Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church Tucson, Arizona

Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church
Tucson, Arizona
Vol 37
No 11
“Praise and Thanksgiving, Father we
offer. For all things living created good.”
A Monthly Publication of
Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church
Many who gather to celebrate Thanksgiving have a
time of sharing their blessings with one another.
I’m not just referring to the blessings of food or
fellowship or the housing. I’m referring to a time of
sharing what each person is thankful for from the
Office Hours:
Mon-Thurs 9:30 AM - 4:00PM
Phone: 744-2665 Fax: 572-2068
Email: [email protected]
Beautiful Savior Academy
8:00 & 10:30 A.M.
Our Mission
To connect family,
friends, neighbors and
community with our
Beautiful Savior
preceding year.
Blessings often involve some benefit that came to the person: good health, family, career,
trips and vacations, opportunities—good things. These are things we should be thankful
for, and we should share with one another.
But what about sharing the other end of the spectrum, the bad things, with one another as
well? Would that be something that we would do on Thanksgiving? Why or why not?
I know it is easier for me to share ups and highs with others than downs and lows.
However, I am realizing more and more than need and the appropriateness of sharing
both. Sharing both allows for a deeper connection to be made with one another as we
truly get to hear a fuller representation of life from the other.
Even historically, I believe it is proper. Our modern understanding and
practice of Thanksgiving was started by a Presidential decree in
1864 by Abraham Lincoln. I invite you to read it some time to
remind yourself of the reason given by Lincoln to do it.
After all, Lincoln was telling the country to set aside a
day to stop and give thanks to God for all that God has
done, while in the midst of the U.S. Civil War. Tens of
thousands had died, many more had been maimed, families had
been ripped apart over the issues of the day, lands devastated,
industry focused on war, and yet in the midst of all of that we
are to give thanks to God!?
We are called to share everything with God, both our highs and
lows. God is with us on the good pastures next to water, as
well as in the valley of the shadow of death, and serving a meal
in the midst of our enemies. God is not just in the good. God
is with us. (We remind ourselves of that during Advent in
December as we await the coming of Immanuel- “God with
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Beautiful Savior Lutheran
is a member of the
Grand Canyon Synod of
the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
The Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton, Presiding Bishop
The Rev. Stephen Talmage, Synod Bishop
Rev. David L. Pavesic
(520) 275-2410 for emergencies
[email protected]
Facebook: PrDavid Pavesic
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.m.rsktTk, m.non if you
anno us. . man.s k
Work Day
November 22, 2014
Office Administrator
Dorothy Pederson
Admin & Clerical
Plan to join us at 7:00 a.m.
in the Garden for prayers
and assignments.
Something for everyone.
Jeremy Knight
Rebecca Solomon
Director of Music
Rhonda Karrer
Candace Camamo Kindergarten Teacher
Barbara Powers
Preschool Teacher
Lisa Vaskovic
Preschool Teacher
Charlene DeWitt
Preschool Teacher
Linda Spain
Preschool Aide
Shanda Sundberg
Preschool Teacher
Sharon Burgess
Preschool Aide
Liz Boltz
Preschool Aide
Cassidy Stack
Aftercare Teacher
Submit articles, photos,
and updates for the calendar
no later than the 10th
of each month, please.
Lutherans Linger Longer
(L L L)
Congregation Council
Betsy Marco
Joan Swanson
Laurie Smith
Gerald Kleinfeld
Mission Support
Christine Newman
Living Lutheran
Sarah Claasen
Faith Formation
Hank Hasenpat Community Connections
Sandy Petersen
Sig Smitt
Kim Ogden
Offering Secretary
Church Related and Supported
Lutheran Theological Seminary, Berkeley, CA
Lutheran Social Services of the SW
Lutheran Campus Ministry at UA
CA Lutheran University,
Thousand Oaks, CA
Please come and enjoy a
Cup of coffee and a goodie
Every Sunday after worship.
Werner Hall – BSLC
2014 Flower chart ~
is Available in the Narthex
Flowers must be paid for when you
reserve a date... please give the check to
Sandy Petersen or place in the offering
plate. Celebrate a special occasion, or
remember a special person, etc.
Cost is $35. Please make check payable
to Beautiful Savior.
Thanksgiving Eve
Worship 6:30 p.m.
Wednesday, November 26
Donations of non-perishable foods will
be collected for the ICS Food Bank.
