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Lungu challenges Scott’s rule in court?
Newton N’guni has petitioned the High
Court seeking judicial review of the transfer
of presidential power from Edgar Lungu to
Guy Scott.
Acting President Edgar Lungu handing over presidential powers to Interim President Guy Scott on 29 October. Since then things have soured.
After President Sata’s death, then VicePresident Guy Scott was appointed Zambia’s
interim president in accordance with Article
38 (2) of the Constitution, which dictates
that if the office of the president becomes
vacant, the vice-president shall perform the
functions until a new president is elected.
Scott received the presidential powers from
PF Secretary General and Justice/Defence Minister Edgar Lungu, who served as acting
president when Sata died, despite Article 39 (1) stating that the vice-president should
take over. The article further dictates that “the vice-president or such other person may
discharge those functions until his authority is revoked by the president”, leading some
people to believe that only Sata, or his legally elected successor, could have relieved
N’guni is, however, not interested in this debate. Instead he is relying on sworn evidence
by Minister of Tourism and Arts Jean Kapata, who has submitted that the transfer of power
was done under duress and threats of treason and arrest at a cabinet meeting on 29
October: “Mr Musa Mwenye insisted that if Mr Lungu did not surrender the instruments
of power, he would be charged with treason, including all cabinet ministers who opposed his advice. I believe that what happened at this meeting of the cabinet is illegal and
requires urgent redress,” Kapata stated.
She was backed by Edgar Lungu, who submitted that Musa Mwenye had warned that the
police were on stand-by to arrest Lungu and other ministers opposed to Scott’s rule. The
police did in fact show up at Lungu’s house, but did not arrest him.
N’guni has sued Scott (first respondent), Attorney General Musa Mwenye (second respondent) and Edgar Lungu (third respondent), but is believed to be acting on Lungu’s behalf.
The High Court has set 14 November for an inter-parte hearing on the matter.
Who is Newton N’guni?
Newton Nguni has a political background in the opposition MMD party as deputy minister of several portfolios under
President Chiluba and as deputy secretary of the National Constitutional Conference under President Mwanawasa.
In between he joined the opposition FDD party to serve as its secretary general. In 2013, online reports claimed that
President Sata had rejected his appointment as Chief Chiunda Ponde of the Bisa people of Mpika.
Lungu’s aunt questioned on parentage
The Department of Immigration has questioned Milia Lungu, the only surviving aunt of PF
Secretary General Edgar Lungu, about his parentage. Milia Lungu lives in Nyampande in
Petauke, Eastern Province. Allegedly the department tried to establish if Lungu’s parents
were born in Malawi. Lungu took it in his stride: “I was born in Zambia, my parents were
Zambians, there is nothing to worry about,” he told Zambia Reports.
The obsession with parentage
Presidents’ parentage is a bit of an obsession in Zambia. In 1996, late President Chiluba, worrying about the political
return of Kenneth Kaunda – with Malawian parents – changed the constitution so a person can be a presidential
candidate only if “both his parents are Zambians by birth or descent” (Article 34 (3)). He succeeded in barring Kaunda –
and in not falling victim to the same rule himself, when he was taken to court on allegations of having a foreign father.
The Supreme Court ruled that for those, who became citizens of Zambia when it was created on 24 October 1964, there
was no need to inquire into their parents’ citizenship. Simply because their parents would never qualify as Zambians,
because there was no nation called Zambia before independence. Considering Zambia’s diverse background with immigration from all sides, the parentage clause has continued to provide a handy tool for sowing doubt in presidential
campaigns, having affected Rupiah Banda and Michael Sata as well. Today it is being debated in relation to Guy Scott.
