Fashion Marketing Internship at This Internship Lets You Do Both!

Fashion Marketing Internship at
Love Fashion Marketing? Want to Help Kids?
This Internship Lets You Do Both!
Not Your Typical Internship
No Filing
No Copying
No Fetching Coffee
Fashion Internship
with, a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit offers high-achieving students an
unparallelled opportunity to assume responsibility,
use their skills, gain experience, and make a
We welcome interns and volunteers to work in our
Manhattan office or remotely, full-time or part-time.
This Powerpoint will present the need, our work, and
the fashion marketing internship opportunity. To see
our many other internship opportunities, please visit
What Kids Have Always Needed
Today’s great fashion
designers would not have
succeeded had they not had
art supplies and other
resources in school.
Neither will today’s children.
We are engaging with the
fashion industry to help
today’s children get the
materials they need to
Yet, Budget Cuts Leave Classrooms Barren
TIME Magazine Reports:
“Many California teachers are scrambling to find fresh
ways to thriftily educate their students and maintain
their physically crumbling classrooms.”
They now spend $1,500 a year of their own money to
keep their classrooms afloat.
"I always ask business owners if they have pens with
their logo on them so that I can distribute them to the
students," says Nosanov Goldman, who has been
teaching for 22 years. "I've never had to beg like this." Offers an Easy and Efficient
Visitors to see what is needed.
They make tax-deductible contributions to help.
ClassWish ships the materials right to the school.
School Needs at 125,000 K-12 Schools
School Needs pages solicit and
facilitate donations toward 18
categories of resources for every
school in the country
3.6 Million Teachers
Teachers and PTA/PTO leaders easily
create Wish Lists
Visitors see what is needed and make taxdeductible contributions to help. Write-in
donations for any teacher who does not
yet have a Wish List.
Many businesses match employees’
donations, which doubles their funding
Materials are shipped right to the school
The Result: Kids Get the Resources They Need
Teachers Are Already Getting Support
Mr. Mansfield, University Preparatory Academy: $1,633.58
Ms. Irvin, Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School: $829.80
Ms. Peralta, Rocklin High: $809.68
Ms. Thorn, Deneen Elementary School: $733.60
Ms. Ilana, P.S. 290 Manhattan New School: $925.00
Miss Henggeler, Stadley Rough School: $1,000.00
Ms. Debes, Lincoln Elementary School: $1,000.00
Ms. Yacenda, Mott Hall Bronx High School: $763.59
Ms. McClellan, Gulf High School: $1,000.00
Ms. Lindsay, P.S. 112 Jose C. Barbosa School: $800.00
Ms. Guarriello, Waterside Children's Studio School: $1,943.91
Mr. Koning, White Lick Elementary School: $1,000.00
Ms. Buensuceso, University Preparatory Academy: $957.43
Ms. Guarriello, PS- 317 Waterside Children's Studio: $1,943.91
Ms. Lindsay, P.S. 112 Jose C. Barbosa School: $800.00
Ms. Huchins, Rison High School: $1,000.00’s Prestigious Board of Advisors
Richard Bernstein, former TIME and NY Times Bureau Chief
Nicole Baker, Director, Faith Community Relations, Teach For America
Scott Cutler, EVP, NYSE-Euronext
Ellen Dempsey, President & CEO, Teachers Network
Esther Dyson, investor and philanthropist
Hannah Fairfield Wallander, Sr. Graphics Editor, The New York Times
Adam Hirsch, former COO, Mashable
Mark Linaugh, Chief Talent Officer, WPP
Betsy Morgan, former CEO, Huffington Post
Autumn Nazarian, Sr. Partner, GroupM ESP Entertainment & Sports Partnerships
Karen Ostlund, PhD, President, National Science Teachers Association
Nancy Pelz-Paget, Director, Education Program, Aspen Institute
Greg Richmond, CEO, Nat’l Assn. of Charter School Authorizers
Sharon Robinson Ph.D., CEO, American Assn. of Colleges for Teacher Education
Steve Rosenbaum, CEO, Magnify Media
Tim Shey, Director, YouTube Next Lab at Google
Experts Endorse
“This nonprofit is a swift and inventive way
for communities to unite in support of the
tools that make learning more accessible for
all students.”
Sarah Brown Wessling
National Teacher of the Year
“ClassWish helps teachers get the supplies
that are so essential for children to get a
great education.”
Nancy Pelz-Paget
Director, Aspen Institute
Fashion Celebrity Campaigns
Famous fashion designers, artists,
musicians, actors, athletes, authors,
and scientists will appear on web
pages at and on
banner ads, which generate buzz and
help attract donated ad inventory.