Please join us for a Pie Social
immediately following the service.
Pumpkin and apple pie and coffee will
be sponsored by your Friendship and
Kitchen team. Hope to see you there
A new handbell group is starting and we are
looking for volunteers of all ages. No music
experience is necessary! Playing handbells is
a fun and easy way to experience music. The
first rehearsal will be held in the Luther room
November 9th immediately following the 8am
service. Rehearsals will always be at that
time and place on
the 2nd and 4th
Sundays of the
month. For more info
or to sign up please
email our
Director of Music.
Jeremy Knight
[email protected]
or call (623) 986-7996
November 9
9:30 a.m.
Werner Hall
Make Plans to Join us This Fall...
Prayer Shawl Guild
A monthly gathering for knitting and
crocheting. Meets on the third Thursday of each month at 6:00p.m. A light
supper is served. Call Karen Johnson,
Faith Mission Group
Men & women of all ages are invited to join us at 8:30 a.m. on the
first and third Saturday for a Bible-based, personal spiritual
growth discussion. Contact Suzanne Squires, 544-7572, or Doug
Pfeifer, 325-0794.
Prime Timers
Join us for potluck lunch on the second Thursday at 12:30 p.m. For ages 55 and above. On November 13th
we will have our annual Thanksgiving Luncheon. Please sign up the
foyer to bring your favorite side dish or dessert. Turkey will be
provided. All are welcome to attend! Bring a friend, too. For more
information, call Sandy Petersen, 579-9355.
Do-Day Crafters
Join us on the first and third Tuesdays at 9:15 a.m. in Werner Hall.
Call Barbara Foor, 579-0691.
Rehearsals are on Wednesday
evenings from 7:00-8:30.
Come join us.
No Experience needed.
[email protected]
Office Hours on Tuesdays
For Adult Education—
Starting November 5th
(Wednesday) at 10am
and 6pm. It is a 7 week
class looking at various
Christian faith practices.
Cost is $15 for the
Space is still available.
Women of the ELCA Bible Studies
Order your copy of Gather Magazine (by calling 800-638-3522 or
online at for this year’s Bible study:
"Transforming Life and Faith." Coffee and refreshments served.
All women are invited to attend. Meetings held once a month.
JOY CIRCLE meets on the second Tuesday of each month
at 9:30 a.m. in the conference room. For more information, call
Janice Molina, 744-0389.
AGAPE CIRCLE meets on the first Monday of each
month at 6:30 p.m. in the alcove of Werner Hall. For more information, call Mary Speidel, 909-3584. (Notice the new day and
Check the weekly bulletin for updates!
Contact Pr. David if you
would like to attend!
Council Corner will have a new spin as you get to know a different Council Member each
month. The first is from our newest Council Member, Hank Hasenpat.
Pastor’s Note (Continued)
Jesus reminded us of that promise when he told us,
“For where two or three are gathered in my name,
I am there among them.” (Matthew 18:20)
And wouldn’t it be a good idea to share your highs and
lows with your loved ones far more often than just once
a year?
Dear BSLC Congregation,
I am the Council Liaison for
Community Connections.
I have been introducing the Faith5 during education and
fellowship time between services and we will be
building on to that, but what we do Sunday is a model
and a chance to practice what you could and should be
doing at home every night.
My five Ministry team leaders are:
Friendship Team...Richard Irwin.
What would it do for your family, or your key
friendships, if you daily shared your highs and lows with
one another? What would happen as you connect and
communicate over the promise of Christ to be there,
sharing the good and the bad?
Jazmyn's Blanket of Hope...Lynne Nalin.
Prayer Shawl Guild...Karen Johnson.
Prime Timers...Sandy Petersen.
There is more to the Faith5 than just sharing highs and
lows, but it is the starting point. I invite you to try it out.
I encourage you to get more info. I offer you my help in
learning and growing in this wonderful way we can
share the faith of a God who is with us, every night in
every home.
Sunday Dollars...Karen Johnson.
I hope that you will support these teams in
any way that you are able.
We can always use more volunteers.
You may contact me for any questions,
concerns or ideas about my teams.
Remember that God loves you, and so do I!
Pr. David
Council member,
Hank Hasenpat
meets Monday
November 3, 2014 at 6:00 p.m.
Meetings are open to all.
