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Coast to Coast Exotics, 124 North Road, Darlington, County Durham, DL1 2EJ.
TEL; 01325 283756. FAX; 01325 255060 E-MAIL; [email protected]
Lots of new animals in this month, as ever some animals do sell quickly so please remember to
contact the shop to check availabilities!
If there is anything you are looking for and can’t find please just ask and we will search for it
for you!
Don’t forget we are always looking for good quality captive bred stock, contact us with details!
If you want to see pictures of the stock find us on Facebook!
These are the animals we had in stock in our shop in Darlington on the current date. Please remember we only sell animals
(apart from inverts and spiders) to customers that can collect from the shop. Please visit this page often - we endeavour to
update frequently. If you have a specific wants list contact us and we will do our best for you. Although this list is compiled
with care and vast herpetological experience we accept that mistakes and errors can happen, especially when busy with
shipments coming and going! We welcome any suggestions.
Current 12th November 2014
Boas and Pythons (Boidae)
Sub-adult Brazilian Rainbow Boa CB (Epicrates
cenchria cenchria) Fantastic sized snake, great for a
display animal!
Yellow Anaconda CB (Eunectes notaeus) Young adult
pair available. Enquire.
Brazilian Rainbow Boa CB (Epicrates cenchria
cenchria) Fantastically marked babies, limited
amounts available!
Kenyan sand boa CB (Gonglyophis colubrinus
loveridgei) Too cute to miss out on!
Royal Python het Albino. Great way of getting the
albino gene into your breeding projects!
Lesser Royal Python CB14. Stunning lightly coloured
Mojave Royal Python CB14. A very popular morph
at the moment!
Baby Royal Python CB14 Normal colour phase. Great
pet species!
Royal Python Double het Lavender and piebald CB14,
fantastic genes for a breeding project!
Pastel het Piebald Royal Python CB14. Gorgeous
little snakes
Royal Python het Pied CB14. Carrying the genes for
pied! Cheaper way to produce Piebalds!
Proven male Orange Ghost Royal Python CB (P.
regius) gorgeous young male. 840g
Pastel Royal Python CB (P. regius) young male.
Spotted Python CB (Antaresa maculosa) sub adult
Fantastic snake, nice small species! Female
Spotted Python CB (Antaresa maculosa) CB13
Fantastic snake, nice small species! Male.
Golden White Lipped Python CB (Leiopython
albertisii) Adult male! Stunning!
Bubblebee Royal Python CB These are very pretty.
Females available, 300g
Champagne Royal Python CB (Python regius) much
sought after colour morph!
Calico Royal Python CB (Python regius) Limited
amounts, photos to follow if required!
£550 male
RATSNAKES (Elaphe and related)
Corn snakes and Corn Hybrids;
Adult Carolina Corn Snake CB (Pantherophis
guttatus) a nice mixture of sizes and shades!
Adult Amel Corn Snakes, gorgeous oranges!
Adult Snow Corn Snakes, Male and female available.
Proven breeder, great chance to prepare for next
Sub Adult Snow Corn Snake CB (P. guttatus) nice
sized youngster.
Grown on Amel Corn Snake CB Past the tiny size,
nice oranges!
Snow Corn CB14 Gorgeous, white and pinks!
Motley Hypo Corn Snake CB14 Nice clean bellies!
Hatchling Fantasy Corn Snake CB (P. guttatus x P.
obsoleta) grow into a large and stocky looking corn
Snow Fantasy Corn Snake CB14 (P. guttatus x P.
obsoletus) Will grow into beautiful large looking corn
Reverse Okeetee Corn Snake CB14 Stunning contrasts
between orange and white!
Hatchling amelanistic corn Snake CB14 Beautiful
Orange examples!
Butter Corn Snake CB14 Great yellow species!
Ultra Anery Corn Snake CB14 Great Ruby Eyed
Ghost Corn Snake CB14 Stunning little snakes!
