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Winter Watch 2014
Winter Talks at
Arthur Beale
Now Open Sundays
We are proud to announce that we are now
open on Sundays! Shaftesbury Avenue is as
busy on a Sunday as any other day so it seemed
like a good idea to let people come in and
During the period before Christmas it will
allow you extra time to buy some really special
gifts or just to treat yourself to that bronze
boat hook that you have been after for years.
In the spring, when you are busy preparing
your boat for re-launching, you
will be able to nip into town to
11 am until get that extra pot of antifoul5 pm!
ing or the replacement impellor
to get the boat launched on time.
Devold stock has arrived to
keep you veldig koselig
Tom Cunliffe officially
re-launches upstairs!
This Devold Pullover is the same as Nansen wore on
his Polar Expedition (1893-96)
Bob Comlay will give a fascinating talk at Arthur
Beale about sailing with the legendary Bill Tilman
pictured above
As the winter evenings draw in why not join us
for one of our regular talks. We have some fantastic speakers lined up.
You may still be in time to catch Dick Wynne’s
talk about Albert Strange which is featured on
the back cover but please make sure you don’t
miss Bob Comlay talking about sailing with Bill
Bill Tilman was an English mountaineer and
explorer (1889 – 1977). In 1954 he purchased
the Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter called “Mischief” in order to find and climb unchartered
We are very privileged to have Bob Comlay
join us to talk about sailing with Bill Tilman.
Bob, being a glutton for punishment, actually
sailed with Tilman on two occasions possibly
answering one of his famous advertisements in
the Times:
'Hands wanted for long voyage in
small boat: no pay, no prospects,
not much pleasure'.
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Arthur Beale
We had a grand party at the begining of October to celebrate the re-launch of our elegant
upstairs showrooms. Tom Cunliffe did the honours and kept everyone chuckling with his tales
of quirky chandlers that he has encountered
over the years. Luckily Tom has a penchant for
“Real” chandlers and he appreciated the aroma
of oakum that permeates the building.
He also seemed to really enjoy smashing
the sugar glass Champagne bottle over our new
Come and see what the fuss is all about.
Take a break from the bustle of Covent Garden
and visit our tranquil upstairs showrooms.
194 Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC2H 8JP
In 1853 Ole Devold set up a textile factory to
supply the Norwegian fisherman with tough
warm garments. In 1882 he built
Norway’s first hydro electric
power station and Devold were
using incandescent bulbs just
four years after Edison invented them. They even
had a telephone — in 1892!
Devold, like Arthur Beale’s, are very
proud of their heritage. They still
produce wonderful warm traditional knitwear in their Norwegian factory. The Nansen pullover,
hat and mitts will fight off cold weather
just as well today as they did for Nansen on the
Fram in 1893.
Nansen High Neck Pullover
Nansen Mitts
Nansen Hat
Other designs are available in our shop.
Devold also produce a full
range of Expedition Merino
Thermals used for many polar
expeditions today. They are
featured inside this newletter.
[email protected]
020 7836 9034
Wrapped up for Winter
The Best Nautical Bookshelves in London?
Actually the bookshelves are rubbish — I made them. It’s the
books we are talking about. Peter Willis has kindly curated
the collection. The first deliveries have arrived and already
customers are enjoying quietly browsing away to find a little
treat to keep themselves amused in their snug cabins. Some
titles that we wanted didn’t arrive but we are on the case to
tease out these more obscure works which we think you
might enjoy. The range will continuously grow and change so
please keep calling back to see what is new.
