STEWARDSHIP: CALVARY LUTHERAN CHURCH Grounded in Faith, Growing in Service Inside

All Saints Sunday:
November 2
Stewardship Sunday:
November 9
Thanksgiving Eve:
November 26
November 2014
STEWARDSHIP: Grounded in Faith, Growing in Service
this issue:
From the Pastor’s Study
Church Family News, Prayers
Mission & Outreach
Youth Ministry
Event Pictures
As we approach Stewardship Sunday
on November 9th, we should be looking to God’s Word to guide us in making our commitment for 2015. From
His command in Genesis to give of our
first fruits to Jesus’ parable of the widow’s mite, Scripture directs us to return to God a portion of what He has
given us. In Luke 12:48 we are told
that much will be demanded of those
of us who have been given more.
Live Nativity
Prayerfully consider your pledge for
2015 and have biblically based discussions within your family. Let us all continue to support Calvary in mission
and ministry, with our time, talent,
and treasure. Consider God’s Word
and the perfect service that Jesus has
shown us and let us “follow His example pure”.
Cal’s Committee Corner
All Saints
Ministry News
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Be sure to join us November 9 for our
Stewardship Potluck Celebration
Brunch. Let us celebrate all that God
has given us and offer our thanks and
praise as we give back what He has
first given us.
The Stewardship Team,
Larry Bonier, Ron Foster, Judy Kestly,
Jon Sayas
The first weekend in November (November 1 & 2) we celebrate All Saints Day, recognizing those who have been baptized this past year as well as those who have gone
to their heavenly home during the past year.
Pray for the newly baptized:
Margaret Charland (1/4/14)
Miles Knuth (2/8/14)
Simone Hergott (2/16/14)
Brittany Marinello (4/1/14)
Piper Nowicki (7/12/14)
Sophia Peters (12/28/13)
Remember the recently departed:
John Rupnick (11/25/13)
Jeanette Adelman (1/18/14)
Doris Sonderman (1/26/14)
Glenn Egelseer (4/13/14)
Dean Roe (5/24/14)
John “Greg” Fleckenstein (9/6/14)
Joseph Dindorf (10/8/14)
Doris P. Simonson (10/29/2014)
Page 2
Pr. Dennis M. Roser
[email protected]
From the Pastor’s Study
Dear Friends,
As Jesus prepared to ascend to his
Father, leaving his disciples here
to continue his ministry, he commanded them: “Go therefore and
make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the
Father and of the Son and of the
Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded
you. And behold, I am with you
always, to the end of the
age.” (Matthew 28:19-20). From
this, and elsewhere in the New
Testament, we see that disciples
are called to make disciples. If we
are not making disciples, we are fruitless – regardless of whatever good works or services we may be performing for others.
In the early days of the Church, this was simply a given. Somewhere along the line the Church has professionalized disciplemaking – we hire “professionals” (evangelists and preachers) to
do this work on behalf of local congregations. The net result is
that less and less disciples are being made. I believe that we
can readily apply the words of W. Edwards Deming to the Christian Church today: “Your system is perfectly designed to give
you the results you're getting.” If we want different results, we
need to change the system.
What should we change? Perhaps the first step is to return to
Jesus’ strategy of disciples making disciples. Doing so will mean
a change for everyone in the Church – including pastors. If we
are honest, many of us function as executive directors or, as
Eugene Peterson says, “religious shopkeepers.” The question
then for pastors is: “how do we give more time and attention
to discipling our members and equipping them to disciple others?” The question for laypersons is: “how do I take what I am
learning and share it with others?”
Until we become convinced that Jesus’ command to make disciples is meant for us - very little will happen. However, when
the Holy Spirit (whom we received in Baptism) works through
our hearing of the Word of God and seizes the person studying
it – the results can be explosive. When disciples make disciples
the number of people who will be reached with the saving message of Christ Jesus is relatively infinite. Think of all of the people whom you know and come into contact with who may never cross paths with your pastor or other church workers. There
are probably people in your life of whom you are the only believer they know – do you want to guess whose responsibility it
is to tell them about the Savior?
