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Cover image 2001: A Space Odyssey.
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Our final exhibition at Cornerhouse opens in November. Inspired by filmmaker
Jacques Tati’s comedy masterpiece of the same name, Playtime will see nine artists
use the Cornerhouse building like never before, presenting playful, participatory work
and referencing comedy, space and sound to pay homage to the triangular, three
storey brick structure we have called home since 1985. Find out more on p.6.
We said it would happen again… and we meant it! In October we welcome back
legendary drag superstar Peaches Christ for Bear-barella, a fully interactive
performance and screening of 1968 Sci-Fi masterpiece Babarella. Peaches returns
as part of this quarter’s Science Fiction season – turn to p.26 for the full programme,
which includes the re-release of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.
The city-wide festival Asia Triennial Manchester 14 continues until November, and
we're delighted to be presenting the official film programme. We’ll be screening a
selection of contemporary and classic films from Hong Kong and mainland China,
including Benny Chan’s action thriller The White Storm. Turn to p.24 for details.
This quarter, we’re looking forward to new releases including David Fincher’s twisted
tale Gone Girl and Mr. Turner, the moving biopic of great British painter J.M.W. Turner
from Mike Leigh.
Finally, December at Cornerhouse wouldn’t be the same without our annual
screenings of It’s A Wonderful Life (p.29). You can also get in the spirit with Merry 80s
Christmas, a season of films guaranteed to evoke the feeling of Christmas past. After
all, nothing says ‘tis the season’ like Bruce Willis in a white vest. Turn to p.28 for details.
Qasim Riza Shaheen: Autoportraits in love-like conditions
Sophia Al-Maria: Virgin with a Memory
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Merry 80s Christmas
Image Autoportraits in love-like
conditions II, Singapore, 2014.
Autoportraits in love-like conditions
explores real and imagined
connections between lovers, family
members and strangers. In each
piece of work, Qasim Riza Shaheen
presents a relationship he has
shared, while not always disclosing
its backstory. As we survey each
piece we subconsciously fill in the
gaps, projecting our own narratives
onto the subject’s lives.
The exhibition spans film, photography,
audio recordings, drawings,
installation and mixed media.
In a series of photographs and films
that share the name of the exhibition,
Shaheen imagines reunions between
himself and long-lost childhood
In a gallery space dedicated to
Shaheen’s father, we watch as father
and son dance tenderly and listen in on
an intimate, unscripted conversation.
Live performance Misplaced
Memoirs is a scenography of desire
and unrequited love that explores
the construction of our romantic
See p.7 for
related events
imagination through a series of
confessional self-portraits. It will be
performed in the heightened setting
of the Palace Hotel, Manchester, on
Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 November
to three people at a time. Tickets are
free but booking is essential, see p.7
for details.
This body of work is presented in
two halves, with a second, related
exhibition showing at mac birmingham
until Sunday 30 November. The last
known pose brings together a
number of new commissions and
revisits work spanning Shaheen’s
20-year practice, exploring his
persisting interest in the city, identity,
relationships and moments of
intimacy and awkwardness. Visit
simatmac for more information.
Curated by Sarah Perks at
Cornerhouse and Craig Ashley at
mac birmingham.
Exhibition supported by Farrow & Ball.
Until Sun 2 Nov — Galleries 1 & 2 — FREE
Image Evil Eye, 2014.
Until Sun 2 Nov — Gallery 3 — FREE
Virgin with a Memory is the first
major solo exhibition from writer,
artist and filmmaker Sophia AlMaria. It takes inspiration from her
as yet unfinished film Beretta, a
rape-revenge thriller set in Cairo, in
which a mute woman murders her
assailants. The film has stalled in
pre-production for three years,
having faced immense schedule,
budget and legal complications.
Virgin with a Memory uses Beretta to
explore the male gaze in global
popular culture, drawing on the
hurdles Al-Maria has faced while
making the film.
Torture Trip, a blown up billboard
poster for 1972 film Rehlat Azab,
and Rape Gaze, a video compilation
of Egyptian film posters from the
1960s to 1980s, emphasize the high
pitched and violent depiction of
women in Egyptian film posters of
this era.
Taster shows two early demos of
Beretta side-by-side. The first is
taken from an early draft of the
script; the second is a producer’s
cut made without Al-Maria’s
knowledge to raise money for the
Video installation The Watchers
No.1 – 6 occupies a central space in
the gallery, presenting a nightmarish
cavalcade of hyper-masculinity.
Other video works relating to the
production of Beretta include Class
A, an ode to a Beretta actress who
was jailed before filming began, and
Evil Eye, a digital talisman made to
ward off bad energy.
Two new publications are presented
alongside the exhibition. Virgin with
a Memory: The Exhibition Tie-in was
created by Al-Maria to preserve her
original intention for Beretta. It
contains accounts written from the
perspective of lead character Suad,
alongside production research,
sketches, storyboards, headshots
and excerpts from the shooting
script, illustrating what can happen
when a young filmmaker’s creative
process comes into contact with the
crushing forces of politics and
money. Jeddah Childhood circa
1994 is an accompanying novella by
curator Omar Kholeif, which traces
the coming-of-age of a teenage boy
in the newly globalized Saudi Arabia
of the 1990s. Both books are
available to buy individually or as a
limited edition two volume set at the
bookshop or online at
Curated by Omar Kholeif.
See p.7 for
related events
See opposite for events
related to this exhibition
Image Niklas Goldbach, HABITAT C3B, 2008.
Gallery Tour: Autoportraits
in love-like conditions and
Virgin with a Memory
Sat 25 Oct, 14:00 – 15:00
Free, booking recommended
Get a unique insight into Qasim Riza
Sheehan’s Autoportraits in love-like
conditions and Sophia Al-Maria’s
Virgin with a Memory on this gallery
Sat 22 Nov – Sun 15 Mar — Galleries 1, 2 & 3 — FREE
For this momentous occasion, nine
artists present playful, participatory
work inspired by Cornerhouse’s
iconic brick structure and director
Jaques Tati’s 1967 comedy
masterpiece Playtime.
Tati’s film follows the adventures of
Monsieur Hulot as he wanders,
bemused, through a hysterically
hyperbolic, modernist Paris. The film
– which cemented Tati’s critical
reputation but plagued him with
financial difficulties – is famous for its
subtle visual comedy and inventive
sound design that upends many
conventions of narrative cinema.
Like Tati’s film, the artists in Playtime
use comedy, space and sound to
encourage exploration and play in
the galleries.
The exhibition features new
commissions from Lawrence Abu
Hamdan, Naomi Kashiwagi, Gabriel
Lester and Jan St. Werner. Rosa
Barba, Niklas Goldbach, Andy
Graydon and Shannon Plumb
present existing work that spans
installation, video and sound art.
Exhibition supported by Dbn, Tube UK and Absolut
Playtime will culminate in The
Storming, a performance devised by
Humberto Vélez, which will close the
exhibition, and Cornerhouse itself, in
truly spectacular style. Manchester’s
diverse social, cultural and artistic
communities will descend on the
building, filling it from the ground up,
while DJs play music from the city’s
past and present club scenes. The
Storming takes place on Saturday 4
April 2015. For information about
tickets, pick up our next guide, out in
December 2014.
Curated by Henriette Huldisch,
Curator at the MIT List Visual Arts
Center and Sarah Perks, Artistic
Director at Cornerhouse and HOME.
Official media partner: The Skinny
Curator and Artist Tour:
Thu 20 Nov, 17:50
Dir Jacques Tati/FR IT 1967/
125mins/ French, English and
German with partial Eng ST
Jacques Tati, Barbara Dennek,
Rita Maiden
£8 full / £6 concs
Sat 22 Nov, 13:00 – 14:00
Free, booking required
Jacques Tati’s gloriously
choreographed and almost wordless
comedies reached their peak with
Playtime, which follows American
tourist Barbara and befuddled
Frenchman Monsieur Hulot, as they
attempt to negotiate a bafflingly
modern Paris – with highly comic
results. Crammed with visual gags
and an unconventional use of
sound, Playtime is a lasting
testament to a modern era tiptoeing
on the edge of oblivion.
The screening will be followed by a
discussion with the artists involved
in our Tati-inspired closing
exhibition, led by curators Sarah
Perks and Henriette Huldisch.
Preview Fri 21 Nov, 18:00 – 21:00
Before our move to HOME in 2015,
we present Playtime, the final
exhibition at Cornerhouse that bids
farewell to the building and pays
homage to the place we have called
home since 1985.
Screening with Discussion:
Playtime (U)
Live Performance:
Misplaced Memoirs
Sat 1 Nov – Sun 2 Nov
Various times, see below
Free, booking essential
Misplaced Memoirs is an intimate
site-specific performance in which
Qasim Riza Shaheen reveals stories
of personal desire and past
relationships through a series of
confessional, poetic self-portraits.
The piece will be performed to three
people at a time in the Palace Hotel.
In this hyper-real scenography,
Shaheen will explore the construction
of our romantic imagination.
Take a guided tour of Playtime with
curators Sarah Perks and Henriette
Huldisch, and artists Andy Graydon,
Gabriel Lester, Rosa Barba, Jan
Werner, Niklas Goldbach, Humberto
Velez, Lawrence Abu Hamdan and
Naomi Kashiwagi.
Live Performance:
Lawrence Abu Hamdan
Fri 21 Nov, 18:00
Cinema 1
Free, no advance booking
In this new commission, artist
Lawrence Abu Hamdan, whose latest
body of research is dedicated to
understanding the role of voice and
testimony, will perform a live audio
essay employing a series of sonic
manipulations and pre-recorded
samples designed to question the
fundamental ways in which we
speak, listen and are heard today.
