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Diary Dates
Stars of the Week
Important dates
for your calendar….......
Firstly MANY APOLOGIES for any
inconvenience that may have been
caused by changing the dates of the
hope it hasn’t caused too much
trouble. They will now be on
NOVEMBER 2014. This also means
that we have had to change the date
of the Year 4 Overbury Farm trip.
This will now be on Monday 12
January 2015. If you can manage to
return the permission slip and
payment by the end of November,
then it will not get caught up in the
Christmas rush – thanks.
Just to give you advance warning
that the Christmas performances
will be on 16/17 December 2014 for
Nursery & KS1 & 17/18 December
2014 for KS2 – more details to
We will be holding our House Art
Competition this term for children
to design a cover for the Christmas
programmes. The winning designs
from KS1 & KS2 will be used for the
Acorn: Victor Perez
RG: Mia Gasper
14 November 2014
The KS1 Good Work Assemblies will start
again next Tuesday 18 November 2014 and we
will let you know dates for the KS2 assemblies
as soon as they have been set. The first of our
Parent & Carer FUNSHOPS will be for Year 5
on Monday 17 November 2014 from 1.45pm
with a brilliant Tudor Funshop. Limited
creche is also available and we look forward
to welcoming you into school for an
afternoon of FUN! The FUN will continue
for Year 6 on Monday 1 December 2014 –
letters will be sent home next week with
A note from Caroline in the kitchen –
Christmas lunch will be served on Wednesday
10 December 2014. If your child does not
usually have a school lunch but would like to
join in with the festive meal, then please make
sure you book one with the Front Office by
5 December 2014. The cost is £2.00 per meal
to include a pudding, for KS2 children and
free for KS1 children (please make sure if
they do not usually have a lunch, that one is
booked). Also please note that toast & milk
costs 25p/day (not 20p/day). Thanks.
RY: Stephen Cass
1B: Emilia Richards
1S: Jacob Robinson
2J: Alex Hawthorne
2T: Hussain Idris
Year 3: Kaizen Greaves &
Kyan Hendry
Year 4: Sofia Kidner &
Cody Ashford
Year 5: Dylan Jones
& Trae Rowe
Year 6: Nevaeh Henry
& Lauren Ashford
Well done to everyone on the
Walking Bus
and in the Dinner Halls for great
behaviour this week.
Keep it up !
Attendance winners for
last week - KS1 – 1S~ 97.5%
and KS2 – family group 3T ~
97.81%! Well done!
Wychall Children & Family Centre
We have some great courses running here at the centre - COOKERY every Friday during
term time 9.30am- 12pm, come along and learn how to cook healthy meals for you and your family on a
budget. All ingredients are provided!! On Mondays during term time we also run a helpful course
On Wednesdays, again during term time, we have DRUGS AND ALCOHOL AWARENESS which
runs from 9.30am- 12pm. We do still have a limited number of creche places available for all the above
courses so for more information or to sign up simply call into the Centre or ring Niki on 0121 464 3169.
Children’s Centre
Christmas Trip to
Hatton Adventure World
on Saturday 13 December
Come & see Father Christmas in
his magical grotto & receive a
golden key to unlock his
workshop. Also say hello to the
reindeers and meet the nativity
animals. The coach will be
leaving the Children’s Centre at
8.20am and returning from
Hatton at 3pm. Prices to
include the coach and entrance
are £10.00/child, £5.20/adult &
£7.95 for under 2s.
Reception places
– if you have a child born
Wychall Nursery –
between 1.9.2010 and 31.8.2011 you will need
Work has progressed
to apply for a RECEPTION place for them to
well this week with the
start at School in September 2015. It was
site now clear. We are
lovely to see so many parents in school for the
expecting a large crane
Open Morning last Wednesday and the online
admissions website is now OPEN. You can apply on site soon, so will let
you know the date as
soon as possible. We will
Alternatively you can complete a Local
be posting key
Authority Preference form and all applications
information about the
should be made by WEDNESDAY
3 DECEMBER 2014. The final date is
project in the display
Thursday 15 January 2015. You will be
cabinets by the
notified of your child’s place by 17 April 2015.
entrance gates in the
If you need any help with completing either
main playground and by
the paper form or online, just speak to
Nursery so please have a
Mrs Laura Benson and she will be able to help
look to find out more!
you with the application.
Now that the colder, wetter weather is with us, please can you make sure that children come to school wearing suitable
NAMED clothing including coats ? We already have some lost property in the hall, if your child has lost something.