Arthur Beale are also stocking a decent range of Pilot
Books and Nautical
Almanacs plus Admiralty Chart Folios and
Imray Charts. We will Made from scrap wood found around
the building our “eco” shelves are now
Some of us will have lifted out our little darlings always hold enough charts to get you up to Shetland and
flexing under the weight of wisdom
and wrapped them up for winter while others down to the Scilly Isles. We can order any Admiralty Chart for
will try to make use of those gorgeous, but you and they generally arrive in a day or two. So, if you live or work nearby
sadly rare, clear cold days to get to their why not order your charts from us and save those Arthur Beale’s have
favourite anchorage and have it entirely to on-line delivery costs?
every Lodestar Book Pubthemselves. Arthur Beale has selected a range
Winter is the perfect time to plan next year’s lished! Sail and Oar is
of goodies to enjoy during these cold dark sailing. Extend the pleasure of sailing by getting packed with beautiful line
months whether afloat or ashore. Why not treat the Pilot Books now and dream of those warm gen- drawings that everyone can
yourself or your boat to a lovely present?
tle breezes wafting you into a new unexplored port. appreciate £12.00
Arthur Beale’s stock Watercraft and Wooden
Boat Magasines. If you are stuck for a stocking
filler then one of these will always be appreciated.
Noggin the Nog is the kind King of the
Northman who married the Eskimo
Princess — Nooka of the Nook. All day on
Once you have selected an
Saturday 6th December we will be celeexciting nautical novel from
brating Noggin by showing some of
our new bookshelves it is
these cult classic children’s TV protime to create the right atgrammes on a little screen by the firemosphere on board. Nothing
place upstairs at Arthur Beale.
beats an oil lamp. They give
So why not relax for quarter of an hour
off a gentle heat and create
and enjoy some of the finest children stories ever told. Who knows there may
a relaxing nautical atmosbe some treats in store too? If you enjoy the tales, and you will, there will be
phere. Once the red wine is
a chance to purchase a Noggin book or DVD so you can enjoy Noggin warmed
making you drowzy they
by your ship’s stove as the cold North Sea
Brass Globe Lamp can be dimmed to a soft Sampanino batters against the rocks.
glimmer while you stretch Beales price just
There’s more
out on your bunk. Arthur
for children at
Beale has a great selection of oil lamps inArthur Beale’s
cluding Hurricane and Anchor Lamps.
Noggin has no
There are times when modern technology
Individual books only £7.50. upper
Whole box set £60.00
beats the old lamps. Come to our shop to
browse our range of carefully selected LED
torches. Here are just a couple Christmas
Don’t let a bit of rain stop play, don some
Children’s oilskins in yellow or navy.
Bargains — offers must end 31st January 2015
proper fisherman’s oilskins and keep dry.
Brass Gimble lamps
Noggin the Nog Day! and why not?
Long Dark but Cosy Nights
Suits ages 4 – 6. Derby Jacket £33.50
Pouldo Trousers £20.95
Why not look at one of the beautifully
illustrated books by Claudia Myatt. These
books are produced by the RYA and are a
real joy for any child interested in sailing. The Go Sailing
book also has a matching sticker activity book which children adore.
Children seem to love playing with all the rope in our
shop so some lengths of rope and a knot book makes a
nice present. We have put together a little kit in a zipper
bag for £19.55 or buy just the rope in a special Go Sailing for children £10.49
Sticker Activity Book £8.49
pack for £3.75
Arthur Beale
from £49.99. This lamp
£13.90 on
Buy our favourite hand torch- the Lenser P5.2 at a
bargain price and get an Inovo Squeeze light FREE
(perfect for keeping near that combination lock - I’ve
been there!). List price £43.90 Beale’s price £30.00
A simple no fuss headtorch from Petzl at a
brilliant price for this world beating quality.
Was £19.98 now just £16.98
194 Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC2H 8JP
[email protected]
020 7836 9034
Too much baggage!
You are a fussy lot! “The bag needs to be a bit bigger to
take my lap top, it needs to be a bit smaller to take on the
plane, have you got it in red? Have you got one just like
this but without shoulder straps?” Well, as it happens, we
probably have! We
have bags suitable for
expedition sailing or
weekend regattas. We
Cloudburst, incredibly have bags you can
light useful daysack for swim ashore with. We
scrambling along the have the perfect thing
for the Scottish Ortlieb 85L Duffle. Waterproof and tough.
shore. 25L £36.00
Islands Three Peaks
Race, we have bags to go inside bags with transparent
windows, we have leather bags for your posh stuff and
coloured bags to get those tools sorted out. Mind you,
we don’t sell portmanteaus — they simply won’t get
down Dulcibella’s hatch.
