Catholic Community in Cheltenham Thirty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Catholic Community in Cheltenham
Thirty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time
Psalter 1
Page 155
16th November 2014
‘You have been faithful in small things; come and join in your master’s happiness’ (Matthew 25:14-30)
“the only true riches are
those that make us rich
in virtue”
St Gregory the Great 10 St James Square, GL50 3PR 01242 523737
St Thomas More Princess Elizabeth Way, GL51 7RA 01242 573128
Parish Priest:
Canon Bosco MacDonald VF
Assistant Priest: Fr Frank Wainwright
Fr David McDonald
Rev. Robin Littlewood
Parish Websites:,
St Gregory‟s RC Primary School, St James Square GL50 3QG
St Thomas More RC Primary School, Lewis Road, Hesters Way GL51 OHZ
All Saints‟ Academy, Blaisdon Way, Cheltenham GL51 OWH
Sacred Hearts Moorend Road, Charlton Kings, GL53 9AU 01242 524932
Pope st Gregory the great
of Jesus and Mary
Parish Priest:
Fr Paul Brandon Parish Website:
Mass Times this Week
5.00pm (Sat
5.30pm (Sat)
22nd Saturday
Thirty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time
St Thomas More
People of the Parish
Sacred Hearts
Helena Mackey RIP
Sacred Hearts
Rose & George Drewry RIP
St Gregory
Private Intention
Sacred Hearts
People of the Parish
St Gregory
Private Intention
Sacred Hearts
Mass in Polish
St Gregory
People of the Parish
Memorial of Saint Hugh of Lincoln, Bishop
Sacred Hearts
Private Intention
St Gregory
Marilyn Welsh RIP
Weekday in Ordinary Time
St Gregory
Carey Eaton RIP
Weekday in Ordinary Time
St Gregory
John Cullen RIP
Sacred Hearts
Thanksgiving (Williams)
Weekday in Ordinary Time
St Gregory
Dec‟d Members of the
55‟s Club
Sacred Hearts
Margaret Stevenson RIP
Memorial of the Presentation of the
Blessed Virgin Mary
Sacred Hearts
Private Intention
St Gregory
Requiem Mass for
Joseph Anthony Bagan RIP
Memorial of Saint Cecilia, Virgin and Martyr
St Gregory
Carmen Kyffin RIP
Sacred Hearts
Private Intention
Exposition and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament: Prayer
before the Blessed Sacrament at St Gregory‟s: Saturday 10.00am11.00am; Thursday 10.00am-3.00pm ending with Benediction;
Sacred Hearts: 1st Friday of month, 9.15am-12.30pm.
Sacrament of Reconciliation: St Gregory‟s Saturdays 10.00am; St
Thomas More 4.15-4.45pm. 1st Thursday at STM 5pm Confessions
in Polish. Sacred Hearts
Thursdays 7.30pm and Saturdays
10.30am. Also by arrangement with the priests.
RCIA Journey in Faith: Every Thursday, 7-9pm in the Presbytery.
Baptisms: By arrangement with the Parish Office.
Cheltenham Catholic Adults: 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month.
Contact Margaret 07515 805015 or Damian 07908 105787.
55 Club: After 9.30am Mass, in Old Priory (alternate Thursdays).
Next meeting: 20th November - Talk by Mrs Jane Williams, “Mercy
Ships” and a flower display.
Choir Practice: In Church, Thursdays at 7.00pm. New members
welcome. Contact John on: 07769 675323.
One of the most unfair
scenes of the gospel is
painted in the story of the
man who went abroad and
left three of his servants with
varying amounts of money
to be looked after. Two of
them got handsome returns
on the investment while the
other simply stored the
money away. You can't help
feeling sorry for the servant who buried his talent. The
other two servants were probably shrewd businessmen
who knew how to get a good return on the money. At
least the one who buried his talent was able to give back
exactly what he had received without loss, even if it
gained no interest. But when the master returned, this
servant was left in disgrace. If there was nothing more to
the story, then it would be rather confusing, and would
seem to conflict with the all-embracing attitude that Jesus
exhibits in the rest of the gospel. But there is more. Perhaps a clue is given when we hear that the master gave
varying amounts of money to each servant "in proportion
to his ability." He didn't expect ten talents back from the
one who had been given three, any more than he expected one back from the man given five. He knew what
they were each capable of, and his disappointment was
not with the amounts, but the effort. The whole episode
teaches us two lasting truths. The first is that in our Christian lives we can never let our talents languish. Whatever
has been given to us by God is intended for the building
up of the Body of Christ. It's a tragic frustration of God's
design if we are a talented singer, a gifted organist, an
accomplished administrator, a natural with children, a
sure-footer with the elderly, and we know it but don't use
it for the benefit of others. The second truth balances the
first. When we have been working flat out with the talents
we have, then is the time to remember that it is only in the
power of the Holy Spirit that we can accomplish anything
of value. God invites us not to hold back, to give of our
best. But our best is made possible only because we are
filled with the Spirit. So, at the end of the day's work, we
do not look for a rapturous round of applause. We do
what we do, because God has gifted us "in proportion to
our ability." And, after all, it's what the master will expect
when he returns.
