pattern Of Protaper Instruments That Fractured
During Clinical Use: A Scanning Electron Microscopic Study
Dr. Z. A. Dental College, AMU
14. Dr. Sharique Alam
Intentional Replantation of Mandibular Second Molar With Retrograde
MTA Filling: A Case Report
Dr. Z. A. Dental College, A.M.U,
15. Dr. Soumya Shetty
Comparative Evaluation of Anaesthetic Efficacy of 4% Articaine And
2% Lidocaine For Pulpal Anaesthesia By Using Intraligamentary
Padamshree Dr D.Y Patil Dental
College And Hospital, Pune
6. Dr. Neeta Shetty
Technique In Patients With Irreversible Pulpitis: A Pilot Study
16. Dr. Lalit Chandra Boruah
Effect of Prior Application of Calcium Dobesilate On Direct Pulp
Capping With MTA: A Preliminary Randomized Clinical Trial.
BBD College Of Dental Sciences,
17. Dr. Kailash Attur
Comparison of Apical Seal And Tubular Penetration of Mineral
Trioxide Aggregate, Zinc Oxide Eugenol And AH–26 As Root Canal
Sealers In Laterally Condensed Gutta Percha Obturation: An In-Vitro
Narsinhbhai Patel Dental College And
Hospital,Visnagar Gujarat
18. Dr. Neeraj Malhotra
A Practice-Based, Randomized Clinical Trial Of A Silorane Resin Based I.T.S. Dental College, Hospital And
Composite System (P90) In Posterior Teeth
Research Centre, Greater Noida
19. Dr. Sharda Yadav
Dental Exarticulation: A Case Report With One Year Follow Up
I.T.S. Dental College, Hospital And
Research Centre, Greater Noida
20. Dr. Swati Srivastava
Effect of Accelerants On The Setting Time of White Portland Cement
And White MTA: An In-Vitro Study
I.T.S. Dental College, Hospital And
Research Centre, Greater Noida
21. Dr. H.C. Baranwal
Rehabilitation of Periodontally Compromised (Drug-Induced) And
Missing Anterior Teeth Using Ever Stick Glass Fibre: A Minimally
Invasive Single Visit Biological Approach
IMS,BHU Varanasi
22. Dr. Sandeep. R
Periapical Healing Outcome Following Single Visit Endodontic
Treatment In Patients With Type II Diabetes Mellitus
Sri Hasanamba Dental College And
Hospital, Hassan, Karnataka
23. Dr.Amit Jena
Efficiency of Three Desensitizing Agents For In-Office Relief Of Dentin Institute Of Dental Sciences, Ghatikia,
24. Dr. Udaipratap Singh
Influence of Caries Detection Dye On Bond Strength of Sound And
Carious Affected Dentin: An In-Vitro Study
Kothiwal Dental College And Research
Centre, Moradabad
25. Dr.Shashi Tyagi
Surgical Endodontic: Prosthodontic Management of A Case of Unicystic Kothiwal Dental College And Research
Centre, Moradabad
26. Dr. Rajni Nagpal
Stabilizing The Bonded Interface With Dentin Bio Modification
Kothiwal Dental College And Research
Centre, Moradabad
27. Dr.Dakshita Joy Sinha
Endodontic Management of A Four Rooted Mandibular First Premolar:
A Case Report
Kothiwal Dental College And Research
Centre, Moradabad
28. Dr. Rakesh Kumar Yadav
The Banyan Tree: Mandibular Second Premolars
King George Medical University,
29. Dr. Nishi Singh
Risk Factors of Root Caries In Geriatric Subjects: A Cross Sectional
King George's Medical University,
30. Dr. Ramesh Bharti
Management of Mucosal Fenestration With External Root Resorption
By Multidisciplinary Approach
King George's Medical University,
31. Dr. Meenu Garg
Comparative Evaluation of Intracoronal Sealing Ability of Three
Different Restorative Materials Used As Intraorifice Barrier In
Endodontically Treated Teeth: An Ex Vivo Study
Surendra Dental College And Research.
Sri Ganganagar
32. Dr. Nimisha Shah
Fused Maxillary Second Molar With A Supernumerary ToothDiagnosis And Treatment Planning By CBCT And Dental Operating
Effect of Different Intracanal Medicaments On The Apical Seal Of The
Root Canal System: A Dye Extraction Study
K M Shah Dental College & Hospital,
Sumandeep Vidyapeeth University,
Sudha Rustagi College Of Dental
Sciences And Research Centre,
Faridabad, Haryana.
