BLBP Claims Process

Claims Process
What is the BMA Local Buying Program (BLBP) Claims Process?
The BLBP Claims Process outlines how approved Suppliers should submit claims to C-Res for payment of goods and/or services provided to BMA /
BMC, including how Suppliers will receive payment from C-Res for their claim (within the Program payment terms).
What information is required to complete an online claim?
Work Instruction (WI) Number (automatically issued via C-Res website)
Accepted / confirmed ‘Work Instruction’ pricing and / or rates
Goods and / or Services particulars (e.g. description, quantity, hours – aligned with Supplier
BMA Purchase Order number (this was entered onto the WI by C-Res when received)
If goods were collected from your place of business, you will need a copy of the delivery
Receive Work
Instruction Number
(and BMA/BMC
Purchase Order)
docket or signed collection docket. Note: all freight sent requires the BMA Purchase
Order Number and the C-Res Work Instruction Number Clearly Marked
Your company invoice made out to C-Res (Qld) Pty Ltd showing the same amount as the
Deliver goods or
services to BMA /
auto generated / typed section of the claim in the system
Signed Time sheets from the BMA Supervisor for any Labour performed
Submit Claim to CRes via website
How do I use the website to claim?
Log-on to your C-Res workspace (
In ‘My Work Instructions’, select the relevant ‘Work Instruction’ and review details to ensure it
is accurate and aligned with goods and/or services supplied
Click ‘Claim’ to create an online invoice
Review the ‘Work Instruction / Claim’ details and select the items and quantity you are
Receive payment
within 21 days from
invoice approval by
claiming (you can also type additional notes if required)
Attach supporting documentation:
Goods – this can be Goods Receipt/Delivery Docket and your invoice
Services – this can be signed timesheets, proof of purchase of extra items and your invoice
Click ‘Submit’ to send the invoice to C-Res
C-Res will check the online Claim with your attachments and against the BMA Purchase Order and then submit via Quadrem which leads
into BMA 1SAP for processing
BMA Claim approval received
Payment to Supplier completed
NOTE: C-Res operates as an agent for BMA to deliver the BMA Local Buying Program. Please ensure that all invoices are issued to C-Res, not BMA.
Version: November 2014
For further information or assistance phone 1800 536 663 or email [email protected]
C-Res: P.O. Box 1721, Mackay, Qld 4740 ABN: 61 158 250 992
Claims Process
Payment terms for C-Res Suppliers through the BMA Local Buying Program
In response to feedback received from local businesses regarding current payment terms for small businesses engaging with BMA /
BMC, payment terms for registered C-Res Suppliers have been reduced.
Supplier invoices are subject to 21 day payment terms. Invoices shall be paid by C-Res within 21 days from the date of invoice and
subsequent to approval by BMA / BMC, subject to clause 7.2 and clause 7.4 of the Purchase Order Terms and Conditions, except
where an invoice is in dispute in which case:
C-Res (on behalf of the Company) may withhold payment pending resolution of the dispute; and
if the resolution of the dispute determines that the Company must pay an amount to the Contract Partner (Supplier), then CRes will (on behalf of the Company) pay that amount upon resolution of that dispute.
Version: November 2014
For further information or assistance phone 1800 536 663 or email [email protected]
C-Res: P.O. Box 1721, Mackay, Qld 4740 ABN: 61 158 250 992