The Official Newsletter of the Pomona Valley Model Airplane Club
November 2014
An AMA Leader Club-AMA Charter 0142
The 2nd largest AMA Club in the United States
Big Jolt 2014
Big Jolt 2014
Big Jolt 2014
USRA Gold Air Race - Rabbit Dry Lake
The Rabbit Lake Air Race was held on the second
weekend of October. 18 PVMAC members helped
judge the races. Kyle Goodwine was one of the participants.
Norton Notes
Pictured here is Charles
Neal with his large
foamy EDF F-86 . The
plane is by Fly-Fly from
Hobby People. Charles
has been flying at the
Norton field for many
years and remains one
of the most active members of the Norton flyer
community. He is truly
dedicated to the sport
and brings a wide variety of models to the
field. This F-86 is one of his latest. It is 56 inches long with a 54 inch
span and uses a 90 mm fan unit and one 5 cell 3200 mah battery. It has
proven to be a smooth and stable flyer that is really impressive in the
air. The tall landing gear is the one weak point on the model and but it
lands smoothly and so far the gear has survived. Charles is still experimenting to find some suitable retracts for his jet.
Revised Directions to Norton Field
Construction is going on just east of the PVMAC field at San Bernardino
airport (which we refer to as the Norton field) and the direct route to our
field from the east has been blocked off. We can still enter at the same
gate which is off of 3rd street 0.7 miles west of Palm Avenue. After you
enter the gate stay to the right and follow the dirt/gravel road. You will
head toward the perimeter road which is just inside the airport property. Continue west on the perimeter road and when you see our field on
your left continue to the green fence. Turn left on the dirt road immediately before that fence and it will take you to our parking area. This is the
same road that people coming from the west have always used.
Airline Pilots Group Concerned with Amazon Drone Safety
The group cautions that safety is paramount in commercial drone flight
News Service | Oct 28, 2014 10:48 AM PT
An organization representing thousands of
commercial pilots in the U.S. and Canada says
it's concerned about the safety implications of
Amazon flying drones at a site near Seattle.
The Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) says because the test site is close to densely populated
areas with large amounts of commercial air
traffic, the likelihood of an accident is increased.
More like this
· Amazon isn't the only company that
wants to fly drones
· Pressure builds on FAA to release drone
· Amazon seeks U.S. exemption to test
delivery drones
Amazon is exploring the use of drones for package delivery and has asked the Federal Aviation
Administration for permission to test them near
its headquarters in Washington state. The company said it might be forced to take drone research and development overseas if the FAA
doesn't grant its application.
The ALPA comment came in a letter sent to the
FAA on Monday that demanded Amazon provide specific details of every planned drone operation and the efforts it is taking to minimize
the risk of an accident, if the flights are to go
"If the FAA were to grant this exemption for a
private test site facility, the FAA's oversight task
is increased," it said.
Drones currently fall within a grey area of U.S.
law. The FAA has claimed regulatory control
over them and given private pilots and hobbyists many of the same freedoms they enjoy
with model aircraft while prohibiting businesses
from using drones for commercial use.
The first change in that policy recently occurred
when the FAA, after lobbying from the Motion
Picture Association of America, allowed a handful of movie and TV production companies to
use drones in a controlled manner on movie
sets for filming purposes.
Companies in the agriculture and energy fields
are also asking for permission to fly drones.
Amazon's application to the FAA has so far garnered nine responses from the public, including
the ALPA. Several, mainly from groups involved
in the unmanned aviation sector, support the
proposal, while a few from private individuals
oppose it. One comment calls for thorough
safety measures and another supports it.
The FAA is accepting comments on the proposal until Sept. 4th
Martyn Williams covers mobile telecoms, Silicon
Valley and general technology breaking news
for The IDG News Service. Follow Martyn on
Twitter at @martyn_williams. Martyn's e-mail
address is [email protected]
This article was reprinted with permission of
the Author.
Saturday, November 15th…….Coachella Valley RC Club Float Fly
at Lake Cahuilla
Saturday, December 6th ……...Palomar RC Flyers Combat Event
Saturday, December 6th ……….Miramar RC Flyers Toys 4 Tots
Fun Fly
Sunday, December 7th……... Hemet Model Masters Toys 4 Kids
Sunday, December 7th… Toys 4 Tots & Swap Meet
Pomona Valley Model Airplane Club
A Few Reminders…
Please remember all PVMAC members must wear their
membership badges at all times while at the flying field. This
is the only way that guest flyers can be identified and visitor
fees collected, and how we can ensure that membership
renewal fees have been received. It is also the way we can
ensure that paid members are allowed to enjoy club privileges, so please wear your badges!
Also, remember that all flyers are required to have an
ABC rated fire extinguisher in their pit area. This rule is to
protect our field and our members. As we are flying on leased
land, one mishap could potentially cost us our lease. Fire extinguishers are available for purchase for a reasonable price at
Costco stores.
2015 Membership Renewal Info
The AMA will begin issuing 2015 AMA
cards on September 15, 2014. As soon as you
receive your 2015 card you can renew your
club membership.
If you know of anyone that wishes to
join the club, they can apply now and get the
rest of this year and next year for their $200.
This year’s renewal deadline is January 11, 2015 4:00 PM. This date was
picked to coincide with the end of the AMA
Expo. We will be at the show renewing memberships by cash, check or credit card. You
can receive your new card at the show.
If you prefer to mail your application,
on time renewals must be postmarked by January 11, 2015. Late renewals will be required
to pay an additional $120 initiation fee. As ten
past members found out this year, there is no
exception to this rule.
To renew, please fill out and sign the
2015 renewal form and include a copy of your
2015 AMA card. Life members are also required to submit a signed renewal form and a
copy of their 2015 AMA card.
Membership Dues are as follows:
 Adult New $200 made up of $80 Dues and
$120initiation fee
Adult renewal (on time) - $80
Adult renewal (late) - $200 made up of
$80 Dues
and $120 initiation fee
 Spouse of member - $10
 Child of member (under 18 years old) $10
 Youth (parent not a member) - $20
The post office box will be checked
once a week on Friday. Memberships will be
processed over the weekend and 2015 cards
mailed the following Monday. Please do not
mail cash. Cash can be accepted when renewing in person. Credit cards will be accepted at
the AMA Expo and possibly
during membership meetings.
2015 Renewal Forms will be available
on the website September 15, 2014. Renewal
forms will also be mailed to current members.
You will also be able to turn your renewals into Tom Marcure or Larry Marsh at
the Board Meetings or General Membership
Tom Marcure
Membership Chairman
Restricted Days for Flying
As you may be aware, many club members like to renew at the AMA Expo. The club extends the
date for on time renewals till the end of the AMA Expo to accommodate these members. Please
keep in mind however, that until you have your 2015 Club Card you will not be able to fly at either of the fields with out proof of 2015 AMA membership and a ten dollar day fee. This is not to
punish members who like to renew at the Expo, it's just the way the rules work. Until you renew,
you are not a member and are therefore subject to non member rules. This period is from January 1, 2015 until January 11, 2015 or until you renew which ever comes first.
The only advantage you gain by renewing at the Expo is that you have until January 11, 2015
then to renew at the $80 rate. As you know, late renewals after this date are considered new
members and must pay $200.
Tom Marcure
Club Meetings !
Don’t miss out...Come join the fun!
$285 cash is given away at each club meeting!
Meetings are held the second Tuesday
of each month at 7pm
Chino Community Building
“Unique RC products with an
appreciation for our history"