This week in 10
1. Scott’s rule challenged in court
Newton N’guni is seeking judicial review
of the transfer of presidential power from
Edgar Lungu to Guy Scott
Page 1
2. Will Lungu manage to seize power?
The PF cannot agree on whether to elect or
select its presidential candidate
Page 4
3. High wire across Victoria Falls
Two high wire artists have successfully
crossed the Victoria Falls Gorge on a slack
Page 2
4. Puffs contain GMOs
The Lusaka City Council has confiscated
over 400 packets of maize snacks containing
genetically modified maize
Page 3
5. Sata’s burial
An overview of Sata’s burial in pictures and
Pages 6-7
6. Richard Branson to visit Zambia
The world-renowned entrepreneur and cofounder of the Virgin Group will speak at an
upcoming investment conference
Page 2
7. Two killed by bees in Nyimba
Two people have been killed by a swarm of
bees in Nyimba in Eastern Province
Page 9
8. Lungu’s aunt questioned
Immigration officers has questioned the only
surviving aunt of PF Secretary General Edgar
Lungu about his parentage
Page 1
9. DEC officer receives death penalty
An officer at the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) was convicted for murdering a
suspected drug trafficker
Page 8
10. Essa fails to reclaim ARC title
Mohammed Essa, Zambia’s 2012 Africa Rally
Champion, failed to scoop the 2014 title
Page 9
2 │ News
Editor’s note
High wire across Victoria Falls
It’s fun to be a journalist right now. For
once there is a lot of stuff happening –
with events sometimes changing from
hour to hour. All media in Zambia are
therefore happily absorbed in the nittygritty details of the fierce political battle
about power: Who will be our next president? Nothing else seems to matter. Nothing else seems to be happening. In fact,
one could be excused for believing that
all other developments in Zambia have
come to a complete standstill. Irrespective
of the fact that government has run out of
money to continue its many infrastructure
projects, there must be other developments worth mentioning? Sometimes we
forget that politics is all about development. We elect our politicians to provide
development, not entertainment.
Two high wire artists,
German student
Lukas Irmler, 26, and
Austrian journalist
Reinhard Kleindl, 34,
have successfully
crossed the Victoria
Falls Gorge on the
Zimbabwean side on
a slack line. Slack lining is different from
tightrope walking
as a slack line isn’t as
rigid and has more
bounce. The duo
crossed the 100-metre wide gorge one at
a time, with safety lines attached, but without using them. The spray from the falls was the
biggest problem, hindering visibility to the necessary visual anchor points for balance, and
for producing a wave-like drag. The two slack line professionals spent two years training for
the crossing.
Veil lifted on Sata’s early life
The Times of Zambia has uncovered the late
President Sata’s ‘Certificate of Christian Family’ issued by the Catholic Church. The document lists his full name as Michael Mubanga
Chilufya Sata, and his father and mother as
Juliano Mubanga Sata (otherwise known as
Langford Sata) and Hanrieta Kabuswe. It also
confirms Sata’s birth date as 6 July 1937 in
Chitulika Village in Chilonga Parish (Mpika
District in Muchinga Province). Sata was
baptised and confirmed at Chilonga Parish
as well.
Richard Branson to visit Zambia
World-renowned entrepreneur and cofounder of the Virgin Group, Sir Richard
Branson, will allegedly be the keynote
speaker at the Zambia Investment Conference to be held in Lusaka on 4-5 December
2014. The Zambia Development Agency said
it was sign that Zambia had appeared on the
radar of the international business community in general and not just in mining.
Earnings from Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls’ tourism earnings (Zambia and Zimbabwe combined) amount to less than $500,000 annually, compared to
about $30 billion for Niagara Falls. The Zimbabwe Tourism Board has therefore suggested commercialising Victoria Falls
by electrifying the premises, putting up modern infrastructure and ensuring reasonable water flows throughout the
year (Lusaka Times).
15 swim across Lake Tanganyika
This year’s ‘Swim for Nsumbu’ across 42 kilometres of Lake Tanganyika attracted a group of
15 swimmers from Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Kenya. The swimmers took turns
swimming from Cape Wapembe in Tanzania to Nangu in Nsumbu National Park. The event
was started in 2012 by Conservation Lake Tanganyika to raise awareness and funds for
Nsumbu National Park and Lake Tanganyika.
Lake Tanganyika is the world’s longest and second-deepest lake, which holds almost 1/6th
of the Earth’s available surface fresh water. Its great age and stability have provided a means
for evolution and adaptability, with nearly 90% of its species found nowhere else. However
the lake and its surroundings are threatened by loss of wildlife, fish and habitats – which also
affects the livelihoods of the communities along its shore.