Playtime also screens on Sunday 23
November at 15:30.
Live Performance:
Pelican Crossing Carousel
Exhibition Preview:
Fri 21 Nov, 18:00 – 21:00
Free, drop in
Join us for the preview of Playtime,
our final exhibition at Cornerhouse.
This playful group show takes its
cue from Tati’s masterpiece and will
use the Cornerhouse building like
never before, inspired by the film’s
use of physical comedy, set design
and sound. The evening will
premiere a new performance by
artist Lawrence Abu Hamdan.
For performance times please visit
Look out for information
on our closing event, The
Storming, in our Jan-Mar
Sat 22 Nov, 12:00 – 12:30
Free, walk up
The final scene in Tati’s Playtime
sees a roundabout transformed into
a moving carousel, accompanied by
Francis Lemarque’s L'opéra des
jours heureux (The Happy Days Opera).
Inspired by this scene, Manchesterbased artist Naomi Kashiwagi has
collaborated with choreographer
Benji Reed to devise a playful
sequence across the Pelican crossings
at the traffic junction outside
Cornerhouse. The resulting work will
be performed by a mixture of
knowing participants and everyday
pedestrians, unaware that they have
been cast in a larger, recurring circuit
that responds to the rhythm and
beat of the crossing.
Cornerhouse Projects is an ongoing programme of
exhibitions in our Café and Bar that prioritises affordable
artwork, North West-based artists and emerging
curators. Each exhibition opens on a Thursday night
with an opportunity to meet the artist and toast the new
show. All work is for sale. For more information visit
Cornerhouse Projects is supported by
Our Creative Industries
programme offers a range
of regular workshops,
talks, and opportunities.
These events, which are
programmed in response
to audience feedback, aim
to help you develop your
skills, widen your network
and encourage innovative
Shaunie Barton
Thu 11 Sep – Tue 14 Oct
Café and Bar
Recent art graduate Shaunie Barton’s
beautiful, intricate drawings are the
product of a painstaking automaticdrawing technique that involves
putting pencil to paper and allowing
the images to flow directly from the
subconscious mind. Drawn onto silk
screen prints subtly embossed with
geometric shapes, the patterns that
emerge seemingly reference the
‘grey matter’ from which they are
born, forming elaborate cellular
arrangements that resemble human
DNA, multiplying across the page in
endless detail. The resulting works
are presented as a series of images,
tonally similar but as different as
Join us in the bar for the informal
launch of Shaunie Barton’s
exhibition from 18:00 – 19:00 on
Thursday 11 September.
How to Build a Body
Without Organs
A Flourish. Ornithological
Drawings by Fran Giffard
Curated by Alessandro Bucci
Thu 16 Oct – Tue 25 Nov
Café and Bar
Thu 27 Nov 2014 – Tue 6 Jan 2015
Café and Bar
What’s in a body? We might say organs
and bones, but French philosopher
Deleuze rejects this answer. His
theory Body Without Organs suggests
that the body isn’t merely about the
parts that make it work, but the
fulfilment of potential to create
something whole. In this selection of
works curated by University of
Edinburgh PhD candidate Alessandro
Bucci – whose research spans art
history, philosophy and fashion – artists
have reflected upon the process of
clothing the body, emphasising the
role of dress in creating the whole
‘self’, or building a ‘body without
organs’. The featured photographs
and drawings from artists Hernan
Chavar, Marco Rea, Fernanda Veron,
Nicol Vizioli and Paulina WallenbergOlsson offer a visual anthology of
the subjective relationship between
fashion and who we are.
Join us in the bar for the informal
launch of How to Build a Body
Without Organs from 18:00 – 19:00
on Thursday 16 October.
London-based artist Fran Giffard
has long been captivated by the
beauty of natural illustrations, and
has amassed an incredible body of
ornithology-inspired artwork over
the last five years. Working directly
onto her personal Moleskine diaries
using watercolour and gouache
paints and graphite pencil, she
captures the wonder of exotic and
commonplace birds. The result is a
vivid collection of work with an
intriguing personal slant, and here
she presents a selection inspired by
her time spent in Hong Kong.
Giffard was recently shortlisted for
The Threadneedle Art Prize, BBC
Wildlife Artist of the Year and David
Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year.
Join us in the bar for the informal
launch of Fran Giffard’s exhibition
from 18:00 – 19:00 on Thursday 27
Show & Tell
First Friday of every month
10:45 - 12:45
£3, refreshments provided
Sat 1 Nov, 16:00 - 18:00
Free, booking recommended
A fun, friendly and informal
opportunity to read and discuss
plays under the guidance of
Manchester-based theatre
practitioner Lucia Cox. The group
meets on the first Friday of every
month and new members are
always welcome. This quarter will
cover Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House,
David Hare’s The Judas Kiss and
Caryl Churchill’s The Striker.
Discover what’s happening inside
Manchester’s creative community
as we bring together artists,
designers and makers for an
afternoon of informal presentations
about their current projects,
experiments and sources of
inspiration, held in our Annexe.
Speakers include Creative
Programmer Dan Hett and Designer
and Lecturer Tash Willcocks, with
plenty more to be announced.
For more information visit
For more information visit
Image Installation by Rafael Perez and
Charma Force. Photo Daniel Hancox.
Image by Jamie Simonds
Filmed Up
Fri 5 Dec, 18:30 – 20:30
£4.50 full / £3 concs
Market Place Live
Wed 3 Dec, 18:20
£4.50 full / £3 concs
Have you ever wondered how to
take a feature film project from idea
to successful release? Market Place
Live may just show you how! Join us
on an entertaining journey following
the life of a hypothetical film project
from inception to exhibition,
demonstrating how the film value
chain really works.
Rather than getting a panel of experts
to give you advice, Film London &
BAFTA, in partnership with Film
Export UK, will put a panel of top
industry professionals to the test
and challenge them to take a
hypothetical project on this journey,
enabling you to see how they would
deal with the twists and turns of the
industry landscape.
Market Place Live is presented by
Film London and BAFTA, in
partnership with Film Export UK,
and supported by Creative Skillset.
Every three months, a panel of
Cornerhouse audience members
select a programme of short films
produced by the thriving North West
filmmaking community. Join us for
December’s instalment and discover
the talent right on your doorstep.
Expect a mix of styles, genres and a
great evening of film.
Want to submit your film for
The deadline for submissions is
17:00 on Thursday 9 October. Find
out more at cornerhouse.org/filmedup
Image courtesy of Kilogramme.
Do you want to fine-tune
your digital skills? Our
Digital Skills Workshops
are here to help you
engage with online
audiences and develop
your digital skillset.
These workshops always
prove popular so we
recommend booking early
to avoid disappointment.
You can also keep up with
our latest digital skills
events at
Explore Facebook Insights
Tue 4 Nov, 18:00 – 20:00
£6 full/ £4.50 concs
Do you manage a Facebook page?
Want to tap into the useful
information found in the Facebook
Insights tool, but don't know where
to start? Social media & digital
marketing consultant Katie Moffat
will demystify the popular platform's
internal analytics system and advise
you on the data you should be
keeping an eye on.
Image by birgerking (CC BY 2.0).
Image Editing on a
Sun 30 Nov, 11:00 – 17:00
£30 full / £25 concs
Photoshop is the tool of choice for
many professional photographers,
but there are a host of free
alternatives that are more than
suitable for most people’s needs. In
this workshop, digital creative Sally
Olding will teach you the basics of
using the free image editing
software GIMP, including simple
image manipulation, painting and
drawing tools, filters, selections and
layers. This workshop is suitable for
beginners, with no prior knowledge
of GIMP required.
Image GIMP screenshot (CC BY-SA 3.0).
Projector is
Cornerhouse’s education
programme that uses film,
moving image and theatre
to enrich students’
learning. Events cover
Modern Foreign
Languages and Film &
Media, and are aimed at
the 14-19 age group
studying GCSE, AS, A2
and equivalent.
For more information about
the programme, visit
Do you work with
young people? Find
out about our Youth
Arts Professional
Development Training
on p.10
Film & Media
Modern Foreign Languages
Various dates
Oct 2014 – Feb 2015
Various dates
Oct 2014 – Mar 2015
Our Film & Media programme is
scheduled with syllabus specifications
in mind, concentrating on key
concepts whilst providing students
with a broad range of films to
encourage personal study. Film
screenings include Wadjda, Next
Goal Wins and The Double. Events
include a British Board of Film
Classification (BBFC) Study Day and
a Film Industry Teachers’ Event.
Film is a useful language learning
tool for MFL students, enabling them
to experience the vocabulary, accents
and colloquialisms of native
speakers. Our MFL sessions are
programmed to enrich the topics
specified in the national syllabus,
and all are led by experienced
University language lecturers. Film
screenings include Good Bye Lenin!,
School of Babel and A Very Long
Image Still from The Double.
Image Still from Good Bye Lenin!.
Using the Arts to Develop Leadership,
Aspiration and Potential
If you’re 14 –17 and
into film and art then
sign up for our FREE
young people’s
Membership scheme.
Thu 23 October, 10:00 - 16:15
£110 – £150
Participation in cultural activities can have a significant
impact on a young person’s growth, aiding the
development of important life skills. This one day course,
suitable for anybody who wishes to employ the arts in
their work with young people, will examine relevant
government policy and use a range of case studies to
demonstrate how the arts can be used as a mechanism
to develop young people’s leadership skills, aspiration
and potential. At the end of this course, you will be able
to identify the benefits of using the arts in this way, and
will have a clear understanding of relevant funding
sources and current national initiatives.