The most common reason that Christians give to explain why
they are not making disciples is that they do not feel confident
enough about what they believe to share it with others. This
statement does not reflect a lack of commitment, but a feeling
of inadequacy. The Church is the place where such a shortfall is
to be addressed and mitigated. To that end, I would like to invite each of our small groups to consider studying the book 5
Things You Can Do to Witness Christ, by John W. Sias. This book
not only awakens an evangelistic impulse, but prepares the
reader to share with others what Lutheran Christians believe.
This is a five-session book with helpful discussion questions.
The publisher describes it as follows:
For all the baptized, witnessing Christ is supposed to be part of
our way of life. We are given to share our greatest gift, Jesus
Christ, with anyone God allows us to meet. Yes, it can be intimidating. Surprisingly, it gets easier as you do it more often.
This volume will equip you to:
1. Witness Christ where He speaks and works
2. Witness Christ using Law and Gospel
3. Witness Christ's justification in Word and Sacraments
4. Witness Christ in words and deeds
5. Witness Christ on the front lines
You can learn more about the book at: Because
Concordia is currently offering the book at a 50% discount, we
have purchased 35 of them. You are welcome to purchase
them through the church office for $5.00 each (includes the
shipping costs). It is also available for reading with Amazon
Kindle at:
We invite our groups to begin the study in January, if they are
able. In addition to using this resource in small groups, individuals and families are encouraged to participate in the study.
After reading the book, I would describe it as a “catechism
course in paperback.” In addition to the small groups sessions,
we will be making use of this resource in other areas of our life
together, beginning in January.
In Christ Jesus,
Page3 3
It’s About Our Family
Our deepest sympathies to Sue Dindorf and family on the death of her husband, Joe on
October 8.
Please inform the church office of any births, deaths, illness or change of address or family
situation so that we make pray for you and keep our records up to date.
Please check the weekly bulletin for those
people needing our urgent prayers. If you
have any prayer requests, please call or
email the church office. We ask for
continued prayers for:
Ongoing prayer concerns: Diane Iverson;
Lori Smith; Mary Moen; Win Reinemann;
Jan Mertins; Bev Meinke; Deb Kirley
(daughter of Larry & Barb Runnoe); Carol
Swartz (daughter of Beverly Meinke); Susan
Stonerock (daughter of Donald and Fay
Heyen); Elizabeth Bruns (mother of Carol
Rooney); Chris Clemens (father of Jessie
Brovold); John Kirch (brother of Laurie
Kretschmann); Mark Rogers (son-in-law of
John Ellison); Dena Diebert (former Calvary
member); Brian Holman (grandson of Ron &
Jean Holman); Mary Ellen Puls (sister of
Craig Busche); Maureen Schulz (sister-in-law
of Sallie Schulz); Barbara Branston (cousin
of Norm McGarvie); Ginny Mc Bride (friend
of Judy Kestly); Sara Schmidt and Red
Braasch (daughter and husband of Rev.
Cathi Braasch); Jonathan Burmeister (friend
of Calvary).
Shut-Ins: Dottie Riemer; Ruth Yankus; Liz
Gjenvick; Jean Anderson; Sam & Mary
Moen; Betty Schraith; Bette Forbes; June
Johnson; Donna Polizzi, Paul & Marj Skarie;
Bob Pfeiffer (father of Jan Lukasik); Mickey
Rash; Bill Rash Jr. (son of Mickey Rash).
November Calendar
Check the church calendar
for complete listings.
Worship; Name
Tag Weekend;
All Saints; YOUth
Bakery Prep
Worship; Name
Tag Weekend;
All Saints; Daylight Savings
Thank You Notes
From Heifer International: Thank you for
your generosity and gift to Heifer International. The end of extreme poverty is within our grasp, and your help matters. Your
commitment to helping others gives hope
to families who once struggled with hunger
and poverty and provides the foundation
for strong farming families. Thank you for
investing in Heifer International to help
make a better world - one family at a time.