Designer sues Thandiwe Banda
Fashion designer John Muyabi has sued former First Lady Thandiwe Banda for alleged
failure to pay over K240,000 in salary arrears,
housing allowance and loss of business.
Muyabi apparently worked for Thandiwe at
State House from 2009, taking care of her
fashion needs, but claimed he had not been
paid his entitlements in full, reported the
No secrecy!
Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete, 64, has
undergone a “highly successful” prostate
operation at Johns Hopkins Hospital in
the United States. The development was
reported on the president’s official website,
although no details on the nature of the
surgery were released.
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3 │ News
Fuel prices to fall?
The Zambia Consumer Association has called on the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) to
reduce fuel prices following the fall in the international oil price from about $115 a barrel
in June 2014 to a four-year low of below $80 a barrel. In April 2014, ERB increased prices by
7-9% due to the depreciation of the Kwacha.
Water shortage worsens in Lusaka
The Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company has switched off 30
boreholes in Lusaka, about half of its total number of boreholes,
as they have run dry. The company is currently providing about
258 million litres per day, against a demand of over 400 million
litres per day, leading to severe water shortages, reported QFM
President Sata was the glue that held our
party together. It is true therefore when
we say that Michael Sata was the Patriotic
Front, and without him there would be no
PF. Certainly the question you have to ask
and answer is that is President Michael
Sata going to survive beyond Michael
Sata? My answer is that the Patriotic
Front shall truly live on. If you want to ask
me why, late President Sata was a great
teacher, he passed on the political values
and skills to a section of our leaders and
PF Secretary and Justice/Defence Minister Edgar Lungu
(Zambia Reports 11).
Indeni restarts?
Indeni Petroleum Refinery has apparently resumed operations – prematurely – halfway into
its 30-day annual routine maintenance period. The Post, quoting sources at the refinery,
reported that it would restart its primary unit to produce more diesel as the country has
exhausted its reserves. The refinery closed down on 20 October. However Mines, Energy and
Water Minister Christopher Yaluma said there was no need for Indeni to restart as the next
consignment of imported diesel “is coming soon”.
400 speed humps to appear in Lusaka
Lusaka City Council is planning to construct about 400 new road humps across the capital
city’s newly rehabilitated roads in townships, reported the Daily Nation. The council has
received numerous complaints over motorists speeding.
Lunzuwa Hydropower Station ready
Jubilee is a new beginning. It is time to say
bye to the old generation and now have a
new crop of leadership. It is time to start
afresh and move forward with the new
Fr Lastone Lupupa during a private homily in honour of the
late President Sata at Chelstone Parish on 8 November (Post
9). Fr Lupupa was closely linked to Sata and his family.
I am not racist, but we have failed to
manage ourselves to an extent that we
allow a non-indigenous person to act as
MMd Mafinga MP Catherine Namugala on Interim President
Guy Scott (Zambian Watchdog 12).
The $52 million upgrade of the Lunzuwa Hydropower Station in Mpulungu, Northern Province, has been completed, but the commissioning will be postponed until the rains start due
to low water levels in the river. The plant has been upgraded from 0.75 MW to 14.80 MW. The
work was carried out by China National Electrical Engineering Company. ZESCO is hoping
that the new plant will enable it to supply Mpulungu, Mbala and some parts of Kasama
There is a big problem in the party;
everyone wants to succeed President
Sata. I have my own views, why not have
Dr Kaseba as the PF candidate, because I
do not see these other guys agreeing on
one person, because they all want to be
president. She has the right profile, she is
international, and is a medical doctor and
also already known. So why not have a
woman at the top?
Road works grind to a halt?
Former PF Justice Minister Sebastian Zulu
(Zambia Reports 13).
The Zambian Watchdog reported that some road contractors have started pulling out their
equipment and laying off workers due to non-payment of their dues from government. According to the online media, government owes road contractors over K3 billion. Last month,
the Finance Ministry directed the Road Development Agency to stop signing new road
development contracts, but assured that old contracts would continue.
Some of his friends were whites, not just
me; and some of his friends were Indians
and some of his friends were black. He had
no tribe, he had no race, he was too big for
that; he was a big animal in the forest.
