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Ezra-Habonim, the Niles Township
Jewish Congregation
4500 Dempster Street • Skokie IL 60076-2093 • P: (847)675-4141• FAX (847)675-0327 www.ehnt.org
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Dear Friends,
In mid-October we learned of an anti-Semitic incident at Congregation Etz Chaim in Lombard. Swastikas were painted,
windows were broken. Thankfully, the perpetrator was arrested.
Days later EHNTJC co-sponsored with the Decalogue Society of Lawyers, a program called “Hate Crimes: Criminal and Civil
Remedies, and the Effects on Targeted Communities”.
Many thanks to Joel Chupack, vice-chair of our Adult Education Committee and president of the Decalogue Society, for
organizing this excellent and well-attended program. We also owe a debt of gratitude to Senator Howard Carroll, our
current legal counsel, for his leadership role in drafting and introducing the Illinois Hate Crimes Statute, one of the
strongest in the nation.
Some have challenged the very notion of hate crimes, suggesting that the ideological intent is irrelevant to how violent
crimes are prosecuted. But hate crimes statutes, on federal, state, and local levels, are important and necessary. Besides the
increased punishments they incur on the convicted, they proclaim that our society stands on a foundation of acceptance and
inclusion, not of hatred. America welcomes differences; it does not reject them.
I was recently speaking with an immigrant from Eastern Europe who wants to return to her native land. She told me that
she misses her country, where everyone is “the same.” There are too many different kinds of people here, she said.
She has been in America for 20 years and has not absorbed its most important message. Our diversity is our strength. Most
of us -- the vast majority, I am sure -- understand this.
Hate crimes still occur. The targets are manifold: African Americans, Jews, Muslims, women, homosexuals, transgendered
people, and more.
We have an obligation not merely to teach tolerance, but to speak out against the hate crimes when they occur. The police
chief in Lombard made a powerful statement against hate crimes in his community. I was also very gratified that German
Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke out forcefully against the anti-Semitism that has proliferated in Europe. Her words against
Jew-hatred are extremely important.
On Sunday, November 9, we will commemorate Kristallnacht, the infamous Night of Broken Glass -- a watershed moment of
state-sponsored anti-Semitism in Germany, 1938. Our religious school students will participate in the program, reading
poetry written by children, victims of the Holocaust.
By involving our children, we are inculcating in them the importance of remembering that tragic moment in Jewish – and
human – history. We are also teaching them the cherished American value, that out of our great diversity, we are one
Rabbi Jeffrey Weill
A special thank you to Norm Grossman, Neil
Gurevitz, Lee Levin, Larry Schoeneman, and Jeff
Sacks for working endless hours on our parking
-Norm Persky
I would like to thank all the High Holiday ushers and greeters…
Steve Abrams
Judy Arkin
Howard & Carol Bartman
Bobbie Berkowitz
Esther Berman
Marv & Ellen Bero
Joel & Sarah Chupack
Bruce Claver
Sandi Cowen
Ken Dermer & Shelley Sutker-Dermer
Kay Dicker
Victor Drower
Ian Erdos
Dennis Feinberg
Ray Fleischer
Judy Frank
Adie Fuchs
Dave Gordon
Norm & Davida Grossman
Neil Gurevitz
Michael & Kathy Harris
Rose-Lynn Jaffe
Sandy Kaiz
Mickey Kriska
Sheldon Lev
Evie Lowenthal
Sara Mayer
Debbie Novoselsky
Norm Persky
Ray Pershing
Howard Romanek
Diane Rosenfeld
Manny Schenk
Ruth Siegel
Adrienne Tanner
George & Veronika Urban
Thank you again,
Francine Schulman, Usher and Greeter Coordinator
Thank you to our 2014 High Holiday Flower Sponsors!