Benefits include:
For more information visit artswork.org.uk or to book
contact Alice Wyatt on 0238 033 2491 or
[email protected]
Young people’s membership scheme
Image Young people taking part in Ask a Teenager, 2012.
– £3 cinema tickets any day,
any time
– 10% discount on books from
our bookshop
– Invitations to exhibition
previews and one-off events
– Special offers and art projects
Cornerhouse Publications
is our international
distribution service for
visual arts books and
catalogues. You can
download the current
catalogue and buy books
at cornerhouse.org/books
You can also buy an
incomparable range of
cultural magazines, film
books and postcards in
our bookshop, as well as a
selection of the bestselling titles from
Cornerhouse Publications.
The A – Z of Emotions:
Emotional Learning Cards
The Guerrilla Filmmaker’s
Handbook (3rd Edition)
£16.95, Iniva Creative Learning
£34.99, Continuum
The 26 cards in this boxed set were
created by contemporary artists to
signify an alphabet of emotion. The
reverse of each card asks questions
to aid thinking about feelings,
identity and belonging, and are ideal
for educators, therapists and
parents to use to aid emotional
learning with any age group. Coming
soon to the bookshop and
The most recent edition of this
bestselling guide, which covers all
aspects of independent and guerrilla
filmmaking, has been expanded to
include even more illustrations,
interviews and information. It also
includes a DVD – surely the only
book an amateur filmmaker needs?
Available in the bookshop.
Sophia Al-Maria: Virgin with
a Memory / Jeddah
Childhood circa 1994: Omar
Kholeif (2 volume set)
£7.95, Cornerhouse / The Third Line
This two volume set includes Sophia
Al-Maria’s novelisation of the script
for her unfinished feature film Beretta,
plus Omar Kholeif’s mini-novella
about a teenage boy growing up in
Saudi Arabia. Both are published to
accompany Al-Maria’s exhibiton
Virgin with a Memory. See p.5 for
more information.
Art Book Sale
Mon 1 Dec, 11:00 – 17:00
Cinema 1 Education Space
Free, drop in
Our ever popular art book sale
returns in December. This year
we’ve really cleared out our
cupboards, so there are some
fantastic titles available to purchase
at very special prices.
Our Autumn/Winter 2014/15
Publications Catalogue is now
available. You can view it online
as a PDF or flip book, or contact
[email protected]
for a hard copy.
0161 200 1500
Here are a few options for you to consider:
Legacies and In Memoriam Giving
Dedicating a Cinema Seat
We are taking part in Remember A Charity In Your Will
– a national campaign designed to encourage more
people to consider leaving a legacy gift to charities
like ours.
Individuals can commission a plaque on their favourite
cinema seat to commemorate an event, remember
someone or simply stake their claim! Donations start
at £250.
Leaving a legacy gift to Cornerhouse and HOME offers
you a chance to make a real difference and help build
and strengthen our foundations for the future. Even if
you’re not in a position to offer financial support during
your lifetime, a legacy gift of any size will make a real
impact. To find out how to leave a legacy to us in your
will, contact our development team (details below).
Let’s talk! We’d love to tell you more. Please feel
free to call Marla Cunningham on 0161 200 1546 or
email [email protected]
We are a charity (Reg Charity No: 514719).
Please support generously.
Our Café and Bar are the
perfect places to grab a
drink with friends, hold
your meeting or have a
bite to eat before catching
a film or checking out our
latest exhibitions.
We pride ourselves on offering
quality homemade food inspired by
cuisines from all over the world.
Grab a drink from the downstairs
Bar or visit our first floor Café for a
fabulous menu, including our ever
popular pizzas, gourmet
sandwiches and hand-cut chips.
Our dedicated patisserie chefs also
ensure that we have a beautiful
selection of pastries and cakes
freshly baked throughout the day for
you to enjoy.
Party of six or more? Book a table
by contacting the Café Bar on
0161 200 1508 or emailing
[email protected]
The Reel Deal
Every Mon & Tue evening
£15 full / £13.50 members
Kick-start your week and treat
yourself to a film, homemade pizza
and glass of wine, or pint of Four for
only £15 (£13.50 for Cornerhouse
Limited availability, early booking
Monday Night Quiz
Every Mon (except Bank Holidays),
Free, in the bar
Test your knowledge of random bits
and bobs with Mark at the weekly
quiz. Every team wins a prize.
Monthly Film Quiz
Tue 7 Oct, Tue 4 Nov, Tue 2 Dec
20:00 – 22:30, £10 per team of
four, booking required
Join us on the first Tuesday of each
month and test your movie
knowledge to the limit with
quizmaster Dave Murphy. Expect
questions on anything from The
Bicycle Thieves to Short Circuit 2,
plus the Genius and Quotes rounds.
Cornerhouse has a number of
spaces available for hire, providing
an ideal location for meetings, social
events and private screenings in the
heart of Manchester. Our spaces
include three cinemas, the Annexe –
a fully accessible event space with
its own private balcony area, ideal
for meetings, presentations or social
events – and a smaller room suitable
for meetings or more intimate
For more details visit
cornerhouse.org/venue-hire or
contact Pat Raikes on 0161 200 1511
or [email protected]
Tie the knot at Cornerhouse
If you had your first date here and
want to relive the romance for your
wedding, or simply fancy getting
hitched somewhere different, we are
able to offer marriage and civil
partnership ceremonies in our
cinemas and galleries as well as our
Annexe function space. In addition
to the ceremony we can provide a
complete reception package.
For more details contact Keziah at
[email protected]
See our full menu at
food-and-drink or
contact the Café Bar
on 0161 200 1508
Images All by Lucy Ridges.
Cornerhouse Projects/
How to Build a Body
Without Organs
Thu 16 Oct – Tue 25 Nov
Live Performance:
Misplaced Memoirs
Sat 1 Nov – Sun 2 Nov
Screening with
discussion: Playtime
Thu 20 Nov
Live Performance:
Lawrence Abu Hamdan
Fri 21 Nov
Live Performance:
Pelican Crossing Carousel
Sat 22 Nov
Sat 22 Nov – Sun 15 Mar
Asia Triennial Manchester 14
Peaches Christ’s
Jarman Awards + Q&A
Mr. Turner
Drifters + Live Score
Between Dog and Wolf + Q&A
Insomniac Invasion:
A Sci-Fi All-Nighter
The Grandmaster
2001: A Space Odyssey
The Green Prince
Merry 80’s Christmas
It’s A Wonderful Life
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G Matinee Classics/ Spring in a Small Town
G Guardian Reader Event: An Evening with David Nicholls
G Playreading/ A Doll’s House
G ATM14/ UK Premiere: The White Storm
G Matinee Classics/ Branded to Kill
G ATM14/ UK Premiere: May We Chat
G Matinee Classics/ Branded to Kill plus post-screening discussion
G Science Fiction/ Peaches Christ’s Bear-Barella starring Lady Bear and Peaches Christ
G Film Event/ The Way He Looks plus Q&A
G Course/ Introduction to Fashion Studies
G Last chance to see Cornerhouse Projects/ Shaunie Barton
G Launch of Cornerhouse Projects/ How To Build A Body Without Organs
G Matinee Classics/ Withnail and I
G ATM14/ Letters from the South
G Matinee Classics/ Withnail and I plus post-screening discussion
G Gallery Tour: Autoportraits in love-like conditions and Virgin with a Memory
G Science Fiction/ Things to Come
G Using the Arts to Develop Leadership, Aspiration and Potential
G ATM14/ The Way We Dance
GG ICA Artists Moving Image Network/ Ryan Trecartin
GG Artist Film/ The 2014 Film London Jarman Award plus Q&A
G NT Live: Frankenstein
G Mr. Turner opens
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G Live Performance: Misplaced Memoirs
G Show & Tell
G Live Performance: Misplaced Memoirs
G Last chance to see/ Autoportraits in love-like conditions and Virgin with a Memory
G Matinee Classics/ Le jour se lève
G ATM14/ Devils on the Doorstep
G Digital Workshop / Explore Facebook Insights
G Science Fiction/ When Worlds Collide
G Matinee Classics/ Le jour se lève plus post-screening discussion
G Playreading/ The Judas Kiss
G ATM14/ UK Premiere: Two for the Night
GG Film Event/ Drifters: Live score from Jason Singh plus Q&A
G Film Event/ Between Dog and Wolf: The New Model Army Story
G Insomniac Invasion: Sci-Fi All-Nighter
GG ICA Artists Moving Image Network/ Loretta Fahrenholz
G ATM14/ UK Premiere: Flowing Stories
GG Screening with discussion: Playtime
G Exhibition Preview: Playtime
G Exhibition Launch: Playtime
G Artist and Curator Tour: Playtime
G Live Performance: Pelican Crossing Carousel
G Film/ Playtime
G Last chance to see Cornerhouse Projects/ How To Build A Body Without Organs
G Film Event/ A Conversation with screenwriter Agnès de Sacy
G Film Event/ A Castle in Italy
G Launch of Cornerhouse Projects/ A Flourish. Ornithological Drawings by Fran Giffard
G Film Event/ It’s Easier for a Camel…
G Science Fiction/ 2001: A Space Odyssey opens
G Digital Workshop / Image Editing on a Shoestring
G Matinee Classics/ M
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G Science Fiction Event/ Talk: 50 Years of Dr. Strangelove: Still Crazy After All These Years?
