“...present your bodies as living sacrifices, holy worship…” Romans 12:1-2

“...present your bodies as living sacrifices, holy
and pleasing to God, this is your spiritual act of
worship…” Romans 12:1-2
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Church Office: 356-8977
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Email: [email protected]
Many Voices / United to Speak / One Truth
Volume 7.22
November 16, 2014
November 16, 2014
Welcome Guests, Friends and Family
Thank you for attending today, please be sure to fill out the registry card, located in your
bulletin. Hand it in at the end of the service at the Welcome Center to receive a
Welcome Packet. If you have a Cell phone we ask that you would be courteous and
silence it during the services, if you need to talk please do so in the foyer, so as not to
disturb others~thank you!
 Upper level parking—North Side of Church for all Services is for the use of those
age 60+ and the handicapped.
 After business hours call (608)356-8977 to leave a message, obtain service times or
leave a prayer requests.
Check out our Assemblies of God
National Website: http://ag.org/top/
Wisconsin /N. Michigan District: http://www.wnmdag.org/
Usher Schedule
November 16, 2014
Nursery Side Sherry Nitschke Center Left
Center Right Brian Witthun
Office Side
Casey Lenerz
Usher Schedule November 23, 2014
Nursery Side Ed Nitschke
Center Left
Center Right Eugenia Steiner Office Side
Ron Steiner
Kermit Singer
Greeters Schedule November 16, 2014
Renee Musser / Susan Teska
Greeters Schedule November 23, 2014
Greg Dendor / Casey Lenerz
Nursery Schedule November 16, 2014
Brigette Chizek / Sherry Nitschke
Nursery Schedule November 23, 2014
Adrian & Tasha Royals
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The bulletin is published online each week, go to www.onelifeassembly.com
Church Office Hours
Mon. — Thu. From 8:30am — 4:30pm Fri. 8:30am — 12-pm
Fellowship Opportunities for Week of November 16, 2014
Sacred Grounds Cafe
Adult Sunday School Class
Worship Service
Women’s Bible Study
W.I.N.G.S. Meeting
Deacon’s Meeting
Worship Practice
November 18th Jim Lange
Thursday November
Friday November 28th
November 20th Kenneth Lack Jr.
November 23rd Timmy Martens
For Thanksgiving
Thursday November 20th or
Thursday November 27th
We should be thankful
everyday of the year!!
God Bless all of you.
ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL —8:30 — 9:15am
Through The Bible In A Year
Phone Number
Ezekiel 16
Hebrews 12
Vince Martens
Nov. 17
Nov. 18
Ezekiel 17—19
Hebrews 13
Ron Steiner
Nov. 19
Ezekiel 20, 21
James 1
Nov. 20
Ezekiel 22, 23
James 2
John Lenerz
Nov. 21
Ezekiel 24—26
James 3
Rick Sherman
Nov. 22
Ezekiel 27, 28
James 4
Kermit Singer
Nov. 23
Ezekiel 29—31
James 5
Pentecostal Evangel
In 1913, the publication we now know as the Pentecostal
Evangel (PE) was launched. Though its name, leadership,
and design have changed throughout the century that
followed, it has remained a staple of the Assemblies of God
(AG) community and a trailblazer of Christian communication,
carrying news of the work of the Holy Spirit around the
world. The AG has shared PE with as many as possible, and
its stories have introduced readers to Jesus, changed lives,
and connected our ever-expanding fellowship for more than
101 years.
In recent decades, however, demand for PE has seen a
significant decline. While AG adherents have multiplied,
readership of the PE print magazine has fallen to an
unsustainable level.
After much prayer and analysis, we’ve decided to move PE
to an online news platform, called PE News, to more
efficiently service the fellowship.
This means we will transition from production of PE as a
weekly print publication to an online news presence at the
end of 2014. We feel this website will carry on the heritage
of PE in a fresh way.
(Women In God’s Service )
Be sure to mark your calendars for
Tuesday, November 18th at 6:30 pm!
We will be drawing names for our
We’re getting ready for a Happy Thanksgiving, and you’ll
want to be here for “Stir It Up – Be Part of the Mix!”
