2014 Nunsense! for Only $25 NOV./DEC.

VOL. 36, NO. 2
9,516 Active Members • 46,970 Members Since 1979
An Afternoon of Nunsense!
for Only $25
On Wednesday and Thursday nights,
February 11th and 12th, Sports Leisure
Vacations, in partnership with the
Sacramento Theater Company, presents
Nunsense! This classic comedy show comes
to Sacramento for a short run on the smaller,
intimate stage at STC. It’s the story of Mother
Superior and her “interesting” assemblage
Just One Man’s Opinion..................................... 2
Clayton Place......................................................... 3
The Customers Always Write........................... 4
The Human Side................................................... 5
Casino Trips and Baseball.................................. 6
Day Trips.............................................................. 7-8
Teasers..................................................................... 9
New Vacations & Getaways..................... 10-13
The Barber Pole..................................................14
Tour Calendar............................................... 14-23
Coupons and Tour Updates...........Back Cover
Editor........................................... Mark Hoffmann
Executive Editor .........................Kevin Murphy
Staff Writers.................... P. Hansen, R. Goodge,
S. Angeletti & C. Whitehead, D. Anderson
Contributing Photographer.......... C. Galloway
of habit-wearing followers.
The Nunsense! musicals are
perhaps the most popular
series in musical theater
We can only accommodate
75 people each afternoon,
so get your tickets early. The
regular theater price is $40,
but Travel Club Members
and their guests can
purchase tickets for only
On Wednesday, February
11, we will offer a bus from
Roseville, Madison & I-80 and
Arden & Watt. On Thursday,
February 12, we will offer a
bus from Arden & Watt and
South Hills. The cost of the
bus is $25 per person.
To get your tickets… call
the Sports Leisure office today
(M-F, 8am-4:30pm). Curtain
time is 1pm. The Sacramento
Theater Company facility
is located within the Music
Circus Complex, at 1419 H
Friendly reminders… The
curtain is at 1pm and there
are no concessions. Eat lunch
before leaving home, or plan
lunch downtown before the
show (if you aren’t taking
the bus). The early curtain is
a plus for those wanting to
drive home before dark.
Tour Preview Day 2014
A crowd of nearly 600 attended morning and afternoon
sessions where nearly three dozen new vacation and tour
packages were unveiled. Our new 2015 catalog, Escape,
was distributed for the first time. There must have been
some magic on its pages, because sales records were set in
the days after its release, and several of the extended tours
were posted as sold out within two weeks!
Lisa Itel from Travel Oregon, and Heather Anderson of Travel
Portland (behind table) distribute complimentary Oregon goodies
to attendees at Preview Day at the Doubletree Hotel. Travel
Oregon and Travel Portland were our Premier Sponsors at this
year’s event, a reflection of the popularity of our Oregon tours.
Tour Planner/Director Scott Angeletti and Air Department Chief
Michael Downer take a minute to relax at Preview Day. And yes,
both of them are over 50!
9812 Old Winery Place, Suite 1 • Sacramento, CA 95827 • (916) 361-2051 • Toll-Free (800) 951-5556 • www. sportsleisure.com • CA Travel #2011549-40
Just One Man’s Opinion
A Review of a Preview
On September 6th we held our annual
gathering known as Tour Preview Day.
After finding a home at the Marriott Hotel
for nearly a decade, we decided to look for
a new facility. The Doubletree Hotel across
from the Arden Fair Shopping Mall was
our choice. (Important to note here that
because of the size of our event, only about
5-6 venues in the area can host Preview Day.)
A crowd of nearly 600 attended the two
shows. The larger facility meant we could get
all who wished to attend into two seatings,
instead of the previous three at the Marriott.
After deducting costs attached to
processing credit card payments for the
$10 admission charge, we were left with
$5,500 to share with a record five charitable
organizations. Each received a check for
$1,100. They are: The Mustard Seed School,
Providing educational opportunities for
homeless children, part of the Loaves and
Fishes Ministry; The Sacramento Valley
National Cemetery Wreath Project,
placing holiday wreaths on the graves
of local fallen warriors; The Sacramento
Senior Safe House, providing a safe
environment for abused, neglected seniors;
The Hope Flight Foundation, improving
access (by flight) to medical care for children
with life-threatening illnesses; and finally,
our own Chuck Evans Scholarship Fund,
honoring a college student in memory of
our colleague and friend.
We announced this year’s scholarship
winner at Preview Day. It is proudly one of
our own family. For a very long time (25
years) Christine Knight, a one-woman
graphic design shop, has created our
advertisements, newsletters and catalogs.
She has been a great partner. Two years ago,
when her oldest child, daughter Shelby,
applied for our scholarship, she was not
chosen. A that time, Shelby was still looking
at junior college, and the judges ruled she
was not eligible.
This year, on her way to UC Berkeley,
she applied again and was declared the
winner by a panel of independent judges
against several other worthy applicants in
an extremely close vote. We congratulate
Shelby Knight, recipient of this year’s
$2,000 Chuck Evans Santa Claus
We introduced our members attending
Preview Day to Tony Muia, who is our
guide for A Slice of Brooklyn, a pizza-stopbased sightseeing tour which is part of our
Broadway, Brooklyn & The Bronx tour
every spring; then showed a video clip taken
on one of Tony’s tours.
We brought back the popular Let’s Make
A Deal segment for a second year and gave
away some prizes to Preview Day guests.
All in all, the day was a success. It must
have been, because we shattered our
one day sales record on the Monday after
Preview Day. I sincerely thank all those
who attended, especially those who are no
longer active travelers, who came out to
share a hug with old friends. That meant
more than anything else.
Mark with Tom Romano, The Travel Guys taped a part of their
show at Preview Day
Sports Leisure Vacations / November – December 2014
Before We Cancel These…
Each year after the catalog
is released, there are always
surprises. Some tours sell better
than we expect (Bar Harbor to
Boston, Tulips & Niagara Falls,
The Rhine River Cruise), some
sadly, do not. Those that don’t
sell must be culled from the
schedule and replaced with trips
which hopefully receive better
“yes we want to go” reviews from
you, our travelers.
Listed on page 14, in The Barber Pole,
or Once Over Lightly column, are eight
trips which are on the bubble, under
consideration for cancellation. I call them
to your attention because each year, after
we go back and cancel some of our least
popular ideas, I always get a few calls from
people saying, “Why did you cancel suchand-such trip? I really wanted to go there
this year.” I of course respond, “Gosh, if you
had only registered sooner.” And the reply I
get is often, “I didn’t know I needed to sign
up that early.”
So, for the new kids on the block, yes,
you need to sign up that early. The popular
trips sell out quick, and the unpopular ones
are quickly scrapped. For some trips, the
difference between going forward (signing
contracts, paying deposits, etc.) and being
canceled is as few as 4-6 more participants.
Check out the list, and the comments from
the Tour Planners behind the tours, who
share what they think are the best reasons
to put that trip on your wish list for 2015.
Preview Day was a big day. It’s always fun
to see people I haven’t seen for a long time,
either because they aren’t traveling or just
aren’t on my trips. The day is hectic and the
many faces a blur, but a good blur. A friendly
blur if you will. We are listening and we will
make next year’s presentation even better.
The response from those who received the
catalogs in the mail also made new sales
records. Thank you.
If I don’t see you on the road before the
New Year, have a joyous holiday season.
If you are spending part of it with Sports
Leisure, all the better. Here’s to a successful,
healthy and prosperous 2015! And so it
Mark Hoffmann, CTP
Clayton Place
The second departure operates exactly one
week later on August 15-24. Here, too, you’ll
find a detailed day-by-day itinerary and
other information about this exceptional
vacation. Our stunning accommodations in
the manor house-turned-inn, Hendon Hall,
are nothing short of extraordinary. Certainly
most fitting for one of the Abbey’s esteemed
“Your Tour Guy,”
Clayton Whitehead, CTP
Vice President
PS: Halloween is behind us now and store
shelves are already stocked with Christmas
items. Is it too early to talk about Valentine’s
Day? Did you see the very special surprise
on page 1 from Cupid? We’ve teamed up
with our friends at the Sacramento Theatre
Company to offer you a chance to see its
production of Nunsense at a very special
price. The dates are February 11 or 12. Our
very special matinee performances begin at
1 p.m. at the STC Pollock Stage located in the
theatre complex on H at 15th Street adjacent
to the Wells Fargo Pavilion/Music Circus.
Enjoy the show!
Shelby Knight, our Chuck Evans Scholarship
Winner, with Clayton and her mother Christine
for the instructions I’m about to give you,
and penned our first entry! I’m afraid it’s
not the quickest path to read Ruth’s review
or add one of your own, but if you’d like to
say something about us for the world to see,
we’d be extremely appreciative.
Begin by logging onto www.necal.bbb.
org. (That’s the Northeast California unit of
the BBB.) On the broad, blue bar, select GET
CONSUMER HELP. This gives you a dropbox.
appropriate box. (You don’t have to type the
city because we’re the only one!) This brings
you to our business page. There are links to
latter, then type away!
Like it or not, the world is online. Sites like
these are an important avenue to support
companies you patronize and like. Plus it’s
a great chance to see your name in print!
While online, why not check out www.
sportsleisure.com? Attention Downton
Abbey fans, have you seen the news? We
now have two departures for this
exceptionally popular English vacation next
summer. Just select the INTERNATIONAL
link, then scroll down. (Tours are listed
chronologically.) There is still limited space
available on the original tour announced
in our Dream Book on August 8-17, 2015.
I took a call from a prospective new traveler
the other day. She began by thanking me for
our support of KVIE. “Not just my favorite,”
she said, “but also the best television station
in Sacramento.” (We couldn’t agree more!)
She pointed out that she had many friends
who travel with us regularly, all of whom
are extremely pleased with the experiences
they’ve had and the service they enjoy.
Yet, I could tell she was holding back on
becoming a traveler herself and asked why.
“Well, my daughter is extremely skeptical.
She’s concerned because you aren’t listed
on Trip Advisor – she thinks you might be
Trip Advisor is the social media leader
in online consumer critiques for the travel
industry worldwide. I often check its reviews
for services we’re considering. Sometimes
I add my own. But indeed, you won’t find
Sports Leisure there… nor any other tour
company. They don’t have a category for
us. I explained this to the caller, adding that
35 years in business made us anything but
“fly-by-night.” I hoped she would follow the
recommendations of her many traveling
friends and give us a try.
Whereas Trip Advisor doesn’t want you to
feel the love for your favorite tour company,
another organization does! We’ve been
a proud member of the Better Business
Bureau for more than 31 years, earning
full accreditation as well as its coveted A+
rating. Recently, the BBB launched a section
on its website for consumer reviews. Thanks
to Ruth Werner, who was the “guinea pig”
Blueberry and the Standing Stones of Stenness
Ralph Bunn, BPS Grand Prize winner for 2014
Orkney Islands, Scotland
Blueberry and the American Queen
Hilde Graebe, BPS winner for 11/14 Traveler
Red Wing, Minnesota
Sports Leisure Vacations / November – December 2014
The Customers Always Write
What a wonderful surprise that came in
the mail in the form of the Italy DVD. That
was so very kind and generous. Thank you
also for picking up the tab for the exit tax.
This was a trip of a LIFETIME experience
for Pete (George/Giorgio) and me. Gaia
definitely has been in our hearts and minds
since we left and returned to the US. We
have had a couple of tour guides in the past,
but she is a real jewel not only in her trade
but in life. She and you put a marvelous
trip together. Pete and I felt our group was
something very special. Your coordination
of all of this was outstanding. We have
been singing the praises of Sports Leisure
Vacations to all that have asked how our
trip went. We hope we can travel with you
again before you retire.
Most Genuinely, Pat and Pete Green
Ed. Note: Just to clear up any confusion,
Clayton isn’t retiring anytime soon. His 30
year contract still has a ways to go. And it
automatically renews. Thank you Pat and
Pete for your kind comments. Clayton
worked really hard before and during the
trip to make it special for his travelers.
Dear Michael –
Thanks to you and Mark for all the work
in getting us all home from Chicago last
weekend (return on the City of New Orleans
train trip). Kevin really earned his tips. I am
glad that I was one of those getting home
on Saturday. That is one of the reasons I
travel with Sports – you take care of all the
problems. Thanks again.
Judi Walker
Via the internet –
We recently returned from Planes, Trains &
Fireworks. Chris Galloway did a magnificent
job as the leader of our group. Many bravos!
The trip was excellent. The tour group was
made up of fine folks who looked out for
each other. We found the hotels clean, safe,
and comfy and enjoyed the various tour
stops: Glass Museum, Chinese Gardens,
Boeing, Fireworks, etc. We loved the very
scenic Rocky Mountaineer ride to Whistler
and the Peak-to-Peak Gondola ride there.
We found the Amtrak ride from Portland to
Tacoma slow and not very scenic; though
the train car itself was fine. The included
meals en route were good too, top notch.
The coach drivers were professional and
friendly. Thank you Sports Leisure Vacations
for a grand time.
Regards, Eleanor Wolf and Sherwood Rupp
Ed. Note: Mary Lou Batchelor, another in
the group, echoed your praises.
Hi Michael,
I just returned from the Bonnie Scotland
trip guided by Clayton. It was spectacular –
as usual, for Sports Leisure Vacations. This
was only my 3rd trip over the pond but thanks
to your special skills of working with United
to obtain my seat upgrade preference –
aisle, economy comfort (all 4 legs no less).
I arrived and returned in a better state of
mind. Yes – 4” of additional space makes a
difference if only in my mind (smile). Thank
you, Michael for going to bat for us. We
know we’re spoiled and appreciate it! You’re
the best!
Candy Lane
PS – I hope to fly first class at least once
someday to see how it compares to E.C. I’ll
let you know if the fresh baked cookies and
China are really worth it.
