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A Monthly Journal of News & Upcoming Events • Vol 19, Issue 11 - Nov 2014
Buck Hill Inn – When the hunt for suspected cop killer Eric Frein
focused on the abandoned and massive Buck Hill Inn it recalled
the time Kelly and I spent there in 2000 while she was filmed for
an episode of MTV’s FEAR. With 73 known deaths on the property, reports of paranormal activity at the site are easy to accept.
Unfortunately, as its notoriety grew following the show, ghosthunters, thrill seekers and most regrettably, vandals, have invaded
the property causing damage that includes the fire (determined to
be arson) that destroyed one of the oldest buildings on the site in
2003. An article I found from 2010 stated at that point over 350
people were arrested for trespassing on the site (which is clearly
marked as such). Since it closed in 1991, numerous attempts have
been made to secure investors to resurrect the property, currently
owned by Falls
Road Funding
and detailed at http://www.buckhillinn.com/ Clearly, the funds required for this
project would be astronomical, knowing the shape it was in 14 years ago when
we were there plus the further deterioration it has seen. While many former employees (also interviewed for the FEAR episode) shared stories of strange activity
they witnessed, other locals claim its ‘haunted’ status was fabricated by MTVs
producers. Having experienced it in person, our own opinion is that indeed there
is ‘something’ present, and should the owners ever acquire the funds needed for
restoration, that process in itself will almost certainly stir up activity (as it typically does at haunted locations). As for the robust claims owners and others have
made about it being not haunted, I can understand their concern given the vandalism, but should it be restored they may find – as many others have – that haunted
tourism is good business! (Rt: Kelly being filmed by the MTV crew in 2000)
Ouija Movie - Kelly and I enjoyed this new film that surrounds the attempts by
some HS age kids to contact the spirit of a friend who committed suicide – using the same ‘talking board’ she did. Of course, it
turns out that something nasty is contacted instead, causing havoc with the users and leading to the demise of several (the first to go
was a girl initially opposed to using the Ouija board). OK, its Hollywood and good scary entertainment, but there is a lot to learn about the Ouija. The general premise is talking boards are just an
innocent game, but as our friends Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Rick Fisher illustrate in their excellent
book, Ouija Gone Wild, the history surrounding them is often stranger than fiction! Ouija messages
have inspired writers, artists, and musicians, and have played a part in murder, suicide, possession,
treasure hunting, marriage, divorce and bizarre behavior. Are the messages really from the ‘other
side’ – especially in the deadly cases involving suicide and murder? Probably not, but Kelly remains
steadfast in her belief that one should use caution when using any talking board as while unlikely, it
is possible it could serve as a conduit for something evil or preternatural. In fact, Rosemary included
Kelly’s own disturbing experience (originally published in Kelly’s Whispers in the Attic) in OGW.
A synopsis of the story: Kelly and her college roommates decide to use the Ouija board one night
in the rented haunted house they shared. While no one was physically harmed, the evening’s events
scared the bejeezus out of them – even Kelly - who having grown up in a haunted home was quite
used to strange activity! To this day, Kelly has been reluctant to use the board. (Left: The National
Museum of Mysteries in Columbia PA has a large collection of talking boards)
Casting Out Demons: Pope Francis Declares Support “It’s really at the heart of the Church’s mission, and it goes
back to Jesus himself,” said Dan Lord, a writer and director of
for Exorcisms by Tanya Lewis, Staff Writer
Pope Francis recently expressed his approval of a group of exorcists meeting at the Vatican this week. While exorcisms, in
which demonic spirits are driven out of a supposedly possessed
person, may seem a dark practice relevant only on TV screens,
they have long been recognized by the Catholic Church and
several religions.
This week, more than 300 members of the International Association of Exorcists are attending the convention, which is
focused on the impact of the occult and Satanism on people
today, The Catholic Sun reported.
The IAE was founded in 1990 byFather Gabriele Amorth, exorcist for the diocese of Rome, and was formally recognized by
the Vatican this past June.
Priests who pursue the ministry of exorcism “manifest the
Church’s love and acceptance of those who suffer because of
the devil’s works,” Pope Francis wrote in a message to the association’s president, Father Francesco Bamonte, Breitbart reported this week. The Holy See’s approval of the International
Association of Exorcists was “cause for joy not only for the
association, but for the whole Church,” Bamonte said.