Note: Through the benevolence money
from our Sunday School program, Calvary
purchased 3 heifers, 6 flocks of chicks, 2
water buffalos and 4 goats for the Heifer
Worship; Stewardship Sunday;
Potluck Brunch
10 Serenity Inn
Meal Program
11 Deacon Meeting
12 Council Reports
16 Worship; Food
18 Crossroads
Deadline; Congregation Council
21 Revolve Lock-In
23 Worship; Bridge;
24 SVdP Meal Program
25 Crossroads Assembly
26 Thanksgiving Eve
Worship; Pie
27 Thanksgiving
Day; Church
office closed
28 Church office
30 Worship; Advent
begins; Church
Christmas decorating
Page 4
November Mission of the Month: Mosaic (Bethphage)
November Food Drive
Thank you to everyone who
contributed to Calvary’s Cupboard last month. Items collected are taken to the
Waukesha Food Pantry. The
next Food Sunday is Holiday
Meals Sunday, with collection
November 15th and 16th,
2014. We would like to collect
monetary contributions this
month to help provide Holiday
Meals for families. To do so,
please mark your envelope or
check with the notation “Food
Pantry”. If you cannot make a
monetary donation, other
items of need are canned
meats, fruits or vegetables,
soups, pasta, and cereals.
The Calvary Crossroads is published monthly. All news articles should be submitted to
the church office by the deadline listed on the church calendar. Electronic submissions
are preferred (email:
[email protected]).
If you received this issue via
email only and would like to
receive a printed copy in the
mail, please contact the Calvary church office. Printed
copies are available at church
Mosaic provides a life of
possibilities for individuals
with intellectual disabilities.
Mosaic helps people define
their own happiness. Mosaic supports them and empowers the pursuit of their
goals. They celebrate their
successes, even if that success is as simple as the pursuit itself.
More than nine decades
ago, children and adults
with intellectual disabilities
often endured abuse and
abandonment in large institutions. In response to the
isolation they faced, the
Rev. K.G. William Dahl, a
Lutheran pastor, founded
Bethphage near Axtell, NE,
in 1913.
Bethphage soon became
known as the "miracle of
the prairie" for its dedication to helping people with
disabilities grow toward
independence. This rich
heritage of supporting and
advocating for people with
disabilities grew further on
July 1, 2003, with the
founding of Mosaic, the
consolidation of Bethphage
and Martin Luther Homes.
Donation to Calvary’s Mission of the Month for November go toward supporting Mosaic. Use your
weekly offering envelopes,
white pew envelopes, or
give online. Checks should
be made out to Calvary Lutheran Church and note:
Nov. Mission of the Month.
For more information about
Mosaic/Bethphage, visit
their website:
Mission and Outreach Report
This year our Calvary Quilters were once again busy! The final tally of quilts made and
sent to Lutheran World Relief were 69! In addition to these, 15 baby quilts and 7
sweaters were made and sent to the Waukesha Women’s Center.
In addition to the quilts, Calvary members donated 47 school kits and 18 health kits to
LWR. Thank you to all who were a part of this servant outreach! Thank you, too, to
those who helped pack and transport the items.
A special thank you to Bluemound Express Moving and Storage of Waukesha and
Beltmann Group Inc. of
Pewaukee for their generous
donations of boxes!
At right: A few of the
many beautiful quilts
made by our own Calvary
Quilters were draped over
the Communion rail as
Pastor Roser says prayers
for Lutheran World Relief
on Quilt Sunday, October 5.
Page5 5
Hey YOUth!
All of our youth events are open to ALL youth of that age! Feel free to invite friends,
relatives, neighbors, grandkids, etc. More Kids = More Fun!!!
Pie Social – Calling All YOUth!
We will be hosting
the Pie Social on
Thanksgiving Eve,
November 26!
Youth of all ages,
grades 3-12 are
invited to come
and help out for this fun-filled evening!
Please come to the Calvary Kitchen at
6:45pm. and plan to stay through cleanup (around 8:30pm). This is a great way
to give back to our congregation for their
support and encouragement of our youth
ministry program!
