Carlisle Primary School
Number 19 ~ Week 6 ~ Term 4 ~ 18th November 2014
Dear Parents/Caregivers,
Next Assembly
It’s hard to believe that we are more than half way through the term already! It’s been a very busy term so
far and with the end of the school year fast approaching the teachers and students will be very busy.
Teachers are in the process of writing semester reports. Reports will be sent home with students on Tuesday
the 16th of December. This gives parents time to discuss the report with their child’s teacher if they have
any concerns or questions regarding student progress.
Carols In The Park will be happening again at Faulkner Park, Belmont this year on the 12 th of December,
starting at 6pm. Carlisle Primary School choir will be performing. This is a fantastic family event, with
various performances, fireworks and food stalls. Bring a picnic blanket and come along to support Miss
Prudnicki and the choir. A fantastic event, not to be missed.
Last week a selection of students from years one to seven attended the ROLA (Reading Out Loud)
competition at Ruth Faulkner Library. Our students competed against other schools in the area. Getting up
in public to speak is never easy, but all of our students did an amazing job and are to be congratulated on
their efforts and the manner in which they represented the school. We had 12 ‘medalists’, but special
mention must go to Zain Aslam, Sarah Robins and Isa Limpanyalers who won gold in their respective
divisions. A big thankyou to Miss Prudnicki and Ms Uphill for all the hard work that they put in to get our
students ready for the day. Please see photos and information on award winners on the back page of this
Class Placements 2015
Your child’s success and enjoyment of the whole schooling process is a very important consideration and
each year we offer parents/carers the opportunity to request placement for children who may have special
needs or concerns. Parents/carers must have an authentic reason for their request and examples are given
• The most common reason is to separate a student from a conflict situation with another student
• In some cases consideration is given to keeping certain students together for an extra year.
• Requesting a specific teacher is not an authentic reason.
Students do not repeat years of schooling in Western Australia. It is important that they remain in their age
appropriate social group and current educational practice is structured for students to learn at their
individual level within the normal class setting.
Requests must be made through the Principal and delivered in writing by Friday 28/11/14
Address your letter:
Private and Confidential
The Principal
Carlisle Primary School
Wednesday 19th November
(Week 6)
Hosts: Room 13
P&C Meeting
Tuesday 25th November
Yr 6 & 7 Aboriginal Students
Orientation Day @ Belmont C.C.
Wednesday 26th November
9.30am ~ 2.15pm
Volunteers Morning Tea
Wednesday 26th November
School Library ~ 10.30am
To Belmont City College
(Once Upon A Grime Play)
PP ~ Year 3’s 10.30am to 12pm
Yr 4 ~ Yr 7 1pm to 2.30pm
Important: Do not make the request through your child’s teacher.
Requests made through the class teacher are often not passed on to Administration. At times it is necessary
to make changes to classes at short notice and there is no record of the request. Teachers may leave the
school with that knowledge, leading to disappointment. Every effort is made to approve parent/carer
Kind Regards,
Next Assembly
Wednesday 3rd December
(Week 8)
Hosts: Room’s17 & 20
Sean Lavery
Acting Deputy Principal
Attention Parents/Caregivers
If your child/children WILL NOT be returning to Carlisle Primary School next year, please complete the slip below and
return it to the school office as soon as possible as this will help us with preparing classes for 2015.
My child/children ________________________________________will not be returning to Carlisle Primary School in 2015.
The new school they will attend is ______________________________________________________________________
Parents Name: ____________________________________________________
Date: _________________________
Around the World In Eighty Days.
This Semester, Room 16 has based their class theme on the famous Jules Verne novel “Around The World In Eighty Days.” We have
travelled the world and visited many countries. On our journey we have learnt about continents, oceans and climates. We have studied
the cultures, climate, geography and wildlife of many countries we have visited.
Our photos are a small snippet of the many amazing things we have learnt on our journey this semester.
This is a photo of Shontae with our research
reports on the beautiful black and white Panda
from China. We learnt that this beautiful bear
is an endangered species and lives in the
forest of China. They like to eat bamboo,
grasses, bulbs, insects and some fruit.
Kent and Nishu displaying their research work
they completed during our class technology
sessions. We researched about the amazing
sun bear and moon bear that are found in
We have gained an appreciation of each
country and its uniqueness.