MMCDS&R Mullana, Ambala
33. Dr. Monika Tandan
34. Dr. Rashmi.N. C
Effect of Food- Simulating Liquids On Surface Characteristics And
Mechanical Properties of Posterior Composites
35. Dr. Meenakumari
Evaluation of Surface Roughness of Different Posterior Restorative
Composites After Polishing Using Atomic Force Microscopy
MMCDS&R, Mullana, Ambala,
36. Dr. Hemalatha Hiremath
Accidental Injection With 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate: A Case Report
Sir Aurobindo College Of Dentistry &
PG Institute Indore
37. Dr. Prashanth M.B
Endodontic Management of Three Rooted Maxillary Premolar With The
Aid of CBCT & Dental Operating Microscope: A Case Report
Sir Aurobindo College Of Dentistry &
PG Institute Indore
38. Dr. Jolly Mary Varughese
Comparative Evaluation of Morinda Citrifolia, Green Tea Polyphenols
And Triphala With 5% Sodium Hypochlorite As An Endodontic Irrigant
Against Enterococcus Faecalis: An In Vitro Study
Government Dental College,
39. Dr. Roopa Babannavar
Erratic Root Canal Morphology: A Case Series
40. Dr. Pankaj Sancheti
An Unparalleled Versatility of MTA: Case Reports
Jodhpur Dental College & Hospital,
Jodhpur Dental College & Hospital,
41. Dr. Nidhi Sinha
Cone Beam Computed Topographic Evaluation And Endodontic
Management Of A Rare Mandibular First Molar With Four Distal
Jodhpur Dental College & Hospital,
42. Dr. Nitin Mirdha
Eliminating Obstacles: A Case Series
43. Dr. Priti Desai
Comparative Evaluation of Root Canal Working Length Measurement
With Three Techniques: Manual, Digital Radiograph And Muti
Detector Computed Tomography: An In Vitro Study
Jodhpur Dental College & Hospital,
Guru Nanak Institute Of Dental Science
And Research,Kolkata
44. Dr. Dolly Rathod
Evaluation of Efficacy of Nd: Yag Laser, Ozonated Water And
Ultrasonic Irrigation With 3% Sodium Hypochlorite For Disinfection Of
Root Canal: In-Vivo Study
Terna Dental College And Hospital,
45. Dr. Avinash Salgar
Predictivity And Reliability of Thermal And Electrical Pulp Tests: An
In-Vivo Clinical Study
Terna Dental College And Hospital,
46. Dr. Meetu Mathur
A Conservative Multidisciplinary Approach For Improved Aesthetics
With Traumatised Anterior Teeth
Rajasthan Dental College & Hospital,
47. Dr Nitin Kararia
Pulp Regeneration: Reality or Myth
Rajasthan Dental College & Hospital,
48. Dr. Swati Sharma
Comparative Evaluation of Distortion of Protaper, Profile And Twisted
NI-TI File: An In-Vitro SEM Study
49. Dr. Revathi Miglani
Microscopic Endodontics: My Journey
50. Dr. Sandeep Metgud
Effect of Post Space Preparation On Mineral Trioxide Aggregate And
Gutta Percha
Pacific Dental College, Udaipur
51. Dr. Parul Bansal
Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Disorders Amongst Dentists: A
Questionnaire Based Survey
Subharti Dental College, Meerut
52. Dr. Vipin Arora
A new,novel,simple and innovative technique to preheat dental
Subharti Dental College,Meerut
53. Dr. Vineeta Nikhil
Managing Severe External Resorption: A Different Approach
Subharti Dental College, Meerut
54. Dr. Ambar Raut
Management of Combined Internal-External Resorption With Radicular
Cyst; Restoring New Hope
Swargiya Dadasaheb Kalmegh Smruti
Dental College & Hospital,Nagpur
55. Dr. Pooja Dudeja
Combined Nonsurgical And Surgical Management of A Calcified,
Perforated And Severely Dilacerated Maxillary Lateral Incisor With A
Large Periapical Lesion With Platelet Rich Fibrin, Irradiated Freeze
Dried Bone Allograft And Collagen Membrane
ESIC Dental College, New Delhi
56. Dr. Adish Saraf
Evaluation of The Effect of Handpiece Oil Contamination And
Decontamination Procedures On The Shear Bond Strength Of A Self
Adhering Flow Able Composite: An In-Vitro Study
School Of Dental Sciences, Krishna
College,Satara, Maharashtra.