Roll Up Your Sleeves & Put on an Apron –
All YOUth!
Saturday, November 1, 9 am to Noon-ish
Come and help out in the Youth Bakery!
We will be preparing all of the ordered
items from our fundraiser. Keep in mind
these funds go to sponsor and reduce the
cost of our youth events for you! Events
like retreats, trips, camps, parties, bible
studies. Come when you can, and leave
when you need to! No cooking/baking
experience required, there is a job for
Connect & Revolve (Grades 6-12)
Youth Group Meetings
Winter Retreat January 24-26, 2014
BRIDGE (3rd – 5th grade) Sunday, November 23 from 11:30 to 1:00
Middle School & High School Winter Retreat at Pine Lake Camp!
We will head north on Friday, January 23,
spend Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday
morning at Pine Lake; and then return to
Brookfield on Sunday, January 25 midafternoon. This event will include sledding, cross country skiing, and other winter activities, as well as devotions to help
us grow closer to God and activities to
help us grow in our relationships with
each other.
The cost of the retreat, including lodging,
registration, and meals Saturday (all day)
and Sunday brunch is $90.00 per person.
Additional costs will include dinner on
Friday and snacks for the road up and
back. Scholarships are available, and are
kept strictly confidential. For more information, please talk to me personally.
Please note that friends are WELCOME
and encouraged to attend!!! Feel free to
contact me with any questions about this
upcoming retreat. I’m excited to head up
north for some frosty fun and time with
our youth and our Father!
That is right after the Sunday school hour
ends. As this time is over the lunch hour,
a pizza lunch will be served, or feel free to
“brown bag it.”
Connect (6th - 8th grade) Sunday, November 23th from 3:30-5:00 pm.
Revolve (9th – 12th Grade)
Friday, November 21 at 6:30pm to Nov.
22 at 9:00am
We are having a lock-in at church this
month! While together we will be doing
a service project for Calvary, growing our
faith, and spend some time hanging out
too! Bring your sleeping stuff, snacks to
share, and a favorite movie or two.
Friends are invited and welcome! Sign-up
on the youth board.
Remember: There is a program for the
high school students on Sunday mornings
during the education hour from 10:30 –
Thanksgiving Eve Worship
& Pie Social
Join us on November 26 for our
Thanksgiving Eve worship service at 7 pm, followed by the
pie social, served by our youth.
Watch for the sign up sheets
posted in the narthex to bring a
Contact Information
Congregation Council
Nancy Marsho (Pres.)
Sue Vollmar (V.P.)
Nick Huettl (Sec.)
Gordy Gunnlaugsson (Treas.)262-369-3910
Rich Baumgartner
Terry Bzdusek
Brad Meyer
Carolyn Trotier
Mark Trudell
Kevin Wahlgren
Jon Warber
Board of Deacons
Erik Zipp [T-U] (Chair.)
Ron Foster [C-E]
Grace Gunnlaugsson [A-B]
Ruby Hauch [F-G]
Ernie Kretschmann [H-J]
Karen Pierce [K]
Keith Pierce [L,N-O]
Donna Schroeder [M, P-Q]
Mary Smith [Sa-Sh]
Terry Trotier [Si-Sz]
Lydia Trudell [R]
Lee Tyne [V-Z]
Rev. Dennis Roser (Pastor)
[email protected]
Angie Schatz (Youth Ministry)
[email protected]
Holly Novotny (Office Manager)
[email protected]
Kris Molitor (Financial Secretary)
[email protected]
Kim Steiner (Communications)
[email protected]
Ministry Emails
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Page 6
Confirmation: October 26
At left (l to r): Mary Baumgartner, Pastor Roser, Daniel Berger
Two Calvary youth were confirmed in their faith on Sunday, October
26. We ask that you continue to pray for these youth as they continue in their faith journeys as adult members or our congregation.
Trunk or Treat: October 26
Page 7
All YOUth Corn Maze: October 25
After being cancelled due to mud
(ugh!) on the original date, the all
YOUth corm maze outing turned
out to be a great success and lots
of fun! Calvary youth and friends
enjoyed the wonderful weather
and fellowship.