A range of waterproof
stuff bags with seethrough strips to organise
your kit bag. 3L – 13L from
Set of 4 just £39.50
Tog Up Warm!
Nothing matches pure wool to keep you
warm. Merino thermals can be worn
against the skin for days on end in
punishing conditions and still remain pleasant and fresh smelling.
Wool retains its warmth even
when wet. No one makes better
thermal clothing than Devold of
Norway. The perfect choice for
your winter expedition to
Pyefleet Creek.
Women Expedition Hoodie,
also available in black and
male versions. £73.44
Beautiful leather zipper
One of Beales most popular
presents — endless uses. Set of
four was £39.00 now £30.00!
Guy Cotten is less well
Devold has patents on
known in the UK but amongst When the going gets tough - they
Thermo Jacket from pure fine crossbred their socks in 20 counthe world’s adventurous sailors
choose Guy Cotten
tries! Try them and be
wool. 450 gsm. Wear as mid or outer
the product is often the prevery impressed. £17.95
layer on cold dry days.
ferred choice. Guy Cotten are
Male and Female versions £145.00
well known for their serious
yellow oilskins worn by most
North Sea Fisherman, but
many people do not realise
that 17 out of 20 Vendee Globe
The poor old boat is wallowing
sailors shipped a Guy Cotten
away in her cold mud berth or
TPS Survival suit! I always take
propped up on sticks on the
one when sailing in Arctic wahard. Maybe she is clinging to
ters reassured by the fact
the buoy with the wind howling
that yachtsmen have sur- Rubicon 3 The adventure sailing yacht chose Guy Cotten
all around. Surely she declothing to protect the crew against the harshest conditions.
vived for days floating in
serves a little presVisit to find out more.
freezing water wearing the
ent? We have
Guy Cotten TPS. The Ultima dry suit was designed with
Impress your fellow sailors as loads of treats
the Vendee Globe in mind but for most of us the Guy
you sound the anchorage for boats in
Cotten Fastnet Jacket and Jupiter Trousers will
the proper way. Looks store – here are just
provide 100% reliable waterproof and comfortlovely on the bulkhead a few. Come and
too. Bronze Lead £71.48 browse!
able clothing which lasts for many years. ChoTechnical Tallow £2.74
sen by Jean Le Cam, Roland Jourdain and
Christopher Auguin to name but a few. Nearer
to home I recently visited a highly impressive
yacht called Rubicon 3. The yacht is run by
Make off your lines swiftly
Bruce Jacobs and Rachael Sprot and they speA joy to behold. The Grabit Book
with these graceful jamb
cialise in a mix of adventurous sailing coupled with
Hook is made from super tough
cleats from £10.80
on board tuition. It is a great set up. The day I visited
aluminium bronze. The hook attaches to the buoy as you remove
the yacht was almost sinking with the weight of
the pole. Hopefully someone rehappy clients coming to say hello while they visited Lucas Santucci also choose Guy Cotten
for his cold water adventures.
membered to tie it on!
St Katharine Docks. Bruce and Rachael choose to kit
— £217.78 but worth it!
out the whole boat with Guy Cotten clothing. They
have been very impressed with their Fastnet Jackets and Jupiter Trousers.
A Little Something for the
Boat Sir?
Arthur Beale is the Main London Stockist of Guy Cotten Clothing
Arthur Beale
194 Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC2H 8JP
Lignum Vitae and bronze bulls eye £31.48
[email protected]
020 7836 9034
Nicopress Micro Cable Kits
Matching the tool
with the wire and
ferrules is fiddly
so we have now
introduced four
Nicopress kits.
0.26 mm wire BL 6 kg £90.00
Each kit includes
0.51 mm wire BL 30 kg £95.00
the correct Nico1 mm wire BL 54 kg £119.00
2.5 mm wire BL 349 kg £245.00 press Tool, 100 m
of wire and 100
ferrules — enough to make 50 assemblies 450
mm long. The 0.26 and 0.51 mm kits also come
in a nice Klein Zipper bag! Ideal for tool lanyards, model boats, invisible display or small
boat rigging. Arthur Beale can supply all Nicopress tools and ferrules.