Dear Clayton,
Thank you so much for your generous
donation. We are off to an awesome start of
the 2014-2015 year. Our students will enjoy
some fun and very educational field trips.
Along with some fun hip-hop lessons! Every
donation is such a great help to our school.
On behalf of our students we thank you.
Sincerely, Lucia Vega
Loaves & Fishes, Mustard Seed School
Sports Leisure & Family,
I was so pleased to see so many of you
on Preview Day. My only regret is due to my
health I can no longer travel. I did enjoy my
travels very much and everyone was always
Sports Leisure Vacations / November – December 2014
so wonderful. Please continue to send me
The Traveler magazine. Thanks so much for
being so nice for 35 years. Bless you all.
With love, Matilda Greule
PS – Greg is the best bus driver.
Dear Mark:
Many thanks for a delightful afternoon
yesterday. You and the staff are to be
complimented on the program. I am sure
that it took many hours of hard work to put
it all together. You did look very good and I
was glad to see you looking so well.
I do want to thank you for the many
happy hours that I have spent traveling so
many places in the USA and abroad with
you and others on the staff. The trips have
always been well planned. I have been to
many fun and interesting places over the
years, and cannot say what was my favorite
place. I have learned about my country from
the trips as well as enjoying myself. The best
of all was meeting Art.
Thanks again for all you have done to
make my life happy and while I am unable
to do all that I used to, I wish you continued
happiness in your work. Keep on doing what
you are doing to bring fun into the lives of
others. Sincerely,
Harriett Orchard
Our office will be closed on:
November 27 & 28, December 25 & 26
and January 1 for the holidays.
If you have a comment, suggestion
or tour idea, we invite you to drop us
a line. Due to space limitations, not all
letters can be printed (others may be
edited). Mail to:
Sports Leisure Vacations
Attn: Mark/Clayton
9812 Old Winery Place, Suite 1
Sacramento, CA 95827
Or e-mail Mark or Clayton at:
[email protected]
[email protected]
The Human Side Learn, Laugh, Reflect
Nine Signs You’re Not
Compatible with
Your Travel Partner
1. Your Budgets Aren’t Equal
Agree on a budget before jetting off, and
decide if you will split everything down the
middle or itemize every meal and drink.
2. Your Planning Styles Are Different
There’s no wrong way to travel—but if you
want to schedule every day of a trip down
to the minute and your travel partner wants
to “see what happens” or “go with the flow,”
you’re bound to have problems.
3. Your Dining Preferences Don’t Match
That food truck may look tasty to you, but
if your travel partner wants to eat at a fancy
restaurant, one of you is going to be hungry
(or unhappy). Or, if you consider meat one
of the main food groups and you’re traveling
with a vegan, brace yourself for a few on-theroad arguments. Consider alternate dining
options, like preparing a picnic with food
from the local market, so that everyone’s
dietary preferences are met.
4. You Have Conflicting Sleep Habits
If you’re going to share a hotel room, you
and your travel partner will need to have
similar sleep patterns—lest you get the urge
to strangle your roommate, whose alarm has
been cycling through snooze for an hour.
5. You Have Opposite Activity Levels
One man’s idea of fun is another’s waking
nightmare. If you want to throw yourself off
a bridge on a bungee cord and your buddy
wants to take a bus tour instead, someone’s
going to be disappointed. Remember that
you’re not glued at the hip to your partner—
it’s okay to split up on separate day trips and
meet up later back at the hotel. You’ll have
more to talk about when you reunite.
6. You’re An Extrovert, They’re An Introvert
Some people think that “a stranger is just a
friend you haven’t met yet” whereas others
still remember “stranger danger.” This can
create tense travel moments when one
of you strikes up conversation with every
person you meet and the other wants to
keep to himself or herself. Let the less social
traveler retreat into some quiet time with
a book or headphones while the chatty
trip, you may have to agree ahead of time to
partner makes new friends, everybody wins!
split up for certain activities.
9. You Have Disparate Nightlife Preferences
7. You Aren’t Both Road Warriors
Picture your ideal night on vacation. Are you
Some people can handle a 10-hour bus ride;
out on the town? Or are you relaxing in your
others would rather pay (at any cost) to fly.
hotel room with a good book and an early
People get seasick, are scared of mopeds,
night’s sleep? If you and your travel friend
or refuse to pay for taxis when a perfectly
have opposing opinions, try to compromise,
good subway is available. Better make sure
maybe with a drink at a local lounge before
you and your travel companion have the
heading back to the room for some rest.
same ideas about how to get around your
destination before you head off. A few
conversations before
you book your trip can
alleviate any on-theroad tension about,
well, the road.
8. You Have
Dissimilar Interests
Can you visit four
museums in one day?
For you, it might be
fine to be on the go
from dawn till dusk,
but your travel partner
may be envisioning
an easier schedule.
Taken at Tour Preview Day – Last newsletter, we printed a poem penned by
Before you head Eva Trebilcock, one of our longtime travelers. Eva took great care to mention
out, each member all of the staff she knew. She didn’t mention Bob Veliky, our controller, because
of your travel group she had never met him. Pictured above are Eva and Bob being formally
should discuss their introduced to the whole audience during one the sessions at Preview Day. Love
you Eva, thanks for being a good sport. And for the wonderful poem!
expectations for the
New Computer User Trying to Set a Password…
Windows: Please enter your new password.
User: cabbage
Windows: Sorry, the password must be more than 8 characters.
User: boiled cabbage
Windows: Sorry, the password must contain 1 numerical character.
User: 1 boiled cabbage
Windows: Sorry, the password cannot have blank spaces.
User: 50bloodyboiledcabbages
Windows: Sorry, the password must contain at least one upper case character.
User: 50BLOODYboiledcabbages
Windows: Sorry, the password cannot use more than one upper case character consecutively.
User: 50BloodyBoiledCabbagesGoingWhereTheSunDoesn’tShineIfYouDon’tGiveMeAccessNow!
Windows: Sorry, the password cannot contain punctuation.
User: 50BloodyBoiledCabbagesGoingWhereTheSunDoesntShineIfYouDontGiveMeAccessNow
Windows: Sorry, that password is already in use.
Sports Leisure Vacations / November – December 2014
Casino Trips and Baseball
Christmas Wonderland
Eldorado Hotel & Casino’s Annual Holiday Show
2 Days • December 11-12
From the producers of Spirit of the Dance, the Eldorado Showroom
presents this holiday extravaganza of pure Christmas joy. You’ll
be taken on an unforgettable journey filled with tradition in this
glittering, dancing and singing seasonal spectacular. The show
features a dazzling cast, beautiful costumes, breathtaking scenery
and the highest kicking chorus girls this side of the North Pole! Stay
overnight at the Silver Legacy Casino Resort with a buffet dinner
included prior to the show. Stop at John Ascauga’s Nugget for some
casino play before heading home the following day. 225/250 Gold
Passport Points
$209 p.p./dbl.occ., $229 single
Dancing With The Stars Live!
Silver Legacy Resort Casino, Reno
February 6-7
The hit TV show presents your favorite stars live! in a brand new
dance spectacular. ABC’s leading entertainment show is bringing a
one-of-a-kind touring production to North America and its stopping
at The Silver Legacy Resort Casino in Reno. This all-new production
will feature a cast of the television show’s most popular competitors,
treating audiences to exciting and romantic performances. You’ll
see never before seen choreographed numbers as well as some of
the show’s most memorable moments re-created. As announced
recently on the show’s broadcast, Mark Ballas and Witney Carson
are the first two dancers revealed to be on the tour. More dancers
will be announced later. This show sold out in Reno last year. This
unforgettable event will include a buffet dinner before the show,
overnight accommodations and a three-hour casino stop the
following day before heading home. 300/350 Gold Passport Points
$295 p.p./dbl.occ., $335 single
Madame Houdini
Eldorado Hotel & Casino, Reno
2 Days • April 7-8
From the producers of the award-winning stage spectacular,
Magique comes a sensational and sensual new magic show. Madame
Houdini will astound audience members with her dazzling deceptions
and stunning aerial skills. Only a handful of strong, talented female
magicians have ever succeeded in the highly competitive field of
grand illusion. For the first time in the United States, audiences will
see one of the most glamorous and successful performers in the
world of magic when Madame Houdini (Hellevi Woodman) takes
the Eldorado stage. Stay overnight at the Silver Legacy Casino
Resort with a buffet dinner included prior to the show. Stop at John
Ascauga’s Nugget for some casino play before heading home the
following day. 250/275 Gold Passport Points
$229 p.p./dbl.occ., $255 single
Sports Leisure Vacations / November – December 2014
The 2015 Ballpark Express
It was another great year for baseball in the Bay Area with
the San Francisco Giants picking up where the Oakland
Athletics literally dropped the ball at the All Star Break and
winning it all in fine fashion with a Game 7 on the road. The
Giants taking the World Series for the third time in five years
equals a “dynasty,” right? Both teams had memorable seasons
and next year promises to be just as exciting with both playing
games right in our own backyard. Our Ballpark Express trips
will return next year and while preliminary game dates have
been announced, exact times are still a few months away. We
hope that seating prices and locations will remain the same
for next year but be assured we will continue to maintain the
relationships we have built over our long history with both ball
clubs to assure you our daytrips to Oakland and San Francisco
remain trips of value and convenience. Keep an eye out for
our full schedule of games and prices in the January/February
edition of The Traveler.
Looks like the Giants need to add another banner to the wall!
Spring Training with the A’s & Giants
5 Days • March 12-16
Seats remain to see the World Champion Giants and Oakland A’s
in Phoenix for Spring Training in the Cactus League. See page 15
for full details. $2175 p.p./dbl.occ., $2445 single
The Champagne Express to Tahoe
St. Patrick’s Day – Tuesday, March 17
Wear a bit o’ the green and find a leprechaun to lead you to
a pot of gold at Harvey’s Lake Tahoe on St. Patrick’s Day. Your
six hour stay includes a $20 slot credit and $7 food credit.
You must be a member of Harvey’s Total Rewards Program
to receive the bonus! $45
Day Trips and Theatre Outings
Christmas Shopping
in the City
Tuesday, December 9
Our annual trip to downtown San
Francisco to browse, shop, or just enjoy
the bright and festive window displays and
store decorations. Lunch is at your leisure in
Union Square with an optional visit to Pier
39 before returning home. $85
Christmas Lights in
San Francisco
Tuesday, December 16
Another annual trip to San Francisco
welcomes Christmas with a narrated tour
of the city, dressed up and decorated in
celebration of the holidays. Visits to see
lights all around the city and the Bay Bridge
Light Show will put you in the spirit of this
festive season. An early dinner is included at
Fog Harbor Restaurant on Pier 39. $126
The Peking Acrobats
Wells Fargo Center, Santa Rosa
Wednesday, January 21
Back by popular demand! Don’t miss
this awe-inspiring theatrical experience
featuring China’s most gifted tumblers,
contortionists, jugglers, cyclists, and
gymnasts with live musical accompaniment.
We’ll return to the historic Union Hotel for
dinner prior to the 6:30pm performance
with orchestra seating. $134
Angela Lansbury in
Blithe Spirit
Club Fugazi, San Francisco
Sunday, December 28
San Francisco’s longest-running staged
comedy show pokes fun at everyone –
politicians, celebrities and other folks in
the public eye. The songs are hilarious, the
dancing is wonderful, and the hats are really,
really big! Reserved seats are upstairs in this
historic theatre in the center balcony. Enjoy
an included lunch at Viva Pizza Restaurant
prior to the 2pm matinee. $161
Golden Gate Theatre, San Francisco
Thurs., Jan. 22 or Sat., Jan. 31
The 88 year-old stage, film and television
legend will reprise her Tony-Award-winning
role as Madame Arcati, an irrepressible
spiritualist who inadvertently summons
from beyond the grave the first wife of an
English novelist in Noel Coward’s popular
comedy. Our Thursday trip includes a nohost dinner stop at Pier 39/Fisherman’s
Wharf preceding the 8pm performance.
Our Saturday departure includes a no-host
stop for lunch prior to the 2pm show in
Union Square, returning home immediately
after the show. Orchestra seating for both
shows. As this show was announced by
email through our “By Invitation Only”
program, there is very limited space on both
departures! Thursday – $149, Saturday –
I Love the 49ers!
Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles
Saturday, January 17
Curious what $1.2 billion dollars looks
like when you spend it on building a new
multi-use facility? Then huddle up fans as
we go on a tour of the 49ers’ new home,
Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. The doors of
this state-of-the-art facility have opened
and we’ll be taking an in-depth tour. Visit
the 49ers Museum, where you can stand in
awe in the Hall of Fame room or check out
the interactive displays and view a short film
in the theater. Lunch will be hosted on the
way home. $135
Gallo Center, Modesto
Thursday, January 29
Travel back in time with this legendary
foursome delivering a note-for-note
theatrical event that is the next best thing
to seeing the Beatles. The show has been
expanded to include even more of the vast
anthology of classics such as “I Want to Hold
Your Hand,”“Hard Day’s Night,”“Sgt. Pepper’s
Lonely Hearts Club Band,” “Let It Be,” and
“Hey Jude.” Dinner at Shangri-La, our favorite
Modesto Chinese restaurant, precedes the
7:30pm show with orchestra seasting. $170
Beach Blanket Babylon
An Evening with
Garrison Keillor
Gallo Center, Modesto
Wednesday, February 4
America’s foremost humorist and social
pundit, Garrison Keillor brings his wonderful,
dry sense of humor to the stage. Mr. Keillor
has hosted his old-style, live variety radio
show, “A Prairie Home Companion,” almost
continuously since 1974, entertaining three
million people every Saturday night. Dinner
at Canal Street Grille is included prior to the
7:30pm show with orchestra seating. $184
Too Marvelous for Words!