Hallowine: October 24
Fun for the adults, too, at the second annual Hallowine - wine tasting and costume party.
Page 8
Live Nativity Casting Call!
We need people of all talents for our
2014 Live Nativity - especially musicians
(vocal & instrumental)!
This year’s Live Nativity will be held on
December 7th and run from 3:30 6pm. Sign up on the Casting Call sheet
posted on the glass doors of Fellowship
Live Nativity 2014
Let’s get the word out!!
Pick up flyers, posters,
and especially invite cards
to distribute and pass out
to friends, relatives,
neighbors, businesses,
etc. These can be found
on the tables in the narthex and on the table just
out side the church office.
What are invite cards?
Invite cards are provided
for our congregants to
invite friends, co-workers
and anyone to come to
our Live Nativity. All the
information is listed on a
folded card, the size of a
business card. The cards
easily fit into a purse, diaper bag, or even pocket,
and can be carried with
you to hand out and use
as an easy way to invite
others to experience the
wonderful message of the
birth of our Lord and Savior through our bi-annual
Live Nativity.
Actual ‘casting’ will take place through
mid November. You will be contacted
prior to casting to provide further information.
A scene from Calvary’s Live Nativity 2012.
Questions? See Kim Steiner or Marianne Citraro.
Crèche Call!
This year's Live Nativity will feature
something new - we are inviting our
Calvary family to share their Nativity sets
for an extra-special display! They can be
large or small, primitive or elaborate,
homemade or from the store. (Tabletop
versions only, please.) They will be
displayed in a secure setting in Fellowship
Hall during our Live Nativity on December
7. If interested in providing a display please
sign up. Plan to bring your Nativity set to
church on Friday, December 5. Clearly label
with your name and phone number. Sets
may be picked upon Monday, December 8.
Sign up sheets are posted on the glass
Live Nativity Bakers Needed
We are in need of your talents!!! We are
looking for donations of 2-3 dozen
homemade cookies or bars for Calvary’s
Live Nativity on December 7th. As the
holidays approach and baking increases,
please consider sharing your talents and
yummy treats. (please, no brownies, cakes
or pies)
If you have any questions, please contact
either Ruth Brostowitz or Lydia Trudell,
Hospitality Co-Chairs for this year’s Live
Look for the sign-up sheet in the Narthex.
Be sure to include your email address, as
we will be sending out a reminder and
delivery details later in November.
Watch for more Live Nativity sign-ups coming soon!!
Page9 9
Notes from the Endowment Committee
As we get to the end of the year, the Endowment Committee would like to thank
those who have made contributions to the
Endowment Fund for 2014. We have received a number of substantial gifts that
will enable us to support educational, outreach and programmatic ministry opportunities which are presented to the Committee for support. We use the income
from the investments of the Endowment
Funds to support these opportunities.
leges as well as providing funding for the
NALC Seminary. Requests for such support
should be sent to the Endowment committee for action.
We plan to hold another Endowment Fund
awareness session next spring. We look
forward to providing more information on
the programs that we support and provide
you with opportunities to be a part of the
Endowment Fund. Look for details as we
get closer to spring.
This year we have already provided support for students enrolled at Lutheran Col-
Cal’s Committee Corner: Endowment Committee
The tradition of charitable giving is as old as
Lutheranism itself. During the Reformation,
Martin Luther called upon people to
establish a common chest from which food,
clothing and other necessities could be
distributed to people in need.
The Calvary Lutheran Church Endowment
Fund was developed to extend our ministry
by supporting special projects not covered
within the operating budget. It will provide
lasting resources to the next generations at
Calvary and ongoing support to our family in
Entirely separate from the congregation’s
operating budget, the Fund has these
specific purposes:
To receive gifts of cash, securities,
estates, life insurance, real estate, etc.
To carefully and diligently oversee the
administration and investment of such
funds as an endowment in perpetuity.
To distribute the Fund’s income only for
religious outreach, missions and special
needs of the congregation.