Amel Fantasy Corn Snake CB14 (P. guttatus X P.
obsoleta) Will grow into a nice larger sized amel Corn
Hatchling Carolina Het Hypo/Lavender Corn Snake
CB (P. guttatus) Great chance to get the lavender
genes into your breeding program. CB14
Grown on Hypo Corn Snake CB (Pantherophis
guttatus) beautiful snakes, growing nicely!
Grown on Anerytheristic Corn Snake CB (P. guttatus)
well past the delicate sizes now! Lovely black and
silvery grey snake!
Grown on Pearl Corn Snake CtCB (P.guttatus x P.
obsoletus) Corn crossed with a leucistic texas rat
snake, these are fantastic coloured snakes! Last few!
Grown on Anery partial banded corn snake CB (P.
guttatus) very unusual patterned snake.
Hatchling Mega Corn Snake CtCB (P. guttatus X P.
emoryi) Rootbeers ready now, great stocky snakes as
Hatchling Jungle Rootbeer Corn Snake CB (P.
guttatus x L. getulus x P. emoryi) What can I say a
fantastic mixture of genes and beautiful snakes!
Grown on Hypo Root beer Corn Snake CtCB (P.
guttatus X P. emoryi) a nice twist, prettier than
standard hypos in our eyes.
Hatchling Fantasy Jungle Rootbeer Corn Snake CB
(Pantherophis guttatus x emoryi x obsoleta x L.
getula) A real mix of genes, interesting snake locally
Hatchling Anery Corn Snake CB2013 Beautiful
locally bred babies!
Hatchling Carolina corn Snake CB (P. guttatus) the
commonest corn morph
Hatchling Aztec Corn Snake CB (P. guttatus) Great
patterned little snakes at the moment!
Hatchling Hypo Corn Snake CB (P. guttatus) lacking
black pigment around the saddles and chequer board,
very pretty!
Striped Leopard Snake CB (Zamensis situla)
Stunning youngsters, very sought after
Thai Bamboo Rat Snake CB
(Oreocryptophis porphyraceus coxi)
Stunning deep orange snakes! In stock now,
ask to see them when you come in WOW!!!
Imperfect Taiwan Beauty Snake CB (Orthriophis
taeniurus friesi) young snake, growing well, despite
mild defect!
Mexican Night Snake CB (Pseudoelaphe
flavirufa flavirufa) Fantastic young snakes,
rarely offered these days! – pair available!
Adult female Blue Cave Racer CB (Oriophis taeniurus
ridleyi) proven adult female!
Grown on Everglades Rat snakes CB (P. obsoleta
rossaleni) grow into lovely deep orange snakes!
Adult Baird’s Rat Snake CB (Pantherophis bairdi)
beautiful metallic snakes potential breeding pair
Adult Hypo Speckled Kingsnakes CB (Lampropeltis
getula holbrooki) Rarely offered snakes, fantastic
opportunity! One male available!
Adult Albino Prairie Kingsnake CB (Lampropeltis
calligaster) fantastic small species of king snake, one
male available, cycled and ready to breed!
Grown on Coastal Abharent Californian King Snake
CB (L. getulus californiae) well started! Female.
Milks, Mountain Kings and others;
Albino Tangarine Honduran Milksnake CB
(Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis) Stunning
Spotted Sinaloan Milk snake CB (Lampropeltis
triangulum sinaloae) Slight twist on the normal
sinaloans, but pretty all the same!
Ghost Honduran Milk Snake CB (Lampropeltis
triangulum hondurensis) Extremely well grown on
snake now. Young male available.
Albino Bull Snake CB (Pituophis catenifer sayi)
Sub adults, fantastically coloured!
False Water Cobra CB (Hydrodynastes gigas)
Fantastic sized youngsters, limited amounts!
Chequered X Red Sided Garter Snake CB
(Thamnophis marcianus x T. parietalis) gorgeous little
Dice Snake CB (Natrix tesselata) Ever popular as CB
youngsters, feeding on trout at the moment, but many
will convert to rodents!
