Services this week Sun 16th 33RD SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME

Services this week
Sun 16th
Mon 17th
S Hilda
no mass
Tue 18th
6.15pm mass
7.30pm mass with PCC
Wed 19th
10.30am mass (St Aidan's)
Thu 20th
S Edmund of East Anglia
no mass
Presentation of the BVM
10.00am mass
Sat 22nd
S Cecilia
10.00am mass
Sun 23rd
8.00am mass
9.15am Sung Mass (St Aidan's)
10.30am Sung Mass
WELCOME to our worship today, whether at St
Augustine's or St Aidan's. Hymn numbers are not
normally announced but are listed on the hymn boards.
Please stay behind after the 10.30am mass for tea, coffee
and toast in the Crypt.
Love and respect of the Eucharist
Come to Mass on time, and participate actively.
On receiving the Eucharist frequently and mass
attendance during the week:
The Church invites us to receive the Eucharist
frequently. Consequently we should go to Mass not
only on Sundays but also during the week if our
schedule permits.
Supporting our brothers and sisters
St Hilda, Prestwich, Patronal Festival, tomorrow (Monday) at 7.30pm. High Mass with +Glyn, Bishop of
Beverley, followed by buffet.
St Catherine, Burnley. Patronal Festival, Saturday 22nd November. Solemn Mass 12.00 noon, followed by buffet.
Preacher: Fr Paul Benfield.
Holy Family, Failsworth. 50th Anniversary Celebration of the founding of the church, with +Glyn, Bishop of
Beverley. Sunday 30th November, 3.00pm.
PCC meet this Tuesday, following mass at 7.30pm (there is still the 6.15m mass).
Pilgrim Course this afternoon at 4.00pm.
Real Advent Calendars There are three spare Advent Calendars available, just £3.99 each. Please see Fr Tony or
one of the Wardens.
Christingle Our Christingle Service is on Sunday 14th December at 2.00pm. The collection is sent to The
Children’s Society - collection envelopes are at the back of church; there are also “collection candles” for children’s
Mothers’ Union meet this Wednesday afternoon at 2.00pm.
Midweek Masses Please note: There is no 6.15pm mass on Thursday.
St Augustine’s Pens are available, all black ink, but with cases in a variety of colours. Priced just £2 each - excellent writers - excellent value! Please see Fr Tony or one of the Wardens.
Fr Tony’s moustache is coming along! Thank you to those who have sponsored it, helping to raise
funds for research into male cancers ( - make sure it’s the right Tony
Davies!). More info at:
Christmas Fair: There will be a meeting in the Lady Chapel following 10.30am mass today. Posters and door entry
slips are at the back of church. Please take posters for your windows and any shops etc near you and packs of the
door entry slips to sell to friends and family. Grand Draw tickets are available from Ruth and donations towards
this grand draw and other stalls at the fair are still needed. On the day we will need home-made cakes, scones,
cookies etc for the cake stall.
The Sick:
Peter Davis, Bob Brennand, Ruth Middleton, Barry Harthern, Neil Teixeira, Harry Woods, Sydney
Strong Jnr, Victor Riley, Sydney Strong Snr, Sheila Jarvis, Sandra Anderson, Dawn Randle, Hiram
Hampson, Marjorie Teixeira, Jim Mills, Margaret Smith, Peter Eaves, Dan Howarth, Elsie Crook,
David Evans, Hamish Beattie, Graham Sinnott, Tom Harwood, John Hardman, Norman Johnson,
Gordon Greenhalgh, Keith Mullen, Eileen Hobson, Ella Hampson and Madge Woods.
Joyce Marsden, Arthur Packer, Guy Robinson, John Towers, Ron Lee
Sun 16th
Mon 17th
Tue 18th
Wed 19th
Thu 20th
Fri 21st
Sat 22nd
Harry Bradley, Thomas Hulme, Ellen Pendlebury, Emma Glasgow, May Brown, Ronald Drummond.
Jessica Woodcock, Leonard Nightingale, Edmund Ryley, Elizabeth Britland, Louise Eaton.
Phyllis Croughton, Isaac Cheadle, Alfred Coop, Ethel Haslam.
Hugh Ovens (Snr), Charles Powell, Clara Turner, Janet England, Bertha Martin, Martha Goodwin.
Raymond Brumfit, Norma Partington, Michael Sharples, Edi Woods.
Morna Rhodes, Robert Greenhalgh, Dora Taylor, Martin Barlow.
Florence Smalley, Arthur Garside, Elizabeth Brierley, Kathleen Wheelan, Sarah Beech,
James Roscow, William Scowcroft.
Please take this Mass Sheet home with you.