G Science Fiction: Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
G Science Fiction/ 2001: A Space Odessey plus guest introduction
G Marketplace Live
G Matinee Classics/ M plus post-screening discussion
G NT Live: Frankenstein
G Playreading/ The Striker
G Filmed Up
G Merry 80s Christmas/ The Neverending Story
G Merry 80s Christmas/ Planes, Trains and Automobiles
GG ICA Artists Moving Image Network/ Continental Drift
G Merry 80s Christmas/ Ghostbusters
G Merry 80s Christmas/ Die Hard
G It’s A Wonderful Life begins
G Merry 80s Christmas/ Labyrinth
G Matinee Classics/ War of the Worlds
G Merry 80s Christmas/ Ghostbusters
G Merry 80s Christmas/ Planes, Trains and Automobiles
G Matinee Classics/ War of the Worlds plus post-screening discussion
G Merry 80s Christmas/ Labyrinth
G Merry 80s Christmas/ Big Trouble in Little China
G Matinee Classics/ E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
G Merry 80s Christmas/ Die Hard
G Course/ European Cinema Today: Local, National and Global Influences
G NT Live: Treasure Island
Fri 31 Oct / Dir Mike Leigh / GB 2014 / 150 mins / 12A
The biopic that Mike Leigh has longed to make may
also be his masterpiece. This moving, evocative
portrait of the great British painter J.M.W. Turner
(played with a remarkable level of depth and
intelligence by Timothy Spall), focuses on the later
years of his life where his genius as an artist rubs
up against his selfishness and irascibility as a man.
It is a visually stunning, brilliantly imagined account
of Turner’s life and loves.
The new releases listed in
this guide are the
highlights of our film
programme coming up
over the next three
months. Where we know
we’ll be showing a film on
the national release date,
we have included dates;
these films will screen for
at least one week, or
longer if they prove
popular. All other films are
listed by the month of their
release – dates and times
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confirmed on our website
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We’ll also be adding more
films to the programme
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phone Box Office on
0161 200 1500 for the latest
programme information.
Film times are published
in a weekly calendar on
Tuesdays at 14:00, which
you can pick up from our
building or download from
Ida (12A)
Gone Girl (CTBA)
Dir Pawel Pawlikowski/PL DK
2013/82 mins/Polish wEng ST
Agata Kulesza, Agata
Trzebuchowska, Dawid Ogrodnik,
Joanna Kulig
Dir David Fincher/US 2014/
145 mins
Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike,
Neil Patrick Harris
What happens when a piece of
information not only threatens the
fabric of your family structure, but
shakes the very foundations of your
faith? Pawel Pawlikowski’s drama,
stunningly shot in crisp black and
white, paints an evocative portrait of a
young woman who discovers a family
secret on the eve of her entrance
into a convent in 1960s Poland. A
subtle and nuanced film, it is also
one of the year’s most sensitive.
Based on the runaway best-seller by
Gillian Flynn, who has purportedly
written an exciting new ending for her
screenplay adaptation, Gone Girl
sees David Fincher (Se7en, The Girl
with the Dragon Tattoo) return to the
big screen after his success with
House of Cards. The story is a riveting
and ingenious exploration of marital
life and the secrets we keep from each
other, albeit on a truly twisted scale,
with Ben Affleck and Rosamund
Pike playing the battling couple.
Maps to the Stars (18)
’71 (15)
Dir David Cronenberg/CA US DE FR
2014/112 mins
Julianne Moore, Mia Wasikowska,
John Cusack, Olivia Williams,
Robert Pattinson
Dir Yann Demange/GB 2013/99 mins
Jack O’Connell, Sean Harris,
Sam Reid
David Cronenberg takes on Hollywood
with this caustic, often brilliant,
satire. Mia Wasikowska arrives in
Tinseltown with a desire to be a
writer and finds herself employed as
an assistant to a fading star and
befriended by a chauffeur. However,
as she moves between the various
mansions, seeing how the rich and
indulged live, it becomes clear that
her motives for being in LA are more
complex than she is letting on.
One of the most accomplished feature
debuts of the year, Yann Demange’s
knife-edge thriller opens with new
army recruits patrolling the streets of
Belfast at the height of the Troubles,
only for one young private to be
separated from his unit and running
for his life. Steering clear of politics,
’71 focuses on the young soldier’s
fight for survival, as both sides of the
divide fall prey to internal conflicts.
Violette (15)
Jimi: All Is By My Side (15)
Winter Sleep (CTBA)
Stations of the Cross (CTBA)
Dir Martin Provost/FR BE
2013/139 mins/French wEng ST
Emmanuelle Devos, Sandrine
Kiberlain, Olivier Gourmet
Dir John Ridley/GB IE US 2013/
118 mins
André Benjamin, Imogen Poots,
Haley Atwell, Burn Gorman
Emmanuelle Devos excels in Martin
Provost’s intense account of the life
of writer Violette LeDuc. The film
expounds the notion that art is not so
much inspired by life, but is an
accurate reflection of it, as LeDuc
not only moulds herself through
painful experience into the literary
creature she wants to be but
becomes a model of inspiration for
other writers, particularly Simone de
Beauvoir. Beautifully shot, Violette is
articulate, intelligent cinema.
Jimi Hendrix may be regarded as one
of the great 20th century American
icons, but it was in the UK that his
true talent was discovered and
nurtured. Fresh from his screenplay
for 12 Years a Slave, John Ridley has
written and directed this impressive
biopic, which stars André Benjamin
as Hendrix, absolutely nailing the
rock star’s intensity, charm and an
insouciance that can only come with
the possession of great talent.
(Kis uykusu)
Dir Nuri Bilge Ceylan/TR DE FR
2014/196 mins/Turkish and English
with partial Eng ST
Haluk Bilginer, Melisa Sözen,
Demet Akbag
Dir Dietrich Brüggemann/DE FR
2014/107 mins/German and French
wEng ST
Lucie Aron, Anna Brüggemann,
Michael Kamp
Christopher Nolan follows up The
Dark Knight Rises with this highly
anticipated space-exploration drama.
Interstellar chronicles the adventures
of a group of explorers who make use
of a newly discovered wormhole to
surpass the limitations on human space
travel and conquer the vast distances
involved in an interstellar voyage.
Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s Cannes film
festival Palme d’Or winner is bold
and visually impressive. Set in an
isolated mountain community in
Central Anatolia, the film focuses on
Aydin, a wealthy former actor who
now runs a hotel. Aydin is feeling the
pressure of trying to maintain his
relationships with his younger wife
and divorcee sister. His interactions
with the locals are equally stormy
and when a young boy damages
Aydin’s car, the community hits
breaking point.
Stations of the Cross is a wholly
engrossing exploration of religious
devotion. 14-year-old Maria has
been raised in a closely-knit
fundamentalist Catholic community
in rural Germany. At school Maria’s
piety attracts ridicule, and at home
she faces the constant disapproval
of her over-bearing mother. When
Maria meets a boy, her faith conflicts
with her burgeoning adolescence.
2001: A Space Odyssey (U)
Leviathan (CTBA)
From Fri 28 Nov
Dir Stanley Kubrick/US GB 1968/
150 mins
Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood, William
Dir Andrey Zvyagintsev/RU
2014/141 mins/Russian wEng ST
Alexey Serebryakov, Elena
Lyadova, Vladimir Vdovitchenkov,
Roman Madyanov
Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space
Odyssey is a regular fixture on
greatest films polls and is widely
regarded as the touchstone for
science fiction films since its original
1968 release. Co-written with Arthur
C. Clarke, the chilling fable raises
more questions than it answers, with
its heady mix of apes, outer space,
astronauts and computers. The predigital visuals are simply stunning,
with Kubrick drawing on the
expertise of NASA and the British
film industry equally.
Set in Russia, in a small, remote
town near the Barents Sea,
Leviathan is the story of one man’s
struggle against the corrupt local
officials who impose a compulsory
purchase order on his land. Kolia
defiantly refuses to give up his home
and business, and enlists a
childhood friend to help in his fight.
Nightcrawler (CTBA)
Dir Dan Gilroy/US 2014/117 mins
Jake Gyllenhaal, Bill Paxton,
Rene Russo, Riz Ahmed
Jake Gyllenhaal’s penchant for lowkey, edgy psychological thrillers
continues with Nightcrawler, the
directorial debut of screenwriter Dan
Gilroy. He plays Lou Bloom, who
enters the lurid world of freelance
crime journalism. Taking to the
streets of LA with the philosophy
‘good things come to those who
work their asses off’, he gets more
than he bargained for as he
becomes increasingly embroiled in
this murky, nefarious world.
The screening of 2001:
A Space Odyssey on
Tue 2 Dec includes an
introduction from
Peter Krämer. Turn to
p.27 for details.
Interstellar (CTBA)
Dir Christopher Nolan/US GB
2014/105 mins
Matthew McConaughey, Anne
Hathaway, Jessica Chastain
Eastern Boys (CTBA)
Dir Robin Campillo/FR 2013/128
mins/French, English and Russian
with partial Eng ST
Olivier Rabourdin, Kirill Emelyanov,
Daniil Vorobyov
The Eastern Boys are an antagonistic
gang of young men from across
Eastern Europe, who roam the
streets of Paris and hustle for punters
around the Gare du Nord. Muller is a
lonely 50-something whose
encounter with one of the young
migrants kick starts a challenging
and unusual relationship, which is
life-changing for both men.
The Grandmaster (CTBA)
My Old Lady (CTBA)
Dir Israel Horovitz/US FR
2014/TBC mins
Maggie Smith, Kevin Kline, Kristin
Scott Thomas
My Old Lady is a touching romantic
drama that makes wonderful use of
its Parisian setting and star-led cast.