Budget Process Meetings
Thursday, November 13th &
November 20th at 6:00 pm.
I want to thank the property team and all the volunteers
who have been working diligently to complete the new
playground area between the fellowship hall and the
academy buildings. Our hope was to have that project
completed before the beginning of the new school year,
however funding precluded that from happening. We are
however moving closer to equipping that area. The
academy team along with members of the property team
met in October and we are moving forward with the
purchase of some of the equipment. Currently we are
looking at purchasing a Moon Rock Tunnel along with an
additional climbing structure. As funds become available
we will continue to add additional equipment.
each box top collected we get .10 cents and they add up
quickly. My parent volunteer expects to have
approximately $500.00 in box tops by the end of this first
We have also received additional funds from “Thrivent
Choice Dollars”. I am not exactly sure how that program
works, but your generosity does not go unnoticed.
Thank –you again to our awesome property team for all of
their work with the new playground and for all they do to
keep the academy operating efficiently. And to all of you,
who continue to help us raise funds, know that you are
making a difference and we appreciate all of your efforts!
Keep in mind that you can help in our efforts to raise funds. If you would like more
Please make sure your Fry’s VIP card is connected to
information or have an
Beautiful Savior Academy. You will need to register oninclination to get involved
line at Our NPO
with our ministry, our next
number is 80660. Last time I checked we only have 19
meeting is scheduled for
families registered to our school. And I am pleased to
Friday November 14th at
9:00a.m. We would love to
report that I received a check for the last quarter in the
have you join us!
amount of $187.00. Imagine what we could do if more
people registered!
Fall Blessings,
Rhonda Karrer, Director
We also collect Box Tops all year long! And there is a
collection box conveniently located in the narthex. For
Preschool & Kindergarten Registration continues until classes are full.
Call the academy office for more information or to schedule a tour!
It’s time to renew your Fry’s
Community Rewards Program.
Collect Box Tops for Education.
Cut out box tops from participating
products and place them in the
“Box Tops” box in the narthex.
Soon, thanksgiving will be here! We will begin the thanksgiving
meal with prayer. When we begin serving the thanksgiving meal, we
will have passed the food in a manner that tried to make certain our
guests were served first. When the meal has ended and cleanup has
begun, we will begin packaging up the leftovers. We divide up the
packages so that we can give some to each of our guests to take home
with them.
Our lifelong stewardship is much like the thanksgiving meal. We
make certain that the first fruits are given to God before satisfying
our own needs. At the end of our life, there will be leftover gifts
from God which we no longer need as we enter into His Kingdom.
Before our departure, we package those gifts into a will or trust. We
put names on the packages in the way of beneficiaries of financial
assets. Was God present at your table during your lifetime? Is God’s
name on one of the leftover packages?
Attention Thrivent
You have a couple of other ways to give
and be supportive
1. Are you dedicating your "Thrivent
2. Do you know you have TWO $250
Thrivent Action Team opportunities
every year?
If you don't know how to do
those things, contact your
Thrivent representative
To help plan your leftover gifts through a will, trust or financial
asset, contact our ELCA Gift Planner, Greg Shepherd at (909)9106823 or [email protected] Mr. Shepherd is our partner/
advisor for our Endowment Fund here at Beautiful Savior.
Want an easy way to do your commitment? Offerings can
be scheduled on-line through Simply Giving.
"grkIpmky&To pSptsdkfisuNsm?kk
Would you find it helpful to have your offerings drawn from your bank account as you do other
monthly drafts? The Simply Giving Program endorsed by Thrivent Federal Credit Union is for
people who wish to have offerings transferred electronically to their church’s account. You do not
have to be a Thrivent member or use their financial products to participate.
This is especially helpful for people who travel and want to keep their intended offerings up-todate, rather than making up the difference later. Members at Beautiful Savior have enjoyed using
this convenient giving opportunity for years. Contact the church office for more details.
Not just Soup Labels. Sometimes the cap is collected. Pick up a
list on the counter or check it out online. Products include: Prego,
Dannon, BIC, V8, Pepperidge Farm, Pace, Emerald, Glad, and
more. Donations support the Navajo Mission in Rock Point, AZ.