Dragons play an important role in the culture and
celebrations of China. Dragons traditionally symbolize
special powers over water, rainfalls, hurricanes and
floods. The dragon is also a symbol of power, strength
and good luck.
Two of the most interesting tourist attractions in China
are The Great Wall of China and the Terrecotta
Warriors. This is a photo of James and Sascha with
Terrecotta Warriors we made in class. There are over
6000 Terrecotta Warriors , each armed with crossbows and with horses chariots at the back. They were
found buried beneath the ground in large pits.
Research wheels we complete as a group on
Ancient Chinese Inventions including the kite,
fireworks, gunpowder, paper money and the
Myka looking at the amazing art work we completed after
watching a series of documentaries on the wild life of China.
Another Chinese legend we read about was the Golden
Pear Tree. This story is about a young man who lived in
a village in China who was very nasty and selfish. He is
tricked by a clever magician out of his wealth and
becomes the laughing stock of the village.
A story from Russia of a young peasant girl
who displays much courage and bravery.
Ms Scott shared with us the legend of the Blue Willow
Print which is an old Chinese Legend. We had to draw
the plate making sure we included the details of the story
and then wrote our recount of the story.
Completing their research work on the Jaguar from
Brazil and The Taj Mahal from India.
Skylar Completing multiplication activities on
our electronic smart board.
Belmont City College Play
On Tuesday 2nd December all Pre
Primary to Year 7 students will attend
Belmont C.C to watch a special drama
performance by the Year 9’s. The play
is titled ‘Once Upon A Grime’.
Students will be bringing home a
permission note that needs to be
returned by 27th November along with
$2.00 to cover the cost of the bus.
Interschool Cricket Carnival
On Friday we took a team of boys
and a team of girls to compete in
the T20 Blast Interschool Cricket
Carnival at Middleton Park. Both
teams displayed some great skills
and sportsmanship and were a
credit to Carlisle PS. Well done to
all those students involved.
2015 Stationery Requirements List
Your children have by now been given their 2015 Stationery Requirements lists. The supplier is Office Max.
Please read through all of the pages of the order form thoroughly and follow the easy steps to order online.
Your order will be sent to your home address before first term if you order by the due date of 19th December. This really is the easiest solution for you.
Please Note: Carlisle Primary School has nothing to do with the ordering or supplying of the stationery requirements. It is all completed through Office Max.
Do not return your order form to the school. Any queries regarding the orders, payment, goods received, refunds, back orders or missing items must be addressed
with Office Max directly by phone on 1800 004 427.
If your child has not received a stationery requirements order form for next year, please come and collect one at the school office.
~ Important Dates ~
Tuesday 9th December ~ Whole School Presentation Night ~ 6.30pm
Thursday 11th December ~ Year 6 & 7 Graduation Assembly and Morning Tea ~ 9.30am
Thursday 11th December ~ Year 6 & 7 Graduation Dinner Dance ~ 6.00pm
Thursday 18th December ~ Last Day of Term 4 For All Students
Monday 2nd February ~ First Day Of School For Students (Excluding some Kindy Children)
Reading Out Loud Awards 2014
On Tuesday 11th November we took 2 students from each year group to compete in the R.O.L.A’s at the Ruth
Faulkner Library. Well done to all the students who participated. Our award winners are listed below:
Year 1 ~ Jett Watts -Bronze Medal and Ruby Kirkman Silver Medal
Year 2 ~ Onith Thambawita - Silver Medal and Sarah Robins -Gold Medal
Year 3 ~ Arkan Firdaus - Bronze Medal and Josie Campbell - Bronze Medal
Year 4 ~ Aidyn Hammond - Bronze Medal and Sascha Hess - Silver Medal
Year 5 ~ Zain Aslam - Gold Medal and Isa Limpanyalers - Gold Medal
Year 6 ~ Blair Brown - Silver Medal and Aisha Sidiqui - Bronze Medal
Special Lunch Order Day ~ Wednesday 19th November
Tomorrow, Wednesday 19th November is a „Special Lunch Order Day.‟
(The normal everyday menu will still be available)
Burger and a drink of choice is $6.50 total
(Choose from Chicken, Beef & Fish)
Our Canteen Only Sells ‘Healthy School’ Approved Foods
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