The Songs of John Mercer
Gallo Center, Modesto
Sunday, February 15
If you enjoyed last season’s “Steppin’ out
with My Baby: The Songs of Irving Berlin,”
you won’t want to miss such timeless tunes
as “Moon River,” “Autumn Leaves,” “Black
Magic,” or “Come Rain or Come Shine.”
Actress-singer Linda Purl (from “Matlock”
and “The Office”) and cabaret chanteuse
Lee Lessack sing their way through the
heartwarming songbook of Johnny Mercer.
Enjoy brunch at Surla’s prior to the 2pm
matinee with orchestra seating. $156
Tuesday, February 17
Enjoy a day out in San Francisco with a
guided tour of Pier 39’s annual Tulipmania!
display with lunch on the pier at Neptune’s
on the Waterfront. Pause at Flora Grubb’s
Nursery, also in San Francisco, to learn about
small-space gardening and purchase a few
items for your own garden. $114
Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco
Wed., February 18 or Sat., February 21
Winner of the 2012 Tony Awards for Best
Score and Best Choreography, Disney’s
new musical is based on the newspaper
boy strike of 1899 and follows a band of
underdogs who become unlikely heroes
when they stand up to the most powerful
Sports Leisure Vacations / November – December 2014
men in New York. Our Wednesday trip
features a box lunch served en route to the
2pm show with time for a no-host dinner
at Pier 39/Fisherman’s Wharf following the
performance. The Saturday trip includes a
no-host stop for lunch in Union Square prior
to the show. Orchestra seating. Wednesday
– $159, Saturday – $179
Santa Rosa Pops: The Music
Wells Fargo Center, Santa Rosa
Sunday, February 22
ARRIVAL from Sweden, the world’s
leading ABBA tribute group, and the only
one sanctioned by ABBA, joins the Santa
Rosa Symphony for an afternoon of your
favorite hits, including “Take a Chance,”
“Mamma Mia,” and “Dancing Queen.” Lunch
at the Union Hotel is included prior to the
3pm matinee with orchestra seating. $154
Take the Train with Brunch
Sunday, March 1
Travel to Berkeley on board SuperCoach III
with mimosas served at your seat. A Buffet
Brunch is served at Hs Lordship’s Restaurant
on the bay at the Berkeley Marina featuring
fresh seafood, cooked-to-order omelets
and carved meats in addition to other hot
entrees. Return to Sacramento aboard
Amtrak’s Capitol Corridor. Leave Sacramento
around 8:30am and be back around 3pm. A
short day out but very tasty! $150
Toulouse-Lautrec in
Crocker Art Museum
Tuesday, March 3
Toulouse-Lautrec and La Vie Moderne:
Paris 1880-1910 brings the exuberance and
excitement of Montmartre to Sacramento.
With docents, experience the “joie de
vivre” of Paris through the colorful and
stylish works of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.
Equally skilled as a painter, printmaker and
illustrator, he captured the lifestyle of this
iconic city through memorable scenes of
cafes, dance halls, cabarets, theatres, and
portraits. Following an included seated
lunch at the museum, docents will present
a highlights tour of other collections. $118
Mary Poppins
East Sonora Theatre
Wednesday, March 4
Mary Poppins is capturing hearts in a
whole new way! The troubled Banks family
has sent a nanny packing before Mary
Poppins arrives on their doorstep. Using a
“practically perfect” combination of magic
and common sense, she takes the children
on memorable experiences, but even grownups learn a lesson or two from the nanny
who advises that “anything can happen if
you let it.” Featuring some of Disney’s most
memorable songs, you’ll be singing along!
Lunch at Christopher’s Ristorante prior to
the 2pm matinee. $128
San Francisco’s Scenic Seagull
Thursday, March 5
Follow the iconic blue seagull signs
through the neighborhoods of San
Francisco with our resident host and guide
Craig Smith. These signs were originally
designed to highlight the important sights
for visitors to the 1939 Golden Gate Expo
and Fair. Today you will enjoy a nostalgic
spin about town and down along The Great
Highway. Lunch is included at The Beach
Chalet, located on the Great Highway, across
from the ocean. $150
In the Mood
Wells Fargo Center, Santa Rosa
Sunday, March 15
Hop aboard the “Chattanooga Choo
Choo” and you’ll soon be “In the Mood” to
hear some great musicians “Sing, Sing, Sing.”
With 19 performers on stage, including six
singer-dancers, In the Mood is a fully-staged
tribute to Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey,
Benny Goodman, Frank Sinatra and the big
band greats of the 1940s. Lunch is served at
the historic Union Hotel Restaurant prior to
the 3pm matinee. $166
San Francisco Flower &
Garden Show
San Mateo Event Center
Wednesday, March 18
Welcome Spring with our annual visit
to the San Francisco Flower & Garden
Show. Experience spectacular full-scale
Sports Leisure Vacations / November – December 2014
gardens, seminars by master gardeners and
landscapers, and stroll the vast marketplace
filled with flowers, plants, and anything you
would need for a do-it-yourself project.
The show continues to delight and attract
visitors back year after year. Lunch is on your
own from a variety of food vendors onsite.
Dame Edna’s Glorious
Goodbye – The Farewell Tour
Orpheum Theater, San Francisco
Wednesday, March 18 , Saturday, March
21 or Sunday, March 22
In a side-splitting, historic finale,
Dame Edna Everage (Barry Humphries)
is capping a spectacular career spanning
50 years of bravura showmanship in this
farewell celebratory show. Surrounded by
spectacular sets and gorgeous, talented
dancers, Dame Edna keeps her audience
enthralled and “in stitches” with her sparkling
wit, mischievous wisdom and razor-sharp
banter. With her take-no-prisoners comedy
and hijinks, Dame Edna is not going out
with a whimper! Our Wednesday tour
includes dinner on your own at Pier 39 prior
to the 7:30pm evening show. Our Saturday
and Sunday tours are 2pm matinees and
include lunch on your own at Pier 39 prior
to the matinee. Seating for all tours will be
in the orchestra section. Yes Possums, join
us to see Dame Edna’s Glorious Goodbye
– the Farewell Tour. Wednesday – $155,
Saturday & Sunday – $180
The Count Basie Orchestra
Gallo Center, Modesto
Friday, March 20
In the history of jazz there is only one
bandleader with the distinction of having
his orchestra still performing sold-out
concerts all over the world. Count Basie
was and still is an American institution that
personifies the grandeur and excellence
of jazz. Led by trumpeter Scotty Barnhart,
and featuring vocalist Carmen Bradford, the
Count Basie Orchestra is going to swing!
Orchestra seating with dinner at the Canal
Street Grille included prior to the 7:30pm
performance. $159
The following tours are still being
considered for 2015 and beyond. If you are
interested in traveling to these destinations,
please call or email our office and ask to
have your name placed on the Priority
Notification List. If the tour materializes,
you will be among the first contacted to
oceans and continents 500 years ago. Spain
and Portugal are two of the most fascinating
countries in Europe with their unique Roman,
Moorish and Christian history and grand
seafaring legacy. September is the perfect
time to visit with pleasant temperatures,
fewer crowds, and the beginning of the
grape harvest!
The Sounds of Music in the
Rails Around Oregon
4 Days • Summer 2015
Theatre takes center stage in
Leavenworth, Washington, at the base
of the state’s Cascade Mountains,
reminiscent of an alpine village in
Bavaria. The mountains provide a
perfect backdrop for the town’s annual
production of The Sound of Music, in
addition to other shows during the
summer. Spend three nights at the
Bavarian Lodge, enjoy a traditional
German dinner, experience two or three
live theatre performances, and explore
this region of central Washington.
Laguna Beach Pageant
of the Masters
3 Days • August 2015
The Laguna Beach Pageant of the Masters
is one of the cultural highlights of the year in
Southern California. Actors on stage recreate
famous works of art in three dimensions. It’s
impossible to do justice to such a visual event
in a written description, but trust us when
we say you will be amazed! Our annual trip
includes a guided tour of the grounds and
usually a meal with a pageant staff member
who shares inside information. Both tours
for 2014 sold out quickly!
Spain and Portugal
14 Days • September 2015
Savor the best of Spain in Seville, Toledo,
Córdoba, and Madrid. Explore Portugal’s
capital of Lisbon and the World Heritage
sites of Sintra and Evora. Experience the
differences and similarities between these
once powerful countries that dominated
5 Days • September 2015
Travel north from Sacramento aboard
Amtrak’s Coast Starlight. With reserved
bedrooms and roomettes on board, and
included meals, you’ll travel in comfort.
In Eugene enjoy dinner amongst restored
railcars at the Oregon Electric Station
Restaurant and enjoy local touring in
nearby Cottage Grove with a catered lunch
served on the last covered railroad bridge
west of the Mississippi. Travel next on
board Amtrak’s Cascade to Portland. Visit
the Oregon Rail Heritage Museum, take
excursion rides on the Mt. Hood Railroad
and Oregon Pacific Railroad, and return to
Sacramento by air.
Wild and Wonderful
West Virginia
Mid-October 2015
Designed to catch the state’s dramatic fall
foliage display at its peak, this tour includes
old favorites like two nights at the luxurious
Greenbrier Resort. With the nation’s premier
expert on the Hatfield and McCoy feud,
tour the state’s southwest region and see
sites relative to that legendary drama.
You’ll be awe-struck by the breathtaking
natural beauty in New River Gorge, now a
national park site. Relive colonial history on
Blennerhassett Island. See the Statehouse
in Charleston and dig deep into a real coal
mine. Don’t forget to have a sip (or more) of
genuine moonshine made by a real McCoy!
Bluegrass and Bourbon
Late-October 2015
You’re off to Kentucky! Spend three
nights in Lexington in the heart of Bluegrass
Country and visit horse farms and equine
facilities (with a focus on non-public, behindthe-scenes experiences), distilleries, and try
your luck with a day of thoroughbred racing
at Keeneland. Continue into the heartland
for a day steeped in Abraham Lincoln and
Stephen Foster history. End “down by the
riverside” in Louisville for an experience
with the city’s famous bats and caves before
flying home. Don’t be afraid. Take your
Louisville Slugger in the cave and you won’t
have to worry about the other kind of bats!
Cruise Down the Coast,
Vancouver to San Diego
6 Days • Fall 2015
A sell-out in 2014, get your girlfriends on
board for a getaway that includes all the
things you love to do: world-class shopping,
great dining, and some pampering at sea
on a four-night cruise aboard a Holland
America cruise ship. The tour will include
an overnight in the heart of downtown
Vancouver’s shopping district on Robson
Street, with an optional guided tour of the
city and Stanley Park. After a port of call in
Victoria, you’ll have two full days at sea and
all the activities on board ship. The tour ends
in San Diego with a quick flight home.
Mexico’s Copper Canyon
...ancient traditions, indigenous cultures and
majestic beauty
8 Days • Fall 2015
Another sell-out for 2014, journey to one
of the biggest and most impressive canyon
systems in the entire world with vertical rock
walls thousands of feet high, waterfalls that
drop dramatically from the rim, and canyons
that are wider and deeper than those of the
Grand Canyon in Arizona. In this majestic yet
difficult landscape the Tarahumara people
have lived for centuries. Today rail travelers
pass through 86 tunnels and over 38 trestles
riding aboard the legendary El Chepe
railroad. Visit with Tarahumara artisans,
meet Mennonite farmers, and gaze in awe at
the grandeur of the sweeping canyon views
from the train.
Sports Leisure Vacations / November – December 2014
New Vacations and Getaways
Beautiful Bodega Bay
Featuring Ft. Ross and Armstrong State Parks
3 Days • April 19-21
H Highlights H
• Relax in comfort and enjoy the hospitality
of the Bodega Bay Lodge and Spa,
overlooking Dorian Beach, for 2 nights
• Enjoy brunch at the Flamingo Resort
• Stroll through amazing Armstrong
Redwoods State Natural Reserve
• Dine at the Occidental Union Hotel
• Visit the first Russian settlement in
California, Fort Ross
• 5 meals: 1 Brunch, 2 Breakfasts, 2 Lunches
• Door-to-door service
• 1000/1150 Gold Passport Points
1. Travel through Sonoma County to Santa
Rosa for brunch at a Sports Leisure favorite,
the Flamingo Hotel. After brunch, travel to
Bodega Head to catch sight of the Pacific
Ocean. Your accommodations this evening
are among the finest in Northern California,
at a four-diamond hotel overlooking Dorian
State Beach. Every room looks out over the
gardens of the lodge towards the water.
Bodega Bay Lodge & Spa – 2 nights (BR)
2. This morning enjoy a drive up the
Sonoma Coast to the historic site of Fort
Ross. This Russian trading post was one of
the first European settlements in Northern
California. Lunch is included in Jenner, at
the mouth of the Russian River. Return to
the hotel for an afternoon of leisure….a full
service spa awaits or maybe a walk down to
the beach is more your style. (B,L)
3. Retrace the road along the coast,
getting another glimpse of the spectacular
scenery, and then turn into the forest.
Choose to join a docent-led stroll through
the ancient giants of Armstrong Redwoods
State Natural Reserve, or perhaps just sit
and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.
A short drive from the park is Occidental,
a gem of a community tucked into the
redwoods. Lunch is an Italian affair served
family-style. After a brief time to browse the
quaint shops, return to Sacramento. (B,L)
$995 p.p./dbl.occ., $1150 single
$ave $20 until December 9
Seattle’s Best… just got even
3 Days • July 8-10
The absolute best time to visit Seattle
is July! For a precious short time gray skies
subside to sunshine and mild temperatures.
Unfortunately with the peak of tourism
season comes peak prices. Previously
debuted in the 2015 Dreambook as a 4
day tour, it has been shortened by a day
to eliminate the expense of one night’s
hotel stay and motorcoach transportation
BUT all the main attractions remain! The
only omission to the revised itinerary is the
Chinatown Dragon Fest.
Stay in the heart of The Emerald City and
experience all this vibrant town has to offer,
mere steps from the front door of your hotel!