Mathias Gold is a down-on-his-luck
New Yorker who inherits a large and
potentially lucrative apartment in
Paris from his estranged father.
Looking to sell the fiat, Mathias
heads to Paris but finds it inhabited
by long-term tenant Mathilde and
her overly-protective daughter
Chloé. Celebrated playwright Israel
Horovitz has adapted his own hit
play for his directorial debt.
(Yi dai zong shi)
Dir Wong Kar Wai/HK CN 2013/130
mins/Mandarin, Cantonese and
Japanese wEng ST
Tony Chiu Wai Leung, Ziyi Zhang,
Jin Zhang
The Grandmaster is the highlyanticipated new film from Wong Kar
Wai. Six years in the planning and
three years in the making, The
Grandmaster is an epic action feature
inspired by the life and times of
legendary kung fu master, Ip Man.
The story spans the tumultuous
Republican era that followed the fall
of China’s last dynasty, a time of chaos,
division and war that was also the
golden age of Chinese martial arts.
The Grandmaster is
part of the ATM14
programme. Turn to
p.24 for details.
The Green Prince (CTBA)
Dir Nadav Schirman/DE US GB IL
2014/95 mins/English and Hebrew
with partial Eng ST
This real life thriller tells the story of
one of Israel’s prized intelligence
sources, the son of a top Hamas
leader. Under the code name ‘The
Green Prince’, he is recruited to spy
on his own people for over a
decade. Focusing on his complex
relationship with his handler, this is a
gripping account of terror, betrayal,
impossible choices – and of a
friendship that defies all boundaries.
Guardian Reader Event: An
Evening with David Nicholls
Wed 1 Oct, 18:30
£12 full / £10 concs (buy ticket
and book for £25/£23)
Join bestselling novelist, David
Nicholls, for a discussion of his new
novel, Us. From the author of the
much-loved novel One Day, Us is
the story of Douglas Petersen,
whose son, Albie, is about to leave
for college, and whose wife of 21
The Way He Looks (CTBA)
(Hoje Eu Quero Voltar
The Way He Looks is the debut
feature-length film from awardwinning filmmaker Daniel Ribeiro,
who won the Iris Prize for the short
film, I don’t want to go home.
We are pleased to welcome director
Daniel Ribeiro for a post-screening Q&A.
In Conversation with Screenwriter Agnès de Sacy
Nicholls will be in conversation with
Guardian writer and critic Alex Clark.
Supported by Manchester Metropolitan University’s Institute for Humanities and Social Science Research, and the
Alliance française de Manchester, the Official Centre for French Language & Culture.
Between Dog and Wolf:
The New Model Army Story
Fri 14 Nov, 18:20
Dir Matt Reid/GB 2013/92 mins
£9 Full / £7 Concs
Mon 13 Oct, 20:20
Dir Daniel Ribeiro/BR 2014/
95 mins/Portuguese wEng ST
Ghilherme Lobo, Fabio Audi,
Tess Amorim
Leonardo is a blind teenager trying to
live an independent life, whilst dealing
with his overprotective mother. He
plans to go on an exchange programme
abroad, but his blossoming feelings
for new student Gabriel make him
question his plans to move away,
much to the disappointment of his
supportive best friend, Giovana.
years, Connie, is planning to leave
soon afterwards. But first there will
be the summer holiday, during which
Douglas plans to win back the love
of his wife and repair his troubled
relationship with his son. The novel,
a bittersweet comedy about the
demands of parenthood and living
together, has been long listed for this
year’s Man Booker Prize.
Drifters: Live score from
Jason Singh (U)
Wed 12 Nov, 19:00
Dir John Grierson/GB 1929/
40 mins plus post-screening Q&A
Beatboxer, vocal sculptor and sound
artist Jason Singh performs a live
vocal score to accompany ‘father of
British documentary’ John Grierson’s
silent film, Drifters. The film follows
the dramatic daily routine of a group
of herring fisherman, as they endure
the unpredictable and often deadly
waters of the North Sea.
New Model Army has been one of the
biggest underground music artists
for over quarter of a century. This
documentary is the story of the band,
and in particular, their charismatic
and unconventional lead singer,
songwriter and founder Justin
Sullivan. His refusal to compromise
his principles has meant that his
audience has stayed loyal, and their
support has helped the band endure
some difficult moments.
We are pleased to welcome director
Matt Reid and New Model Army lead
singer Justin Sullivan for a postscreening Q&A.
Tue 25 Nov, 18:15
Free, booking required
Prominent French screenwriter and director Agnès de Sacy joins Manchester Metropolitan University’s Isabelle
Vanderschelden for an informal discussion on screenwriting in France and the unique nature of her work. In particular
de Sacy will discuss her collaboration with well-known directors, including Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, with whom she
wrote three films, It’s Easier for a Camel… (Il est plus facile pour un chameau), Actrices and A Castle in Italy (Château
en Italie). The discussion will be in English and the event will be followed by a special screening of Bruni Tedeschi’s
latest film, A Castle in Italy, with an introduction by de Sacy.
A Castle in Italy (CTBA)
(Un château en Italie)
It’s Easier for a Camel... (12A)
(Il est plus facile pour un chameau...)
Thu 25 Nov, 20:20
Dir Valeria Bruni Tedeschi/FR 2013/104 mins/French,
Italian and English with partial EngST
Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Louis Garrel, Filippo Timi
Thu 27 Nov, 18:20
Dir Valeria Bruni Tedeschi/FR IT 2003/110
mins/French and Italian wEng ST
Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Chiara Mastroianni,
Jean-Hugues Anglade
Valeria Bruni Tedeschi writes, directs and stars in this
engaging story of a family that is falling apart at the
seams and a woman trying to keep it all together and
find love. Louise is a former actress, struggling to keep
her family intact as they face financial difficulty, ill health
and an uncertain future. A Castle In Italy is a cinematic
treat, with stunning shots of both Italy and France.
Federica is a wealthy woman who finds little joy in her
family’s money. Weighed down by her future inheritance,
the tangled relationships of the people around her and
her own sense of guilt, Federica tries to find comfort in
her imagination and daydreams where reality becomes
perfect and wonderful.
This screening will be introduced by screenwriter Agnès
de Sacy.
Using techniques of pre-recorded
vocal sequences, live vocal processing
and sampling, Jason will create a
sonic backdrop of ambient textures,
experimental atmospheres and
rhythms created solely by the use of
the voice to accompany the film.
Originally a Cornerhouse Micro
Commission supported by Paul
Hamlyn Foundation.
Playtime (U)
Thu 20 Nov, 17:50 and Sun 23 Nov,
Dir Jacques Tati/FR IT 1967/
125 mins/French, English and
German with partial Eng ST
Jacques Tati, Barbara Dennek,
Rita Maiden
Jacques Tati’s gloriously
choreographed and almost wordless
comedies reached their peak with
Playtime, which follows American
tourist Barbara and befuddled
NT Live: Frankenstein
(Encore) (15)
Frenchman Monsieur Hulot, as they
attempt to negotiate a bafflingly modern
Paris – with highly comic results.
Crammed with visual gags and an
unconventional use of sound, Playtime
is a lasting testament to a modern era
tiptoeing on the edge of oblivion.
Thu 30 Oct, 18:45
Thu 4 Dec, 17:30
£15 full / £13 concs
This annual favourite from Oscarwinner Danny Boyle (Trainspotting,
Slumdog Millionaire) stars Benedict
Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller
in alternating roles as Victor
Frankenstein and his creation.
The screening on Thursday 20
November will be accompanied by a
discussion with the artists involved
in our Tati-inspired closing
exhibition. Turn to p.7 for details.
Benedict Cumberbatch stars as
Creature on Thursday 30 October.
Jonny Lee Miller stars as Creature
on Thursday 4 December.
NT Live: JOHN (18)
NT Live: Treasure Island (live)
Tue 9 Dec 2014
Doors 19:45, Performance 20:00
£15 full / £13 concs
Thu 22 Jan 2015
Doors 18:45, Performance 19:00
£15 full / £13 concs / £10 children
under 16
Internationally renowned DV8
Physical Theatre bring their powerful
new production to the National
Theatre. The production authentically
depicts real-life stories, combining
movement and spoken word to
create an intense, moving theatrical
experience. Lloyd Newson, DV8’s
Artistic Director, interviewed more
than 50 men asking them frank
questions, initially about love and
sex. One of those men was John...
Robert Louis Stevenson’s story of
murder, money and mutiny is
brought to life in a thrilling new stage
adaptation by Bryony Lavery,
broadcast live from the National
Theatre. On a dark, stormy night, the
inn-keeper’s granddaughter, Jim,
opens the door to a terrifying
stranger. Jim invites him in – and her
dangerous voyage begins.
Watch new and rarely seen artist film and video in this series of screenings
from the Institute of Contemporary Arts.
All films in the ICA Artists’ Moving Image Network are priced at
£6 full / £4.50 concs.
M (PG)
Sun 30 Nov & Wed 3 Dec
Dir Fritz Lang/DE 1931/111 mins/
German wEng ST
Peter Lorre, Otto Wernicke,
Gustaf Gründgens
All films in this season will begin at the advertised time.
Withnail & I (15)
Presented in partnership with the ICA with support from The Foyle Foundation.
For more information visit ica.org.uk
Ryan Trecartin (CTBA)
Loretta Fahrenholz (CTBA)
Continental Drift (CTBA)
Sun 26 Oct, 13:00
Mon 17 Nov, 17:20
Mon 8 Dec, 19:00
LA-based artist Ryan Trecartin
began releasing his high-octane
video work on YouTube in the mid2000s. Referencing popular
television and feature film, Trecartin
uses a range of surreal narratives to
shine a spotlight on American youth
culture and its contradictions and
nuances. The resulting works are
often heavy with irony and popculture motifs.