Interim Guy Scott in his tribute during the burial of the late
President Sata (Daily Mail 11).
Puffs contain genetically modified maize
The Lusaka City Council has confiscated over 400 packets of puffed maize snacks containing
genetically modified maize. The snacks are produced by Carnival of South Africa. The authority has also tested locally produced maize snacks which turned out to contain ordinary
maize, reported the Daily Nation.
4 │ Focus
Who will be Zambia’s next president?
Hardly had the late President Sata been put to
rest before the battle to replace him began. In
less than three months, by 26 January 2015,
Zambia will go to the polls to elect a new president. Whoever wins will lead the country for
the remainder of Sata’s five-year term in office
until 2016. Zambia Weekly looks at the political
manoeuvring in the various parties:
ing and approving changes in the regulations
and rules of the party” and “taking action which
in the opinion of the Central Committee is in the
best interest, security and development of the
party and the state”.
Scott did not back down: he told the media that
“no shortcuts” would be used in identifying the
PF’s presidential candidate, reminding people
how the MMD had fractured in 2001 when then
President Chiluba handpicked Levy Mwanawasa
as his successor:
Patriotic Front:
Will Lungu manage
to seize power?
The ruling party got bogged down in an argument about whether its presidential candidate
should be elected by a General Conference or
chosen by its Central Committee.
First PF Secretary General and Justice/Defence
Minister Edgar Lungu convened a Central Com- One hopeful candidate?
mittee meeting on 13 November to resolve “all
outstanding issues relating to the selection or election” of the
PF’s presidential candidate. However, on 12 November, Interim
President Guy Scott deferred the meeting, referring to Article 52 of
the PF Constitution, which states that “the president of the party
shall be elected at the General Conference”. Instead he appointed
a team to prepare for a General Conference by 29 November,
including Emmanuel Chenda, Bridget Atanga, Ngosa Simbyakula,
Chishimba Kambwili and Anthony Kasolo.
The problem is that a General Conference is a daunting event to
organise with less than three months to go, as it has to be attended by all members of the National Council (Central Committee,
MPs, provincial secretaries, district chairmen, chairladies, secretaries and committee members of women and youth leagues, as well
as senior members from the party’s national headquarters) and up
to 500 delegates from each province.
Lungu therefore objected, officially due to “concerns regarding
time, resources, security, peace and unity of the party and nation”;
unofficially because he is more likely to end up being chosen by
the Central Committee than elected by a General Conference due
to his weak provincial profile.
Lungu also warned Scott that as the chief administrative officer of
the party, the secretary general is mandated to convene meetings,
and that Scott’s “unilateral” directive to cancel the meeting was illegal. Lungu also pointed out that PF has participated in four elections, of which only one was preceded by a General Conference.
Finally he referred to Article 58 (l) and (m) of the PF constitution,
which lists functions of the Central Committee, including “initiat-
“We shall democratically elect a candidate, and it
will happen at the General Conference. It is only
people [General Conference] who can amend
the constitution, and not us apamwambas [elite].
You see, Cairo Road is full of street lawyers, bush
lawyers, who are saying this or that, including
that Guy Scott can’t act as president, but my
legacy is to ensure a smooth transition of power,”
Scott told the Daily Mail – and added that the necessary funds
would be found amongst PF members and wealthy “friends”.
Despite Scott deferring the meeting, Lungu’s supporters still met
on 13 November. Subsequently, 63 PF MPs petitioned the Central
Committee to adopt Lungu as the party’s presidential candidate.
The PF has a total of 81 MPs. Scott reacted by pointing out that the
petition is against the PF constitution.
Potential PF presidents
These are the PF members interested (according to themselves or
others) in becoming the ruling party’s next president and/or vicepresident. Various combinations of the people on this list have
been proposed:
• First Lady Christine Kaseba
• Lusaka Mayor and Sata’s son, Mulenga Sata
• PF Secretary General and Justice/Defence Minister Edgar Lungu
• Interim President Guy Scott
• Former Secretary General and Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba
• Former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba
• Youth and Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili
• Commerce Deputy Minister Miles Sampa
• Former Foreign Affairs Minister Given Lubinda
• Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda
Continued ►
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5 │ Focus
Who will be Zambia’s next president... continued
Members of PF’s Central Committee
The PF’s Central Committee has 43 official members, but some
seats are filled by the same person, while other seats are vacant,
reducing the number of voting members to 35 (although some
reports talked of 26).