We have Pentecostal Evangel Magazines laid out on the tables in the Foyer.
Feel free to take one if you like. There are always interesting articles to read.
When you are done with the magazine, pass it along to your friends or relatives.
How Close Can We Come: Have you ever wondered how Jesus looks at you? You might
be surprised by the answer.
The Worth of a Soul: A classic message from one of the best known preachers in
Assemblies of God history points to a fundamental reality of the gospel.
A Miracle fro Kierra: Scoliosis appeared to be a lifelong reality for Kierra Henke. God had
a different idea.
I Am in Debt: Because a minister and his wife made sacrifices, a mother and daughter came
to Christ.
Connections: Diane Doucet: The Benevolence Ministries coordinator for the Assemblies of
God reviews the history of a continued need for Aged Ministers Assistance Day.
When Ties Unbind: Churches must meet the challenge of divorce realities in 21st century
We had our Missions Emphasis on November 2nd. Some people filled out
Faith Pledge cards and turned them in, Thank You for your heart for
So far we have received $18,300 worth of pledges.
If you are interested in Missions we invite you to attend our meetings. They
are usually the first Sunday of each month, and we meet right after the
service. Our meetings are comprised on getting updates on our Missionaries,
and looking at our budget, to decide if we can add any Missionaries to our
Missions Ministry. We are looking to have people join us.
The Deadline for the Monthly Newsletter is November 19th.
It would be helpful, to have the articles on that day, as it is a short week for
Office Staff. Thank you for your cooperation.
There will be no FAMILY NIGHT on Wednesday November 26th.
Enjoy your time with family on Thanksgiving Day, Praying for safe travel
for everyone. Classes will resume on Wednesday December 3rd.
Paula Blackford will be moving on November 22nd, if you are able to
help with moving, in any way contact her and let her know. Let us be
God’s hands extended. Phone: 608-477-0983
Address: 3403 W. 11th Ave., Wisconsin Dells 53965
HWY 82
11th Ave.
HWY 13
Who are the Arain?
To be unreached in America is to be lost. To be unreached as an Arain is to
be lost without hope. Will you take some time to pray for this unreached
people group?
On Sunday, November 2, a bomb exploded at the Wagah border of Pakistan
and India. Wagah is the only road border crossing between the two countries,
and it is the site of a ceremonial closing every day at sunset, during which
border guards of the two nations lower their respective flags and salute.
Hundreds of people watch from both sides of the border. Sunday’s bombing
occurred on Pakistan’s side, killing 50+ people and injuring many more.
The Pakistani side of Wagah is the Punjabi province. Heavily populated,
Punjabi is home to many unreached people groups of Pakistan, including
almost 90% of Pakistan’s 10,264,000 Arain Muslims. The Arains claim to
come from the area of Jericho in Syria, and have a long history of Islam.
British rule of Punjabi created farmers out of the Arains, and they were
reportedly favored over other people groups by the British for being diligent
and hard working. This favor allowed them more opportunities in education,
which Arains still value. Many Arains today are politicians and lawyers.
The attack on Sunday at Wagah has been claimed by different terrorist groups.
Rumors circulate that the attack was intended for the Indian side of the border,
while others believe that the terrorists are shifting their focus to other parts of
Since the 1940s, Pakistan has held a strained relationship with its neighbor
India. They have fought 3 wars and several skirmishes. Terrorism has also
shaken Pakistan. Caught in the middle of politics and violence are people
like the Arains and so many others in Pakistan who do not know Jesus Christ.
After the bombing, it was originally announced that the closing ceremony at
Wagah would be suspended out of respect for the dead. But on Monday that
decision was revoked, and the border guards of Pakistan and India carried
out the ceremony for the approximately 2,000 Pakistanis who came to watch.
How you can pray
Pray that the Arains would be open and receptive to Jesus, for Christians who
would go and share with the Arains about a merciful Redeemer who wishes
to bring them peace, that the Arains would use their position in Pakistan to
open more doors for the Church and to have wisdom in leading their people.
Pakistan needs Jesus. Its people need healing and peace. Pray that the Gospel
would be preached and would transform the Arains, the Punjabi province,
and all of Pakistan.