Madagascan Golden Hognose LTC (Leiheterodon
modestus) Adult settled pair available, fantastic
opportunity to get hold of LTC adults!
Bull Snake CtCB (Pituophis catenifer sayi) Fantastic
huffy little youngsters, great chunky display snake as
Lake Quitzeo Garter Snake CB (Thamnophis eques
cuitzeoensis) Gorgeous babies of this rarely offered
Tricolour hognose CB (Lystrophis pulcher) I love
these guys, they are stunning! Only males left in
Green Phase Western Hognose Snake CB (Heterodon
nasicus) Nicely grown on snakes of this sought after
Grown on albino hognose CB (Heterodon nasicus)
Nice chunky youngsters!
Hatchling albino hognose CB (Heterodon nasicus)
Babies of these stunning snakes!
Adult female Bull Snake CB (Pituophis catenifer sayi)
fantastic large feisty female!
Olive House Snake CB ‘hobby’ olives, UK Bred last
one of the beautiful babies!
Sub Adult Mexican Black Bellied Garter Snake CB
(Thamnophis melanogaster canescens) young pair
available, rarely offered for sale.
£125 each
£230 the
£550 the
£85 each
£155 the
GECKOS (Geckonidae)
Leopard geckos;
Albino Adult male Leopard Gecko CB (Eublepharis
macularius) Nice sized and very pretty boys!
Female Leopard Gecko CB (Eublepharis macularius)
Nice sized normal females!
Adult male leopard geckos CB (Eublepharis
macularius) young males!!
baby Leopard Geckos CB (Eublepharis macularius)
Beautiful 2014 Babies! Fantastic mix of colours! And
nicely sized!
Other Geckos;
Adult female Crested Gecko CB (Correlophus
ciliatus) Large female Buckskin, proven breeder!
Kimhowell’s Dwarf Day Gecko WC (Lygodactylus
kimhowelli) small yellow headed species.
Chinese cave gecko CB (Goniosaurus hainanensis)
Our babies, these are lovely little geckos!
Frog Eyed Wonder Gecko WC (Teratoscincus
roborowski) Why doesn’t more people try to breed
Wonder Geckos, they are a fascinating family of
Palm Gecko WC (Gekko vittatus) White Lined Gecko,
beautifully marked!
House Gecko WC (Hemidactylus frenatus) Great
species of gecko, very hardy, but don’t expect to be
able to handle them!!
Tokay Gecko WC (Gekko gecko) Mixed sexes
available of these gorgeously bad tempered geckos!
Striped Gargoyle Gecko (Rhacodactylus auriculatus)
CB Not had them for a while, nice chunky babies!
Retriculated Gargoyle Gecko (Rhacodactylus
auriculatus) CB Nice chunky youngsters!
Adult male Buckskin Crested Gecko CB
(Correlophus ciliatus) Not quite adult but almost
Baby Crested Gecko CB (Correlophus ciliatus)
Beautiful youngsters complete with their tails,
stunning colours!
Baby Crested Gecko CB (Correlophus ciliatus)
Beautiful youngsters – minus their tails unfortunately!
Standing’s Day gecko CB (Phelsuma standingi)
Stunning large species of day gecko! Nice change to
Giant Day Geckos!
Chinese cave gecko WC (Goniosaurus hainanensis)
Stunning red Eyes! A sought after species at the
moment, freshbloodlines for breeders!
Peacock Day Gecko CB (Phelsuma quadriocellata)
Adult female, ready to breed now!
Henkel’s Leaf Tail Gecko CB (Uroplatus henkeli)
nicely grown on youngsters! Great display species for
show tanks!
Golden gecko LTC (Gekko ulikovski) Fantastic
looking species for all you Tokay Lovers!
Bauer’s Chameleon Gecko CB (Eurydactylus
agricolae) A nice change for Rhacodactylus keepers as
this is another New Caledonian Species! One young
male available!
SKINKS (Scincidae)
Giant Hispanolian Galliwasp CB (Celestus warreni)
Rarely offered species! Very nicely sized lizards!