2014! There has never been
Supporting Our
Jazmyn’s Blanket Of Hope
This is a ministry that is combined with Jazmyn’s
Lunch-Break, as part of the Beautiful Savior Academy
Charities. The mission of this ministry is to create
beautiful soft fleece blankets and teddy bears to give to
the children at Diamond Children’s Center, to provide
them with the comfort, warmth and security they need
as they work hard through their treatments and
procedures on the road to wellness. We always tell the
children that the blanket belongs to them and to hold
their blanket when they are scared, or uncomfortable, or
just because they want to snuggle with it for warmth
and comfort. For that reason, it is very important to us
to help prevent irritation and rash on the children’s skin,
by using only the softest fleece and yarn to create the
Lutheran Campus MinistryUniversity of Arizona
2014 LCM
Fall Banquet
All Saints Sunday, November 2nd
Where: Our Saviour’s Lutheran
Church (1200 N Campbell )
When: Sunday, November 2, 2014
4:30 Guest Speaker
**Dr. Susan Karant-Nunn
Christian Vocation for All
6:00 Dinner & Silent Auction
We have been informed by Diamond Children’s Center
that the children love their blankets and they hold them
close. The blankets and teddy bears always seem to
bring a smile to the children’s faces, and also the
nurses. This is the treasured gift we receive in return.
At this time we are giving Diamond Children’s Center
25 blankets a month. Over time the nurses may find
that 25 blankets are not enough. Then we will need to
increase the number of blankets we deliver. In order to
be able to give more blankets, and to keep this very
worthwhile ministry going strong, Jazmyn’s Blanket
Of Hope is going to offer a Silent Auction. The
Auction will raise funds to help the ministry purchase
materials needed to continue to create the beautiful
blankets and teddy bears for these very precious
children who need the comfort that the blankets
lovingly provide.
RSVP by October 29 at 623-7575,
[email protected], or mail (715 N
Park Ave, Tucson AZ 85719). Checks
payable to Lutheran Campus Ministry.
Suggested Donation for the Banquet and Dr. KarantNunn’s presentation:
Congregational Table for 5
Congregational Table for 8
Please help comfort the children by
attending this important event.
See Flyer on next page for more
**Note: If only attending Dr. Karant-Nunn’s presentation,
a suggested donation of $10 per person at the door. No
reservation required.
a year like this before!
Please mark this fundraiser on your calendar, and help spread
the word. Pick up flyers at church and pass them out to
friends, hang them on local bulletin boards, share it online.
Jazmyn’s Blanket Of Hope
Silent Auction & Dinner
Day: Saturday, November 15, 2014
Time: 6:00 pm
Place: Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church
7570 N. Thornydale Road
Tucson, AZ 85741
Evening Festivities
This is a ministry that is
combined with Jazmyn’s
Lunch-Break, as part of
the Beautiful Savior
Academy Charities. The
mission of this ministry is
to create beautiful soft
fleece blankets and teddy
bears to give to the
children at Diamond
Children’s Center, to
provide them with the
comfort, warmth and
security they need as they
work hard through their
treatments and procedures
on the road to wellness.
Funds raised will be used
to purchase material
needed to create more
blankets and bears.
6:00 to 7:30 ~ Auction Viewing and Bidding
6:30 ~ Dinner
7:30 ~ Entertainment
Please help comfort the children at
Diamond Children’s Center who have been
diagnosed with a lifelife-threatening disease.
For Reservations call 520 891891-6147
or email
email [email protected]
Let the favor of the LORD our God be upon
us, and prosper for us the work of our hands
— O prosper the work of our hands!
Psalm 90:17
Since 1985 Interfaith Community Services has been creating connections
between faith communities and volunteers to serve seniors, disabled persons
and individuals in financial crisis. VISIT for more information
or call 520-297-6049 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.
point of contact if we’re going to participate this year.
a Bag in the narthex and fill it up.
ICS FOOD BANK ITEM OF THE MONTH: November’s “item of the month” is CANNED
If you see something that is in need of repair or attention here at BSLC, please fill
out a Green Work Order that can be found in the Office Reception area and in the
North Academy kitchen. You can also email [email protected] We will
address the Work Order as quickly as possible.
o TT,T!TT"#T
For those looking to discover more about
what God has blessed you to be and do,
please see Pr. David for a Spiritual Gift
T inventory. Take a little bit of time to fill it
out and then let Pr. David know so he can
schedule a discussion with you to go over
your results.
Black Friday?