Joan Cook
in honor of Morrie Cook’s special birthday
Sandi & Rachel Cowen
in memory of Dennis Cowen
Shelley Sutker-Dermer & Ken Dermer
in memory of Calvin & Phyllis Sutker
and Harold Dermer
Ada & Beryl Rabinowitz
in honor of Darcee, Jamie, Jayson, Jordyn, & Joey
Rabinowitz and Stacey, David, Sami & Alli Palansky
Debbie & Stewart Reich
in honor of our grandchildren Joshua, Emersyn, Harper
& Hudson
Barbara & Joel Wax
in memory of our loved ones
Rosalie Hoffen
Alvin Kaplan
in memory of Lenore Rosenfeld Kaplan
Lenore & Jack Wolfe
in honor of our 60th wedding anniversary
Jeffrey Meyerowitz - donation
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Korey
in memory of the Kamin, Korey & Moschin families
Thank you to our 2014 MeMorial Book sponsors…
Debbie and Henry Novoselsky
In beloved memory of
Benjamin E. Novoselsky
Lois and Paul Ankin
In memory of our beloved parents
The Max Dolins Family
In memory of our loved ones
Carol Friedlander and Family
In memory of our beloved husband, father & grandfather
Alan Friedlander
Abby and Neil Gurevitz
In memory of our beloved parents
Paulette and Julian Levy and Family
In memory of our beloved parents
Ruth and Bernard Steinberg
Reeda and Sam Levy
Ada and Beryl Rabinowitz and Family
In memory of our dear parents & grandparents
Sam and Ceil Sutker
Janette and Charles Rabinowitz
Joanne Stein and Family
In memory of our beloved husband, father & grandfather
Judge Jack G. Stein
Irwin Sutker and Family
In memory of our beloved wife, mother & grandmother
Carla Sonshine Sutker
Shaynee and Michael Lichtenstein
In memory of our beloved parents & grandparents
…Gloriann Levy on the birth of her grandson, Daniel Mark Levy.
…Bill Gerber our Hatan B’reishith
…Lori Struthers for sponsoring the Kiddush luncheon on September 20th in honor of Allan Burgin’s bar mitzvah.
…Larry Schoeneman & Judy Orbach for sponsoring the Kiddush luncheon on October 11th in honor of Hanna’s bat mitzvah.
…Debbie & Stewart Reich and Andy & David Reich, and their children and grandchildren for generously sponsoring the
Break-the-Fast in memory of their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, Margrit & Steve Reich.
…Bob & Esther Manewith for editing the Yizkor Stories in our Yizkor Memorial Book.
…Paulette Levy for her beautiful artwork on the front cover of our Yizkor Memorial Book.
…Francine Schulman, Sandy & Ken Kaiz, and the kitchen committee for preparing the delicious luncheon on Simchat
Mazel Tov to Matthew Chupack on his Bar Mitzvah!
Matthew Henry, son of Joel and Sarah Chupack, will celebrate his bar mitzvah on
November 15, 2014. Matthew is in the 7th grade at Northbrook Jr. High School. At school he
participates in Environmental Club, Art, Cooking, Woodworking, Volleyball and Lacrosse.
He also enjoys helping others. He volunteers at Silverado with adults who have dementia and
works with young children.
Matthew has designated Keshet and Silverado for his tzedakah contribution.
Kiddush luncheon will be sponsored by Joel and Sarah Chupack.
Join us on Sunday, November 9, 2014 for the observance of
75th Anniversary of the Kindertransport
Starting at 4:30p.m.
Our religious school students will participate in the program, reading poetry written by
children, victims of the Holocaust, and will help us light memorial candles.
6:00p.m. Maariv Service and a guest speaker from the Illinois Holocaust Museum and
Education Center.
All are welcome.
Please join us for a very special Shabbat evening on
November 14, 2014
With Rabbi Peretz Rodman, United
Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
Friday, December 12, 2014
Shabbat Dinner & Service
Honoring Rabbi Neil Brief
Our 2014 Tribute Ad Book will be distributed.
Watch for more information…
“Prayers that Annoy, Prayers that Amuse: Reading
the Siddur with Open Eyes and Tongue in Cheek”
6:30 Shabbat Dinner – RSVP required (see reservation form)
8:00p.m. Shabbat Eve Service
Do you have a business you would like to
advertise in our Bulletin?
Contact Jeanette Sigler for more information
at 847-675-4141.
Rabbi Peretz Rodman is a rabbi and Jewish educator with
several decades of experience teaching Torah and helping to
build Jewish communities in many places around the world. His
Rabbinic career has taken him for short periods to
congregations in the U.S., Canada, UK, and China. Rabbi
Rodman has taught at almost every grade level.
Today Rabbi Rodman serves as the head of the rabbinical court
(av bet din) of the Rabbinical Assembly of Israel and the
Masorti Movement, and he is writing and editing several books
on Jewish topics. He and his wife live in Jerusalem, as do their
adult children.
Rabbi Rodman will also be speaking on Shabbat morning at
the Egalitarian Minyan service
and after the Kiddush luncheon at 2:00p.m. in our chapel.
