Grace Bible-Presbyterian Church Volume 39

Volume 39
Issue No. 47
16 November 2014
Grace Bible-Presbyterian Church
5 Jalan Haji Salam, Singapore 468745
Tel: 6442-2440 Fax: 6876-0346
email: [email protected]
Grace to you and Peace from God
Our Mission:
“Passion for Christ, Heart for the Lost”
(Phil. 1 : 21; Matt. 28 : 18—20)
Pre-Worship Hymns
386, PPT “My Heart is Filled”
Sis Chea Ruei Jean & Sis Joanna Hor
Silent Meditation
Call to Worship
Opening Hymn
Bro John Tan
“Rejoice, the Lord Is King”
*Gloria Patri
“My Heart is Filled”
Responsive Reading
“Great Commission” - Acts 1:1-9
** Doxology
Scripture Reading
Jonah 1:1-17
“We’ve a Story to Tell to the Nations”
Pastoral Prayer
“Running Away From God”
Closing Hymn
“Here Am I, Lord”
Threefold Amen
Welcome & Announcements
* Gloria Patri
Glory be to the Father and to the Son
and to the Holy Ghost, As it was in the
beginning, is now and ever shall be,
world without end. Amen, Amen
** Doxology
Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heav’nly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen
(5-9 NOV. 2014)
“I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills,
from whence cometh my help. My help
cometh from the LORD, which made
heaven and earth” (Psalms 121:1-2)
Thank God for helping and blessing us
during our four-day mission trip visit to
Yangon. It was the first time that I have
gone on a mission trip sis Geok Hwa, bro
John Tang and sis Jee Eng. Thank God for
this “first-time” experience of working
together as a group to train others for the
ministry. Sis Jee Eng also shared that it
was the first time that she has gone on a
mission trip with Gracians.
Orphanage children happy to display
their craft work
Sis Geok Hwa, bro John Tang, sis Jee
Eng and myself worked together as a team
to show how a children’s program can be
carried out using different methods and
activities. We conducted 3 sessions to
achieve this objective. During the sessions,
we demonstrated how Bible lessons could
be presented using various methods as well
as how Bible verses could be reviewed and
memorized using various activities and
We also demonstrated how new songs
should be taught in an effective way. Thank
God that the feedback from Rev Moses
was that his Bible College students (32 of
them) were happy to be exposed to the variety of methods and activities that they
could use for the ministry. The students
later taught the orphanage children using
some of the same methods that they had
observed us using with them earlier.
Thank God for answering the prayers
of fellow Gracians.
a) We experienced cool and rainy days for
most of the time we conducted training at
the Bible College except for the day that
we visited some places of interest in Myanmar. This was a great blessing for us as last
year, the weather was really unbearably hot
for both myself and my friend Bee Teen.
b) We were all kept safe and in good
health. Bro John Tang’s injury- a deep cut
at the heel and ankle portions of his foot
caused us some anxiety. This was especially so because the weather was rainy and
wet and in some areas, there was even
flooding. However, bro John managed to
keep his foot dry. He was also able to give
his injury some rest by not walking about
too often.
Bro John Tang, sis Geok Hwa and sis Jee Eng
demonstrating a memory verse review session
Sis Jee Eng teaching a Bible Lesson using
flash cards. Lecturer David our interpreter in
the foreground.
c) Rev Moses was able to understand our
requests and prepared his students well for
the training sessions as planned. Apart
from some disruptions to our training
schedule on the last day, we were still in
general able to successfully carry out the
training sessions.
Rev Moses, his Bible college faculty
and students were very hospitable. We
were not only warmly welcomed but we
were also fed well during the days that we
were there. The group also ate well at the
hotel pre-booked for us by Rev Moses.
Thank God for a good time of fellowship
with Rev Moses’ family as well as the faculty and students.
This year, Rev Moses together with
Pastor’s friend, Rev No Pum took time off
their busy schedules to bring us to some
places of interest in Yangon. At the
Taukkyan War Cemetery (a memorial Allied soldiers from the British Commonwealth who died in battle in Burma during
the Second World War) It was a sobering
experience for me to note the ages carved
on the grave stones of some of the young
British soldiers who died in Burma (the old
name of Myanmar) during the war. On the
gravestones of Christian soldiers were also
inscribed interesting messages. One in
particular, had the message “Well done
thou good and faithful servant.” It is my
hope that when I face God in the future,
He will say to me, “Well done thou good
and faithful servant.”
We also visited the National Races
Village in Yangon which displayed in great
detail the different lifestyles, religion and
the landmarks of each of the 8 major national ethnic races in Myanmar. It was not
only an eye opener for us but also an enjoyable trip. It reminded me of
the fact that whatever we
were doing for God in
Myanmar was really “a
drop in the ocean” as compared to the great needs of
this vast country.