Last week‟s offertory collection came to: £1171.78
(STG); £274.06 (STM) Bingo £82.00 (STM); Next
weekend there will be a retiring collection after all
Masses for the Catholic Youth Service. Thank you
for your support and generosity.
Families Up Front
A special welcome to all our families next Sunday, on
The Feast of Christ the King, and Youth Sunday.
Please do come to the front benches, where the
children can see, and we can support you as vital
members of our faith community.
Deanery Mass
This Tuesday, 18th November at 7pm there will be a
Mass for the deceased clergy of the Deanery at St
Catherine‟s, Chipping Camden. All welcome.
November Memorial List
November is a special time of prayer for Holy Souls.
Please use the purple slips of paper on the table at
the back of church to add the names of loved ones
whom you wish to be remembered at Mass
throughout November. Simply place the list in the
box in front of the Lady Chapel.
Adoration Rota
We urgently need to renew our Adoration rota.
Please would everyone interested give their name
and address to the Presbytery, so that we can
prepare a new rota.
The Repository
2015 Catholic calendars and diaries/Mass/prayer
books/and also Christmas cards are now available
from the repository.
The Traidcraft team will be in the Old Priory after the
9.30 and 11.15am Masses, on Sunday, 30th
November. Advent calendars, Christmas cards and
gifts will be available, as well as our usual products.
St Thomas More Christmas Fayre
The Christmas Fayre will take place at St Thomas
More on Saturday, 29th November between 11am1.00pm. We need some good quality items for prizes
and items to sell (bottles, toys, chocolates, jewellery,
bric-a-brac etc) and your help to cover a stall on the
day. Items can be left at St Gregory‟s and St
Thomas More‟s Church and Presbytery. To
volunteer, contact Philippe Watine on 260966 or
Marianna Thomas 528427. Help us to help our
Church: all together we are a community!
‘The Pilgrim Route to Compostela’
A talk on „The Pilgrim Route to Compostela‟ will be
given by Dr Steven Blake this Monday, 17th
November at 7.30pm. Venue: the Teaching Block,
Park Campus; cost: £3. Further details
Palestinian Lunch
Make your reservation now for a seat at the
Palestinian Lunch, next Saturday, 22nd November in
the Old Priory. Tickets are £10 per person and must
be purchased before the day, enabling us to cater
properly. Not only is this the chance to savour some
delicious dishes, but a wonderful social occasion.
There will also be a raffle and a sale of goods. All
proceeds will go to our parish projects supporting
families in need in Bethlehem. Tickets are available
from Joanne on 243207 or the Parish Office.
Prayer & Praise Meeting at St. Peter’s
Our next Prayer, Praise & Worship evening at St
Peter's Church Gloucester, is on the evening of
Thursday, 20th November at 7.30pm. We are
delighted that Deacon Steve Boughton has accepted
our invitation to come as our guest speaker. Steve
was ordained last year, ministering at St. Aldhelm's
Malmesbury. He is an enthusiastic member of the
Renewal, and a very gifted speaker. The meeting
lasts for about an hour with music and a speaker,
followed by refreshments.
Thank you for your
support of our prayer group.
Cheltenham Christian Ecology
To sow peace, protect the Earth” - Pat Gaffney, UK
General Secretary of Pax Christi, the international
Catholic movement for peace, visits The Old Priory
on Friday , 5th December for a talk exploring the
links between war, conflict and the degradation of our
planet organised by Cheltenham Christian Ecology
Link. The talk (which will be followed by Compline)
begins at 7.30pm, admission free – retiring collection.
575779 [email protected]
Our Prayers are asked for:
Sick: Liz Sawaf, Sue Ball, Claire Young, Sean
Murphy, Helen Stanbury, Grace Stevens, Olive
Whelan, Bruce Francis, Jenny Dabrowska, Teresa
Patterson, Bernie Warner, Deirdre Kelleher, Helen
Dorothy Gorry, Denise Ellis, Kevin Dunn, Peter
Lucassi, Christopher & Clifford Brown, Margaret Ellis,
Julia & Danny Barr, Teresa & Paddy O‟Kelly, Bridie
& Terry Ruck, Angela Savidge, Pauline Crosbie,
Emily Cousins, Rey Lluisma, Lilian Martin, Bridget
Garvey, Geoffrey Garvey, Pat Donovan, Maddie
Dan Perry, Pete Thacker, Mary Costello,
Adrian Davis, Lisa Partridge, Norma Greener.
Deceased: Joseph Bagan, June Edwards and
Miroslawa Makowiecka RIP.
Anniversaries: Enid Ellery, Allan Turner, Stanley
William (Bill) Inns, Hazel Patricia Popplewell,
Winifred Sanders, Douglas Howls, William Sullivan,
Leonard Hoffland, Anna Gargiulo, David Pett, Rachel
Sauter, Sam Groom.