Vice President
Secretary General
National Chairlady
Deputy National Chairlady
Deputy Secretary General
Chairlady, Women League, Child Development
Chairman, Finance
Chairman, Legal
Chairman, Foreign Affairs
Chairman, National Security
Chairperson, Commerce
Chairman, Agriculture, Animal Development
Chairman, Industry
Chairman, Education, Research, Science, Technology and Early Edu
Chairman, Local Government, Housing Environmental Protection
Chairman, Health
Chairman, Transport and Communication
Chairlady, Community Development and Primary Health
Chairman, Labour and Social Development
Chairman, Mining and Mineral Development
Chairman, Lands and Natural Resources
Chairman, Information
Chairperson, Art and Culture
Chairman, Sports Development
Chairlady, Elections
Chairman, Mobilisation
Chairman, Energy Development
Chairman, Youth Development
Chairman, Constitutional and Legal Reforms
(Guy Scott)
Guy Scott, MP
Edgar Lungu, MP
Inonge Wina, MP
Dorothy Kazunga, MP
Bridget Atanga
Esther Banda, MP
Emmanuel Chenda, MP
Edgar Lungu, MP
Alfredah Mwamba, MP
Gerry Chanda, MP
Miles Sampa, MP
Guy Scott, MP
Yamfwa Mukanga, MP
Ngwata Phiri, MP
Joseph Katema, MP
Willie Nsanda
Jean Kapata, MP
Davies Mwila, MP
Wylbur Simuusa, MP
Kamayoyo Oyati
Sylvia Masebo, MP
Alex Chama
Chishimba Kambwili, MP
Ngosa Simbyakula, MP
Samuel Mukupa
M. Mpankata
Sylvester Mtonga
John Chisanga
Peter Kazhila
Annie Kayula
Philip Kosamu, MP
B. C. Mwale
Mwenya Musenge, MP
Anthony Kasolo
Freedom Sikazwe, MP
Susan Kawandami, MP
Elizabeth Phiri
United Party for National Development:
No time to waste!
As the party most likely to challenge the ruling PF party in the
upcoming election, the UPND started campaigning the day after
the funeral. Party President Hakainde Hichilema talked of a “new
dawn”, and promised “to strengthen our economy to allow for
job creation, stable prices and wealth redistribution” – supported
by a strong agriculture sector, free appropriate and good-quality
education and quality healthcare. In addition, the UPND promised
to accelerate infrastructure development, but in a manner that
does not hurt economic fundamentals, and to increase revenue
collection as opposed to borrowing expensive money. Finally, Hichilema promised that UPND would “not waste time” in delivering
a people-driven constitution.
The party is now focusing on broadening its support base beyond
its traditional stronghold in Southern Province, as the tribal tag has
held it back in previous elections: “Late President Sata did his best
and we have to carry on and move this country forward,” Hichilema
UPND announced that it would hold its first two rallies in Kanyama, Lusaka (15 November) and in Solobon, Kafue (16 November).
The police have already given its consent.
Movement for Multiparty Democracy
One faction is supporting Party President Nevers Mumba, while
another wants former Republican President Rupiah Banda to
return to contest the election. When asked, Banda said he would
announce whether or not he would run after the mourning period,
with some commentators believing that he is waiting for the PF to
choose its candidate, before he will decide.
Forum for Democracy and Development
Party President Edith Nawakwi has announced that she is ready to
contest the election. She has done this several times without coming even close to winning.
Green Party
Party President Peter Sinkamba will contest the election for this
relatively new party.