Last but not least,
Rev Moses has asked me
to convey a word of thanks
to church members who
contributed love gifts to his
ministry in Yangon.
Hannah Yeo
Mission team in Rev Moses’ Bible school
Prayer Page
“Men Ought Always To Pray and Not To Faint” (Luke 18: 1)
Praise and Prayer Items
in Brief
Pulpit Ministry– 23 Nov 2014.
Pray for the Lord’s anointing on
Pastor. Chairman – Dn Lee Chang
Loong. Pray for our instrumentalists: Bro Edwin Lian and Bro Jeremy Hor. Pray for the Lord’s blessings upon the pulpit ministry.
Usher Ministry– 23 Nov 2014.
Pray Sis Eng Meng Hoon, Sis
Evonne Tee, Sis Elsie Chan and
Bro Lee Kee Min. Pray for their
safety in the Lord’s work.
Our Missions
Batam, Indonesia
Filadelfia - Shelter Home
and Kindergarten:
h ealth
Sis Chew Gim: Her waiting will
be over soon as the Lord assigns
her to her next task.
Sis Wendy Leow in Cambodia: Pray for her assimilation into
the Cambodian church and her
ability to help new believers.
Our Church
Grace Children’s Christmas
Party -- 13 December Thank
God for members and regular worshippers coming forth to give a
hand in this task. Pray for fine
weather that day and for safety for
everyone. Pray for clear presentation, understanding and positive
response to the Gospel.
This Sunday’s pulpit ministry
by Rev. Lee
Christmas Event-20 December: Pray that a singing group be
Pray for Christmas gathering
for children on 1st & 2nd Dec
by Queenstown Lutheran
formed for this occasion.
Olyvia's health: often nose
bleed, allergic rhinitis, blocked
Preacher Rudi, myself, Maria,
Progress of primary building
Our missionaries
Sis Catherine Ng: She requests
prayer for the year-end activities,
Missions to Yangon 5-9 Nov:
Praise the Lord for safety and a
fruitful ministry in Yangon with Rev
Moses Lianchu and Rev No Pum.
renovation: Pray for
the Session and Building committee as they meet on 14 Dec to decide the final course of action.
Missions committee: Pray for
new committee members for 2015
and planning for next years outreach and foreign missions.
It has been a while since I last
saw Rev Andrew Kam in Yangon,
Myanmar. Thank God for the opportunity to meet him during this
mission trip. We also visited his
home and mission. See photo below of the flooded compound.
4 Nov till midnight, the whole
area where he lives was flooded. It
was about a meter high. Thank
God the flood waters did not enter
the main hall. The rooms on the
ground floor were all flooded.
There was heavy rain for three
days when we were in Yangon.
Pastor Andrew told me that when
the rain started in the morning of
Life is quite tough for him at
the moment having to deal with
the flood. He said it would take
another two days (8-9 Nov) for the
flood waters to subside.
Presently he has the orphanage as well as some mission stations in the outskirt of
Yangon as well as in Chin
State. He did not mention
anything about his ministry downtown where
Grace church gave half a
year support JanuaryJune 2014 for the rental of
a hall for his Sunday services. It was, however,
good to meet up with an
“old friend”.
By Sis Gim Choon
After coming back from Malacca, Richard and I asked God to teach
us to trust Him more. True enough, God put us to a test. A G.P.
diagnosed me with mumps on Sunday. Come Monday, I had my
usual medical appointment at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. My blood
test showed viral infections, and I had to be hospitalised straight
away. The 1st antibiotics drip did not work for the first 3 days.
Thank God, the 2nd antibiotics drip was more suitable for me. My
doctor warned that if the virus travelled to my blood streams/
heart, I would need a major surgery.
Throughout the ordeal, I thank God for the timely texted bible
verses and telephone calls from Gracians, for a Christian room
mate who prayed for me at odd hours, for Loretta who explained
to me the biopsy the doctor considered prescribing (suspected
Lymphoma), for prayer band and other Christians who prayed for
me, and for the visitors – they became good testimonies for God
as 1 nurse, 1 cleaner, and 1 patient asked about their presence
and prayers. And last but not least, my family members.
Although it was a tough week, God kept me in good spirits.
Praises and glory be to God as He walked with me during these
times. Psalm 30:2 says, “O LORD my God, I cried unto thee and
thou hast healed me.”
16 Nov 2014 is International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Christians worldwide.
Persecution for the Christian faith is as real in our world as it was for the Jewish believers in
the early church to whom Peter wrote. He prayed, “May the God of all grace, . . . after you
have suffered a while, perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you” (1 Peter 5:10).