AGAMIDS (Agamidae)
Baby Bearded Dragon CB (Pogona vitticeps)
Gorgeous youngsters! Stunning colours!
Grown on Bearded Dragon CB (Pogona vitticeps)
Past the tiny size, and colouring up fantastically!
Kenyan Red Headed Agama WC (Agama lionotus)
Prettier than Spiderman Agamas in my opinion!
Bloodsucker Dragon WC (Calotes versicolor) The
males of this species are Stunning!!!
Frilled Dragon CB (Chlamydosaurus kingi)
Youngsters of this ever popular species!
Beaver Tail False Uromastyx CB11 (Xenogama
batilifera) Adult female available! fantastic
opportunity to breed something other than bearded
£120 each
£200 for 2
IGUANIDS (Iguanidae)
Big Headed Anole LTC (Anolis cybotes) A great
change in the planted vivs for all you anole keepers
out there, a big bigger and more boisterous than the
greens and browns! Pair available and breeding as we
Club Tailed Iguana CB (Ctenosaura quinquecarinata)
Has a deformity on its foot due to a healed injury, but
perfectly healthy and would make a fantastic captive
for a rocky display vivarium!
Brown anole LTC (Norops [Anolis] sagrei) As above
but get a little stockier, and look cuter when they
display at each other! Settled and breeding trio
Eastern Fence Lizard LTC (Sceloporus undulatus) A
nice species to keep in a smaller vivarium, one female
Zebra Tail Lizard LTC (Callisaurus draconoides) Fast
but stunning desert species! Well settled male
Leopard Lizard LTC (Gambelia wislizenii) Our
favourites from America. Just wait until the females
start to develop eggs they become stunning!
Jewelled Curly Tail Lizard LTC (Leiocephalus
personatus) The males of this species are absolutely
More due soon!
Argus Monitor CB (Varanus panoptes) Remember
these get quite large! Average of 3-5.5ft dependant
upon sex, but still a stunning lizard!
Giant Plated Lizard WC (Gerrhosaurus major)
Fantastic large pet species!``
Spiny Tailed Monitor CB (Varanus acanthinurus)
Ever popular, these fantastic lizards should be more
popular than Bearded Dragons!
Peter’s Ornate Keeled Cordylid LTC
(Tracheloptychus petersi) Now these really are a
pretty and rarely offered lizard!
Green Amieva LTC (Amieva amieva) great smaller
species for the Tegu lovers! Adult male available!
Madieran Lizard CB (Teira dugesi) 1 left available!
available of these lizards, never had them before look
like a Teiid (Tegu) crossed with a lacerta!
Italian Ruin Lizard CB12 (Podarcis sicula) Always
popular and no wonder they are beautiful! Not very
commonly offered in the hobby nowadays! Pair
Caiman Lizard CB (Dracaena guianensis)Growing
exceptionally well at the minute on snails, pop down
and have a look, a rarely offered lizard! Both feeding
on rodents as well now!!
Horsfield Tortoise CB (Agrionemys horsfieldi)
adult female, fantastic sized lady!
Herman Tortoise CB (Testudo hermani) Youngsters,
demolishing weeds well!
Horsfield Tortoise CB (Agrionemys horsfieldi)
fresh youngsters of this nice smaller species!
Marginated Tortoise CB (Testudo marginata)
UKCB13 Fantastic youngsters, limited amounts
£85 for 2
£100 for 2
£100 for
the pair!
INVERTS AND SPIDERS (we can mail order
inverts and spiders, call on 01325 283756)
Tarantulas and spiders (Note: Breeders we often
have male tarantulas of listed species available at
cheaper prices please enquire).
Green Bottle Blue Tarantula CB (Chromatopelma
cyanopubescens) sub adult, coloured up!
Green Bottle Blue Tarantula CB (Chromatopelma
cyanopubescens) Smaller GBBs grow your own!
Cobalt Blue Tarantula CB (Haplopelma lividum)
smaller than last time, but still as feisty!!