Share Your Joy!
Dedicate a leaf on the
Tree of Life sculpture
in the synagogue lobby.
Celebrate your happy events.
Call Bill Gerber in the office.
Men’s Club briefs
The new year is coming!
The new year is coming!
**The coming of the new year means it’s time to renew your
membership with (or join) EHNTJC Men’s Club for our 2015 season!**
Men’s Club takes pride in serving the needs of our congregation.
We offer meals for purchase at the children’s Purim Carnival
- We sponsor Sunday brunch programs
- We provide speakers for educational programs
- We offer Free Movie Nites for community viewing
- We provide refreshments and sponsor the Selichot program
- We sponsor the children’s Chanukah program
By joining (or renewing your membership in) Men’s Club, you provide the funding needed to continue
our strong support of youth and adult activities. Men, a membership form will be mailed to you shortly.
Please join us. We need your support!
Do you have any suggestions for future Men’s Club programs?
Over the years, Men’s Club has sponsored a variety of programs we felt would be of benefit, of interest,
and would serve the needs of the congregation. Now we’d like to hear from you. Do you have any ideas
or suggestions for a Sunday Brunch program, a speaker for an evening program, or a movie for a Free
Movie Nite? If so, please contact VP Ken Kaiz, President Cy Jablo, or our man in the office, Bill Gerber.
We’re anxious to better serve you.
On Sunday, November 2nd, we invite you to share a Sunday brunch, with the Those Were the Days
Radio Players. It starts with a nice brunch at 10 AM, immediately after shachrit. Then enjoy an hour
of entertainment, as the radio players re-create two radio shows from the late 1940's, the golden age of
radio. Good entertainment, lots of fun, and our own Manny Schenk is one of the featured performers.
On Sunday, December 21st, we invite you to our Men's Club Chanukah Party. We will sell an
inexpensive hot dog lunch, followed by David Herzog, with a puppet show that will be enjoyed by
children of all ages. There will also be games and singing of Chanukah songs. A lot of fun for all, more
details to come, watch for flyer.
EHNTJC offers heartfelt
condolences to…
Rabbi Neil Brief on the loss of his wife
Erica, mother of Dena Wald, David Brief
and Debra Hoffen.
Joyce Gostomelsky on the loss of her
husband, Anshel.
Randal (Rose-Lynn) Jaffe on the loss of
his mother Idelle, grandmother of Tracy
Jaffe-Skaggs, great grandmother of
Raven, Elijah, Ariana, Tristan, Skyllar,
and Ryder.
Bill (Lee) Golden on the loss of his sister,
Tillie Lustig.
May G-d comfort them among the
mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.
Ways & Means Committee Chair, Judy Frank
This has been an extremely busy time for the Ways &
Means Committee. Thank you to everyone who
supported all our fundraising projects these last few
In September, 45 of us went to the Skokie Theatre to
see Sweet Charity which was under the musical
direction of our friend, Gary Powell. Also in September,
we sent out approximately 500 boxes of honey to wish
our family and friends L’Shana Tova in a very sweet way.
We want to thank each and every one of you who
supported this project. Without you, it certainly would
not have been such a huge success. A very special thank
you to Marsha Brody and the entire Ways & Means
Committee for all their help and support on the honey
Our biggest fundraiser was our Tribute Ad Book in
honor of Rabbi Neil & Erica z”l Brief. The support for
this Tribute Book was absolutely tremendous. It will be
distributed at our Shabbat Dinner on December 12th.
The brunch scheduled in their honor was to be attended
by over 175 people. With the untimely death of Erica, the
money was used to honor Erica’s memory in a gold page
in the Tribute Book and food for the Shiva.
Once again, thanks so much for all your support!
Ruth Siegel – Chair
November 3-6 – Clothing & Textile Recycling Drive
Help EHNTJC – Help the Environment
Items needed:
 Shirts, blouses, dresses
 Pants
 Suits
 Jackets & coats
 Undergarments
 Pajamas
 Warm-ups
 Paired socks, shoes & purses
 Sheets, curtains, drapes
 Towels & washcloths
 Bedspreads & blankets
We will accept clothing with small tears or that are
lightly stained or worn. Somewhat worn, stained, faded,
torn fabric items are all acceptable. The materials we
collect will be donated to those in need if they are in
good condition, BUT if not, they will be repurposed –
torn into rags or broken down to make filler. All you
have to do is bring your plastic bag of clean materials
to EHNTJC – sorting and processing will all be done
for you!