Fashion Ads and Editorial Campaigns
We will secure donated ad
inventory and editorial
coverage from fashion,
entertainment, and lifestyle
magazines, websites, and
Fashion Cause Marketing Campaigns
For You
For Your Favorite Teacher
We plan to launch campaigns like this with a number of designers and retailers.
Consumers earn chances to win a wardrobe for themselves and for their favorite
teacher when they take measurable actions (visit a website, visit a store, tweet a
message, etc.) that benefit the designer or store or ClassWish.
Tight-knit school communities promote the viral spread of the message among
moms and teachers. We might replicate this with any number of fashion brands.
Engaging with Fashion Retailers
Our ClassWish decal campaign provides
any fashion retailer with goodwill and
customer loyalty when they donate and
display this decal in their store window.
Internship Opportunity
with, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit offers high-achieving students an unparallelled
opportunity to assume responsibility, use their skills, gain experience,
and make a difference.
Fashion Marketing Interns will:
• Recruit fashion industry leaders to our Board of Advisors
• Recruit fashion celebrities to appear in our campaign
• Work with designers, critics, editors, stylists, models, retailers, and
other fashion industry icons.
• Secure donated ad inventory and editorial coverage of our campaign
from fashion magazines, websites, and blogs
• Conceive and present cause marketing campaigns for the fashion
industry to engage with
• Use social media to raise awareness of all this
The Office Environment
ClassWish is, quite frankly, a great place to work. We get fantastic
interns from all over the country and all over the world, so the
atmosphere is energetic, creative, and fun. We value brainstorming,
initiative, sharing, and collaborating.
It’s also casual; we’re interested in your brains, creativity and heart.
Want to work in jeans, a t-shirt and flip-flops? Why not!
See what past interns have said about on the following
pages and at:
What Our Interns Say About ClassWish
ClassWish is the perfect internship for anyone who is looking to make a
difference and enjoy it. It provides flexibility for busy college schedules, allows
you to meet people from different schools and countries, and sometimes you
even get ice cream!
Taylor Digby, New York University
Interning at ClassWish the summer before my junior year at Columbia was a great
decision. I applied for a graphic design position, and to my delight, I was working
side by side with the Co-Founder. There are very few other opportunities in
Manhattan that give you first hand experience as an intern.
Natalie Jung, Columbia University
The independence I’ve had here has allowed me to contribute to ClassWish as a
developing nonprofit at the same time as I’ve gained valuable working
experience and perspective as an individual.
Mike Kardas, Brown University
To see more intern comments about ClassWish, please see
What More of Our Interns Say About ClassWish
It was a wonderful experience. I was able to learn great skills such as contacting
prestigious PR firms around the country, recruiting donors, and updating all social
media sites. There are many people working on all other sorts of exciting projects,
all of them with the goal of helping children get a better education. If you want to
make a difference, this is the place to intern.
Michelle Ioannou, Fordham University
ClassWish was most helpful in improving my interpersonal skills in a professional
setting. This will certainly come in handy when i continue my work with my
school’s admissions department come this autumn, and will certainly come in
hand post-graduation.
Greg Eichhorn, University of Nottingham
I loved getting the chance to interview applicants and determine what projects
they might be best suited for. The flexibility, personal attention, and rewarding
work make this internship an ideal choice for anyone looking to make a difference!
Renee Hooker, Rutgers University
To see more intern comments about ClassWish, please see
Your Internship Can Make a Huge Impact
• Raise awareness of the crisis in schools
• Generate donations and resources to improve education for students
What You Will Get Out of Your Internship
Develop skills and experience
Have a great time with other interns
Make a difference
Build your resume
Who, Where and When
ClassWish welcomes
outstanding HS,
undergraduate and
graduate students as
interns, as well as
college graduates who
want a great volunteer
opportunity that uses
their skills.
Work in our office
(very conveniently
located right across
from Penn Station in
in Manhattan ) or
Full-time or Part-time,
school-year or
summer -- we always
welcome more great
interners as we work
to help kids.
We Want to Hear From Outstanding Students
You can:
• Assume real responsibility
• Enhance your resume with a solid record of professional
achievement and community service
• Work with great people
• Help children get the tools they need to thrive
• Get a stunning recommendation
Our various internships focus on books, music, sports, art, science,
and other subjects, as well as graphics, communications, and
social media. See them at
and share them with your friends.
This is competitive! If you are an outstanding student, send a
short cover letter and resume to [email protected]