Wera Screwdriver Set
Wera make some of the
best tools. This German made screwdriver set is really
useful onboard.
The bits can also
be used in power drills and
everything is kept handy in the tough belt
pouch. List price £28.04 Beale’s Christmas
price just £21.00
Bahco Socket Set
than half
I like this set because
it isn’t too big, yet it
seems to cover
everything to keep
the ship underway.
⁄4” and 3⁄8” drives. 34
pieces in a tough box.
List price £108.51
Beales Christmas offer just £41.40!
Stormy Weather on the Way?
The crystals in this genuine
Sorensen Storm Glass will tell you in
advance if a storm is approaching.
A clear glass denotes fine clear
weather but a build up of fern like
crystals tells of the approach of
cold and stormy weather. Hefty lacquered brass forging weighing 400g
£97.50. Holder for wall mounting
Arthur Beale’s also
stock a wide range of
barometers and clocks
including this beautiful instrument by
Wempe. Wempe was
founded in Germany in Built to provide precise in1905 and has devoted formation for a lifetime at
itself to producing sea. Wempe Nautik £ 271.72
precise maritime instruments. All German research ships are equiped with Wempe instruments. Their clocks and barometers are
designed for serious use at sea although their
beauty can be appreciated anywhere.
Wempe instruments from £262.20
Other Clocks and Barometers from £99.00
Need to repair your decks?
Arthur Beale stock this unique little saw which
has all the teeth set off to one side so that it
doesn’t scratch the teak when you are sawing
off the plugs. So clever and useful! £20.75
We also stock SabaCaulk used by many of the
top boat builders as the perferred caulking
mastic. In fact, everything you might need.
The Boaties Frying
This deceptively clever invention turns your
small on-board stove into a fully functioning
motorway greasy spoon. The oblong shape
utilises all the available area for massive fry
ups capable of putting the local cardiac ward
on full alert. It is so useful I know people who
use them at home too. Just in case fry ups get
boring (surely not?) why not buy The Boat
Cookbook and learn to cook something that is
actually healthy before it’s too late. £16.99
Fender Key Rings
A great little present
that could well save a
nasty dive. Just
£5.95 each
Big fenders and rope
fenders also in stock!
Leatherman Skeletool
Another tool which
has avoided getting
too complex. It has
just exactly what you
need. Not too heavy.
Pouch, belt clip and
built in karabiner so it
doesn’t go overboard.
List price £69.95 Tested by us - and it
Beales price £59.40 survived!
Dates for Your Diary - Book Early!
The talks and demonstrations at Arthur Beale are great value and cover a wide range of
subjects. We have already had splicing and varnishing demonstrations and a talk on Arctic
sailing. Don’t miss out - book up now!
Thursday 6th 6.45pm A talk on Albert Strange – Yacht Designer, Artist, Sailor and Writer 1855-1917 by Dick Wynne
Thursday 4th 6.45pm Bill Tilman – Mountaineer, navigator and arguably the finest travel writer of the
twentieth century. A talk by Bob Comlay 90 minutes (£5.00)
Albert Strange
It might be too late but
if the 6th November hasn’t passed by then
quickly get signed up for to Dick Wynne’s talk
about Albert Strange the
Victorian Yacht Designer and Artist. It
will be a fantastic
If you have missed it
but are still intrigued
then why not visit:
Arthur Beale
Saturday 6th New Noggin the Nog Day! Sit by the warm “fire” and watch the adventures of Noggin while sipping
All Day
date! something Norwegian and eating ship’s biscuits. Special deals on Noggin Books and DVDs.
If you don’t know what we are talking about then you must come and find out! Free!
February 2015
Thursday 5th 6.45pm The Life and Care of Modern Diesel Fuels by Patrick Keating. Don’t get caught by the bug!
This is a really professional presentation which could save you both expensive repairs or,
worst still, engine failure at sea.
March 2015
Thursday 5th 6.45pm The History of Barton Marine by Christian Brewer
If you would like to attend an Arthur Beale event please email [email protected] or
call into the shop and put your name on the list.
194 Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC2H 8JP
[email protected]
020 7836 9034