The belief that demons exist and can possess people features in
many religions, including Christianity. Exorcisms date back to
the time of Jesus, who according to the Bible, “cast out demons.”
Exorcism is “a highly unusual ministry for a situation in the
human condition, which is quite rare, but it’s growing in frequency,” said Father Dwight Longenecker, a parish priest at
Our Lady the Rosary in Greenville, South Carolina, who is not
an exorcist, but supports the practice.
“Exorcism is a little bit like brain surgery in the spiritual
realm,” Longenecker told Live Science. Real exorcisms aren’t
quite as dramatic as Hollywood films such as “The Exorcist”
would have you believe, but such movies do portray a version
of events that actually happen, he said.
Signs that a person may be possessed, though never proven
by science, include a great aversion to anything to do with the
church, such as holy water or crucifixes; preternatural strength
or knowledge; alien voices; and levitation or other paranormal
phenomena, Longenecker said. Nevertheless, “we always look
for natural explanations first,” such as mental illness or addiction problems, he said.
Modern exorcists are normally experienced in both psychology
and spiritual matters, and the job requires specialized training,
said Longenecker, who writes a blog about the Catholic faith,
called “Standing on My Head.”
Exorcisms have been known to be harmful in some cases, perhaps due to the involvement of untrained exorcists, as news
reports have attested. In 2011, a Virginia man was convicted
in the death of his 2-year-old daughter for beating her to death
in an attempt to rid her of demons, according to news reports.
The practice of eradicating demons is not unique to the Catholic Church, but it does have a long history with Christianity.
religious education at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in
Charleston, South Carolina.
Lord told Live Science he is glad to see the International Association of Exorcists making progress, but this isn’t the first
time the Church has recognized the group’s efforts.
“They had the support of Pope St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, too, so the approval of the [IAE’s] statutes is just the
latest step in what has been a fairly steady process,” Lord said
Still, Lord said today’s exorcists often feel “undervalued,” or
suppressed by Catholic priests and bishops who “have jumped
on the same materialistic, rationalistic bandwagon as so many
others in society,” he said.
SOURCE: Live Science, October 31, 2014.
http://www.livescience.com/48563-pope-francis-supports-exorcisms.html (Thanks to Charlie Shields for finding this)
August Lower Paxton UFO Update - On Oct 24 I received an
email response to my FOIA Request for FAA radar and other
records for the event of Aug 25. As usual, response time has
been extended. Will report fully when info. is received. (To my
knowledge, no additional wits have come forth openly over the
past month but I have second hand reports the object was also
seen on the West Shore.) - JDW, PA MUFON
Gettysburg Aftermath - While spending a recent weekend
in town with Craig, Melissa and others, we took the ‘Gravedigger’ tour on Sat. nite. This is not a ‘ghost’ tour, but one
that explains the horrible conditions after the battle (such as
this recreation of how shallow graves ‘opened’ due to erosion
and other factors in the months after the battle). This great tour
helps you understand the horrors people faced after war came
to their town... and realize why hauntings in and around Gettysburg are so numerous. A Strange and Blighted Land by the
late Greg Coco is by far the best work on this subject. - JDW
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TODD SEES INCIDENT UPDATE (Lon Strickler, On August 29, 2002, the day after NUFORC had posted the two
reports shown above, NUFORC received a third report from an
writing in Phantoms and Monsters)
The disappearance and eventual death of 39-year-old Todd J.
Sees has been one of the most mysterious cases in modern ufology. Here is a brief synopsis of the incident:
In the early morning of August 4th, 2002,Todd Jeffrey Sees
rode his ATV, starting at his home at the base of Montour Ridge
in Northumberland County, PA. (Point Township), on a short
jaunt up a mountain trail adjacent to a sprawling high power
line. After he failed to return home by noon, the family became
concerned and notified the authorities.
A massive search effort ensued...which included search &
rescue personnel (with search dogs and helicopters), local &
state police, as well as an organized search team that numbered
200+ volunteers. The entire area from the top of the ridge, adjacent woods and the family property was explored...including a
small pond located 70 feet from the Sees house. Divers and dogs
searched the area in and around the pond...without success.