Tour and taste your way through the history
of Pike Place Market and ride the monorail to
the iconic Space Needle for panoramic views
of the Puget Sound. Visit world-renowned
glass artist Dale Chihuly’s Garden & Glass
and enjoy one of three acclaimed museums
before a fine dining experience along the
waterfront at Palisades Restaurant. You have
the option to tour Seattle’s Underground,
hearing the sordid tales of this city’s rough
and tumble beginnings, or head for an
evening theatre performance of the hit
Broadway musical Wicked. Wake up to the
One of the many spectacular pieces of glass art
from Dale Chihuly
Sports Leisure Vacations / November – December 2014
smell of freshly roasted beans on a coffee
and bakery tour and become immersed in
the unique culture revolving around “the
drink of the Gods.” Let your buzz subside
on a relaxing lunch cruise as you gawk at
the beautiful homes lining the shores of
Lake Union and Lake Washington before
returning back to Sacramento on an early
evening flight.
The tour includes door-to-door service,
roundtrip air to/from Seattle, motorcoach
transportation, accommodations, 4 meals
(1B,2L,1D), tours and attractions as listed in
the itinerary and the services of a Sports
Leisure Tour Director. 1700/1900 Gold
Passport Points
$1685 p.p./dbl.occ., $1895 single
$ave $35 until December 9
The Canadian Rockies
aboard The Rocky
Featuring Jasper, Columbia Ice Fields, Lake
Louise and Banff area
8 Days • July 23–30
H Highlights H
• 2 days on the Rocky Mountaineer with
Silver Leaf service
• A Jasper highlights tour
• Visit the Columbia Ice Fields with a ride
on the glacier
• Ride the Banff gondola
• Overnight at beautiful Lake Louise
• Enjoy a helicopter ride over the scenic
• 10 Meals: 7 breakfasts, 3 lunches
• Roundtrip airfare to Vancouver/from
• Door-to-door service
• 6000/6150 Gold Passport Points
This is the most extensive package we
have ever offered to this region. And yes,
it’s not for everyone’s pocketbook. But
look over the quality of the hotels, the
experience of riding one of the most scenic
rail lines in North America, and the included
tours (exploring a glacier by snowcoach,
flightseeing by helicopter), and we think
you will see the value immediately!
1. Arrive in Vancouver in the early
afternoon, just in time to enjoy the sights of
this wonderful city. With a “hop on, hop off”
tour pass to the city, you can browse at your
leisure, enjoy dinner in Gas Town, or just stay
on the trolley for a narrated ride around the
city. Georgian Court Hotel (L)
2. Your rail journey begins today, traveling
from coastal Vancouver to Kamloops,
located in the interior of British Columbia.
During your travels today you will notice
dramatic changes in scenery, from the lush
fields of the Fraser Valley, through forests
and winding river canyons surrounded
by the peaks of the Coast and Cascade
Mountains. Highlights include Hell’s Gate in
Fraser Canyon and the steep slopes along
the Thompson River. Hotel TBA (B,L)
3. Your journey continues along a
northeasterly route to the mighty Canadian
Rockies and Alberta. Follow the Thompson
River through the Cariboo Mountains, with
Mt. Robson in the distance. In the afternoon,
climb over Yellowhead Pass, arriving in the
resort town of Jasper. Marmot Lodge – 2
nights (B,L)
4. Jasper National Park is Canada’s largest.
Enjoy a half-day tour of the park’s natural
attractions, and perhaps even catch a
glimpse of the famous wildlife in the area.
The afternoon and evening are yours to
enjoy at your leisure. (B)
5. Travel to Lake Louse by way of one
of the most scenic highways in the world,
the Icefields Parkway. Make a stop at the
Athabasca Falls before transferring to
your Ice Explorer for the ride out onto the
Athabasca glacier. A brief stop will be made
at Bow Lake before arriving at Lake Louise.
Chateau Lake Louise (B)
6. Enjoy a leisurely morning at Lake
Louise before departing for Yolo National
Park. Highlights today include the spiral
tunnels, Emerald Lake and a natural bridge
that spans the Kicking Horse River. Tonight,
you are in the resort town of Banff. Banff
Caribou Lodge (B)
7. Begin your morning with a sightseeing
tour of Banff, including a ride on a gondola.
In Kananaskis, board a helicopter for a
12-minute flightseeing tour over the
remarkable landscape of the Canadian
Rockies. What an exciting way to conclude
your tour! Arrive in Calgary in the afternoon.
International Hotel and Suites (B)
8. Your time in the Canadian Rockies
comes to an end today as you board
your return flight home. Door-to-door
transportation completes your Canadian
Rockies Vacation. (B)
$5990 p.p./dbl.occ., $6140 single
$ave $125 until December 9
Castles, Cathedrals & A Very
Special Abbey
A visit to Great Britain featuring
Downton Abbey
10 Days • August 8-17 or August 15-24
H Highlights H
• 6 nights at the spectacular Hendon Hall
in the English countryside
• 2 nights in downtown London
• Tour Highclere Castle and other filming
locations for “Downton Abbey”
• Visit royal Windsor Castle and
Buckingham Palace
• British Museum, Westminster Abbey, the
Tower of London, Kew Palace & Gardens,
Salisbury Cathedral and Stonehenge
• Stratford-upon-Avon – Shakespeare’s
Birthplace and Anne Hathaway Cottage
• Catch a play in London’s West End
• 16 spectacular meals: 8 full breakfasts,
1 high tea, 7 dinners include a Thames
River cruise
• Roundtrip airfare to/from London
• Door-to-door airport service
• 7000/8200 Gold Passport Points
This amazing holiday (British for
“vacation”) is simply the best itinerary we
have ever planned in and around London.
Featuring lodgings, meals and tours that
are incomparable, you explore history, both
ancient and modern. You’ll be transported
into the world of the popular television
series “Downton Abbey” with an exclusive
visit to Highclere Castle, the private home
used as the abbey in the program, as
well as other filming locations including
Waddesdon Manor and the picturesque
village of Bampton. After a week touring
the countryside, you’ll relocate into London
proper – only a few kilometers, but a world
away. From this in-town location, tour
Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London,
Buckingham Palace and the British Museum.
Shop in Selfridges and Harrod’s where tea
will be served. See a play in the West End
and have your farewell dinner aboard a
Thames river cruise.
1. Fly to London’s Heathrow Airport via an
overnight flight.
2. Welcome to London! Meet your driver
and local guide and enjoy a full day touring
the city. Watching the city spread out before
you as you are gently lifted over London
on the Millennium Wheel, or watching
the pomp and ceremony of the Changing
of the Guard at Buckingham Palace are
experiences not to be missed. Visit the
world-famous British Museum and check
into your lodgings. Hendon Hall Hotel. Enjoy
a welcome drink at your hotel followed by
dinner. Hendon Hall – 6 nights (D)
3. After breakfast depart for Kew Palace,
with a rich history spanning nearly 400 years
– from its modest beginnings as the home
to a rich Flemish merchant, through to the
arrival of the royal family and the “madness”
of King George III. Step inside and explore
this intimate and beautiful royal retreat.
Nearby Windsor Castle is the oldest and
largest inhabited castle in the world. It has
been the family home of British kings and
queens for almost 1,000 years. It is an official
residence of Her Majesty The Queen, whose
standard flies from the Round Tower when
she is in residence. (FB,D)
4. Highclere Castle is in nearby Hampshire.
Used for exterior shots of “Downton Abbey”
and most of the interior filming, the castle is
the private home of the Earl and Countess of
Carnarvon and only open select dates each
year. Explore the castle on a private tour and
enjoy some time on your own. (FB,D)
5. Travel north to Stratford-upon-Avon,
the birthplace of William Shakespeare. The
Bard’s significance to the town can be found
in his family’s houses, three of which are
situated within easy walking distance within
town, the other two slightly out of town with
easy access. Visit the house where he was
born in 1564 and re-enter the Tudor world.
At the Anne Hathaway Cottage, discover
where the young William Shakespeare
courted his future bride. (FB,D)
Sports Leisure Vacations / November – December 2014
6. One of the most famous sites in the
world, Stonehenge is composed of a
circular setting of large standing stones
set within earthworks. It is at the center
of the most dense complex of Neolithic
and Bronze Age monuments in England,
including several hundred burial mounds.
The surrounding circular earth bank and
ditch, which constitute the earliest phase of
the monument, have been dated to about
3100 BC. En route back to your hotel visit
Salisbury Cathedral, a testimony to the
faith and practical skills of the medieval
craftsmen who built it, it is a living church
and a place of prayer. (FB,D)
7. Visit the village of Bampton in
Oxfordshire – used to film outdoor scenes
in Downton Abbey, most notably St Mary’s
Church and the library, which served as the
entrance to the cottage hospital. Waddesdon
Manor, another location for Downton
Abbey, is a country house in the village of
Waddesdon, in Buckinghamshire, England.
The house was built in the Neo-Renaissance
style of a French château between 1874 and
1889 for Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild
(1839–1898). (FB,D)
8. This morning enjoy a visit to
Buckingham Palace. Surrounded by vast
parklands and gardens, this grand palace
has been the Royal London residence since
Queen Victoria’s time, and contains priceless
works of art, fine furniture and decorations
that form part of the Royal Collection. You
will have entry to The State Rooms, The
Queen’s Gallery and the Royal Mews. In
the afternoon, it’s time for shopping and
Afternoon Tea at the Georgian Room at
Harrods. Following dinner on your own,
enjoy a night of theatre in London’s famous
West End (show TBA). Melia White House –
2 nights (FB,HT)
9. Enjoy a free morning at leisure and in
the afternoon visit Westminster Abbey and
see Big Ben. Originally built by Henry III in
1245, Westminster Abbey is one of the most
important Gothic buildings of England and
the final resting place of 17 monarchs. It
contains a treasury full of paintings, stained
glass, pavements, textiles, various other
artifacts and books plus the most significant
collection of monumental sculptures of the
UK. The Tower of London houses the Crown
Jewels, the prison cell of Sir Walter Raleigh,
known as the Bloody Tower, and the Chapel
of St. John as well as the Royal Armories. End
the day with a dinner cruise on the River
Thames with stunning London views. (FB,D)
10. After breakfast, transfer to Heathrow
Airport for your return flight back home
arriving in the evening. (FB)
$6990 p.p./dbl.occ., $8185 single
$ave $200 until December 9
Redwoods of the North Coast
miles, through some of the grandest groves
of redwoods and other trees in California.
A local guide and historian will be along to
share the stories of the people who helped
preserve these trees, and perhaps tell a
tall tale or two. Spend the day wandering
through these giants, stopping at the
visitors center at Humboldt Redwoods State
Park to learn about Charles Kellogg, the
naturalist known as the “bird singer,” and
some of the other wonders of the redwood
forest before finally, at the end of the day,
resting in Eureka. Eureka Red Lion (B,L,D)
3. The Blue Ox Millworks is a working mill
creating the “doo-dads” and “thinga-ma-jigs”
for the beautiful old Victorian-style homes
which dot Eureka’s Old Town. Personally visit
with the craftsmen that keep these “painted
ladies” in style. In the afternoon, take a short
stroll through the ancient giants of Prairie
Creek State Park, one of the most beautiful
of our redwood forests. Tonight, your rooms
are right on the beach in Brookings. Enjoy
the evening at your leisure at one of our
newest discoveries. This hotel has location,
location, location! Best Western Waterfront
Inn – 2 nights (B,L)
4. The boats on the Rogue River have
been carrying the US mail since 1895. Enjoy
a scenic, 64-mile journey (roundtrip) to
the Singing Springs Lodge for lunch and
an afternoon of natural beauty. Return to
Brookings in the late afternoon for more
beach time. (B,L)
5. After driving along some of the most
beautiful coastlines on the west coast, turn
east into the Trinity Alps. As the road winds
through the canyon, along the Trinity River,
6 Days • September 9-14
H Highlights H
• Travel along the Avenue of the Giants
with a local guide and historian
• Walk through the ancient groves in
Prairie Creek State Park, Redwood
National and State Parks, Humboldt State
• Catch the sunset from the deck of the
Madaket on Humboldt Bay
• Enjoy 2 nights of comfort and beauty
with oceanview rooms
• Ride mail boats on the Rogue River
• Stroll the Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay
• 13 meals: 5 breakfasts, 6 lunches,
2 dinners
• Door-to-door service
• Transportation on SuperCoach III
• 2100/2450 Gold Passport Points
1. Door-to-door service brings you to the
Sports Leisure office to meet SuperCoach III
and your fellow adventurers. Your journey
north begins with a stop in the town of Upper
Lake, on the northwest corner of Clear Lake,
for lunch. Continue north to Garberville,
where your hotel
is nestled within
the mighty Sequoia
giants that seem to
live forever. Dinner is
included tonight at
the historic Benbow
Inn. Best Western
Humboldt House
Inn (L,D)
2. The Avenue of
Giants weaves it way
north today for 33 Walk amongst the towering coastal redwoods
Sports Leisure Vacations / November – December 2014
perhaps you’ll catch a glimpse of early fall
color. Weaverville is a delightful community
for an afternoon stop and lunch. Continue
over the mountains, arriving in Redding for
the evening. Red Lion Inn (B,L)
6. The Sundial Bridge, designed by famed
architect Santiago Calatrava, graces the
skyline and is located adjacent to the Turtle
Bay Museum, itself a treasure trove of local
lore. Start your day with a morning stroll
across the bridge. In the afternoon, enjoy
a stop in Corning at the Lucero Olive Oil
Company before returning to Sacramento.
$2080 p.p./dbl.occ., $2405 single
$ave $50 until December 9
Fall Foliage in New England
Featuring Vermont and the Berkshires
8 Days • September 30 – October 7
H Highlights H
• Multiple night stays: 2 nights at the
mountainside Jay Peak Resort, 3 nights
lakeside at the Basin Harbor Resort, and
2 nights in the Berkshires at the historic
Red Lion Inn.