November 16th, 10:00AM – Not in Our Backyard!
A presentation by Bobbie Gordon, Executive Director
of SHALVA. A 60 minute interactive program
discussing all aspects of domestic abuse. The program
is suitable for adults and covers:
 Verbal, physical, sexual and economic abuse
 Effects of abuse on children
 Profile of an abuser
 Warning signs
 Why do people stay
A light brunch will be served. No charge for the
program. Please RSVP by Wednesday, November 12th.
Sponsorship & donations are welcome.
EHNTJC Adult Education Courses
Fall 2014 – Summer 2015
Intro to Judaism – Part 1
This survey class will broadly cover the basics of Jewish texts,
holidays, rituals, Israel, history and philosophy.
Instructor: Rabbi Jeffrey Weill
Dates: Thursdays, Oct 23, 30, Nov 6, 13, 20, Dec 4, 11 and 18
Time: 7:30 – 8:45PM (following minyan)
$75 EHNTJC members
$85 non-members
Text: This Is My God by Herman Wouk
*This course is a prerequisite for anyone considering becoming an
adult bat or bar mitzvah.
Advanced Beginners Hebrew
This course is designed for those who have some basic Hebrew
reading skills or have completed the Beginners Hebrew course.
It will prepare you to read the prayer book (siddur), learn the
roots of Hebrew words, and understand the meanings of the
Instructor: Gloriann Levy
Dates: Mondays, Oct 27, Nov 3, 10, 17, 24, Dec 1, 8 and 15
Time: 4:30 – 6:00PM
$75 EHNTJC members
$85 non-members
Text: Lashon Hakodesh published by Torah Aura
*This course is a prerequisite for anyone considering becoming an
adult bat or bar mitzvah.
Advanced Hebrew
This class will focus on reading Hebrew stories and Israeli
literature. It will also include conversational Hebrew as well as
grammar. Students in this class should be able to read Hebrew
proficiently and possess some Hebrew comprehension.
Instructor: Charles Kriesberg
Dates: Wednesdays, Oct 29, Nov 5, 12, 19, 26, Dec 3, 10 and 17
Time: 5:30 – 7:00PM (preceding minyan)
$50 EHNTJC members
$60 non-members
God Talk
We pray to God and read about God in Torah, but we talk about
God, and our own theological journeys, rarely. This class will
put us in a divine frame of mind. The conversation will be
pleasant but provocative. Each class will be opened with a
particular Jewish view of God, and a discussion will follow.
Instructor: Rabbi Jeffrey Weill
Dates: Jan 28, Feb 25, Mar 25, Apr 29, May 27 and Jun 24
Time: 3:00 – 4:00PM
$18 EHNTJC members
$20 non-members
Our great funds to donate to:
BELLA BRIEF FUND – This fund is used by our Rabbi to schedule
programs and guest speakers for the congregation.
CANTOR’S MUSIC FUND – This fund is designated for the
Cantor’s use to benefit the congregation’s musical programs.
This fund is used for social action and/or tzedakah projects for people
in need and disasters in the world.
CONGREGATION FUND – This fund is used by the congregation
for general operating expenses.
confidentially assists needy members of the congregation. Funds are
awarded by a committee.
assists needy members of the congregation to attend Camp Ramah.
The scholarships are awarded by a committee.
If you shop at Jewel, purchase our $100 Jewel cards.
You get full value and the synagogue gets money
back for each card sold.
Jewel cards can be acquired from Bill Gerber in the
synagogue office.
HILLMAN LIBRARY FUND – This fund is used to purchase books
and materials for the congregation’s library.
GERALD MELTON SIMCHA FUND – This fund provides support
of our Onegs and receptions – donations can commemorate a special
event or simcha.
PRAYER BOOK FUND – This fund is used to purchased prayer
books and Chumashim. Bookplates are inscribed and placed in the
front of purchased books. ($25 minimum donation)
RABBI EMERITUS FUND – This fund is designated for the Rabbi
Emeritus’ use at his discretion to promote the synagogue, for
education or charitable organizations.
RABBI’S SPECIAL FUND – This fund is designated for the Rabbi’s
use at his discretion to promote the synagogue, for education or
charitable organizations.