Mission Statement
To provide and promote planned giving
opportunities that support the ministry and
mission of both the church and the donor for
local, regional and international outreach
and educational purposes in perpetuity.
Common types of gifts to the Fund
Cash donations
Will bequests
Trust or gift annuities
Stocks or bonds
Life insurance
Real estate
The committee encourages you to consult
with your financial advisor and invites you to
ask for more information on how to proceed
when making any type of gift to the
Endowment Fund.
The committee invites
you to consider a gift to
the Calvary Lutheran
Church Endowment Fund
today. Let your legacy
live on.
How may I make a gift?
To make a donation, contact the church office at
262-786-4010 or go to
our home page at and
click on “Give Online”.
What does the Endowment Fund support?
As the Endowment Fund continues to grow,
gifts will be given to the following ministries:
What is an Endowment Fund?
An endowment fund is a perpetual fund in
which only the income is used. Donations
are pooled together and invested to
generate income. The original donation
remains invested year after year. When the 
Fund reaches a designated level, a portion of
the income is used annually in accordance
with the Fund by-laws.
Educational support for Lutheran
seminaries and colleges for students at
those institutions.
Outreach to local, regional and
international projects that are
consistent with the mission of Calvary
Lutheran Church.
Programmatic ministries at Calvary
Lutheran Church.
If you would like your
committee highlighted
in our monthly “Cal’s
Committee Corner”
segment, contact the
church office.
Page 10
Him & Hymn: Monthly Message from the Worship & Music Committee
What is an Usher?
Ushering provides an opportunity to be a representative of God.
Ushering is not simply handing out bulletins, opening doors to
The role of the church usher is
God’s sanctuary, collecting the offering and guiding people to
a wonderful responsibility in
communion. Ushers provide the friendly smiles and warm
growing the kingdom of God.
greetings that demonstrate Christian love.
When people appear on the
church doorsteps, God is at
An usher may be the first person a newcomer meets face to face.
work. The hospitality and
A smile or handshake and kind welcome may be the initial key for
friendliness shared by the ush- that person to consider becoming a member.
ers helps to usher in the Holy Spirit as worshippers seek to build a
The Worship and Music Committee hopes that if you are not alcloser relationship with God through worship.
ready an usher, that you will prayerfully consider joining a team.
Church ushers welcome worshippers by providing a warm and
Simply contact one of us to let us know that you would like to join
safe atmosphere to usher in God’s presence. The Usher Ministry this ministry.
serves the people and creates an atmosphere for hospitality.
Worship & Music Committee: Carolyn Trotier, Rich Bloomberg,
Ushers are the “doorkeepers for the house of the Lord.”
JoAnne Krause, Norm McGarvie, Barb Runnoe, Bill Steiner
Women’s Ministry Book Study
In November, the women of Calvary and
their friends will get together twice!
help them on the farm. By mistake, the
On Monday, November 10, we’ll discuss
the classic Anne of Green Gables by L. M.
Montgomery in the media room from
1:00 – 2:30 pm.
The tale begins with Matthew and Marilla
Cuthbert, a middle-aged brother and
sister who have a farm on Prince Edward
Island and have applied to adopt a boy to
adoption agency sends 11-year-old Anne
Shirley. This delightful book recounts
Anne’s adventures as she and the
Cuthberts adapt to each other. Written
for a young audience, Anne of Green
Gables has been embraced and enjoyed
by all ages.
On Monday, November 17, we’ll get
together in the media room at 9:30 to
view the DVD of Anne of Green Gables
and enjoy some light refreshments.
Deck the Halls and the Church!
We will be decorating the church for the
Christmas season on Sunday, November
30 - immediately following worship. Stay
after worship and help beautify our
church as we prepare to celebrate the
arrival of the newborn King!
Church Life will have everything set out
and ready to go. Many hands make light
work and the fellowship that accompanies
the “work” makes it more like fun and less
like work!!