Chilean Dwarf Copper Tarantula WC (Paraphysa
manicata) Gorgeous laid back smaller species!
Himalayan Earth Tiger CB (Haplocosmia himalayana)
Stunning as adults! Another great feisty species! 12cm
Yellow Backed Ornamental Tarantula CB
(Poecilitheria smithi) 2-3cm, gorgeous tarantulas
when they grow up!
African Black Trapdoor WC (Cyphonsia sp.) Great
grumpy species! Limited amounts!
African Orange Trapdoor WC (Gordyrella sp.) My
favourite trapdoor! Just wish someone would find
some males!!
King Baboon Tarantula CB (Citharischius crawshayi)
Great 1cm slings. Grow into big grumpy spiders!
Orange Baboon Tarantula spiderlings (Pterynochylus
mamilatus) due in soon, enquire!
Guyana Pink Toe Tarantula WC (Avicularia sp.
‘Guyana’’) Great beginners species!
Mexican Red Knee Tarantula Spiderling CB
(Brachypelma smithi) Gorgeous youngsters, about
1cm at the minute.
Martinique Pink Toe Tarantula CB (Avicularia
versicolor) Stunning coloured pinktoes, about 1cm at
the minute!
Curly Hair Tarantula CB (Brachypelma albipilosum)
about 3cm at the minute, but grow into a fantastic pet
Brazilian Blue and Red Pinktoe Tarantula CB
(Aviculaira geroldi) Stunning pinktoe species, these
are still young 1-2cm
Bolivian Dwarf Beauty Tarantula CB (Cyriocosmus
perezmilesi) Very attractive smaller species of
Pumpkin Patch Tarantula CB (Hapalopus sp.)
Columbian large form, youngsters at the minute, lots
of growing to do!
Mexican Orange Legged Tarantula CB (Brachypelma
baumgarteni) Stunning tarantula when they are fully
Chillie Rose Tarantula WC (Grammostola porteri)
The pet species of Tarantula, adults but unsexed yet!
Feather Leg Baboon CB (Stromatopelma calceatum)
1cm but grow into psychotic beauties!
Chaco Gold Knee Tarantula CB (Grammostola
pulchripes) Youngsters, but will be beautiful when
they grow up! About 1.5”
Salmon Pink Tarantula CB (Lasiodora parahybana)
About 2-3” at the moment, Fantastic showy spiders!
Trinidad Chevron Tarantula CB (Psalmopeous
irminia) Beautiful fluffy legged spiders! About 2” at
the minute.
Cobalt Blue Tarantula WC (Haplopela lividum) Not
had them in for a while, been hard to get this year!
Thick Legged Baboon WC (Eucratoscelus pachypus)
Excellent fat legged terrors!
Indian Ornamental Tarantula CB (Poecilitheria
regalis) Sub adults, very well grown on.
Mexican Tarantula CB (Brachypelma kahlenbergi)
Still not that common in the trade and bought from the
man whos name it took! Around 1.5-2”
Mexican Red Legged Tarantula CB (Brachypelma
emilia) A stunning species as adult. 2-3cm at the
Mexican Superb Tarantula CB (Brachypelma bohemi)
1-3cm at present, but grow into stunning spiders!
Columbian Giant Red Leg Tarantula CB
(Magaphobema robusta) Nice large showy species!
Brazilian Black Tarantula CB (Grammostola pulchra)
The pet species of the moment! Last few available
now! 3-4cm! and growing……slowly!
Vietnamese Centipede WC (Scolopendra dehaani)
Experienced keepers only, Large ‘Characterful’
Thai Whip Scorpion WC (Thelyphonida sp.) Nice
smaller Vinageroon species!
Olive Banded Flat Rock Scorpion WC (Hadogenes
paucidens) Fantastic laid back species.
Asian Jungle Scorpion WC (Heterometrus spinifer)
Nice black feisty beasties!
