15 - 16 November 2014

15 - 16 November 2014
Melanie Casey
JM Donellan
Morag Fraser
Sulari Gentill
Robert Gott
Liam Houlihan
Rochelle Jackson
Regina Lane
Susanna Lobez
David Marr
Michael Mori
Russ Radcliffe
Angela Savage
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Crime & Justice 2014
Never before have the “big issues” seemed so
close to home as they are today. Social justice,
politics, religion, power and corruption are in
the news almost every day. And crime fiction
and true crime as genres are increasingly the
home for some of the best writing on offer
at the moment. Crime & Justice is the place
where the two meet. Crime writing is often
seen as the lens through which the darker side
of society and the human race can be viewed.
And crime, of course, is usually the starting
point for a great crime novel. Simon Clews
This is our seventh annual Crime & Justice
festival. It came about as a marker of my ‘first’
30 years in the book trade, as a symbol of
my life long interest in crime fiction and my
belief in being socially aware, both personally
and professionally. Our lovely bookstore
is the perfect setting and I look forward to
welcoming you to our festival, the only one of
its kind in the world. Mary Dalmau
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Our Crime & Justice festival would not be
possible without the support and work of:
Creative Programming Director Simon Clews;
Technical Manager Benno Rentinck;
Volunteers Co-ordinator Imogen ArmstrongOrr; Website Designer Andrew Dalmau; and
all the staff at Reader’s Feast Bookstore.
Reader’s Feast Bookstore
Bush, Howard and
Injustice at
Michael Mori,
former member of
the Marine Corps
and author of In the
Company of
Cowards talks to
Russ Radcliffe
about due process, disillusionment
and defending David Hicks.
12 noon
Once Upon a
Sulari Gentill and
Robert Gott have
both produced
acclaimed historic
crime novels; today
they talk with Angela Savage about
researching and
writing crime set in the past.
Power, Politics
and the Church
Author of The
Prince: Faith, Abuse
& George Pell,
David Marr, talks
with Morag Fraser,
writer, columnist and one of our
most experienced
literary commentators.
New Voices
Sulari Gentill
knows the long,
hard road to literary success. Join
her in conversation
with Melanie Casey and JM Donellan as they chat
about what it takes
to find an audience in what is already
a very popular genre.
Crooks, Cops and
Rochelle Jackson
talks to Susanna
Lobez, author of
Bent: Australia’s
Crooked Cops about
Australia’s long
and tangled history
of police corruption, from the First Fleet to today.
In Search of Justice
JM Donellan talks
to author of The
Tainted Trial of Farah
Jama, Julie Szego
about the amazing
story of a young
Somali man convicted and later acquitted in what has
been referred to as one of the worst
miscarriages of justice in
Victorian legal history.
Reader’s Feast Bookstore
12 noon
Saving St Brigid’s
Reader’s Feast’s
Mary Dalmau talks
with Regina Lane
about how a tiny
community in
Victoria saved
their local Catholic
church, St Brigid’s.
It is also the story
of Lane’s family’s ongoing commitment to the faith and community life
that surrounded the physical church.
A Just World? Our
annual look at the
state of the world
features Michael
Mori, US lawyer
and author of In the
Company of Cowards, in conversation with author,
journalist and high
profile social commentator David
Marr. Chaired by Russ Radcliffe.
True Crime: Once
Upon a Time in
Robert Gott talks to
author Liam
Houlihan about his
amazing true crime
story of vampire
gigolos, hit men &
police corruption.
Guest Profiles
See www.crimeandjusticefestival.com
for full biographies of this year’s guests
Melanie Casey writes crime thrillers
with a psychic twist – the Cass Lehman
Crime Series.
Mary Dalmau is a vocational bookseller working in Melbourne, Australia
since 1977.
JM Donellan writes tragicomic dark
fiction; most recently, Killing Adonis.
Morag Fraser is a writer, newspaper
columnist, and one of Australia’s most
experienced literary commentators.
Sulari Gentill is an award-winning
Pantera Press author, who writes engaging historical crime.
Robert Gott is the creator of the newspaper cartoon “The Adventures of Naked
Man.” He is also the author of the
William Power trilogy of crime-caper
novels set in 1940’s Australia.
Liam Houlihan is an award-winning
journalist and former lawyer.
Rochelle Jackson has worked as a TV
producer and investigative journalist
for many Australian TV shows.
Regina Lane traces her family’s
migration from Ireland, after the
famine, to Killarney. The motivation for
her book came from a feeling of
responsibility to her descendants to
share their story.
Susanna Lobez is an actor-turnedbarrister-turned-broadcaster. She has
been an ABC specialist legal presenter
on ‘The Law Report’ (radio) and ‘Law
Matters’ (TV).
David Marr is a Guardian Australia
reporter. He has won four Walkley
Awards for journalism.
Michael Mori is a lawyer who attained
the rank of lieutenant colonel in the
United States Marine Corps.
Russ Radcliffe created the annual Best
Australian Political Cartoons series in
Angela Savage is a Melbourne-based
crime writer. Behind the Night Bazaar
won the 2004 Vic Premier’s Literary
Award for an unpublished manuscript.
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