STEVE & MARGRIT REICH RELIGIOUS SCHOOL FUND This fund provides confidential support to families who need
scholarships for their children to attend our Religious School. It also
helps the school to underwrite needed projects.
the Religious School as needed with the approval of the Religious
Education Committee.
assists children of the congregation to attend Jewish-oriented summer
camps (other than Camp Ramah). The scholarships are awarded by a
AVRAHM STAMPFER FUND – This fund assists member children
who will be going on sponsored trips to Israel. Scholarships are
awarded by a committee.
used for youth activities and programs with the approval of the Youth
Activities Committee.
Welcome to our 2014
EHNTJC Members:
Joanne Abelman
Doris Baer
Brent & Barbara Brotine
Harvey & Adi Dalin
Michael & Marcy Feinberg
Bill & Lee Golden
Judy Grow
Robert & Ricki Herling
Brian & Anelyn Jablo
Tracy Jaffe-Skaggs
Phyllis Ravve
Ethel Sostrin
Douglas Bellows & Bonnie Stesin
Jeff Winter & Sally Brown-Winter
Michael & Renee Zisook
Susan Boldrey
Herbert & Lillian Cohen
Shirley Franks
Let’s Celebrate!!
November Birthdays
Ruth Blonder
Shimrah Bullock-Adkins
Joel Chupack
Matthew Chupack
Marvin Cooper
Harvey Dalin
Joel Farber
Alan Gorr
Ronia Gross
Frances Kazan
Henely Kramer
Meredith Kramer
Phyllis Levin
Sylvia Margolies
Anita Mittelman
Sam Nemtzow
Rich Newman
Ada Rabinowitz
Harper Reich
Valerie Reich
Steve Schulman
Merv Singer
Rachel Spiro
Nancy Steinfink
Amanda Tellefsen
Ashley Tellefsen
Marcia Templer
Ruthie Weill
Beverly Weinberg
Phyllis Weiner
Renee Zisook
November Anniversaries
December Birthdays
Steven Abrams
Sophie Baron
Mia Bearman
Douglas Bellows
Sarah Chupack
Sandi Cowen
Karen Eisenberg
Sharon Eisman
Glenda Elam
Harriett Farber
Shawna Ferger
Floyd Gitelman
Jerry Gross
Judith Harris
Gilbert Jacobs
Randal Jaffe
Judy Klowden
Benjamin Kramer
Earl Kuznetsky
Marty Lubowich
Judy Peyovich
Naum Pleshivoy
Phyllis Post
Darcee Rabinowitz
Phyllis Ravve
Michael Rosenberg
Ruth Schack
Charles Schwartz
Stanley Schwartz
Dorothy Shaffer
Claire Shulman
Esther Siver
Joanne Stein
Carol Straus
Joel Wax
Irving Zeman
Michael Zisook
December Anniversaries
David & Karen Eisenberg
Dennis & Bonnie Feinberg
Norm & Davida Grossman
Michael & Kathy Harris
Michael & Shelley Korey
Benjamin & Meredith Kramer
Earl & Evelyn Kuznetsky
Allen & Sherry Petlin
Sheldon & Phyllis Post
Sigmund & Nancy Steinfink
Have a Simcha?
Call the office if you would like to sponsor a Kiddush luncheon in honor
of a birthday or anniversary or to make a donation to the
Gerald Melton Simcha Fund. This fund provides support of our Onegs
and receptions. Donations can commemorate a special event or simcha.