Newspaper Ads
Studies and experience have shown that
people today use means other than
newspapers to find a church. Most tend
to find a church via word of mouth (i.e.
invitation from a friend, neighbor, coworker, family member). Many others
use the internet to scope out and find a
local church. Today, newspaper listings
are just not as effective as they once
Calvary has had a listing in the church
section of the Brookfield News for many
years, which, for the past year or more
(until recently), was funded by a Calvary
member. Unless another member is
willing to fund the ongoing weekly ad, we
will be suspending it going forward. We
will still place newspaper ads for special
events and services. This decision affects
only weekly ad placement.
Page 11
November Birthdays
Bonier, Laurence
Kalupa, James
Lau, Mary
Wizner, Susan
Bonier, Susan
Ramthun, Edwin
Roser, Emmaly
Reinemann, Jean
Gjenvick, Elizabeth
Klade, Kent
Evert, Lesly
Roser, Dennis
Burnside, Matthew
Citraro, Caesar
Piek, Amanda
Burnside, Mark
Pierce, Karen
Wise, Dorothy
Moen, Sanford
Piper, Julia
Knuth, Emma
Langelin, Peggy
Lukasik, Charles
Schmidt, Craig
Trethewey, Jack
Hirth, Gael
Louison, Darlene
Baumgartner, Richard
Jenke, Joe
Kern, Nicole
Lindner, Brad
Tatera, Collette
Kretschmann, Laurie
Warber, Jacklyn
Bzdusek, Terry
Davis, Brian
Moen, Mary
Haggadone, Lisa
Johnson, Bonnie
Schuelke, Allison
Gall, (Sarah)
Piper, Jackson
Steiner, William
November Anniversaries
Vollmar, Jonathan and Susan
Brutus, John and Dawn
Hermann, Leland and Marilyn
Rose, Harold and Shelby
Date # of Years
Foley, John and Diane
Kretschmann, Ernest and Laurie
Speth, Diane and (Paul)
Date # of Years
Calvary Christmas Poinsettias
Red and white Poinsettias—to be placed at the altar for Christmas services—are again
available for purchase. These will be top quality plants in 8” pots.
We invite you to purchase one or more by filling out this form & returning it to the
church office, along with your check (made out to Calvary Lutheran Church) by
Wednesday, December 17th. Please note “Poinsettia” in the memo line of your check.
Number of plants @ $23 each: Red ______ White ______ Amount enclosed: $________
Please print clearly
In memory of: _______________________________________________________________
In honor of: _________________________________________________________________
Donor(s) Name(s): ___________________________________________________________
Names of those memorialized or honored (and donor) will be published in the Christmas church bulletins.
Please note: The poinsettias will be displayed Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. Please make arrangements to take your plant
(s) home after Thursday, Dec. 25th worship and before Sunday, Jan. 4th.
Calvary Lutheran
1750 N. Calhoun Rd.
Brookfield, WI 53005
Phone: 262-786-4010
E-mail: [email protected]
Thanks be to God for
his indescribable gift!
2 Corinthians 9:15
November Prayer Corner
What Does Satan Fear?
that God can do! When we pray, God
In The Kneeling Christian (author unknown), we read the quote: “Satan laughs When we set out to do good works and
at our toiling, mocks at our wisdom, but
we have begun by coming to God in praytrembles when we pray.”
er, those works will bear fruit because
God Himself is in our work.
We may busy ourselves in good works and
ministry projects; we may spend hours
When we open our Bibles to study and we
studying God’s Word. Those are admirahave first spent time in prayer, God will
ble ways to know and serve God, but Sa- bless our study with insights and “Aha!”
tan doesn’t see them as much of a threat. moments tailored just for us.
Prayer, on the other hand, scares him.
Prayer is time spent in intimate conversation with God. And as the author says,
“prayer is omnipotent; it can do anything
So go ahead – pray – in everything, every
situation – and strike the fear of God into
the evil one!
You’ll find other excerpts from The Kneeling Christian as well as many other books
about prayer in Come Boldly, copies of
which are available in the narthex.
Philippians 4:6 says “In everything by
prayer and supplication with thanksgiving
let your requests be made known to
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