The effort continued for approximately 36 hours...until the second
morning of the search, a family member noticed something in the
bushes around the fore-mentioned pond. Todd Sees body had been
discovered...in an area heavily searched the previous day.
Since that time, there has been very little information released
to the public. The death was ruled as ‘fatal cocaine toxicity’...
despite evidence suggesting that something else most likely
occurred. The circumstances involving the recovery, handling,
autopsy and final arrangements with the body are also mired in
So, we are left with the obvious question...what happened to
Todd Sees? Peter B. Davenport, President of the National UFO
Reporting Center investigated the information forwarded to
UFORC by witnesses, including the following report:
The craft was seen on Montour Ridge on August 04th, 2002
at 5:30 in the morning by a farmer and also 3 fisherman on
the Susquehanna River. It was at the very top of the mountain on the western end, just hovering above the power lines.
The farmer said it appeared out of nowhere, he could see some
sparks flying from the tower and dropping to the ground. The
whole incident lasted about 10 minutes, then it (the object) got
very bright and took off very low heading west, then it stopped
and went straight up, it was gone in seconds. The horses on the
farm were very upset and nervous for about 12 hours.
Subsequently, NUFORC received this excerpt from another
report: Farmer saw an object above Montour Ridge at the powerlines, on top of the mountain, it was round and very still over
the lines. Suddenly it moved what looked like a few hundred
feet to the east, it stopped and a beam of blue and white light
shined to the ground. What was seen next was very unnerving,
he saw what appeared to be a man suspended in the light, he
was being pulled up headfirst, he was moving his arms slowly
in the light. What looked like a man was pulled up into the bottom of the craft. A few seconds later and it started shuddering,
then went west very fast stopped briefly, then went straight up
and out of sight.
individual, who provided their name and contact information...
though, that information was never made available. Much of
that report, along with another report that soon followed, contained a considerable amount of false information. As a result,
speculation has run rampant for almost a decade. This is why
Butch & I are investigating this case...to find the truth behind
the speculation. Since our initial report in February 2013, some
of Todd Sees’ personal information has come to light. But more
data and intelligence is needed in order to form a reasonable
hypothesis for this incident. Some of the documented facts and
evidence-based deductions include:
- There was a cover-up by local officials and, most likely, Federal officials.
- There were reports that the FBI was involved. It seems more
likely that this was a military operation (USAF) and that all
people involved with the search, including the family, were instructed not to disclose any information.
- Todd Sees body was found in an area, on his property, that
was searched by officials and trained dogs. It seems reasonable
to assume that the body was placed at the recovery area.
- The physical condition of the body was inconsistent with the
amount of exposure and time of death recorded.- The toxicology report and the coroner’s determination of death was inconsistent with the time and evidence provided.
- Much of Todd Sees personal information was unavailable
after his death...though some information was made available
immediately after our on-air disclosure in February 2014.
There are many other inconsistencies and false data that were
found and/or being investigated. Some of the newer intelligence is currently being researched by our groups.
In recent months, there have been other groups who have stated
that they are now looking into the Sees case....after sitting on
their collective hands for over a decade. Much of bluster was
created after Butch & I made our assessment in February 2014.
Since then, we have been subjected to countless attacks by others...namely, a few individuals associated with Pennsylvania
MUFON. The fact is, we uncovered startling details that others
now want to take credit for. As well, there is a concerted effort
to maintain the cover-up associated with the death of Todd Sees.
We have always maintained that investigators should work
hand-in-hand to find the truth, but also give credit where credit
is due. This is why Butch & I are proposing the formation of a
conference and/or discussion group in order to consider the facts
in the matter of Todd Sees’ disappearance, death & recovery.
This would be an opportunity to bring together investigators and
possible witnesses...and add fresh eyes & perception on the evidence. We would welcome your input on this concern.
In the meantime, any new information concerning this incident
is welcomed. Please forward to [email protected] or go to UFORCOP contact...Thanks.
