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Please remember to bring donations for our food
bank hampers. All items collected will be blessed
the fourth Sunday of each month and taken to
the food banks.
Please note that our collection
day has been changed. We will
have our food bank offering on
the 4th Sunday of each month
(not necessarily the last).
Special Regional Services
We share our new incumbent with the parish of St.
John the Divine in Salmon Arm. Our incumbent,
James Cowan, offers services in ArmstrongEnderby parish on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of
each month. He serves in the Salmon Arm parish
on the 2nd and 4th Sundays. There are 3 or 4
months that have 5 Sundays each year. A Regional Service or some other form of gathering will
take place on 5th Sundays. Other parishes such as
St. Mary’s in Sorrento will also be invited. This
month, November 30, a regional service will be
held at St. John, Salmon Arm beginning at 10:30
am; followed by a Pot Luck lunch.
There will be no service in either St. George or St.
James this day.
In 2015 we will have some regional events in
March, May, August and November.
The sacred is to be found in one's daily life, in
one's neighbours, friends, and family, in one's
backyard. - Abraham Maslow
Readers for November 23—Reign of Christ
1st Reading: Ezekiel 34. 11-16, 20-24
Ray Bray / Linda Samland
2nd Reading: Ephesians 1. 15-23
Lois Roberts / Ed Clark
Matthew 25. 31-46
Laura Courtemanche / Betty Stratford
Loreen Vancoughnett / Ken Chapman
Comm. Asst.: Morning Prayer
Morning Prayer
Lois Roberts / Ken Chapman
Daphne Bray / Linda Samland
PWRDF Christmas Cards 2014
PWRDF offers two cards this
year for you to choose from:
“Angels Sing” and
Cost: A pack of 12 cards and
12 envelopes are yours for a
donation to PWRDF. Donations of $20 or more will
qualify for a tax creditable
Ordering Information:
Ricky de Castro
1- 866-308-7973
(416) 924-9199, ext 318.
The Anglican Church of
Pentecost 23
St. James and St. George
November 16, 2014
The Diocese of Kootenay
I am the vine, you are the branches,
says the Lord.
Those who abide in me, and I in them,
bear much fruit.
John 15. 5
The Most Rev. John Privett - Bishop
Living Faith - Proclaiming Christ
Growing Churches - Empowering Mission
Daily Bible Readings
Nov. 17
Nov. 18
Nov. 19
Nov. 20
Nov. 21
Nov. 22
Nov. 23
Psalm 100.1–101.6
Ephesians 1.1-23
Matthew 23.13-39
Matthew 24.1-28
Matthew 24.29-51
Matthew 25.31-46
1 Corinthians 15.1-28
Worship Schedule
Nov. 23
Nov. 30
Dec. 7
Dec. 14
Dec. 21
Dec. 24
St. George: MP—Wilf Fournier
St James: MP-Maureen Karran
Regional Service @ St. John
St. George and St. James: HE
Rt. Rev. James Cowan
St. George and St. James: HE
Rev. Canon Ray Bray
Lessons and Carols
St. George and St. James: HE
Rt. Rev. James Cowan
Christmas Eve
Rt. Rev. James Cowan
7:00 pm St. John
9:00 pm St. George
11:00 p. St. James
Our thanks this week to:
Parish Office Box 21
Armstrong, BC V0E 1B0
1st. Reading: Wilf Fourier / Mallory Rzeznik
2nd Reading: Sheila Forster / Richard Rzeznik
St. George, Enderby, 9:30 am
St. James, Armstrong, 11:00 am
Lottie Knapp / Helen Hall
Incumbent: The Rt. Rev. J. Cowan
Ray Bray/ Helen Hall
Eva and Katie Strohm
Daphne Bray / Linda Samland
Lois Roberts / Hilda Williamson
Maureen Karran 250-546-3622
Laura Courtemanche 250-838-7790
Ken Chapman 250-546-6937
Sheila Forster 250-838-6721
Comm. Asst.: Sheila Forster/ Helen Hall
Armstrong-Enderby Parish
November 16, 2014
Service of Holy Eucharist
Gathering of the Community …………... BAS p. 185
Processional Hymn
Parish Music Book 33
Common Praise 360 x 3
Collect of the Day
Almighty God,
you sent your Son Jesus Christ
to be the light of the world.
Free us from all that darkens and ensnares us,
and bring us to eternal light and joy;
through the power of him
who is alive and reigns with you
and the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever. Amen
Proclamation of the Word
1st Reading:
Judges 4. 1-7
OT p. 220
123 (sung)
CP 543
2nd Reading
1 Thessalonians 5. 1-11 NT p. 205
Gradual Hymn
CP 601
Matthew 25. 14-30
NT p. 28
Creed (said)
p. 189
Prayers of the People
Confession ………………………………………. p. 191
The Peace
Celebration of the Eucharist
Offertory Hymn
PMB 54
Prayer over the gifts
Holy God,
in this eucharist
we renew our baptismal covenant.