Paul & Lois Ankin
Brent & Barbara Brotine
Howard & Eda Carroll
Gerry & Kay Dicker
Joel & Harriett Farber
Michael & Marcy Feinberg
Howard & Barbara Gilbert
Alan & Vera Gorr
Steve & Marla Hara
Bob & Ricki Herling
Stanley & Frances Kazan
Joel & Marilyn Levin
Mark & Sara Mayer
Jeff Winter & Sally Brown -Winter
Michael & Renee Zisook
Ezra-Habonim, the Niles Township Jewish Congregation
Bobbie & Barry Berkowitz
Helen Schechtman
Helene Simon
Mickey & Phil Gordon
Sally & Cy Jablo
Bobbie & Stuart Levin
Erica Brief
Erica Brief
Erica Brief
our beautiful High Holiday services
Hanna Schoeneman’s Bat Mitzvah
our beautiful High Holiday services
Philip Arnold
my loved ones
Shirley & Victor Becker
Marian Becker
Dr. Marilyn Benjamin
beloved husband, Marc Benjamin
Alice Biner
beloved mother and grandmother, Molly Wexler
beloved father and grandfather, Nathan Wexler
Jeanette Block
David Lubowich
Anita Blum
Emanuel Blum
Johanna Blum
Elaine Bogetz
beloved mother, Fannie Light
Mila Bravi
Nina Sobol
Michael Breiburg
Victor Breiburg
Chaya Ababravinsky
Jzrael Sobol
Ruth & Howard Bresler
Michael Bresler
Marsha Brody
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Jamie Clar
Herb Clar
Judy Clar
beloved husband, Herb Clar
beloved mother, Sara Scheyer
Sigrid Rita Cohen
Morton Cohen
Morris Cook
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Vivian Coretz
William Riederman
Sandi Cowen
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Nina Cunningham
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Beverly Didech
Goldie and Albert Stone
Max Dolins
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Joy Dubner
beloved mother, Frieda B. Friedman
Dr. Michael & Marcy Feinberg
Erla Feinberg
Norma Daniel
Adie Fuchs
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Helen Gilbert
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Regina Gilbert Baskin
Sybil & Floyd Gitelman
Hannah “Osna” Gitelman
Barbara Goodfriend
David Goodfriend
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Dr. William Gottschalk
Ronia Gross
Reading Dallal
Joanne Hamer
Irving Hamer
Sara Hamer
Judy & Alan Harris
Miriam Kroichick
Ethel Herman
beloved mother, Ida Rivlin
beloved husband, Arnold Herman
Sally & Cy Jablo
beloved mother, Pauline Ratsky
Deborah & Irwin Kahn
beloved mother, Bernice Kahn
Anthony Kaplunov
my loved ones
Ilse Levi
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Jeanne & Philip Lieberman
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Anne Manewith
Clara Melekson
beloved mother, Faiga Volfenson
Marilyn Mittman
Donald Mittman
Marsha & Richard Newman
Debbie & Henry Novoselsky
Joan Olson
Ed Prizant
IN MEMORY OF cont’d.
Idelle Jaffe
Geraldine Herman
Leonard Olson
Roman Prizant
Yakov Prizant
Eileen Propp
Max Barkan
Ada & Beryl Rabinowitz
Idelle Jaffe
Debbie & Stewart Reich
Dina Ries
Ilse Ries
Hilda Reich
beloved son, Ralph Reich
Elaine & Michael Ries
Ilse Ries
Dina Ries
Howard Romanek
William Romanek
Rose Brill
Evie & Ralph Ruebner
loving grandmother, Erna Salisch Cohn
dear aunt, Lieslotte Koster
dear aunt, Fanny Spiro
Idelle Jaffe
Nora Saposnik
beloved mother, Mollie Resnick
Bernard H. Resnick
Jewell Schaps
Abe J. Leff
Helen Schechtman
Rubin Katz
Wendy & Steven Schwartz
Arline Schwartz
Dr. & Mrs. Stanford Shulman
beloved father, Isadore Zaner
beloved brother, Alan Zaner
Shirel Shapiro
Jerry Shapiro
Gerald Silberman
Samuel Simon
Donald Silvertrust
Leon Silvertrust
Marlene & Merv Singer
beloved father, Jack Singer
Barbara Spiegel
John Uriel Spiegel
Edie & Paul Sternfeld
beloved father, Louis Sternfeld
Cynthia & Neal Toback
Marian Becker
Judge Morris Topol
Abraham Edidin
George Urban
Steve Urban
Barbara Wax
Celia Eisenberg
Elaine & Harry Wayne
beloved mother of Shimson Yitzhak
Robert Wayne
Milton and Elsie Minkus
Esona Wernick
Sol Wernick
Ruth Williams
Ira Williams
Betty Williams
Paula Wind
Willie W. Wind
Sally Brown-Winter
Diane Bel Brown
Dolly & Bob Zavell
Max Zavell
Minnie Zavell
Gerald Berg
Leonore G. Berg
Frank Zavell
Leatrice Zavell
Brian Zavell
Rochelle & Ted Adler
general donation
Jeanette Block
Rabbi Brief’s 80th birthday
Bette Blumenthal
Gloriann Levy’s new grandson—Daniel Mark
Dr. Michael & Marcy Feinberg
Ada and Beryl Rabinowitz’s
50th wedding anniversary
Rabbi Victor & Tamar Weissberg’s new great-grandchild
Gloriann Levy’s new grandson—Daniel Mark
Joanne Hamer
Flora and Marty Steigman’s new granddaughter
Jordan Hecktman
Marlene Hecktman’s complete recovery
Ruth & Jerry Hecktman a speedy recovery to Marlene Hecktman
Rosalie Hoffen
general donation
Dr. Gilbert & Miriam Jacobs our High Holiday ark opening honor
Sydelle Klein
to thank the Cantor and choir for the beautiful
Selichot service
Lillian & Herbert Lang
L’Shana Tovah to all
Sara & Mark Mayer Marsha and Richard Newman’s anniversary
Ezra-Habonim, the Niles Township Jewish Congregation
Sara & Mark Mayer
IN HONOR OF cont’d.