• Cruise Lake Champlain and Lake
• Enjoy the awesome views from the aerial
tram at Jay Peak Resort
• Free time to browse shops and galleries
in the small villages of Vermont and the
Berkshires: Stowe, Newport, Manchester,
• Visit historic Shelburne Farms
• Experience a hands-on visit to the New
England Culinary Institute
• Learn more about the lives and works
of artist Norman Rockwell and sculptor
Daniel Chester French with visits to their
• 14 meals: 7 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 6 dinners
• Roundtrip airfare to Burlington/from
• Door-to-door service
• 3900/4450 Gold Passport Points
Vermont’s famous color is at the top of
many “bucket lists.” Combine the beauty of
the scenery with some local highlights and
you have an incredible vacation. Among the
myriad sites and attractions to be found in
New England, we’ve highlighted a selection
where you will find many outlet shops. After
we’re certain will appeal to Sports Leisure
time for shopping, visit the New England
travelers. Fine dining and expert local
Maple Museum. The day concludes with a
guides along with your Sports Leisure Tour
cooking demonstration and dinner at Café
Director are the finishing touches to this
Provence. (B,D)
extraordinary experience.
6. Explore the New England Culinary
1. As the group arrives into Burlington, VT
Institute with an exclusive hands-on
your local guide awaits to welcome you to
culinary experience. After your time in the
fall in New England. Tonight you can relax in
kitchens, return together as a group to
comfort at your mountain resort. Jay Peak
enjoy your creations and pass along tidbits
Resort – 2 nights (D)
you learned. Depart Vermont and continue
2. A leisurely day includes a cruise aboard
into the Berkshires for more spectacular fall
the Northern Star, a 1920’s vintage inland
scenery. Red Lion Inn – 2 nights. (B,L)
steamer, on Lake Memphremagog. After
7. Explore the Berkshires today, visiting
lunch on your own and time for browsing in
the Norman Rockwell Museum and sculptor
Newport, a small Vermont town of filled with
Daniel Chester French’s country home.
interesting history, shops and bistros, return
Both of these artists were influenced by
to the resort for an afternoon of mountain
the beauty and history that surrounded
leisure. You will want to be sure to ride the
them. The Rockwell Museum houses one
aerial tram to the top of the mountain for
of largest collections of the painter’s works;
spectacular views. (B,D)
and French’s home was his studio and
3. Visit the famed lodge in Stowe where
country retreat. In Great Barrington, you will
the Von Trapp family made its home after
find yourself in the midst of the Rockwell
leaving Austria. A guided tour and brief
landscape as you browse Main Street. (B,D)
film complete your visit to the Trapp Family
8. A mid-day flight from Albany returns
Lodge. Browse the village of Stowe before
you to the West Coast early evening. (B)
departing for your factory tour of Ben and
$3855 p.p./dbl.occ., $4430 single
Jerry’s Ice Cream. This afternoon, check into
$ave $100 until December 9
your lakeside resort. Basin Harbor Resort –
3 nights (B,D)
4. Shelburne Farms is a 1,400acre site with some of the most
spectacular lake and mountain
scenery anywhere. With historic 19th
century buildings and a landscape
designed by the creator of NYC
Central Park, you will understand
the national acclaim of this historic
site. A cruise on Lake Champlain is
planned for this afternoon. View the
well-preserved 1800’s ships which
lie on the bottom of the lake from
the surface by way of a remotely
operated vehicle and viewing
screens on board the boat. (B,D)
5. Tour Hildene, the home
of Robert Todd Lincoln, where
Abraham Lincoln’s descendants
lived until 1975. Included at the
Georgian Revival Mansion is a 1,000
pipe organ, formal gardens, and a
fully restored Pullman Palace Car.
Lunch is on your own in Manchester, All roads lead to spectacular autumn colors in New England
Sports Leisure Vacations / November – December 2014
The Barber Pole, or Once Over Lightly
This column, and its name, are a
remembrance of former Sacramento Union
and Sacramento Bee Sports Editor Bill
Conlin, who used this moniker to signify a
column which was full of all sort of things.
Bill passed many years ago. A friend is gone,
but not forgotten.
The Endangered Tour List
As referenced in Mark’s Just One Man’s
Opinion column on page 2, a few of our
new trips for next year are suffering from a
lack of attention. Before we go through and
remove them from the schedule, we wanted
to bring them to your attention, along with
some “reasons to go” from the Tour Planner
who put the trip together.
If you are registered for one of the trips
listed, do not despair. They are on this list
in order to alert anyone interested it’s time
to sign up! After December 1st, if the tour is
cancelled, you will be notified. But it’s very
likely many on this page will be saved.
Harmonious Hearst Castle
March 19-21
“The evening visit to Hearst Castle takes
you back to the 1920’s and the remarkable
friendship between architect Julia Morgan
and William Randolph Hearst. The story
of the castle is her story too. A trip to San
Simeon really is about more than the
‘Enchanted Castle on the Hill’. Journey along
Hwy 33 with stops to taste the fruit of the
orchards and relax in comfort and style at
Harris Ranch.” – Ramona
Off to Oregon, to Sisters, It’s Just
Around The Bend • May 31 – June 3
“This is not only one of the best great
outdoors trips of the year, it’s one of the
easiest on your travel budget. It’s all about
scenery in the low mountains (3-4,000
feet). The Ponderosa Lodge is in a beautiful
setting. Come for the scenery, stay for the
food. Great BBQ and lunch at the Timberline
Lodge on Mt. Hood.” – Mark
Oregon Gardens, Falls & Mt. Hood
June 1-4
“Beautiful accommodations, spectacular
scenery and a small charming town await.
The Oregon Garden Resort overlooks the
Seattle’s Best • July 8-10
stunning 80-acre gardens. The guest rooms
“The historic Mayflower Park Hotel is
are nestled in a series of cottages each with
truly one of Seattle’s premier addresses, a
its own fireplace and private landscaped
downtown oasis of comfort. It’s conveniently
patio or balcony. Silverton is a historic small
located near major attractions with
town with stately homes shaded by grand
shopping and dining just outside the front
old oak trees nestled in the heart of the
door. Will it be Prime Rib or Crab Stuffed
Willamette Valley.” – Scott
Colossal Prawns at Palisade Restaurant
The Portland Rose Festival • June 5-7
overlooking picturesque Elliot Bay Marina?”
(can be combined with the Oregon Gardens
– Chris
& Falls tour above)
Poland, A Culinary & Cultural Adventure
“An indoor parade. Genius. After all, it is
August 5-15
Portland in early June. So the Grand Floral
“I fell in love with Poland on my first visit,
Parade begins inside the arena. We sit in
almost 20 years ago. The people are so
(warm) comfortable seats and watch it
friendly and the food… it’s amazing. This
all go by. If it rains, we don’t care. And the
tour is amazing. It’s all about getting out and
Portland parade is every bit as big as the one
being with the people, learning about their
in Pasadena.” – Clayton
lives, using food as the common bond. You
Sequoia National Park – A Cathedral
will cook side-by-side with locals. This might
of Giants • June 1-3
be one of the best tours Sports Leisure has
“In a land of superlatives, Sequoia and
ever offered. Only 12 can go, and it’s during
Kings Canyon National Parks are quiet
the Pierogi Festival. What fun!” – Mark
gems. With the largest groves of ancient
giant sequoias in the world and the canyons
of the Kings River deeper than those of
the Colorado River, it still amazes me that
the beauty of this park is so unknown in
California. The views are stunning and a
walk among the giants is truly a walk within
the cathedral of nature. There is nothing in
nature like the giant sequoia. Nothing.” –
Geysers, Rivers & Peaks – Yellowstone &
The Grand Tetons • June 25-30
“Whether it is your first
visit or a long, anticipated
return, a trip to Yellowstone
is similar to a treasure hunt.
From early morning sightings
of the bison in the meadows
to the afternoon viewing of
the crystal clear, deep blue
thermal pools; the geysers
and the elusive animals are
breathtaking. Farther south
the majestic Grand Tetons,
rising high above the rivers
Tour Preview Day contestants Lucy (top) and Felicia (bottom) take
and lakes, are magnificent in
their shot at cash and prizes during the game show segment of our
their beauty.” – Ramona
Tour Preview Day program.
Sports Leisure Vacations / November – December 2014
The Tour Calendar (Previously Announced Tours)
2 Days
Feb. 4-5 or
Feb. 26-27
Take the Snow Train to Reno
Catalog page 11. Our winter train trips through the Sierra to
Reno on board Amtrak’s California Zephyr continue to be popular.
We’ve shared this experience with over 200 passengers in just the
last two years. The train departs Roseville around 11:30am, arriving
in Reno around 4pm. A box lunch is provided so you won’t miss any
of the scenery. Stay overnight at the Silver Legacy Casino Resort
with an included slot credit. An optional stop at John Ascauga’s
Nugget is offered prior to returning to Sacramento on board
SuperCoach III. 275/300 Gold Passport Points. $255 p.p./dbl.occ.,
$280 single, add door-to-door service for $80.
The California Zephyr dashes through the snow
2 Days
Dec. 31 –
Jan. 1, 2015
New Year’s Eve at Harris Ranch
For the past two years, Sports Leisure Travelers have been a part
of a wonderful holiday celebration at Harris Ranch. Eat, drink
and be merry with us this New Year’s Eve. Overnight in the lovely
accommodations at the ranch hotel, plus a New Year’s you won’t
forget, with a 5-course dinner and fun that starts right after you
arrive. One of our highest rated tours in 2012 and 2013. 4 meals,
700/800 Gold Passport Points. $679 p.p./dbl.occ., $799 single,
reserve by Dec. 1. Add door-to-door service for $80 p.p.
17 Days Jan. 28 – Feb. 13 Cruising the Panama Canal
Catalog page 41. Cruise in comfort aboard Holland America’s
m/v Statendam. Pre-cruise overnight stay in Fort Lauderdale
with bon voyage dinner, all meals included on board the m/v
Statendam, prices include all transfers, port taxes, roundtrip air
to Fort Lauderdale/from San Diego, door-to-door airport service,
escorted by a Sports Leisure Tour Director, Gold Passport Points
based on cabin selection. Sailing from east to west provides you
the advantage of getting the long, cross-country flight out of the
way first, leaving just a short hop home from San Diego at the end
of the cruise.
3 Days
Feb. 20-22
On the Prowl for Eagles and Owls
Catalog page 11. Travel over the mountains to the Carson Valley.
Accommodations for 2 nights at the Carson Valley Inn. Eagles &
Agriculture Opening Reception, private ranch and barn owl tour,
Sunday Brunch at the Forest Buffet at Harrah’s. Learn about the
valley’s ranching and conservation and have the opportunity to
observe birds of prey from vantage points not available to the
public. Great opportunity for eagle viewing and photography.
There’s also a visit to the Carson Valley Museum and the historic
town of Genoa. 3 meals, 800/900 Gold Passport Points. Tour
Director: Scott Angeletti. $795 p.p./dbl.occ., $895 single
25 Days Mar. 8-12
Death Valley and the Eastern
Sierra Nevada
Catalog page 12. Featuring Manzanar National Historic Site,
Scotty’s Castle and the breathtaking scenery of Highway 395. Visit
Manzanar National Historic Site (WW II Internment Camp site). Tour
Scotty’s Castle, visit Ubehebe Crater and the Badwater Salt Flats.
Lunch at the famous Furnace Creek Inn (total of 9 meals). This new
itinerary flies into Las Vegas and returns by Supercoach III up the
Eastern Sierra. Death Valley, the name alone conjures up images of
prospectors, teams of mules with boxes of borax and TV westerns.
1950/2200 Gold Passport Points, door-to-door service, Tour
Director: Ramona Goodge. $1940 p.p./dbl.occ., $2175 single
The 15-night cruise stops at Holland America’s private island, Half
Moon Cay, and Cartagena, Columbia before its full transit of the
Panama Canal, called by some the Eighth Wonder of the World.
Additional port calls include Puerto Caldera in Costa Rica, where
you can experience a tropical rainforest, Corinto (Nicaragua),
Puerto Quetzal (Guatamala), and Zihautanejo/Ixtapa and Cabo San
Lucas (Mexico). Inside Cabin Prices start at $3740 p.p./dbl.occ.,
$4875 single, Outside Cabin Prices start at $3915 p.p./dbl.occ.,
$5140 single. This vacation requires a valid passport!
Visit us anytime on the web at:
Go inside a “castle” and learn the fascinating story of Death Valley Scotty
Sports Leisure Vacations / November – December 2014
6 Days
Former major leaguer Lou Klimchock holds court during our Baseball
Roundtable at Spring Training
5 Days
Mar. 12-16
22nd Annual Spring Training in
Catalog page 25. 4 nights in the Phoenix Marriott, tickets to 5
games (schedule announced in December), all games generally
feature the Giants or A’s (or both). Lunch in a suite at the ballpark
one day with premium seating, Baseball Banquet one evening
(guest speaker is slated to be former Giants relief pitcher Greg
Minton). Great dining (dinner at Rustler’s Roost, Sunday Brunch
at the Scottsdale Conference Center, full buffet breakfast each
morning (8 meals). Airfare, door-to-door service, 2200/2450 Gold
Passport Points. Games generally feature the Giants, A’s or both.
Join us as we head to Arizona for baseball in the springtime. Cactus
League games every day (generally sitting in the shade – which is
surprisingly important), some great grub and the chance to talk
baseball with former players. $2175 p.p./dbl.occ., $2445 single
3 Days
Mar. 19-21
Harmonious Hearst Castle
Catalog page 9. A new Hearst Castle itinerary first offered last
year, it features some not-so-common stops. You’ll tour and shop
for goodies at Stewart & Jasper’s Orchards, relax in the gardens at
Harris Ranch, observe Tule Elk at the San Luis Nat’l Wildlife Refuge
and visit Harmony’s wine-cask chapel. Overnight stays at Harris
Ranch and the BW Cavalier Inn in San Simeon. Special evening
tour of Hearst Castle, 5 meals, SuperCoach III, door-to-door service,
1000/1150 Gold Passport Points. Tour Director: Ramona Goodge.