Looking Ahead:
Clean up Day
postponed until
January 2015
Dec 3
LifeScreen Clinic at BSLC
First Taize Worship
Dec 24
Christmas Eve Worship
5:00, 7:30 & 10:00 p.m.
Support Beautiful Savior
by shopping online at
Amazon Smile.
Feb 16-17
Rally in the Valley 2015
When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon
will donate a percentage of each item
(excluding shipping & handling, taxes, and
service charges, and less any rebates or
Follow the link to get started for Christmas!
Sunday, November 23, 2014
11:30 a.m.
Think your recipe is tops? The Youth
attending the ELCA Youth Gathering are
sponsoring a Chili Cook-off and are looking
for competitors. Entries can be spicy or not,
white or red, meaty or meatless.
We’re also looking for hungry people to have a bowl of chili, or to try multiple
samples. There will be a People’s Choice Award which you can vote on.
For more information, contact Dorothy Pederson or Jodi Layton.
Detroit or Bust!!!
“Rise Up Together”
ELCA Youth Gathering 2015
July 15-19
Meeting: November 2 at 6:00 p.m.
for youth attending the Gathering.
If you have a conflict, contact Pr. David.
[email protected]
PrDavid Pavesic on fb
@PrDavidP on Twitter
See you
$ t % T& Tg ' t e l T
( a l ) l p* s e r T
Funds benefit our Youth Group and provide
scholarships for outings and summer camp.
TIROSH Fundraiser
Tuesday, November 4
4:00—8:00 PM
River Crossing ~ 1990 W River Road
Flyers are available in the narthex and must be
presented when ordering to receive credit.
TIROSH is the name chosen for the teen
movement of Via de Cristo for youth ages 9th
grade-20 years old.
What were
we doing in
Rally in the Valley
February 16-17, 2015
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
3641 N. 56th street
Phoenix, AZ
to Live Faithfully and Vocationally in the 3rd Chapter of Life”
Barbara Lundblad—Kaynote Speaker
Tom Witt & Mary Preus – Music & worship leaders
Registration Opens on November 1st. YOU WILL WANT TO REGISTER EARLY.
Event sold out in 2014. LIMITED TO 500 PARTICIPANTS.
Get a gang together and save money; up to $15 per person. Registrations forms in the
office or online at
For more information Contact John & Tonya Cochran (623) 878-3996
Great music, special worship, lots of interest sessions, exhibits and coffee.
Join us to explore these wonderful days of our “senior” lives.
Social Concerns Sunday
CROP Hunger Walk
4th Sunday of Each Month
Food Collections - Little Red Wagon: Bring in nonperishable foods (fruit, jelly,
tuna, pasta, pasta sauce,
canned meat, cereal, jello, diapers, formula, etc.) Hygiene
items, toilet paper and adult/
baby diapers are also needed.
The wagon is in the narthex.
ICS accepts perishable foods
Thrift Store Collections will be on
November 19-20th. Used treasures
may be dropped off between 9:00
a.m. and noon. Receipts are available. Aluminum cans are collected at
ELCA World Hunger Awareness: Blessed be God,
who is our Bread; may all the world be clothed and fed!
Pick an envelope up in the narthex and place it in the offering plate.
The Cup of Cold Water A NOISY OFFERING of your loose and spare change
will be collected on the fourth Sunday of
each month during worship. Funds collected will support local benevolence and
Good Gifts for the World (50/50). We challenge each of
you to save up each month and make a difference.
Call the office, 744-2665, for more information.
November 2, 2014 at 2:30 p.m.
Registration starts at 2:00.
Walk begins at First Methodist Church
(915 E. 4th St)
Raises money for the ICS Food Pantry and
Casa Maria Kitchen. Contact Janice Molina
([email protected]) or 744-0389 to
register or donate!
The Confirmation Students are encouraged to
participate for necessary Service Hours.
In November, the single dollar
bills put in the offering plate
will be used to purchase
toiletries and household
supplies for families at
Butterfield Elementary School.
