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Cabinet makerTM
100% customized to your needs
0 programming
Only 1 operator
With almost 20 years of experience, Automatech Robotik has been
helping SMEs with their robotic and automation projects, developing customized solutions that address their specific needs.
Cabinet makertM
Ernest was developed to manufacture
­cabinets with minimum labor requirements.
He analyses drawings and data to automatically generate his own programs, and
then executes them flawlessly, quickly and
without any breaks. He replaces a team
of operators with a single person that can
manage the entire manufacturing process.
The result is more consistent productivity,
which can be doubled by simply adding one
person and a 2nd shift.
Ernest can be integrated into your
manufacturing operations in different configurations: automatic loading /unloading of CNC nesting, automatic loading /unloading of drilling machines and dowel
inserters. During production the robot dictates which program each integrated machine must execute to produce the
­desired parts. Free of human error. In addition, it’s possible to leverage the robot to add automated warehouse functionality for overnight production [or lights out production]! All these operations can be concentrated into a minimal factory
floor space.
++Consistent productivity due to independence
from direct labor or simply Consistent productivity
++Work in progress reduction
++Annual organic growth of 100% in cabinet making capacity
can be easily achieved
++Unbeatable production set-up time
++Ability to leverage the robot to add automated
warehouse functionality
++Ability to mill and sand with the robot
F e at u r e s
± 18 0 0 s quar e f oo t
5 0 t o 12 0 par t s / hr
Op é r at or
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