My comments on the Sees case appear on the following pg - JDW
Due to the association of a former MUFON Chief Investigator
with controversial credentials being involved with Lon on the
Sees case, several of my MUFON colleagues have taken issue
with him. The following is an opinion I shared with them during
August 2014:
I like Lon and Kelly and I have appeared on the ‘Beyond the
Edge’ show he and Eric Altman produced several times. They
have had a lot of prominent and credible guests over the years,
and unfortunately some who do not fit that description. At one
point during a private discussion of the Todd Sees case (which
Lon and I have a long time interest in) in relating an event where
a strange couple showed up at an SSP meeting where BW was
lecturing on the case (this was when he was still PA MUFON CI
and prior to his ‘outing’) I asked if he (Lon) was aware how BW
subsequently destroyed his credibility with his fabricated police
and military background claims. Unfortunately, while evidently
aware of it, it seemed not to bother him.
The saddest aspect of this is I enjoyed my association with BW
during his time with MUFON and felt him to be a competent
investigator with a good basic knowledge of UFOlogy. Why he
felt it necessary to make claims about his background which can
so easily be debunked defies logic. Similarly, we have the case
of Phil Imbrogno, who despite having a sound rep in the field
(primarily thru his work with the late Dr Hynek on Night Siege
detailing the Hudson Valley flap) chose to lie about his educational background (even more easily debunked) and has now
‘withdrawn’ from it.
Be it UFO researchers falsifying their backgrounds, popular ‘para-reality’ shows faking evidence at ‘haunted’ places or people
fabricating amateurish ‘cryptids’ in attempts to fool the public, it
impacts the efforts of serious investigators in any of these fields,
of course including all of MUFON.
John Weaver
PA Sr Field Investigator
SSD Director, Cumberland Co
Mutual UFO Network
Personally, I am of the opinion the Sees case remains one of
the most mysterious in contemporary UFOlogy and it merits
further investigation. Along with witnessing the appearance of
the strange couple at an SSP meeting in 2010, I’ve also had a
chance encounter with a Sunbury area resident on his way to
Gettysburg for a Mark Nesbitt Ghost Tour who says he attended
HS with him that despite claims to the contrary Sees was at one
time a regular drug user, and most recently received a message
on my answering machine (possibly from the same person) saying he had talked to me in the past about the case and that he
would call back around 9pm that night, without leaving his name
or number; a *69 attempt revealed that the caller had a private
number, and later that evening I received no call and have not
since. With FOIA attempts to obtain info. from the Northumberland Police reportedly being denied as it remains an ‘open case’
this further suggests to me that an extensive and well planned
coverup exists - all for the death of a nondescript private citizen
from an overdose of cocaine? - JDW
From Examiner.com:
A 22-year-old English woman attempted to auction off her
ghostly friend on eBay last month. Motivated by the advice of
her shrink, the Londoner tried to unclutter her mind by selling
her imaginary friend. Georgia Horrocks claims that her psychiatrist told her to clear her head by getting rid of her imaginary
friend Bernard. She says that the apparition has an active and
mischievous personality and has been with her all of her life.
Horrocks’ eBay listing reads:
Is life just a bit average? A bit mundane? Or perhaps your
friends have let you down. Maybe you struggle to make friends,
to meet new people, to put yourself out there -- into that daunting
social scene that is tainted with the threat of REJECTION. If this
sounds like you, I have the solution: Bernard -- my kind, loyal,
charismatic Imaginary Friend that will NEVER leave you... unless you are ready.
Horrocks hopes to sell her imaginary friend Bernard for £200
pounds. After the conclusion of the auction, she will send him to
the winner via imagination so there are no shipping costs.
“I have recently come to the decision that it is time to sell my
imaginary friend Bernard who was created during a time of
emotional instability. My psychiatrist recommended that I say
goodbye to Bernard, and although I would like some financial
compensation, it is more important that he finds a good home,”
Horrocks said on the eBay listing.
As for her friendly ghost’s physical condition, Horrocks says
that she doesn’t know Bernard’s age as age isn’t measured in
time where he comes from. According to her, he has childlike
qualities as well as wisdom of an elder adult.
(Thanks to Melissa for finding this gem!)
From our recent visit to the 1st United Cemetery in Centralia, a
‘REB’ in a Yankee cemetery! (I got EVP no responses when enquiring about this unique surname). Those who detest a certain
pop music star will be pleased at the headstone to the left! - JDW