Attention: If you are NOT in the Business Management ... courses during the Fall 2014 term, you...

Attention: If you are NOT in the Business Management program OR if you are NOT taking
courses during the Fall 2014 term, you do not need to be present at this information session
Academic Probation
Information session
Ted Rogers School of Business Management
Fall 2014
1. Big Picture - why we are here?
2. What is the impact of being on Probation?
3. Facts vs. Fiction
4. Taking Stock
5. Strategic Next Steps
The Big Picture
Accepting offer of admission =
signing a contract with student
BCOMM degree = creates the
opportunity for a better career
University expects students to attend
classes, learn, demonstrate their
knowledge in various ways
Students have a choice about how and
when they study
RU Policy - students MUST get a
minimum CGPA of 1.67 to
Students between 1.0 and 1.66 are
flagged as Probationary with
restrictions and requirements for
students taking courses
Facts - Possible outcomes
Academic Standing Terminology
1.67 - 4.33 Clear
1.66 Probationary
0.00 - 0.99 Required to Withdraw
Facts – You must sign a contract
While on Probation, the student must :
Achieve a TGPA of 1.67 or higher
Meet all terms and conditions of their
Probationary Contract
Contracts will be signed at the end of this
Facts – Contract conditions
Fall 2014
2 courses for PT Students
Facts – Conditions of the contract
 Students are restricted in the number of
courses to be taken over the fall term to a
Full-time students = 4
Part-time students = 2
This includes day-time classes through TRSBM, all Continuing Ed courses
through the Chang School, all distance education courses AND any courses
offered through the York/Ryerson exchange.
● Being on Probation means I am a failure
● I should know how to study in university
● The same work habits will get a different
result if I take the course again
● The prof can bump up my grades
● Once I complete my INC grades I will be
back to clear standing
● The only reason I am here today is …
● I can’t quit now or take a break this term
● I have to catch up
● I can’t change my major now, even if I don’t
like it
● My friend in another program was told…
Academic Probation = Opportunity
Opportunity can knock you over
can create new opportunities!
Taking Stock – current CGPA
Do you know where you stand now?
How do you calculate your TGPA and CGPA?
GPA calculator
Taking Stock – Academic skills
What are my strengths?
What skills do I find to be
more challenging?
What skills are required
in the courses I am taking
this term?
Taking Stock – Life inventory
What else in my life is
impacting me as a student?
Am I trying to do TOO
What choices might I need
to make?
Taking Stock - Motivation
• What is your motivation for being in
• What major do you think you want to
• What kind of job do you hope to get when
you graduate?
Am I on target for TRSBM?
I have no idea WHY I
am in this program
but I don’t know what
else to do OR
someone else has
told me that I have to
do a Business
I THINK I want to
complete the
TRSBM program
OR I THINK it is the
only way I will get a
decent job in the
I know why I chose
TRSBM and have an
idea about what I
want to do for my
Strategic Next Steps Choosing courses
• How many courses are you taking?
If you are in more than the allowable number while on
Probation for the fall term, which courses will you drop
from your schedule?
Will you:
• Re-take previously failed courses?
• Take courses you know you can do well in?
• Work to balance your course load with the rest
of your plans for the fall?
Strategic Next Steps
Repeating courses – Good news
• Choosing to stay enrolled in a previously
failed course.
Success in a previously failed course has the
greatest positive effect on your CGPA.
The new grade will replace the previous grade in
your CGPA.
• However…
Strategic Next Steps
Repeating courses – Bad news
• … if the later grade is lower, that lower
grade substitutes for the previous grade.
• Both attempts are recorded on your
Strategic Next Steps
Repeating courses – Bad news
• If you fail a required course for the third
time, you will be Permanently Withdrawn
you will be ineligible to continue in the
Business Management Program.
• Be very careful if you are taking a required
course for the third time!
Strategic Next Steps
Repeating courses – Use the system
• If you fail a course that is not required as
part of your program (i.e. it is an elective
course), you may take another elective
course that will be used as a replacement
in the calculation of your CGPA.
• Use a GPA Adjustment Form found at
GPA Adjustment Form guidelines
The GPA Adjustment Form will not replace an
“F” from your transcript, but it will replace the
previous elective grade in the calculation of
your CGPA.
You must submit the GPA Adjustment Form to
Enrollment Services when you enroll in the
course, and NOT after receiving your grade!
Strategic Next Steps Dealing with past INC grades
• Arrange a timeline to complete the course
requirements with your instructor right
• Incomplete (INC) grades can interfere with
the assignment of your true Academic
Strategic Next Steps Dealing with past INC grades
• Any outstanding work or alternative
examination must be completed within three
months of the submission of the INC.
• If the work is not completed before the
deadline, the INC will become a grade of ‘F’.
Be aware of the drop deadline
• For Full-time,day time courses the drop
date for the fall term is November 14, 2014.
It is your responsibility to know the deadline date(s) for
dropping a G. Raymond Chang School (Continuing
Education or Distance Education) course in good
Academic Standing.
Consult your course outline, the professor, and/or the
G. Raymond Chang School website
Link to Chang website - Scroll down the webpage for details
Strategic next steps
Take advantage of the resources in TRSM &
on campus here to support you
Seeking Support: Personal
Dr. Meg Aston-Lebold
Location: JOR-07C
Phone: 416-979-5195
About Services
Individual Counselling
Group Counselling
Crisis Intervention
Ryerson Safe House
All of our services are free and confidential within
legal guidelines.
Why do student connect with us?
• Concerns with relationships
• Family or home-life dynamics
• Illness or recent death in the family
• Self-confidence & shyness
Why do student come and see us?
• Feeling stressed out or overwhelmed
• To seek support in finding a new direction
• Motivation to continue on current path
Educational Direction: Career Counselling
HELP! I’m Re-Thinking My Educational Direction and I
Don’t Know Where to Start
Learn about the tools and information you need to
re-evaluate your direction and formulate a new plan
• Thursday, September 11th, 2 to 4 p.m.
• OR
• Tuesday, September 30th, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
To Register call 416-979-5195
Would you like to connect with us?
CALL US AT 416-979-5195
Hours: Mon. – Fri., 9:00 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Though no one can go back and
make a brand new start, anyone
can start from now and make a
brand new ending.
~Author Unknown
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Get Clear
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• Use online modules for academic strategies
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[email protected]/GetClear
What if something goes wrong
during the semester?
Deal with your issue immediately!
• Talk with your professor about course
related concerns
• Get in touch with your advisor, Heather
Mitchell or Stephanie Kimball, who can
recommend supports on campus to assist
Appointment with the Student
Achievement Advisor - TRSBM
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Mitchell go to the TRSM website and click on
the link
Appointment with the Student
Achievement Advisor – ACC & FIN
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Located in TRS 2-139
Reading the Probationary Contract
1. Get the correct contract
Full-time student (Pink)
Part-time student (Yellow)
2. Reading the contract conditions
Were you
enrolled in the
FT or PT
program through
Filling out the Probationary Contract
1. Remove the staple or take the copies apart.
2. Fill out BOTH copies of the contracts
3. WRITE CLEARLY or we won’t know whose
contract it is!
Filling out the Probationary Contract
Signing and handing in your contract today is
proof of your attendance at today’s seminar.
The PINK OR YELLOW copy is yours, the
WHITE copy is to be submitted to the
department. (Be sure BOTH are filled out!)
Ask questions after the session today
Come to TRSBM main office (TRS 1-004)
between 9 to 5 Monday to Friday
Send an email to [email protected]
ACC & FIN students [email protected]