These prayer points can help guide us as we pray:
• Pray for the safety and faith of the secret believers in countries where it is illegal to share
about Christ.
• Pray for the health, perseverance, and encouragement of believers who are imprisoned for
the gospel.
• Pray that those whose loved ones have died due to martyrdom will rely on God for their
“The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church”—Tertullian
Devotion For Kids
How does the sea otter make itself a snack?
The LORD rescued me. Psalm 118:13
The sea otter stays busy collecting food because it eats
as much as a third of its weight in food every day. The
first thing a sea otter does is dive under the water, sometimes as far as three hundred feet deep. With one paw, it
grabs a rock. With the other paw, it grabs a clam or an
abalone. Do otters eat rocks? No, but they do use them to
prepare their meals. When the otter swims up to the surface of the water, it flips over onto its back. It places the
rock on its stomach, holding it with one paw. With the
other paw, which holds the clam, the otter begins to bash
the clam snack against the rock. Eventually the shell
breaks open, and the otter gobbles the tasty treat that’s
Sometimes things just seem to go right, and our tasks
are easy. Other times we don’t have the right tools, and
our jobs seem a lot harder to accomplish. But no matter
what kind of experience we’re facing, we know that as
God’s children we don’t have to tackle these challenges
on our own. Our Father is with us every step of the way.
The Bible says it simply, truthfully, and best: “The
LORD rescued me” (Psalm 118:13).
By Nancy S. Hill
Prayer Meeting
8.00 p.m.
Adult Fellowship
5.30 p.m.
(Last Saturday of every month)
Worship Service
9.30 a.m.
Junior Worship
9.30 a.m.
Bible Class
11.30 a.m.
Kindly turn off your mobile phones or
put them on silent mode!
“The Lord is in His holy temple:
let all the earth keep silence before Him.”
Dn Victor Goh away from 15 - 25 Nov
AF Meeting on Sat 29 Nov at 5.30 pm in
church. Mr Heng San will share on “Mad
About Sex: The Design, Deviance, Detour
Prayer Meeting — Wednesday
to destiny & Are Penguins Gay?”
Attendance on 12 Nov: 9
Hannah Yeo takes devotion on 19 Nov.
Sign up at the church notice board and get
Worship Service next Sunday:
involve in the Children’s Christmas
: Rev Tan Eng Boo
Party in church on Sat 13 Dec.
Chairman : Dn Lee Chang Loong
: Bro Edwin Lian
Session meeting will be held on Sun 14
Organist : Bro Jeremy Hor
Dec in church at 1.30 pm.
Christmas in Grace, Sat 20 Dec from
This Week : Bro Augustine Tham /Sis Lydia Lee 10.00 am to 3.00 pm. for a day of activiSis Winnie Chia/Bro Allan Lim
ties. Plan to bring your friends.
Sis Desiree Chia
Church Camp 2015: The dates have been
Next Week : Sis Eng Meng Hoon
confirmed 14-17 June (Sun-Wed), it will
Sis Elsie Chan / Sis Evonne Tee
be held at Traders Hotel, Penang. Our
Bro Lee Kee Min
plan is to leave for Penang after the comPA
bined morning worship in church. All-in
This Week : Bro Chea Ruei-E
camp fee per person is S$450. Excluding
Next Week: Bro James Tan
air fare (for those who buy own tickets) the
camp fee is S$300. Church has pre-booked
Junior Worship (7—10 years old)
group air-tickets (Jetstar) but this is limited
This Week : Bro Lee Min Sen
to the first 40 persons.
Next Week : Bro John Tang
Rev (Dr) Patrick Tan has gone for a biPre-Primary Worship (3-6 years old)
opsy on Thurs to determine the extent of
This Week : Sis Ruth Wong / Mervin Tan
the prostate cancer. Pray for him.
Next Week: Sis Lim Sue San / Sis Ling Ling
Elder Cheow Hock (Sis Tabitha's father)
Flowers and Refreshment
who is undergoing cancer treatment reThis Week : Richard Tan & Gim Choon
ceived good news from the oncologist that
Next Week : Chan Beng Hock
the tumours have shrank significantly. Do
Refreshment Duty
continue to pray for him.
Building Fund
$ 1,928.70
$ 1,680.00
$ 120.00
This Week : Sis Grace Lian / Sis Chea Ee Wen
Next Week : Sis Lai Ngoh / Sis Han Geok Tin
Pastor: Rev. Tan Eng Boo : 9784-2761 (Hp) email: [email protected]
Elder: Seah Soon Huat : 9835-2178 (Hp) email: [email protected]