57. Dr. Renu B Sroa
Surgical Management of Class III Invasive Cervical Resorption Using
Reverse Sandwich Technique
Punjab Government Dental College
And Hospital, Majitha Road, Amritsar
58. Dr. Chetana S. Makade
Evaluation of Antimicrobial Activity of Herbal Extracts And Their
Efficacy For Disinfection of Gutta Percha Cones Before Obturation
Missed Anatomy : Main Cause of Retreatment
V.S.P.M. Dental College & Research
Centre, Nagpur
V.S.P.M. Dental College & Research
Center, Nagpur
60. Dr. Pradnya Nagmode
Dysphagia To Dental Pain To Cervical Osteophytosis: A Diagnostic
And Therapeutic Challenge
SMBT Dental College And Hospital,
Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
61. Dr. Pradnya Vilas Bansode
The Use of White Portland Cement As A Root Repair Material: A
Report Of Two Cases
Government Dental College And
Hospital, Aurangabad, Maharashtra
59. Dr. Vandana Kokane
62. Dr. (Lt Col) Neeraj Kumar
Re-Treatment- Various Protocols And Success : A Case Series
63. Dr. Pankaj Sangwan
Pain Following Foraminal Enlargement: A Randomized Controlled Trial Post Graduate Institute Of Dental
Sciences, Rohtak
64. Dr. Shweta Mittal
Ectrodactyly Ectodermal Dysplasia And Cleft Lip/Palate Syndrome: A
Case Report
Post Graduate Institute Of Dental
Sciences, Rohtak
65. Dr. Shikha Sharma
Comparision Of The Sealing Ability of ‘Endosequence BC Sealer
(Brassler, USA)’ And ‘Pro Root MTA (Dentsply)’ As Root Canal
Sealers An In Vivo &Ex-Vivo Study
Civil Hospital,Firozpur
66. Dr. Deshpande Prashanth
Hybrid Richmond Crown - A Novel Technique: A Case Report
67. Dr. Santosh Kumar Singh
Incidence of Distal Caries In Mandibular Second Molars Due To The
Angulations Of Impacted Third Molar: A Clinical And Radiographic
Contemporary Endodontics: Case Series
S. B. Patil Dental College & Hospital,
Bidar, Karnataka
People’s Dental Academy Bhopal
68. Dr. Marisha Bhandari
Army Dental Corp,Meerut
Himachal Institute of Dental Science
Paonta Sahib, Sirmour, Himachal
69. Dr. Amita
Endodontic Implications of Diabetes Mellitus
BRS Dental College, Panchkula
70. Dr. Jigyasa Duhan
Effect of Blood Contamination And Decontamination Protocols On
Acetone Based And Ethanol-Based Total Etch Adhesive System
PGIDS, Rohtak
71. Dr. Annapoorna BM
72. Dr. Era Arora
Apical, Biological And Bio Dentine Barrier Using Conventional,
Custom Made Carrier System: Case Reports
Cruising The "C"
JSS Dental College And Hospital, SS
Nagar, Mysore
Santosh Dental College, Ghaziabad
73. Dr. Nikhil Bahuguna
MB2…The Truth Lies Deep Within
IDST Dental College, Ghaziabad
74. Dr. Sachin Jain
Fibre Reinforced Conservative Anterior Bridge And Alternative To FPD
IDST Dental College, Ghaziabad
75. Dr.Ajay Logani
Failure of non surgical endodontic therapy attributable to extra-radicular
76. Dr.Shivani Utneja
Long Term Clinical Performance of Direct Posterior resin composite
restorations:A Systematic review
Maulana Azad Institute of Dental
Sciences,New Delhi
77. Dr.Seema Pathak
Endodontic Management of A Rare Anomaly,A Fusion of Maxillary
Lateral Incisor:A Case Report.
Government Dental College And
Hospital ,Aurangabad
78. Dr.Pankaj
Novel Use Of Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix And MTA As An Apical
Barrier In Management of Failed Revascularization.
Maulana Azad Institute of Dental
Sciences,New Delhi
79. Dr Mayank Kaurani
Tactile Method For Estimation Of Working Length In Open Apex: A
Case Report
Mahatma Gandhi Dental College &