Tri-Coloured Burrowing Scorpion WC
(Opistophthalmus glabifrons ) These are one of my
favourite species, not as easy to get as they once were
Asian Black Forest Scorpion WC (Heterometrus
scaber) Look like Emperors but with a bit more
Emperor Scorpion CB (Pandinus imperator) Juveniles
of this deservedly popular species!
Tailess Whip Scorpion WC (Damon variegatus) My
favourites. Paid more than I wanted to get them in
stock, but I just had to!!!
Desert Hairy Scorpion WC (Hadrurus arizoniensis)
Nice small scorpions to grow your own!
East African Long Clawed Scorpion WC (Iomachus
polimatus) nice easy to keep species, usually quite
nice temperaments.
African Yellow Legged Burrowing Scorpion WC
(Opistophalmus carinatus) Nice grumpy species!
Mali Super Giant Millipede WC (to confirm
species) These are fantastic long millipedes, limited
amounts in stock again!
African Train Millipede WC (Archistreptus gigas)
The normal biggies and a staple pet species!
Vietnam Rainbow Millipede WC (Tonkinbolus
dolfusi) Stunning species of millipede, getting very
popular at the moment!
Bumblebee Millipede CB (Anadenobolus
monilcornis) Great smaller species of millipede! Love
digging down into their mulch.
Stick Insects/Katydids
Borneo Wood Nymph CB (Haaniella echinata)
Rarely offered species and quite long lived as well!
Leaf Insect CB (Phyllium sp.) Finally back in stock!
Limited amounts of these spought after inverts!
Indian Stick Insect babies, a few weeks old. The most
popular stick insect species!
Macleay’s Spectre Stick Insect CB (Extatosoma
tiaratum) Great wobbly walk, very sought after! Adult
males available!
Jungle Nymph CB (Heteropteryx dilatata) Sub Adult
pair available. Female has just turned green with her
last moult, stunning!
Malaysian Giant Rhino Beetle Larvae CB
(Xylotrupes beckeri) these larvae are huge! Great
to grow on for kids!
Atlas Beetle CB (Chalcosoma atlas) Adult male
available. Fantastic looking creature!
Namibian Flower Beetle Larvae CB (Eudicellia
heteroensis) Can be cannibals so house separately,
grow into beauties!
Flower Beetle CB (Eudicellia euthalia bertherandi)
Adult beetle, gorgeous, pop in and have a look!
African Sun Beetle CB (Pachnoda marginata) Great
as pets, tubs of larvae available, grow your own
Orchid Mantid CB limited amounts, stunning
Congo Green Mantid CB (Sphodromantis aurea) Nice
bright green youngster!
Giant Asian Mantid Ootheca (Hierodula grandis) Laid
on 29/08/2014. Great chance to hatch and rear your
own baby mantids! 2 available now!
Asian Giant Mantid CB (Hierodula grandis) can reach
4” for a big female. Fantastic large mantid species!
Adult female available.
Other Invertebrates
Purple Pincher Hermit Crab WC (Coenobita
clypeatus) Fantastic purple clawed Hermits!
Fantastic pet species, just make sure you have lots
of empty shells around for them!!
African Land Snail CB (Achatina sp.) Babies
available now!
Jadatzi Albino Land Snail CB Stunning youngsters,
White body and shell!
Giant Leaf Cockroach CB (Archimandrita tesselata)
Fantastic looking cockroach! Adults and nymphs
£3.99 each
£6 for 2
£18.99 per
£3.99 each
Treefrogs and similar;
Green and Golden Bell Frog CB (Litoria aurea)
Stunning frogs, these get up to 4.3”! Beautiful!
Grey’s Tree Frog WC (Hyla versicolor) Another great
hardy species, fantastic for planted vivaria!
Golden Flying Tree Frog LTC (Polypedates
leucomystax) Fantastic large species of tree frog.
Interesting to breed if you like foam nesters!
Bird Poop Tree Frog WC (Theloderma asperum) This
species definitely deserves as much attention from
breeders as its cousin the Mossy Frog!
Surinam Clown Tree Frog WC (Dendropsophus
leucophyllatus) My favourites, these are
breathtakingly colourful little characters!