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tĞď͗ ǁǁǁ͘ƉƌŝĐŽŶƐƵůƚĂŶƚƐ͘ĐŽŵ ൟ ŵĂŝů͗ ƌƚŚŽƌŶĞΛƉƌŝĐŽŶƐƵůƚĂŶƚƐ͘ĐŽŵ | DŽďŝůĞ͗ нϮϲϬ ϵϲϴ ϵϳϱ ϵϲϰ
Harare | Lusaka | Maputo
6 │ Pictures
Sata’s burial
The late President Sata lay in state at
Mulungushi International Conference
Centre from 1 to 10 November, yet
many mourners failed to pay their
last respects, partly because government suspended public body viewing
on most of 8 November to facilitate
a private requiem mass in Chelstone
(image: Thomas Nsama). The country
held 14 days of national mourning
for Sata. In comparison, Levy Mwanawasa, the first Zambian president to
die in office in 2008, got 7 days, later
extended to 21.
On 10 November, Sata’s body returned to the last place he made a public appearance – when opening parliament on 19 October. Here, an interdenominational thanksgiving service was held for the late president.
On 11 November Sata’s body was
moved to the National Heroes
Stadium in Lusaka for a final requiem
mass. Every time the body moved it
was accompanied by large groupings
of defence and security personnel. To
facilitate the funeral procession, most
major roads in Lusaka were closed,
meaning that the capital city came to
a standstill on 10 and 11 November
(image: BBC/AP)
Later on 10 November the body was moved to State House, where foreign
dignitaries paid their last respects. Here, Zimbabwe’s President Robert
Mugabe (left) and his wife Grace (on the floor with First Lady Kaseba).
Mugabe was joined by other presidents, namely Henry Rajaonarimampianina (Madagascar), Uhuru Kenyatta (Kenya), Hifikepunye Pohamba (Namibia)
and outgoing Armando Guebuza (Mozambique). Apart from Mugabe, this
was the first time an incumbent president has visited Zambia since the PF
assumed power in 2011.
Other countries were represented through Swaziland Prime Minister
Barnabas Dlamini, Uganda Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda, former Nigerian President Yakubu Gowan, former Botswana President Festus Mogae,
South African Vice-President Cyril Ramaphosa, Malawian Vice-President
Saulos Chilima, Gambian Vice-President Isatou Njie-Saidy and Tanzanian
Vice-President Mohammed Bilal. China sent its Minister of Housing, Urban
and Rural Development Chen Zhenggao, while the UK sent the Countess of
Wessex Sophie Rhys-Jones to represent Queen Elizabeth.
The arrival of the body to the National
Heroes Stadium at around 09:45
hours (about one hour delayed
according to the official programme)
was an emotional moment accompanied by outpouring of grief to such a
degree that the BBC called it “deafening wailing” (image: Daily Mail).
This was followed by a Catholic mass
presided over by Lusaka Archbishop
Telesphore Mpundu.
The proceedings at the stadium were
delayed as people queued to get in.
The first people started lining up as
early as 05:00 hours. The 50,000-seat
stadium was filled to capacity, but
many failed to secure a seat. Instead
people followed the live coverage
at home or on big screens placed in
several locations in Lusaka and in
districts (image: BBC/AFP)
Finally tributes by
representatives from
the church, family,
ruling PF party, SADC
Chairman Robert
Mugabe, AU Chairlady
Nkosazana DlaminiZuma and Interim
President Guy Scott.
There was public
weeping when an
eulogy was read
by Emma Chibesakunda on behalf of
Sata’s wife, First Lady
Christine Kaseba,
who explained how
Sata had died in her
arms.“Farewell my
president, go well, oh
my love, rest in true
peace,” her tribute
read. And there was
more weeping when
one of Sata’s young sons, Gerald, together with his sister Sonia, sang ‘Dance
with my father’ by US soul singer Luther Vandross.
PF Secretary General and Justice/Defence Minister Edgar Lungu attracted
loud applause when he wept at the end of his address on behalf of the PF,
while his rival, Interim President Guy Scott, stated that his job would be to
ensure that Zambians “get the president that you want”.
7 │ Pictures
Sata’s burial
After the requiem mass, the body
was moved to the Presidential Burial
Ground at Embassy Park. Here, Sata
joined two other late presidents,
Frederick Chiluba and Levy Mwanawasa. The body arrived at 16:30 hours
rather than the scheduled 12:00
Only 2,200 people were allowed at
the burial at Embassy Park to avoid
overcrowding. Over 320 local and
foreign journalists had applied for
accreditation to cover the burial,
but only 15 local and 10 international media houses were allowed,
divided between State House, Heroes
Stadium and Embassy Park.