Barry Berkowitz’s special birthday
Bill Gerber’s honor as Hatan B’Reishit
Marsha & Richard Newman
Randy and Rose-Lynn Jaffe’s
new grandson—Ryder Storm
Rabbi Brief’s 80th birthday
Joyce Persky & Alan Miller
Ada and Beryl Rabinowitz’s
50th wedding anniversary
Ada & Beryl Rabinowitz
Marsha and Rich Newman’s
47th wedding anniversary
Flora and Marty Steigman’s new granddaughter—Zaria Tess
get well wishes to Barbara and Howard Gilbert
get well wishes to Marlene Hecktman
get well wishes to Davida Grossman
Esther Rasson
general donation
The Stewart Reich Family
our High Holiday aliyah
Margot Stern
sharing the High Holidays with
Joanne Stein and family
Carol & David Tomlinson
the Purim Shpiel
Veronika & George Urban
Ada and Beryl Rabinowitz’s
50th wedding anniversary
Gloriann Levy’s new grandson—Daniel Mark
Debbie and Stewart Reich’s new grandson—Hudson James
Lila & Yigael Weltman
Barry Berkowitz’s special birthday
Marsha and Richard Newman’s wedding anniversary
Sharon & Jay Zite
Jeanette Block’s special birthday
Shaynee & Michael Lichtenstein Jeanette Block’s special birthday
Shirley & Marty Lubowich
continued good health to Linda Fox
Shaynee & Michael Lichtenstein
Stanley Schwartz
Judy & Don Manoff
Erica Brief
Esther Schwartz
Ada and Beryl Rabinowitz’s
50th wedding anniversary
Carol & Howard Bartman
Bill Gerber’s honor as Hatan B’Reishit
Bobbie & Barry Berkowitz Bill Gerber’s honor as Hatan B’Reishit
Bill Gerber
Flora and Marty Steigman’s new
granddaughter—Zaria Tess
Gloriann Levy’s new grandson—Daniel Mark
Randal and Rose-Lynn Jaffe’s new grandson—Ryder Storm
Bill and Frank Gerber
Bobbie and Barry Berkowitz’s
grandson’s Bar Mitzvah
Gail Isaacson
Bobbie and Barry Berkowitz’s
grandson’s Bar Mitzvah
Sally & Cy Jablo
Marsha and Richard Newman’s
47th wedding anniversary
Marcia Klaber’s grandson’s Bar Mitzvah
Flora and Marty Steigman’s new granddaughter—Zaria Tess
Shirley & Marty Lubowich
Gloriann Levy’s new grandson-Daniel Mark
Esther & Bob Manewith
Bill Gerber’s honor as Hatan B’Reishit
Debbie & Stewart Reich
Gloriann Levy’s new grandson-Daniel Mark
Stewart’s birthday and our wedding anniversary
Bill Gerber’s honor as Hatan B’Reishit
David Solovy
my birthday
Lila & Yigael Weltman
our wedding anniversary
Marsha & Richard Newman
Howard Romanek
Veronika & George Urban
Erica Brief
Erica Brief
Erica Brief
Carol & Howard Bartman Bill Gerber’s honor as Hatan B’Reishit
Ray Pershing Marsha and Richard Newman’s wedding anniversary
Diane Rosenfeld
Bill Gerber’s honor as Hatan B’Reishit
Dr. & Mrs. Stanford Shulman
Marsha and Richard Newman’s
wedding anniversary
Carol & Howard Bartman
Joanne Hamer
Howard Romanek
Erica Brief
Erica Brief
Erica Brief
Marilyn & Donald Tam
our aliyah
Sandi Cowen
Gloriann Levy’s new grandson—Daniel Mark
Dr. Michael & Marcy Feinberg
Julie Weill’s birthday
Mickey & Phil Gordon
our beautiful High Holiday services
Bobbie & Stuart Levin
our beautiful High Holiday services
Debbie & Stewart Reich
Idelle Jaffe
Geri Hoffman
Rabbi Shlomo & Annabel Levine
Debbie and Stewart Reich’s
new grandson—Hudson James
Debbie & Stewart Reich
Randy and Rose-Lynn Jaffe’s