$995 p.p./dbl.occ., $1140 single, $20 EPD*
2 Days
Mar. 22-23
Ghost Towns of Old Nevada
Catalog page 6. Perhaps the most exciting new tour of 2015! This
is a “one way coach, one way air” tour. The March 23 departure
travels by coach to Las Vegas and flies home. The March 29 trip
flies to Vegas to begin and travels home by coach. The itineraries
are the same, except in reverse. Be a part of an authentic ghost
hunt in Goodsprings, Nevada! Indeed, Ghost Hunter Robert
George Allen will conduct a hunt and allow you to find ghosts and
solicit responses from them. Is it for real? You’ll have to decide for
2 nights in the historic Mizpah Hotel in Las Vegas (single bedded
rooms only, two bed requests will stay at the nearby Best Western),
3 nights Las Vegas at the South Point Resort south of the strip.
Haunted Vegas Ghost Tour – visit the haunted grounds of “Bugsy”
Siegal, Redd Foxx, Liberace and more. Visit the Mob Museum in
Las Vegas. Tour the Teachatticup Mine (level walking), stop at the
Amargosa Opera House. In Manhattan, Belmont, Goldfield and
Rhyolite, you’ll hear stories of the departed. Or sort of departed.
Robert’s tours and ghost hunts have received numerous awards.
It bears repeating – one of the most exciting new packages of the
new year. This tour requires a reasonable amount of mobility and
walking to enjoy the ghost towns. 2000/2250 Gold Passport Points,
Tour Director(s): Mark Hoffmann and/or Chris Galloway. $1985
p.p./dbl.occ., $2210 single, $40 EPD*
10 Days Mar. 24 – Apr. 2
The Colorful Carolina Coast
Catalog page 35. Meander the Southern Atlantic coastline from
Norfolk to Jacksonville. Visit North Carolina’s Outer Banks, Kitty Hawk
and Wilmington. See South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach, Savannah and
historic Jekyll Island. 2 night stays in Charleston and Savannah’s
historic districts, and oceanfront in Myrtle Beach. Overnights
in Norfolk, Buxton and New Bern. 17 meals (6B,1FB,1B,5L,6D),
roundtrip air to Norfolk/return from Jacksonville. Door-to-door
service, 3850/4300 Gold Passport Points, Tour Director: Clayton
Whitehead. $3810 p.p./dbl.occ., $4275 single, $50 EPD*
A Window in Time, An Overnight
Mystery Tour
Catalog page 25. It’s only a two-day trip, but you will travel a
world away. Peek through a window in time and see things the
way they were and how they might have been. Awaken your
senses with tastings, mysterious sights, and sensational scents of
nature. Encounter something not just old but ancient, pockets and
points, and something smaller than usual. On this trip walkers will
find many paths to take. We may not be dining in/on China, but
the food will be excellent! Package includes SuperCoach III, hotel,
several mystery attractions, 3 meals (1B,1BR,1L), and a Sports
Leisure Tour Director. 600/700 Gold Passport Points. $595 p.p./
dbl.occ., $685 single. Add door-to-door service for $80 p.p.
Mar. 23-28 or
Mar. 29 – Apr. 3
Sports Leisure Vacations / November – December 2014
Welcome to Goodsprings... let’s go hunting for ghosts
3 Days
Mar. 29-31
Big Sur, Carmel &
The Carmel Valley
5 Days
Apr. 6-10
San Antonio: Deep in the Heart
Catalog page 9. Escape to a beautiful resort in the Carmel Valley,
staying 2 nights at The Quail Lodge & Gold Club. On your full
day of sightseeing, head for Big Sur, Julia Pfeiffer State Park and
spectacular McWay Falls. There’s even a walk through the redwoods.
A guided walk in Carmel will reveal some of the town’s special
secrets. 5 meals (2FB,3L), travel by SuperCoach III, 1000/1150 Gold
Passport Points, Tour Director: Scott Angeletti. $985 p.p./dbl.
occ., $1135 single, $20 EPD*
Catalog page 37. An unpack once tour featuring the best city
in Texas. 4 nights at the Drury Plaza Hotel, a great location, right
on the famous Riverwalk. Your city tour features The Alamo and
Mission San Jose. Also featured: Institute of Texas Cultures, the IMAX
Theater (Alamo film) and the Tower of the Americas. Spend a day in
Texas Hill Country, visiting the ranch of President Lyndon Johnson.
7 meals (4FB,2L,1D), door-to-door service, airfare, 1850/2100 Gold
Passport Points, Tour Director: Clayton Whitehead. $1845 p.p./
dbl.occ., $2095 single, $40 EPD*
3 Days
8 Days
Apr. 6-8
The Flower Fields of Carlsbad,
plus Julian
Catalog page 10. The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch are one
of the most unique attractions in Southern California. A 50-acre
rainbow of dazzling color, thanks to the ranunculus flowers
set on a hillside that overlook the coastline in Carlsbad. Great
accommodations and an extended visit to the flowers are featured.
Stay 2 nights at the beautiful Grand Pacific Palisades Resort, where
many of the rooms actually overlook the flower fields next door.
Breakfast is included each day (5 meals – 2FB,3L). There is a guided
tour of the flower fields, both walking and by large tractor. Lunch
on arrival in San Juan Capistrano, along with a brief visit to the
mission. There’s a cruise in Newport Beach and a trip into the low
mountains to the village of Julian, famous for its pies. 1250/1350
Gold Passport Points, airfare to/from Orange County, door-to-door
service. $1235 p.p./dbl.occ., $1335 single, $20 EPD*
office hours:
8:00am – 4:30pm MON. thru FRI.
Closed weekends & major holidays
CLOSED TUES. 12:00pm – 1:15pm
Apr. 8-15
Maui, Hana, Molokai –
The Best Hawaii Tour Ever
Catalog page 26. A pretty heady claim, “Best Hawaii Tour Ever.”
We’ve been going for 30+ years, other companies much longer.
So why is this trip “the best?” Start with one hotel for 7 nights, the
Royal Lahaina Resort on Maui. Everyone enjoys upgraded ocean
view rooms with balconies and a great buffet breakfast every
Add 3 nights of entertainment – a Slack Key Guitar Concert,
U’lalena (Hawaiian history in song and dance) and a traditional
luau. A day trip to Molokai, to the island by ferry, return by private
charted airplane. Lunch in Hana, with flights by private charted
plane. Unique cultural adventures on the island – the Surfing Goat
Dairy Farm, a Hawaiian history talk in Old Lahaina, a farm-to-fork
lunch in the Maui high country, view ancient Chinese temples.
(There’s even a free day to add other optional activities.) 14 meals
(7FB,4L,3D), roundtrip non-stop flights to Maui on Alaska Airlines,
maximum of 23 in the group, 4500/5300 Gold Passport Points.
It really is “The Best Hawaii Tour Ever.” Private charted planes, Hana
(without the miserable road to get there) Molokai – an island few
ever visit. Tour Directors: Mark and Chris. $4465 p.p./dbl.occ.,
$5255 single, $50 EPD*
The cast of U'lalena, Hawaiian history in dance and song
Sports Leisure Vacations / November – December 2014
4 Days
Apr. 13-16
On the (Pismo) Beach
Catalog page 8. Love the ocean? How about 3 nights at the Sea
Crest Resort in Pismo, with ocean views from every room? See the
Great American Melodrama, tour the Point San Luis Lighthouse,
visit the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dune Center. 8 meals (3B,4L,1D),
door-to-door service, SuperCoach III transportation, 1250/1450
Gold Passport Points, Tour Director: Scott Angeletti. $1240 p.p./
dbl. occ., $1445 single, $20 EPD*
7 Days
Apr. 19-25
Sweet Home Alabama
Catalog page 36. A brand new tour, highlighting an important
piece of American history, the fight for Civil Rights. Bookended into
that story is the place where our space program began (Huntsville)
and 2 nights on the Alabama Gulf Coast.
2 nights Huntsville, 2 nights Montgomery, 2 nights Fairhope.
U.S. Rocket & Space Center, Twickenham Historic District
(Antebellum Homes), Selma Civil Rights Tour, Tuskegee (Carver
Museum & Tuskegee Airmen NPS site), Fairhope Arts & Flowers
Tour, Bellingrath Gardens. 15 meals (2B,4FB,5L,4D) , roundtrip air
Huntsville/Mobile, door-to-door service, 2650/2950 Gold Passport
Points. $2645 p.p./dbl.occ., $2935 single, $50 EPD*
17 Days Apr. 22 – May 8
Croatia by Land and Sea
Catalog page 46. What could be better than a private smallship cruise? When combined with a land package, it gives you a
magnificent look at Croatia. Seven unforgettable days sailing on
the southern Adriatic Sea, then 5 nights on a land tour. Dubrovnik,
Split, Opatija and Zagreb. 22 meals (12FB,6L,4D), roundtrip air to
Dubrovnik/from Zagreb, 6100/7700 Gold Passport Points. Tour
Director: Scott Angeletti. Please refer to the complete itinerary in
the catalog or online. $6095 p.p./dbl.occ., $7675 single
3 Days
Apr. 26-28
Springtime in Yosemite
Catalog page 13. Spring is a wonderful time to visit our closest
national park. Waterfalls should be abundant, dogwoods in bloom,
the Merced River roaring with melted snow. A guided tour takes
you to Half Dome, Bridal Veil Falls, El Capitan and more. Explore
on your own at the Ansel Adams Gallery, or with a hike to Mirror
Lake. Brunch at the historic Ahwahnee Hotel is included, along
with 2 nights in Yosemite Lodge accommodations. 2 meals (BR,L)
included, 1200/1400 Gold Passport Points, Tour Director: Ramona
Goodge. $1155 p.p./dbl.occ., $1375 single, $20 EPD*
2 Days
Apr. 28-29 or
May 12-13
Tiny Tours to The Tiny House
Hotel in Portland
Catalog page 7. Looking for something new and truly different?
Why not fly to Portland and stay in a tiny house? They all have
indoor plumbing and all the amenities you will need. We’ll take
special shopping and sightseeing tours designed for our small
group of 6-10 people. Visit Portland’s famous food carts on one
tour, shop some of the city’s best boutiques and artisan food shops.
Fly home the evening of day two. Your accommodations are at the
Caravan Tiny House Hotel. We encourage you to go online and
watch the video about the “hotel.” The package includes all meals
(4-1FB,2L,1D), airfare, 1100/1200 Gold Passport Points and doorto-door service. This tour is not recommended for travelers
with walking or mobility issues. Tour Director: Mark Hoffmann,
Limited space available. $1099 p.p./dbl.occ., $1169 single
Blast off into history in Alabama
11 Days Apr. 22 – May 2
Tulip Time Along the Rhine
Catalog page 42. River cruising through Germany, France and
Switzerland. Unpack only once, 160 passengers, no rough water,
and you dock right in town. 7-night cruise with river view cabin. 8
included tours: Amsterdam, tulip gardens in Keukenhof, Cologne,
Koblenz, Speyer, Heidelberg, Strasbourg and Basil. Roundtrip air to
Amsterdam/from Zurich, 23 meals (9FB,6L,8D), wine included with
dinners on board ship. Door-to-door service, Gold Passport Points
based on cabin selection. Cabin w/window $5065 p.p./dbl.occ.,
single not available; Cabin w/French balcony $5385 p.p./dbl.
occ., $7185 single, this vacation requires a valid passport!
Find us on Facebook:
Sports Leisure Vacations / November – December 2014
Experience your own “Tiny House” in Portland
6 Days
May 2-7
The Good, The Bad and The
Brave: A Mystery Tour
Catalog page 25. Our featured Mystery Tour for the spring is
centered around history. The itinerary includes steamboats (don’t
immediately think the Mississippi River, because you might not be
right), bank robbers, battles that did (and didn’t) take place, and
a look at one of the planet’s biggest historical events. You’ll stay
in a college town and a classic little village, each for 2 nights. An
overnight in the small city next to the big one of the similar name
rounds out your 5 nights of travel. Great statesmen, a trip that
didn’t get there, and even a tiger shows up on the scene at one
point. Will you be brave enough to go inside?
The tour includes 12 meals, airfare, door-to-door service, 2850/3200
Gold Passport Points and lots of fun extras along the way. In 2014,
we started an Anniversary Mystery Tour tradition with 13
Countries Without a Passport. In 2015, the tradition continues
with The Good, The Bad and The Brave. Tour Directors: Clayton
& Mark. $2845 p.p./dbl.occ., $3165 single, $40 EPD*
3 Days
May 5-7
Missions III: The Last Stops Along
El Camino Real
Catalog page 38. Each of the last two springs, Tour Director Chris
Galloway has produced and directed visits to many of California’s
historical missions. This is the third and final tour in the series,
checking out the three missions missed the first time through the
state (Mission San Fernando Rey, Mission San Luis Rey, Mission San
Antonio de Pala). Stay 2 nights at the Anaheim Embassy Suites,
fly into Burbank and fly home from Ontario.
This tour dines one evening at the Anaheim White House. Not
only is this a fine dining restaurant, they serve 1200 homeless
children in Orange County EVERY NIGHT. That is only one of
their outreach programs. Mark says this restaurant alone is worth
the entire trip. Lunch the last day is at the Mission Inn in Riverside,
along with a visit to Graber Olives (one of the best gift shops ever).