The burial procedure started with an opening prayer and blessing of the
grave before the casket was lowered into the ground (picture – just before
being lowered), followed by the national anthem, a 21 gun salute and a fly
past, reveille and last post, committal and burial.
A Zambia Army crane placed the
tombstone with the inscribed Bible
quote (2 Timothy 4:7): “I have fought
a good fight, I have finished my race, I
have kept the faith.” This was followed
by laying of wreaths. Here by First
Lady Christine Kaseba...
... and by Sata’s children led by Lusaka
Mayor Mulenga Sata (fourth from
left). They were followed by other
family members, Interim President
Scott and wife, PF Secretary General
Edgar Lungu and wife, first President
Kenneth Kaunda and others.
Finally, Interim President Guy Scott
presented the national flag to First
Lady Christine Kaseba, which was
followed by a closing prayer.
First Lady Christine Kaseba was
comforted during the burial by
Zimbabwe’s First Lady (and potential
presidential candidate) Grace Mugabe
(right) and Zambia’s Second Lady
Charlotte Harland.
8 │ News
ACC arrests immigration officer
Barrick refutes threats to close mine
The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has arrested Ben Sokoni, an immigration officer in
Solwezi, for issuing new and extending existing temporary employment permits for employees at Stefanutti Stocks Limited, in exchange for K13,250, reported the Times of Zambia
– which did not explain what happened to Stefanutti.
Two Chinese bribe ZRA official
Two Chinese employees at the Golden Peacock Hotel in Lusaka, Manager Kan Weiwei and
Assistant Accountant Ma Ping Ping, have been arrested for trying to bribe an official at the
Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA), reported the Post. The duo gave K10,000 to Senior Collector Christopher Mwango to facilitate the import of vehicles without duty as specified by
Statutory Instrument 69 of 2012 (suspension of customs and excise for tourism enterprises).
It was unclear why the Chinese had found it necessary to offer a bribe. It was also unclear
how the bribery had been uncovered.
DEC officer receives death penalty
Barrick Gold has refuted that it has threatened to suspend its operations at Lumwana
Mine in Northwestern Province, if parliament approves the proposed increase in
mineral royalties for 2015. Vice-President of
Communications Andy Lloyd stated that the
company had not issued any statements in
this regard. “The company does not issue
threats or conduct its affairs with government outside of established channels”. Last
week, the Daily Mail quoted the mine from
“a statement issued in Solwezi”, which said:
“If enacted, the most likely outcome would
be a suspension of operations at the mine”.
The statement also explained that Lumwana
will be responsible for 37% of the new tax
revenue, but produces only about 11% of
Zambia’s annual copper output. Rumours
have it that the threats are real.
Amatheon to take over More Beef
Ohinga Lumamba, an investigations officer at the Drug Enforcement Commission, has been
sentenced to death by hanging for murdering a suspected drug trafficker, Geoffrey Mumba,
in Kasama. Lumamba denied murdering Mumba with malice aforethought, explaining that
his gun had discharged accidentally during an inspection of Mumba’s house, but the High
Court ruled that the prosecution had proved its case beyond reasonable doubt, reported
the Daily Mail.
UNZA students riot
Students at the University of Zambia (UNZA) have rioted to demand for their meal allowances and for the handover of the Commonwealth Youth Centre. Police had to break up the
riot with teargas.
Amatheon Agri of Germany is acquiring
More Beef of Zambia through The Real Meat
Company, in which it acquired a controlling stake in September. Real Meat has a
significant share of the Zambian pork and
processed products market, while More
Beef is the number two operator of butcher
shops in Zambia, owns the Buccamore
brand, which processes meat products,
and has a strategic partnership with South
African retail chain Pick n’ Pay. Both deals
are however awaiting regulatory approval.
Amatheon Agri holds more than 30,000
hectares of land in Zambia.