Thank You for your continued
Lynn Acker, Bob Alan, Alcala family, Sue Brewer,
Richard Eike, Daniel Engelby, Bill Hailey, Daphne
Hanson, Gil Hively, Cheri Holgerson, Stan Kresnowski, Jim Krezel, Leonard & Grace Ann Lappin,
Chris Lamb, Anne LePere, Ed McCauley,, Robin Middleton-Port, Faye Mueller, Kathy Muniz, Jackie Marco,
Rita Myer, Linda Nichols, Nancy Owens, Pete Pederson Sr, Lenny Pfeifer, Helen Reid, Ryan Rody, John
Sailer, Karino Santos, Mike Shade, Jim Spain, Del
Speidel, Ron Stone, Bryce Tyler, Greg Wulp, Alex,
Bill, Chris, Connie, Dwight, Nathan, and Diamond
Children’s Center
Adam Booth, Nephew of Saltsmans; Michael Burger;
Travis Guizzetti; Zachary Hill, nephew of Laura Steichen;
Stephanie Huether; Skip Kiefhaber, Brother-in-law of the
Linkers; Ernest Lake; David Lake; Eric O’Brian; Kyle
O’Brian; Arthur Rico, Nephew of Saltsmans; Chris Steiner and David Madden, Nephews of Claasens; John Stum
III; Paul Tritch, Son of Tritchs; Curt Weber, Nephew of
Saltsmans; Ashley Wik, Grand-daughter of Helen Reid
For Those Who Grieve
For the family & friends of Tom Gross, at his death, friend of Marcos
11/03 Anyssa Hemrick
11/03 Tom Rigney
11/04 Bob Vantrepotte
11/05 Alex Machado
11/08 Gerry Kleinfeld
11/08 Cynthia Woods
11/10 Dan Alcala
11/10 John Mertes
11/10 Zachary Stutsman
11/11 Jeremy San Julian
11/12 Rebecca Hudson
11/12 Dorothy Pederson
11/15 Paul Machado
11/16 Brian Alden
11/19 Gabriela Robles
11/22 Sandra Guizzetti
11/23 Donny Newman
11/24 Raul Llorente
11/24 Johnathan Stratton
11/25 Irene Anderson
11/25 Seth Pederson
11/25 Jared Sundberg
11/26 Danielle Cassel
11/26 Linda Claasen
11/26 Erin Olivares
11/27 Frank Molina
11/28 Sig Smitt
11/29 Suzy Duggan
Celebrate with us on November 2, 2014
During Lutherans Linger Longer (LLL)
Our apology if we missed your special day.
Call the office to let us know, 744-2665.
Mike & Lois Shade
Jeanne & Richard Eike
Norm & Liz Mims
Karen & Wayne Johnson
Business & Professional
A directory of the members and special friends of Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church who wish to promote
their business or service to our readership. There is no charge to advertise. Call 744-2665 to participate.
Sahuaro Cafe
Open Seven Days A Week
6:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Breakfast Served All Day!
Telephone Care of the Soul...
Free * Anonymous * Confidential
Interfaith Support & Crisis Helpline
12142 N Rancho Vistoso Blvd
Suite 120
Oro Valley, AZ 85755
C&J TIRE.............Cory Layton
4458 E Speedway Blvd
Your solution for all your landscape needs.
Weekly, Bi-weekly, or monthly services.
N&&& &
Power Sweeping - Powerwashing _ Day Porter _ Landscaping
Ph: 520-271-5228
PO Box 91712
Tucson AZ 85752
(520) 345-8787
Danny Alcala
[email protected]
Travis Dorschner
otets&T teeSPI&
Lisa Lehmann
Tom Stutsman
PC Installation & Repair ¤ Networking
Website ¤ Classes
[email protected]
Cell: 444-4180
Wendy Grenfell at Ivan’s
Becky the Pet Nanny
Becky Seils, Owner
4771 North First Ave.
Tender loving pet care in your home while your work or travel.
10% discount for BSLC members
Licensed and Insured
Rebecca Lindberg
Independent Sales Representative
690-0646 or [email protected]
Dorothy Pederson.
Independent Beauty Consultant
Monday thru Saturday
9AM – 4 PM
at 5665 E Speedway
(520) 320-7892
[email protected]
Reorders - Classes on Request - Products Delivered
Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church
PO Box 90925
Tucson, AZ 85752-0925
There has never been a year like this before!
2 ~ CROP Walk
5 ~ Animate: Practice Study begins
9 ~ Quarterly meeting
13 & 20 ~ Budget process Meetings
Jazmyn’s Blanket of Hope
23 ~ CHILI Cook-off
26 ~ Worship & Pie Social
30 ~ Advent begins