Help us, through our offering this day,
to renounce all things
that draw us from your love.
This we ask in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.
Eucharistic Prayer
CP 719
Lord’s Prayer ..……………………..…...……... p. 211
PMB 55
Prayer after Communion
Gracious God,
in this sacrament
we have shared the body and blood of Christ.
May we
who have been nourished by holy things
bear witness to his light,
and share in his eternal priesthood;
for he is Lord for ever and ever. Amen
Doxology ……………..………………………….. p. 214
Closing Hymn
We Are Marching
Dismissal …………………………….................... p. 215
Thought for the Day
If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have
chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has
its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you
are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.
—Desmond Tutu
We Are Marching
1. We are marching in the light of God,
we are marching in the light of God.
We are marching in the light of God,
we are marching in the light of God.
We are marching, oh!
We are marching in the light of God.
We are marching, oh!
We are marching in the light of God.
2. We are living in the love of God .....
3. We are moving in the power of God ...........
4. We are marching......
In Our Prayers:
In the Diocese of Kootenay we pray for John
Privett: Archbishop of Kootenay; All Diocesan
Committees, including BARDS: John Privett,
Archbishop of Kootenay; Nissa Basbaum, Dean of
Kootenay; Neil Elliot, Dean of West Kootenay Region; Chris Harwood-Jones, Dean of North
Okanagan Region; Roger Cooper, Dean of Central Okanagan Region; Mike Stuchbery, Dean of
South Okanagan Region; Yme Woensdregt, Dean
of East Kootenay Region.
In the World Wide Anglican Communion we pray
for the Lusitanian Church - (Portugal) The Rt
Revd Jose Jorge De Pina Cabral.
ACC: The members of the Council of General
ELCIC: The members of the National Church
ACIP: Pray for the Elders that we may continue to
recognize the wisdom they contribute to their
communities. Amen
Prayers for the sick: We give thanks for the many
ways in which we are returned to health and
strength in Christ's name. Today, we remember in
our prayers: Eleanor, Elinor, Evan, Doreen, Nancy,
Gerrie, Anthony and Pauline, Dorothy, Faith,
Rhianna, Marie, Lois and Alex. We pray for all
who are sorrowful in body, mind or spirit, may they
know of God's love for them in their difficulties
and loss. Amen
In our parish we pray for our Incumbent James
Cowan; and we give thanks to God for the work
of our Church Council: Ken Chapman, Laura
Courtemanche, Ed Cummings, Sheila Forster, Wilf
Fournier, Helen Hall, Cathi Harrison , Maureen Karran, Pam Walker. We ask that God give wisdom to
all those who serve the church as they make decisions for the good of our parish, and to the glory
of God. Amen
We pray: We praise your abiding guidance, O
God, for you sent us Jesus, our Teacher and Messiah, to model for us the way of love for the whole
universe. We offer these prayers of love on behalf
of ourselves and our neighbors, on behalf of your
creation and our fellow creatures. Amen
Nov. 17: Armstrong-Enderby Bible Study, St.
George’s, 1:30 pm. A ride will leave St. James’ at
1:00 pm. All are welcome.
Nov. 20: NORC 6 pm St. Mary’s Sorrento.
Nov. 21: Deadline for Gift Box donations.
Nov. 22: Meditation Workshop. See notice.
Nov. 22: St. George’s Fall Tea. 1-3 PM at the Enderby Seniors Complex. $5.00 at the door.
Nov. 23 : Food Bank blessing. Pls note change.
Nov. 30 : Regional Service at St. John, Salmon Arm
10:30 am; Pot Luck. See notice.
Meditation Workshop There will be a workshop on
Nov. 22nd from 9:00 to 3:00 at All Saints Vernon in
the Preschool Building. New to meditation: 9-12.
For those with more experience: 1-3.
For registration or information, please contact
Jane Bourcet at [email protected] or leave a
message at 250-542-9035. The cost of the workshop is $20 total for full or part day and will include
a simple lunch. Please let Jane know if you wish to
share in the meal as numbers are needed for
lunch supplies.
Operation Christmas Child National Collection Week Nov. 17
to 23. Although over 100 million
children have joyfully received
this gift since 1993 there are still
so many children that we could
help put a smile on their faces
this year. Please help once
again to make an effort in giving a shoebox to a
child and bring some joy into their lives. it is time to
begin collecting. The deadline for our parish will
be Sunday, Nov. 16.
Seniors’ Drop-In
Seniors' Drop In (55 +) is held every Wednesday 12
noon - 3 p.m. in St. James’ Church Hall. Come
and bring your friends and neighbours for board
games, good conversation and fellowship. Please
also bring a bag lunch. Coffee and tea are provided. For further information, contact Betty at
Garage Sale!
St. George’s and St. James will each be holding a
garage sale in the spring. Please think ahead
and set to one side any item(s) you may have to
donate. Dates to be announced.