Passenger Train Emergency Response Training Select Dates November & December 2014

Passenger Train Emergency Response Training
Select Dates November & December 2014
Railroad personnel will provide twelve (12) opportunities for PTER training on six (6) dates regarding
passenger train emergency response
This Training is Free
Training, presented by Elizabeth Klute, AMTRAK
Northwest, David Albert, Southwest, Gary Miller
Midwest and Mike Stammel Southeast Regional
Emergency Managers, is specifically designed for Fire
Service, Law Enforcement, EMS, Emergency Health,
Emergency Management, Public Works, and Utilities
workers who may find themselves responding to a
passenger train emergency or disaster.
Training Sponsored by:
Seattle Fire Department
King County Emergency Management
Burlington Northern / Santa Fe (BNSF)
Classroom training activities will Include familiarity
with the following railroad topics:
 Track / Train / Engine Dangers
 Emergency Phone Numbers
 Hazardous Conditions / Keeping Safe
 Challenges of Extrication / Entry
 Who’s in Charge?
10 – Monday (0900-1300) & (1400-1800)
8 – Monday (0900-1300) & (1400-1800)
Equipment orientation activities will Include:
 Hands-on Walk Through
 Access
 Dangers of Power/Crush Injury etc.
13 – Thursday (0900-1300) & (1400-1800)
14 – Friday (0900-1300) & (1400-1800)
10 – Wednesday (0900-1300) & (1400-1800)
18 - Thursday (0900-1300) & (1400-1800)
Training site:
Optional Equipment Drill activities can include:
 Window Pull/Ladder Slide Extraction (Fire Only)
 Emergency Medical Passenger Extraction
 Equipment Suspect Search & Clearing (Law
Agencies must bring their own emergency equipment
and pre register for the drill/exercising option by calling
Lis Klute, Regional Emergency Manager for Amtrak.
There is time for up to two agency exercises per class
and a release of liability will be required.
Water will be provided, Class size limited to 25 PER CLASS
Amtrak Maintenance &
Administration Facilities
Pacific International Room
187 S Holgate Street
Seattle, WA 98134
Onsite Contacts:
Elizabeth Klute (Lis)
(206) 445-5952
The National Railroad Passenger Corporation (AMTRAK) presents this training to familiarize public
safety and related agencies with routine and emergency procedures regarding Amtrak trains and
emergency operations free of charge to all agencies who may find themselves responding to an
emergency incident.
Amtrak PNW
Maintenance &
Administration Facilities
187 S Holgate Street
Seattle, WA 98134
Course materials will be
provided to participants and
may be reproduced or
duplicated, for noncommercial use, by agencies
involved in emergency
response and support
For additional information on the Course materials contact Elizabeth Klute, NW Regional Emergency
Manager – Amtrak (206) 445-5952
To register go to
Any questions regarding registration contact Jason Shirron, King County Office of Emergency
Management – [email protected] or (206)205-4068