Loretta Fahrenholz’s films are diverse
in subject matter, often arising
through close collaboration with her
subjects. The act of revealing social
conditions through the fictional
interpretation of true events is at the
heart of her filmmaking practice, and
her juxtaposition of pop culture
references with intense human
interactions creates an uneasy
presence on screen.
This group screening explores our
relationships with urban and rural
spaces, focusing on the roles of
location, time and memory in
shaping the connections we make
with places. Referencing sociality
and nationality, the group reveal a
variety of perspectives on territory,
landscape and national borders,
while others capture the universal
languages of geological and manmade terrains.
Our popular, ongoing
programme brings cinema
classics to the big screen
every month – with each
film showing on a Sunday
at 12:00 and the following
Wednesday at 13:30.
There are informal postscreening discussions
following the Wednesday
screenings – see our
website for details.
If you’d like to enjoy
breakfast or an early lunch
in our Café before feasting
your eyes, then please
arrive early to avoid
Sun 19 & Wed 22 Oct
Dir Bruce Robinson/GB 1987/
107 mins
Richard E. Grant, Paul McGann,
Richard Griffiths, Ralph Brown
Two unemployed actors, the
acerbic, elegantly wasted Withnail
and the anxiety-ridden Marwood
(the “I” of the title), drown their
frustrations in booze, pills and lighter
fluid. When Withnail’s Uncle Monty
offers them his cottage, they escape
the squalor of their London flat for a
week in the country, but soon realise
their mistake when their wits and
friendship are sorely tested by
violent downpours, less-thanhospitable locals and empty
The prototype of both the serial killer
film and the police procedural drama,
Fritz Lang’s first sound masterpiece
tells the story of the hunt for a child
murderer on the streets of Berlin, who
is brilliantly played by Peter Lorre in
one of his final performances.
Caught between the last days of the
Weimar Republic and the arrival of
Nazi power, the director gives us a
compelling and unvarnished portrait
of the city's dark side.
War of the Worlds (PG)
Sun 14 & Wed 17 Dec
Dir Byron Haskins/US 1953/86
mins/English and Spanish with
partial Eng ST
Gene Barry, Ann Robinson, Les
Turn to p.26 for details.
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (U)
Le jour se lève (PG)
Branded to Kill (18)
Sun 5 & Wed 8 Oct
Dir Seijun Suzuki/JP 1967/93
mins/Japanese wEng ST
Jô Shishido, Kôji Nanbara,
Isao Tamagawa
The 2014 Film London
Jarman Award (CTBA)
150 mins
Tue 28 Oct, 18:00
The 2014 Jarman Award Touring
Programme presents a selection of
films by the ten artists shortlisted for
this year’s prestigious Jarman
Award, including John Akomfrah,
Steven Claydon, Redmond
Entwistle and Jane Pollard, Rachel
Reupke and Ursula Mayer.
The programme brings together
single screen works from each of the
shortlisted artists and celebrates a
rich and eclectic array of work,
offering a comprehensive survey of
the work and practice of UK-based
moving image artists. The winner will
be announced at a special event on
Monday 8 December at the
Whitechapel Gallery.
Image Still from 20,000 Days on Earth by
Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard.
The Film London Jarman Award is
presented in partnership with
Channel 4 and in association with
the Whitechapel Gallery. The touring
programme is supported by VET
postproduction and training.
For more information visit
We are pleased to welcome artist
filmmaker Redmond Entwistle for a
post-screening Q&A.
Shot in cool monochrome with
beguiling visuals, Branded to Kill is
an effortlessly cool crime film with a
jazzy score. It tells the story of
laconic yakuza Hanada (aka ‘No. 3
Killer’), the third rated hit-man in Japan
who takes an impossible job from
the mysterious, death obsessed
Misako. When Hanada bungles the
hit, he finds himself the target of his
employers, and a bullet ridden
journey leads him to face the No.1
Sun 2 & Wed 5 Nov
Dir Marcel Carné/FR 1939/92
mins/French wEng ST
Jean Gabin, Jacqueline Laurent,
Marcel Carné offers up a superlative
example of French poetic realism.
This doomed romantic melodrama
stars the great Jean Gabin as
François who, in the film’s opening
scenes fatally shoots a man.
Trapped in his room and surrounded
by police, François looks back at the
events that brought him to such a
predicament, particularly his love for
Françoise, an orphan like him.
Sun 21 Dec
Dir Steven Spielberg/US
1982/115 mins
Henry Thomas, Drew Barrymore,
Peter Coyote
Join us on a classic 80s childhood
adventure in Spielberg’s much-loved
family sci-fi and see lonely young
Elliott make a friend for life in E.T.
Also catch classic films
Rebecca (Wed 29 Oct,
18:15) and The Elephant
Man (Wed 19 Nov, 18:15)
this quarter.
We are delighted to
present the official film
programme for Asia
Triennial Manchester 14
(ATM14). This year’s
selection includes a
special focus on Hong
Kong cinema alongside
contemporary and classic
Chinese mainland films.
ATM14 is a festival of visual
culture that features a
series of exhibitions, films,
events, talks and workshops
by international and UK
artists, at venues across
the city.
Curated by Cornerhouse and HOME
Artistic Director, Sarah Perks, and
Andy Willis, Reader in Film Studies
at the University of Salford, as part
of a city-wide ATM14 programme.
For full programme details visit
asiatriennialmanchester.com and
The ATM14 film programme is
supported by the Hong Kong
Economic and Trade Office, London,
with additional support from
Confucius Institute at the University of
Manchester. Presented in association
with Chinese Film Forum UK.
UK Premiere/
The White Storm (CTBA)
Sat 4 Oct, 20:20
Dir Benny Chan/CN HK 2013/140
mins/Cantonese, English and Thai
with partial Eng ST
Ching Wan Lau, Louis Koo, Nick
ifva 20th Year Selection
Screening (CTBA)
UK Premiere/
Two for the Night (CTBA)
Date TBC
Tue 11 Nov, 18:20
Dir Ivy Ho/HK 2014/96
mins/Cantonese wEngST
Derek Tsang, Ai Wai, Bonnie Xian,
Shaun Tam
This specially selected programme
of short films celebrates 20 years of
Hong Kong’s Incubator for Film &
Visual Media (ifva), organised by the
Hong Kong Arts Centre. Founded in
1995, ifva serves as a platform that
actively promotes and encourages
creative talents in Asia, making short
films, videos, animation and
interactive media. With a cuttingedge vision and highlighting
independent spirit, ifva has evolved
to promote different visual cultures
while exploring the boundless
potential of creative media.
Rigor Mortis (CTBA)
(Geung si)
Sat 27 Sep, 21:00
Dir Juno Mak/HK 2013/105 mins/
Cantonese wEng ST
Anthony Chan, Chin Siu-Ho,
Kara Hui
A down-on-his-luck movie star
moves into a rundown tower block
inhabited by ghosts, spirits and
vampires, in this highly stylised
horror film that draws on Chinese
traditions of the supernatural.
Written and directed by rising star
Juno Mak, Rigor Mortis has
breathed new life into the Hong
Kong horror film.
With thanks to Metrodome.
Spring in a Small Town (U)
(Xiao cheng zhi chun)
Sun 28 Sep, 12:30 Wed 1 Oct, 13:30
Dir Fei Mu/CN 1948/98 mins/
Mandarin wEng ST
Wei Wei, Shi Yu, Li Wei, Zhang Hongmei
Set in the aftermath of the SinoJapanese War (1937-45), Spring in a
Small Town tells the story of the
once prosperous Dai family. Having
lost much of their wealth during the
war, Liyan and Yuwen’s once-happy
marriage has gradually fallen into
disrepair, further complicated by
Liyan’s mysterious illness. Lost in
nostalgia for better times, Liyan
becomes a shadow of his former
self, and Yuwen finds herself slowly
falling for the handsome doctor who
arrives to help her husband.
Benny Chan delivers an old-school
style, star-driven, Hong Kong action
movie that is clearly inspired by the
greats of the 80s and 90s. Three
boyhood friends, now in the
narcotics squad and soon to be
pitted against each other, are
seeking to bring down ruthless drug
lord Eight Faced Buddha. With a
series of twists and turns, The White
Storm is a muscular, high-octane
thriller that really delivers.
UK Premiere/
May We Chat (CTBA)
(Mei Gaau Siu Nui)
Tue 7 Oct, 18:20
Dir Philip Yung/HK 2014/100 mins/
Cantonese wEngST
Irene Wan, Mak Tak-Wo, Rainky Wai,
Kabby Hui, Heidi Lee
Director Philip Yung’s second film is
a tough, uncompromising and
visually striking tale of contemporary
Hong Kong youth. It revolves around
three young women with very
different lives who discover an
unlikely connection through their use
of social media. When one of them
finds themself in extreme danger they
have to draw on all their reserves to
help. Yung’s film is driven by a trio of
vibrant and energetic performances
and creates a surprisingly hardedged view of young people’s lives
in a modern city.
This screening will be introduced by
Andy Willis, Reader in Film Studies
at the University of Salford.
We hope to welcome Teresa Kwong
(Hong Kong Arts Centre) to introduce
the screening.
The Way We Dance (CTBA)
Thu 23 Oct, 18:20
Dir Adam Wong/HK 2013/110
mins/Cantonese wEng ST
Singh Hartihan Bitto, Babyjohn
Choi, Janice Fan
How far will you go for dance?