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9 │ Deaths and other disasters
Two killed by bees in Nyimba
Two people have been killed by bees in Asafu Village in Nyimba, Eastern Province. A
swarm of bees attacked an elderly couple, Mr and Mrs Miti, at their house, along with
another man, Levy Sibuswe, who had tried to help them, reported the Post. Mrs Miti and
Sibuswe died, while Mr Miti is in hospital. The reason for the bees turning aggressive was
Boy killed by crocodile
Milner Bwalya, 16, has been killed by a crocodile in Mwembeshi River in Nsama District.
Bwalya had gone swimming with some friends. The Zambia Wildlife Authority is looking for
the crocodile.
Chief arrested for murder
Chief Kasomalwela (Russford Chita) has been arrested, together with three indunas and
a retainer, for the murder of Bishili Nsamya of Mpita Village in Chembe, Luapula Province.
Nsamya was allegedly beaten up and pushed into a river after the chief accused Nsamya
and two others of having bewitched him. Nine others involved in Nsamya’s murder are on
the run, reported the Times of Zambia.
Ex-convict steals from prison warden
Mark Saili, an officer at the Zambia Prisons Service, has been robbed of a mobile phone and
K1,200 in cash after giving an ex-convict , Claude Chishimba, a lift to Mukobeko in Kabwe,
reported the Daily Mail. Chishimba is currently in court on the matter.
Old woman killed by paw paw
Kalumbu Mundunga, 86, has been killed – by a paw paw – while sitting under a paw paw
tree in Lilanda Township in Itezhi Tezhi, reported the Times of Zambia.
Bonnie Tembo dies
Bonnie Tembo, former executive director of the Anti-Voter Apathy Project, has died, at 50
years. Reports were confusing, but Tembo had apparently travelled from Chipata to Lusaka because he was feeling unwell. Here, he had proceeded to the house of his girlfriend,
Gwendolyn Chanda, who later found him unconscious. She is currently in custody at
Matero, both for her safety and to help with the investigations into Tembo’s death.
Sports in brief
Chipolopolo to meet Mozambique
The Chipolopolo will play its final 2015
AFCON qualifiers against Mozambique
on 15 November (away) and 19 November (home). The leader of Group F, Cape
Verde, has already qualified for the 2015
Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) finals in
Morocco – with 9 points. Zambia and
Mozambique both have 5 points, but
Zambia has a better goal difference.
Essa fails to reclaim ARC title
Mohammed Essa, Zambia’s 2012 Africa
Rally Champion, has failed to reclaim
the title, after finishing second at the
championship’s final leg, the Madagascar
International Rally in Antananarivo. Gary
Chaynes of Ivory Coast won this year’s
championship, despite finishing 11th in
Madagascar, with total points of 119 –
and Essa trailing only one point behind
him. The rally in Madagascar was won by
Patrick Solofonirina of Madagascar.
ZOCA in Washington DC
The Zambian fitness programme ZOCA
has been introduced in Washington DC
in the United States. The programme is
“a combination of challenging and fun
choreography to music that travels from
the streets of Trinidad and Tobago to the
nightclubs of Zambia”, according to its
founder, Namaala Liebenthal, who designed the programme in Lusaka in 2012.
ZOCA is short for ‘Zambia’s Own Caribbean and African’ dance fever. Americans
can now take classes twice weekly at Joy
of Motion’s Friendship Heights Studio,
courtesy of instructor Tanya Nuchols ,
who was trained by Liebenthal. Liebenthal grew up in Washington DC before
returning to Zambia.
Bobby East fined for sex video
Rapper Bobby East (Robert Chunga) and model Ruth Mukanga have been fined K8,500
each for producing obscene materials. The couple was arrested in July 2014 for featuring
in a 12-minute sex video circulating on WhatsApp in particular. The couple admitted they
had filmed themselves using an iPhone, but initially claimed that the video had not been
for public consumption. Bobby East told the Post that it is a possibility that he will “stop
music”, as he does not want “to do anything that involves the spotlight”.
Man rapes chicken
Amon Simbeye, 20, has been arrested in Luano District, Central District, for having sex
with a chicken. Simbeye was caught in the act by the chicken’s owner, reported the Times
of Zambia. The chicken has died.
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