North American Green Tree Frog WC (Hyla cinerea)
Nice hardy easy to keep species, great for a first time
or as a breeding project for the more experienced
White’s Tree Frog CB (Litoria caerulea) UK bred
babies, limited amounts this time around!
2 for £30
Amazon Milk Frog CB (Trachycephalus resinifictrix)
CB Locally bred beauties. These are stunning little
chunky creatures!
£45 for 2
Leaf Folding Banana Frog WC (Afrixalus fornasini)
Beautiful little frogs!
Hieroglyphic Reed Frog CB (Hyperolius riggenbachi)
Beautiful little frogs!!
Amani Forest Globe Eyed Tree Frog WC (Leptopelis
vermiculatus) Beautiful camouflage greens!
Other Frogs
False Tomato Frog CB (Dyscophus guineti) Nice
sized youngsters!
Brown Mantella CB (Mantella betsileo) Silly name for
a sfrog with vivid blue spots on its belly!
Albino Horned Frog CB (Ceratophrys cranwelli)
Beautiful youngsters, late last years young!
Dwarf African Bullfrog LTC (Pyxiecephalus edulus)
Only males left!
Cane Toad WC (Rhinella marinus) youngsters with
plenty of growing left in them!
Oak Toads WC (Anaxyrus quericus) the smallest
species of toad from North America, they’re very
Panther Toad WC (Amietophrynus regularis) Great
species of Toad, Also known as the Square Marked
Oriental Fire Bellied Toad WC (Bombina orientalis)
fantastic pet species!
Green Toad WC (Pseudepidalea viridis) Highly
sought after and deservedly so! Stunning toads!
Bought as European, but have lost the colour and now
look more like Egyptians!
Surinam Toad WC (Pipa pipa) look like roadkilled
toads, but a great aquatic display species, and well
worth a go at breeding.
Salamanders and Newts
Oriental Fire Bellied Newt WC (Cynops orientalis)
Great first Amphibian species.
Tiger salamander CB (Ambystoma tigrinum) Fantastic
CB youngsters!
Barred Fire Salamander CB (Salamandra salamandra
terrestris) One of the most popular species of
Lesser Siren CB (Siren intermedia) Fantastic aquatic
species, look like eels with front legs!
£5.95 each
2 for £10
EXOTIC MAMMALS (Please remember we don’t
courier mammals out – collection only)
African Dwarf Hedghogs CtCB (Atelerix albiventris).
To enquire about availabilities please ring 01325
283756 and we will let you know when we will next
have availabilities!
Hedgehog babies, mix of colours available this
We would like to bring the following points to your attention:
1. In this world of political correctnessit is often frowned upon to sell wild caught reptiles. Whilst we fully accept that selling easily obtainable captive bred
species as wild caught is unacceptable (such as Corn snakes, Leopard geckos etc etc), our herpetological enthusiasm cannot be squashed with regards to species
that are currently either infrequently captive bred or not at all. Breeding projects can only be started from WC, and for this reason we offer the experienced
herpetologist the chance of these WC species to start from the bottom! In other words we offer the beginner CB Leopard geckos, Corns and the like and the
more experienced, a challenge with wild caught breeding groups to establish the captive bred easy species of the future. There is lots of talk of tightening
regulations on exporting animals, and its possible that species not being bred in captivity wont be available any more in the future unless we start captive
breeding from available WC stock now. Worth mentioning!!
2. Colour morphs in reptiles have now got to a level, way beyond what could have been comprehended a few years ago. Presently there are thousands of
morphs, and as the majority are man-made they are very subjective. Some of the differences are also very small. What one person describes as a particular
colour morph, another person will see something very different. Also, many hatchlings look so radically different to when they are adult it is sometimes
impossible to judge what they will look like later in life. For this reason we only describe the different morphs to the best of our ability and suggest that you
firstly visit to make sure that you are buying what you require, and secondly keep in mind that when he/she grows up there may be some variation from the
“perfect” example banded around on the various internet sites and in books.