Old Town Temecula is also featured. 6 meals (2FB,3L,1D), airfare,
door-to-door service, 1250/1400 Gold Passport Points, Chris will
again lead the tour. $1210 p.p./dbl.occ., $1360 single, $20 EPD*
7 Days
May 7-13
Washington, DC and the Amish
Catalog page 30. 4 nights in DC, 2 nights Lancaster in Amish
Country. Washington sights include Arlington Nat’l Cemetery, the
U.S. Capitol, the National Cathedral and a free afternoon to visit
your choice of Smithsonian Museums. Also featured: DC After
Dark (excellent monument tour). On the way to Pennsylvania,
stop at the Civil War battlefield at Antietam; on the return trip to
Philadelphia visit Valley Forge Nat’l Park. During your stay in Amish
Country, visit Bird-in-Hand and Intercourse (yes, those are names
of Amish communities). Also stop in Lititz, the final resting place
of Sacramento’s John Sutter, to honor his memory. 12 meals
(6FB,3L,3D), air to Washington, DC/from Philadelphia, door-to-door
service, 2850/3150 Gold Passport Points, Tour Director: Clayton
Whitehead. $2820 p.p./dbl.occ., $3135 single, $50 EPD*
4 Days
May 11-14
Savor Santa Fe
Catalog page 38. What happens when you pair history and
nature with food and wine? You get this wonderful new tour.
Your accommodations are downtown at the new Drury Plaza
Hotel. Enjoy breakfast each morning, complimentary snacks and
beverages each night. You are two blocks from the plaza, the best
location in town. Visit Pecos and Bandolier Nat’l Monuments, tour
Santa Fe and the Georgia O’Keefe Museum, shop at the Palace of
the Governors, travel the Turquoise Trail back to Albuquerque. Ride
the train from Albuquerque to Santa Fe to begin your stay. Lunch
at the Standard Diner (featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives) 6
meals (2FB,3L,1D), roundtrip air to/from Albuquerque, 1950/2200
Gold Passport Points, Tour Director: Chris Galloway. $1940 p.p./
dbl.occ., $2160 single, $40 EPD*
7 Days
May 11-17
Tulips and Niagara Falls
Catalog page 48. A very popular new itinerary combining Ottawa,
Canada’s capital city; with Niagara Falls. Visit Ottawa during the
annual tulip festival and stay in the Lord Elgin, one of the finest
hotels in the city. Tour Ottawa, Embassy Row, Parliament and more.
It’s a beautiful city and very different from our capital, Washington,
DC. 3 nights Niagara Falls at the Embassy Suites. Sightseeing
above, below and behind the falls. Travel between the two cities
features the Thousand Islands, the Susan B. Anthony Museum in
Rochester and fascinating Boldt Castle. 10 meals (4FB,4L,2D), doorto-door service, airfare to Buffalo/from Ottawa, 3300/3800 Gold
Passport Points, Tour Director: Patricia Hansen. $3290 p.p./dbl.
occ., $3775 single, valid passport required!
8 Days
May 14-21
The Mighty Five: National Parks
of Utah
Catalog page 14. Zion, Bryce, Capital Reef, Arches and
Canyonlands National Parks are the feature of this tour. Guided
tours, a four-wheel drive narrated adventure in Capital Reef, 2
nights Zion, 2 nights Capital Reef (both nice Best Westerns), then
3 nights at the Red Cliffs Lodge near Moab. It’s one of the finest
accommodations in all of Utah. 14 meals (7FB,6L,1D), airfare to
Las Vegas/from Salt Lake City, door-to-door service, Tour Director:
Scott Angeletti, 2900/3350 Gold Passport Points. $2895 p.p./dbl.
occ., $3350 single, $40 EPD*
Our recent Fall Mystery Tour featured lunch at the spot where Washington
crossed the Delaware
Sports Leisure Vacations / November – December 2014
6 Days
May 22-27
New York City: Broadway,
Brooklyn and The Bronx
Catalog page 31. An exciting New York itinerary which spends
significant time outside Manhattan. Your day in Brooklyn features
Tony Muia and the Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour. Learn the history
and hear the stories as you travel through the borough, stopping
for pizza along the way. Your day in The Bronx features lunch in
Little Italy, and the chance to visit local merchants and get the
feel of the neighborhood. Your day in Manhattan takes you to
the new 9/11 Memorial and Museum. Accommodations are top
notch – both in quality and location. The Westin is a 4-diamond
property, one block from the center of Times Square. Tickets to two
Broadway shows are included, one we pick and one you choose
yourself. Our New York guide is a police officer, and we actually visit
police and fire stations in The Bronx, to meet some of the city’s firstresponders, and get unique souvenirs. 6 meals (3L,3D), 3850/4550
Gold Passport Points, and experienced Tour Directors who can
enhance your experience (Chris Galloway & Mark Hoffmann).
Please note: While we welcome all travelers, realistically,
this trip requires some walking in the neighborhoods. If you
cannot walk 3-4 city blocks without difficulty, we would not
recommend this itinerary for you. $3845 p.p./dbl.occ., $4525
single, $40 EPD*
Spectacular Multnomah Falls is the last stop on your trip to Sisters
4 Days
Sports Leisure travelers at the iconic Brooklyn Bridge
12 Days May 27 – June 7
Alaska: By Land and By Sea
Catalog page 24. Combine a 7-day cruise on the ms Osterdam
with an exciting land package to discover a big piece of Alaska. The
cruise includes visits to Glacier Bay, Haines, Juneau and Ketchikan.
The land tour includes a ride in the domed car of the Alaska Railroad,
a visit to Denali National Park, a stop at a sled dog kennel to learn
more about how they race across the tundra. We encourage you
to see the day-by-day itinerary online. Land package includes 7
meals (4B,2L,1D), the cruise portion includes all meals on board,
Gold Passport Points are based on cabin selection. Inside cabins
start at $4810 p.p./dbl.occ., $6210 single; Outside cabins start
at $5230 p.p./dbl.occ., $7050 single, $75 or $100 EPD*
Sports Leisure Vacations / November – December 2014
May 31 – June 3
Off to Oregon, to Sisters; It’s Just
Around the Bend
Catalog page 22. A great short getaway at a great price.
Stay 3 nights at the Best Western Ponderosa Inn, a beautiful
accommodation in a spectacular setting, with llamas and deer
right outside your door. Ahead of the summer crowds, you have the
area practically to yourself! A low mountain sightseeing tour takes
you to the birthplace of a river and a spectacular waterfall. Visit
the High Desert Museum in Bend for a special wildlife program,
and enjoy a food tasting tour in town. Scenic mountain drives
in both directions. Fly to/from Portland. The package includes 8
meals (3B,3L,2D), and features lunch at Timberline Lodge on Mt.
Hood. Come to Sisters and discover the Cascades! 1500/1650 Gold
Passport Points. $1485 p.p./dbl.occ., $1635 single, $40 EPD*
3 Days
June 1-3
Sequoia National Park,
A Cathedral of Giants
Catalog page 12. Every two years, Ramona takes a group into the
Sierra to California’s most overlooked national Park, Sequoia. To
walk among these giant trees is a real privilege. Ramona can show
and tell in the Sequoias like no one else. Stay 2 nights at Wuksachi
Lodge in the high country. Take a full day trip to Kings Canyon,
see the General Grant and General Sherman trees. At Zumwalt
Meadow, learn about ecology and the Native Americans who once
lived there. Includes 6 meals (2FB,3L,1D), travel by SuperCoach III,
Tour Director: Ramona Goodge and 1250/1450 Gold Passport
Points. $1220 p.p./dbl.occ., $1405 single, $35 EPD*
7 Days
June 13-19
Ferries, Islands and Towns of
Cape Cod
Catalog page 28. One of our most popular tours. Fly to Boston,
overnight, then enjoy a tour on a new “duck” (land/water) and
lunch at historic Quincy Market. Ride the ferry across the water to
Provincetown, where you’ll stay 2 nights at the Surfside Motel,
right on the water. There’s sightseeing and great dining in town,
along with a tour of the sand dunes. Chatham is a stop on the way
to an overnight in Hyannis, which features a lobster dinner.
Take the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard for a brief tour, and continue to
Nantucket for 2 nights at the Nantucket Inn. Tour the island with
great food before flying home. 12 meals (6B,1L,5D), airfare, doorto-door service and 3400/3800 Gold Passport Points, Tour Director:
Mark Hoffmann. $3390 p.p./dbl.occ., $3795 single, $60 EPD*
6 Days
Dine at the Lobster Pot, one of Provincetown’s most popular restaurants
4 Days
June 1-4
Oregon Gardens, Falls and
Mt. Hood
Catalog page 20. Another short, front of the season Oregon
adventure. Scott Angeletti is your leader as you stay at the Oregon
Gardens near Silverton for 2 nights and enjoy the spring blooming
season. Tour a Frank Lloyd Wright house and visit Silver Falls State
Park. You’ll meet the Sisters tour group for lunch at Timberline
Lodge on Mount Hood, and spend your last night at an Embassy
Suites in suburban Portland. A sake tasting and a fascinating
mineral museum round out the itinerary. You can connect this
trip with the Portland Rose Parade if you wish. 7 meals (3FB,4L),
airfare, door-to-door service and 1500/1700 Gold Passport Points.
$1475 p.p./dbl.occ., $1685 single, $40 EPD*
3 Days
June 5-7
Portland Rose Festival
Catalog page 20. Connect this trip to the one previous, or just
make it a short getaway of its own. The Rose Parade in Portland
is equally as big and as grand as the annual one in Pasadena. One
advantage in Portland – you have covered, reserved seats in an
arena to watch the parade. No risking the weather (in Portland, after
all). Two nights at the Doubletree by Hilton. See the magnificent
award-winning blooms at the Flower Show, view the parade and
then spend the afternoon at the riverfront, explore the Portland
markets. A champagne brunch cruise on the river is your last stop
before returning home on Sunday afternoon. 4 meals (1FB,1BR,2D),
airfare, door-to-door service, 1350/1500 Gold Passport Points, Tour
Director: Scott Angeletti. $1335 p.p./dbl.occ., $1490 single,
$35 EPD*; combine Oregon Gardens & Rose Parade for a 7 Day
Tour: $2395 p.p./dbl.occ., $2835 single, $75 EPD*
June 25-30
Yellowstone & The Grand Tetons –
Geysers, Rivers and Peaks
Catalog page 15. Spend two full days exploring Yellowstone,
including Mammoth Hot Springs, Old Faithful, the Geyser Basin
and Yellowstone Falls. Discover Montana’s ghost town, Virginia
City, and neighboring Nevada City (sounds a bit like California).
Enjoy a cruise on Jenny Lake in the shadow of the Tetons. Wildlife
abounds, and while we can’t guarantee sightings, we do arrange
our schedule to try and maximize those opportunities. A great
trip, focused on the two parks. If you love the outdoors, this is one
adventure you should put on your list. 8 meals (1B,4FB,2L,1D),
airfare to Bozeman/from Jackson Hole, door-to-door service,
3350/3850 Gold Passport Points, Tour Director: Ramona Goodge.
$3315 p.p./dbl.occ., $3840 single, $50 EPD*
5 Days
July 3-7
Crater Lake and the Umpqua
National Scenic Byway
Catalog page 19. Scott Angeletti hosts this comprehensive tour
of southern Oregon. Travel to Klamath Falls, then visit Crater Lake
Nat’l Park. The “viewing” season is short, only about three months
long, but it’s spectacular. Next stop is Roseburg, home of Wildlife
Safari, an outdoor animal park, and a hometown 4th of July
celebration. In Grants Pass, the highlight is a jet boat trip on the
scenic Rogue River. Historic Jacksonville is the last stop. Site of a
gold rush, there’s a great story there. 10 meals (4B,4L,2D), doorto-door service, Supercoach III transportation, 1600/1800 Gold
Passport Points. $1560 p.p./dbl.occ., $1755 single, $35 EPD*
Flowers are the order of the day in Portland’s Grand Floral Parade
Sports Leisure Vacations / November – December 2014
6 Days
July 13-18
Oregon – Covered Bridges and
The Coast
Catalog page 21. First offered last year, this itinerary was a huge
hit. Based on feedback, we expanded the trip by a day, adding an
extra night in Newport. Fly to Portland, dine in Salem, then visit
a unique carousel-making facility in Albany. A true behind-thescenes experience. Accommodations feature 2 nights in Cottage
Grove at the Village Green Resort, and 3 nights in Newport at the
Elizabeth Street Inn (ocean views from every room). Attractions
include a Victorian costume shop, a chocolate store, a cruise on
Newport Harbor and a private dinner at the Oregon Aquarium,
a visit to the tiny hamlet of Toledo, the Hatfield Marine Science
Center and even a trip to Lincoln City, where you are treated to
glass blowing and a culinary demonstration which becomes
your lunch! Tillamook is the last stop (if you don’t count the berry
farm – bring some really wonderful berries home with you), for
some cheese tasting and lunch. 14 meals (5B,6L,3D), door-to-door
service, airfare, 2000/2250 Gold Passport Points, Tour Directors:
Mark and Chris. $1970 p.p./dbl.occ., $2250 single, $25 EPD*
6 Days
July 15-20
Jammin’ Through Glacier and
Waterton National Parks
Catalog page 16. Glacier and Waterton Lakes Nat’l Parks are part
of the Rockies. It’s a region that will be impacted by a warming
climate, as the glaciers are melting at a record rate. Now is the
time to go and see this magnificent scenery, to travel Going to
the Sun Road. Fly to Kalispell. Spend 2 nights at a beautiful lodge,
then head into the parks. The legendary “jammer” touring cars
take you through Glacier to Waterton Lakes in Canada. Overnight
at the Prince of Wales Hotel before re-crossing the boarder and
staying 2 nights at St. Mary’s Bear Lodge, giving you additional
time to explore and enjoy the mountain scenery. 3 short scenic
lake cruises are a part of your itinerary. 8 meals (3FB,4L,1D), doorto-door service, airfare to/from Kalispell, 3250/3800 Gold Passport
Points, Tour Director: Scott Angeletti. $3205 p.p./dbl.occ., $3755
single, this vacation requires a valid passport! $50 EPD*
11 Days Aug. 5-15
Poland, A Culinary & Cultural
Catalog page 45. A unique adventure, full of food, full of
people. Start in Warsaw (2 nights at the Polonia Palace), a truly
remarkable Polish city, with a day of dining and touring. (We had
originally planned to include Prague in the Czech Republic in the
itinerary, but the cost and logistics proved prohibitive. In light of
that, Warsaw is a beautiful city, full of history and friendly people.