Aspiring street dancer Fleur will do
almost anything to challenge the
dominance of Hong Kong’s greatest
crew The Rooftoppers, even if it
means joining forces with ‘dickhead
Alan’ – an unfashionable Tai Chi
teacher. A street dance movie Hong
Kong style that is corny as hell, but
unbelievably good fun.
Devils on the Doorstep (CTBA)
(Guizi lai le)
Letters from the South (CTBA)
(Nan fang lai xin)
Sun 19 Oct, 16:00
Dirs Tsai Ming-Liang, Tan Chui Mui,
Royston Tan, Midi Z, Sun Koh, and
Aditya Assarat/MM SG TH MY CN
2013/105 mins/Mandarin wEng ST
Lu Huang, Kang-sheng Lee
Six Chinese-born filmmakers living in
South-East Asia each made a short
film to represent their feelings about
their homeland. Among them, Aditya
Assarat’s Now Now Now relates a
Chinese-Thai schoolgirl’s meeting
with her cousin from mainland
China; Royston Tan’s Popiah explores
Chinese culinary traditions, while
Tsai Ming-Liang’s Walking on Water
casts a contemplative reflection on
the building where he grew up. As a
collection, Letters from the South
offers a series of poetic meditations
on Chinese diaspora that present a
broad perspective of Chinese
cultural identities in Asia today.
With thanks to Day for Night.
Mon 3 Nov, 20:20
Dir Jiang Wen/CN 2000/139
mins/Mandarin, Japanese and
English with partial Eng ST
Jiang Wen, Kenya Sawada,
Jiang Yihong
Undoubtedly a landmark in
contemporary Chinese cinema,
Devils on the Doorstep centres on
those living in the shadow of
Japanese occupation. One dark
night, the unexpected and
unwanted arrival of two prisoners
throws the villagers of the RackArmour Terrace into confusion.
When extreme solutions are
suggested, everyone involved has to
reflect on their humanity. Winner of
the Grand Prix at the Cannes film
festival, after having been smuggled
out of China, Jiang’s celebrated jet
black comedy is presented here in a
new print.
Award winning scriptwriter and
director Ivy Ho returns with this
Hong Kong crime story. A sexually
motivated abduction leads to a car
crash that brings together the lives
of police officers, criminals and
innocent members of the public on
an eerily empty Hong Kong night.
Rising star Derek Tsang leads an
ensemble cast in a film that proves
top-notch, noir tinged contemporary
crime drama emanates from lands
beyond Scandinavia.
This screening will be introduced by
Andy Willis, Reader in Film Studies
at the University of Salford.
With thanks to Radio Television
Hong Kong.
Closing Gala/UK Premiere/
Flowing Stories (CTBA)
Wed 19 Nov, 20:40
Dir Jessey Tsang/HK 2014/97
mins/Cantonese wEng ST
Big Blue Lake director Jessey Tsang
returns from her Best New Director
win at the 31st Hong Kong Film
Awards with moving documentary,
Flowing Stories. The film trots the
globe to track the lives of
descendants from Jessey Tsang’s
home village in rural Hong Kong.
Some have stayed in Ho Chung,
while others have travelled in search
of better opportunities. A once-adecade ancestral ritual, where the
diaspora return to celebrate their
roots, provides the point from which
Jessey Tsang explores the villagers’
divergent paths.
We are pleased to welcome director
Jessey Tsang for a post-screening
From October – December, Cornerhouse presents a specially curated programme of films and events to transport
audiences into the weird and wonderful world of science fiction. This season is supported by Film Hub North West
Central as part of the overall BFI UK-wide Sci-Fi season Days of Fear and Wonder.
Sat 15 Nov - Sun 16 Nov, 21:00 – 09:00
Join us for Insomniac Invasion, twelve hours of classic
and cult Sci-Fi. Settle into Cinema 1 for a night of
cyborgs, monsters and post-apocalyptic worlds. Don’t
miss the legendary Late August at the Hotel Ozone in
this rare cinema screening, and who can resist Flash
Gordon on the big screen?
“We have had the end of
the world with us ever
since the world began.”
Anthony Burgess,
Apocalypse and After
It’s a classic theme of
science fiction: the end of
the world as we know it.
This selection of films and
events explores some of
the film and literature of
the great science fiction
age, from the 1930s to
the end of the 1960s, and
shows how the fears that
drive them remain
current, even today.
Curated in collaboration with the
International Anthony Burgess
Foundation. For more information
on their work and for full details of
accompanying events visit
Things to Come (PG)
Sat 25 Oct, 18:20
Dir William Cameron Menzies/GB
1936/100 mins
Raymond Massey, Ralph
Richardson, Cedric Hardwicke,
Edward Chapman
As the acknowledged pioneer of
science fiction in literature, H.G.
Wells’s ideas and themes have
been hugely influential. Based on
Wells’s novel The Shape of Things
to Come, this film is an eerily
prescient, epic fantasy about the
changes wrought on society by
total war, and the uncertain future
that new technology might offer.
Selected by Anthony Burgess as
one of his favourite films, its hopes
and fears are still fascinatingly
modern and relevant.
Anglia and author of the BFI Film
Classics study of Dr. Strangelove,
will be in conversation with Andy
Willis, Reader in Film Studies at the
University of Salford.
When Worlds Collide (U)
Dr. Strangelove or: How I
Learned to Stop Worrying
and Love the Bomb (PG)
Tue 4 Nov, 18:20
Dir Rudolph Maté/US 1951/83 mins
Richard Derr, Barbara Rush, Peter
Mon 1 Dec, 18:30
Dir Stanley Kubrick/US GB
1964/95 mins
Peter Sellers, George C. Scott,
Sterling Hayden
The dinosaurs were the last victims
of a comet crashing into the Earth,
but that hasn’t stopped us worrying
about it happening again. This special
effects-laden adaptation of the 1932
novel by Philip Wylie and Edwin
Balmer speculates how we might
deal with a catastrophic impact.
Anthony Burgess’s 1982 novel The
End of the World News is in part
based on his unused film treatment
for a later remake of this film. Those
meteors are hard to avoid!
Dr. Strangelove is the classic, biting
satire on the threat of total nuclear
annihilation starring Peter Sellers.
Based on the tense and earnest
1958 novel Red Alert by Peter
Byrant, Stanley Kubrick’s film finds
appalling comedy in the apocalyptic
madness at the heart of the whole
thing. You can’t fight in here: this is
the War Room.
Screening from a 16mm print.
The War of the Worlds (PG)
Talk/50 Years of Dr.
Strangelove: Still Crazy
After All these Years?
Sun 14 & Wed 17 Dec
Dir Byron Haskin/US 1953/86
mins/English and Spanish with
partial EngST
Gene Barry, Ann Robinson,
Les Tremayne
Mon 1 Dec, 17:15
£4 full / £3 concs
This discussion will explore the
lasting impact of Dr. Strangelove as
we celebrate the 50th anniversary of
the release of this Kubrick classic.
Peter Krämer will examine the critical
reception and audience reaction to
the film while considering what it
means to fans today. Particular areas
of focus include: the film’s inception,
Kubrick’s use of comedy and
contemporary understanding of the
film in relation to WWII and the Nazis.
Peter Krämer, Senior Lecturer in Film
Studies at the University of East
Peaches Christ’s Bear-barella
starring Lady Bear & Peaches Christ (18)
Sat 11 Oct, 21:00
We said it would happen again… and we meant it! San
Francisco drag superstar, filmmaker, and cult (movie)
leader Peaches Christ returns to the UK following her
infamous Cornerhouse debut in 2010, with an out-ofthis-world event celebrating the 1968 sci-fi
masterpiece Barbarella, directed by Roger Vadim. But
Peaches Christ isn’t merely screening the film; she’s
inviting you to join her and her cast of drag aliens for a
fully immersive and interactive experience in which
she’ll present her stage-show parody Bear-barella.
Starring San Francisco’s own Lady Bear in the title
role, a larger than life queen who’s tasked with saving
the Queerniverse from a wicked, knife wielding
villainous The Great Tired, played by Peaches herself.
This performance will be followed by a screening of
the classic 1968 film Barbarella.
Can’t get enough of Sci-Fi?
Check out our Matinee
Classics and Merry 80s
Christmas seasons (p.23
and p.28/9) for E.T.,
Ghostbusters and more!
The Terminator (15)
Sat 15 Nov, 21:00
Dir James Cameron/US 1984/107 mins
Godzilla (PG)
Sat 15 Nov, 23:10
Dir Ishiro Honda/JP 1954/96 mins/Japanese wEng ST
Late August at the the Hotel Ozone (CTBA)
(Konec srpna v Hotelu Ozon)
Sun 16 Nov, 01:10
Dir Jan Schmidt /CZ 1967/77 mins/Czech wEng ST
The Tenth Victim (CTBA)
(La decima vittima)
Sun 16 Nov, 02:50
Dir Elio Petri/IT FR 1965/92 mins/Italian wEng ST
2001: A Space Odyssey (U)
The War of the Worlds imagines
human responses to a remorseless
alien invasion. Providing the templates
for many imitators, the classic
adaptation of H.G. Wells's visionary
novel is still as influential and
relevant today, over fifty years since
its release.
Curated by Rachel Hayward, Cornerhouse Programme
Manager (Film & Film Hub NWC)
From Fri 28 Nov
Dir Stanley Kubrick/US GB 1968/150 mins
Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood, William Sylvester
Fantastic Voyage (U)
Sun 16 Nov, 04:50
Dir Richard Fleischer/US 1966/100 mins
Flash Gordon (PG)
Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey is a regular
fixture on greatest films polls and is widely regarded as
the touchstone for science fiction films since its original
1968 release. Co-written with Arthur C. Clarke, the
chilling fable raises more questions than it answers,
with its heady mix of apes, outer space, astronauts and
computers. The pre-digital visuals are simply stunning,
with Kubrick drawing on the expertise of NASA and the
British film industry equally.