new grandson—Ryder Storm
Janet and Alan Sear’s new granddaughter—Jourdin Avery
a speedy recovery to Madeline Goldman
Hudson’s special Simchat Torah aliyah
Trudy Isbitz Brodsky
Rochelle Kornick and Family
Erica Brief
Idelle Jaffe
Idelle Jaffe
Shirley & Marty Lubowich
Randy and Rose-Lynn Jaffe’s
new grandson—Ryder Storm
Helene and Sarah Simon
Hanna Schoeneman’s Bat Mitzvah
Robert & Helen Eisenstadt
Erica Brief
Lois and Paul Ankin and Family
Lorraine and Norman Bercoon
Harriet Berland
Jean Best
Anita and Arthur Block
Anita Blum
Bette Blumenthal
Reverend Peter Campbell
Linda and Harold Chizewer
Ed Cohen and Marilyn Chiappe
Viviene and Floyd Cohen
Lillian and Herbert Cohen
Staci, Peyton, Sadie and Aubrey Cohen
Sandi Cowen
Beverly Jean Falbe
Rhoda Fleishman
Muriel Fohrman
Mickey and Phil Gordon
Etta and Frank Greenfield
Ezra-Habonim, the Niles Township Jewish Congregation
Ruth and Alan Greenthal
Ruth and Jerry Hecktman
Greta and Jack Heiman
Roberta Heiman
Joyce and Jack Hoyt
Brenda and David Huss
Fayette and Jerald Kantrovich
Marilyn and Yale Kaplan
Francis Kapp
Marcia Klaber
The Koidin Family
The Korey Family
Gloriann Levy
Paulette Lieb
Pauline Lifton
Susan Lipson and Family
Jeff Meyerowitz
Sima Miller
Mary Sue and Gary Minkus
Anita and Daryl Mittelman
Esther Mosak
Miffie and Sy Nagorsky
Darlene and Norman Padnos
Rosalie and Norman Persky
Phyllis and Sheldon Post
Sarah and Seymour Rabens
Ada and Beryl Rabinowitz
Hilda Reich
The Stewart Reich Family
Deborah Rheinstrom
Louise Robinson
Nancy and Joe Rosman
Joan and Bernard Rubsine
Evie and Ralph Ruebner
Ruth Schack and Family
Jewell and Sheldon Schaps
Barbara and Charles Schwartz
Ellen Sue and Michael Schwartz
Fran and Joel Shalin
Marcy Sherman
Carol and Joel Singer
Dr. Martin and Flora Steigman
Miriam Tabachnik
Stuart Taussig
Veronika and George Urban
Lorraine and Albert Weiner
Lila and Yigael Weltman
Sharon and Jay Zite
In Loving Memory
If you wish to honor the memory of a dear one,
a most fitting, traditional and dignified remembrance
is through a memorial plaque.
Each memorial plaque, bearing the name and
yahrzeit date, is mounted in the Memorial Alcove in
our chapel. On the day of the yahrzeit, your loved
one’s name is listed on a tablet in the chapel alcove.
For more information or to order a plaque,
contact Bill Gerber in the synagogue office.
Synagogue Wish List
There are so many items the synagogue truly needs that
our congregants, if only they
knew, would be pleased to provide. Here are some of our
Wish List items with approximate costs:
New Paint (Social Hall)
New & Improved Website and Maintenance
Help with a Membership
$1218 Single
$2218 Family
Chairs on Bima Reupholstery (Named)
$1000 each
Carpet Cleaner/Shampooer
Vacuum Cleaner
Religious School Books & Supplies
Gift cards from Sam’s Club or Office Max
Any denomination
Affiliated with: The United Synagogue of Conservative
Judaism and the Jewish Reconstructionist Federation
Phone: (847)675-4141, Fax: (847)675-0327
Website: www.ehnt.org
Jeffrey Weill
Neil Brief
Benjamin Warschawski
Allan Carroll
Jeanette Sigler
Rabbi Emeritus
Executive Director