Your visit to Warsaw will be memorable.)
Next stop is Krakow. Travel by train from Warsaw, and overnight
prior to starting the culinary part of your adventure. The mountain
town of Zakupane is next. Your 4-night stay at the 5-star Marilor
Palace is certain to be a highlight. Visit UNESCO Heritage Sites,
enjoy an easy float trip on the river, and most of all, cook and eat
every day.
Return to Krakow, the gem of Poland. Stay 3 nights at the
boutique Hotel Maltanski, a wonderful location with easy walks
to shops and restaurants. Tour the famous Wieliczka Salt Mine,
a virtual underground city. Cook with locals and eat what you
prepare. Enjoy fine dining and casual meals. The annual Pierogi
Festival lines up with your visit, adding an extra culinary treat!
We invite you to review the itinerary online. The tour is limited
to a maximum of 12 participants. The package includes
airfare to Warsaw/from Krakow, 23 meals (10B,6L,7D), elegant
accommodations, 6850/7300 Gold Passport Points, Sports Leisure
and Polish escorts. $6825 p.p./dbl.occ., $7275 single, this tour
requires a valid passport! $100 EPD*
10 Days Aug. 8-17
Castles, Cathedrals and
A Very Special “Abbey”
Catalog page 43 or page 11 in this newsletter for the full
itinerary. $6990 p.p./dbl.occ., $8185 single, $200 EPD* This
tour requires a valid passport!
5 Days
Aug. 12-16
All Around the Olympic Peninsula
Catalog page 17. Our resident Tree-Hugger, Ramona Goodge,
declares this to be one of her favorite trips. It features an extended
look at one of our most interesting and diverse national parks,
Olympic. From the beaches to the mountaintop, the scenery is
spectacular. Fly to Portland, stopping in Astoria, on old seaport
with stories to go with the history. The Maritime Museum is one of
the best in the country.
Then it’s on to Olympic National Park, spending your second night
at the Lake Quinalt Lodge. Eat in the Roosevelt Dining Room. Visit
the rainforest, the beaches and stand on Hurricane Ridge, 5,242 feet
above sea level. Lakes, forests, mountain wildflowers, no wonder
Ramona likes it here so much. Stops in the towns of Poulsbo and
Long Beach are also featured. 10 meals (4FB,5L,1D), door-to-door
service, airfare to Portland/from Seattle, 2500/2800 Gold Passport
Points. $2450 p.p./dbl.occ., $2795 single, $25 EPD*
Visit London and surrounding countryside including Downton’s Highclere Castle
Sports Leisure Vacations / November – December 2014
6 Days
Aug. 25-30
The Tapestry of Vancouver Island
Catalog page 49. Speaking of the resident Tree-Hugger, here’s a
brand new itinerary from Ramona. Vancouver Island is more than
just Victoria. In fact, this itinerary does not provide more than a
glimpse of that magnificent city, and instead shows you the rest of
the island. Fly to Vancouver and catch the ferry to Nanaimo. After
an overnight, head for the west coast of the island and the town
of Tofino.
The paved road has only gone to Tofino for 40 years, so it’s an
unspoiled region. Stay 2 nights at the Tin Wis Resort. Visit old
growth forests, beautiful gardens and visit a local tea room. Back
on the east side, travel the Comox and Cowichan Valleys, on to
Chemainus and Duncan, home of magnificent murals and totem
poles respectively. Depart from Sidney, but first, there’s time for a
two hour tour of Victoria, so first-time visitors can see the city (note
the tour does not stop at Butchart Gardens due to time limitations).
9 meals (5FB,4L), door-to-door service, 3250/3650 Gold Passport
Points, airfare to Vancouver/from Victoria. $3245 p.p./dbl.occ.,
$3620 single, this tour requires a valid passport! , $75 EPD*
We appraise and/or buy old coins
Just about everyone has a jar of old coins sitting around. Turn
those coin collections, big and small, into cash. Mark was a coin
dealer in his previous life and is interested in expanding his
collection. Call for an appointment to have your coins appraised
and/or purchased. Find out what your treasures are worth!
916-361-2051 and ask for Bob or Mark.
Things to Know Before You Go:
Airfare: On all trips where air travel is indicated, airfares are
included in the listed prices.
Home Pick-up: Our exclusive home pick-up is included on
all trips listed here of three days or longer. Carey Limousines
and their partners provide transportation to/from the airport,
Sacramento’s Amtrak station or the Sports Leisure Vacations
Meals: Please refer to the day-by-day itinerary for a break
down of the included breakfasts, brunches, lunches and
*Early Registration/Payment Discounts: Trips with a note
like this after the price “$40 EPD*,” indicates there is a discount
available for Early Registration and Payment. Please refer
to the back page of the newsletter for more details on Early
Registration/Payment Discounts.
The Fine Print: Our Special Tour & Vacation Notes brochure
contains the answers to many often-asked questions. A copy
is sent with your reservations.
Sports Leisure online: You are invited to visit our website at
www.sportsleisure.com for more information on any tour
listed here, or call our office and we will be happy to send you
a detailed itinerary.
6 Days
Sept. 10-15
Ferries and Towns of
Puget Sound
Catalog page 23. This popular Pacific Northwest tour got a new
look last year, as we moved from the San Juan Islands for 2 nights
to Anacortes, and the beautifully modernized Majestic Hotel.
We still go flightseeing in the San Juan Islands and visit all the
wonderful little towns along our route. In order, from Poulsbo
to Port Townsend, on Whidby Island from Coupeville to Langley,
on to La Conner, Anacortes and Friday and Roche Harbors in the
San Juan Islands. Overnight in Poulsbo, 2 nights on Whidbey
Island, 2 nights at the Majestic Hotel in Anacortes. 11 meals
(2FB,3B,3L,3D), door-to-door service, airfare to/from Seattle,
3100/3350 Gold Passport Points. Tour Director(s): Mark and/
or Chris. Important notes about the ferry boats: Many of the
boats have elevators for passengers, but some offer stairs as the
only way to access to the passenger deck. Those with mobility
issues are requested to discuss them with our staff if you have any
questions. $3080 p.p./dbl.occ., $3320 single, $60 EPD*
7 Days
Sept. 12-18
Great Gatsby at the Grand on
Mackinac Island
Catalog page 33. Over the years, hundreds of Sports Leisure
Travelers have explored Mackinac Island on our trips. It’s a popular
destination. This year, it’s available with two unqiue twists. You
have the chance to participate or be a spectator for A Great Gatsby
Weekend. Full of fun and activities, it will highlight your trip. The
second is the chance to stay at The Grand Hotel on Mackinac. It
is one of the classic accommodations in the country. You’ll stay 3
nights and have plenty of time to enjoy your lush surroundings.
The itinerary also features overnights in Bay City, Frankenmuth
and Dearborn. Visit the Henry Ford Museum (like a miniature
Smithsonian) and Greenfield Village, plus Bronner’s Christmas
Wonderland and a great dinner at the Bavarian Inn Lodge. 12 meals
(6FB,1L,5D) plus two bonus “teas,” door-to-door service, airfare to/
from Detroit, 3450/3900 Gold Passport Points. $3430 p.p./dbl.
occ., $3830 single, $75 EPD*
7 Days
Sept. 20-26
National Treasures of the West
Catalog page 18. Featuring The Black Hills, Crazy Horse Memorial,
Mount Rushmore and the old west town of Deadwood. Fly to Rapid
City, and head for nearby Spearfish. Stay 2 nights at the Spearfish
Canyon Resort. Visit Deadwood, and learn the story of the bison,
the legend of Boot Hill and visit the historic main street saloons.
Then 2 nights in the Black Hills at the Palmer Gulch Lodge,
jumping off point for Crazy Horse, Mt. Rushmore and Custer State
Park. (You’ll also have the option to see Mt. Rushmore after dark.)
At Crazy Horse, you have the unique opportunity to stand on the
mountain. This is a Sports Leisure exclusive!
Travel south to Hot Springs Nat’l Park, home of the ancient Woolly
Mammoth. Drive through Badlands Nat’l Park and visit Wall Drug,
a famous South Dakota outpost. 10 meals (2B,4FB,2L,2D), airfare
to/from Rapid City, door-to-door service, 3050/3300 Gold Passport
Points, Tour Director: Ramona Goodge. $3030 p.p./dbl.occ.,
$3295 single, $60 EPD*
Sports Leisure Vacations / November – December 2014
Sacramento, CA
9812 Old Winery Place, Suite 1
Sacramento, CA 95827
EARLY PAYMENT Di$count Coupon
Early Registration/Payment Di$counts listed here expire on December
9, 2014; or may be withdrawn when 50% of the available space has been
reserved. To receive the discount, you must pay in full within ten days of
registration. If you accept this option, the monies paid, including the cost
of Cancellation Protection, are returned to you in full if you cancel more
than 60 days prior to departure for US and Canadian tours or 75 days
prior for International tours, regardless of the reason for cancellation.
Within the time limits noted above, restrictions on refunds apply. See the
Special Vacation Notes & Information brochure for complete details.
Mar. – Big Sur, Carmel and the Carmel Valley – $ave $20
Mar. – Ghost Towns of Old Nevada – $ave $40
Mar. – Harmonious Hearst Castle – $ave $20
Mar. – The Colorful Carolina Coast – $ave $50
Apr. – Beautiful Bodega Bay – $ave $20
Apr. – Maui, Hana, Molokai – The Best Hawaii Tour Ever – $ave $50
Apr. – On the (Pismo) Beach – $ave $20
Apr. – San Antonio: Deep in the Heart – $ave $40
Apr. – Springtime In Yosemite – $ave $20
Apr. – Sweet Home Alabama – $ave $50
Apr. – The Flower Fields of Carlsbad – $ave $20
May – Alaska: By Land and By Sea – $ave $75 or $100
May – Missions III: The Last Stops Along El Camino Real – $ave $20
May – New York City: Broadway, Brooklyn and The Bronx – $ave $40
May – The Good, The Bad and The Brave: A Mystery Tour – $ave $40
May – The Mighty Five: National Parks of Utah – $ave $40
May – Off to Oregon, to Sisters; It’s Just Around the Bend – $ave $40
May – Savor Santa Fe – $ave $40
May – Washington, DC and the Amish Country – $ave $50
June – Sequoia: Cathedral of Giants – $ave $35
June – Ferries, Islands and Towns of Cape Cod – $ave $60
June – Yellowstone & Tetons: Geysers, Rivers and Peaks – $ave $50
June – Oregon Gardens, Falls and Mt. Hood – $ave $40
June – Portland Rose Festival – $ave $35
June – Oregon Gardens & The Portland Rose Festival – $ave $75
July – Canadian Rockies on the Rocky Mountaineer – $ave $125
July – Crater Lake and the Umpqua National Scenic Byway – $ave $35
July – Jammin’ Through Glacier and Waterton Nat’l Parks – $ave $50
July – Oregon – Covered Bridges and The Coast – $ave $25
July – Seattle’s Best – $ave $35
Aug. – All Around the Olympic Peninsula – $ave $25
Aug. – Poland, A Culinary and Cultural Adventure – $ave $100
Aug. – The Tapestry of Vancouver Island – $ave $75
Aug. – Castles. Cathedrals & A Very Special Abbey – $ave $200
Sep. – Fall Foliage in New England – $ave $100
Sep. – Redwoods of the North Coast – $ave $50
Sep. – Ferries and Towns of Puget Sound – $ave $60
Sep. – Great Gatsby at the Grand – $ave $75
Sep. – National Treasures of the West – $ave $60
$ave $10–$40 per person on Cancellation Protection
Valid only when used with the adjacent coupon on the tours listed.
Your savings depend on the double-occupancy price of the tour. $ave
$10 on tours priced from $451-$800, $ave $20 on tours priced from
$801-$2250, $ave $30 on tours priced from $2251-$3500, $ave $40
on tours priced at $3501 or more. The regular cost of this protection is
$15-$295, depending on the tour price. To receive the above discounts,
you must pay in full within ten days of registration and purchase
the protection at the time you pay for your tour. Within 60/75 days of
departure (see adjoining coupon), coverage is limited to verified medical
emergencies. Please refer to the Special Vacation Notes & Information
brochure for details, or call our office.
A brief list of tours which are sold out, or have only a limited amount
of space (10 or fewer seats, number in parenthesis) remaining. Day
trips are not listed.
Sold-Out Tours (waiting list available)
Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay
A Tender Tennessee Christmas
Christmastime in Santa Cruz
Christmas in Victoria
The Spirit of Christmas in Salt Lake City
13th Annual Christmas Lights Mystery Tour
The Apple Farm & Fairmont at Christmas
Take the Train or Plane to the Rose Parade
Winter at the Ahwahnee
Winter on the Rails
Costa Rica, Natural Wonder
Alaska’s Aurora Borealis
Boston to Bar Harbor
Limited Space (10 or fewer seats)
Key West, Miami & The Everglades – 4
Spring Training in Arizona – 8
Colorful Carolina Coast – 7
Maui, Hana & Molokai – 9
Tulip Time Along the Rhine River – 4
Croatia by Land & Sea – 8
Tulips & Niagara Falls – 4
Tiny Tour to Portland (Apr./May) – 4/5
The Good, The Bad & The Brave Mystery – 6
Tulips & Niagara Falls – 4