Critic Roger Ebert described Kubrick’s masterpiece as
‘a stand-alone monument, a great visionary leap,
unsurpassed in its vision of man and the universe’.
The screening on Tuesday 2 December will be
introduced by Peter Krämer, Senior Lecturer in Film
Studies at the University of East Anglia and author of
the BFI Film Classics study of 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Sun 16 Nov, 07:00
Dir Mike Hodges/GB 1980/111 mins
Six films for £30 full / £27 concs
Cornerhouse Members: £27 full / £24 concs
Tickets for individual films are available at regular
prices (£8/6).
Please note that tickets for Insomniac Invasion films
must be bought and collected before Box Office closes
at 21:30 on Sat 15 Nov.
Late August at the Hotel Ozone and The Tenth Victim
are part of a UK touring programme of cult and artists'
Sci-Fi, curated by film-maker Ben Rivers and
presented by CINECITY for Film Hub South East.
This Christmas, go back in
time with our extravaganza
of fantasy, comedy, action
and downright farcical
films that evoke the spirit
of Christmas in the 80s.
Merry 80s Christmas!
Selected by Jennifer Hall,
Cornerhouse Programme
The Neverending Story (U)
(Die unendliche Geschichte)
Sat 6 Dec, 16:00
Dir Wolfgang Petersen/DE US
1984/94 mins
Barret Oliver, Gerald McRaney,
Drum Garrett, Darryl Cooksey,
Nicholas Gilbert
When Bastian Bux, a quiet boy who
loves to read, is chased by bullies on
his way to school, he hides in a
nearby bookstore. There he finds
The Neverending Story, a mysterious
volume that seems to have magical
powers. As Bastian begins reading,
he is transported to the land of
Fantasia, a world in need of a hero.
Ghostbusters (12A)
Labyrinth (U)
Willow (PG)
Big Trouble in Little China (15)
Thu 11 Dec, 18:10 and Mon 15 Dec,
Dir Ivan Reitman/US 1984/105 mins
Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney
Weaver, Harold Ramis, Annie Potts,
Rick Moranis
Sat 13 Dec, 13:10 and Thu 18 Dec,
Dir Jim Henson/GB US 1986/
101 mins
David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly
Date TBC
Dir Ron Howard/US 1988/125 mins
Val Kilmer, Joanne Whalley,
Warwick Davis, Jean Marsh
Sat 20 Dec, 20:40
Dir John Carpenter/US 1986/
99 mins
Kurt Russell, Kim Cattrall,
Dennis Dun, James Hong
Through dangers untold and hardships
unnumbered, spoilt teen Sarah
accidentally transports her baby
brother to the faraway realm of the
Goblin King. Sarah must negotiate
the riddles, traps and outlandish
creatures that live within the labyrinth,
in a race against time to get him
back. This bewitching, deliciously
terrifying world was created by the
Jim Henson Creature Shop and was
the last feature film to be directed by
the legendary man himself.
From legendary filmmakers George
Lucas and Ron Howard comes one
of the most beloved fantasy tales of
all time. This ground-breaking film
features stunning special effects,
dazzling action and a classic battle
between good and evil. When young
Willow Ufgood finds an abandoned
baby, he is thrust into an adventure
filled with magic and danger, battling
against the evil sorceress Queen
Bavmorda and her forces of
darkness, who believe the child is
destined to destroy the Queen.
When three professors of paranormal
psychology lose their research
grant, they decide to open their own
business as ‘Ghostbusters’. This 80s
classic comedy answers the age old
question…“who ya gonna call?”
Tough-talking, wisecracking truck
driver Jack Burton is a reasonable
guy who is about to experience
some unreasonable things in San
Francisco’s Chinatown. When his
friend’s fiancée is kidnapped by Lo
Pan, a 2000-year-old magician who
rules an empire of evil spirits, Jack
becomes embroiled in a centuriesold battle between good and evil.
One of Carpenter’s most enjoyable
and best loved films, Big Trouble in
Little China brilliantly juggles
delirious set-pieces, comedy and
kung fu action with a razor sharp
script of corking one-liners. As Jack
would say “it’s all in the reflexes”.
Die Hard (18)
Planes, Trains and
Automobiles (15)
Sun 7 Dec, 18:10 and Tue 16 Dec,
Dir John Hughes/US 1987/92 mins
Steve Martin, John Candy
Neal Page is a highly-strung
marketing executive, who is trying to
get home for Thanksgiving. When
his flight is cancelled due to bad
weather, he meets Del Griffith, an
obnoxious, clumsy salesman and
blabbermouth. It turns out that they
are travelling in the same direction,
so Neal reluctantly ends up
partnering up with Del to find a way
to Chicago from New York City.
Fri 12 Dec, 20:00 and Mon 22 Dec,
Dir John McTiernan/US 1988/
132 mins
Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman,
Bonnie Bedelia
Bruce Willis is John McLane, a New
York cop who flies to Los Angeles to
join his estranged wife for Christmas.
When she and her colleagues are
taken hostage at the office by German
terrorists, led by Alan Rickman’s
scene-stealing Hans Gruber, John
must find a way to save the day.
Yippee ki-yay Merry Christmas!
Enjoy 80s films? The
Terminator and Flash
Gordon screen in
November and E.T
screens in December.
Turn to p.23 and p.27
for details.
Christmas wouldn’t be the
same without our annual
screenings of this classic.
It’s A Wonderful Life (U)
Sat 13 Dec – Mon 23 Dec
Dir Frank Capra/US 1948/131 mins
James Stewart, Donna Reed,
Lionel Barrymore
This ultimate feel-good festive
favourite, from Oscar-winning
director Frank Capra, stars James
Stewart as despairing businessmen
George Bailey. One fateful
Christmas Eve, George receives a
visit from Clarence, a celestial
messenger, who prevents him from
jumping into a freezing river. The pair
travel together through moments in
George’s life to show him what the
world would be like if he had never
existed. A genuinely tender and
enduring piece of yuletide cinema.
Concessions are available to
students, senior citizens, people
with disabilities and if you are
unemployed. Proof will be required
when purchasing or collecting
These listings are
available in large
print and audio CD
from Box Office.
Cornerhouse is a registered
charity and relies on the support
of a range of funding bodies,
business members and individuals
to continue its work.
If you need extra assistance or
further venue access information,
our Box Office staff will be happy
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space. Please call 0161 200 1500.
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Our courses offer you the
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ideas and issues at the
heart of our programme in
a relaxed and sociable
setting. Cornerhouse
members receive a £5
discount on all prices.
Introduction to Fashion
Starts Mon 13 Oct
18:30 - 20:30
£60 full / £45 concs, 7 weeks
Recognising the growing
significance of fashion studies in the
critique of contemporary culture,
this fascinating seven-week course
will introduce you to the study of
dress as a means of creating the
‘self’, making use of key theories in
art history and philosophy to explore
the essential nature of dress in
displaying who we are.
Throughout the course, you will
become familiar with key concepts
of the body, gender, sexuality,
ethnicity and class, and will gain a
broad understanding of fashion as a
form of visual art, and of the
culturally relevant issues that are of
interest to this field.
European Cinema Today:
Local, National and Global
Starts Tue 13 Jan 2015
18:30 – 20:30
£70 full / £50 concs, 8 weeks
This course will celebrate the recent
evolution in identity of European
cinema, focusing primarily on the
last 5 years. It will consider how
local, national and global influences
have shaped recent production and
its reception. It will also consider
new transnational influences in
terms of directors, stars and themes.
The course will include in depth case
studies from French, German,
Spanish and Italian cinema.
The course will include a screening
of One Zero One, a 90-minute
documentary that captures the
unique friendship between two drag
queens who light up the stages of
the international party circuit with
their boundless creativity and wellcalculated freakish-ness. The film
celebrates the lifestyles of the two,
whose individuality triumphs over
standardised normalisation and
societal expectations.
Beginners’ level – no prior
knowledge required.
Matinees (before 17:00)
Full £6 / Concs £4.50
Cornerhouse Members
£4.50 / £3
Evenings (from 17:00)
Full £8 / Concs £6
Cornerhouse Members
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Led by:
Alessandro Bucci, University of
Edinburgh PhD candidate in History
of Art.
The film programme is delivered in
partnership with Curzon Cinemas,
London’s leading independent
cinema chain.
Course screening: One Zero One
(Cert 18), Mon 27 Oct, 18:30.
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Carmen Herrero, Head of Spanish at
Manchester Metropolitan University;
Maggie Hoffgen, Freelance Film
Educator; Adalgisa Serio, Italian
Associate Lecturer at CDLCI and
author of Collana Cinema Italia; and
Isabelle Vanderschelden, Head of
French at Manchester Metropolitan
Beginners' level – no prior
knowledge required.
The Zochonis
Charitable Trust
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What does the Film Hub do?
Film Hub NWC was formed in 2013 as part
of the UK-wide BFI Film Audience Network.
The overall aim of the Hub is to enable
audiences to experience and build
knowledge of specialised film and
independent British Film.
Film Hub NWC has been awarded funds
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Film Hub NWC is managed by Cornerhouse
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Film Hub NWC membership is open to any
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The NWC central region is comprised of
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How do I join the Hub?
Membership is free and enables access to:
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